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Your needing my Great Falls Montana

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Your needing my Great Falls Montana

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Your needing my Great Falls Montana

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The first time I tried it I had a cramp in my calf. One capful in a little water and lo-and-behold the cramp was gone inside of a minute I actually counted seconds! But one test does not an experiment make. Perhaps this was just a coincidence. After not having any cramps for many weeks, last night I had a cramp in my thigh at 1: I hobbled downstairs, put one capful in a little water and VOILA, the muscle relaxed within 2 minutes, just as promised.

I can't say enough great things about this product. It has brought me complete relief every time I've used it, and I want to thank you for making such a wonderful curative.

I'll be looking for more products from your company. I bought one bottle of your stuff and used it that same night. I drank a swallow when I felt the cramp coming on, usually it woke me up from sleep and I put the bottle next to my bed on the night stand and I could not unscrew the cap fast enough and took a nice sized swallow and in about a minute, maybe less the cramp went away.

I was amazed and felt relaxed all over It was one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me. I took the remedy for about three more attacks and the attacks of leg and foot cramps seemed to go away. And, I can tell you that instead of having leg cramps 5, 6 and 7 nights a week - so much so I didn't even want to go to bed I haven't had a leg cramp now in 8 months. I have really poor circulation and severe arthritis and sit at a desk all day, so I get horrible swelling as well as the cramps.

While 1 dose gets rid of actual cramps in 2 minutes; I sometimes need a few doses to keep them from coming back but I'm a rare case. I keep mine in a squeeze bottle with a bit of water enhancer to tone it down. Don't laugh but I even used it to make salad dressing in a pinch. While apple cider vinegar alone has a multitude of health benefits, I discovered your remedy also acts as a natural diuretic, helping to reduce the swelling in my legs every week. If I take several doses over the weekend while keeping my legs a bit elevated, it speeds up the fluid release - and of course keeps the cramps at bay.

Bill, Those cloudy pieces that form in the bottle are essential and beneficial and are called the "mother". You get the same results with every bottle. It's normal and it's good for you. At your earliest convenience will you please send them to my residential address? Forgey Tyler, TX See actual letter here. Smith Atlanta, GA See actual letter here. Vierra Placerville, CA See actual letter here. Otott Dallas, GA See actual letter here. Jean Roberts See actual letter here.

Louisville, KY See actual letter here. One night I had been up three times nursing my leg cramps and I got on the Internet determined to find a solution. Your company came up in a search and because it was a reasonable price and was guaranteed I figured I would give it a try. It has worked miracles. Not only did it work and work every time but it did so very quickly. One night I had one of the toe cramps and I actually counted the seconds and watched as that toe started to twitch and relax until the cramp was completely gone within two minutes.

I do not mind the vinegar taste so much knowing that soon my leg cramp will be gone. I ordered two bottles but as soon as they are nearly gone I am ordering more so that I never run out. Thank you for making such a great old Amish recipe product and making it available to people like me that suffer from awful leg cramps and are looking for relief. Margarite Hoddan See actual letter here. Read what our customers are saying about Stops Leg Cramps: Individual results may vary.

Bill Blake Scottsdale, AZ Bill, Those cloudy pieces that form in the bottle are essential and beneficial and are called the "mother". Caleb Treeze Organic Farm. My cramping had gotten so bad that my hands were also cramping. I had tried everything to no avail.

It's an amazing product that actually does what it says. I had to get used to the "flavor", but I can honestly say that my cramps go away within two minutes of taking a teaspoon of this wonderful product.

I've already given two bottles to friends who are also amazed at how quickly - and thoroughly - it works. The cramps just stop - not lessen - stop. Thank you for this great product. My husband would wake up several nights a week with severe leg cramping and have to walk around the house just to try to get them to stop to no avail. I ordered your product and sure enough my husband woke up with severe leg cramping and tried your product and he was stunned that by the time he had walked back to the bed, his leg cramping had ceased.

We have tried many products and remedies with no luck till your miracle product. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I bought 6 bottles because it works so well and sent one each to family members all over the US. I should do a commercial for this product, because I believe in it so much so well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I travel with it and have it with me all the time. My leg cramps come often but go away immediately because of this product. Thank you so much. As anyone can tell, they come with no warning, and the pain can be excruciating. After trying many remedies, I stumbled across your product, and ordered a bottle. My wife came down with a really bad bout of gas attacks, she says that in as little as half an hour she would have multiple bouts of escaping gas and the odor was terrible.

We must have tried about 3 different over the counter pills and that did not seem to do her any good and I remember reading one of the testimonials on your site about someone who used the product to rid his wife of gas. And I went over to your site and read it again and decided to try it ourselves on my poor wife. We put one capful of product into 2 ounces of water and she drank it straight down as fast as she could because it tastes bad.

That was about 5 or 6 pm on Friday. Believe it or not she has not had another gas incident at all after taking your Leg Cramp remedy for her gas and today is Wednesday. So there you are. You folks ought to make a gas remedy because I never heard of stopping gas attacks so fast and for so long on one swallow. I use it every night. I have stopped the over the counter leg cramp pills. I have diabetic neuropathy and used to be up all night walking due to leg cramps. Your product allows me at least 4 hours of sleep.

They were the most painful things I have ever encountered. They would get me right in the calf and foot - I couldn't walk or do anything except lay there holding my calf in miserable pain and finally they would go away and maybe return again in a few minutes and to the same miserable torture to me again. This sometimes went on for hours.

I have never been so miserable in my life. None of the doctors that I saw could give me anything to help.

I hope an angel kisses all of you guys for me in appreciation for this recipe. I was never skeptical because we both believe in and rely on natural healing preparations, although my wife is also an exceptionally well-trained, major-market, nurse dealing for 30 years in the most highly technically oriented procedures in the world really.

It works both ways. I have suffered with leg and hand cramps for years as my medical team have continued to argue about the results of blood tests; too much or not enough of magnesium or potassium, drug interactions, etc.

I am an athlete of 64 years old and started having serious cramping about 3 years ago and your stuff stopped all of that. I want to carry this product in my clinic and spread the word. Your product helped me through those cramps, but I finally quit the statins because of the cramps. I recently, reluctantly, started taking a statin drug again, at the insistence of my doctor.

I've been taking them for about two weeks. Almost put me down right there. I turned to my fridge, opened the door, and took out the stored bottle of Treeze for cramps. Took a good swig.

Two minutes later the cramps went away!! I keep it in the fridge, because it does separate and "spoil" if it's not kept cool. Other than that, it's a wonderful concoction, and I will not be without it. I also have a problem keeping things to myself, so all my friends will be hearing about your product again!! I see you have an acid reflux formula. I have that issue as well, and will be buying a bottle of that to have on hand.

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Secondly ,Loved the turnpike video best because I am a little disabled and cant walk long distances but could see myself doing that trip on bike. That would be so cool.. For day-to-day carry I lean towards a Keltec , but for the wilderness I prefer a. As far as doing the Abandoned Turnpike via bike, I say go for it! A lot of people really enjoy that and you could make a single day trip out of it without hauling all the gear. I have a full size Springfield XD, Any suggestions on how to carry that baby concealed with a pack on??

I just bought this try and solve a similar problem: I plan to use it for both my carry piece as well as camera gear, snacks etc. A lot of good feedback out there about using these to transfer some of the load from your backpack, while keeping important items accessible. Hope you enjoy it and cant wait to see it in one of your youtube videos. You guys should give it some thought to look at LBL for a future trip. A lot of my hiking gear is from my time in the military so not exactly what you would call light weight, but will last a life time.

I just took it on a three day trip in New Hampshire though a decent amount of hail and rain actually. Thank you very much for your reply , Love your videos,I see you and mike are married , do your wives and kids if you have any share your interest in hiking?

No kids for me, but Mike has a son that he occasionally drags out into the woods. In fact, he actually came along for our backpacking video in Shenandoah National Park last year: He did really well, considering he had to put up with Mike and I!

I like your videos, especially the ones where you are out in the woods hiking. They bring back some wild memories.

We had some real adventures. We always brought enough alcohol which of course added to the risk factor. One time we ran out of water and the stream we would normally have filled our canteens with was dry. We must have hiked 12 straight hours partially in the dark to get back to civilization.

My feet had some serious blisters. Another time we went off the trail and ended up having to bushwhack it for 4 hours through a swamp. Another time my friend started sliding down a slick rock and the only thing that saved him from a 30 foot drop was a thin tree about 3 feet tall he was able to grab growing from a crack in the rock. Yep, we were morons. I have not seen any newer videos of your Pt; how have you progressed with it? My PT is still going strong, and continues to be a reliable carry piece.

My only issue is finding a decent cc holster that can accommodate the CrimsonTrace laser attachment I put on there when I first got it. I recently, and reluctantly, had to take it off in order to carry it properly in my IWB holster. On the upside, taking the laser off allowed me to put on a small Hogue grip that add a bit of extra comfort and form while shooting.

I bet it makes a pretty decent difference in terms of putting rounds on target though. I find that the but of the gun is often the most likely area to print for the way I carry. Hey 77 I currently do not have a CCW permit so my weapon is always open, but it has been a few occasions where my shirt would fall over the weapon. The pinky extension would not pose a problem in an outside the waistband holster, so I cannot see it being a problem with an IWB holster.

Hi Sintax i love the vids! I love hunting and i was wondering when you were gonna post this years hunting season vid! Im Sara Blai and I live in cookeville Tn. I have watched all your videos and now have got all my friends checking them out. We are wanting to backpack the Smokys but not sure where to start. Its going to be all girls on this trip and im the only one with a bit of experience.

Can you give us some advice one a 3 day loop trip? Congrats on convincing your friends to get out there with you. I actually posed this same question to my subscribers in the video linked below. For that trip, I was leaning towards parking and starting out at one of the trailheads near Fontana Damn and doing a shorter route up to Gregory Bald for the first night and then on to one of the Appalachian Trail shelters for the second night.

This would give a decent amount of hiking without going overboard, and deliver some stellar views and open scenic areas. I volunteer on the trails in the park. As a matter of fact this year I will be taking on part of the loop area where you were.

I wish I could have told you this earlier to save you some backtracking. Good info for when you come back. Remember this, where there are trail which also allow horses and you see a sign indicating No Horse allowed, like in your video, I have found in most cases you are headed down a trail to a cemetery.

As you can imagine, horses could really damage the area. Lots of cemeteries in that neck of the woods due to the history that is there.

Sorry could not help you then but now you know. This holds true in other parts of the park too. Again , great video. Hey Sintax77, I think that I have watched nearly all your videos now some several times. I want be doing your mileage per day but I really enjoyed the video.

Thanks for sharing all the gear info and taking the time to explain each of your chooses why you bought them or made them. It really helps when your shopping for new gear. And maybe I missed it but how did you get the name sintax77? I saw a dog in one of them or should I say the shadow of one. Do you ever take your dog out hiking? Unfortunately, she had a couple hip surgeries and the mountains would have been a bit too much for her.

Hi Syntax, I came across your videos this past week and enjoy watching. It inspires me to get out and backpack. I could make to critiques to things you do backpacking but im sure you have already heard them. Other than that please keep making the videos and posting. Theyre great and well done!! I live in Franklin Pa. Just want to add some backpacking eticate… Guns are actually not suppose to be carried.

I know the AT does frown on guns on hikers. I know there are other things I was taught when I started 20 years ago. I just wanted to make those comments, I have to say you make great hiking videos, entertaining thanks,. You can carry a gun on the AT as long as you are legally permitted to carry in that state and forrest. If the forrest itself doesnt have any restrictions but most of that has changed also in favor of guns.

You say that you were taught 20 years ago I suggest you get a refresher. Times have changed since then. Greetings Sintax, My lovely wife and I have recently relocated to western Maine after living in the flatlands of N.

Ohio for the last 22 years. While we have always loved hiking, cycling, canoeing, shooting, and all things out doors, it has really taken on a new dimension since we took up residence on the side of our little 2, foot mountain.

We have moose and black bears up here like most folks have squirrels. Welcome to bushwhacker heaven! I was wondering, while hopefully minding my own business, what sort of work do you do?

It makes me tired just thinking about it. Anyhoo, thanks again for letting us come along with you on your adventures. But I must go now. But more importantly, congratulations on making the move to Maine! That sounds really awesome. Speaking of which, my day job is pretty polarized to my outdoor interests.

I work in the exciting world of accounting. All that time at a desk makes me pretty eager to get out an go hard when I get the chance! My prior line of work was food service, so I used to at least get some decent miles in during the day even if they were in circles.

I stumbled across your very awesome and excellent YouTube channel recently when I decided that I wanted to start fulfilling some of my lifelong dreams of hiking and backpacking again.

I grew up with a older brother who was trail and outdoor obsessed, and through many teenage adventures was able to do some serious hiking in Montana and Colorado where he now lives.

For fifteen years I let my old life as a professional musician get in the way of experiencing the gem of life, which in my opinion is the great outdoors and getting away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Now in my early thirties and newly married to my beautiful wife Olivia, I have the decided to rededicate myself to hitting the trails way more often!

We currently live in the Lehigh Valley of PA, so I thought it was very cool that you are close and have hiked some of the same sections of the AT that I did last summer. I just wanted to thank you for posting some many cool and informative videos! But i guess the main fact is that since you are so close to where I live, your videos hit home as to say that I can do this too!

My wife loved the videos with Sarah because it showed her that it can be a very cool couples retreat! I also really love the fact that you are so humble with your opinions Please keep making videos and know that your have a lot of supporters out there that need the info when planning there own dream get aways. We plan on doing some AT and White Mountains this summer!

We actually just stayed at a little family owned inn in New Hampshire a couple weeks ago on the way back from Canada and did a winter day hike in Franconia Notch the morning after. Let me know if you ever need some trip ideas for the White Mountians. If you have the trail map of your first video in the white mountains with mike and sarah davis path to rocky branch that would be awesome.

Ever think about doing an Adirondack trip through the Great Range wilderness? I have recently started planning a trip up there, and it looks awesome! The Great Range Traverse looks pretty bad ass though! Hey Sintax, I give you a bunch of shout outs in my new gear list video, check it out if you get a chance ….

I just bought the Sawyer Mini water filter based on your review and look forward to a first backpacking trip next weekend.

Great stuff dude, keep it up! Sintax, just want to say I loved your videos. I go up times a year. I ride my motorcycle all through the white mountains twice a year and I ride the single tracks and rail trails on my mountain bike every year for the last 10 years. I have never had the guts to try hiking alone in the winter, but your video of your Mount Eisenhower in winter hike was so great I just might give it a shot now.. Really looking forward to more of your videos.

Question for you… I notice you hike and camp alone often — any tips for staying the night out alone? I am a pretty tough-minded guy and get out often but usually feel uneasy in the middle of the night alone in the woods.

Keep the great vids coming! For me personally, I found that I was so wrapped up in the overall planning and logistics that I never really had a chance to work myself up about it too much. That being said, each subsequent trip has been more and more comfortable, so some of it is just pushing through that first experience.

I think I passed out before I got a chance! I still think of that first solo trip all the time. I have the same question as Ryan. I have a long backpacking history and experience. I have gone as light weight as I feel comfortable with.

Like you I have said many times one still needs to be comfortable and warm in camp, so I have gone as light as I am going. I do like testing new or different gear with each trip. I normal go with a small group. I would love to go solo like you have. My hold up is safety and security concerns. What would happens if I was injured or sick?. And safety is an issue. I too carry a weapon. However I would not be a match for several men with long guns, which I have seen.

How do you get past the mental block of falling and breaking something? Thank you for all you yutube. I love watching them and always learn something. I just posted a reply to Ryan that may provide some insight. I still think the drive to and from the trailhead from home is probably more likely to hurt me though, so it all depends on how you look at it I guess. That being said, I always e-mail a detailed copy of my trip itinerary and expected route s to my wife prior to leaving, along with a latest expected time to be out of the woods and back in contact with her.

Another option is to carry a Spot or similar GPS emergency distress signal device. I also always leave a bit of juice in my cell phone. Hey Sintax, with regrds to your cell phone battery or gps dying; have you checked out the Mophie powerstations. It is a wireless battery charger for USB equipped devices. Much more reliable than my older solar chargers. Sintax77, I just want to tell you that I am finding your video journeys very informative and enjoyable.

At nearly seventy my multi-day hikes are mostly a thing of the past, but day hikes are still weekly affairs. Your efforts take me to places that I would otherwise never see. The North Country Trail passes through the park. You should also visit the Porcupine Mountains State Park for more great trails in a very wild setting. Thank you for sharing your treks. I would love to do a Michigan trip some day, so these tips are very helpful. Should make for a fun video.

Hoping to post it within the next week or so…. I learn something every time I watch one. The Road to Nowhere and Tail of the Dragon are really something. Used to work and go to college not too farm from the Red River Gorge. One of these days, I hope to make it over there for a few days. Gotta start off by saying I love the videos.

Have definitely made me rethink and upgrade some of my gear. Your videos convinced me to pick up the sawyer mini in place of my msr mini works. Got the chance to use it at red river gorge and must say I love it. Wish you had a hammock setup video. I recently started watching your videos and I love them all. I was just wondering if you were ever planning on returning to Kentucky. It is my home state and we have a plethora of great hiking trails.

Your Red River Gorge video was by far my favorite. Keep up the good work! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Red Rive Gorge video.

I would love to return to Kentucky some day and certainly plan to do so, just not sure when. The drive home through Kentucky was a really fun and great experience in itself.

I recently found your YouTube channel and am so glad I did. I recently broke my ankle at work and can not hike at the moment. Videos are helping fill the nonhikeable time.

Thanks and keep on walking. Hope you get back out there soon, but in the mean time, get well and enjoy the vids! I really enjoy all your videos also. I especially like the White Mountain trips since I live in Maine and enjoy going there as well.

I really love watching your videos and want to start backpacking my self but all the places around here have like tv camping and not any primitive camping and hiking. Do you know any good backpacking spots around Louisville Kentucky? What things would you consider first priority to have. Hopefully within the next few days. I made a video response to try and give you some advice.

Backpacking Gear on a Budget — What to Prioritize? Sintex what you and mike seen was a fox thay do bark I have had them fallow me sometimes just a few feet behind me had one red fox fallow me several miles when I would stop it would stop and bark it even spent the night just a few feet from my hammock there very inquisitive just thought you might like herring that lol.

I think we were spoiling his dinner time hunting grounds! Your entire Smokies video was in the NC side of the park! I actually used the road to nowhere as a starting point for a trip last month but headed in the opposite direction. Just a quick comment from a guy from The Netherlands to say I really enjoy watching your movies. Over here camping is not allowed the way you do it, so watching this is a real eye opener. By the way, I enjoy long walks would not call them hikes if you want you can click on my name here to go to a website I made where I keep track of them.

That site is still a WIP and will become a public thing whenever I manage to finish it. Good to hear you might try some camping, you should go for it. Gotta thank you for that. Hey, thanks for the reply man.

In the mean time I have done some more work on my website. I wanted to try my hand at GPX parsing and subsequent uploading of routes that way and I figured, what best to test with than the data you so kindly provide on your website.

So I have added some of your hikes using that data: I have also linked the hikes to the corresponding video on youtube so I can now see the route and your video on the same screen. Click on a hike to have that stuf show up. The data of some of the hikes may be incomplete by the looks of things, some error in my parser I think that needs fixing.

But I thought it would still be cool to show you this. Sintax — Enjoy the youtube vids. Thought perhaps you might might know. Info seems kinda scant online about this trail -Tom. Sintax—Love the vids on YouTube. Did my first trip of the year a couple of weeks ago on the Colorado Trail.

At some point, you should drag Mike out west to try some hiking in the Rockies. I have no doubt that you would love it. Sintax my GF and I enjoy watching your vids. I started watching them about a year ago along with Cragdwella,Pharroah and intense angler and it got me bit with the hiking and camping bug, took my gear out this last weekend in northern maine still some snow on the trails for a shakedown run.

I use the cat can stove and coffee can cook pot you showed and love it. Awesome to hear that your getting up and running with your backpacking setup. Hey can you do a video on how to make alcohol stove and pot holder for it….

Check out my alcohol stove made out of a cat food can in this video: In fact, it actually works best that way, in my experience. Sintaxx — Love your videos. Learned a lot about hammocks and such! I want to do a Fall trip to Dolly Sods. I would love to pick your brain a bit. First thing is what would be the optimal time to hit that hike? Also what is the water like? Is there water along the way?

We went in early October and the Fall Foliage was amazing, so I can highly recommend going around then. Do a little poking around online closer to Fall, as the peak foliage time can change from year to year, but early October in general is probably good. The other time I hear suggested often is to go in Spring when everything is in full bloom.

Water was not a problem, by the way. There are some nice stream crossings every so often to provide water. Hi Sintax, Nice videos you have, learned a lot of them. Trying to do some filming myself www. A little question, what do you do to stay in shape? Running, swimming, or just hiking? Hi syntax, I live in north central maryland which puts me in the same area of the country as you since it appears that you are in delaware.

Ive been an avid backpacker for years and have exhausted local venues in the area. Im not familiar with your state. All most all of my trips have been solo trips as its hard to find hiking partners.

Are you aware of any local hiking groups or clubs? Any info would be much appreciated. I did find a backpacker mag article where they did an overnighter in all 50 states and I actually did attempt to do it.

It was in Blackbird State Forest, in lower Delaware. Being so close to home and not really having any views I had just done New Hampshire 2 weeks prior and was pretty spoiled , I actually threw in the towel and went home, lol. Anyways, here a link to the article if you want to give it a shot http: Love the videos man…. Well done and very inspirational… Do you have any effective methods for keeping cool at night in a hammock in the very warm texas summer nights???

It regularly lows out around 88 in mid summer and i dont want to not go out… Thanks man. Oh, man, my experiences with nighttime temps like that are pretty limited. I dealt with a particularly uncomfortable night in Shenandoah one time that was super hot and humid at night, but that was in a tent. Come to think of it, I actually wish I was in a tent that night so I could at least have the extra airflow underneath and probably better ventilation.

I also feel like the bug-net traps in more heat than people may realize, but I can see how using a hammock with one may not be an option for you down in Texas. Thanks for the reply man… My new mission in life is to reverse engineer cool weather hiking and prob break some cardinal rules like wearing a cotton undershirt to actualy avoid wicking and freezing a few water bottles frozen solid to keep a supply of cool water… I will let you know my results… Wish me luck… I am planning a trip to the lone star hiking trail in early sept.

I checked your YouTube. Your any videos makes me so excite and copy you I bought Osprey Hornet. This plan I hit upon from your YouTube. The trip is Japanese mountain not Mt. I decided my plan but I still scare with solo night. I love horror film, Jason and Freddy is my friend from my guess. Sintax, have you ever been afraid of solo night situation? Always I felt bucked up by your any video. Just out of curiosity, which particular mountain are you planning to solo hike?

I would love to check out some pics. Regarding the topic of how I got into solo hiking — check out these responses that I wrote a little while back to someone asking a similar question http: AKI — Solo Camping is awesome. Well any camping is awesome. Your the biggest baddest thing out there.

Especially when you have your machete in your hand. If you are not the biggest baddest thing standing there with your machete. With all of your hiking trips you have some great maps of your planned routes printed out. Where do you get these from? I have looked at several trail map sites that will provide maps with trails but not nearly as detailed as the ones you have.

What is your secret man? Also, loved your Adirondack video and glad you finally made it into our neck of the woods pun intended. Sorry about the weather. I was actually there the following week and went up the MacIntyres from the other side Marcy Dam. Hope you give it a try again when the weather is better.

Try to kid myself that since it is carrying food its really not part of my base weight but hard to do when you see how much space that thing takes up.

I plan Japanese Mt. Long time ago women used to forbidden to climb this mountain. From my guess ascetic practice. You seem to have a really large following on your site and YouTube, I was wondering if you submit your films to adventure sports film festivals or distribute them in any other way other than online? Yeah, I certainly got sucked into it fairly quickly, haha. For the most part I just enjoy doing the YouTube thing for now.

I am only 14 and want to start backpacking. I dont live with my dad and my mom hates camping. Hmmm, any other relatives that you might be able to convince to get dragged into the woods? Uncle who likes the outdoors, or something like that? Sintax, first off, love the channel. I have definitely used a lot of your tips. As I am always interested in what others carry I am interested in what you carry especially since you do a lot of solo hikes.

I usually carry a pretty minimal kit with several kinds of bandages, ibuprofen, benedryl and some small single use neosporin tubes that I made out of heat sealed snippets of drinking straws. Thanks for the info. I always carry too much. Once again love the YouTube channel. You are producing some really nice videos.

I look forward to each one you post. I recently viewed again the one from last fall on the Red River Gorge 2hrs drive for me. I have never camped there and was wondering what internet or other informational sources you found most useful in planning your backpacking trip. I would like to do 2 nights and stay more remote. I have a tent and hammock so I can carry what would better fit the situation. As an additional question, did you pick the fall because of possibly improved conditions bugs, rain, less people, etc or just by happenstance?

Sintax, Love the videos. I like the format of your videos as far as information and scenery. Because of your red river gorge video I am now going to plan a trip there in September or October. Of course I will be shooting a video as well. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. Good luck with the video as well. Thanks Man, I am actually thinking about doing the same route you did. I will have four days instead of three though.

Thanks for the info! Hey Sintax, This is the alcohol stove I am going with. It looks like it is quality. I actually just picked up a Vargo Titanium Triad stove to experiment with myself. Yeah that is a good looking stove as well. Let me know how it works for you. Hey Sintax77 i saw ur Video on Youtube, about driving Las vegas to Grand Canyon daytrip an the rim walk,,, so i going to Vegas this year one more time, so but the first time we want go to the gran Canyon, that the reason if i get any questions.

Can u tell me any important Points for the day trip to vegas to Canyon? We got up pretty early in the morning and rented the standard mustang convertible right from our hotel lobby and were on our way. We left around 6 a. We explored for a bit and headed back to LV, arriving late night to meet up with our friends and continue the regular insanity of Las Vegas.

Obviously, this was a pretty aggressive round trip for a single day, but being from out east, the desert drive was an interesting experience in itself for us. Do you ever Geocache, I am a geocacher in Kentucky and I have traveled to many of the same places that you have hiked.

I really enjoy your videos and it makes me want to try a backpacking trip of my own. Love the vids, thanks for the content and inspiration! Have you ever gotten lost on a hike? I always end up finding my way back, but I was curious if you have had similar experiences.

Do you find a gps to be crucial on your hikes? I have been viewing tour site for about half a year now and have learned quite a lot from you. Ideally I would need to find a camping spot Friday night without much hiking.

I would then hike Saturday and Sunday with Sunday night needing to be back at the initial campsite so that I can get out of the woods early on Monday.

Any thoughts for a trip like this? This seems to be like the kind of trips you do a lot so I figured I would check with you first. References provided toward the end of this essay. Alter your buying habits. When you throw your old self away, you need to discard as many predictable patterns as possible. One of the most common mistakes when hiding is maintaining old habits. If you're a smoker, stop. If you don't smoke, start. If you enjoy hot and spicy foods, stop purchasing those items and change to mild foods.

If you frequent bars, stop. This may seem an unusual step but you're working toward disappearing, right? There is the possibility that in the future people may be identifiable by their purchasing habits. Granted the point-of-sale data collected by computers would need to be immense yet eventually pattern-recognition software may some day be able to provide authorities with perhaps of the best possible "hits" on people matching your known buying habits.

When -- if ever -- that becomes a reality, you can be sure you won't know about it until it's shown on cable television. By that time the technology will have been in use for years and you may end up on a list of possible matching a purchase profile. It's best to avoid going to McDonnald's or other fast food places if you have a habit of doing so. When spotted in a city the authorities will divide and eliminate sections of the city. If you like certain fast food places and they know this, they will keep an eye out for you in those areas.

These places also have been installing cameras which watch over the counter and the eating areas -- cameras you can't see and cameras you can see. This is also true of many drive-through areas as well though the camera angle is usually covered up by a one-way concave mirrored surface. Keep from depositing traces of yourself Every place you go, you inadvertently leave pieces of yourself.

Every article of clothing, every door knob, every carpet, every telephone, every toilet seat you use will contain pieces of you. Your skin is flaking off all the time. You need to decide whether there is a risk of the authorities or private investigators looking for you tracking you through your blood type or DNA which can be worked-up by using pieces of your hair.

After you weigh the risks, take the precautions you deem are needed. Wear a hat indoors. Wearing a hat in a hotel room won't remove the probability of you leaving hair follicles in the room yet it will reduce the number of such particles making finding evidence difficult.

Cutting your hair until it's real short will also help. And that's what you want to do: Limit the amount of physical evidence which can be used to track you.

Use "toilet seat protectors" -- so-called "Ass Gaskets" -- where they are provided to reduce the possibility of leaving skin, sweat, or other body fluids on the seat. These substances can be swabbed into glass vials and be used to identify you. Paper seat covers will either eliminate this problem else reduce it greatly. NEVER lick an envelope or a stamp for obvious reasons! If it is known you're in a particular city your general location can be inferred by the physical location of your correspondence in a stack collected by the postal authority.

You shouldn't mail anyone anything unless it's done so anonymously wear gloves when handling paper yet if you feel the need, remember that if you lick something and it leaves your control, you may as well take out an advertisement in the newspapers broadcasting your general location.

Don't leave blood, semen, or menstrual discharge behind you as you run. If you happen to spill your blood on something, there's not a damn thing you can do to get it cleaned-up so you may as well not expend the effort to try. Even if you were to clean it up entirely and then wash everything down with gasoline, there are substances which can spot minute traces of blood and technologies which can type extremely minute traces. Even burning the building down to the ground is pointless: Spill your blood and you've left a clue you can't retract at any cost.

Don't even try as you make it worse by spending time trying. Wipe every surface in your hotel before you leave. For good measure, wipe every surface in any bathroom you may use along the road. Keep in mind that you need to use soap and water when you wipe away your fingerprints and skin tissue otherwise you'll only leave a bunch of smudges which can be reconstructed using contemporary computer imaging technologies.

Toss your wiping materials down the toilet. If you're on an airplane, don't toss anything down the toilet as it goes to a holding tank which can be raked for evidence later. Carry-out your wiping papers with you inside your shirt under an armpit and flush them in a normal toilet when you can. Visible bulges under your shirt will be considered by flight attending employees to be indicating the real possibility that you're smuggling drugs.

If you must hide a lot of wipe materials, you should distribute them among your body to eliminate bulges, otherwise you may be escorted to a little white room and made to strip.

When they find you're hiding damp paper towels, you'll have some explaining to do. Be sure to wipe everything including things you didn't touch! Scientifically-controlled testing shows that people touch objects without realizing it or being able to recall having touched them. The only way to be absolutely certain you remove finger prints from everything you touch is to clean everything within reach.

Rubbing alcohol is pretty good at getting up the natural oils which comprise the majority of your fingerprints so perhaps before you run you should acquire a bottle and keep it with you. Before you leave your hotel room, hang the "please make-up this room as soon as possible" sign on the door handle, taking care not to leave your prints on the sign. You want the room vacuumed, cleaned, and touched by hotel employees as soon as possible.

Don't wear gloves where you can be seen yet do wear gloves when you won't be seen. Don't eat in restaurants. Your drinking glasses and eating utensils will contain pieces of you. Fast-food places without cameras are okay provided you be sure to take the food with you and can flush paper down a toilet.

If you eat at a fast-food place and discard of your trash in the trash bin, you're leaving a trail behind you. It's a difficult trail to follow, granted, yet still a trail. Don't forget that most fast-food places and mini-markets these days will videotape you. Even the smallest stores usually run continual videotape of everyone who enters, leaves, and stands in the check-out line. Don't look for the cameras; notice where they are not and then focus on that spot.

Turning your head up to look at a camera changes the shadow and contrast attributes of the video shots of you drastically so, as you enter a shop, keep you face down and look at spots where you off-handedly know cameras are not mounted. In fact, practice becoming aware of where visible cameras are.

Lately cameras are becoming invisible so eventually you'll never know where they are. You can learn where cameras are usually located, however. Learning the location of cameras you can see will tell you a lot about the possible locations of cameras you won't see.

Contemporary computer imaging software can take multiple video shots of you from different camera angles and combine them in extraordinary ways. Poor quality video shots of differing contrasts, brightness, and angles can be processed on a computer to yield good quality photographs of you. Your job is to limit the number and attributes of raw video shots taken of you. This is a damn difficult thing to do, of course.

Keeping yourself hidden Running is the easiest part. Hiding is a bit harder. Staying hidden is the difficult part. The difficulties are determined by the resolve and resources of those hunting you. If the government wants to find you, they will unless you are willing to sacrifice everything. If you run to the hills, satellites can see you and identify the type and color of the automobile you're driving.

If you've hidden yourself in a cabin, your thermal signature will be seen from satellites. Even if you drive to a road and abandon your vehicle and walk to a cabin 30 miles away, a body heat source in a cabin in the desert or in the woods with no corresponding automobile heat source can signal where you are. Satellites can bounce LASER light off of your windows and, by measuring the minute distance differences between a vibrating window and the satellite, reconstruct your speech -- from orbit!

I don't know how much this process costs yet it was demonstrated for PBS some years ago so it may not be all that expensive. The quality of the audio is poor but it can be understood. A signal is bounced off of an object, and the signal contains marking information and timing information. The return bounce tells the computer system a great deal of information about the atmospheric conditions, temperatures of the air and surfaces, and a host of other attributes about the environment such as humidity.

The computer system evaluates conditions and then adapts mirrored surfaces to remove distortion, providing amazingly clean audio surveillance from orbit upon unsuspecting suspects. As you can imagine, it's expensive and law enforcement doesn't apply the technology to every fugitive. It's used against law breakers only in extreme cases. The technology is usually applied in intelligence gathering missions for NATO-aligned countries.

If a satellite must be re-missioned or maneuvered, obviously the cost goes up -- but then if they do that, they've launched a man hunt against you which you probably won't escape anyway.

Cloud cover won't help. Tree coverage will help a little but don't rely on it. The eyes track motion. If there are helicopters looking for you, it is always best to hide in a bush or up in a tree rather than running it out on foot. Your body heat will probably give you away any way. If you have a helicopter looking for you, bury yourself in mud and leaves and you stand a chance of not being detected by your body heat.

A river, lake, or stream can mask your body heat, of course, yet those would be obvious places to look for you. I might add that helicopter pilots are trained to follow the driver of automobiles when they bail out and leave any other occupants of the car that bail out to the ground officers.

If you're driving a car and bail out which is the safe, smart move rather than trying to make a run for it with the car with a helicopter watching over you, climb over to the rear right hand seat and bail out from there, never from the driver's seat. If they don't know you're alone, they may mistakenly wait for the driver. It might even help to kick open the driver's door before climbing out the back door.

If you do that, though, you could be identified as the driver by your clothes so consider the problem. If you're walking or running through hills or wooded areas, the eyes of your opposition will track your motion. If you're motionless, picking you out of the visual clutter will be difficult.

Even dogs have trouble picking up a stationary object. Speaking of dogs, I've yet to see a human capable of outrunning a healthy dog. You can confuse them by running around objects a few times and -- always traditional -- running downstream a swiftly moving stream of water. Running upstream should be avoided. Your scent will be carried downstream and you wish to go with it otherwise you leave a long tail behind you. Dogs will go for your feet or hands when you're running then for your hands when you're down.

They're trained not to go for the throat though I've heard that some police trained dogs will if given specific instructions to. Since they are trained not to bark until they are close to you, you will probably not hear the dog getting closer. Dogs usually work with one officer. Putting more than one dog on an individual's trail is very rarely done. The officer usually holds onto the dog's leash yet that slows the dog down considerably. Dogs that have had their voices removed are rarely released for long-distance track downs.

If a police dog confronts you with an officer, give up. If the police dog has been sent on ahead, kill the dog. You should sacrifice a bit of flesh to do this effectively: Offer your "dumb" hand to the dog and let it take it. First wrap your arm in a shirt if you can. Use the knife in your "smart" hand and try to drive it through the dog's braincase.

This will work provided the dog hasn't seen your knife. They know what they look like and what they're used for. Anything in your hand, in fact, even if it's a jacket or a pair of socks will be treated with much suspicion by the dog and the dog will be trained to go after the hand with the object in it.

Dogs are trained to expect their targets to scream and yell such amusing phrases as "Argh! Get him off me! They're trained to ignore all commands except those of its master and in some cases they are trained to understand commands given in different languages. Trying to get both hands around the dog's neck is probably a mistake since doing so will be next to impossible. If you can get your hands around the neck and you don't have a knife, lift the dog off the ground and shake it until its neck snaps.

You can try to squeeze the dog's windpipe closed yet that takes strength and time. It's best to break the neck. You've been on the run and will probably lack the strength needed to strangle the dog.

There was a discussion several years ago about police dogs' bodies being used to offer clues as to the general location of the criminal they had been tracking. If possible, hike the dog's body along with you and dispose of it later. If you use a knife, leave it in the dog as the blade can and will be used to identify you if you're caught with it. When running from ground forces, it is expected that you'll: They will expect you to: Run directly away from the opposition.

You'll want to put as much distance between yourself and your opposition as possible. That may be a bad decision since escape could be to your left or your right. You don't want to be driven into a trap by running directly away from the ground forces. If they can see you, running directly away could be leading you into a trap -- they have radios and you probably don't. If they can't see you, take an unexpected tangent to their pursuit.

It won't put as much distance between you at first but if they walk past you at a distance, you win for a while. Seek the high ground. There is the idea that if one puts a mountain between you and your pursers, you're home free. From the top of a mountain or high hills you can better see possible avenues of escape. Your opposition will expect you to climb. Ravines and passes are going to be easier, allowing you to move faster though perhaps not as far away from the opposition as you would like.

Going around a mountain could take more time than going over -- you decide how you want to do it. If you go over the top, you stand a chance of being seen and you also have more of a helicopter treat. Go to ground or "hole up. It is expected that as your pursers get closer to you, you'll find a hole to climb into, a tree to climb, or something equally disastrous. In the cities, the criminals are often found under a bush, in a tree, under a car, in someone's shed on a roof. At some point it's expected that you'll stop running and try to hide.

With today's technology, that's a bad idea. Keep going until you're unable to. You can catch up on your sleep when they catch you or when they put a few rounds into your back. Take the easiest route to escape capture. You may want to do things which are totally unexpected by doing things the hard way. If you're tramping through the forest along a trail walking at high speed, making good time toward freedom, you may want to toss that away, break from the trail, climb the ridge if there is one, and crash through the bush for ten miles.

They'll expect you to walk in the shade if it's a hot day and along water ways if it's a hot day. Decide whether taking the easy way and being predictable is acceptable. Doubled back on yourself. If you can work your way around a hill free from the eyes of your opposition, and double back on yourself, you have increased the chances of escape.

Your opposition will be looking for signs that you've double backed on yourself. You're leaving a scent trail for every dog in the area to follow so that should be of some consideration when you double back. You need to try to create a break in your trail at the point you change direction. This could mean walking backwards a bit, climbing a tree, working your way through the branches to other trees, climbing down, and then working your way back the way you came.

Even if you don't suspect that you're being trailed, it is probably a good idea to break your trail from time to time if you can.

You could start being followed hours later, after all. Work your way to your right. You might be tempted not to keep an eye on landmarks and set yourself goals to acquire in the distance.

If you're worried about and focused upon getting away, your natural behavior will be to circle to your right if you're right handed, to the left if you're left handed.

If it's at night, pick out the North Star and set your course by it rather than rely upon your internal direction sense to travel. There used to be a loose defacto "underground" of "freedom loving" people -- hippies, if you will -- who would provide aid, shelter, and comfort to those on the run from Authority or The Establishment, The Man, The Fuzz, The P.

These days, however, in our increasingly paranoid and dangerous society, offering assistance to strangers is a bad idea: It gets people killed. One must rely upon professional organizations which assist people who need to hide from abusive people. Professional organizations, however, will want you to have a virtuous reason for running and hiding and will want to help you by reporting you to the authorities if they feel they should.

None that I know of assist you if you're running from a law enforcement agency. Foreign agents operating in America might be willing to assist you yet that falls outside the scope of this commentary. Arrive at the embassy of your choice and make your offers and perhaps they'll grant you provisional security from police authorities.

The hippies have given way to another class of citizen. These are the so-called "skin heads," punk rockers, and New Age nuts. While many are social misfits, most interact with "regular society" in their off-hours and rock-out at night or on the week ends.

The anti-establishment and socially disassociated populace has always existed and has always been an asset to those on the run. Your job is to find them if you need them. Be honest with such people since they know the score and will shine you on if you're a lying jerk. Buy people drinks, talk politics, express your viewpoints, and get to know the people in motorcycle hangouts.

Express an honest interest in learning how to ride safely. Find out what it's like to drop everything and ride to feel free. Eventually, let a few you think you can trust know that you're looking for a place to hang out "out of the way" for a couple of days. Don't press the issue and don't ask outright for shelter. Ask around about where a good spot to sleep is out in the hills where the cops won't find you. Someone may offer you a tent in his backyard.

Ask where a good place is to find something to eat or get day labor. Someone may offer you a fiver or yard work. Honestly make friends with some of the people. Your best bet is not to lead people on and take advantage of them but to actually befriend people who can help you hide and then -- hopefully -- start a new life with a new identity. Motorcycle riders have reputations they must defend and domination games they must play. If you're on the run or need a place to hide, understand that you are Beta Male among Alpha Males.

Understand that these are usually good people worthy of your friendship who can and will help you. Understand that you must fit into their society of Alpha and Beta males and accept their domination games.

Many gangs are only minor criminals with codes of honor and ethics, existing only to drink, fuck, and ride with their buddies -- bikers who have regular jobs during the week and hang out and ride when they can. Not all motorcycle gangs are druggie murderers and thieves. These days in America, bikers like that are few in number.

Punk Rock or New Age dance studios. This group of people tend to be younger than the motorcycle crowd. Your best bet for assistance will be among the younger kids but, being young, they'll probably be living with their parents and have no resources to help you with. They probably know where you can sleep safely, however, and will know who might have jobs available.

With punkers it will be okay to let it be known outright that you're looking to find a place to hide from the cops for awhile.

The punkers with the proper punk attitude will "know someone who might know someone" who can help you find a place to cool off for awhile -- or maybe find a meal or two. Gay bars are a good place to go if you're needing a meal or a safe place to spend a couple of nights. Of course it helps if you're good-looking yet most people at gay and straight bars are looking for companionship first and hoping for sex second.

It doesn't matter if you're gay or straight: What people want is companionship and interesting people to talk with first and foremost. If you're interesting or have interesting stories to tell, finding someone in a gay bar can be mutually beneficial to the both of you.

When it comes down to it, it doesn't pay to be shy Get a bath, a meal, and a place to sleep for awhile. Don't over stay your welcome, however. Offer to leave from time to time and when asked to do so, do so. Return to the same bar later and make yourself known. Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and churches. Most moderate or large cities will have shelters and soup kitchens operated by either the State government or religious organizations.

Questions are usually never asked though such places usually like to make sure you're not holding dope or weapons before they'll let you stay. If possible, try to see if there's any work in the kitchen or dorms you could do to repay their kindness. Such people who exhibit a willingness to work will be afforded assistance finding a paying job -- which is something you'll want to do since you're trying to build a new life.

Food, Shelter While on the Run, While Underground The idea is to run and hide only as long as you have to and then start rebuilding your life under a new identity. Homeless shelters, job placement services, and day labor can give you hope and help while you're struggling to make your new life. You're using a computer so I assume that you have food and shelter now and possibly employment. Save up your money before you run and you'll give yourself a chance. If you're in a city or town, you stand a better chance of feeding yourself and keeping yourself from freezing to death.

There are often shelters run by Christian, Muslim, or Jewish organizations which will feed you and put you up. It may be dangerous to do so simply because such places are usually -- nearly always -- in dangerous neighborhoods. If you're wearing the wrong color face, you have to compare the possibility of violence and abuse against hunger.

If you look like you're on the run, you could be victimized in the city. Those who would victimize you know you won't go to the cops. You're on your own in an area where punks band together out of boredom. Finding work is your best bet.

You're using a computer right now so it is assumed that you have a job or are married without a paying job and as such have some marketable skills. Even without marketable skills, you can find employment if you're willing to work hard. Suppose you're a wife looking to leave an abusive husband. Suppose you're a teen-ager looking to leave an abusive mother or father.

How would you feed and house yourself when you run and hide? If you're young, you can expect to be raped boy or girl drugged, and horribly abused when living on American streets so you must consider that fact and go for a children's shelter instead.

Hopefully you've managed to save aside some cash but that won't last long. There are jobs that you can do: Normally day labor is back-breaking, hot and sweaty work and is given to men. Women can get day labor cleaning -- houses, hotels, dishes You may be paid cash for day labor and no one will ask you questions.

If you have a skill such as sewing, tree trimming, or painting your pay will be higher than if you're just moving dirt or laying down bricks. Without other expenses, day labor should be enough to feed yourself and maybe save some cash aside against the day you find a serious job and rent an apartment with friends.

Most day labor consists of men who speak Spanish with only a few words of English at least this is the case in the United States. Most will be Mexican workers with families to support. Nearly all will be extremely hard working individuals who know that when the day is over and they get their pay, tomorrow the work bosses will be out picking up day laborers again and they'll pick faces they recognize as hard workers.

Competition for work is heavy so joining a group of day laborers could be difficult. No one asks questions, any way, which you would find embarrassing. If you attempt to perform day labor by hanging out with other day labor crew, if you're wearing a white face you stand a better chance of being looked over carefully by police and private individuals than if you're wearing a brown face.

Most cities will have job placement services run by governmental workers. They'll want a home address and identification so be ready with a real residential address even though it may not be your real one because you may not have one. When asked for identification, state that you've been on the street "for a long, long time" and, if they would help, you would like to get a State identification card and a Social Security number and "start living like a normal human being.

The address of local shelters will often work for contact addresses for you. It is a crime to defraud your State or Federal government so you must be clear on this: Your intention is to build yourself a better life. A Social Security card issued to you under a false identity MUST be considered by you to be absolutely honest and real.

That Social Security number is issued to someone you have wholly become. You will pay taxes to that account and you will file income reports with that account number. That's you now, not a fake. Because you're paying your taxes and working at an honest living, if your real identity is found out, people will maybe be reasonable about the fact that you've been working hard to be a productive, tax-paying member of society. Of course if you're a wanted criminal, trying to "fly right" by paying your fair share of the tax burden won't cut you much slack in front of a judge.

Food coupons could be issued to you if you qualify though you may need a valid mailing address. Check with your local social services office to find out whether this could help you. If you're clean and neat, you could get minimum wage at a fast-food place and be allotted a lower price for your meals.

Cut your hair short -- but not too short, regardless of whether you're a man or a woman. Remove facial hair if you've got it. Look neat and clean. Consider shaving your arms if you're a man -- seriously. Women usually do in the United States and it's perfectly acceptable for men to do likewise.

Lacking skills, you must work to make yourself look more acceptable, better capable of filling a fast-food job than the rest standing behind you also wanting that job. This might not be a good job for you since you'll be working with the public and you may not want your face to be seen so much.

And don't forget that nearly all fast-food places have cameras these days watching everything that goes on. Restaurants, like fast-food places, are another place to check out. Even though kitchens have automatic dish washers these days there are regulations about water temperature someone still must load the washers, sort the dishes, and move them about. Someone also has to keep the floors clean.

Working a restaurants is hard work and low-pay but, like fast-food places, one's meals will be discounted in cost or provided by the establishment as part of one's wages. These places are often trade-unionized so you might have trouble with being forced to join the union. If at all possible, don't. Some States have a "Right To Work" law which makes enforced payment to union organizations that is to say, to organized crime illegal.

Check to see if the State you're working in has a "Right To Work" law. Every dollar you don't have to pay out of pocket translates to food and freedom. Unions are a fraud and don't provide anything you can use. If you can type, data entry is a job that's very much in demand. It's long hours and low pay but it'll keep you from starving to death.

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Having had bad leg cramps the three previous nights, I was worried that I would have them again when recuperating from shoulder replacement surgery and be unable to jump out of my hospital bed to stand and stretch them out, etc. They would not go away Then, suddenly I remembered the solution I had bought just days before and I asked the physical therapist to please get it from my room there at the rehab center.

She did, I swallowed 2 capsful, looked up at her, smiled in disbelief, and said "They're gone, can you believe it, they're really gone!

I have never seen anything work so fast and so completely. They did not come back, even though I had to go back to doing the same exercises as before. Needless to say, I've been telling everyone who will listen about your cramp-stopping solution ever since. A big "thank you" goes out to you all for your speedy "solution" to a big problem for many people. I used it that evening during my nightly bout with leg cramps so bad, my toes curl up like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

My first reaction to it was that it has got to be the worst tasting, most vile concoction I have ever put in my mouth! That being said, this stuff is the fastest working, most effective thing I have ever used for leg cramps!! All I can say is WOW!!! Need 2 twin packs for next time. I have tried straight apple cider vinegar, but the combination of ginger and garlic is far superior. Thank you, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

BUT your product has changed that as I do not need to look further. I always try something for 2 weeks or so before passing judgement.

I get cramps through out my body and have suffered for many years with them getting worse and more prolonged over the years to where if I got a solid 1 hour sleep a night I was doing good. Now I have them less and when am getting sleep. I actually can go a day or two with out any cramps. It's straight from the bottle for me. My quality of life has improved greatly with the use of your product. I had been suffering horribly with both severe leg and toe cramps to the point of constant loss of sleep at night in such pain it would make me cry!

I went to two doctors, none of who could help me, other than prescribing muscle relaxers I was desperate to find something to help and through continuous searching on the Internet found your product.

Plus it is all natural and Organic!!!! I told my podiatrist about it and brought him the documentation. He was so impressed he copied it in order to give to his patients suffering too!! Why do you not have it in our health stores?

Even my doctor laughed at me until he tried it! At the end of the day, I regularly get a cramp in my right wrist which is the wrist I use most often because I am right handed. I thought these cramps were a sign of carpal tunnel but after using your product, the cramps go away in less than a minute. I don't understand how it works so quickly but it does. Thank you so much! I am ordering my 4th bottle I need to buy in bulk this time and this stuff works!! Thank you, at least he wakes up with the cramps, swallows a bit and its gone..

Thank you, this stuff is amazing! This is my second order. I haven't yet tried rubbing it on, but after reading some of the letters on the website, I will definitely give that a try! I am on my second order and will be back when I need more. Earlier this year, my husband was experiencing severe leg and hand cramps.

He had had cramps before, but this time they were painful and relentless; causing him to wake up many times during sleep. You could even see the muscles tighten and knot up in his calves. This went on all night and into the next morning when I went online, searched around and found your product. Luckily it was carried at a nearby health food store, brought it home and my most skeptical husband took it.

What happened next was unexpected. For a very brief time, the cramps seemed to get worse.. I was so upset that he was expecting relief and I'd given him something that didn't deliver.

Then a few minutes passed, and it happened--they eased, then stopped. In the months that followed, whenever he'd get the leg cramps, they seemed a bit milder. He would take a dose of "Stop Leg Cramps' and they went away immediately. We keep it handy, just in case, although he has not had any more episodes in several months. I am very grateful to you for helping many people and can't thank you enough for your product. So bad that she ends up in the ER and on muscle relaxers.

After one particularly bad bout out of desperation I typed into Google "leg cramps" and saw your ad. I crossed my fingers and ordered 2 bottles. It came in right away. My granddaughter was not looking forward to having to take it she hated even the smell.

A few weeks later she awoke in agony. The effects were immediate the cramps were gone. She still hates the taste but now at the 1st sign of a cramp she takes a few sips and goes happily on her way. I can never thank you enough for allowing her childhood to be that much better.

Sent with a hug and a smile.. Feel free to add this to your testimonials I wish everyone knew about this product. It could save a lot of needless pain. I know for a fact that your leg remedy also stops twitching toes which I get at night in bed and will stop you from sleeping and drive you nearly nuts. All I do is put some of the Leg Cramps liquid on my toes and feet and rub it in and in a little over a minute the twitching stops for the night and I go right to sleep.

Then my daughter sent me your website - ordered product and now I can eat as much crab legs as I want!!! My husband is a contractor in Kuwait, he was just home for two weeks and tried "cramp free" - that bottle is now on its way to Kuwait!! So I am getting ready to order more of your wonderful product. I recommend to any of my friends that are having problems with cramps - plus it has helped me with acid reflux - keep up the good work!!

We have tried everything from bananas, super-hydration, all sorts of home remedies, and nothing has helped. I ordered your product as sort of a last resort, desperation effort to help him. We have played three games so far this year and he has cramped in all of them.

At that point he has taken a few swallows of this magic elixir and within one minute the cramps are gone and he has finished the games! We are so grateful and our trainer now wants to order a case! Again, thank you so much! We are singing the praises of the Amish and Stops Leg Cramps! I asked him what do you have for leg cramps because I have started at almost age 60 experiencing such. Well I was feeling the results within the minutes the product said and I did not have the physical challenge for 24 hrs or more.

I can tolerate the taste because I drink vinegar for medicinal purposes anyway. I just want to say thank you. God Bless you all. Thank you Ricky for your good advice again! I had been to a therapist and it help with some of the pain but I still had the pain when I walked. But now I seemed to be so much better and I even had to run a short distant to catch a plane. I am just so amazed with this stuff. I will wait and see if it continues to help me when I walk.

However I have no more leg cramps when I take this at night. I have told a lot of people about this formula, I just think it is wonderful that some thing so natural can help with so much pain. Hope to hear from you about your thoughts on this pain while walking and if this formula could possible be the reason for my relieve. Keep up the good work. I have them very often and that will stop them and enable me to have a good nights sleep.

Thank you for the wonderful product. I hopped on one foot out of bed and with tears in my eyes tried walking it off. It was never opened as my wife was using the Acid Reflux and I did not need it, or so I thought. It hit me this is a foot cramp and I hobbled to the bottle. I cracked it open and took a swig and just like that the pain began to subside, AHH, and as I made my way to the bed it was gone completely just as fast as it came on and I drifted pain free back to sleep!

Then two weeks to a month later I was driving on the freeway near the airport and traffic snarled up. I was driving a motor home with a clutch.

I had two sample bottles in the truck as I wanted to show a chiropractic friend of mine. Then it struck - a cramp in my driving foot. I could barley brake or change gears in stop and go traffic, this was an accident waiting to happen. I grabbed the bottle and took a gulp and instant relief. It may have saved my life. I now travel with it in my car at all times and can not help but wonder how many truck drivers on the road should be doing the same.

I got them most always in my calf and foot and the pain was agonizing. Nothing, absolutely nothing ever has hurt me as much. I would wake up screaming, holding my leg and it would last for about an hour before subsiding. My leg would be sore all day long following the attack. My sister in Utah sent me a bottle of Stops Leg Cramps and she told me it works really well if you take it before bedtime, that no cramps will come.

I could hardly believe that. It turns out that it is absolutely true. I have not had one single leg or foot cramp in a month, since I been taking a capful of this Amish remedy of yours before bedtime.

I am so grateful that it exists. I only wish I had it years ago. Bless you for making it. The heat in Florida often leaves me cramping, I have had agonizing leg cramps in the past. Yesterday I had one, hobbled to my kitchen, swigged your formula and cramp was gone in about 5 seconds. Today I biked 40 miles and not even as much as a twinge in my legs.

Unbelievable product that I will continue to use. New Port Richey, FL. My doctor had given me muscle relaxers but they just ease the pain a little but after using your product I have not had a cramp, spasm, or charley horse at all. I take the 2 teaspoons before I go to bed and nothing happens. I am finally able to sleep through the night. I no longer take the muscle relaxers and now starting to do exercises, Thank you, thank you this stuff is a blessing to me you don't know what I have been going through the last 3 years with leg cramps.

Thanking you again for putting this product out there. If he gets a leg cramp it can take half an hour or more before he is okay again. He is out of the game all during that time. I got him a bottle of your old Amish remedy he now carries it in his backpack and keeps it on the sidelines. He is never out of the game anymore for more than about 4 minutes at most. The coach loves it because he is one of their better running back. I suffered so, my feet would curl up and stiffen and I could not move them, it was so very painful.

I found your product on line and ordered it in June. Having it ready by my bedside I took the product and my leg cramps stopped within minutes and my feet uncurled. I did not have another episode for two weeks, when I did I took the product and the horrid cramps went away again in minutes. It is the middle of August now and I have not had one more "attack".

I went from having attacks 2 to 3x a week to 2 in three months. I want to tell the world you don't have to suffer, buy this product! I drank it warm right from the bottle. I was desperate for relief and in less than 1 and one half minutes the cramps were gone and my foot stopped pulling upwards.

My husband and I were amazed. When I say severe, I mean cramps so tight that I awaken unable to move my feet tight in a ballet point and sometimes cannot even walk for several minutes as I try with great pain to bend my foot back to a horizontal position with muscles up to my calves fighting back to try to walk off these nightmarish cramps. Five minutes is a dream response time and then with these more severe situations, I can still feel the 'rumbling' afterwards but no pain, no feeling that they are coming back often happened in the past and no 'slow moving toe separations.

I am about to order more and plan to start taking this stuff nightly! For several years I had suffered regularly from leg cramps at night. They were often so severe that the affected muscles were still sore days later.

I did a considerable amount of research and tried several things - increasing the fluids intake and potassium and magnesium supplements - which all helped but the cramps persisted occasionally.

I tried a medication that has been used in the past for cramps and it was somewhat effective but took quite a while to take effect and quell the cramp. And over time it became less effective. In researching that medication further I discovered that it can have serious side effects.

I finally came across your web site. While skeptical that the product would work, I was desperate so ordered some. The first time I got a cramp I immediately took a sip that's about all one can handle of this horrible tasting stuff and was amazed. Within 30 seconds the cramp was noticeably subsiding and within a minute or two it was gone.

Now, I keep the bottle beside my bed and if I feel a cramp coming on I take a sip. In the past months I have had two cramps. This product really works for cramps. I heartily recommend it to anyone. As a Physician I tried researching all of the available literature to find a cure. Nothing helped until I tried your product. If I hadn't tried it myself and felt it work I would have not believed it. I know it sounds trite, but thank you for your amazing product.

Homeopathic remedies do work. You have turned a skeptical M. I just ordered a case for myself and one to give to friends with the same problem.

He is totally sold on this product! I had major cramps in the left thigh develop, took "Stops leg and foot cramps in about a minute", and within minutes got relief. This is a wonderful product. In the past such a cramp would have crippled me for hours.

I am so happy my daughter sent this to me. I'm writing because I'm almost out and wanted to order more, but moreover, I wanted you to know how I believe you have a marvelous remedy and if you need someone to swear by it, use my name.

My sister has had Charlie-Horses since she was little. It would be in the middle of the night and then my family would hear this horrible scream. We would all get up and do our part to help her. She's almost 28 now and she still gets them, but now it's just her and I in a small apartment, so I feel bad when she screams so loudly that it sounds like someone is killing her because the pain is so bad.

My dad found the website and decided to order her a bottle. One morning she woke me up by screaming in pain from another Charlie-Horse. She said get me the bottle. I said ok, and grabbed the bottle she kept by her bed. She took 2 quick swigs on it, and I'm not joking at all, but within maybe 10 seconds or less she stopped screaming.

She said the pain went away. I said are you kidding me? It worked, and it worked that quickly? We couldn't believe it. She's had this problem since she was a little girl and we finally found something that helps.

The taste isn't the best apparently, but it's a miracle because of how great and quickly it works. I recommended this to anyone I know that ever has leg issues. Just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I found your site and product. I'm 66 years old and have had leg cramps for years but recently after the onset of diabetes they worsened. Your product works just as advertised.

I've learned to sip just a tiny bit prior to going to bed and that works miracles! Thank you so very much. I have suffered for years with leg and foot leg cramps, until I bought your product. I also have neuropathy in my feet and hands. The burning and pain in my feet and hands can be unbearable at times, until I tried putting this product on my feet and hands. Since using this product, I have no more burning and pain in my feet or hands.

Congratulations for a great product. I am soon to be seventy years old and I have never written a letter endorsing a product. I am a very active person and fail at times to keep myself from being dehydrated. I have had my share of leg and foot cramps. I found your website and placed an order. It didn't take long for me to have my first application and was not prepared to get the results. It gave the results that it was made to do.

You have a silent salesman for life. I was getting up from a nap this afternoon and I experienced a hefty inner thigh cramp in my left leg. Two small sips straight from the bottle and the pain was zapped in under 30 seconds. I am very impressed. I posted a complimentary comment on Facebook and also listed your website address.

It sure is nice to know that America still makes a few good products. I will be a continuing customer. She had to stop eating in the cafeteria at the school where she teaches because of the embarrassment of the gas. She bought all kinds of gas pills that absolutely did nothing for her. About two weeks ago she got a leg cramp immediately after dinner and I gave her some of my Amish leg cramp formula from you guys. On top of clearing up her cramped leg she had immediate stomach relief and no gas for the rest of the night.

She was surprised and delighted at the same time. Now she takes my bottle of leg cramp formula in her purse and will not be without it. She takes some after every meal. I have used it for months and it solved the problem! I cannot drink it but it is effective as a rub! When I was in Montana a relative gave me a bottle because I was having cramps in my legs. It is wonderful, really works.

When I have had cramps severe or mild I take the liquid in water as directed and have had great success. I'm always hesitant to buy a product on the internet based on customer testimonials but I decided to give this product a try even though I didn't expect it to work any better than all the other leg cramp products. What a pleasant surprise to find out it works almost instantly. This is a great product and I'll be reordering and recommending it to friends.

I want to congratulate you on your wonderful product for leg cramps. It is like a miracle! I have tried everything for leg and foot cramps, especially in the toe, and nothing has ever worked. It is really true, cramps are gone in one minute. I do not take it by mouth, I just rub it wherever it is cramping. I have always admired the Amish people and their wonderful way of life.

I know God smiles on you every day. Thank you again for this amazing product. Sincerely," Jean Roberts See actual letter here. Although the ingredients are simple, I have tried many things throughout the years, and nothing has worked I have had severe leg cramps down the front of the leg next to the bone, with the muscles twisting so badly you could clearly see the entire form of the bone, and foot cramps, not unlike a "charlie horse", and not even coming close to the symptoms described in "restless leg syndrome", for several years.

The only relief is to get in the shower with as hot of water running on my legs as I can stand. Most often, it takes about 10 minutes to get relief. Some nights, I was in the shower as many as four times. The first night this product arrived, I took it at the onset of the pain, and within a minute, the pain was totally gone and did not return that night. The next few days, I kept the mixture next to the bed, diluted in water as your instructions suggested.

Each night, at the onset of pain, I drank it, and the pain went away within seconds! A week went by after that, with no pain at all. Last night, I had some minor pain starting, and again, drank the solution.

I am so elated with this product!!!! God bless you for sharing it! I have tried this before and it is great stuff. I found your product and ordered 2 bottles immediately. After receiving them, I put them in the refrigerator. Next time I had cramps, I took a tablespoon of the formula and my leg cramps disappeared.

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