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Warren good looking great personality

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Warren good looking great personality

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Warren good looking great personality

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In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox. Hiring right is easier said than done. Everyone has their two cents about sourcing, screening and hiring, but what ends up mattering are the tried and true methods.

The cost of these employees can weigh heavily on the organization. Hiring practices are just another one of those processes that get refined over time and with knowledge. Take a few pointers on hiring right from a great in the business world, Warren Buffett. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy. Scott Olson of Getty Images cleverly maps out why each candidate must possess all three of these important traits:.

Of the three main qualities that Buffett looks for in the hiring process , Integrity is listed first. A lack of integrity will inevitably lead to a lack of trust. When someone is untrustworthy, that impacts every aspect of his or her life, and work is a major one. Regardless of how thorough each interview process is, hiring managers and recruiters can only gather a picture. Keep in mind, that picture is one that the candidate has a large part in painting.

The more important the position, the more extensive the screenings, background checks and reference reviews should be. If small lies or misrepresentations are spotted, you can be sure that there will be other, more significant marks of lack of integrity. Although this is the easiest quality to measure, it can be the hardest to spot. There are so many different types of intelligence.

A complete dingbat might have the emotional intelligence of psychiatrist, while a genius coder might have the social skills of a 3 year-old. Knowing what you need in a candidate is the first step. Employers can use several different types of test to gauge each type of intelligence. As the screening process goes on, challenge their problem solving skills, strategic abilities and ingenuity. What companies need is someone with a lot of mental energy.

The employee who is always thinking, the one who comes prepared for meetings and actually has input. Energy is pretty easy to spot in the hiring process. Body language, dialogue and facial expressions are all great indicators of energy levels.

On top of mental energy, there is the need for physical endurance. The workday can get long and tedious. High energy is just as contagious for co-workers as it is for customers and clients. There you have it, straight from Buffett himself, the three main characteristics to consider in the hiring process —integrity, intelligence and energy.

A good mix of all three is needed for the success of the organization. As we refine recruiting and hiring processes, it never hurts to look to those who have come before us for some guidance. Fortune Live Media via photopin cc. Low integrity , high energy and high intelligence and you have a smart, fast-moving thief Low energy , high intelligence and integrity and you have a shopkeeper, not an engine of growth Low intelligence , high energy and integrity and you have strong functionary, but not a great problem solver or visionary Integrity Of the three main qualities that Buffett looks for in the hiring process , Integrity is listed first.

Intelligence Although this is the easiest quality to measure, it can be the hardest to spot. Keep updated with our free subscription Be the first to receive the latest posts as soon as they are released Subscribe.

Warren Buffett is bullish on women | Fortune

Have you ever wondered what it is about Warren Buffett that sets him apart? We know so much about the man and his work, yet the essence of his extraordinary success seems to have remained a mystery.

As a fairly young investor trying to understand and make sense of the countless investment styles and philosophies out there, something about Buffett and his charming and modest letters felt like home to me. Here was a man who seemed to provide the most obvious, simple and wise advice about some of the most complicated questions that plague any person thinking about investing. Coupled with that, he was enormously successful, humble and reachable.

Inspired to find out what is so different or special about this man I set out to interrogate every word this man ever wrote, asking of every sentence: Is this revelatory of his genius as an investor? What I began to see was that Buffett was obviously a lot more than merely an intellectual giant with an unusual investment style. What I came to understand is that Warren Buffett has a magical combination of particular personality qualities that facilitate greatness.

Life Lessons from a Cheerful Billionaire , revealing how his happy and lucky mix of psychological characteristics combine to create the perfect mindset for making money.

Ultimately, Warren Buffett is a collector, not a stamp collector or a coin collector, but a collector of money. He seems to love it in much the same way other collectors treasure their objects and therefore having a frugal or restrained attitude toward spending it, allows him to accumulate more of it. The structure of our conscience is really about the way we judge ourselves in regard to our success and failures.

Having this sort of sympathetic conscience enables us to take seriously the making of important decisions whilst also enabling a capacity to recover from mistakes without too vicious an attack for failing. This is perhaps the essence of what investing ultimately is. This is again similar to Hale, as his books are described as "heavy" page This is ironic, as books should represent knowledge, however they are judged by their weight as opposed to their actual content.

In this interaction between Mary and Proctor illustrates how superficial her status actually is, as she tries to exert her authority on Proctor, but ultimately ends up doing what he originally tells her to. These two quotations clearly separate Mary Warren from Abigail. Although they both enjoy the sense of power and status they appear to be getting from the witch trials, Abigail is manipulative and takes advantage of this power.

On the other hand, Mary is just misinformed, and so wrapped up in the hysteria that she can't see the ridiculousness and superficiality of the events that are occurring before her eyes. It also allows the audience to feel sympathy for Mary Warren that would not be felt for Abigail, because of her blatant vulnerability.

She seems to be extremely frightened of confessing to lying about the witchcraft. This could be in part because she fears the consequences of her actions, but it is also likely that she fears what Abigail will do to her. This further emphasizes the difference between the two characters, thus exaggerating Abigail's relentlessly cruel character. These stage directions once again highlight Mary Warren's docile nature. She seems to sob at almost everything, which generates a sense of sympathy in the audience, because unlike Abigail, it is clear that Mary Warren is not only confused, but also horrified by what is happening, and by what the consequences of what she did may be.

Then, turning to Proctor]. This stage direction clearly depicts Mary Warren as vulnerable and subservient. She never seems to be fully confident in herself or what she is saying, which again highlights the extent of the hysteria in Salem. Furthermore, the fact that she is looked [down] on, emphasizes her powerlessness in the situation. The stage direction also portrays her as reliant on other people. She doesn't seem to be able to think for herself, always needing the approval of another firstly Abigail, and now Proctor.

The quotation also illustrates the social hierarchy in Salem , in that Mary Warren looks to Proctor, someone of a higher social standing than her for guidance and approval. I cannot, I cannot-". Both the quotation and stage direction emphasize Mary Warren's meek character. She appears to be incapable of standing her ground, and is extremely malleable, as it appears to be so easy for other characters to change her opinions in an instant.

It also shows that she is weak, in the sense that once she is faced with any contest to what she is saying, she will immediately change her stance.

This emphasizes her childish nature, as it could be said that she seems to be avoiding the blame as best she can by constantly changing her statements. Don't rush into having lots of friends just for the sake of numbers. Choose the people that you really enjoy hanging out with.

If that ends up being a lot of people, great! If it's only three people, that's fine too. One essential part of having a good personality is having interesting things to talk about. If you are excited about something you probably will be able to tell other people about it in an interesting way. Try to read something every day. Look for new hobbies. Just try to experience what the world has to offer! This is similar to developing your interests. When you talk to people you want to have things that matter to you that you can talk about.

Develop an opinion on politics or sports or animals or parenting or anything like that you are interested in. People will appreciate the personality of someone who is able to express their opinions about things. If you meet someone and they say something you don't agree with, don't be afraid to respectfully state your opinion. They probably will think you are more interesting than if you just agree over and over again. Write down specific traits you admire in others that you want to add to your personality.

Ask questions and take interest in others. People love to talk about themselves and if you are a curious and insightful person you should always be able to find something interesting about the person. Imagine a metal detector on a beach. Keep asking questions until you get closer and closer to the topic that they like talking about the most. For example, if you meet someone try to find out what makes them interesting.

It doesn't have to be a constant stream of questions but balance talking about your own experiences with what they say. Maybe you really like mountain biking and you notice they have a mountain bike. Don't start talking about how good you are at mountain biking - ask them a lot about what they enjoy. Reassure yourself every day that you are amazing. Just be confident in the personality that you have and other people will be drawn to you.

People are attracted to those that are real. This can help you make better social connections. Remain humorous and lighthearted. People will thank you for bringing some fun into their world. Just keep a generally positive outlook on the world. When you encounter a problem try to laugh at it with other people rather than mope and complain. Everyone will appreciate this part of your personality and you will probably be happier for it too.

Try to be nice. This is the most important step. No matter who you are, if you are nice, the only reason a person can dislike you is if they are jealous of you. Never be rude to people. If someone is being unkind to you, try to imagine what might be causing him or her to act this way.

Maybe they are going through a really difficult situation in their life and in reality, they are a very good person. Try to assume the best in people. Remain cool, calm and collected. You always have to remember to keep your cool. This will earn you an enormous amount of respects, especially if you keep calm in situations where everyone else panics.

This is something that you can do consciously and people will really respect your ability to keep everything together. For example, try to find a way to make people feel comfortable and less tense if something bad happens.

If your teacher moves your paper forward a week don't moan and complain - make a joke! Remain open to new relationships. Even if someone seems like they would be the type of person you normally really dislike, give them an opportunity. Just deal with the people you meet on a case-by-case basis and surround yourself with the people you really enjoy.

Always remain open to new friends and new relationships. First, define an area of success that you would like to aim for. Second, find the beliefs that people who are already successful in that area have in common and focus on adopting those same beliefs. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Talk nicely with others, don't get too hyper, and try to control your anger around others.

Not Helpful 26 Helpful Overconfidence is when you feel very full of yourself or you think that you can do anything perfectly or better than everyone else, when often you can't. Very few people like overconfidence in a person because it doesn't leave space for others and it suggests that the person feels superior to everyone else. The saying "pride comes before a fall" describes overconfidence perfectly. Not Helpful 8 Helpful Everyone says my face looks like I am about to cry when I am trying to explain something to someone, how can I avoid it?

Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities : everyone to see and you can rest assured that he or she will use good judgment. a role model who commands respect and exercises great influence. the right questions that will get to the core of a person's character (in. In an exclusive essay Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett explains And my brainy, personable, and good-looking siblings were not. and quickly saw that she was a person of unusual ability and character. So what impact do perceived good looks have in the world of a warm glow and nice hand-shake with the final greeting “we'll be in touch” that it is the general sparkle of one's personality, not one's beauty, Warren Frehse.