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Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

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Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

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Truck drivers looking for ride alone cut buddy 28 all over 28

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If you are attractive and kind, and if that's what your waiting for too, responding to this posting might be a good place to start.

I need a ride from Edmonton and area to whitecourt as soon as possible I live in Edmonton but my vehicle broke down in whitecourt well closer to swan hills but Whitecourt would be great. Hiii, my brother and I need a lift from Montreal to as close to Fergus as we can get, we can split the fuel money: Me and my boyfriend are looking for a ride.

We are moving out and have some bigger stuff to bring with us. We would be really grateful if someone with a bigger car or truck could help us. We would love to bring our bed and dresser with us if someone Need a Ride to Ottawa desperate, Train tickets sold out and buses cost an arm an a leg. Trying to find a ride from Barrie to Golden Lake area Bancroft could be a destination Transporting my daughter from Collingwood to Golden Lake area near Pembroke.. The name is Matthew McLoughlin.

I am a 65 year old female and would like to share a ride with another female on or about the 29th of October. Willing to contribute to gas expense. Return trip would be awesome about a week later. Hello im a friendly easy going guy looking for a ride from Guelph,Toronto, or even Ottawa to calgary,Alberta anytime after Nov 1st.

I would just have to meet you where ever you are. I Will split the cost of gas and share driving duties. I do smoke but do not need to smoke in vehicle,and I love Looking for a lift from Kelowna to Vancouver on the 30th October. I am Scottish and visiting friends in Nelson but the bus service is fully booked!

Kind of stranded so looking for help! Can do the 31st as well! Driving myself and car. I am a senior and when I get there, my grandson will be driving me to Florida. Need a ride towards Lake Louise. Starting to work there on 1st of November. Carrying snowboarding equipment with me. I'm flexible on time of departure. Would be awesome to have a wicked ride to Calgary: Just arrived here in Canada and I'm staying for at least a year.

I'm from Germany and a Hi, I am looking for a ride for me and my backpack from Calgary or Banff to Jasper in the end of October or beginning of November. Looking for experienced driver, non-smoker, clean. Leaving Calgary around 10am on November 2nd to Penticton. I have a small car, but there is room for two more people with not a lot of luggage. If you smoke we can arrange some stops to keep the car clean. Marie as soon as possible.

I need to be there for work. I would listen to any kind of music. I can pay for half of the gas or more. You can email me at kevwill gmail. Traveling alone from Edmonton to Montreal on the first weekend of November and I am looking for someone to share the costs with me, and perhaps the driving. My boyfriend and I need a ride home to Nelson. I big duffle and my purse is all the cargo we have. And we're small people.

We can share gas costs and be good company. Meeting you at a sky train station would be easiest. I will be leaving around November 4th No date confirmed yet but need to be in Whistler by November 10th. Just looking for people to split the costs and Good day Let me know if someone is travelling from vancover to prince george before nov 5. I can pitch in for gas price Urgent!!!! Purchasing a car in Montreal and driving it back to Vancouver BC. Leaving Nov 5 and want to do this in 5 days.

Would rather get to experience a cross canada trip with someone i get to know through a few coffee dates and see if we are compatible to do such a Leaving around November 11th. Looking a a decent respectable passenger who is willing to split gas, and possiblly help drive if proper insurance is applicable.

I'll have a good amount of My dates are flexible if you're going close to that time. I'm pretty easygoing, an ex-smoker, so I don't mind there and I'm in no rush so all breaks are good with me! Hello, We are a couple looking to relocate to BC. We have got a few items that are quite large and will require part of a moving truck or a totally empty pickup truck.

We would like to get our bodies out that way too, if possible not necessarily on the same truck as our stuff. Hello, My partner and I are moving to nelson and don't know how to get there. You don't have to take both of us, just one is fine too. Our dates to get there are very flexible between the 19th of November - 2nd of December.

If you have any ideas or can take one or both of us please get in Driving my Volvo back to my new home in Nova Scotia. I have room for 1 passenger that wants to pay half for gas. Hello my name is Alex. I am looking for a lift from Horseshoe bay farryterminal to Whistler Creekside.

I travel with a bigger backpack, an carryon baggage and maybe a snowboard. If that does fit please write me. I am looking forward to hear from you Need ride for 4, from Kamloops to Vancouver on November 26, okay with staying a night or two in Vancouver if needed. I need a ride from Timmins or possibly Cochrane to Ottawa for the above date between 9 and 10 in the morning and if possible a return ride to Timmins or if possible Cochrane on Tuesday December 4 between 4 and 5 in the evening.

I am traveling for a medical appointment. I will like each lap of Hello, Flexible on depart date bring car back to Mazatlan should take 4 or 5 travel days can take 2 people all the way or part way. My reason to take others is to cut travel cost Gas and to share driving. I'm a 21 year old male going to see a friend in Kamloops. Any day beyond 2 months from now on one of her days off works for me. Will be moving from BC to Ontario. Professional, sane, outgoing gay male.

I will be moving with the large dog, so you should be ok with that. Smoking is allowed in the car. Feel free to contact me My parents who are seniors are coming to Calgary for Christmas and returning after New Years. They have a vehicle and are looking for someone who could do the majority of the driving in exchange for a free ride. Around February th I will be looking for a ride from Ottawa to the Vancouver area okay with even chilliwack.

I am a 25 year old Canadian nurse who is very friendly and easy to get along with. Let me know you are planning on driving that way! Nearby lifts Post your lift Browse by city Find lifts. Txted or call ASAP Saltspring Island to Armstrong.

Vancouver to Grand Forks. Red Deer to Kamloops. Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Looking for people to help in gas and driving. Vancouver to Prince George.

How to catch a ride with a truck driver? | Yahoo Answers

They are horny, lonely and know where the best dump spots are across this land. It's a subject that is kept quiet by the big trucking companies, just like all other big companies protecting their interests.

Each time you get as far as the trucker is going, you'll get dropped off at the next Truck Stop to "panhandle" your next ride. But responsibilitily reminds them of the Company Policy, liability, etc. They usually don't give rides also because "what would my wife think? If you don't take this advice, there's a GOOD chance we'll all be hearing about a "missing woman" you on CNN, until they find your body.

What is wrong with people? Women just can't live without the threat of rape, if they do anything other than stay in the kitchen and have babies. Catching a trucker is actually VERY elaborate, and a lot of strategy needs to go into it - to have a better chance on making sure you get to where you're heading, and safety.

Here's one aimed for women: Depends on whether you want to surrender your booty the whole way to Alaska Make sure you look out the window when you climb in the cab, because you'll spend the rest of the trip on your back looking at the roof of the sleeper!!! Ride With A Trucker. What concerns me is the real possibility of non-consensual violence occurring to you -and it should concern you also Given the amount of empty real estate that you will be traveling across , it is not unreasonable to assume that you could disappear into it never to be heard from again Safe Trip.

All I can say is trust your intuition and walk with God. I have been hitching for a month now and so far have not had one negative experience. Even though I am a male I'm sure I can't out run a speeding bullet but it hasn't stopped me from traveling this way.

If you want to go the farthest distance for free trucking is the way. The guy she met took her the entire way paid for food and cigarettes than took her back up to NJ after he picked up another load. She did this hitch as a runaway and once the trucker found out her story her took her home out of good will. Like I said if your looking for negative people and negative experiences than don't attempt to hitch hike in the first place Don't you ever let mine or other people's opinions dictate how you live your life!

I know this post is a little late so please let me know how it went. Also you can follow my blog here at That would end up being a very expensive way, if you include the money spent on therapy, after the trucker used you for his own personal pleasure and passed you off to another trucker at a truck stop.

Think of other options. Springsteen says it all. A truck driver is fed up with his job, and goes to see his boss,and hands his notice in. His boss was shocked? If you get a caught riding your bicycle drunk do you get a DUI? A truck driver is fed up with his job, and goes to see his boss.?

I am in a 2 yrs relationship with my truck driver boyfriend need advise? Answer Questions I live in Illinois everytime I try to get directions it starts in lockport pa? What states in the Northeast U. S are the most suburban states?

Luckily for truck drivers, many carriers and trucking companies realize the isolation that may occur on the road and are willing to help drivers out by instating rider policies, allowing drivers to take their loved ones along with them. Rider programs and policies vary by company and length of route, but many names in the trucking industry want to help out drivers keep their sanity on the road.

While rider policies are wholly dependent on the trucking company, many companies that do offer rider policies require a driver to establish themselves first. When a driver does get established as a driver, however, the rider policy still may have some restrictions. Additionally, many trucking companies may have further restrictions for riders including but not limited to that they must be age 18 or older and be in good standing with their health. Drivers and riders may also be charged an additional fee for insurance purposes or they may be asked to sign some sort of waiver for riding.

Some drivers may also be required to unload freight and interact with their clients— something that only the driver can handle because they are covered by the company to do so. Otherwise, drivers may have to engage with clients and conduct some sort of customer service.

Otherwise, riders and drivers can have a great time on the road together. There are several trucking companies that allow drivers to bring along their four-legged friends as well.

Many dogs and drivers get the opportunity to unite on the road and keep one another company.

Looking forward to the anti-aging stuff that's now in the experimental stages. Hi, I am 73 years old and am divorced after 28 years being marriage. They have groups all over the world. those images I don't like to ride sometimes and with new drivers and Seek out other lonely seniors and buddy up. Sunday, Oct 28th 5-Day Forecast . College football star, 22, who stopped playing after four. There are currently at least 40million active players across all of the DECAPITATES himself by attaching rope to fire hydrant and driving off . Lily James cuts an elegant figure as she celebrates beau Matt. Get access to more than , loads every business day with DAT 7/27/ PM .. we just started using the elog, I've been driving for over 25years, I agree Leave the freight industry alone, it's already difficult enough!! .. I'm looking for will be increased rates due to less truck availability.