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Stormy brunette at gueros last saturday

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Stormy brunette at gueros last saturday

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Gueos am looking to experience real pain. If your interested in being my new sub put ( SUB) in the subject line so i know your real MUST HAVE PICS and tell the master why you want to be his sub so lets play your new master is Stormy brunette at gueros last saturday. M4w My friend and I are down here from Los Angeles and are seeking for some chill people to kick it with. Gentleman seeking for a little fun with a 1 man female, that includes oral and straight sex with an older gentleman; FWB or NSA.

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Stormy brunette at gueros last saturday

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I'm a single, 54 years of age white male. I'm on the bigger side so hopefully you'll Stormy brunette at gueros last saturday bigger boobies than yours truly. We both brunete glasses.

I am 6'2, 200lesbi, brown hair and blue eyes. You should join me m4w Not seeking for anything serious, just having fun for awhile.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Girl in Progress In a recent conversation with the native Mexican actor, writer and director, he reveals he went into the role with a misconception of Jennifer Garner. Riggen Reenacts Devastating Chilean Mining Collapse Mexican director Patricia Riggen makes a curious departure with her third feature, The 33 , a studio backed reenactment of the infamous Chilean mining collapse projected worldwide by the media.

The world watched in eerie anticipation as thirty-three men waited patiently to be excavated from the bowels of the earth, stuck for an astounding sixty-nine days together in a mining shelter reservoir with a space allotted for thirty. It was one of the most notable world news headlines in , and with all of the men eventually brought to safety in mid-October, they also provided inspiration for Halloween group themed costumes everywhere. If such a move was moderately silly or tactless at the time, this Hollywood treatment seems equally exploitative as it mines for thrills akin to the glut of disaster themed studio extravaganzas of the s.

Riggen seems committed to humanizing these. Chicago — When a disaster strikes, often the most unlikely people will become the primary responders. The film goes deep inside the event, and is directed with due respect by Patricia Riggen. Riggen was born in Mexico, and initially studied journalism, until completing her Masters degree in directing and screenwriting at Columbia University in New York City.

The disagreements are still rumbling along in the background, even as the film is unveiled: While the release of The 33 may not. Set up to promote film coproduction and financing among Mexico, U. There we met the bright new talent, so idealistic and yet so knowledgeable and educated about film in the world. To be able to see films, concentrate on creating business and still have time to mingle -- this is what makes a festival a happy experience. Monica has had her hand in 23 productions since her first film, " Amores Perros ".

But to return to Ben and his new company, the subject of this blog: Tres Pas sounds like tripas, which in English means guts, or tripe. Personally, I too love tripas. I say I "finally" met him, because we have so many friends in common and ever since I have been following Latino films and writing my book on Latin America and the film business, I had often heard of Ben as the head of production for Pantelion, U.

I always had him pictured as my other friend whose last name is Odell, a slight and wiry, dark haired type. How surprised I was to see this big, handsome blond who exuded warmth and a good-willed wit and storytelling skill. Love at first sight! And I am sure I am not the only one who is smitten with him. I wish I could convey his spirit, humor and strength as he recounted his life and career s to me in the hour we spent together in his new spacious, airy and bright Santa Monica office where Ben Shalom -Martinez was the third person in the new company, manning a phone system not yet working.

I told Ben I had read his mini bio in IMDb, and it made me want to know how he had gotten into the Latino side of the business. I expected him to reveal that, in fact, and in spite of his name, he was Latino. One year out of college, Ben said, "I worked in editing with the Maysles Brothers. And that was my degree in Liberal Arts in Film. A family friend offered me a job in commercial production in Colombia.

It was and my dad said: No one was really talking about its importance then but that piece of advice changed my life. I moved to Colombia to learn Spanish and start what would be a life long journey in all things Latino, from U.

Latino to Latin America. They were crazy, emotional, passionate, loving. And then I realized there was a whole country full of them. His father eventually married someone from that family. So Ben 's connection to Colombia, if not to all of Latin America was very organic.

Colombia is not part of the "U. Latino market" per se, but Colombia and the rest of Latin America share certain characteristics and commonalities — views on life and death, family, spirituality -- that end up working their way into storytelling that are shared throughout the U.

Latino market and Latin America along with a larger emotional scale in the tone of their storytelling. Odell lived in Colombia from to He also worked as a freelance journalist before becoming a Spanish language television writer and screenwriter there.

When he was in Colombia working in commercials, he met Tom Quinn , a journalist Iiving there for 25 years, working for Time Magazine and running an English language rag called The Colombian Post. In his youth ,Tom had run with the likes of Hunter S.

He had lots of adventures and lots of stories of those days. The mines in the Emerald Zone have strong drug laundering connections as well, as one might guess. The land is leased by the government to the three or four mining companies and they control everything with no supervision by the government. The society is totally feudal. Workers labor for the companies for 28 days of the month and on the last two days they are allowed to keep whatever they find.

Victor Carranza ran everything. He was The Don, violent and scary. A small man, about 5'2". He died in prison worth over a billion dollars. Ben thought this was a great story to develop into a movie, and so he went back to New York to the contacts he had made including an exec at Tribeca Films.

In the meanwhile he began writing for Colombian TV. He had never written a feature film script, nor did he speak Spanish. He had, however, taken a course in feature film screenwriting with Robert McKee. And he had a girlfriend who was bilingual. He knew about Colombian TV and he saw the potential for legitimizing the story first as a TV show and then making it into a feature later. Tom Quinn was very well known in Colombia as he was the Time News correspondent there at a moment when the magazine had a lot of power; the drug wars were one of its most consistent cover stories.

There is a drug, called Burandanga, scientifically known as Scopolamine. It comes from a plant that grows wild in Colombia. The drugged one loses control of his or her will. This became the basis of the story. The lead goes into the Emerald Zone and drugged by burundanga, he kills one on the wrong side in a war going on there. He wakes up with no recollection and a full on civil war going on around him.

He can't get out of the Emerald Zone until he finds the man who drugged him. It was one of the highest rated series on Colombian television. It is still one of the highest grossing Colombian films of all time. It becomes the target of the guerrillas who are constantly clashing with police in the area. The confrontation is put on hold however during the TV transmission of the world Cup qualifiers.

The two sides declare a sort of truce so that they can all watch the match between Colombia and Argentina on the only working TV in the town. Colombia wins the game, 5 to 0, a victory, in real life, infamous in the annals of world cup and of course the Colombian police and guerrilla find themselves cheering for the same team. It came out during the war, and Ben naively believed it could make tangible impact on the country.

Instead they received death threats. It was a very volatile time. He left Colombia and put together a business plan to make movies for Latino audiences. He was too green and he was way ahead of his time so instead he went to film school at Columbia University. He went to film school thinking it was only to network and realized he knew nothing about film writing or production.

It was made for a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The movie was about a disgruntled computer hacker of mixed race, who struggles to adjust to life after a jaunt in prison. He takes his anger online forcing confessions out of those who slighted him. Eventually his focus becomes political. This was several years before YouTube took hold, which is a lifetime in human years. Money that falls out at the last minute is such a common story.

Do these guys think the money will come just because they have "bet" on it, using the film as collateral? Do they just want to go for the ride, as far as they can go? I remember when I worked at Ifa until it became ICM ; at the Motion Picture Division's meetings that Mike Medavoy held every week, agents would sometimes report on someone wanting to invest in film, and once Mike said "No. He has a very bad reputation, and his money is not good. We don't want that kind of money. This digression is only to illustrate the fact that that in this person-to-person business it is important to know who you are dealing with.

Just a few weeks after the implosion of the film, he got an email from Jim McNamara. Feltheimer went off to Sony TV which had a majority stake in Telemundo.

Restaurant scores for week of July 31

I think it is our emotional experi- ences in a certain place that bring us back to a business or park, or make us glad when we get on a plane back home to Austin.

How did you decide how these experiences would be represented visually? At what point did you choose to survey the community and map everyone's experiences? I love walking into a place I go regularly and seeing people that I regularly see there, or know from some other context, and what-do-you- know, our values overlap somewhere else, too. That makes me feel excited and safe.

The survey is a way to get people to stop and think about how they feel and where they have felt it. So far the response has been surprising, and causes people to pause. I envision the survey going on for several years and checking back in with the results and updating the maps with new data and looking for patterns over time.

Did you have any preconceptions about the responses - say expecting a lot of pleasure events at Barton Springs? Have you indeed seen patterns? So how do I, a theatre guy from the rural Midwest, have any clue as to the accuracy of that scene? My family is comprised entirely of funeral professionals. Like most conventions, there will be networking events, continuing education seminars, and new products on display.

I realized that not only has my view of life been profoundly shaped by death; so, too, has my work in the theatre. Just as the theatre has its behind-the-scenes artists, so do funeral homes.

Costume designers, makeup artists, and special effects masters are instrumental in achieving a sense of realism onstage. As Jack Black demonstrated in Bernie, funeral directors serve much the same function in preparing a body for viewing.

For as long as I can remember, my dad has been a master at all things restorative and prosthetic; families bring in photos of their loved ones in life, and somehow Dad always seems to be able to translate the qualities in them to the departed with astonishing naturalness.

Both onstage and in the funeral home, evoking the potential for perceived realism is truly an art. You pick a topic or an action and teach the class how to do it. Not to be outdone by my year-old colleagues, I decided on a topic that would be unique and meaningful. The title of my demonstration? Was the presentation I created in a fifth-grade classroom that brisk fall afternoon a farce?

What I was learning from growing up around so much death was the necessity for a sense of humor in life. It could also be a vehicle for bring- ing audience members closer to otherwise distancing top- ics. And oftentimes, even the smallest dose of humor can make those subjects that we find hard to experience, be it the death of a loved one or a difficult but important topic, a little more bearable.

Of course, not all faiths or cultures favor a viewing of the deceased, but there are other ways to achieve catharsis and celebrate the life of the departed that are just as meaningful. Everyone with any experience with the condition has their own metaphor for depres- sion: To do this, he hops around a workshop inside the Head that looks like a cross between pure steampunk and an Eighties Atari game console - lots of bright lights and joysticks, as well as random gears, gauges, and levers.

The stage is expansive, and the Mechanic, who uses a system of pulleys and catapults to get from one side of it to another, seems like he works pretty hard at his job.

For all its moodiness and tone-setting, The Head's primary conflicts are meandering: The Mechanic tries to keep things going, while the demons pop up to wreak havoc and mischief. The stage is lovely, and the puppets are charismatic - one demon looks like a chick- en, another like a lizard, another like a war- rior in a suit of armor.

Between the feats of the puppets in traversing the stage and their weird, but somehow charming, designs, The Head's devised a few clever ways to keep things engaging in a play that, by the nature of its subject matter, is set up to be repeti- tive. Iden Payne Theatre , E. A young, frustrated wife in London once embarked on a brief affair but ended it.

Her husband has discovered her transgression and hires a hit man. The wrong person dies, and her husband frames her for the murder.

So, strong female lead? An authentic film noir atmosphere, an intriguing psycho- logical mystery, and a little of that moneyed English parlor sophisti- cation will be enough for many audiences to enjoy themselves. The cast is aided by a solid design, in particular the costume design from Kelly Ruiz. Seriously, where can a girl get a dress like that number in the first scene? Yet the direction from department chair Brant Pope never quite rises to the challenges posed by a play like this one.

But it does mean things need to move quickly, and things like long, repeated crosses through empty stage space hurt what momentum is there.

As a result, on opening night several moments of revelation or discovery fell victim to an awkward round of chuckles. The production here gives the script more of an affectionate hug. An Austin transplant by way of Savannah, Ga. Much of her work debuted at Up Collective where Mathews is a newly appointed director and showcased the early stages of her exploration of digital and physical realities.

It depicted desktop backgrounds merging with images that Mathews was editing in Photoshop to create a fused portrait of both independent and dependent digital space. Physical representa- tions of the blocked pixels that make up the digital image have been built out of wood and metal siding, then stacked in front of the pro- jection to help anchor the installation. A gradient of blue in large scale and smaller scale are accompanied by illustra- tions of the many hexcodes that compose the image.

Hexcodes, which allow computers to translate color, are composed of a six-digit code that correspond to different intensities of the primary colors.

Mathews offers her audience a complete list of all the shades of blue presented in her video, which turns out to be an overwhelming number. Mathews has just scratched the surface of this concept and, as she grows comfortable in new mediums, is sure to become even more intellectually captivating.

Let the ASO be your source of entertainment for date night, family night, or client appreciation! Visit Austin at NowPlayingAustin. Noon-lOpm with music programming at night Regular hours vary from trailer to trailer; check websites. Now there are picnic tables, tented bar seating, a fire pit yes, the weather does eventually cool off enough to enjoy one , a stage for music with a dance floor, and LED screens for weekend sports enjoyment. The BSNFC is a home away from home, complete with a variety of American classics and ethnic foods to satisfy every palate.

Be adventurous and have one with melon and jicama spiked with lime and chile. My latest visit came after the Sunday brunch all-you-can-eat pan- cake rush, when things had mellowed out a bit. The first bite is smoky and garlicky, while the heat brings up the rear; good stuff.

The pork spareribs have a nice, tender bite without being mushy. The moist meat has a smoky edge and a spicy kick. The pulled pork has a thick, smoky bark and a deep smoke ring, and the tender meat melts away. The brisket had just come off of the pit and was blessed with a spicy, smoky crust. Underneath that serious exterior, the meat was juicy and tender.

I talked them out of a couple of slices of their delicious homemade smoked bacon; amazing stuff. The pinto beans need a little salt, but have treats of meat in every bite. Their barbecue sauce acquires juices from the cutting board for richness, but is a little sweet and tomato-y for my blood.

Add a dash or two of the bottled Valentina hot sauce. Blue Ox is good, and is getting better with time.

Choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert, with wine pair- ings extra. El Monumento, W. Snack Bar, S. Enjoy a ham-tastic menu paired with free-flowing Lambrusco and craft cocktails. Enjoy a locally sourced dinner prepared by Brandy Gibbs of Fine Home Dining, plus a silent auction and live music. We were treated to samples of foods from the companies who work out of that shared-use commercial kitchen and answered questions from artisan food producers who were curious about the best ways to approach media outlets.

For more about my conversation with cider-maker Ed Gibson and info about upcoming events featur- ing Gold Top cider, check out our On the Range blog this week at austinchronicle. Entrepreneur Nicole Patel announced expansion plans for Delysia Chocolatier which include a full-scale production facility with a kitchen and climate-controlled storage, offices, a conference room to host prospec- tive customers and classes, and a loading dock.

After projecting the equipment and manpower necessary for upcoming holiday production in his tiny whole- sale space, Perez decided he would close up shop instead, choosing to spend more quality time with his wife and 3-month-old son, Oliver. These quality products will be missed. The new store, locat- ed at S. Since the economic downturn, the popular coopera- tive has seen its membership more than double.

Although Wheatsville has always been affordable, the growth is not driven by low prices; rather, it reflects an increas- ing desire on the part of Austinites to invest in local businesses that directly ben- efit the community. So how do cooperatives benefit commu- nities?

From their beginnings in the 17th century, cooperatives have been set up to protect the interests of the less powerful members of society - workers, consumers, farmers, and producers. Rather than being owned by a single individual or distant shareholders, cooperatives are owned by their customers and employees. In a grocery cooperative, this means that members are able to purchase high-quality foods for the lowest possible price.

Wheatsville has long been a leader in offer- ing Fair Trade, organic, sustainable, and ecologically sound products; they have also been instrumental in fostering many local farms, ranches, and small businesses. This way, the co-op reduces its carbon footprint, while stimulating the local economy. It is interesting to note that the owners of Wheatsville - the people who shop there - have consistently made decisions that are extremely progressive: It is heartwarming proof that people will often collectively choose to take the high road, selecting long-term rather than short-term pay-offs, when they are able to call the shots.

Walking through the new South Lamar Wheatsville, local products are on display in every department. In the produce section, all fruits and vegetables cite country of ori- gin, and the locals even cite farm of origin.

We can rely on their business throughout the year. Most of the time, the oppo- site is the case. People are very loyal, and very vocal, about their favorite prod- ucts. We are usually the first place local start-ups sell to. There are fewer local choices in the meat section. One of the most exciting things about the new south location is the bakery. The origi- nal Wheatsville store on Guadalupe has never had enough room for a bakehouse, even after renovation.

In For a photo tour of the new Wheatsville, visit austinchronicle. Roosa definitely has the knack. The breads that the Wheatsville bakehouse is turning out are top-of-the-line. The rolls are fresh and soft, the sourdough is chewy and aromatic, and the sandwich breads are light, robust in flavor, and reasonably shelf- stable to boot.

I predict that the Wheatsville bakehouse will be a driving force in getting folks through the front door to try the Co-op experience; there is nowhere nearby where you can get comparable breads. And in a few weeks, the bakehouse will begin sup- plying the north Wheatsville store as well. Everything is made with top-notch, organic, Fair Trade, and local ingredients; there are also more vegan and vegetarian options than competitors offer. To the left of the deli is a fabulous soup- and-salad bar, one side of which is devoted to self-serve hot lunches.

Each day the hot- food bar changes: Another major way Wheatsville benefits the community: Currently Wheatsville employs people, none of whom are expected to work for less than a living wage. Full-time employ- ees get medical, dental, life, and vision insurance. Our goal is to thrive, and we want Austin to thrive right along with us. Shrimp Night is every Tuesday from 5pm to 10pm. Anyone trying to juggle so many big ideas is bound to drop a ball or two every now and again, and Umami Mia is no exception to this inevitability.

Under the leadership of former Soleil chef George Thomas, the kitchen cranks out standard Italian-American fare, start- ing with an unsurprising appetizer menu. The salads, sandwiches, and pasta leave much to be desired. Fortunately, the accompanying white soy bacon vinai- grette elevated an otherwise pedestrian salad. There are, however, bright spots on the menu, particularly the Umami pizzas, which make the most sense for the con- cept.

Germain, and grapefruit juice. The biggest conceptual error, though, is with the space. Alas, the flaws in that design concept are laid bare when 20 unsupervised elementa- ry-school-aged children popu- late the largest dining area.

In that situation, the noise level is so oppressive that diners might actually prefer the roar of an underground train. Why not focus on one or two big concepts - one of them being making high-quality, consis- tently delicious food - and let the rest sort itself out within other contexts? Renaissance Prints and Drawings, — Register by emailing publicprograms blantonmuseum. Take us with you. We apologize for any inconvenience. Young cycling enthusiast Morgan James Spader is a rebellious teen from Connecticut whose family relocates to L.

At school, he makes friends with a teenage Robert Downey Jr. Morgan must eventually fight to keep his honor, his dignity, and his ten-speed intact. After watching this movie, you will have the urge to play Pac Man, buy junk bonds and invade Granada. Tuff Turf is a delightful mess, a time capsule that we will have a blast opening together at the Paramount.

Must be seen to be believed! Steinberg Do you know where you and your people come from? Millions of people are asking that very question and thanks to websites like Ancestry. Genealogy also means big television ratings. Genealogy Roadshow, similar in format to Antiques Roadshow, has been a hit in Ireland since It features everyday folks who want to consult with genealogy experts to explore the stories and such passed down through family history. Nashville, Detroit, San Francisco, and Austin.

Steusloff was one of a handful of Austinites selected by the show, and by June, a crew came to Austin to film her segment. The showrunners asked for Steusloff to submit whatever documents she had already, a DNA test, and three questions she wanted answered: She wanted to know about any potential connections to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the Spanish Jews who came to the Americas to escape the Inquisition, and the Canary Islanders who settled San Antonio in the 17th century.

My husband is Anglo, and he speaks better Spanish than I do. Roots are a part of history and everybody has their role. And I think that is what the show is about. Talk to your dad. Talk to your grandma. They love talking about this stuff. See other air dates and times at www. The planet is at the center of countless stories, but precious few truly capture the heart of its people enough to spur action.

Storytelling is an integral part of human history. And in my mind, the story of the planet has become, and has to be even more, the story of people. Just as with written word, filmmakers must tell a story that res- onates, especially in this field inundated with intense emotion, piles of data, and significant political and cultural ramifications.

The films ran the gamut of genre and emotion, but most struck a chord with audiences by homing in on the story of one person or small group. It was seeing this dude Tapping human emotion is also a critical component - getting the audience to shift in their seats.

Regardless of medium, though, an engaged audience will gladly spread the word for a good story. And when it comes to green news, Grist and the Sustainability Goes Viral! The current Polari artistic director knows his audience, and knows that some folks come simply to be entertained.

This year, the recently rebranded Polari celebrates 26 years of LGBTQIA Austinites cozying up together - with only cup holders and popcorn buckets between them - to share gay expression and identity through cinema. So the challenges of programming come as no surprise. So once you find people that are like you, the tendency may be to stick with that. But films are for everyone. Dropping her characters in the sweeping panoramas of the American Southwest, Denny lets those dis- tances tell the story, subbing dialogue for an anxious hush.

The film follows brash Andy Denny as she travels from L. The pair are polar oppo- sites: But where that Callie Khouri vehicle frames its road trip as a series of reactions to men, The Most Fun largely eschews the complications of romance. The film rebels against the Hollywood notion that a few days must have lifelong spir- itual impact. The stasis is beautifully shot by Will Basanta. With so little dialogue, his camera- work becomes a third character, capturing wide shots of the desert and whispered tete- a-tetes with equal aplomb.

Rarer still is a film that gets past the boo-hiss of perceived vil- lainy to search for the truth outside of media narratives. Framed around the battle for marriage equality in Maryland, The New Black might not provide any easy answers, but it argues that easy answers sometimes do little but wallow in muck. Instead, Richen invites the viewer to examine the more subtle ways the two communities intersect, and how Christianity affects them both. To do so, Richen lets the subjects weave the narrative, never nudging the interview- ees to a predetermined end.

Homophobic African-American churchgoers are certainly allowed to express ugliness, but not at the expense of degrading the entire church. Interview subjects make clear the vital role the church continues to have in African- American communities. Some mainstream LGBT organizations and media outlets made a bogeyman out of the black community, insisting that homophobia is greater among blacks than whites.

The New Black refuses that line of thinking, pointing out that anti-LGBT votes are largely manipulated by predominantly white anti-gay organizations.

In the most devastating scenes, young black LGBT activists go door-to-door trying to garner sup- port for marriage equality. Their marginaliza- tion is compounded by slammed-door hostil- ity, but still they soldier on. The Polari Film Festival runs Oct. He had no idea what had been unleashed. Many of these men were the patrons of these bars. Similar currents of desire - for stardom, for sex - flow forth during a lengthy conversa- tion between a group of extras in the hour- long genre-bending featurette Interior.

Austinite Keith Wilson, who worked as cinematographer for Interior. They, and perhaps some expectant viewers of Interior. Franco appears in Interior. In scripted passages that sneakily appear verite, explic- it parallels are drawn to the human process of making a film that is, in some way, about queer sex. Each struggles to suc- cessfully complete the task, and some are much better than others.

The difficulty in unselfconsciously cruising points to the gen- erational space between the Seventies and Eighties and the present, as a system of gay male communication has arguably been sup- planted by mobile hook-up apps. This gener- ational gap shows up in perspectives on Cruising as a primary source material. An older generation in large measure sees the same film as a lightning rod in its representation of gay people.

Register by Monday, October 21, Call or visit www. Complimentary meol and parking will be provided. Ambassador Friendswood, TX All MS relapse therapy decisions should be made under the guidance of your healthcare professional.

Watch online starting October 15th klruQ klru. MediaTech cannot guarantee employment or salary. Visit our full store at the corner of 6th and Lamar. Follow waterloorecords for schedule updates. The next morning, the Star Wars theme boomed as gray-hairs dashed through the gates to stake out a shady spot for their lawn chairs. Be careful what you wish for, Toronto. On the main stage, NYC indie- pop hitmakers Fun demonstrated that their saccharine singles, which even live sound like processed cheese, had unmatchable sing-along potential.

Backstage, I asked a tod- dler who her favorite band was. I was much less disappointed in another Grammy-winning act, Muse, whose Super Bowl-sized stage show employed futuro gad- getry like LED guitars and closed-captioning sunglasses, but maintained the ethics of a good rock band: That established them as the best local act until reformed gui- tar army the True Believers ignited the Zilker Tent with a set so fierce that Scratch Acid drummer Rey Washam left in bandages.

Hard rock sister act Haim drew a large crowd to the main stage early in the day. We just kind of came and a DJ heard us and started playing our music in the UK and it exploded from there. So we basi- cally love Austin. All day, rumors swirled that gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis would introduce head- liners Kings of Leon. Co-headlining was the Cure, whose minor key, heartfelt pop proved durable in the live environment, and provided an appropriate soundtrack for all the fortysomething couples in attendance.

No amount of hand-holding and pop nostalgia could compare, however, to the unreal energy that young rapper Kendrick Lamar conjured up prior. He just stood in front of his band and made everyone go apeshit using his words. He even managed the impossible feat of making cell phones beautiful by ordering the audi- ence to light up the sky like stars.

No per- former before or after Lamar received such a rapturous response. California retro-spazzes Foxygen basically pissed on the main stage, playing their genre-hacking tunes with utter carelessness, ordering away photogra- phers, talking in goofball non sequiturs, and walking offstage 15 minutes early, leaving the audience visibly upset.

In a subversive sense, it was the best show of the after- noon because they challenged the com- pleteness and professionalism audiences feel entitled to at festivals. Nevertheless, their pulse proved meditative. Lionel Richie, appearing eternally youthful and sounding like a million bucks, rolled through a parade of hits with extraordi- nary grace and closed with an anthem.

After any festival, you kick yourself for miss- ing a few artists. I can catch it this weekend. A friend there had died. I missed Austin - its speed, its simplicity - and was having trouble finding outlets that could bring me back to pace. I was a stranger in a strange land. Last Day of Summer reminded me of backyards and barbecues, of endless after- noons spent along muddy banks on Lake Austin.

It was a departure for the Austinites, but also quite familiar: White Denim was still stretching out, flipping time signa- tures, and pushing into unexpected direc- tions. Yet the songwriting had cooled - and simultaneously evolved.

The band that could kick your ass from three sides had just made an LP of love songs, soul songs. Songs you could siesta to. Summer became my album that autumn. I listened to it everywhere. And when I tripped back to Austin in March to cover South by Southwest, I got to see its parts in action four times - once planned, thrice, I swear, by chance. Barely anybody saw them. The band had just released its second full-length, Fits, first on Downtown Records.

One needs only 1: Things changed in after sequencing began for a then-unnamed follow-up for Downtown Records, an album Petralli scripted and the band record- ed despite its guitar parts being too complex for its main composer to perform. He learned every part and got stage- ready within a week. Out came Last Day of Summer, an album com- prised entirely of songs Petralli had been fiddling with in solitude for months. Petralli, Block, and bassist Steve Terebecki. That was validating for me: But they really liked it, and it ended up being a song on that record that a lot of people connect with.

For 10 months, set lists rarely varied: A Place to Start: Four winners will be selected to race the distance of your choice 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and be trained by renowned endurance coach Mark H. Festival in Washington, but the band per- formed that day. In the early months of , just a few months after breaking for the winter, Tweedy informed the locals that he had four free days to record them at his Loft studio in Chicago. Everybody in our group takes a lot of pride in being able to play; their tones, everybody really cares about the whole thing.

I think he could feel that from listening to D. Maybe he just got what we were trying to do. When he was talking about Blue Oyster Cult and Rush, we got it. White Denim arrived in Chicago with only two songs: Petralli says his inclusion was more neces- sity than anything. But it was just a little much for him.

White Denim 's not just rounded up another album. This city can talk all it wants about holding court as the live music capital, but most of our bands will burn out and a good chunk will fade away. Few make it out, even fewer make it eight years. That designation is now a necessity, because the situation surrounding its mem- bers is changing. Both Terebecki and Block are now married; Jenkins and Block moved to Dallas for opportunities that attracted their significant others. Petralli, who mar- ried in and purchased a house off East Riverside shortly after, welcomed a daugh- ter into the world last winter.

He exercises daily and avoids drive-through lines. I feel like the work has to be better. I want to make the family proud and con- tinue to grow it if I can.

I bought this place. Maybe the only thing more impressive than the album itself is how she kept it a secret for this long. The Patrice Pike who fronted Nineties neo-funksters Little Sister is ever-present, but grown, matured, and exploring the places in the universe her powerful pipes take her. While the pure pop instincts that characterize his Austin trio remain at the fore- front, My Favorite Year dims the lights to cre- ate a more subdued, wiser mood.

His vocals are gruffer and the arrangements are scaled for pubs rather than radio. Emily Bell can lay claim to one of the best albums of in Technicolor. Having settled back in Austin after attending the Berklee College of Music and stints in Nashville and Portland, the songwriter gathered an impressive outfit for his hometown recording, including Phoebe Hunt on fiddle and harmonies.

The resulting collection cuts an array of Americana. Yet Price plays a squeaky- clean guitar, and his voice tugs at the soul. In our globalized, impossibly dense scene, anybody who writes something worth playing twice earns their keep. Because the bladder-reliever did not know that Quintanilla was a cop, he was given a nonarrest citation.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives acknowledges that the agency is powerless to regulate it because of the wording in and legislation that oth- erwise restricts private ownership of machine guns. In separate inci- dents on successive September days, people dressed as Batman and Captain America res- cued a cat from a burning house in Milton, W. In July, another Superman tackled a shoplifter on the streets of Sheffield, England, where he was appearing at a fundraiser.

However, less elegantly, two Captain Americas and a Spider-Man brawled briefly in May over access to a contested, lucrative Hollywood street corner. The training technology company Mindflash recently revealed a feature for iPads that pre- vents student inattentiveness during an online course. Facial recognition software notices a user looking away or, worse, falling asleep and thus pauses the course at that point until the eager learner re-engages the screen.

Most notably, El Pais discovered in that the then-current design made it impossible to build an elevator shaft to go past the 23rd floor because of space limita- tion. In a YouTube video, reported by the politi- cal website RawStory.

Yang and the aide were later disciplined but remained in good standing. Some hospitals not Torrance Memorial yet prohibit cell phones in operating rooms at all times.

However, in a move reminiscent of actor Slim Pickens jumping on the atomic bomb in Dr. Visit Chuck Shepherd daily at www. Send your weird news to: Guess you could ask The Luv Doc. Send your questions to luvdoc austinchronicle. Wild Child Moody Theater r uu p. Very Extremely Dangerous d. Stray Dog Marchesa Hall, 7: The Dirties Alamo Slaughter, 9: Robinson Crusoe on Mars Alamo Slaughter, 4: Milk Alamo Village, 5: Mac Blake Velveeta Room, 9: Spider House Ballroom, 8: Dorkbot North Door ; 7: This year's Walk will be bigger and better as we kick off at Republic Square Park and travel through the Capital Grounds.

Enjoy live music and local food throughout the day while showing your support and fighting HIV! From the moment you promoting beverage and a walk into our studios, you tonic for the whole body, may notice the delightful It strengthens the nervous aroma of our tea brewing.

Our measure for colds, allergies, custom blend is a health- and other illnesses. You can also pick up the mix at any of our locations. Amsterdam, July 27, , opens a philosophical can if not diet of worms and a philosophical can of whup-ass.

Directed by Gary Payne for the Paradox Players. Music by TX Chip. Cosplay competition for prizes. The Vortex, Manor Rd. Salvage Vanguard Theater , Manor Rd. Broadway in Austin lets you know with a full- fledged production right here in the river city. Salvage Vanguard Theater, Manor Rd. Hyde Park Theatre, W. Eliot Haynes, and costume design by Monica Gibson.

Wanna be part of it? Actors will be compensated. See website for details. Email for appointment; see website for details. And that funny man from Avalanche, Mr. This Week in Coldness: Bad Boys, featuring improv by boys who are, well, somewhat rude. Live at ColdTowne is stand-up comedy. The Frank Mills and their smart, character-driven improv run rampant with Midnight Society.

Stand- up with The Jam with Oh, Science! Local cuddle-punk rock- ers Bitter Heart Society warm it all up. Mohawk, Red River. A panel will be on hand to A your Qs. First Unitarian Universalist Church , Grover. Alamo Drafthouse Village, W. Trinity United Methodist Church, Speedway. Bout Time II, N. Second and fourth Mondays, 5: Ballet Austin, W. Weekly meetings usually at 7: This week ends up at Peter Pan Mini Golf.

Texas State Capitol, Congress. You know, shizzzz grizzled old punk daddies might luv. Rain on 4th, W. Holy Mountain, E. The glitz, the glam, the swish, and the flamboyantly fabulous. Details online, info polarifest. City Hall, W. Lesbiana, doc about Eighties feminist communities; Hot Guys with Guns, get hard, die harder; Elliot King Is Third, the topic is gay, dys- topic is sci-fi; Reaching for the Moon, moony romance set in Brazil.

Republic Live, W. Private location, email for details, braaains gmail. Buffet at 5pm and the ABW wild things at 7. The Iron Bear , W. Send gay bits to gayplace austinchronicle. See the full array of Gay Place listings at austinchronicle. Two Friday Shows Lucas Molandes presents this Friday-night double- shot of laughter each week, curat- ing two shows of the best stand- up comics around. The Early Show 9: The Late Show If anyone but this fellow had bested Cubas in the contest, there woulda been riots, but this guy is the real stand- up deal and, we reckon, he got lucky that fateful FPIA night, possibly due to hav- ing sacrificed a giant rubber chicken at a cross- roads somewhere.

If you want to spend your time in a comedy club actually laughing, then this is the show to see. The Threefer Improv from three different troupes, including a Bruce Lee sort of homage called, ahem, Fisting the Dragon. Friday The incredibly popular show about your hidden doings! Saturday The incredibly popu- lar show about your hidden doings!

Maestro A whole stage-full of wild imps, battling for victory. Another Weekender brings a student showcase and Nice Astronaut. False Matters This improv show in the mindblowing, sci-fi style of Philip K. Dick is per- sonally recommended by S. The Rubber Room is an improv jam ses- sion, yo. The Megaphone Show True stories, told and then mercilessly fucked with. We mean, hell, Charlie Sotelo recommends this. Floly Mountain, E. WHAT Live music, stand-up, and theatre from the one-man phenomenon who was the youngest person to record a Comedy Central hour special - at 19 years old.

Drinks are welcome inside. Long Center for the Performing Arts, W. Austin Symphony harpist Elaine Barber is featured in a rare solo performance and with harpist Delaine Leonard, showcasing premieres and favorites by James Sclater. Cobra Studios, Gardner Let the fundrais- ing begin!

Craig Hella Johnson leads the audience in singing together, and the Conspirare Symphonic Choir unleash a micro-performance. The Blanton Museum of Art, E. Martin Luther King Jr. We have convenient locations throughout Central Texas. And a skilled nursing staff St. Our ER is as big as Austin. N Space, Congress, www. You can taste things from the garden! Colburn, Dorthy Crummer, and more. This was not cosmetic surgery, but reconstructive surgery after a q fire caused by an electrical short ; destroyed most of the year-old icon S in the final days of the fair last year.

Both iterations have a face better suited for radio than being the best known AARP-eligible greeter in the state. Big Tex has always been a tall drink of water, but the replacement version grew by three feet to 55 feet.

Everything is bigger about New Tex, including a small but shapely tush that helps him fill out his foot waist by foot inseam fire-resistant denim jeans. After a short stint as a Santa Claus in Kerens, Texas, Big Tex joined the state fair as a cowboy in , and despite a few changes over the years, worked continuously for three weeks a year until the fire on Oct.

The State Fair of Texas has roots stretching back to and continues to fill Fair Park in Dallas with three weeks of entertainment and fried food. For more information, go to www. End times never looked so good. Fridays through October, 10pm. Maggie Mae's, E. Friday The incredibly popular show about your hidden doings or the secrets of your neighbors returns! Saturday Who knows what your friends and neighbors have been up to? Maestro A whole stage-full of wild imps, battling for vic- tory.

Always recommended, especially if it's your first time seeing live improv. House of Torment gives you the option of three houses of horror. There should be enough zombies, pirates, reapers, clones, and tortured souls to keep the adrenaline pumping and the vocal chords screaming. Meet Dan Cheetham and Michelle Tarsney, the creators of this odd thing: On display through Oct UTs West Mall Fountain, between 22nd and 23rd streets. The result of a vast collaborative effort by Beili Liu, Emily Little, Norma Yancey, Cassie Bergstrom, and many others, the installation also features 14, prayer flags that loop for 2.

On display through Dec. Never mind our raving, though: Such painterly brilliance recommends itself. Free with admis- sion. STILL Leigh Merrill digi- tally constructs prints and videos of imaginary but familiar-feeling places, using warehouse imagery that goes on and on, slowly unraveling and embellished with subtle details.

New classes starting soon! Call or see the website for details. Call or see website for details. Does that give you an, urn, inkling of what a literary delight this show will be? See web- site for details. Hosted by South Flavas.

Spider House Ballroom, Fruth. Full English Tea Room Thom hosts. Kick Butt Coffee, Airport There will also be experts providing direct feedback to make things extra awkward. Learn the hardships of growing the beans and how Colombia got the reputa- tion for having the best brew. Relax, ride around town, chat it up with cycle-lovers like yourself, and overrun a park or a local hangout or two or three. Festival Beach, Bergman.

Texas Union, Guadalupe UT campus. Seton Medical Center ; W. Will you be one of them? Embassy Suites, S. Bikes Across Borders is looking for participants to help pedal and deliver bicycles to Monterrey, Mexico. Get details on the day trip from the organizers. Cherrywood Coffeehouse, E. Russell Poldrack will discuss autoexperimentation.

They did self-experiments in The Fly, and look how that turned out. Student Activity Center Aud. Under second- year coach Angela Kelly, this young squad has developed into the best Horns team in several years, despite starting just one senior. The home finale will be against Oklahoma at lpm Sun. World Cup qualifying resumes this Friday, Oct. That Mexico game should be particularly interesting, as El Tri - winless in four home games thus far, and losers to Panama in their last two meetings - likely need a win to keep their hopes alive.

Find out how you can help. Unity Church of Austin, Hwy. Or at least for the next year. Myers Stadium, Clyde Littlefield Dr. Austin as two home teams go head-to- head on the court. Concordia Fieldhouse, Concordia University Dr. Eastside Memorial High, www. Who can blame him for accentuating what little has worked thus far? The shock wave of each UT outcome is amplified by a shared perception among fans and media that the second-winningest head coach in program history is not long for this modern world.

Edging out meager Iowa State last Thursday by a single, solitary point felt like the issuance of a few favors from the football gods, who seemed rather undisturbed by the cheap shot Texas receiver Mike Davis took to the knees of an unsuspecting Cyclones safety. Case McCoy snuck in the deciding touchdown two plays later with 51 seconds left.

In a down year nationwide, even the 10th- ranked Sooners will fail to make the power conference elite shudder - but Texas has legitimate cause for concern. The 50th-ranked Sooner offense averages 31 points per game but has also stalled in 16 and 20 point showings at home against unranked West Virginia and TCU.

The Longhorns will need to find alterna- tive ways to muster the 31 points they tal- lied against Iowa State. Now more than ever, defense and special teams need to come through with big plays - preferably scoring plays to alleviate the pressure on McCoy and an offense that needed a tremendous swing of fortune to outscore Iowa State. Can you feel the chill in the air? Saturdays, 10am-5pm; Sundays, l-5pm; through October. Evergreen Farms, Monkey Rd. Come dressed to be filthy.

Stunt Ranch, Fitzhugh. For ages 7 and older. A pup- pet show starts at 11am. Laguna Gloria , W. Hideout Theatre , Congress, What better way to get amped up for the opening of the Thinkery in December. Homemade healthy snacks will also be available. I Learn song, dance and drumming and lift your spirit! A great family activity. Ali, Michael Chernus, Catherine Keener. Captain Phillips ventures out to high seas and takes the audience along for a tense, claustrophobic ride.

Based on true events from in which the U. The characters are largely one-dimensional instruments, though the situation in which they all find themselves is multidimensional. Re-teaming with his Green Zone cinematographer Barry Ackroyd, Greengrass creates a kinetic showcase that whizzes by, yet never loses track of the disparate elements. Once the action moves to the confines of the lifeboat into which are stuffed Capt. Phillips and four young, scared pirates whose khat-chewing makes them behave ever more erratically the film becomes almost unbearably claustrophobic.

Richard Phillips attempts one escape, but he is not a self-sacrificing hero. A no- nonsense leader, Phillips is not even a beloved figure by his crew, who respect him but nonetheless find him a cold martinet.

Indeed, I would have been thankful for a captain who was real flesh and blood, instead of an amusement-park vamp like Capt. Jack Sparrow or a cartoon superhero like Captain America, the spec- trum covered by most movie captains these days.

With Captain Phillips we get a viable thriller whose conclusion is already known, and a character who reacts to circumstanc- es rather than a personal, heroic code. Martha Shane, Lana Wilson. After several previous attempts on his life, Dr. George Tiller was assassinated in He was one of only a handful of physicians to provide late-term abortions in America; this documentary profiles the remaining four doctors, all Tiller proteges who do their work under constant stress and the threat of attack by anti-abortion proponents.

There are the obvious ones of safety - one doctor offhandedly mentions that the odd structural layout of her home is a good deterrent for sniper fire, while another one relates how anti-abortion zealots burned down his stable, slaughtering three-dozen horses.

But After Tiller movingly dramatizes another side effect of the job: And Escape From Tomorrow is certainly a trip-and-a-half. What is real and what is simply imagina- tion gone sour in a place like Disney World or Disneyland?

For hapless, sorrowful Jim, the real and the unreal become disastrously interchangeable. In this niche-targeted film, Grace Michalka is in a successful Christian music group with Johnny Trey, her father Denton. She has a beautiful, powerful voice, and also plays guitar and piano. Unfortunately, she is in regular con- flict with her father over the direction of their music, which she would like to open up to rock a little more.

Mostly, she is a model daughter but this conflict begins to extend into lifestyle when she skips youth group for a movie. Years ago, Trey was a one-hit star who let his life slide to hell because of drugs and alco- hol.

Christ not only saved him, but Christian music became his calling. Trey is not interested in returning to the old ways, but Grace records the song herself, and sends it to Mossy. He is impressed enough to play it for the record company president, who likes what he hears. Secretly, Grace flies to L. Ultimately, Grace must face the question of who she really is. Moralistic and predictable, the film is still charming and well made. The often-performed hit song is accept- able power-pop.

Mostly, the film survives on fine performances from all, except father Trey who is a little too intense and over the top. It is a Christian film and demonstrates melodra- matic TV strategies. Still, on its own terms it is entertaining. This time out, the former Mexican federate is called to duty by the president of the United States Charlie Sheen, billed under his given name Carlos Estevez to kill the insane Mexican revolutionary Mendez Bichir. For that selfless act toward U.

Reese Witherspoon stunned in a pink and white floral special occasion dresses during a photocall for her new movie Wild, in LA on Thursday Liz is wearing her blonde hair in a side parting blow drying; She added a pair of fake lashes her eyes sparkling blues length and definition. The Legally Blonde actress donned, magenta lipstick to show off her perfect set of bright white teeth to smile for the camera, her dress was printed.

She's tanned and slim legs - a pair of smart black color and heel height of white straps - really stole the show. Entertainment agent Jim Toth wife of three years was recognized as the most challenging experience of her acting career to date with the latest wildlife shooting. Liz is a Cheryl: A rather obscene way to Leeds - This film has explicit sex and drugs scene. At a press conference last month, the lease is confirmed: The sex scene was the most difficult thing that I have done.

My life has never been such a task to perform. The mother-of-three previously won the prestigious award back in , following her performance as Johnny Cash's wife in Walk the Line. Firstly, you will have the classical beauty and your own style, if you wear a vintage prom dresses uk at the homecoming day party. It is a manifestation of the classic and the eternal age of the time, it is also full of the classical elegance and connotation of fashion. Secondly, the design of vintage dress very simple and have few unique elements with which it shows the modern sense of the dress.

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It would be fashionable if you wear a pair of leather gloves, wearing a proper necklace, and taking with a gorgeous handbag would also make you grace and nice. It is a knockout! Her dark locks were worn in a tousled waves, as it highlights her striking facial features with conventional eyewear and a swipe of red rose lip stick.

He may have found fame when her dancing naked in the street Pharrell blurred video back in the summer of , but last night Emily Ratajkowski evidence that it can draw gasps even in the most elegant and demure creations.

The beautiful off-shoulder robe with its lightly boned bodice showcased Emily's infamous curves to perfection whilst the beautiful floor-sweeping fishtail ensured a glamorous silhouette. If you have a special soiree on the horizon and are looking for the most timeless and classic beauty then you will not win a stunning strapless prom dresses online.

Get the look with our members below and you're guaranteed to turn heads all night long. Meanwhile, it appears as if Emily's work launched successfully, it was recently unveiled as the star of the new Call of Duty game trailer. It recently in open communication with today, confessing how he found it 'Surreal' kiss his year-old co-star Ben.

When quizzed about whether he as intimate with the Hollywood actor, Emily said: Obviously Ben Affleck is one of the - you know his face. I grew up with her face. Not sure that he will love that. Who is Ben Affleck. Salma, 48, stunned in a white dress bare arms with metallic embroidery because it is squeezed into luxury hair updo. Hudson, 35, was at the same time absolutely gorgeous in a soft pink prom dresses uk belt one.

Every inch of glamorous movie stars, wearing golden hair flowing over her shoulders in waves. It's studded ceremony in LACMA film star Gucci presented, so Kate Hudson did not spend a lot of time worrying what designer should be worn when it came to choosing her dress. It seems as if the blonde star found the perfect dress for the event, she sashayed in wearing a red blush pink princess prom dresses One Shoulder Ruched by the Italian fashion house, oozing with ethereal elegance tousled tresses and old Hollywood-style make-up in the clouds.

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Form with aplomb, she wears a bracelet studded with jeweled and bedazzled clutch while sporting a bright lip paint. Kate, 41, was a thief red carpet scene right at the same Grecian dress has inspired, with a touch backless. Luxurious brunette hair piled high in a knot because it is the experience in stilettos.

The Jennifer Lopez, another attendee, who wore a long evening dresses uk and let it sink located tres sexy brunette in a pile on her shoulders. Kim Kardashian raised an eyebrow or two with ill-fitting dress, as the pair joined by Kanye West. Tarantino has been in the press lately with reports that he is dating longtime collaborator Uma Thurman - who has directed her in three films. According to recent reports, Quentin has been 'in love' with his 'muse' Uma for years and they were reported to be dating as a proper couple.

The year-old Pulp Fiction actress was said to have taken their friendship to the next level after splitting with fiance Arpad 'Arki' Busson in April, the French financier she has her two-year-old daughter Luna with. Rosario Dawson elegant blue on the red carpet She is known for turning heads with her edgy style statements. Hailee Steinfeld cut short 10 inches of hair!

Jennifer Lawrence enthusiasm so become fashion She might have been flanked by some of the biggest names in world cinema but as Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence stepped onto the red carpet outside London's Leicester Square Odeon, all eyes were on her. Reese wearing a beautiful pink and white dress While Britain experiences wintry showers, it hardly seems fair that right across the pond Reese Witherspoon gets to enjoy summery flowers. Vintage prom dress is retro and fashion fusion Vintage dress is never outdated dress, many stars have ever worn the vintage dress.

Vintage is not the meaning of far away from the fashion and popular trend, it is also full a long history, and we are list the introduction of choosing the vintage homecoming dress as followed. Kate Hudson and Salma Hayek dress elegant charm dispute Get in the pink with Kate's flowing Gucci gown They are two of Hollywood's most glamorous actresses. Chanel Iman are busy travel schedule to blame After more than a year and a half together, and a six month engagement, Chanel Iman and her rapper beau ASAP Rocky have reportedly called it quits.

News reports the pair - who first started dating in early - split up a few weeks ago. The year-old model and year-old rapper is basically to keep their relationship under wraps, so no surprise split equally quiet. More than a year and a half of time together, participating in six months, Chanel Iman and her rapper boyfriend Rocky soon, as shown later in May, reportedly called it the abandonment A source told E!

She had a style loose waves for a look at the premiere, another change in her last appearance, wore her hair in a center part. Celebrity hair stylist Mara rojaek was taking credit for the new look of Hailee some pictures posted on her Instagram with the caption "The beauty #chopchop. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. massive frequent word list. Posted by Mohamed Talaat On PM No comments.