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and have resided in Florida for the past 25-26 years.

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ! I hope you are enjoying these last few days of summer. Some of you may be back from a well-deserved rest and relaxation time and some are still going away. Either way, we have to thank God always for all that we have and what are enjoying doing with.

All that we have are from His many and abundant blessings. Let us not stop giving Him thanks for as long as we live. Besides the Feast Day, concert and dinner-dance, we also have a new logo. Lawrence, the designer of our logo, introduced himself and gave us a little story about it. I want to thank him in the name of the whole community for such great work. May God bless him with what he needs as he continue to living and working in the path intended for him.

As we move along as a vibrant church, worshipping and praising God in this building, I would like to remind all of you of what I have been vocal about… the cleaning up of the ceiling.

I need your help to contribute to this. Other than that, kindly check out this bulletin for other events and announcements we have in our parish. The OLM Baptismal Team is here to rejoice with you for the precious gift of your child and also will assist you towards baptism and beyond.

Please let us know by stopping by or calling the parish office at We will be very happy to be with you! To be a registered parishioner means that you really belong to the parish family. You enjoy all the benefits of being a family member. Those who are not registered are invited and encourage to do so. Thank you and God bless you all!

Register Yourself in The Parish To be a registered parishioner means that you really belong to the parish family.

Delicious - Emily's Taste of Fame Walkthrough - GameHouse

Tables also take time to clear. A red exclamation point appears above tables that are ready to be cleared. Avoid cleaning tables when you have an order. There is a speaker near the register. This is for drive thru customers. Prepare the order and have it at the window to get a 50 point bonus. Today you want to be careful to make the burgers as the customer orders them because some will want it plain, or with just cheese or lettuce, and everything.

Making the wrong type will cost you time and points. A woman has lost eight pearls from her necklace. Since Betty is back she can help clear tables while you recover the pearls. Stay on top of things by clicking on the waffle batter and dropping two waffles at a time until you have the maximum of eight.

Answer the phone and talk to a studio manager telling you that you missed your screen test and have to do it now. Serve up 20 items called out from the phone while serving customers. Be quick, you only have two and a half minutes. When you hear the squeak, catch the mouse hiding near his mouse hole. Banana shakes are on tap today. Click the banana then the glass. Wait until the needle is in the green zone. Betty thinks some neighborhood kids broke into the restaurant, breaking one of the tables that seats four.

Betty will clear the tables so you can fix the table. When you hear the squeak, catch the mouse hiding in the middle planter again. You also have the whipped cream topping now and you need to make sure you keep your waffles filled up. Concentrate on fixing the table during every spare moment and make more waffles in between getting orders to customers when there are more than one waiting.

Francois comes in to let you know that you need media training before appearing on your new show. Francois has the camera and he will be moving around the place to get a good shot. Once he stops moving, strike a pose. If you make him wait too long or you will fail the task. Catch the mouse hiding outside this time. Keep customers happy by clicking Elvis then the table to send him on his way. The postman brings in a contract for you to sign and you give him a waffle.

Watch the meter so when it falls in the green zone you can click the postman for a total of six times to save his life. This is worth a point bonus and since you are saving a life, the customers will have to wait. Catch the mouse hiding at the two person table. He will appear to the left or center and he does not mind if customers are there too. Betty gives her some chocolates to help boost her energy and leaves a plate of them on the counter near where customers order. Mo is not very observant though because his tools are spread all over the floor so you will need to find the tool when he asks for it.

Clean off the welcome mat quickly so you can serve all your customers. Gain super speed with each chocolate. Mo is not much of a farmer and enlists you to help him get things up and running again. The Milk, Porridge, and Cheese is produced when you use the churn next to the milk tank.

You have to wait for the item you want to pick it up. They appear in the same order as listed on the menu. You have to keep the milk tank filled too. The tank holds four portions so you will need to milk the cow to refill it. Use any spare time you have to do this. You notice chickens walking around and laying eggs as they go.

Just collect an egg when a customer orders one. A lady named Tashi comes to the farm looking for Mo. Tashi wants to collect ten blueberries for Mo and asks you to help. They will stand out because of their color. The apple tree is on the left and it can only hold three apples. Fortunately, the basket holds 12 and is under the counter.

When a customer orders one, please provide one from the basket so customers are happy. Be ready to work super fast because all the kids order at once and you have to get the order to them while taking care of your other customers within two and a half minutes. It takes two apples to make a jar of apple jam. Click the jar then the basket of apples.

After you get the birthday party taken care of spend every spare moment harvesting apples and milking the cow. No one said farm life was easy. A challenging series of essays by poet and novelist.

The history of women in Jazz. Words, lives and music of nearly a century of jazz women. A comprehensive overview of the Louis Armstrong legacy. Harry Shapiro, Waiting for the Man ; Quartet. Drugs and their links to popular music. Story of the great trumpeter and Billie accompanist. A survey of 50 years of the great Harlem theatre. A nicely illustrated overview.

One of the truly great jazz histories. Excellent research, beautifully illustrated tie in to TV series. Comprehensive and well researched.

John Chilton, Jazz ; Hodder and Stoughton. Intro to history and practice of jazz music, best of this type. Whitney Balliet, Dinosaurs in the Morning ; J. Essays by the New York Times Jazz critic. A chronicle of the big band era.

Criticism and record reviews by famous English poet. Women writing about their drug experience. Alice Adams, Listening to Billie ; Penguin. John Wieners, Scott St. Poetry and prose dedicated to Billie. A prose poem in tribute to Billie. Imaginative stuff, a graphic novel.

A stunning novel, taking in memory, affection and Billie Holiday in Harlem. Billie is of course mentioned in every reference work on jazz. Following are strongly recommended. One of the first in the field and still very reliable. David Meeker, Jazz in the Movies ; Talisman. Indispensable guide to jazz on film, includes all of Billie appearances plus TV. John Fordham, Jazz ; Dorling Kindersley.

Priestlet, Jazz Essential Companion ; Grafton. Homage to jazz musicians everywhere. Definitive reference work with criticism of all available recordings. Beautifully illustrated celebration of jazz history.

A Trip to the Enchanted Garden The Tiger family is making strawberry pancakes for breakfast this morning, but they are out of strawberries.

Mom, Dad and Daniel all head to the Enchanted Garden so they can pick their own strawberries. Daniel is very curious, and learns that if he looks closely, he may be able to learn something new as he answers his own questions about how strawberries grow. At the factory, the children watch the crayons being made.

Daniel has an idea to take pictures at the factory and give them to O at the end of the day, so that O can learn about crayons too! Look closely to find out! Read more on Curiosity. Daniel Shares his Tigertastic Car Daniel and his friends are playing together in the park.

Daniel wants to be a lion, and Katerina wants to be a dancing flower, but they both need the same tutu for their costume. Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode to help children learn about sharing.

Read More on Sharing. Teacher Harriet helps him learn how important it is to stop and go right away. While at the shop, Daniel needs to go to the bathroom, but thinks he will have to wait until they get home.

Music Man Stan explains that everyone goes to the bathroom, and Daniel learns that he can use the bathroom there — or anywhere else in the neighborhood. Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children learn about bathroom routines.

When you have to go potty, STOP… and go right away. Flush, wash…and be on your way! Then, when the festival-goers spot a very special magical golden pear on the ground, Prince Wednesday is the only one little enough to reach it.

Daniel is frustrated that he is not big enough to use the grown up tools. Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode to help children know that even though they are small, there are many things they can do. Everyone is big enough to do something. Fred Rogers Timeless Wisdom As children become more and more aware of themselves and their world, they become aware of how small they are, compared to people who take care of them.

What is Your Job. He finds that doing something, like singing on Trolley, playing during science time and imagining make the waiting much easier! A Night Out at the Restaurant Daniel and his family are going out to dinner, and Katerina is coming too. Daniel and Katerina have a hard time waiting at the restaurant, but soon learn ways to make the waiting time easier…and even fun! Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children find ways to manage when they have to wait.

When you wait, you can play, sing or imagine anything! These signs of growth need at least as much notice and applause as the outward kind, and children need to feel proud of them—even more proud than they may feel when that line on the doorjamb goes up another inch. Thank You Grandpere Tiger!

Daniel learns to be thankful for the time they DO have together, and is then surprised when Grandpere appears at the celebration after all! Daniel has trouble deciding who of his neighbors he wants to thank with his note. The episode ends with a Thank You Day feast with all the neighbors celebrating together. Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children develop an attitude of gratitude. Thank you for everything you do. Fred Rogers Timeless Wisdom Thank you — those are the most important words in any language.

Daniel has to make several choices throughout the day, culminating in one BIG group decision: King Friday announces that the children can choose one new piece of playground equipment by voting for the one they want.

The Class Votes At school Daniel and his classmates get to choose their new class pet. Teacher Harriet explains that they can either get a bunny or a turtle.

Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children understand what it means to vote. Stop, Think and Choose. Fred Rogers Timeless Wisdom …Choice-making can be particularly hard for very young children when there are too many alternatives to choose from, or when making a choice may result in disapproval or anger from the grown-ups they love. Be a Vegetable Taster! They explore the garden, picking and trying different vegetables…but not everyone is eager to taste the new foods.

Vegetable Spaghetti and Banana Swirl. Miss Elaina encourages him to be adventurous and try the new food. Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to encourage children to try new foods. Try a new food, it might taste good! But one thing is sure — food is important to everybody. As a parent, you want to give your children healthy foods. Most parents spend a lot of time thinking about what foods to buy and what meals to make. Make Your Own Pizza.

Daniel learns that his morning routine helps him be ready in time for Trolley to take him to school. But after dinner, he has to follow his nighttime routine even though he would rather play. Young viewers follow Daniel as he gets ready for bed and learns that even superheroes get sleepy and go to bed, too. Learning Goals The learning goals for these episodes are to help children with daily routines — morning and bedtime.

Clothes on, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put on shoes and off to school! Bath, brush teeth, pjs, story and a song! Fred Rogers Timeless Wisdom Children feel far more comfortable and secure when things happen predictably—with routines, rituals and traditions.

Those traditions, big or small, create anchors of stability, especially in rough seas. Read more on Bedtime Routines. My Bedtime Routine Book. They decide to play a game with a ball. Daniel struggles to catch the ball and gets very frustrated. O Builds a Tower In the block corner at school, O the Owl is determined to use all of the blocks to build the tallest tower in the world. When the blocks keep falling O feels ready to give up, but Teacher Harriet and his friends encourage him to keep trying.

Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to encourage children to keep trying. Fred Rogers Timeless Wisdom Above all, I think that the willingness and the courage to keep on trying develops best if there is someone we love close by who can lend us some of the strength we do not yet have within ourselves.

We all need quiet, caring cheerleaders like that—grownups as well as children. Read more on Persistence. Daniel Gets a Shot Daniel has an appointment at the doctor today and he has to get a shot. He is very apprehensive and does not want to go.

So Daniel asks Mom Tiger questions about the shot, and she shares her trick for staying brave in scary situations. And Daniel finds that the shot was not so bad after all!

A Stormy Day Daniel and O the Owl are having fun playing outside in the rain until a thunderstorm builds up and worries them. When Mom Tiger teaches them to think of something happy, O and Daniel learn that the thunderstorm is not so scary after all! Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children better manage their fears by feeling brave and strong. Perhaps all we can do is to provide a safe, loving place and a willingness to listen while children work through whatever is bothering them.

Read more on Children and their Fears. They brush and wash and get ready for bed, but as they get ready to go to sleep they notice some things that could be just a little bit scary.

In fact, different can be fun! Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children with nighttime fears. Read more on Children and Their Fears. You are Special The children are putting on a show at school today, each doing something that makes them special. O the Owl wants to be just like the others but, with a little encouragement, he learns that there are things that make him special, too. Daniel is Special Daniel and Dad take a walk through the neighborhood, admiring the colors of the leaves.

On their way, they meet Miss Elaina and O the Owl who each do special things that make Daniel wonder if he is as special as they are. Dad reminds Daniel of the things that make him special, like his whimsical imagination! Learning Goal The learning goal of this episode is to help children appreciate their uniqueness — and the uniqueness of others. I like you just the way you are. As children grow, they need opportunities to express their uniqueness, whether in choosing the clothes they want to wear or in developing their unique art projects.

Neighborhood Clean Up A wind storm has made a mess of the Neighborhood playground and no one can play. The children learn that they can all work together. They are having a lot of fun, but are making quite a mess! After losing his watch in a messy room, Daniel realizes that cleaning up and putting his toys away will help him find it. Clean up, pick up, put away, clean up every day!

Read more on How to Engage Children in Clean-up. Everyone is eager to finish so the dragon can dance, but they learn that they need to work together so the big project can be finished. Mom Tiger helps them decorate the classroom with streamers and the children learn that they need to work together to make a special birthday present surprise. Daniel and Grandpere are at home pretending to be superheroes when Daniel notices that Dad has forgotten to take his lunch to work with him.

Play Pretend Teacher Harriet shows the children a big cardboard box and asks them what they think it could be. Daniel and Miss Elaina have fun pretending the box is a space ship and a jungle boat, but O the Owl just sees a big cardboard box. With a little help from his friends, O discovers how much fun it is to pretend! Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children know that it can be lots of fun to pretend.

A stick can be a magic wand. A sock can be a puppet. A small child can be a superhero, a crying baby, a mean dragon, or a scary lion-whatever he or she wants to be. Read more on Encouraging Pretend Play. Mom helps Daniel use his words to tell her how he is feeling so she can understand why he is upset.

She finds a way to use her words and her friends find ways to help so that they can all play together! Learning Goals The learning goal of this episode is to help children use words to express what they are feeling. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary. The people we trust with that important talk can help us know that we are not alone. Read more on Using Your Words.

If you have any questions about any of these recipes please feel free to contact me: [email protected] If this information is helpful to you, please consider donating (PayPal [email protected]) to help keep it going. Find out more about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a new series from PBS for year olds, about life’s little lessons and a whole lot of fun. We, the faith community of Our Lady of Mercy Parish, joyfully and humbly seek to make our Lord Jesus Christ ever more real in all our enliven our Mission by a commitment to Stewardship as a Way of Life. We strive to pursue our mission by being a welcoming community that provides a home for all and celebrates life, hope and reconciliation through WORD, WORSHIP AND SERVICE.