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Who wants to fuck in Bismarck il

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And the opposition knows it. Then Sinc can lifetime ban him again. About 4 hours after my idle speculation this morning. I was disappointed by the lack of nuance in the Ergas article. The video Sinc posted also appears to miss some important features. They writers seem to approach the tariffs as if they were already in place and writ in stone rather than devices used in ongoing negotiations. I would like to see a post on this from Judith Sloan. Pelosi has 15 micro strokes during weekly press conference.

And suffers Jaw droop problems. The Kenyan goes Hollywood. For years governments have been adding to the cost of doing anything with regulations , charges, taxes, endless statutory requirements, reportage, assessments etc. Having heaped such a burden on anyone trying to produce anything, they come along ans day they will help you…but it will cost.

Adani would have found it much cheaper to have several members of the Federal Labor Party accidentally commit Arkancide. Julie Bishop wades into the Trump tariff issue today. Playing to the beltway our Julie. And I hope he has backup. As he did when Abbott was mentioning budget cuts? Keeping up with the Obamamamabas. You van judge the success of Trump by the excitement of Monty. God bless Trump and the USA. Now please stop talking about Tariffs to Julie Bitchop, she has more important issues to deal with.

Keating was a terrible strategic thinker who failed. His treaty with the bloody dictator Suharto failed, as he was warned it would. Papua to eternal oppression, and Australia to support it.

In Port Irony, Capital of the Pilll-bara, we would cuck joseph the fucking carpenter and his tribal brother. Brisbane Ch 7 newsreader Bill McDonald has been sacked. No doubt the feminists who came out in support of Lisa W v Karl S will now look into this gender pay gap. Oops, sorry silly me. I just realised McDonald is a member of the new group that is the no longer in favour.

Just coincidence, of course. This is the conclusion on the options for the Greater Sunrise well development model issued by the Conciliation Commission that mediated the negotiations between Australia and Timor-Leste that culminated in the two-country maritime border treaty signed on Tuesday in New York.

The increased rate of STDs in the indigenous juvenile cohort is a result of increased promiscuity within that cohort. That has been caused by porn, internet porn in particular. Anyone health professional who has experience on the coalface will tell you this. The media have been slow to publicise this because the issue is being used to run political rather than health agendas.

And in your case, a racist agenda. One is a happy-go-lucky Communist dictator, the other sour-faced individual is the democratically elected leader of the free world. Today we continue the lesson. The truth was so threatening that elements both here and in NZ called for her poem to be banned. The truth is we still need Prohibition.

We come in our sorrow and anguish, we are coming again and again, You are the Makers of Money, we are the Mothers of Men. Sons and brothers and fathers do you hear the wall of our woe? We gave up our boys for the Empire, we called on our men to go.

But they came to us shattered and crippled, not by bullet or ball, But for the sake of a hellish traffic, you caused Our laddies to fall. Stricken, diseased unholy, withered in body and soil, The Brewers returned our bairnies, the boys we had given up whole..

So how do parents fit into this equation? Do we know if they have parents? Do they know the names of their own parents? Is this because of the NBN? Six infant deaths from congenital syphilis in QLD alone since suggests that is not the only cause. So watching internet porn incites aborigines to rape two-year olds. They must be very different from white men.

Did this stupid cow just a taste of what the working class have been copping for the last 30 years? Aboriginal teenagers having sex with one another, all over Australia. Geezers in Perth and Melbourne having conniptions.

An adult is not part of a juvenile cohort. Nor has anyone suggested the victim of the alleged perp has contracted an sti. You are conflating two different issues. More racism from your kinda dumb racist. Which is why you lot always lose.

Just a socialist redistribution of some sub-proletariat. So Sock 1 and Sock 2 post simultaneously. But I want to see eleventy trolls posting their endumbenment simultaneously. Amateur-hour Stalinist propaganda is so last-century. Warned Julian Reichelt, editor of the Bild newspaper: Disenfranchising those who are frustrated and angry is unlikely to deliver the kind of prosperous, peaceful future that most of us desire. I think in other aspects of life he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

The simplest thing to do if you want to live your life as a woman is to join the Australian Army. Bloomfield, Director, Washington, DC. Walter Ray Allen, Jr. Levey, London, England Eric A. Weiss, Los Angeles, CA. US Senate Orrin G. This is not a surprise, as it is a Holocaust Museum. Was there anything else? That Daughters of Europe clip above, is a proverbial punch to the head for Angela Merkel and alike.

Settle, Tom, lest the nasty Twitter roach shouts at you to follow orders. Still an amazing coincidence with both appearing at 7. Still, it is amazing that they all finish their Fosters Light Ice, Aldi salmon in a bag and ersatz jatz at precisely the same juncture. Another ABC drama which scored fabulous reviews bit is shit. Writing which lacks any credibility or conviction delivered by wooden act-persons. Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection. Never before have individuals had to adapt to social environments defined by such magnitudes of ethnic diversity and cultural differentiation.

However, neurobiological evidence informing about strategies to reduce xenophobic sentiment and foster altruistic cooperation with outsiders is scarce. In a series of experiments settled in the context of the current refugee crisis, we tested the propensity of Caucasian participants to make donations to people in need, half of whom were refugees outgroup and half of whom were natives ingroup. Participants scoring low on xenophobic attitudes exhibited an altruistic preference for the outgroup, which further increased after nasal delivery of the neuropeptide oxytocin.

In contrast, participants with higher levels of xenophobia generally failed to exhibit enhanced altruism toward the outgroup. Collectively, these findings reveal the underlying sociobiological conditions associated with outgroup-directed altruism by showing that charitable social cues cooccurring with enhanced activity of the oxytocin system reduce the effects of xenophobia by facilitating prosocial behavior toward refugees.

It is hard to believe, but true; employers of foreign students who have a degree from a U. I just like Aung San Suu Kyi. Wall to wall Testes, Grigory socks and the dumbest shit for brains fake libertarians. So long and thanks for all the cartoons Tom. Transport union boss Tony Sheldon is destined for federal parliament after gaining union support to take the number one spot on the NSW Labor Senate ticket at the next election. The Transport Workers Union national secretary was endorsed by right-faction unions today to take the spot, which is reserved by convention for a right-wing union official.

But Mr Swan could be competitive, given his status in the party. EM-drive is an obvious load of shit that only a retard would believe. Also, it has been almost four years and you still cannot 3D print yourself an entire car. And you never will.

It should be noted that this Soviet policy gave rise to the most feral generation of Russian Children ever. Arky , posted on March 9, at 9: Beware when a management consultant egg-head turns up as CEO.

And as Singo said, your Chairman is a beetroot salesman. All those pornos with white guys boning abbo women makes small dicked abbo men angry. These first nation men of culture must teach abbo whores for disgracing the first nation men. Myanmar has now figured it out that it is NOT the Communist Buddhists that cause the trouble but the musclemen from next door.

The modern socialist xit is blind to gender, race and social status. This is what we must all aspire to. When Fairfax has Elizabeth Farrelly commenting on Economic issues, as it has, you just know the end is nigh. Tim Fischer from the famously anti-protectionist National Party said today tariffs are very bad and Turnbull should retaliate by levying increased charges on American gun imports to Australia.

Australia should only allow immigrants trying to get away from scum muslims and muslim countries. The bloke has been at the school since Arky, come back — all is forgiven. Link for more — not paywalled. They might be terrorists. Islam will only change if they change it, not us. This is painfully obvious. Incredible to think that it works. Meantime I argue to blow all their mosks of a Friday because they are filth who should not be allowed to live on the earth.

They whinge and whine because there were some pathetic crappola about Christians coming in and killing the pricks but lord almighty the scum muslims set out first.

You know there are more than just Muslims there. This is a very big deal. And a scant 24 hours before reading about the state of emergency, we had booked an excursion in Columbo, when our cruise ship arrives there, in about three weeks from now. Someone will arrest me. I am an Australian and I want to shoot some of the fuckwhits that the dertiest scum, Obama, that supposedly controlled America. Paul Wheeler is one for four men charged by Greyhound Racing New South Wales for allegedly exporting nine greyhounds to China without the mandatory greyhound passport and certified pedigree.

In November last year a permit was approved to clear more than 20, hectares of native vegetation at Maryfield Station, kilometres south-west of Darwin. But the Environment Centre NT questioned the validity of the decision-making process used by the Pastoral Lands Board when it approved the permit — as it was never required to consider the impact on climate change. If the scum turdbull sools the ASIO bloke onto me as he did to the wa bloke then I will just shoot the xunt out of hand.

Bettina Arndt interviews Professor Jordan B Peterson — excellent point about regulating behaviour in the workplace particularly sexually provocative behaviour must be inclusive. Funny really as it seems to me it is mostly women and beta men that do all that touchy feely stuff.

Agree you should always allow your children to do what they are capable of doing, and knowing when that is, is also part of the art of parenting. Australian cricketers — those sledging macho men — have been psychologically destroyed by South Africa. All they have to say now is … waaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Two Cricket South Africa executives have been photographed at the second Test posing alongside spectators wearing Sonny Bill Williams masks , worn as a ploy to taunt Australian opener and vice-captain David Warner. The masks were brought into the ground by some spectators as a way of trying to ridicule Warner, whose wife Candice had a well-known encounter with Williams in , years before she met the Australian vice-captain.

Cricket South Africa officials caught posing with fans in Sonny Bill masks. The POC will see bookies pay an additional tax — currently 15 per cent in SA — on profit on all accounts for residents of that state.

The truth is, this is a tax on punters, pure and simple, which instead of having the intended impact of distributing gambling taxes to the states, will simply result in all of us finding it harder to make our punting dollar go further. While the initial impact will be felt by the bookies themselves, the reality is the cost of that tax will end up impacting us as Punters in the form of poorer betting percentages and a reduction in competition. Anyone with a brief knowledge of how the economy of the wagering system works will tell you that upping tax on bookmakers is a sure way to making the whole caper less profitable or more expensive for everyone.

He has written a detailed editorial for us here at Punters, looking at the reasons why a punters tax at the current slated rate would be disastrous for an industry which is already undergoing massive change. Currently the industry is in great shape with punters, bookies, administrators and government all being able to share equally in its benefits. An onerous POC tax will end this equilibrium though.

But at that time bookies fled to the Northern Territory where they were shielded from product fees and paid negligible tax to the NT Govt.

They gained huge market share very quickly by drastically undercutting TABs on the odds they offered, and the royalties state governments received from TABs began to diminish. Which has led us to the current situation. Diminishing marketplace value In Racing Victoria were the first jurisdiction to drastically increase the fee they charge bookmakers to bet on their product. They doubled their fees, and all other state racing jurisdictions followed their lead within a year.

It felt like ever since the fees went up the fixed odds market became a little less competitive and always had higher percentages. Clearly the extra product fees that they were being charged were passed on to the punter. Which is fine and is what should happen. But this highlights the impact that the emerging POC tax will have on punters; the bookies will tweak their businesses and pass most of it onto us, the punter.

Simply put it makes it harder for us to win or makes us lose more. And this is where I think racing regulators and state treasurers need to be careful. The marketplace has never been better for punters, there is so much choice via the 20 or so online bookmakers, you can get set for a bet in most jurisdictions via minimum bet laws, and racing regulators continue to increase prize money for owners.

Pro punters need to keep winning in order to reinvest, and recreational gamblers need to be entertained by the punt as cheaply as possible or they will look elsewhere. Of course industry funding and growth is more important than both of these but the industry is doing great so why mess with it especially when it is such a major employer and driver of the state economies?

Betfair Betfair have the most at stake in the POC tax debate. This notion drives the market and creates speed and vibrance. If Betfair left the Australian marketplace the markets would freeze up become stagnant and boring, and punters would never get the same value they get now.

The rise of the SP bookie With a ban on credit betting, stringent advertising controls and unprecedented levels of taxation why would you want to be a bookie? And yes, their predicament is mostly due to their cavalier behaviour over the last 15 years. But the more bookmakers who can prosper in a fair and balanced industry the better value and service punters will get due to the forces of competition.

Further to that it invigorates people becoming SP bookies where they are unencumbered by costs and regulation. March 8, Posted on 2: This entry was posted in Open Forum. On this tariffs thing. Was this just a shot over the bows, or was the laundering story false? In all, Pelosi stumbled 16 times over just 15 minutes.

At times, Pelosi stared vacantly into the distance as she gathered her thoughts. Retire, lady, while you still can. What a slimy little toad Albo is. Delta A , posted on March 9, at 3: I suspect the contraceptive pill. I suspect this is The Art of the Deal. The wrongology never stops! Canada takes concerns about transshipment very seriously Gawd! So I wonder how Justine Trudeau dresses if he meets a herd of them?

I am sure it will be very cultural appropriate — like he did in India. Having done the skinning, cleaned out the entrails and hung the meat protected from the flies. You gotta love Fakenews CNN. The trolls and their creamy, sticky socks have most of the cats enthralled.

Hillary Clinton will never be President. However, yesterday it was not clear whether any such review had taken place. Every generation of progressives think they are the first one and that they are the turning point in history er…herstory…xerstory… It is the same way that a child sitting in a car looks out the window believes the clouds are following them. Pilbara sisters on a mission to preserve language Awesome, good for them. He was born ready.

Nunneries are not replacements for hospitals. Might be a rerun but this was the follow up story Katie Katie Katie Law and order is a state responsibility. John Constantine at T wo million military age jihadis imported into the heart of merkeldom is the Hussein Obama demographic legacy, the mindset that sees the Irish government out to destroy Irish racism by importing a million military age breeders that are optically not old Irish, so the streets will look like a world city.

Genocide is evil, except when their laft fascists are committing cultural genocide. Brilliant concept — needed here in Oz. JC Tariffs will end up costing the US consumer more for a tiny increase in employment in the steel industry.

This really is the third term of the Dubbya administration. Since when have you become a free trader, Monty Hayek.

So … the Prince claim is a giant yawn burger. The back of the line is way over there. Add it to the list of subjects mUnter should stick his nose into. What a truely stupid and evasive response. Your position on this is simply bluff and bluster. I have always been a free trader, JC. Do pay attention, old man. See how brilliantly that works? Sinc Monst is now lying about having always supported free trade. Hero crashes and burns! Magistrate Theakston dismissed the charges. My low-cost private schools could transform Britain James Tooley.

The EU claims to be more popular than ever, but it is being slowly destroyed by populism Matthew Goodwin. Lift this injunction and reveal the facts Telegraph View. Police must be visible and show zero tolerance Telegraph View. Letters to the Editor. Theresa May has proved herself incapable of honouring the Brexit vote Premium. Parliamentary privilege can play a vital role in exposing abuse of power Premium.

There's a surprisingly simple way to destroy the cult of Corbyn: Britain's wretched civil service is medievally enslaved to EU masters Quentin Letts. European courts risk corroding free speech to create special status for Islam Tim Stanley. Can we please return to an age in which Britain had a sense of humour?

Ignore our colleagues' beauty parades, Chancellor, and deliver a truly Conservative budget Priti Patel. Our attitudes to sex and swearing show how very modern it is to be Victorian Charles Moore. Britain shouldn't tie itself into a voiceless pact with an EU that is changing fast Juliet Samuel. If we needed proof that MeToo is far from over, then this week was it Claire Cohen.

A Norway-style Brexit should be enough for a country as divided as ours Tom Harris.

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