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Tide love hard Idaho

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Tide love hard Idaho

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Tide love hard Idaho

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Overlooking the ocean in Lincoln City, OR, Beth and producer Tyler Fortier captured these songs in their most elemental form, just as they were written, with just one voice and guitar. Tyler says about Spring Tide: The entire album is tied to a string, suspended somewhere between: I heard he made it on down to Mexico built a driftwood house out by the sea sometimes I wonder If he ever did know he carved a place in my memory.

Idaho Girl, mother just gone Staring out the window listening for a birdsong Train whistle blows in the mirror blue sky Rows and rows of green go flashing by. Her waist so narrow, her hopes so high Tiny as a sparrow learning to fly In that little white church on a sunny summer day Her Daddy he stood up and he gave her away.

Lace and satin and a slight ivory hue It was something borrowed, oh something blue Held together by buttons of pearl Carried in the arms of the Idaho Girl. Jenny, I remembered something we have lost without knowing we have folded in the losing without feeling we absorbed the cost and we carried on as if it were our choosing.

Past the fields of cotton burning in the sun and the mesa chalked with shades of red and rust the horses grazed and sighed when day was done and the night became a blanket for the two of us. To a tender heart the world can be unkind thunder rolling like a train come off the tracks so you run to the first shelter you can find tuck into yourself with the howling storm at your back.

San Francisco is a lady who is waiting she is dressed up for the Friday night dance remember when we came here? We have wandered in the heartland with no memory, no trace we have stood upon the quicksand in a desperate embrace. Railroad bridge across the canyon cutting through the desert air black coal train took us for ransom when we let it tumble there. Pushpins, thumbtacks and rusty nails Cloudy old grease from her frying pan Oh wide mouth jar long forgotten Holds just as much as your dreaming can.

Baseballs, dinosaurs and magic tricks Trophies, marbles and pick-up sticks A box full of memories that she fixed Just for him, just for him. Two rocking chairs sit there empty The last of the distant relative has gone A house that has stood for more than a century Little boy turned into a man has come home He stands on the porch listening to the rain Newborn baby in his arms staring up at him Oh wide mouth jar long forgotten The time has come for wishing again RUN TO YOU Words and music by Beth Wood.

What if there were something true bigger than the both of us What if we could be kids again see the world through eyes of trust. What if love is still real even when it falls apart What if it is enough to hold the pieces of a broken heart. I watch the people come and go Some have stories you get to know I collect these tiny truths from words I overhear The man at the end of the bar sipping whiskey from a mason jar Says his heart lives somewhere else but he sits there year after year.

When all the business is gone silence like a canvas stretches on and on My imagination spills out filling up the page. There are the monochrome work shirts hanging starched and pressed there is the loaded gun under the mattress there is the cast iron skillet with a lifetime worth of grease there is a silver dollar coin next to a time piece. Words and music by Beth Wood Standard — capo 7th fret. Upcoming Shows Oct Beth's Electronic Press Kit.

Tide Times and Tide Chart for Love Point

We will use this practice to cultivate clarity and epiphany around your circumstances. Years ago, I met a guy named Cees De Bruin. He was an amazing individual. He had two abilities that fascinated me. First, Cees could meet any person, and within an hour, that person would have a revelation about their life or experience a moment of insight where they would have a greater sense of inner freedom. Cees could sell with an ease that I had never seen before. One day, I watched Cees, a quirky guy from Amsterdam, talk to an American farmer.

He sat and asked questions and at the end of their conversation, the farmer wanted to buy the product that Cees was selling. Cees never tried to convince him into anything. Once the connection was made, the sale was done. This progression fascinated me and I wanted to learn more. Over my time spent with Cees, I saw this gift over and over again. In a way he was right; it took me years to learn it.

After Cees passed, I looked for other people who could sit down and give someone a sense of revelation in a short period of time. I realized that all of them had one thing in common, a very particular state of mind they had cultivated inside of themselves. There is no managing, no trying to get it right.

So I started developing a system of exercises that allowed people access to the state of mind. What happened after that amazed me. Soon the people that I had taught were able to create clarity and epiphany for themselves and facilitate the same experience for others. What inspires me most is for you to get the same freedom I got through this learning experience. Using this state of mind has changed the way I relate to my family, my clients, and how I communicate in business.

I now look forward to hard conversations and have a lot more love and laughter with my coworkers. I want to share this, not only for you, but for all the people you touch.

The ripple effect that is created when one operates in this way is far more vast than you can imagine. Cees showed me that, and I dedicate this work to him.

The skills in this workshop will teach you a state of mind that can be directly applied to many areas of your life and business. By bringing awareness to how our consciousness affects our communication and learning techniques to become more effective in the following areas:. We will apply new communication techniques to current issues in your life and business. People commonly see the following outcomes:. This workshop has a profound effect on people and often times is life changing.

In part, the depth of this workshop is dependent on the issues you bring and your willingness to investigate. Please bring current, real-life scenarios and situations to the group. By having these conversations during the workshop, you will walk away with clarity in how to approach your real-life issues immediately.

The exercises and tools used in this workshop will focus on balancing the mind, body, and heart. Meaningful change happens when all of these components are engaged. Wonder, vulnerability, inquiry, and empathy guide our balanced approach. We will spend most of our time doing exercises and applying what we learn to our current life situations.

We learn the tools and state of mind by doing it, not by talking about it. How we treat ourselves affects how we treat others. How we treat others affects what we can accomplish. Since your internal and external states influence one another, we will learn external tools that lead to self discovery as well as internal tools that lead to effective action. I give Joe my highest recommendation and am happy for anyone that has the pleasure of working with him.

I have worked with a number of teachers, facilitators, and coaches over the years and Joe offers a unique and powerful blend of the very best elements. I facilitate the journey by bringing a unique set of tools that are grounded in many psychological, neurological, and spiritual traditions.

Participants focus on simple activities of daily living, such as getting on and off a stool, catching a ball and walking on varied surfaces. The community health staff also organizes monthly activities like fun runs and Zumbathons. The wellness center, open to enrolled members of the tribe and the community at large, has a swimming pool, basketball courts, weights and exercise machines.

Peter Mahoney, the lifestyle balance coach at the medical center, works with patients to get them to commit to regular exercise. Those who take a week diabetes prevention course called Native Lifestyle Balance ramp up to minutes of exercise each week. Andy Kitt, the son of diabetes patient Perry Kitt, had grown heavier and heavier throughout his childhood after he was hit and seriously injured by a drunken driver when just 4 years old.

A few years ago he topped out at pounds. That winter he slipped on the ice and broke his kneecaps. Kitt told his doctor he wanted to live for his family, for himself. The medical and wellness staff put together a program for him that spring. After two years, he had shed pounds. But he gained back about 30 pounds after his mother died of a heart attack in and he was dealing with grief and stress from the loss.

Now Kitt is back to working out one hour a day, five times a week, plus watching what he eats. He exercises at the wellness center, where he also works as a fitness specialist and lifeguard.

But Kitt worries about the health of so many others on the reservation. Like his dad, his mom had diabetes, as does one of his sisters. Almost 61 percent of the diabetes patients there successfully managed the disease, hitting blood-sugar targets over time, according to a report to the federal Indian Health Service. But Indian patients whose blood sugar was way out of control has come down: Insulin use in that same year period went from 9 percent to 47 percent among Indian patients.

Doctors today are much more likely to prescribe insulin to patients to help bring blood sugars down more quickly, according to medical center staff. Sharon Pakootas, of Plummer, said she has struggled to adapt to diabetes since her diagnosis in Her former husband had it, as did her father and sister. Her son is diabetic as well. I just found out like last week that corn is a carb that has sugar in it, and I just love corn. Complicating matters is her high blood pressure and anemia.

She takes a dozen prescription medications a day.

SPRING TIDE is an intimate, collection of ten original songs recorded live and solo acoustic. Overlooking the ocean in Lincoln City, OR, Beth and producer Tyler. PLUMMER, Idaho – Perry Kitt arrived at the Benewah Medical those in the audience to also be symbols of change for their loved ones. In Moscow, Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) has become Helen Yost's life. . “ Despite my efforts, I find it hard to protect the wild places I love,” Helen said. “ When.