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We re all looking for a distraction

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We re all looking for a distraction

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We re all looking for a distraction

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When you allow us to serve you, you will be around people who make you feel like you are part of the family and like you have known them your whole life. When we started our company in , we knew we had something special to offer first timers, families and children.

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There is a huge difference between we do for you and what our competitors advertise. Sure, all charter boats near Gulf Shores and Perdido Key, Florida take people deep sea fishing and we all catch fish. What separates us from the herd is, we have the patience to and have a unique ability to teach basic angling skills to people who have never fished before First timers , or have never been given the opportunity to learn how to fish in saltwater. When you combine education with excellent customer service, patience, professionalism, kindness and gentleness, this is what really pulls us ahead of the competition.

Humbling ourselves and by asking our guests how we can better serve you, is the most rewarding things we have ever done. This equates to you getting a lot of hands on experience and some incredible light tackle action. If the fish you catch are in season and you want a harvest a few fish for dinner, that is alright by us. If you decide to let them go, we will take some incredible photos of your catch so you can prove what you caught.

One of the biggest differences about us is, we are professional anglers and stewards of our marine resources. We are not hard core anglers that put a lot of pressure on you to fill the cooler with fish and force you to keep every fish you catch, no matter the size. Actually, we will not take anyone fishing who only wants to fill the cooler.

We take people fishing who want to catch fish and have a good experience. We are the ones who will be right there cheering you on while you fight and try to land a big fish using light tackle.

Now, If you happen to catch a limit of fish and you want to keep all of them, that is fine by us too. We just understand that not everyone wants to keep a bunch of fish that they may not want or have means to handle or transport them back home.

Being responsible fishing guides, it is important to us that nothing we catch, goes to waste. Our most popular deep sea fishing charter of all times is the half day, 6 hour light tackle trip. I know that some of you are concerned about taking your kids offshore for the first time and wondering how they will do. Because of that, we only offer 6 hour trips during the peak summer months.

This custom tailored private trip is ideal because it offers you a combination of both trolling and bottom fishing and you will catch some amazingly nice size fish. Thinkfun Distraction Card Game: Toys & Games

Everything might not be super tidy in my office. But my visual space, I really like to have as clean as possible. So, again, it could be a visual stress. It could be something that you utililize because now we got data saying that this can help to make it easier for you to focus on a particular task by decluttering your environment.

Move your apps, alright, move your apps. What does this actually mean? This was game changing for me. It's a automated behavior. So, what I did was this was, and this was a tip from Rachel Hollis, I moved those apps.

I had to swipe several times and put those at the back of my kinda inventory of my apps. That one thing cut down about 50 percent of my just-checks. That one thing, right off the bat. It was life-changing for me because I'm somebody that I tend to be more cognizant of this stuff, but it's so easy to just turn your phone on and just hit the app.

So, move your apps. So, why is this? Well, how does this work? We don't even wanna take the time to call our apps what they're actually called. We call Instagram IG. Are you spaghetti sauce? The list goes on and on. So, we like shortcuts.

Take this shortcut away helps eliminate distractions. Alright, so move your apps, alright, move those apps. And in this particular study, researchers at the University of California, Davis assessed participants who ranged from 22 to 69 years of age before and after they did three months of consistent meditation practice.

Various types of meditation were used, from mindfulness to focusing attention on a single thing to simple breathing exercises. And at the end of the study, participants were found to perform significantly better on tasks related to focus and sustaining attention.

And also in my book, Sleep Smarter, I cited a study from the journal, Brain Research Bulletin, where researchers discovered that people trained to meditate over just an eight-week period were better able to control specific type of brain waves called Alpha rhythms. These are brain waves that are actually correlated with more focus and attention. And also, researchers at Harvard Medical School found that meditation alters the structure of your brain, literally altering the structure of your brain, thickening the regions associated with attention and sensory processing.

Meditation is about you. This is about that — because, again, we have external distractions and we have internal distractions.

This is one of those things that helps to eliminate and helps to move to the side and move past, evolve beyond the internal distractions. Now, one of the definitions that I absolutely love describing what meditation is, is paying undistracted attention to the present moment. Paying undistracted attention to the present moment. We can use our incredible minds to go back and look at so much that has happened historically in our lives.

We also have this capacity of future-casting, right, of forecasting, of looking forward, but all of our power really lies here, in the present. This isn't something one time, oh, that didn't work.

It's building his mental muscle. So, helping to get those things out, move them to the trash. Put the good stuff in. So, part of that, simple breathing exercises, just being able to focus on the present moment because listen, it does not mean that you're not distracted during meditation, for example. This does not mean that your thoughts don't drift off. The ability to bring your thoughts back to having the awareness of the particular desired object maybe you're focusing on, or a mantra, or whatever it might be.

But you might drift off and you might think about Shaquille O'Neal dunking on Webster or something, just some crazy thought that comes up, right.

I wonder if Shaquille played Webster? And if Webster was on team with a Power Ranger, if they be able to take Shaq, just crazy stuff that we can come up with, alright.

But this is, again, bringing your attention back to the present, back to what you want to focus on, really helps to build that mental muscle. And this is why it's so valuable, so important. I really wanna make sure that you are utilizing this tool.

So, make sure to check those out. One was with Light Watkins, who creates a powerful on-ramp, a really powerful on-ramp for meditation, takes all the mystery and the complication out of it. And another one is with Dr. Daniel Goleman, which, man, just had a huge impact on my life, personally, as a teacher, and as a mentor. And he's sat down with Oprah for Super Soul Sunday. So, and his research on meditation, mind blowing, alright, so make sure to check that out.

Now I mentioned Alpha waves. But as we move into more focus, we move into more Alpha waves. Then we go into Theta then Delta. Delta is like deep sleep, actually, but some advanced meditators can get themselves into the state of Delta. And listen, there are very few things that have clinical evidence, as far as our nutrition is concerned, to help to get us into that optimal brainwave state, except there's this product from Earth Grown Nutrients, called Alpha Brain.

Clinical trials; two double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted at Boston Center for Memory showed that Alpha Brain versus a placebo, here's what they found. Remarkable; 21 percent faster completion time in executive function assessment compared to the baseline; 21 percent faster. And these studies, they were replicated and the results observed the same thing when they did it again. Also, this is important too, equally as safe and tolerable as the placebo.

No side effects except your brain is working at a more optimal level. So, you could check that out right now. Head over to onnit. You see these all over the place now. But you get 10 percent off. You get 10 percent discount off of everything that Onnit carries, including their fitness equipment.

Get yourself some Alpha Brain. Give it a shot. I got that Alpha Brain in my veins, alright? So, head over, check them out, onnnit. Or if whatever we might need, keep certain processes open like if we need a Word document or something like that. But what you can do is you can block sites. It will lock you out. So, if you need that, use that because you have to decide whether or not you care enough to really focus on getting the job done.

You have to decide that within yourself. This doesn't mean that they're not a good person, by the way. This could be people that you love, like love more than anything. They can still be a distraction. So, communication is absolutely the key.

Maybe you gotta get a project done. And so, for me when I was working on a project not too long ago, I had to let my wife know that hey, I really need to focus on this so I can get this done, so that I can spend time with you and to do fill-in-the-blank, you know, to take the kids to whatever it might be. But there was a reward. There was a family portion after, but this portion I really need to focus.

And sometimes I might say it to her, this is recent. I was like babe, I really need to focus on such and such. Just get a little reverse attitude with me. But I do the same thing.

So, I like to bother her when she's working. And so, so communication is really key here. So, communicating, letting folks know that hey, I really need to focus and work, so can you please help out with such-and-such, fill in the blank, maybe pick up the kids or whatever it is, so you can have your focus time also.

And particularly if focusing and accomplishing your goals is of great importance to you, it would be wise to eliminate or put up a barrier for the relationships that tend to bring negativity into your life. Again, distraction isn't only externally sourced. And when you're ruminating on the negative things that other folks are bringing into your life, this can rob you of your focus. When you're just ruminating and processing and staying stuck on negative things from negative people, how in the world are you focusing at your best ability?

So, I encourage you to, if you happen to have missed it, or to re-listen, this episode is classic and powerful. If you need some help here with blocking distracting people, check that episode out. Put up that positive perimeter where you are able to take action on your goals to execute, and then you can step outside of that.

You doing two mental tasks at the same time is not something that the brain is acclimated to do. And what this does is it creates something called a switching cost, a switching cost. Or it can also be referred to as attention residue, so there is a hangover effect. When you switch from one task to the next, it takes your brain, on average the research is indicating, somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes to get back into the zone or into the flow, depending on what the depth of the work that you're doing, by the way, of what you were doing before you decided to switch tasks.

So, if you could just focus in, eliminate the multitasking, just focus on one objective at one time, get that done then move onto the next thing, you're really harnessing the power of the human mind. Now with that said, and by the way, multitasking, what's been found in the research is that when you're attempting to multitask, it's as if you are doing your work while intoxicated.

It's taking your level of focus and attention down so many notches that it's as if you're doing them while intoxicated. Now here's a little caveat. I didn't know if I should share this, but multitasking, the downside of it, which is again, taking your ability to focus down a few rungs, is virtually eliminated.

Daniel Goleman, by having a meditation practice. Ironically, this helps to dramatically reduce this switching cost, for you to be able to bring your focus back fully and completely on that task that you're switching from. So, again, that's episode , Altered Traits, with Dr. Daniel Goleman, so make sure to check that out.

Now move on, No. A study published in the Journal Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders found that exercise literally neutralizes the effects of attention deficit and distraction.

The study showed that exercise resulted in higher alertness, decreased impulsiveness, and statistically increased sustained attention. Now you don't even need to train particularly hard, by the way. So, when we think about exercise, we think about doing cardio, it might be running, might be doing some biking, maybe playing a sport, lifting weights.

A study published in in Neuroscience Letters found that just ten minutes of playful coordination skills, like bouncing two basketballs at the same time, significantly increased performance on the concentration and attention tasks that were given after doing that small exercise, right, coordination. The researchers deduced that coordinated exercise might lead to pre-activation of parts of the brain which are also responsible for mediating functions like attention.

So, dribbling a couple of basketballs; juggling, right, juggling. So, here's another little hack for the human mind, to really hack into the system, and to increase your focus immediately following doing some exercise. Really, really cool stuff. Now I just wanna make this clear though. I wanna make this clear. I literally, the other day I was at the gym, I went to get a couple dumbbells.

I walked by a lady. She's playing a by-myself card game at the gym. Like what are you doing? She's already — so, you get what I'm saying. Go there, execute, get the rewards afterwards. So, I hope that makes sense. Alright, so move on to No. This is a huge key. This is one of the biggest reasons why it's so difficult to focus today.

They found a direct correlation that with every minute of sleep people got, they spent 0. The connection with disturbed sleep was also very strong.

So, every hour of bad sleep resulted in 20 percent more cyberloafing the next day; super-fascinating. And with adequate sleep you are, in fact, sharper, better able to concentrate and focus, and the results you get is the capacity to get more done in a shorter amount of time.

Maybe you have some strategic time wasting. Give yourself a break at some point. And it can be difficult. Some of us listening, it can be difficult to walk away when you're grinding. Things are just easier when I step away for a little bit.

So, make sure you're well rested. And when you are short on sleep, by the way, which is life is gonna happen at some point, you need to be even more vigilant about being aware of the acclimation or the desire to go and waste time right. So, that's really just a simple thing is more awareness of this. This is to avoid that decision fatigue that I talked about. Do the most important thing first. This means you start the day, you eat that frog. But also, I want you to respect your own natural rhythm of things, okay.

This is very important because you don't need to go by somebody else's clock. And so, when do you feel most productive? I want you to ask yourself that. Do you tend to feel more productive in the morning? Do you tend to feel more productive in the early afternoon before lunch, or right after lunch, or in the late afternoon?

Or even in the evening? When do you tend to feel more productive? Honor your own natural rhythm. So, one structure could be morning is for your creative work.

This is when you need that deep focus. The afternoon, you can put your busywork there; replying to e-mails, just handling minor tasks. Evening could be your family time, entertainment, guilt-free distraction. This is when you just do your surfing. There's nothing else you need to be doing, so you can just wholeheartedly goof around, or connect, or whatever it is that you wanna do. Schedule that time, so it doesn't distract you and have its way with you, basically.

So, also, another tip in the same thing — by the way, this is all — when we talk about routine and having a structure, success is in your routine.

It's not something you do every now and then. So, success is in the routine. But one little bonus thing I want to throw in here is that keeping in mind to practice self-care. When you first wake up in the morning, so many of us the very first thing we do is we grab our phone.

We start checking messages, going to e-mail, going to social media, checking out the news. So, please, make this a strategy that you employ. Handle some self-care stuff first. Maybe at least just drink some water and read for ten minutes, or whatever it is before you pick your phone up. I get my morning water. It talks to me, right.

The little Gollum starts coming up again. Be Smeagol, not Gollum. Smeagol good, Gollum not good. It's not easy at first, but because of the dopamine connection we talked about earlier and opioid system.

So, all of this stuff is very doable and tangible, but I highly encourage you to handle self-care first before picking up your phone. One of the best ways to tune everything out is to tune into music. And when everything around you is distracting, you can actually put the headphones on and you can find that that serves. So, this is like background music, rather than what takes up all your attention is all of this kinda vocal noise going on around you.

So, music can help you to concentrate. Plus there's benefit in playing the right music, as well. A study conducted by researchers at Stanford University show that music engages areas of the brain involved in paying attention, making predictions, and updating events in your memory. The research also indicated that listening to certain music can help our brains to sort out information, which is pretty cool.

And plus, also, when I did that I shared one of my favorite playlists, so I could easily put the link into the message. So, if you're not getting Model Mondays, what are you doing? Model Mondays; every Monday I share three valuable pieces of content. This could be giveaways, doing giveaways. Matter of fact, let me show you. So, make sure to pop over there, get yourself on for Model Mondays.

You can always find a distraction if you're looking for one. If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work.

Immersing oneself in the problems of a book is a good way to keep from thinking of love. An addiction to distraction is the death of creative production. Our normal human tendencies are distraction and dissipation.

We begin one task, then get seduced by some other option, and lose our focus. We drift away from what is difficult and we know to be true, to what is comfortable and socially condoned. When there are thoughts, it is distraction: When distractions are manifold, it's best to remember what you are supposed to be doing. We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment. Distraction is a killer of dreams, visions and goals.

Even worthwhile endeavors need evaluation in order to determine if they have become distractions from the best goals. Art has to do with the arrest of attention in the midst of distraction. Eliminate all distractions and focus on things that add value to your life. There is never a time when new distraction will not show up; we sow them, so several will grow from the same seed. One man's distraction is another man's refuge.

The biggest distraction in life to one's focus is often near locus standing people saying all hocus-pocus. Goals for the future distract from worry and anger about the past and redirect your focus to the direction you're travelling in.

Distraction serves evil more than any other mental state. The mind gets distracted in all sorts of ways.

“Network tools [like social media, email, the Internet] are distracting us have all repeatedly recounted how they were in flow states for their. Distraction Quotes. Almost all accidents take place because of human distraction. You have to look at what they are saying as feedback. Sometimes the. When stimuli are relevant to your goal, they are not a real distraction. Paradoxically, positioning distraction as the enemy distracts society from “finding However, not all activities affect people equally — what can help you.