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I have a firmly rejecting wife who outecl me to her family and later to my parents, in revenge. We went through a brief period of acceptance, but business and personal reverses occurred, unre- lated to my crossdressing, and my wife blamed these things on my crossdressing.

Because I do not wish to lose my mar- riage, I am staying in. Only another crossdresser can imagine the pain when a wife takes this away from a husband. My heart of hearts hurts even now, and tears fall as I type this. The most tragic aspect is that my wife simply did not believe me. Although my current status as a rejected TV hus- band is hard to take, I console myself in that my opportunities may be restricted, but I can still do it. The experience is not a pleasant one, but it can work.

Yes, you can survive cold rejection by your wife. Self-acceptance, which I constantly need to work on, is another great key to making life work. By the middle of the next week, probably a thousand people who know me in the company were aware of how I express myself in this unique and di- verse way as a male who wears dresses and makeup.

However, over the last year-and-a-half, people have gradually adapted to the new me. I say the new me because shortly after that encounter, I began to wear hoop ear- rings into work with my suits.

At first people freaked and wanted to know what it meant. I told them that it meant that I liked to wear ear-rings. They asked why I like to wear ear-rings and I said because in having ear lobes, I can.

Because things went so quietly with most people, my main purpose was to let them know that I knew that they knew about my crossdressing behavior. If it is left in silence, it will fester inappropriately.

I work very hard at no? Not passing is where the real fun and com- munication are with people. It used to be that I would open the en- velop and read it cover to cover. Now I skip half the articles and never finish reading the other half. We no longer see the real-life stories of average people fac- ing their fears and tiying new experi- ences. The articles are all political, tech- nical, or just plain boring.

The picture spreads from all the conventions are the same as the ones from the previous year because they are attended by all the same people. Until you bring the magazine back down to the level of the mainstream crossdresser, I have no intention of pur- chasing any further copies.

Andrea Lynch [CDs are featured predominately in this and future issues. Also, I re- cently enjoyed a routine crossdressing experience. The two incidents under- lined how much the sisterhood, and es- pecially your magazine and the IFGE have accomplished in the fifty years since I first dressed. During my last business trip I was able to spend an hour or so on each of two evenings in two different bars of the Sheraton Hotel where I was staying with a book and a few glasses of wine.

My dress was conservative, though my skirt was above the knee in the current busi- ness woman fashion, and I wore no makeup beyond lipstick.

While I did not try very hard to feminize my voice, I stayed out of both rest-rooms. A waiter read me, but numerous other people ap- parently accepted me as a business woman spending an evening on the road alone. Nobody bothered me, and I was treated with respect. Many years ago my evenings of that sort were much more hazardous. Ad- mittedly, my skills have improved.

To- day, crossdressing is much more accept- able, if only because people are more accustomed to crossdressers. As long as one behaves like a lady, the penalty for being read is that you have lost a game, and seldom more. That is the result of a much better understanding of crossdressing by both those who prac- tice and those who watch. Christina Susan Send your letters to: Box Waltham, Ma Or: Fax us at Or: COM Letters submitted for publication must be five hundred words or less, and, either, typed with a fresh black ribbon or submitted on a PC com- patible disk in a Windows format.

Intensive combined ser- vices available for our out of town clients. We are minutes from DFW Airport. Our competators don't want you to know that you can mail-order brand name wigs and other cross- dressding products at a fraction of what they may charge!

That's right, at Yankee Flair, we sell those same brand name wigs, breast forms, books, waist cinchers etc. We never rent or sell our mailing list guaranteeing your privacy! Send Name And Address To: The Phoenix Project S. Scott Gerdes Ty as tic surgery is a big business ns reflected in the vast numbers of doctors JL attracted to it.

Look at any telephone book's Yellow Pages under plastic sur- geons and just how hig a business it is becomes obvious. There are hoards of ads for surgeons prepared to perform an amazing va- riety of reconstructive procedures: All these surgical procedures, and more, are offered openly to any- one who wants to change their ap- pearance.

But what about reconstruc- tive surgery for those who need to change their appearance to conform with their psychological gender? Where are the hoards of ads for those offering genital surgery to transsexu- als? Using conventional means to find a surgeon who specializes in genital reconstruction is similar to the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack.

In fact, there is a shortage of those qualified to perform sex re- assignment surgery SRS so severe it amounts to a crisis. Experts esti- mate there are at least fifty thousand post-operative transsexuals in the United State and another fifty to one hundred and fifty thousand who will want SRS sometime over the next couple of decades — with M2Fs male-to-female and F2Ms female- to-male divided equally.

To service this group, however, there are ap- proximately ten surgeons, each of whom can perform no more than three surgeries per week. That comes out to roughly thirty surgeries all told each week, fifteen hundred per year, fifteen thousand per decade, and over two decades no more than thirty thousand who will receive SRS.

This means that if the number of doctors performing SRS remains approximately the same, there will be between twenty and one hundred twenty thousand TSs who will not be able to receive the surgery they so desperately need. This shortage of SRS surgeons is all the more as- tonishing, considering the financial attractions of specializing in SRS for medical school graduates. M2Fs can expect to shell out between ten and twenty thousand bucks for SRS alone, not counting electrolysis, hormone therapy and breast augmentation.

Sex reassignment surgery for F2Ms can prove even more of a financial bur- den: Major health insurance provid- ers do not cover SRS because it is deemed cosmetic and elective.

That means the patient has to raise the cash themselves, through hard work and stringent saving. To complicate matters, it is a common practice for surgeons to demand at least half of the payment for surgery up front because hospitals demand advance payments from the surgeons.

So the question is, why are there so few SRS qualified surgeons in this country? Is it because the fresh, en- thusiastic faces in med school aren't properly introduced to the field? Is there a largely held opinion among the medical community that SRS is un- ethical, or morally unacceptable and personally abhorred. Or are the ma- jority of surgeons nonjudgmental, but afraid of societal repercussion?

Granted, society can be ugly, espe- cially toward the diversely different and those who try to help them. Would the min- ister be understanding and support- ive?

Or could what shies surgeons away from specializing in genital re- construction be the fact that it is a relatively new and difficult proce- dure? Or do the legal and financial risks such as malpractice suits that could arise from SRS also play a role in the surgeon shortage? According to a sampling of medical professionals who are in one way or another involved with SRS, the impossibly small number of re- assignment surgeons can be attrib- uted to all of the above factors.

He said that a team of psy- chologists and psychiatrists, in pro- grams like PHS, would have to per- form extensive client evaluations before he would feel comfortable performing SRS. PHS is one of the few univer- sity-sponsored gender centers in the country. Prior was surprised upon hearing the disproportionate ra- tio of transsexuals seeking surgery to surgeons willing to perform it. Prior feels that one reason there are so few SRS surgeons is that most doctors don't think that there is enough of a supply and demand to justify spe- cializing in this area of medicine.

Prior do if he were to become a SRS provider and soci- etal backlash came into play — as it has for abortion doctors? Rebuilding a tender organ is tricky, tedious. It takes a special doctor to be involved with SRS, according to Chubb.

They are fascinated in doing something new, creating and perfect- ing surgery techniques. A surgeon should devote to the specialty and not just do a few a year. Understandably, many trans- sexuals suffer from severe mental stress, though often of a temporary nature. Severe depression is also not an uncommon state for a transsexual. The frustrating and pains- taking ordeal between raising opera- tion funds and finding a surgeon can prove to be the fatal blow to the spirit of a transsexual.

Suicides are high because the cost of surgery is so as- tronomical. SRS is not an essential need for every transsexual.

But many who do want to take that one last step find themselves finan- cially overwhelmed and emotionally overwrought. For the one billion dollar price tag of just one B-2 bomber a plane that was originally designed to deliver nuclear bombs inside the So- viet Union , the lives of hundreds of transsexuals could be saved or trans- formed.

However, with the cur- rent trend toward less, rather than more, government involvement in health care, the likelihood of federal intervention for TS surgery is dim. Other TSs look to greater un- derstanding from insurance compa- nies. The hope is that these corpora- tions can be better educated about transsexuality. These companies need to be informed about why SRS is of- ten times a matter of life and death, one that involves living free of fear and stress, versus an existence spent hiding.

SRS might even receive more than a chapter or two in a medical school text. If there is to be a campaign to recruit gifted plastic surgeons, neu- rologists, and urologists to the SRS field, then the demand will need to be heard.

Outreach between the TG community and the medical commu- nity is critical. In addition to pres- ences at gatherings like the annual conventions of the American Psychi- atric Association, the American Psy- chological Association and the Na- tional Association of Social Workers, the major TG organizations should make the needs of the transsexuals in our community knowm at the American Medical Association con- ventions as well. Between the hu- manitarian and financial rewards, surely a larger number of physicians willing to specialize in sex reassign- ment surgery could be found.

Until then, TSs with a critical need for SRS will continue to face an even more critical shortage of sur- geons available to perform it. At the moment, as more TG individuals con- tinue to discover their transsexual nature, the SRS surgeon crisis will only grow worse. Medical notes from Dr. Make checks and money orders payable in U. Funds to Transgender Tapestry.

Send this completed form and your check or money order to: Box , Waltham, MA Transgender Tapestry is mailed in a plain brown envelope. While this phenomenon may make it easier for F2Ms to express some of their true selves prior to tran- sition, it also serves to render them invisible and sometimes even to com- plicate and delay their coming out.

All this is now changing, how- ever. As F2Ms become ever more vis- ible in both the media and the gen- der community, more and more of them are realizing who they are and transitioning in numbers now ap- proaching those of M2Fs. For F2Ms the only complaint was that it was physically impossible for one person to attend them all although audio tapes of the proceedings are available from FTM International.

Panelists discussed both the medical and psy- chological ramifications of long-term transition, saying that, with neither prostates nor female reproductive or- gans, our chances for longevity were A Report on the First F2M Conference of the Americas by Andy Gavin The first conference ever specifically for and about female to male-identi- fied individuals was held in San Fran- cisco, August , It gave par- ticipants the opportunity to meet men with similar backgrounds, to learn from F2M panelists and speakers, and to obtain information from health care professionals.

With around three hun- dred attendees consisting of F2Ms, partners, and friends, the conference demonstrated that we are increasing in both numbers and visibility. That made this conven- tion not only the largest gathering of F2Ms in history, but also the best at- tended event of any kind in the his- tory of the modern transgender movement. Most people, even within the gender community, still think of transsexuals as genetic males who have become female, partly because male bodies in dresses have far greater media shock value than fe- male bodies in trousers, and partly because our society allows genetic females more freedom to be mascu- line than vice versa.

The message was clear: Even if no one else knows, we know. Although F2Ms are men in ev- ery sense of the word, we are not genetic and are never going to be. We are men with unique back- grounds and experiences which stay with us no matter how good we look or how well we fit in.

Unless F2Ms can make peace with that fact, it will be difficult for them to achieve self- acceptance. However, this panel made me re- alize all the facial hair in the world will not make me genetic.

We can work hard to avoid the people who know of our pasts, or we simply cease to care what they think. I know I'm a man. This was restricted to F2Ms only so that the men attending could feel comfortable opening up about such a sensitive subject. It consisted of frank, open discussions about F2Ms and our experiences as sexual beings.

Part of the workshop ad- dressed diversity of sexual identity within the F2M community an in- formal poll taken by some attendees indicates that some forty percent of the F2Ms attending identified as gay or bisexual men , as well as our ex- periences, both good and bad, deal- ing with the gay and lesbian com- munities. The workshop also ended up addressing ethnic and racial di- versity, as some attendees spoke of their experiences as minorities within a minority. The final panel that I was able to attend on Saturday, was a presen- tation on relationships by Stephan Thorne and his partner, Michiko.

They addressed the issues F2Ms face in finding partners and relationships as men. It focused especially on the situations faced by hetero and bi- sexual F2Ms who have spend the years prior to transition in the les- bian community and often feel a sense of loss upon leaving it.

It also presented the encouraging news that, even among women identifying as lesbians, some were still receptive to the idea of dating men who had not experienced traditional male social- ization. Endocrinologists told the audience what effects to expect from testosterone, both positive fa- cial hair, deeper voice, masculine build and negative acne, increased heart attack risk. They assured us that the hormones do not come from animals, as some feared, but are syn- thesized in a lab.

Michael Brownstein, who has had extensive experience working with F2Ms, next discussed various approaches to chest reconstruction surgery. Some previ- ous methods had left an undesirable half-moon scar which too closely hinted at the shape of a breast. But todayOs methods come closer to cre- ating a natural-looking male chest. In the keyhole surgery method, which leaves very little scaring but works mainly for patients with veiy small chests, the surgeons make an incision around the areola and then liposuctions out the fatty tissue.

In the double incision method, surgeons open the chest horizontally in order to best extract the fatty tissue. They then move and re-size the nipple and areola in order to create a more natu- ral male look, with the resulting hori- zontal scars designed to fade into and mimic the pectoral fold.

Plastic surgeon Donald Laub in- troduced the audience to the latest in genital reconstruction techniques. Here are a few suggestions on cop- ing with and overcoming that trauma called, The Ladies Room. Eventually all transgendered men who venture out en femme arrive at that point when they can no longer avoid the inevitable and a trip to the Ladies room is a must.

Wait until you have reached the desperate stage and there is no other choice. Believe it or not, you must approach this trip positively, aggres- sively, and confidently. Anything less will create suspicion. So, from des- peration is born confidence. As you will see later, speed is of the essence, and desperation in this matter will generate speed. Pick a restroom that is relatively secluded but not particu- larly well used and of moderate size; if you have a choice, as in a mall.

On that first visit avoid the large pub- lic facilities because your discomfort level w r ill be in direct proportion to the number of people you are likely to meet. It is very common in a la- dies room to have to wait, along with the other ladies, for an available cu- bicle. The others may or may not feel inclined to scrutinize you, probably not but one never knows.

The small ladies rooms are the most uncom- fortable, especially in a crowded place like a night club or restaurant. The wait is often long, the line crowded and the clientele curious. Ladies don't visit a toilet, they go and have done with it, so do not loiter, linger or otherwise delay your trip. This is a mission not a guided tour. If your make-up needs fixing do it someplace else, not here, not now. Get in, get out, and reduce the opportunity for being observed.

Remember Tip 1, speed is of the essence. If possible, watch the la- dies room entry and see how many have entered and how many have left in some predetermined period, like say, five minutes. If the traffic is steady and there seems to be little or no wait, do it!

If a person enters and five minutes later is still in there then either she has drowned, there is a long line, or there is a back en- trance.

The second being most likely. Or, simply watch a selected person, count the number of persons who enter after she does and until she leaves. Now you know how many are in there and how long it will take. If all else fails, have a female friend perform a scouting mission, maybe even accompany you. There is safety in numbers. Be aware that behind any door there may be a person, or per- sons standing. Tip 4 can help elimi- nate surprises but not if the person is simply waiting. Maybe a group two or more is standing there dis- cussing their respective dates or their late evening plans.

Visiting, contrary to Tip 2, but it does happen, espe- cially in a work or office environ- ment. Such a group will examine ev- ery person who enters since the group wants privacy and they want to see just what you are up to.

If you expect the unexpected, it will be easier to handle than total surprise. What can be more of a give away than feet point- ing in the wrong direction? It is even a good idea to practice at home so that when the time comes It will be a practiced event if not a natural one.

Basically, you sit and keep as silent as possible. It is easy with practice. What that also says is that what you wear can have as much an ef- fect on your femininity as how you wear it. I once wore a jump suit, quite stylish, very chic, and totally impos- sible to got into and out of in a la- dies room cubicle.

I had to virtually disrobe, sleeves dangling and quite unmanageable. This is an excellent argument for hose and garter belts versus pantyhose. Related to Tip 2. If your make-up needs ad- justing then maybe you shouldn't be out in the first place. Do it at the table or someplace else less conspicuous than in front of other close-in ladies.

We have an Inner Parent, unconsciously mod- eled on our own parents, an Inner Critic, modeled on the most critical figures in our lives, an Inner Child, which contains much of the person- ality of the child we were, and of course, our Inner Man and Woman, modeled in most cases after the sig- nificant male and female influences on us as children. Usually males model their con- cept of male behavior on their Inner Man and females on their Inner Woman.

This modeling is generally instinctive and unconscious. But we all posses both an Inner Man and Woman. Though we may be born males, we can still access our Inner Woman and vice versa for those born women. That Inner Woman is a fully de- veloped female who already auto- matically acts and reacts exactly the way you have observed women act- ing in the past. All you have to do is tap into her, and let your Inner Woman do the rest.

The idea that mentally vi- sualizing something can have a pow- erful effect may seem unusual. But scientific studies prove that imagin- ing an event happening can produce much the same effect on the body and mind as actually doing it.

Just imagine biting into a lemon or an unpleasant event. The first can cause you to salivate, the second can in- crease your anxiety or stress level. In the same way, visualizing your Inner Woman can link you with that part of your unconscious per- sonality, liberating the female part of yourself, and allowing it to come to the fore either on demand if you are a CD, or full-time, if you are a TS. The following exercise will show you how to use your imagina- tion to tap into and develop your Inner Woman.

F2Ms can simply re- verse the spin to access their Inner Man. Tor best results, read these in- structions onto tape, or have a friend read them for you. Pick a fe- male figure you admire, were deeply influenced by, or simply wish you were like. This figure can be drawn from friends, public figures, histori- cal characters, women from comic- books, movies, literature, or even from Greek, Roman, Native Ameri- can, Celtic or other myths.

Study these women, and try to determine what it is about them that makes them female role models for you. Is it kindness in the face of difficulty? A strong nurturing quality? Serenity and inner peace? Em- Transgender npeslry 17 The Inner Woman is a fully developed female who already automatically acts and reacts exactly the way you have observed women acting in the past.

Write a definition of femininity that incorporates that aspect of your In- ner Woman or even women. Image Of Your In- ner Woman. Using these qualities, put together a composite mental pic- ture of your Inner Woman, includ- ing personality, clothing, facial fea- tures, body type, lifestyle, voice, movement, manner of dressing, etc. Give her a name, either a regular name you've always liked such as Rebecca or Maria, or a descriptive name such as The Nurturer, or Glam- orous Glinda, or Momma Lion.

By doing this, you separate your role model from the original and make her more adaptable to your own life. Practice mentally dressing her in dif- ferent styles, seeing her in different activities, and imagine watching how she interacts with other people.

Once the mental picture of your Inner Woman is complete, picture her liv- ing your life. Picturing someone else, who feels more feminine than you do, will give you a new perspective on how you would act and react to the daily course of your life if you were living it as a woman.

What would it be like if your Inner Woman image showed up at work in your place? How would she get along with your friends? What would she change about the look of your home? How does she wear her clothing? Use the following six-step program to open your unconscious and liber- ate your Inner Woman any time you want to act and pass as female.

A Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. B Take a few minutes to dear your mind. You might like to men- tally repeat a simple prayer or man- tra, to help accomplish this. C Begin by intensely imagin- ing yourself as your Inner Woman.

Picture yourself with her features, mannerisms, etc. Make this as intense and complete as possible. I Mentally see yourself going through the next hours as your Inner Woman. Picture yourself wearing what she would wear, eating as she would eat, saying what she would say, doing what she would do. Pay careful attention to how she reacts to and treats others and how others react to and treat her.

E Tiy to sense, see and experi- ence everything you are imagining as completely as possible, until you feel you are your Inner Woman. F Make any changes that would allow' you to be more comfortable as her. If your Inner Woman is so soft and nurturing she gives in to people too easily, make her a little stronger. If she is too perfect, give her a few minor flaws, less beauty, or allow her to make a few mistakes, to make her more realistic.

Play with the scenario until you are comfort- able enough with your feminine model to aspire to be like her. When you are ready to enjoy your own femininity, build up a strong image of your Inner Woman as described above.

Practice living your life as she would live it. This may seem difficult or scary at first, but if you take it one small step at a time, the results will be astound- ing. To begin, just try adopting some of your Inner Woman's attitudes. For example, you could be more cheer- ful in the morning, or more confi- dent at work. Use your feminine im- age as a model. You can try out the changes in your imagination before you actually act on them.

When the need to interact, act, or react as a woman arises, imagine how your In- ner Woman would handle it. Becoming Your Inner Woman. When you feel insecure or at a loss when passing as a woman, you can alw r ays invoke your Inner Woman and let her handle the situa- tion. Imagine consulting your Inner Woman about the issue. Then do w'hat you feel she would do. After a w'hile, you will find you no longer need to consult her.

You will have begun instinctively acting, talking, being your Inner Woman in every situation. Any time you wish to, you will naturally become your Inner Woman. The penalty for discovery is prison, punishment, slave labor camps, mutilation, and even death.

Cuba, under Castro, is no different. Added to the oppressions of authority are the age old tra- ditions of machismo. When discovered, they are subject to violence, intimidation, arrest. One of the establishments that hosts such performances is the La Tisana restaurant in Camaguey.

Dressed as women, Hernandez and his troupe make mock of Alonso, ballet and many other aspects of island culture. But their performance has a deer significance. What Hernandez and the oth- ers are aiming at with their show is to edu- cate Cubans about the transgendered, homo- sexuals and other gender minorities.

Recently, British-born, California- based photographer, David Stork, snapped a series of historic pictures of this little-known aspect of Cuban life. Transgender Tapestiy is proud to be the first magazine in the United States to present these photographs to the public.

They are a fitting tribute to Hugo Hernandez and his brave band of performers. When I revised Hollywood An- drogyny for the second edition, it was to respond to the phenomenal num- ber of such films that had been made between the time of its first publica- tion and But since then there has been an almost exponen- tial growth of drag movies. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Ed Wood. All these jocks dressing up as women represents our culture com- ing to terms with two separate issues. One is crossdressing in general.

The other is the increased numbers of women in the workplace and step- ping into some positions of power. Films about crossdressing, transsexu- als, and drag queens are a kind of symbolic acceptance of these two phenomena.

But culture in the movies is always five, ten, fif- teen years behind what is really go- ing on. These films feature men pretending to be women. In To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar , for instance, you have a bunch of drag queens coming in and teaching the women how to be women.

But this sort of thing is fairly common in the movies. A white male who will come in and teach a black person how to take power for himself. It signals some ac- ceptance of, at the least, a mentoring role by a member of the dominant culture in relation to this group that has not been part of the dominant culture.

The little guys, the un- derdogs, who are somehow outcasts come in and reform the larger soci- ety. They bring out what is decent in that society — and then move on. The three queens in To Wong Foo could be Shane done in drag. They teach them to fight the forces of oppression.

They move on, and everyone is left with love in their hearts for these people. To Wong Foo itself struck me as a confused movie. The film had its heart in the right place in that it was trying to make popular audiences like these characters.

But in the process of trying to normalize them, it re- moved all their sexuality. The sexuality of the trans- gendered community, particularly drag queens, is something the popu- lar culture remains very uncomfort- able with.

They are still not at ease seeing males kissing males. Not too long ago, I showed a film class The Wedding Banquet. Box Waltham, Ma usual "Oh God! Their attitude is, "Okay, we know this exists.

But we don't want to think about it. It was never clear whether they knew the protagonists were men or not. The only people who seemed to make an issue of it were the bad boys. And then eventually they ended up accepting and cham- pioning the protagonists. The film is very typical of where a lot of the national sentiment is right now. I think that any- thing we can do to familiarize people with the community helps, even if there is some distortion.

In the early days of television, the networks would not allow pregnant women to be shown or pregnancy to be men- tioned. Once they lifted that ban, it was an improvement, even if they misrepresented pregnancy to some degree.

The same is true with the lifting of the ban against portraying the gay and transgendered communities on television and the movies. The re- sulting programs and films may be filled with stereotypes, they may not be very accurate, but the more they are something that people see in any form, the more accustomed they be- come to the presence of the trans- gendered and gays among them. These movies make people more aware that the transgendered exist.

Now what people are going to do with those, is another matter. In general, the way the trans- gendered are being presented, espe- cially in comedy, is an attempt to increase their level of acceptance. The fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terance Stamp, Adrian Pasdar, Patrick Swayze, Westly Snipes, all these men who are regarded as emblematic of the typical heterosexual male, have donned drag is going to make it a little easier for the transgendered.

Things are going to become a easier for people who simply want to try out a gender reversal just for the heck of it. However, when you make people aware of an issue — whether it surrounds gender or race or class or sexuality — there is always the question of whether you've put them on the defensive or alleviated their anxieties.

Snipes and Swayze turn in excellent performances. If all goes as planned, she will become the highest ranking transsexual police officer in the nation. From the rookies on up to Hoboken mayor Anthony Russo, ignorance abounds. Of primary concern to Russo is the question of which rest room Janet will now use. Vegas in Space , the trash drag epic starring the late screen gems Doris Fish and Tippi, is has been re-released on video by Toxic Avenger producer Troma Films. Not since Rocky Horror have drag queens been so psychotically glamor- ous.

And, Vegas fans, like Rocky fans, will be able to croon and croak along with the soundtrack, available from Smiling Pro- fessional Music of San Francisco. Even country and western singers get the blues — the transgendered blues, that is.

Next time you see one of those big bosomed, bubble-haired country singers, take a closer look. It might not be Dolly Parton.

Reportedly Nashville is reeling. Though, why that should be is puzzling. Madonna as Candy Darling? No word yet about a release date, however rights have been sold to indie producer Michael Zoumas.

Groundbreaking transgendered model, author, and activist Caroline Cossey — AKA Tula — has stirred up controversy once again. This time she has managed to attract brickbats over the Internet.

Evi- dently some sectors of the TG community are upset about the caption of an ad featuring Ms Cossey for Sauza tequila. However, the offending caption seems as much a put-down of the prejudiced attitude it apes as Caroline or the community. Take it easy on the girl, everybody. We all have to make a living. My mother is sick. Looking for special dress-up music? Amanda is a professional musician, with a delicate, feminine voice. Her delightful keyboard work, lets our chanteuse pro- duce everything from elec- tric guitar to big band sounds.

Now RuPaul is in Hollywood, where, her agent has informed Transgender , the diva of drag is working on a secret TV tele- vision, that is project. Looks like more and more male celebrities just can't control that urge to wear panties and a dress.

David Hasselhoff and Howard Stern have both appeared en femme recently. As for the infamous Howard Stern, he appears crossdressed on the cover of his newest book.

Baltimore Drag Queen Candy Cramer has stepped off the stage and into the recording studio. Cramer wrote the lyrics, supervised the music, and produced the resulting cassette recording. Although vo- cals are handled by another Baltimore Queen, Vicky Kinera, Candy herself is featured in a speaking role, as are those other divas of the n night, Coty, Lashelle Jones, Lori Ebony and Mealnie.

And England thinks it has roy- alty! As a novelty, the resulting melange has real juke- box possibilities, and if it is successful, Ms. Cramer envi- sions an entire album and perhaps a rock video to fol- low. Stay tuned for developments. A turning point in the history of the comic book was reached November These trans- gender shenanigans began whenDiabolique, a super- villianess who hates men, cast a spell that changed all the superheroes she meets into women. This unique storyline left one of the Ex- treme heroes as a woman forever.

Seems to us like on a scale of one hundred, both babes deserve the big one oh oh! A humourous and insightful look at the motivations behind eighteen real life CrossDressers. Need we say more? Explore the minds of 32 CrossDressers in this book with in-depth interviews. Marvin Nissen, who then testified against John Lotter, was sentenced to multiple life terms, rather than the death penalty, in exchange for his testimony. Lotter was convicted on three counts of first degree murder, and probably faces a death sentence.

One bright light is the informal TG communica- tions network which is circulating news around the activist community. Many folks are now getting their news by e-mail, so that they can respond to events in days instead of months. No longer need crimes against our community go un- challenged.

While activists were wrap- ping up their visit to Falls City, transsexual Deborah Forte was murdered in Haverhill, Massa- chusetts. She was found with a knife in her chest, with multiple stab wounds and bruises about her head and shoulders. The al- leged murderer turned himself in about a week later, and the Transexual Menace promises to show up at his trial.

No leads on this case, according to Transsexual News Telegraph how about in- terviewing some friends? Almost simultaneously, the Memphis TG commu- nity was mourning the passing of Father John Prowitt, who was shot in an apparent robbery. A TS who de- voted himself to service to the community. Father John is particularly remembered for his work with incarcer- ated transsexuals.

In the latest legal gender case drawing national at- tention. Look for a Menace action on this case. The implications are par- ticularly pernicious for the TG community. Their timing was ideal: Finally, our side backed off on their aggressive typically patriar- chal tactics and made overtures of friendship and coop- eration, to which the HRCF folk responded positively. The DPW is both deny- ing current services and seeking reimbursement from providers for past services rendered.

The situation has been publicized by gender activist Kristine Holt, and the Menace is planning supporting action. Nationwide, anti-Gay initiatives dominate the leg- islative landscape, and TG activists continue to play a supportive role in their defeat. As the TG community begins to pull its political weight, more and more pro- TG legislation is being introduced and supported around the country.

Meanwhile, a long-term national-level effort is be- ginning. About half the folks in DC to lobby took part in a demonstration in support of Tyra Hunter, the TG per- son of color who was left bleeding on the street while a rescue worker laughed at her because she had a penis.

The protest succeeded in obtaining an audience with Mayor Marion Barry as well as Fire Chief Latin, the one responsible for the non investigation. Positive results, unfortunately, are yet to be seen. Speaking of color, TG activist Dawn Wilson is cre- ating a mailing list for minority members of the TG community; an effort towards inclusion sorely needed by our community.

Sandra Cole and Matthew Whitten, respected scientists from the University of Michigan, have agreed to assist in a study of violence against the TG community. This study will provide the foundation for an effort to include transgender as a cat- egory in the federal Hate Crimes Reporting Act. This effort is just one more to spin off the work of Riki Anne Wilchins, who emerged this year as a leading activist for our community. Managed by Lynn Walker, this fund will support the newly-potent gender activism efforts.

If you have some resources which could be helpful in this effort, do not hesitate to contribute to this fund, which is being managed cleanly and spent wisely.

Cooperative effort between our communities, which share similar philosophies and often membership is on the rise. Hot TV spots juxtapose the hate-filled rhetoric of the right with violence against Lesbians and Gays. Late in , according to Dr. Although no clinical studies have been conducted in the F2M population, initial experience seems to indicate that the Androderm patch may produce positive results for F2Ms. Because of its consistently even levels of hormone absorption, Dr.

And, the longer they took the hormone; the lower the risk. It must be keep in mind, Dr. Kirk cautions, that this is a preliminary report. Larger studies must be carried out to know the precise effects of estrogen in protecting an indi- vidual from the development or progression of this debili- tating disease. Diane Keaton is said to be planning a movie based on a dubious book by Aphrodite Jones, a true crime writer which will depict Brandon Teena as a misguided girl whose duplicity brought trouble to her.

May TG activists succeed in bring- ing enlightenment to Ms. Keaton before shooting be- gins. Meanwhile, an independent effort by Kimberly Anne Peirce in New York City has landed funding for a feature-length movie of her fiction based on the Bran- don Teena story, a work which is sure to be a pleaser. Disappointingly saccharine, the flick nonetheless plays drag with a positive spin, always a welcome direction.

Inspired by the outing and media harassment of Aiello, TOPS hopes to help avert future unpleasantries, as well as provide education to law enforcement and service-providing agencies nationwide, so that our peace officers, fire fighters, rescue workers, etc. Meanwhile, the harass- ment of Ms.

Aiello continues on the job, a story all too familiar to this community. While this says nothing of cause and ef- fect, it will no doubt be used to justify all manner of misconception mistake, peabrain.

According to a study called Project Open Mind, the belief in the general population that homosexuality is innate and unchange- able increases the imperative for tolerance. So perhaps this brain research will increase the imperative for toler- ance of transsexuality. It seems unlikely, though, to help crossdressers, and does nothing to shift the focus of pa- thology from the individual to the society at large.

Seems more likely to perpetuate the kind of thinking that made us miserable in the first place than to support true re- form. Once again, science plays left field. In London, transvestites are arguing that they should be allowed the same dual-gendered IDs that transsexu- als have been granted by London Transport.

Heaven forbid we should be allowed to do it be- cause we want to. NOW membership responded very favorably to a resolution recognizing the existence and needs of TG folk, a measure which should be ratified soon. Besides, the T-shirts look great. Riki Anne Wilchins turned down an award for her ef- forts on behalf of genderqueers, while Phyllis Frye ac- cepted hers with a tearfully moving speech.

High point of the convention was a plenary talk by queer activist Dr. COM or Fax at As a subscriber, your personal listing is free of charge for the duration of your subscrip- tion. Also, your mail will be forwarded at no cost. Fill out the form on the back of the subscription form. Please note that there is a limit of fifty words for the text. Your ad may be edited for length and for taste. Note that we will only publish Post Office box numbers as part of the ad.

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B Pencil in the name, state prefix, and membership number appearing after the name. Be sure to use pencil so the name can be erased. En- joys current events, music, sailing, photography, wood working. Now retired, somewhat handicapped by spinal arthritis. Enjoy dress- ing at home for relaxation and pleasure. Often invite members to be my guest in a pleasant, suburban home. WM, 57", consid- ered passable. Interested in TV' literature and clothing, es- pecially lingerie. Participant Fan- tasia Fair.

Goes out as Janice shopping, eat- ing at restaurants, visiting other TVs. Makes friends, but is on the quiet side, writes to many other TVs. Need passable room- mate on South Shore or Cape. Lots of clothes, old ham gear, some money, no job, live alone. Like photogra- phy, sailing Hobie Cats, gar- dening, music, living as Judy. Ma, especially Metro- West area. Af- ter such a long time hiding, I am cautiously and slowly coming out.

Would appreci- ate helping words or hand from someone further along the path. Well bal- anced between masculine and feminine, likes to help people, has good shoulders to cry on. I am not interested in sexually obsessive individuals. I am 27, a light drinker, and a non-smoker. I'm involved in psychotherapy for my trans- sexual feelings as well as my abusive childhood. If inter- ested, please write.

Would like to met sup- portive and understanding women. After makeup, and before a wall length mir- ror, I sometimes dress from the skin out in my own per- sonally designed pure silk lin- gerie, and then don a filmy silk dress.

Seeing myself be- come an extremely happy silk-clad woman enables me to attain an incredible sense of peace and joy. Tolerated, but not in her presence. Hob- bies are sailing, camping, hik- ing. Physically fit, 6', size Love heels, earrings and ev- erything in between. Why are women the only ones who can wear skirts? Lauren wears size 12, Genita size 4. We share a great se- lection of accessories and many happy times being un- afraid of ourselves.

Shy, gentle, loves nature, gardening, walking, tennis. Moving to NH shortly. I invite you to join me to share sup- port and friendship. Is the understanding and acceptance of this duality a spiritual path? Single, await the arrival of Prince Charming, ir- respective of his gender. Dressing actively for six years, although this has been a lifelong pursuit. Enjoy regular nights out in New York, Los Angeles and else- where.

Looking to invest more productive days out in support of our community. Dressing more now than ever before and enjoying it. This is my first ad. Still in the closet, enjoy dressing in everything femi- nine. Would like to correspond and meet TGs and GGs. Love dressing at home. Active, like to ski, hike, enjoy dining out and movies. Caring, understand- ing, seeking pre- or post-op TS for potential relationship.

Interested in Sci-Fi, investing, metaphysics, dress- ing up full time like a woman, movies, video. I will try to write more often. Love rock and roll, history, and going out en femme. Member Tiffany Club of New England. Live and work full-time as Pat. Love people, music, and my cat. Licensed Social Worker, can provide counseling for those in transition. Inter- ests are computers, reading, music, gendered people, belly-dancing and all things feminine.

We need cover girls. Lifelong CD with passion for silky lin- gerie, short skirts and heels. Wife tolerant but not support- ive. Travel extensively and would like to make friends with similar interests.

Seeking attractive biological females or trans- sexuals or those on the way who would like to share their feelings, experiences, and in- sight. Willing to trade pictures and possibly meet. New to this lifestyle and looking for friends.

Wife is supportive and understand- ing of TV fascination and de- sires. Interested in meeting other TVs to socialize and meet. Travel throughout New England and am available de- pending on schedule. My in- creased makeup skills and high cheekbones might make me passable were I not terri- fied. Almost no one has ever shared my real self. I need to reach out to some of you wonderful girls and women. Like cooking, Sci-Fi fan- tasy, and travel. Real passion for lingerie, especially bras, panties, teddies, slips, girdles, hosiery and heels.

There are more of us in this neck of the woods than you think. Come out wherever you are. Dressing since early teens. Not very passable, but enjoy being dressed. Looking for pen pals to share experi- ences.

I love to shop especially for lingerie and shoes. Enjoy total makeovers and ready to take strides in heels, hose, and womany disguise. En- joys dressing as a female, meeting TVs and especially females for girl talk, etc. Others say that I pass very well.

Would appreciate photo with first letter — which I will re- turn. Inter- ested in sports, good food, reading. En- joy cross country skiing, mu- sic, theater, and travel.

Friday, December 31, 5D ycaF-old BiBF 5 8 Attractive While Couple. H.'. P n s H:rn jji; n-.f Free voice greeting Free 5-line print ad Free. They also include men attempting to get in touch with their “feminine” side; Up to now, there has never been a publication designed to serve all those who are transgendered. ALICIA T. (MA-P-MK ) SWM CD, 5'5", , . “Seeking serious long-term relationship with single easy-going men or bi- TV. voice Greeting Free 5-line print ad free Message Retrieval SWM, 60, brownrohs. Pure pleaaure- Mature, ambi-tloua college atudent seeking.