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Woman for enjoyable time cleaning apt

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Woman for enjoyable time cleaning apt

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Single and VERY Attractive Clean xleaning ,29 year old, white, Very tall, eextremely fit and attractive. Single gal needs a goodtime w4m In search of somebody to spice up my boring day. I'm white 6 feet tall 185ibs and in shape, I like to go to the Woman for enjoyable time cleaning apt, camping and hanging out with friends. I am 5'9 size 16 (getting smaller every week, still got some fluff to me) brownblonde hair.

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Woman for enjoyable time cleaning apt

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Not waiting for superficial. Should be ok with cuddling sometimes too.

God I'm bored. It would be nice to have someone to write to. All of the mans in my neighborhood in this part of Eugene are gay so I'm really having no luck here.

My parents failed miserably at sex education very conservative catholic upbringing , I didn't know what to expect by the "changes" I would go through.

When I realized that rubbing my hardon felt really good, I put a pillow against my crotch when I went to bed at night, and I rubbed against it. One night I was humping the pillow and pointed my dick downwards, and my eyes began rolling to the back of my head from how good it felt.

I had no idea what I was doing, and all of a sudden I shuddered and convulsed from the pleasure of it, as I shot with force down the pillow and onto my sheets. I remember moaning and I yelped into my other pillow as the combination of pleasure and fear swept over me - because I thought I had done something medically wrong, that I broke something inside my dick. I looked down at the ejaculate, it was thick and gooey and milky white. My blond pubic hair, dick, pillow, and sheets were a mess.

It smelled like chlorine My first thought was to run and ask my parents if I was ok. Then I remembered stuff I had heard older guys in my boy scout troop talking about, and I remembered the chapter in the bad sex ed book I had been given at school about "nocturnal emissions.

My pillow got a workout every night after that for some time, and I eventually became one of the guys in my boy scout troop who talked shit about jerking off, purposely confusing the younger guys. Didn't scare me so much as freak me out because I had no real way to clean it up. It was still fucking sweet.

The reference to blonde pubic hair turned a nostalgic childhood memory into the Highlights Magazine version of a Penthouse Forum story. I'll never forget it I was sitting at my desk in my room doing homework. Probably 13 or I was squeezing my dick through my underwear, pinching the super senstive soft spot right under the head. I eventually work the tip of my young cock out of my fly, so I could tuck it back quickly should anyone walk in.

I'm pinching and poking and teasing that one little spot just because it felt so fucking good, not thinking about anything in particular except my homework. Suddenly, there's this odd new sensation that I didn't have words to describe at the time. That intensity of pleasure, that shuddering, relaxing release. I look down and this gooey, creamish stuff is all over my underwear. I recall thinking nothing but that I should clean it up.

And I didn't realize what it was or what it was for. I didn't ask anyone. I just let it be. It was my own strange little naughty secret. After that, that's how I masturbated. I would sit in my desk chair or on the sofa late at night watching sexually charged movies on HBO , and just pinch, squeeze and massage that one sensitive spot under my cockhead until I came. It wasn't until years later, in college, that I discovered the sensation of wrapping my whole hand around my cock with lube.

To this day, that early way of jerking off is my preferred technique. It's easy, not messy, minimal clean-up, and heightens my orgasms. It's also handy when jerking off my partners. Sleepover at my best friend's house, he was a year ahead of me at school. We had an unusually close relationship - we were both the oldest child in our families and kind of leaned on each other as brothers.

He was a year older and I, of course, looked up to him. We went to sleep next to each other on the floor, and I later woke up to feel his hand on my cock, through my sweatpants. I was hard and he was just slowly rubbing me. At first I pretended to stay asleep, but was staring at my face. I sleepily returned his stare and breathed heavily.

When I came, I gasped and he just stared at me, stone-faced. I was confused and exhiliarated. He kept his hand pressing down on me while I whispered "what was that? He didn't say a word, but pulled the covers down and pushed his pajama pants down to his ankles and started jerking off. He took a moment to take my hand to help him, which I awkwardly did. He shot a load up to his shoulder and I was dumbfounded. We played a couple times after that, but his dad ended up moving the family to another state.

Never saw him again. I don't remember the first time but I DO remember my mom asking me to stop using the good towels for clean up. She suggested using a rag. I'm the mother of a 7-year-old son, and I've wondered how to address that, should it ever become an issue.

I figured I'd just stick a box of tissues in his room and see if that did the trick. As a developing teenager I was book smart but not practical; I knew about masturbation and orgasm and reproduction but had never tried it myself. The first time I ever had sexual contact with anyone was also my first ejaculation -- the guy sucked me then jacked me off.

My legs nearly gave out beneath me I was standing. But I didn't try to repeat the actions by myself; it wasn't until about a year later when I had my first boyfriend that he showed me how to jerk off. And I haven't stopped since. I had sexual interest and did not know what to do with it. I snuck in the exit at a porn theatre and they were showing Candy goes to Hollywood. First cum shot on screen and I blasted in my underwear. I was 11 and because of the film I knew that my spunk belonged on a girls tits.

As I was cleaning up in the restroom a guy came in and asked me if I wanted a blowjob, not sure what it was yet I said no. After watching more film I knew what a blowjob was and I got up, went back into the restroom and waited. Next guy who offered got my very young dick in his mouth and a huge second blast.

What porn theatre would have let an year-old stay? I'm SURE management would have seen you walking about from the boy's room. Also, you're telling us that the men here gladly gave B.

I'm certain these men were not gorgeous studs. Plus you just knew it belonged on a girls' tits??? What does this mean?

You knew you were straight? For some reason when I was afraid to cum so I would always jerk off to the point right before I came. Well one day when I was like, around 14 yrs old, I said fuck it and went for the gusto. It was a day when I had stayed home from school so I was bored. When I actually came I remember thinking "This is the beginning of the rest of your life! We had one in my small town that I used to sneak into. This was in the conservative South in the mid 70s.

Why does sharing like this always end up sounding like fetishists murmuring over their cavorting paws? I think it's all the adjectives. Do you really talk with so many adjectives if you're not fingering your cooter while you're talking?

For me, my first was age 11 in the bath tub with some soap. I think I passed out. I knew I had made a major discovery, experimented the next night, and had that same astonishing feeling for a few weeks before settling into what became the "normal" ecstasies of sex.

It was the only way I knew how to jerk off for almost a year. I used to seclude myself with a bed pillow, fold it in half and pump it up and down on my dick. Made myself bleed more than once before I realized I could just use my own hand.

I remember the first time it was kinda yellow and chunky. Second time i shot it up over my head - it was milkier. My first orgasm was when playing with my brother.

I thought I had cancer because of an uncle whose discharge from his cancer had been a subject of family conversation. I had already been masturbating and having "dry" orgasms for a while, and one day, it just happened.

I knew enough to know what it was, but I was still shocked and thought it was kinda gross. I remember wiping it up with the weekly TV listing insert from the newspaper and then throwing that away. My parents kept asking where the TV listing went. I remember my first time. I was 13, watching the Allen Thick talk show one night. For some reason I got bored watching the guest read a poem about drugs and the ghetto. I started stroking my dick and after about 30 seconds, my toes curled, my eyes rolled back, and bam.

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This is one habit that can make a huge difference in the general tidiness of your home. It can be a couple of dirty dishes that you put in the dishwasher or some laundry that needs to be put away upstairs.

Every time you touch an object to move it from one place to another you are using up precious time and energy so make that extra little effort to put it directly away. Again, I think it is really more about habit than not having the time. This one may need to be implemented over a longer period of time, but taking the time to declutter and organize your home will drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to clean.

Less items out on the counters and surface tops cuts down on dusting and makes cleaning a lot quicker.

If you are unsure of where to start, try my 6 Week Decluttering Challenge or read this post on how to keep the clutter out. Know Your High Traffic Areas. If you focus on keeping the high traffic areas clean on a daily basis, you can really help to prevent the spread of dirt and dust throughout the rest of the house. Make sure you have a dedicated spot for shoes at the entrances to your house to remind everyone to take off their shoes and to keep all of the shoe dirt contained in one spot.

Small area rugs at doors can also help to trap a lot of the incoming dirt. Try to sweep or vacuum these areas daily. Clean as You Go. Take your clothes off by your closet and either hang them back up or put them directly in the laundry.

Load the dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher instead of just placing them on the counter. Put your shoes and coat away as you come in the door. All of these little things are just habits that can be created with a little intentional planning.

Obviously there will be times when this is not possible, but do it when you can and you will save yourself a ton of cleaning up in the end!

One of the tools that has really helped me out with my daily cleaning is our new bObi vacuum. I really liked the sleek design and the start-up guide that came with it was really simple to use. After some basic set up and initial charging time, she was all ready to go. When she did get stuck, she would let out a little chirping noise so I could go and rescue her. After a little experimenting, I now have bObi integrated into our daily cleaning routine. It works great for getting up all of that daily dirt, crumbs, and dust that seem to appear from nowhere and really helps to cut down on dirt being tracked around to other areas of the house.

It should be noted, however, that it does not replace a really thorough vacuuming as there are still areas that it does not get to, BUT, it significantly cuts down on how often I need to vacuum or sweep. Here are a couple of other tips to get the best use out of bObi….

For more information on bObi, you can check out their website or head over to Amazon to purchase. How to Clean Your Washing Machine. Best Cleaning Tips of I would rather have a whole decently clean home, than one that is perfect in a room or two and the rest of the spaces be waiting for their turn! Decluttering is my nemesis, though. This is a very good list of activities to minimize the effort to keep your house.

If you and your family commit to following this list you will on average remove 80 to 90 percent of the un clean existing in your house at any point in time.

The remainder is what we normally catch on a deep cleaning. I would encourage each of you to commit to this list for a month and see how your home is transformed over that month before deciding if you want to continue the process. These are amazing tips! We just moved from a small apartment into our first house and the growing list of things that need to be cleaned have created a burden for us.

Being a perfectionist in a small apartment is easy, not in a 4 bedroom house. I hope it helps. Enjoy your new home! Your home is gorgeous! Where can I sign up to get one for free??? The biggest thing for me, is just doing the dishes right away. I live alone, so I was leaving them waaaay too long! It really is easy to just go ahead and do it!

That shot of the front of the washing machine was scary dirty! We have lived in our three bedroom apartment for the past nine years. My husband, two teenage sons, the Jack Russell Chihuahua pain-in-the-toosh-dog, all of whom believe that it is my one and only duty to clean up behind them and clean house all day long.

I love these tips and have bookmarked them for easy reference! Thanks so much for picking me! If I can just get the house even halfway back to normal I know without a doubt I would have much more motivation, drive and determination to keep it that way! Getting the kids to do something with their rooms takes an act of Congress LOL! Thanks for joining us at Share The Wealth Sunday! Where before, I would procrastinate. I also feel so much better having the bed made first thing.

With 4 homeschooled kids and 4 dogs and a making 3 meals a day in our kitchen, I have a time keeping the house tidy.

I think if I could just keep the counter in the kitchen clean, it would be a huge triumph. It is definitely a never ending task! From Dreaming to Doing" , but lives with three other women ages 48 to 69; two are divorced, another never married. They share living areas, including a screened-in back porch where they eat in good weather.

The women have a meal together at least once a week as well as a weekly meeting. There are rules, such as hours when they can't do laundry or must be quiet in the halls. Everyone must be notified before guests, such as boyfriends or children, visit. Chambers' son, Jason, is a college dean and father to young children, and he lives more than two hours away. When Kilkenny first moved in at night two years ago, someone left the light on for her.

Not having your own place can also involve compromise. Sharing means less privacy and dealing with someone else's habits. Experts say problems usually occur when areas of conflict — household chores, communal property, pets, cleanliness , temperature of the house, noise, guests — haven't been addressed before the move in or within the first week or two. They also happen when expectations are unclear or there is no home-share agreement see sidebar.

Zoe Morrison, 55, of Portland, Ore. She has lived in cooperative households six times. One time she called it quits when her new housemate's lover moved in unannounced. Another time the bills turned out to be higher than she had been told. McQuillin, Machinist and Bush say that if they lived alone, they'd have their parents, children and grandchildren over more often. But as they get older, the three women realize that what they used to call the "old biddies commune" can't be their home forever.

When they bought the house, they were in their 50s and weren't thinking about health issues. Now McQuillin has a knee problem and lives up two flights of winding stairs. Machinist says her next place will be more accessible for older people. Bush thinks she'd prefer to live in a warmer climate.

They'll worry about that later, say these converts, and remain right where they are. Says Machinist, "This is the best way I've ever lived. Sally Abrahms writes about boomers and aging. She is based in Boston. See the AARP home page for deals, savings tips, trivia and more. You are leaving AARP. Please return to AARP.

Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. In the next 24 hours, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription to receive emails related to AARP volunteering. Once you confirm that subscription, you will regularly receive communications related to AARP volunteering.

In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www. Javascript is not enabled. The House-Sharing Trend Other older singles seem to agree. The Drawbacks of Home Sharing Not having your own place can also involve compromise. Also of Interest What's happened to housing affordability?

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