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Trade chat with hot girls and talk a bit of shit

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Trade chat with hot girls and talk a bit of shit

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Waiting for any women who wanna fuck. It is getting a little uot, but don't you feel like a little adventure. All the while you'll be telling me to keep doing naughty things to you all day long. sexy blond now 55 130 blond hair green eyes 34 c looking for a guy to give a full body massage to tonight pics ahit request My intrest are textingemail horseback ridding volleyball wii mall movies and pedicures.

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Trade chat with hot girls and talk a bit of shit

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Online message Hello there. A minutes pboobiesed Trade chat with hot girls and talk a bit of shit nothing happened. I am a white male, 6'5 and 270 lesbi.

I know most of you think about the age so if you have problems with it don't bother to answer this i DON'T CARE ABOUT RACE AGE OR LOOKS as long as you are over the legal age.

November 17, by CH. The fugs and HB10s are confident of their place in the henpecking order, but the girls in the middle have a lifetime of SMV status jockeying to look forward to. When a low to middling sexual market value man hits on a legit hottie, she will let him down easy. But when a middling to above-average SMV man hits on a borderline cutie with delusions of glamour, the female shit test protocol is activated with extreme prejudice.

Why is the borderline cutie the most egregious abuser of the shit test? To the borderline cutie, then, the shit test is a valuable courtship tool which serves the dual purposes of 1. The homely girl may shit test the loser man, but any other men breaking the 20th percentile in SMV status will never hear a shit test from her, not as the shit test is commonly understood.

They might hear a grunt or a brusque cockblock interjection or a feminist diatribe, but never a romantically pregnant, eye twinkly shit test. The beautiful girl will likewise infrequently shit test, but when she does her targets will be men at the other end of the SMV spectrum: Omega dregs also get a pass from shit tests but not from shrieks of horror.

So why are aspiring greater beta males and lesser alpha males striving for the lass ring the most frequent recipients of female shit tests? Aiming for something better than what is assumed the due of the mediocre masses marks you out as a man to take seriously. A man an uncut above the rest. A man, therefore, with high sexytime value. THAT is why she shit tests him so eagerly. Pulses of white hot love have melted the neural bonds governing her propriety.

There is a field-tested premise that applies: It is a true fact. I saw an ad for this on payscale. A boy appears in a Barbie ad for the first time. Horrible materialism and gay little boys.

Quentin Tarantino uses this effect in his movies. Even the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone displayed this use thus providing the surreal quality in many scenes of these movies. This mattel commercial is a bit special because it so well epitomizes the Feminine Imperative at this juncture in time, using a supposedly non-parodic parodic recursivity. So since film and video, there have probably already been many examples.

Perhaps this barbie commercial is taking into the next level though. It would be instructive to find an example to see what became of such culture. It may be telling re our present circumstance. Check out the comments. Toy company still has a long way down to hell. And when you pull the string, she says something coarse about anal. Remember now, your customer is now people of color, who never had parents, and are emotionally broken attention whores. I get shit tested more by hotties.

Bitchy girls do, with high opinions of themselves, irrespective of their rating. A few years ago at a bar with friends I was shit-tested by a hot something blonde, a doctor in Newport Beach. She did it very aggressively, in-your-face style. As I kept deflecting her jabs and inserting shivs in return, I could see her defenses coming down, like she was melting. She would call and text me for years after that.

She was Asian, too! Or Filipina or pelegrino or some shit. Most guys had been keeping to themselves. Most East Asian chicks are more pleasantly feminine than their white friends, which is why many men like banging them. However, there is a small cadre of Asian chicks who get infected by the feminazi bug and go over the top in crassness and rudeness when they perceive themselves as the hottest chick in the group.

I think women are doing very well in that one. Outstanding Evo-Psych in this one. The culture could help to play a role here — we used to teach our little White girls how to appreciate smarts and talent and refinement and sophistication [not sophistry] — but of course the culture has been gutted by YKW, so as to pave the way for the obliteration of K-Selection and replace it with R-Selection.

Men are sexually perverse as fuck. We want to corrupt our women to get out rocks off better. Fucked up I know. That is the other side of the coin to redpill.

WM, I agree — a lot of the junior Playahz even in the Dark Enlightenment are still afraid to confront the true horror of it all. I hope it is very perverse! Like what could be better then getting down to writhe in the mud, so to speak. But for some ladies it does. It seems to me that they feel like you were complicit in their corruption. Maybe after reading the book I will see I was actually being conned about this — could be.

I will read the book and see what I think. But I could be wrong about that too — maybe I just met too many party girls that already did too many drugs and are fucked up because of the drug use. I take exception to that. Captain obvious, the point you make about abuse is eerily similar to my experience. Effectively, she wants me to rape her awake.

People must be reminded in every single thread because they have memories like a goldfish, I suppose?

I wonder if it has the desired effect though. I had this teacher in high school who constantly tried to cram her socialism down our throats. But she was so obvious about it, and so constant, that she opened herself up to ridicule, and the leftist kids were embarrassed to have her on their side.

They would have preferred that she dished it out sparingly and made it seem like a natural part of the conversation, I suppose. Catch more flies with honey. Trav — I had a similar hippie type teacher years ago. I imagine it depressed him that the only ones that engaged him in discourse were the students that get labeled hard-core conservative. But his type were rare.

In college I saw the much more obvious type that made fun of the John Birch Society college and was a ahat when drunk. Remember SJW always lie. Anyone who has ever spent time in boxing gyms soon discovers that they commonly have one or two mentally defectives who are there a lot and are generally tolerated by the coaches and boxers. He lives right on the border between normal dumb and retarded. Never speaks more than four words in a row, smells like an outhouse.

Those dumb but intuitive types are good at working with animals. We all know we should be breathing with the diaphragm but no one really explains how, and often they explain wrongly. Yes, the diaphragm moves down towards the abdomen so the lungs can fill with air. But the diaphragm does not do this by itself. Functionally speaking, muscles team up to do a job,and in the case of the diaphragm, to take a breath, we should engage the muscles either side of and below the navel.

They will, via the connecting fascia, pull down-and-in to draw down the diaphragm and at the same time stabilize the core. Notice this is a very different explanation than you usually get, which demonstrates by having you lying down with a book on your stomach and making it rise and fall.

This is stupid and unhealthy. Can you imagine playing tennis, or being punched or tackled or being in a car crash in the middle of such a breath? There is no protection for your internal organs. There is no connection between upper and lower body. The way I suggest allows you to keep the splenius and other small and weak accessory breathing muscles out of everyday use — we take 26, breaths a day!

Instead, we should usually keep the neck muscles out of breathing and instead pull down on the diaphragm with the lower abs. Again, not because I would want the girl to like me, but because I want to contribute to improving the climate for men by discouraging bitchiness.

Watch the look of shock and awe. A beautiful woman walks into the room — and turns heads. You strike up a conversation but your eyes are drawn to her barely contained cleavage.

She catches you checking out the goods — Then: Shit tests are not bitchiness. They are a female prerogative to affirm your replication value. Checking out your tits. You strike up a conversation and she starts shit testing you.

This reminds me of something I overheard in a library. A very cute girl from China was sitting there studying, and a guy sat down right next to her even though there were other seats available.

Which Men Do Girls Shit Test The Most? | Chateau Heartiste

Need a man with a car and some free time 21 year old Hispanic woman. I'm 34 years old, I'm a single mom. Just before you fell asleep, and my girl was already in bed, I leaned down to hug you and you pulled me close, I couldn't resist the urge to.

What can do you for me.

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