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So, instead, we did the next best thing: We reached out to former NSA employees, offering them words to share their thoughts on the controversy. While they may not have had firsthand experience with PRISM or the phone metadata program specifically, they do have unique insights into the agency and the issues it confronts. Charlie Miller, former NSA global network exploitation analyst, 0xcharlie: In retrospect, it was going on even then. Pray for the Patriots who work there still.

As a research analyst at NSA in the s, I worked in a large office that looked almost exactly like a newsroom. There were teams covering the equivalent of different beats, with a senior analyst on each team acting as the equivalent of an editor. There was an essential, less noticeable difference: The privacy of U. If an incoming piece of intelligence violated that privacy, it went immediately into the nearest burn bag.

NSA employees and contractors are given a rare privilege and unique trust by our nation. Just as everyone in a hospital operating room is trained to know their role to save lives, everyone at NSA is taught the importance of their part in the vital mission. Snowden NSA represents a rare opportunity to foster open dialogue on the necessary balance between civil liberties and national security. The citizenry, government agencies, and corporate America have distinct viewpoints, yet are interrelated because all share the risks and rewards of a democratic existence.

America will continue to rely on the strong and trusted people of the U. From the first intelligence and propaganda operations under George Washington to modern day big data collection programs such as PRISM , we must continue to adapt without losing focus on the basic democratic principles that embody our codified constitution.

David Kennedy , former NSA signals intelligence analyst: In stating that, when the government gets enough power to monitor all communications of everyone, it no longer serves the people. In the past, monitoring US citizens was completely forbidden and heavily monitored.

The issue present is we do not know to what extent this is occurring, and that in itself is a major problem. John Schindler , former NSA analyst, 20committee: Never before has the Agency seen itself and its work subject to such media scrutiny. However, that Snowden has taken refuge in Hong Kong, and is making accusations about massive NSA spying on the world, from the safety of China - which has nothing to do with protecting the civil liberties of Americans - raises questions about his motives.

Is he a legitimate whistleblower or more of an Assange-type character motivated by anger and a naive belief that states have no right to any secrecy?

David Kravitz , former senior technical adviser at the NSA , — To the extent that preemptive capture of data continues so as to enable later backwards tracking, perhaps a verifiably robust access control system that enforces cooperation of multiple authorized agents in order to conduct limited-scope search and retrieval can be implemented and maintained, so as to securely bridge the gap between collection and court-ordered use of data.

Proper oversight, however, may be necessary. Ultimately, in an era of rampant sharing of personal information via social networking, I believe outrage over the government carefully using personal information to protect our nation is misplaced and hypocritical.

Balance is needed in this debate, as General Alexander testified. The additional troops will provide logistical and other support to the Border Patrol, and will bolster the efforts of the approximately 2, National Guard forces already there. The new forces are expected to provide logistical assistance such as air support and equipment, including vehicles and tents.

The National Guard is often used by states to help with border security. But active duty troops are rarely deployed within the United States except for domestic emergencies like hurricanes or floods. Bernice Simon baked delicious cranberry orange bread. It was the same place they wed in a December candlelight ceremony. Raye Coffey raised three children, but she could have been considered a surrogate mom, of sorts, for Cecil and David Rosenthal. The brothers lived next door to the Coffeys in Stanton Heights and often could be found at the Coffey residence.

He was very warm and very loving. Bowers has an active license and has made at least six known firearm purchases since , a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said.

On September 29, Bowers posted photos of his handgun collection on his Gab. A rifle and three handguns were found on the scene of the attack, the FBI said. Numerous people have left the Trump Administration after they were found to have promoted conspiracy theories. People who shared these conspiracies made their way into the Trump Administration. He resigned when we reported he was a birther. She resigned earlier this year. Todd Johnson , a Mattis aide at Defense who resigned when we reported he posted birther conspiracies about then-President Barack Obama and shared a video that claimed Obama was the Antichrist.

Ken Isaacs , his nomination for the top UN refugees post failed. He spread conspiracies that the Clintons killed people and shared InfoWars. Frank Wuco , a top official at DHS. VA never even commented. John Gibbs , a top official at HUD. Lee Rizzuto , he spread conspiracy theories about Ted Cruz. Jon Cordova , who served as the principal deputy assistant secretary for administration at HHS.

He was placed on leave and allowed back. He spread conspiracies about Ted Cruz and Khizr Khan. Sam Clovis , formerly a senior White House advisor and nominee for a top Agriculture position. He stoked birtherism while he was a radio host. There [are] other examples, but the point [is that] these false conspiracies spread and are more widely accepted than people want to believe.

We encounter it all the time in our work. Trump tweets an attack on one of the people the MAGA-obsessed mailbomber sent a pipe bomb to last week. After a week marred by right-wing domestic terrorism, Cornyn suggests Democrats are encouraging violence Pelosi was talking about the economic consequences of progressive policies. Bowers did not ask the Jews he murdered whether they support admitting refugees. He saw that some Jews support admitting refugees and he blamed us all.

Appeasement will not work. Protecting the strangers among us is not charity. Every time Jews defend the right of American Muslims to follow sharia, we protect our right to follow halacha. Every time Jews reject politicians who demonize Latinos we make it less likely that those politicians will demonize us. For people who define America as a white Christian nation, Jews will never be white enough. To him and all the other white nationalists Trump has emboldened, our answer should be: We will demand a humane policy for people seeking refuge in the United States and defend those immigrants — no matter their race or faith — who are already here.

Will do so not only because we were once strangers but because we know that, at some level, like Lot, we always will be. Rather than seeking a separate peace with Trumpism, we will look for allies among the despised and abused. And in that way, we will defend not only Jewish ethics, but Jewish lives.

I think the approach that we need to be looking at is how we take the guns — which is the common denominator of every mass shooting in America — out of the hands of those that are looking to express hatred through murder. Synagogue shooting victims identified. All older adults, including a married couple and one other person in their 80s, and a woman who was In the last week we have encountered two actual killers and one aspiring killer who believed their president when he said that caravans of murderous foreigners are approaching, and who believed that what their president wants is to have those caravans halted by force.

They believed their president when he said that the media is hurting America and they believe their president wants to stop the media from doing that journalism by physical force. In the last week, we have seen that when the president makes or amplifies false claims about George Soros and globalists and refugees, people want to act on those claims.

That is what they hear every day, and that is what we need to worry about. The point is that people who hate Jews and immigrants and minorities believe that when they commit violence against these people, they are behaving as the followers their president wants them to be.

But we have we seen far too many of them performing on the words the president puts out there. It does matter what we do next. Gab, the alt-right friendly social network where Robert Bower frequently posted antisemitic and neo-Nazi conspiracy theories, is in trouble following synagogue shooting. The mainstream media cannot stop us. You can read more about their operation here.

Caravan rhetoric from the president and rightwing media has been pervasive. They do not dabble in the overt antisemitic conspiracies tacked on separately by far-right users on Gab. He appeared to be mostly disillusioned by Trump and even far-right conspiracy theory communities like Qanon for not taking more action against the caravan, which he considered to be part of an invasion funded by Jewish aid groups.

Synagogue shooter Robert D. Bowers, who was not known to law enforcement before today, has been charged. Federal prosecutors filed 29 counts against Bowers, charging him with federal civil rights crimes. Bowers was charged with obstructing exercise of religious beliefs resulting in death, using a firearm to commit murder during a crime of violence, obstructing exercise of religious beliefs resulting in an injury to a public safety officer and using a firearm during a crime of violence.

Synagogue shooter seemed obsessed with migrant caravan, and may have been partially influenced by Kremlin information warfare. Preventing refugees in the caravan from entering the U. He reposted a screenshot of a video of the caravan that that aired on Fox News, as well as other networks, that does not mention the symbol. Trump said he considered, but rejected the idea of cancelling his two Saturday events in light of the synagogue shooting — then went to one and joked that he also considered cancelling over his hair.

And his name has become a synonym for a well-worn anti-Semitic canard:

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Sheila, from Buckinghamshire, is 46, a doctor and mother of two teenagers, and for the past year and a half she has been having an affair. Tall, strong-featured and dressed in a cashmere sweater and wool trousers, Sheila is the kind of woman you see in the aisles of Waitrose, the front row of the school carol service. But once every fortnight or so she tells Peter, 48, a company director, that she's meeting a well-briefed girlfriend for dinner.

Instead she goes to a motel room to see her lover, Michael, also 46, a medical sales rep whom she met at a conference. I stopped fancying Peter years ago. The girls were small and sex with him had long been just another chore, like loading the dishwasher.

Finding out that I could still enjoy a physical relationship was …' She searches for the word. I thought that whole side of my life had died, but with Michael it's been revived. What every man should know about women. Bruni humiliated Nicolas Sarkozy with ex-lovers. High-flying women lie about sex too. Tony Blair on the 'desert island of pleasure' of infidelity. Celia Walden and infidelity online. From Wayne Rooney to Tiger Woods, barely a day seems to pass without male infidelity making the headlines.

Female infidelity, however, has a far lower profile and, in popular culture at least, tends to have terrifying consequences. The two most famous adulteresses in fiction, Madame Bovary and Anna Karenina, came to sticky ends: But today the guilt that tormented these classic heroines is largely missing. Thousands of women like Sheila are enjoying what they believe to be no-strings flings.

Having witnessed the devastation divorce wreaked on their parents' generation, they have no desire to end their marriages. Instead they are searching for variety in an otherwise humdrum routine. I like cooking with him and gossiping about the neighbours. He's my pal and I'd never want to lose that.

Sex with Michael is a purely separate thing; it's about erotic abandonment, being seen as just a woman rather than as Peter's wife, or "the doctor" or a mum.

Any working mother will know what I mean. Every woman needs something that is hers alone. Some of my friends ride, some sing in choirs, I have Michael. The number of people having affairs is impossible to know, as few are truthful about their sex lives, but the recent Way We Are Now nationwide survey conducted by Relate showed that 34 per cent of women respondents admitted to being unfaithful, compared with 32 per cent of men.

Paula Hall, a sex and relationships counsellor and Relate spokeswoman, says that she expects to see a rising number of female clients who have been unfaithful, as the reasons for straying have changed. Or it's a case of a woman being neglected in the bedroom in the way a man once was and wanting to find a way to scratch her itch. For a wired generation, the automatic place to turn to for satisfaction is the internet. Since founding the business 15 years ago Miller has noted a huge increase in younger female clients.

Women in their twenties and thirties belong to the "Because I'm Worth It" generation. They had a much freer sexual history when they were single and they have far more expectations of good sex. Of course, once they're married it doesn't carry on being like in the magazines but their copy of Cosmo is still popping through the door every month shouting six new ways to heighten orgasm tonight and they think, "It's not going to be with him indoors, he's exhausted, but what a lovely idea …"'.

Once the seed is planted, outlets are everywhere. Most affairs start in the workplace, and a recent American study showed that women who travel for work are three times more likely to have had two or more concurrent sexual relationships in the past five years than women in general.

But as well as seizing their chances, today many women and men plan their infidelities with chilling efficiency. They decide they want to commit adultery and set out to find a suitable partner. Wendy, a year-old full-time mother of two from East Sussex, was a 'typical girl about town, with a few long-term boyfriends peppered with a handful of one-night stands on holiday or after a night clubbing'.

Six years ago she married Billy, a stockbroker, gave up her administrative job and moved out of London. Billy is away a lot for work and I'm bored and lonely at home with the kids. I have mum friends but I missed the buzz of male company I used to have and I missed the irresponsibility of my old life — going out on a Saturday and not knowing who I might meet, where the evening might take me. To compensate for this, Wendy decided to take two annual week-long holidays alone. I call it my "me time" and nobody argues.

I do shop and have a lot of facials and massages but I also go out alone to bars in the evening and five times I've met a man. It sounds dangerous, talking about it like that, but I trust my instincts to know who's safe and who's a serial killer.

It's about passion and spontaneity — having sex in the shower and up against a wall, all the things you see in movies that just never happen when you're arguing over whose turn it is to wipe the kids' bottoms. Introducing FiveThirtyEight's governor forecast. Historic voter turnout ahead of midterms. Immigration, hotly contested Senate race and early voting. Record number of Americans head to the polls early. FiveThirtyEight House forecast update for Oct 23, Kamala Harris hits the campaign trail in Iowa: Russian woman arrested in alleged plot to meddle with midterms.

Latest Politics Headlines 3h ago. On Trump's saying synagogue needed armed guard, 'Where do we stop? Official Trump on Saturday said an armed guard could have helped prevent the carnage. US 'toxic' discourse spurs 'deranged' people to act US now has 'toxic environment' encouraging 'deranged' people to act: Everything you need to know about the midterm elections When to register, the races to watch, and what it all means, explained.

Sunday on 'This Week': Tragedy in Pittsburgh 'This Week' Sunday: Analysis The best leaders have certain values that allow them to succeed. Trump mixes politics and the pain of a national tragedy in address at Illinois rally The president called for the death penalty for the suspected synagogue shooter.

Day before synagogue attack, study showed spike in online, anti-Semitic harassment The study was released a day before the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. Trump on synagogue shooting: Trump will 'take action' to stop caravan of migrants, Pence says Pence told ABC News that Trump will "take action" to stop the migrants.

Pence won't rule out closing down border ahead of midterms. Trump calls for unity, but then whips crowd into anti-media chant A man was arrested today for sending bombs to CNN and others.

President Trump bears 'no' responsibility in pipe bomb scare: Trump kicks off campaign rally by attacking 'tone' of media "We have seen an effort by the media in recent hours to use the sinister actions of one individual to score political points against me," Trump said Trump bears no responsibility for mail bomb plot: North Carolina is having a 'blue moon' election.

So what's Trump doing here? There are no Senate or gubernatorial races on the NC ballot this cycle. Bombing suspect faces up to 58 years in prison The suspect tied to mailing explosives around the country is charged with five federal crimes, and early voting sees a major uptick compared to Khashoggi fiancee declines White House visit after Trump comments She gave her first interview since his murder to a Turkish television network. Trump weighs options on plan to bar migrants, deny asylum at border An administration official said Trump is looking at a "wide range" of options.

Obama rallies Democrats in the Midwest, says GOP is 'lying' on health care The former president is continuing his midterm push for Democrats. Obama takes direct aim at Trump's 'lying' The former president criticized his successor at a campaign rally in Milwaukee. Trump considers plan to bar migrants, deny asylum President Trump is considering executive action that would bar migrants from crossing the U. Ex-Trump campaign aide considers withdrawing guilty plea to Mueller charges Papadopoulos was sentenced to 14 days in prison last month.

Oct 17,  · The Midterm Elections are fast approaching. ABC News brings you in-depth coverage and breaking political news, as voters determine the Senate and House of Representatives. The new Snowden revelations are explosive. Basically, the NSA is able to decrypt most of the Internet. They're doing it primarily by cheating, not by mathematics. It's joint reporting between the Guardian, the New York Times, and ProPublica. I have been working with Glenn Greenwald on the Snowden. Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites.