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Swm 44 shooting North Augusta seeks a woman

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Swm 44 shooting North Augusta seeks a woman

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I want you to come meet me wearing nothing but a dress and high heels. Simply a way to pay it forward, help peoples with various farming, building other needs they may have. I'm single, no children, work and like having a good time. What I offer can be strictly professional or we can open the door for some other options. You should be able to host as I cannot.

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Swm 44 shooting North Augusta seeks a woman

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You didnt even pay me. I can teach you spanish, I can teach you play guitar.

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Introducing the only daily nonstop jet service from Augusta to Houston. Starting March 2, you can fly the only nonstop jet service from Augusta to Houston. From there, you can connect to over destinations worldwide, including 19 cities in Mexico. To register for the double OnePass mile offer, visit continental. Flights operated by ExpressJet Airlines, Inc.

Long distance is extra. Expanded basic cable service required with intronet offer. Complete Coverage of the Georgia Legislative Session A Whole Lot of Horse Racing Editorial coverage includes ar ts, local issues, news, enter tainment, people, places and events. In our paper appear views from across the political and social spectrum. The views do not necessarily represent the views of the publishers. Visit us at www. Reproduction or use without permission is prohibited.

Box , Augusta, Ga. Lay off the color-coded terrorism alerts. I mean, they do have an upside to them. Was there not one person in the U. This is in regard to Richmond County schools teaching Spanish, which is wrong: They are there to teach proper English.

You should teach Spanish kids and any other kind of foreigners proper English, not the other way around.

Let me tell you something: Our children need to be reminded of our importance. Even though a business has a cleaner come in to do the big cleaning, the employees should clean up after themselves when they spill something or make a big mess and not wait for someone else to do it for them.

This is plain lazy and childish. One of his first acts was to hold an appreciation dinner for all the various boards and their spouses at the Pavilion. Belair Road have four, three, two or zero lanes? Do you want to use your lifeline? What is your final answer? Incidentally, no waffles will be accepted! Limp Bizkit has been very popular for years by putting out songs with lyrics such as: I could understand that if you just wanted to comment on how violence has gotten out of hand in music today, but to blame it all on one genre of music is ignorant.

We could fill a hot-air bal-. Thumbs Up Thank God Augusta Regional Airport now has a flight going somewhere in direct fashion, other than to Atlanta to get on another plane.

This week marked the. Thumbs Down The atmosphere inside the Richmond County jail seems little different than that of a strip club, judging from recent reports that one male jailer had oral sex with a female inmate and others allegedly snuck peaks at her showing her breasts. This is an inmate, by the way, who happens to be charged with playing a part in the murder of a year-.

Sheriff Ronnie Strength acted swiftly to curtail the activity one of the officers has already been fired , but even though the inmate was in a special medical ward, the question still remains: Why are male jailers allowed anywhere near female inmates — and vice-versa — in the first place?

That can only spell trouble. Then the next week they show you all of the things they bought on a shopping spree. When Phil Kent appeared as a guest on his show last month, I knew Donahue was scraping the bottom of a barrel. Did Donahue really think Kent would boost his TV ratings?

Kent will now have to find another TV talk show to fulfill his fat ego. I am a woman and I understand that women want the right of equality. I was both pleased and annoyed by your article on abortion in Augusta. Just reading about the everyday effects of having an abortion was scary without any mention of the possible physical risks to the mother along with STDs. I was bothered by the first case the story addressed.

I think a third-case story would. All you have to do is find someone who was adopted to know that stopping their life because it would inconvenience ours is a tragedy.

Yes, there is a major problem with promiscuous sex in this country, but why should the children be the ones to face the fire for it? If the Augusta police would pry their butts off the stools at the local doughnut shops and check out the Calhoun Expressway on any given Sunday between the hours of 4 and 6 p. You know I read your whines every week and I get so tired of reading about Austin Rhodes. I am sure you have enough education to change the channel.

I remember reading a while back when everybody was griping about South Carolina drivers, and you people wrote an article in your paper saying that you were not going to print any more whines about them.

Is there nothing else to gripe about out there? And Norwood wonders why the local party is flat on its back?

Give it a few years, and the state Republican Party will follow suit! Tune in Monday, March 17, at 8: March 11 Registration and dinner: March 20 Registration and dinner: Both of the above programs will be held in University Hospital dining rooms University Hospital Levi W.

April 26 8 a. Warren Baptist Church, Washington Road Learn more about the unique you as you traverse the emotional, physical and spiritual journey of life.

This event, sponsored by University Community Education and Seniors Club, focuses on wellness and heart health for all women in the community. Festivities will include door prizes, lunch, a fashion show and much more. Attendance is limited to Reservations are required and will be taken after March In observance, read further to know how you can prevent colorectal cancer.

If your Colon and Rectal Suregon mother, father, brother or sister has had the disease or you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, screenings should begin earlier.

These tests can detect problems long before symptoms occur and greatly increase your chances for survival. Watch for these symptoms: Follow these prevention guidelines: Regular exercise is particularly important, as it may cut your risk for colon cancer in half.

Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise almost every day. Your resource for healthy living. Every Thursday except the last Thursday of the month March 6, 13, 20 p. They are invited to come back in March for this one-hour dinner program on either March 17 or March 31 in which the results of the HRA will be given to them. Registration and buffet dinner: Senior Club members only: Breast Self-exam Classes March 10 5 p. Cesarean Section March 10 p. The Forget-Me-Not Her four hand engraved petals reach for the morning sun The Forget-Me-Not will accommodate a center diamond from.

Augusta National, in its refusal to admit women members, has now found itself saddled with the strange bedfellow and ally, the historically vicious and segregationist KKK. This issue does affect everyone. Those hiding behind their so-called cleanwhite sheet robes and masks are laughing it up. Because the media took the bait. As soon as this inkling of information hit the wire, they could not wait to get it on the local airwaves.

I like to watch the news on Channel 12, but I have been annoyed lately when they show the weather forecast—or should I say not shown it. Many times when the five-day forecast appears, it disappears before I can finish reading it!

This has happened a lot lately. Why would Columbia County taxpayers want to buy into a regional arena built in Richmond County? Listen up citizens of the CSRA: If you are one of. Those of us who take care of our pets are tired of your ignorant, inhuman and selfish behavior. These people in fast-food restaurants are scratching themselves all over their bodies, then handling your hamburgers and buns, lettuce and tomatoes.

Somebody needs address this issue.

Metro Spirit by Metro Spirit - Issuu

It is life or death this year. The Challenges Continue While the airport obviously has some challenges ahead, at least Augustans can feel good about playing a major role in. The money is definitely coming. Family Health Fair Saturday, March 15 8 a. Nothing is more important than your health— and the keys to staying healthy are prevention and education.

Today just proves, this is a can-do community. We will offer screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density, vision, hearing, glaucoma, diabetes and more. Plus, health professionals will be available. With sales of 16 million copies, the record is now tied with releases by Boston and Alanis Morisette as the best-selling debut album of all time. But trends in pop music are notoriously fleeting. As far as the critics were concerned, the breezy lyrics and pop-rock guitar sounds of Hootie smacked just as much of mediapackaged hype as Britney Spears would a few years later.

Unlike teen-pop sensations, who are. But now Hootie is back: I mean this is us; this is where we are; this is what we do. All four members of continued on page Our loans are anything but Our loans are custom-designed to suit your needs and goals, and yours alone.

I just want to put the record out and hit the road and be Hootie and the Blowfish again. Rucker say it worked out well. But this was like playing, like playing a show — just playing. One of the biggest changes Hootie has made as it stages its comeback is parting with longtime manager Rusty Harmon and signing up with Doc McGee, who has managed the careers of Kiss, Diana Ross and Bon Jovi, among others.

Bryan says that bringing in McGee has helped the band relax about the pressures of the music industry. The song, a collaborative effort among the whole band, was one of many songs that were considered for the album, but it was initially rejected. He built it together as if it were. But he did a great arrangement for it.

He made us realize that the song could work. And one year later, it had hit 5 million. Now, 17 years after they first started making music — and nine years after the world discovered it — the band has finally learned to set its own pace. As for the fans, all Hootie can do is run the best race they can and hope that people are still interested in watching it. Les and Lorna and their staff do their best to make everyone feel comfortable, like family, so they have a good time and will come back often.

Les and I think about lots of our previous employees often and wonder what they are doing these days. Others have even chosen to remain in the food industry as caterers and chefs. All of their employees, past and present, have made their mark on the deli by adding their own personal touches in one. One employee even worked there for 11 years. Les and Lorna will always consider them part of their deli family.

There are a multitude of customers that Les and Lorna consider family as well, some of whom have been coming in for most of the 15 years that the deli has been in existence. Others are newer friends. They have watched the children of regular customers grow up — and some of those children have even gone to work for them.

It really is a neighborhood pub, where you can get good food and drinks, see lots of friends and family, be comfortable, and not spend a fortune. They are open Monday through Thursday from 11 a. As public relations person for Dogwood Stables, part of her duty is to attend these races, snapping photographs and documenting the event. There is a great deal of tradition involved in attending the races.

At the Trials, held at the Aiken Training Track, people will park their vehicles by the rails and socialize before the races commence. Fanfare is the order of the day. There is a parade of carriages and all kinds of fun to be had. But how did all this start? Howell said that, once upon a time, Aiken was the playground of wealthy Northerners. Those are the flat races, the ones that you probably think about whenever the term horse race comes up.

A mess of horses run around a circular track and whomever gets to the finish line first wins. These horses run on grass, not a hard track like the flat racers, and they also have obstacles to jump. It was inevitable that they would get the bug to race them. The Trials, she said, are a very special kind of flat race. It gives the horses a taste of what is to come. Works out well for the riders too.

The schedule is not as rigorous either. In fact, she added, a lot of Thoroughbreds that flunk out of flat racing take right to the steeplechase, she said. Because of that, these horses tend to be a bit older than the flat racers.

People play football, walk around the field. Owners will hold catered affairs. There are even vendors. Howell describes them as long-legged animals, courser, with less-refined heads.

His wife Janice hitched a horse to a sulky, or racing carriage, as he talked. He pointed out how she actually had her hands on the horse, even though she was an owner. The payoff for the Standardbred owner comes day by day, he said, when he sees one of his animals progressing. As for the horses themselves, he said, the main differences are in the gait and toughness. The Standardbred, on the other hand, either trots or paces. And those gaits are no accident.

A pacer moves its left legs, then its right legs. Shoeing also enhances the gait. Trotters, he said, get heavy shoes in front and light shoes behind. A pacer gets the opposite. There are other differences too, he said, between the two breeds of horse.

Standardbreds, he said, are tougher. Dolly Bostwick, whose uncle Dunbar built the track in , once asked him how he trained his Standardbreds. He proceeded to tell her, but then she stopped him. There are also differences in the types of investment that each horse is good for. Instead of moving the furniture we would rather offer it to you first at substantial Savings.

Speaking of finances, there was a note on money and the harness race that McGhee felt it important for the general public to know: We charge nothing for putting this thing on.

Young men back then liked to take out their best girl for rides, and when they came to stop lights, he said, they often came upon other young men out with their best girls.

Their eyes would meet and a challenge would be given. Inevitably, a contest would ensue, to see who could go the fastest. In fact, he said, he is positive it still happens today. The competition is in the mind of the young person. By the s, the article goes on to say, the training center had a reputation as a training ground for champions.

Take Me Out to the Races. The Aiken Trials March 15, Sponsor: The Aiken Jaycees Post Time: Those are available at the Aiken Chamber of Commerce. The Aiken Steeplechase March 22, Sponsor: Aiken Steeplechase Association Post Time: Includes two tickets and parking on the rail. Monday through Friday, 10 a. Gates open 10 a. Children under 6 free. No tents first and second rows. Call for info.

Students of all ages and experience levels welcome. Send resumes to EternalNothing hotmail. Professional and amateur ar tists from throughout Georgia are welcome to submit designs for consideration. Deadline for submissions is March For more information, call or visit the Cow Parade Atlanta Web site at www. Auditions held May 3. Call to schedule an audition appointment.

Interested par ties should contact Ben Easter, or e-mail bandforaugusta aol. Held at Mar tintown Road in Nor th Augusta. Contact Mildred Blain at or Mary Norman at Intermediate class is March 15, For registration information, call To apply, call or e-mail ghia ghia. Classes and workshops are open to toddlers through adults and feature instruction in drawing, painting, photography, pot tery, weaving and sculpture.

For a newslet ter or detailed information on registering for classes at the Ger trude Herber t, call The Ar t Factory also has a homeschool program and scholarships are available. Spring session runs March May 24, and includes voice lesson and pantomime workshops, as well as classes in dance, theater, music, visual ar ts and writing.

Call for details. Fees include one class per week and students can. An ar tist reception is planned for March 9, p. The public is welcome to at tend. For more information, call Exhibit opening is March 7, 6: Open to the public and free of charge; however, donations to the Walton Foundation Fund will be accepted. For information, call Call the Fine Ar ts Depar tment at for details.

Walkthrough and reception will be held at 2 p. For information, call or For information, contact the Fine Ar ts Depar tment at Call for more information. For information, call the museum at For more information, visit www. The exhibit is at the Augusta Museum of History and runs through March 8. Call the museum at for more information. For more information or to purchase tickets, call No par tners are needed and newcomers are welcome.

Line and circle dances are taught. For location information, call Contact Melvis Lovet t, , or Jean Avery, , for information. Weeks Center in Aiken. Call for registration information. Intermediate classes run April June Half-price admission daily af ter 3 p. Call , or visit their Web site at www. M E Sunday at 4 p.

Men are especially encouraged to R at tend. For information, phone or Governor James Henry Hammond, held by the family for three generations until Hours are 9 a. House tours are noon-3 p. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Admission to the grounds is free. Held at Westside High School. For more information, contact Doris Heath, Orchestra March 15, 8 p. Preview begins at 7 p. March 16 per formance begins at 3 p. For tickets and information, phone the Augusta Choral Society at or the Augusta Symphony at Tables of may be reserved. For tickets, contact Marilyn Levy at or or Marcia Bogo at Lecture, garden par ty and book signing begin at 2 p.

Only tickets are available for this all-ages show, and the per formance will be recorded for an upcoming Big Mighty release. The Tellers of Two Cities present a Saturday morning spring story telling series at For information, contact the Morris Museum of ar t at Per formed in Italian with English super titles.

For tickets, call Call , ex t. Sa xophonist Wayne Hoey is the special guest per former. There is no admission charge, but a love of fering will be accepted. Call for information. For ticket information, phone First Friday at Lokal Loudness features a display of local music photography by Jeff Miles, as well as an acoustic jam, remote broadcast with 95 Rock and paintings and performance by Billy S.

To purchase tickets, visit www. All performances in the concer t series held at noon at St. March 18, Kari Gaf fney and Jef f Williams. All are welcome and drums will be available to rent. For info, phone the Not Gaddy Drumming Studio, Call the box of fice at for information. Per formances are March and Friday and Saturday per formances are at 8 p. Free for ASU faculty and students and museum members. For reservations, call Ar t classes, workshops and other educational programming for children, youth and adults are held in the Walker-Mackenzie Studio.

Call for more info. The museum also shows films in the History Theatre and hosts a variety of programs. Located at Reynolds Street. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a. Free admission on Sundays. Call or visit www. To reserve tickets, or for more information, contact Linda Banister, , or Leza Wetherington, Original and period antiques, restored house, kitchen and carriage house.

Tours available; groups of 10 or more by appointment only. Call the box of fice at Available for rent for a variety of functions. Group discount rates available. Closed Mondays; open from 9 a. Sundays are two for one with a Super Sunday coupon. Annual garden memberships are available. Call or Also, visit their Web site at www. Closed on Mondays and major holidays. Children and adults alike can immerse themselves in the wonders of science through live demonstrations, vir tual realities, Starlab, KidScape and more than hands-on exhibits.

Weeks Center in Aiken has organized a bus trip that leaves the center at 1 p. Registration is required by March Located at N. Louisville Street in downtown Harlem. We Fit Them All. Platinum Force Unlike other upright vacuums which draw dirt in at one side of the vacuum nozzle, the Platinum Force draws dirt into the center of the nozzle which means the dirt has a shorter distance to travel from your carpet to the bag.

For more info, call Call AARF at or visit www. Call the shelter at Augusta-Richmond County Animal Control holds low-cost rabies vaccination clinics the four th Sunday of every month for privately owned pets. Dogs must be on a leash and cats in a carrier. Puppies and kit tens must be three months old and current for all vaccinations. Schedule subject to change, so please call to verify dates and times.

Classes available, sterling silver, hand blown glass beads and much more! Springtime Made in the South comes to the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center March and features fine art, jewelry, spring florals, garden accessories and more. For more information, call , visit www. Open to the public, ages 16 and up. Command Sergeant Major Michele S. Jones of the U. Army Reserve will speak. Free and open to the public. For information, call the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce at All readings are free and open to the public.

Held from p. The fair features live enter tainment by The Tams and local musicians, street per formers, family fun, a hot dog eating contest and more. Tickets are currently on sale at the H. Weeks Center and are also available at the gate the day of the fair. All levels of play are welcome; bring a board. Fine ar t, pot tery, stained glass, jewelry, spring florals, decorative garden accessories and more will be on display.

For more information, call the Civic Center box of fice at For more information, contact the Muslim Community Center of Augusta at Open to qualified rising high school seniors and pre-college freshmen interested in pursing a healthcare career. Project par ticipants must be potential first-generation college students enrolled in high school in Richmond County and meet the U. Order online at www. Admission to all Cullum events is free. March 18 features the Crossing the Border Festival from 10 a.

For more information, call the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce at For detailed information, call or visit sxsw. Contact Evelyn Hanes, Optional British pub-style menu offered one hour and fif teen minutes before the show. For information, visit www. The festival runs through March 9. For tickets and information, call FEST. Picturing the Self in Self-Taught Ar t. Images of the American South, Call HIGH or visit www. Shows are March at Cumberland Galleria in Atlanta.

This exhibition marks the first time since the Orsay opened that pieces in its collection have traveled to the U. PAIGN will be accepted from nonprofit, human health and welfare agencies with c 3 ta x-exempt status through April Selected local agencies will receive donations raised Sept. For applications, call or e-mail bend uwcsra.

Walk begins at 8 a. A balloon release and candle lighting will also be par t of the event. All ages may par ticipate. Call Kim Gaines at for information.

Registration is at 8 a. Event is March 8, 7 p. The Parrot Heads of the Savannah River and the Augusta Lynx team up to of fer live enter tainment, raf fles and jersey auctions af ter the March 14 and 15 Lynx games. For ticket information, contact Tim or Doug at Held March 8, 7 p. To reserve tickets, call Dinner and music will be featured.

All proceeds benefit the Homeless Day Center. Contact Gerry Oliver at Donations accepted during regular business hours, Tues. Dress for event is black tie optional. For more information, contact Sherrell Gay at sherrellgay at t.

The blood center is urging people of all blood types to donate in order to combat a blood supply shor tage. For detailed information on locations and times to donate, visit www. You may also call Susan Edwards at for information on Aiken locations and Nancy Szocinski at for information on all other locations.

The bloodmobile will also stop at various area locations this week. Star ting Your Own Business March 18, 6: Also, ASU offers online courses. For more information, call or visit www. Aiken Tech also offers Education to Go classes online.

For more information or to register, call , ex t. If you want to stop using any drugs, there is a way out. Help is available at no cost. Call 6 the Narcotics Anonymous help line for information and meet2 ing schedules at Open to all ages, but those 6 and under must have a paying adult with them at the class. To enroll, call , ext. To make reservations, call Intermediate class is held March May Debt Free Living, Computer Courses and more.

Call the Office of Continuing Education at Class is one session. To register, call Call for class schedule. Project Link provides educational resources and guidance for families who have children with developmental delays, disabilities and other specialized health concerns. Free and open to the public; takes place from 6: Suppor t groups and health screenings are also offered. You are invited… Time: M E vaccines, dental and vision care and is available to pregnant T women of all ages and to children through age Many different courses are offered.

Free anonymous testing, pre- and post-test counseling and education. Center in Daniel Village Plaza. Mats are provided, but bring a towel and a water bot tle. Those 16 years of age and older with a valid Georgia Hunter Safety card or its equivalent may apply for the drawing through March For information, contact Ken Boyd, Services include Pap smear, breast exam and the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmit ted diseases.

For more info or an appointment, call the St. Vincent dePaul Health Center at March 15 Aiken Trials post time is 2 p. Children 6 and under admit ted free. March 22 Aiken Steeplechase post time is 1 p. Children 6 and under free. Contact the Steeplechase Association for more information at March 29 Aiken Harness Race post time is 1 p. For information, contact the Aiken Chamber of Commerce, Course topics include Lamaze, breast feeding, parenting and grandparenting.

Par tners will learn positive suppor t techniques. There are also programs designed to help older siblings adjust to new family members. Some classes are free, while others require a fee. Registration is required by calling Youth ages and their parents are encouraged to at tend. Free to the public. Held March 8, 10 a. Anna Family Life Center in Aiken. For info, call or Coed recreational leagues open to players 16 years of age and older, of all skill levels.

Games are played Mondays and Wednesdays, p. Call or visit thefamilyy. Bring a picnic dinner. Registration is required; call the library at Held at 2 p. Bring a blanket or chair and snacks. Rain location is the H. Open to kids years old; parental supervision is required for the duration of the event. Open to kids ages Local media personality-turned-photographer Laurie Lockliear will display some of her works at A Silver Lining, beginning First Friday and running through the end of March.

Call to make arrangements. A variety of programs will be of fered. Services include van pick-up at select schools, evening drop-of f, homework room and hot evening meal. Open to girls in kindergar ten through high school. Af ter-school program of fered 2: In addition, there is a tour of the museum. Deadline for reservations is March Held March 7, 8: To register, call , ex t.

Free; registration is not required. Free; persons over 50 have priority. Free; call for information. Activities and care available at the adult day center, and homecare is available as well. Held March 8 at the H. Weeks Activities Center in Aiken. Profits suppor t high school track programs. Fees and rosters are due March 25 and league play begins in April. For more information, contact Jason Burke at Open to adults 18 and older. Fees and rosters due March 18; play begins April Teams available for women and men; no experience necessary.

Practice is Tuesday and Thursday nights, 79 p. For more information, call Don Zuehlke, , or e-mail augustar fc yahoo. You may also visit www. Boys and girls ages are eligible. March , 19, , 25, 28 and For tickets, call the Lynx ticket office at Home games at Lake Olmstead Stadium. Tickets available at www. Open to the public at no charge Call or visit www. For more information, please contact Cassandra Reed at or kodfoundation aol. Help is needed year-round.

If you are able to lift 25 pounds and would like to help fight hunger in the Augusta area, contact Laurie Roper at , ext. Duties include opening and closing the Hall of Fame, greeting visitors and providing information about museum exhibits.

Call Lisa Hall, for information. To volunteer, contact the Senior Citizens Council at For those in need of home-delivered meals, call or toll free at New volunteer orientation is scheduled the first Saturday of each month at 1 p. Schedule subject to change; call to verify dates and times. Call PETS for more info. To donate call , or Writers in need of a support group are invited to attend; please bring six copies of a manuscript to be critiqued.

For information, contact Lela Turnbull at Beginning in April, the club is planning on holding monthly meetings at Borders on a Tuesday evening. Those interested in joining are advised to page Marian at for details. Prisms is not a dating service, but will provide a casual, comfor table atmosphere for singles to get together, as well as outings and meetings.

For more information, call the Marvin Methodist Church office at Please use the back entrance. For information, contact Kenny Stacy, Approach is a spiritual one. Held ever y Thursday night. For information, contact Sarah Barnes, Learn how to understand addiction and how to exercise tough love with those you care about. Call Sarah Barnes, , for info. Call and leave first name and phone number; a confidential reply is assured.

The group is a business networking group designed to give and receive referrals. For more information or to join, call Barbara Crenshaw, Call Gale Kan, Public Service announcements are listed in this section without charge at the discretion of the editor. Announcements must be received by Monday at noon and will be included as space permits. Box , Augusta, GA or fax Listings cannot be taken over the phone.

There is a lot going on in the play which will require a highenergy approach. There is so much going on, in fact, that Genevie is not very worried that he will drop a spoiler while talking about the play. That, of course, does not help the hero with his writing problem. He does become inspired, however: He and his wife will kill the playwright and steal the play. Things are, apparently, not what they seem. There is a nosey psychic popping in from next door who is no wiser than anyone else about what is the truth and what is carefully constructed deceit.

Aside from that, it, too, is a comic mystery. It is the classic thriller, according to http: A juicy murder in Act One, unexpected developments in Act Two. Sound construction, good dialogue, laughs in the right places. Vicki Butler, played by Maureen Webb, is the daughter. Genevie is enthusiastic, not only about the double entendre gags, but about how the play itself was crafted.

Nothing like the comic opportunities provided when you have a dead body lying around, getting in the way. You have to actually do something with it. Of course, when the scene no longer calls for a dead body, you have to figure out what to do with the live actor as well. That might understandably put someone into a certain frame of mind. As he spoke it became apparent in his voice that Genevie found the play a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the director is soon informed that the victim has indeed expired.

After that, things get a little convoluted. There is animosity between the actors; the director has problems with different people. Definitely a recipe for a The director — our real-life director, Genevie — anticipates that audiences will enjoy this new little gem.

Keep your eyes open for that one in April. The play runs March 78, and at 8 p. There are 3 p. Saturday matinees on March 8 and Like our own Imperial Theatre, Abbeville is a historic building, which has been updated and refurbished with reupholstered seats and new carpeting.

They even have a new ropes-and-sandbag rigging system. The theatre operates 36 weekends a year, with a roster filled with works from all genres. For more information about Abbeville Opera House, visit www. Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi wrote it in memory of the novelist and poet Alessandro Manzoni, who died suddenly at the age of 88, and for whom he felt a great deal of admiration. It will take the Augusta Symphony and the Augusta Choral Society and a contingent of soloists to pull off the well-known masterpiece.

There will be nearly performers onstage at one time. And to do that piece you need a large chorus. This will probably take up every bit of space at ASU.

There are 44 strings I would say close to They use some off-stage trumpets too. He elaborated a bit on what his job entails. We asked about the visual experience inherent in having so many people onstage. Portnoy said that the visual experience is inherent in any musical performance. You may find yourself watching the conductor, or maybe at the soloist.

And note the body language of the performers. Portnoy says it makes a difference in the quality of the performance. The singers in concert dress. I think it will be a lovely visual experience. Plus the four soloists in front of the orchestra. When they sing they have to get up. The performance will take place Saturday, March 15 at 8 p. One hour before each concert, Dr. William Dolen of Augusta Choral Society will present a free preview lecture.

Ask about Sunday afternoon group discounts, which run percent. For tickets, contact the Symphony office at by phone, by fax, or email donnabranch augustasymphony. The woman of his dreams, however, turns out to be a prison inmate Queen Latifah , who subsequently breaks out of jail to be with him.

Mostly in wonder ful suits, his hair shining like creased silver, Gere is having the best time of his movie life, singing and tapdancing and lording over women with rakish snaz. For cash and headlines, Flynn will help guilty women beat the law.

It tops of f at the Chicago Theater, and the old show palace looks delighted. Fait realizes his only chance to get his daughter back is to team up. Daredevil PG — Ben Af fleck as Mat t Murdock is another lonely "tormented" orphan whose only therapy is a revenge quest that pretends to be a moral, city-saving crusade. His boxing father David Keith came to a brutal end not long af ter the sensitive boy was blinded by a chemical spill.

Now his other senses are "heightened," which somehow gives Daredevil immense strength and the talent to leap great distances.

Colin Farrell plays enemy Bullseye, who loves hurling sharp objects at people's throats. The hero's fem interest is Elek tra Jennifer Garner. There is immense Michael Clarke Duncan as bad guy Kingpin.

We want to believe that corporate Hollywood can evolve beyond this form of serial constipation, so full of action, but with nothing truly human moving. Keough Scot t Speedman is the rookie par tner. Perry is a racist boozer prone to habitual gun use. Keough is dazzled by his bazooka verbiage and cocky authority, and by his groove with the twisted white men who treat the LAPD as a personal fiefdom. As a jury deliberates the Rodney King beating case and the city faces breakdown, the small, nasty games continue.

Brendan Gleeson is the top racist, a bullhorn who boasts, "I am a per former of unpleasant tasks. Few films have shown such contempt for a city or a police force. Gleeson's vile cynicism is summed up by his clima x eruption, " Bleep L. The boy is threatened by a centuries-old evil, a force that served as the. The guys, desperate to stop her nagging and shut her up for good, hope that the right man will do the trick.

The results of the experiment come as a surprise to everyone. His chest hair is superb, his voice remains Bondaceous. But he looks peaked, and we imagine he found time to remember when acting meant, well, acting.

Not just pulverizing glass, plunging through ice, brandishing absurd weapons and making limp jokes. True to its Cold War roots, the series reaches for one more rot ten Commie enemy. So bring on dear old Nor th Korea. A Pyongyang lunatic has found the resources, via diamonds, to create a satellite sun called Icarus, to burn or blind the dumb Yanks, the snot t y Brits and the greedy South Korean stooges.

We recall Conner y, and old plots that, however abundantly silly, were adventurous larks and not just plastic shelves for hardware display. Gradually, his drumming skills help the other students warm up to him. The simple story is how Rabbit motorizes his mouth, confirming the "genius" proclaimed by pal and club emcee Future Mekhi Phifer.

As a buzzer, it has juice. Thanks to Eminem and the rising rap momentum, "8 Mile" is engrossing. In this urban, if not urbane, fantasy, the hero takes a bad beating, gets up and goes to work, interrupts work to wow everyone at the hip-hop club, then returns to work af ter a verbal outlay that would have put even Winston Churchill in bed for days.

Kimberly, driving a group of friends to Florida, has a premonition that helps them avoid being caught in a fatal freeway pileup.

Ali Lar ter, A. Cook, Michael Landes, T. Friday After Next R — This is the third film in the "Friday" series and features the same people, places and pals highlighted in the first two. In this minute epic, Lee is sidelined by Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson, played by Stephen Lang not as a stone wall but a statue-in-progress.

The Nor therners ex ist mostly to die, like dutiful blue ants. It's like an old histor y cyclorama "brought to life" with a mi x ture of wa x, starch and pulped hymnals. The main audience will clearly be militar y buf fs, armchair warriors and reenactors. For them, here is a devotional of death, inferior to "Get t ysburg" and, of course, a vir tual cartoon of the war in its true and aw ful glor y.

Snape Alan Rickman and Prof. Jason Isaacs should be given more time as Lucius, the evil, white-maned father of snob Draco Malfoy. There is a sense of a grand machine greased, sometimes grinding. The "chamber of secrets" is less an exciting myster y at the center than a device to car t the bulk y saga for ward. In the course of trying to get back to her true self, the popular teen discovers just how shallow she is. The Hours PG — The story begins with Virginia Woolf Nicole Kidman taking her famous last walk into a river, af ter put ting a big stone in her coat pocket.

The movie keeps piling stones. Woolf's creation of "Mrs. Dalloway" and her much later final weeks with devotedly desperate husband Leonard Stephen Dillane are intercut with suf fering Woolfian women in two stories. The conception is all of a piece, organically imagined. It sends out tendrils of dark feeling about life and dying, ar t and love and transience.

The FBI is treating the incident as a hate crime. Published October 27, at 8: Local woman harassed at Walmart; posts video on Facebook that gets attention A woman posted a Facebook video of her and her mother being verbally attacked in Walmart, and it went viral in our community.

Published October 26, at 9: Suspect in package bombs charged with 5 federal crimes, faces up to 58 years in prison The suspect arrested in a mass package bomb plot is charged with five federal crimes that could put him away for up to 58 years.

Published October 26, at 5: Published October 26, at 4: Suspects in Aiken shooting turn themselves in An Aiken teen has been arrested in connection to a shooting on Nancy Ln. Police are still searching for 2 others. Published October 26, at 3: Financial experts give tips on how to use loyalty and rewards programs to save on travel. Apartment floor collapses leaving 30 injured near Clemson University.

Calls to immediately after Melquan Robinson, Jr. Vietnam veteran receives Medal of Honor, nation's highest military honor. Senator Heidi Heitkamp apologizes amid sexual assault ad controversy. Published October 26, at 2: Published October 25, at Manhunt ramps up for package bomber amid more scares, including at Feinstein office The evacuation Thursday evening at the Time Warner Center, where CNN is located, appeared to be precautionary.

The package found at Feinstein's office was a false alarm. Published October 25, at 9: There was a wide variety of both skillsets and jobs, making the event a success. RCSO is no stranger to suspicious packages.

Here's what you should look out for. October 25 October Investigator in charge of inspecting gaming machines falsified reports Lt. Elim faces three felony charges for falsifying gaming machine inspection reports. Burkburnett, TX man arrested after baby tests positive for meth A man is behind bars after a one-year-old tested positive for meth in Wichita Co. Man wanted for attempted purse snatching in Augusta The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is searching for an attempted purse-snatching suspect in Augusta.

Published October 25, at 7: Published October 25, at 1: Published October 24, at Published October 24, at 9: Mayor Gary Jones' social media announcement about housing sex offenders at city hall has gone viral. Published October 24, at 6: Naked man seen walking on highway in Augusta Drivers in Augusta were met with an unusual sight Wednesday morning: Two people shot in South Augusta, suspected shooter in custody Two people were injured in a shooting in South Augusta Tuesday night and now, the suspected shooter is in custody.

Published October 24, at 1: Richmond County Lieutenant arrested over discrepancies in gambling machine inspection A Lieutenant with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office has been arrested over discrepancies in his inspection of electronic gambling machines in the county.

Trump struggles for a plan should the migrant caravan arrive Trump said he had alerted Border Patrol and the military and called for a change in laws, and said that people of Middle Eastern descent had joined the group. He later acknowledged that his claim was only a hunch.

Published October 24, at 7: Published October 24, at 5: Published October 24, at 4: Published October 24, at 2: Published October 23, at 5: Man wanted for questioning in Augusta forgery case The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is searching for a man wanted for questioning in a forgery case. Published October 23, at 4: Two families displaced, dog severely burned in fire Crews are on the scene of a house fire on Owens Rd. Published October 23, at Migrants pause to honor dead man, rest, still far from US The caravan, estimated to include more than 7, people, had advanced about 45 miles since crossing the border from Guatemala, and still faced more than 1, miles, and likely much further, to the end of the journey.

Published October 23, at 9: Tips for safely heating your home Experts offer tips on how to safely heat your home this fall and winter. Published October 23, at 7: Published October 23, at 6: Couple accused of keeping child locked in basement for months Police say the couple was arrested following a month-long investigation into the situation, which was brought to their attention by the child. Suspect in Blue Ridge Dr. Published October 22, at 9: Weather on the Road: Published October 22, at 6: Georgia-Carolina State Fair wraps up 96th year The fair had 9 fun-filled days, despite rumors of closing early.

Published October 21, at 4: Girl, 9, whose family fought to keep her on life support dies at Texas hospital The 9-year-old suffered cardiac arrest in late September and was admitted to the hospital, where she was declared brain dead and placed on a ventilator.

Published October 21, at 3:

Greater North Augusta Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Terra Carroll wants North Augusta to become the cyber hub in South Carolina. On Oct. 2 high school. Updated Sep 27 at PM An Edgefield County woman was struck and killed on Tuesday morning while walking on Long Cane Road. According to. Augusta, as we shall see, was founded in the 3'ear , and a very active and .. Isabella Madison, the wife of Nathaniel Abney, was a great and wise woman, It had fallen to the lot of his 44 HISTORY OF EDGEFIELD. friend Jackson to men and women from the North to seek and find situations here as teachers. Aiken man charged in stepfather's murder after being extradited from An Aiken woman was charged Tuesday in connection to a child abuse . Students could move into new classrooms at North Augusta High in the new year. North Augusta City Council to discuss Riverside Village finance, CPST IV and . /