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Slender heights woman

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Slender heights woman

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Slender heights woman

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Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media. Julie Newmar's Height 5ft 11 American actress perhaps best known as the original 'cat woman' from the 's TV series Batman. I'm five feet eleven inches and I weigh one hundred thirty-five pounds, and I look like a racehorse In a interview - earlier in her career - it mentioned "She says she's 5 feet 10" but looks much taller because she loves 4.

I would raise an eyebrow though, at this line she gave in the interview: Tall people don't have to waste energy trying to look important. Little people get ahead because of frustration. We get ahead because of superiority. Yvonne Craig 5ft 3 cm. Michelle Pfeiffer 5ft 6 cm. Lee Meriwether 5ft 8 cm. When she did scenes face to face with him, she was only about two inches shorter.

I'm five feet eleven inches and I weigh one hundred thirty-five pounds, and I look like a racehorse" But that was a line her character gave to Susan Hayward in the movie "The Marriage Go-Round". I'm five feet eleven inches and I weigh one hundred thirty-five pounds, and I look like a racehorse" But that was a line she was giving to Susan Hayward in the movie "The Marriage Go-Round". I could believe at least! I think pounds is right, because her waist was only 23! I bet she was wild as hell, listing seems right: And as arrogant as hell too!

She does look cm, as well. Wow in that case,I havent seen catwoman but she looked pretty tall in mackenna's gold. At first, ver pretty face, and a coquette type flirt A total take charge pro emerged. I did commercials and boy did she impress me. If u read this hope u remember me. Later in her career she was mostly in high heels, so she could be nearly 6'2" at times.

I still think she's closer to 5'11 though, as she makes most 6' billed height actors look as short as 5' She still looked about inches taller than James Belushi who's listed mostly at 5' Click Here Julie might have a slight footwear advantage although it can't be more than 0.

Julie looks closer to 6' here and she's already 73 years old there. Here she is in her prime age 24 next to Phil Silvers listed at 6'. Julie is in flip-flops so the footwear advantage goest to Silvers. They looked the same height. In comparable footwear Julie would probably edge him out slightly. Click Here Both have good posture. I see a inch difference between them. If Max Baer Jr.

If Julie is 5'11, Max Baer would be around 6'3. Julie Newmar was definately a very tall woman. I notice in her earlier work, they had the male actors stand mostly on higher ground or small boxes to match up to her in height. She was with her handicapped son. She was tall, seemed more like 5'10". Both were gracious and approachable. I took a picture of Julie standing next to Adam.

Adam is , and Julie, who wore flats, was almost as tall. I can assure you she still is a good 6 feet tall! Even though I didn't have money for an autograph, I told her I was big fan actually I've never seen her work outside of the Catwoman role and she was so gracious that she insisted that I pose beside her for photos.

Not only that, but she did the same for my brother and then talked to us for a few minutes while others waited. She was seated the whole time so I couldn't gauge her height today but she did have the longest legs I've ever seen on a woman, especially that age. If she's lost any height, it's not in her legs that's for sure! Stunning when she was younger and easily the best CatWoman She towers over Barbabara Feldon by at least thgree inches.

As she was in her early sixties then, she might have lost an inch or so, and she was far more slender than I remembered her, but she looked about 5'10" or so. A genuinely nice lady, too. In Julie's many sixties films and TV shows, she looked a lot more imposing.

Sizing Up Old Hollywood--Heights, Weights, and Measurements of Classic Cinema Stars | GlamAmor

Season 11 The Flash: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Season 4 This Is Us: Season 3 The Walking Dead: Weekend Box Office Results: Corpse Bride , Nekromantik. View All Photos An epic love story that spans childhood well into the young adult years, the film follows Heathcliff, a boy taken in by a benevolent Yorkshire farmer, Earnshaw.

Living in Earnshaw's home, Heathcliff develops a passionate relationship with the farmer's teenage daughter, Catherine, inspiring the envy and mistrust of his son, Hindley.

When Earnshaw passes away, the now-grown characters must finally confront the intense feelings and rivalries that have built up throughout their years together. Andrea Arnold , Olivia Hetreed. James Howson as Older Heathcliff. Kaya Scodelario as Older Cathy. Steve Evets as Joseph. Nichola Burley as Isabella Linton. Oliver Milburn as Mr. Solomon Glave as Young Heathcliff. Shannon Beer as Young Cathy. Paul Hilton II as Mr.

James Northcote as Edgar Linton. Amy Wren as Frances. Jonny Powell as Young Edgar. Simone Jackson as Nelly. Shaw and Lee as Hindley.

Jonathan Powell as Young Edgar. Adam Lock as Adam. Emma Ropner as Mrs. Richard Guy as Gamekeeper Robert. Michael Hughes as Hareton. Paul Murphy as Lawyer. View All Wuthering Heights News. December 6, Rating: In reality it's a bit of a slog. November 29, Rating: November 8, Rating: October 18, Rating: Jackson was also wearing cowboy boots a lot by the time of the photos with Sly so it's more likely Sly had around a 1" lift advantage inside.

Click Here Click Here Click Here Sly is leaning back in the back to back pics, but it's clear Sly was comfortably taller both days and I'm assuming he wore lifts, but unless Michael had loafers both times, I can't see how he'd be taller. Maybe the same height.

Sorry, your link didn't work when I tried to open it. Sylvester Stallone sometimes wore heals as much as 4 inches tall so It's not hard to believe Michael was taller than Sylvester Stallone. Now, Marlon Brando was peak and in a pic of them from the 80s before Brando started shrinking which I put a link to a few comments ago, Jackson looks around 1 cm taller than Brando.

Click Here Michael Jackson with mark Lester who's height isn't really accurately listed anywhere His 6,0 google claim is ridiculous but looks about cm and Lester has a better posture but looks 0. If their postures were even he'd probably be no taller than Michael.

The difference between them isn't big enough there to rule out them being the same height, especially since Jackson appears to be closer to the camera and MJ's height varies far too much in photos to just go by one. They do look to have pretty similar shoes, but the black shoes blend into the dark background.

She could be 5'8" or slightly over and MJ 5'8. I don't think there's a chance Murphy is actually , though he can look it. I'll post some stuff on his page soon when I have time because I've made the point about Nolte and Brigitte Nielsen.

I'll just add for now that if you look him up with a roughly 5'8" Antonio Banderas and 5'7" Mike Myers, you'll see Eddie can look barely 5'9" at times himself even considering the heels Antonio wears. I can't agree that is most likely for MJ, though it is for Murphy just as Rob lists him, imo. If you see Michael with an aging 5'7.

On the subject of Brando, the 5'8. I think Eddie still looked marginally taller in the video all things considered. It's definitely closer than some photos suggest, but viewing all of the pics and video as a whole, the best I could say is Michael's cowboy boots might have evened up his height with Murphy, but I'd still lean towards Murphy being taller since without a clear camera advantage, Murphy's advantage is greater in the photos where he's taller than vice versa.

But yeah, Michael bending his knee could be making him look shorter at times. I think Michael was cm but more likely in the upper part of that range since he tended to slouch alot. Prince looked about cm and from comparing Prince and Michael to other relatives, Prince looks around 1 cm shorter than Michael so that would make Michael cm. However, I can't agree that Michael had a better posture than Marlon Brando. Overall, I think Michael is more likely a flat 5'9 than over on under a flat 5'9.

There's a MUCH higher chance he was under 5'9" than over it, imo. He's not taller than Brando in that pic, and as I said before, he has better posture yet still doesn't look any taller than him, possibly shorter. Anything out of that range is bull crap. You are exactly right. He's 3 foot 6. I met him in the Mariana Trench with Santa Clause! Just stop man, if He really was 5'6. He was cm Most likely cm. Brooke did look about 2 inches taller than Michael in 84 but she wore heals a lot.

Without heals, Brooke looks about 1. I'm not ruling out that he was under a flat 5'9, I'm just saying that there's a possibility he wasn't.

I think he was 5'9. Although, your right about anything under 5'8 being too low. If he was 5'7, that would mean a big downgrade for alot of other celebs. Naomi Campbell to 5'6. Eddie Murphy to 5'7. Marlon Brando to 5'6. Corey Feldman to 5'1. James Brown to 5'4. Brooke Sheilds to 5'8. I'm not convinced he was over 5'9" and to be honest, even 5'9" flat is questionable to me.

I'm sure he was over 5'8", but I'd wager around 5'8. Brando was a weak 5'9" and Michael doesn't look any taller than him at best there.

He's got better posture than Brando too. Brooke Shields had at least a good 2" on him and she's 5' Michael and Brooke in Eddie looks about half an inch taller than Michael. IMO, Michael was 5''9. Also, you said Michael probably wasn't over a flat 5'9 but look at this- Click Here Marlon Brando's peak height was about 5'9 and Michael looks about 0.

I'm not saying michael definitely was over at a flat 5'9 but I think there's a good chance he was. Hair doesn't count for all of those who say MJ was still taller. Click Here maybe Usher was wearing heals? Anyways, though I think he was 5'9. I think Tito and Randy are the same height with Michael being slightly taller and Marlon being slightly shorter. Overall though, I think your guess of 5'8. I think he was more 5'9. Any guess between 5'8 and 5'9. You should look at page 3 though. The idiots over there think he was 5'6, 5'7.

I'd personally peg Murphy at 5'9. I can't see Michael anything over 5'9" at best either. Murphy might have worn lifts from time to time, but it's still unclear if he did - which is why I don't have a solid estimate for him. I agree that Michael at 5'7" has to be impossible, seeing that would consequently make Oprah 5'3ish There are a number of photos of Jackson and Murphy from that event, where Michael didn't look any shorter, if not arguably a little taller with his cowboy boots on of course , so it's still a bit unclear.

I assume his posture is what could make him appear noticeably shorter than Eddie at times throughout the video. I'm definitely certain Michael was a fair bit shorter than Eddie in reality though, sans footwear: His bent leg pose might have knocked some height off, as his shoulders are notably lower than in the above pics and video: Their heels are not much different Click Here.

Also, the costume designer for "Remember the time said that Michael and Eddie were both between 5'9 and 5'10 with Eddie being slightly taller. Joe shrinks that much height? I struggle to see it him being under 5'7" at he's gone.. Such a huge lost height Rising - cm I'd say 5'8" for Michael is gone, his lowest height is more 5'8. I can also agree that 5'8 was the minimum but my guess for him is 5'9. Karen Faye did seem pretty accurate about Michael being 5'8 although, in most pictures of Michael and Karen Faye, Michael looks slightly taller.

The lady who designed the Thriller costume said Michael was 5'7 which I have to laugh at. I think Eddie was between 5'9 and 5'10 but all I know is he was likely around half an inch taller than Michael. Click Here here's Michael with Corey Feldman who is listed as 5'5 on this website. If Michael was really 5'8, wouldn't Corey have to be like 5'3? Because of his slouch, I'll say 5'9. Marlon looks about and Randy looked I can't agree that's a better picture with Wendt, although I don't think the Wendt comparison is going to be what will settle this mystery one way or another.

As for Marlon and the less famous Jackson siblings, I'm not any more certain about their heights than I am Michael. I put a reasonable amount of confidence in another height if Rob has them listed on this site because that means their height has been scrutinized a fair amount. I wouldn't say Murphy's barefoot height is a "strong" 5'9.

I still think 5'9" is a reasonable guess for Michael, as is 5'8. His makeup artist Karen Faye seemed fairly certain Michael was 5'8ish like she was. Randy is that one 5'8" cm Nah, I'm pretty certain Marlon is a good 5'8", and Randy just a smidgen shorter at about 5'7. Marlon claims 5'8 but imo, he was cm max 5'8.

I've been studying the Jacksons' heights for quite a bit and here's a list of my guess of a lot of the jacksons' heights from tallest to shortest. Jermaine 6'0 Jackie 5' Randy is that one 5'8" cm. Wendt's posture was better than Michael's. Click Here here's a better pic where their postures are the same and you can see that Michael is at least the same height as George Wendt.

Also, if Michael was really 5,8, how come he always looks taller than his brother Marlon 5'8. No taller, no shorter than that range. Marlon to 5,4, Tito and Randy to 5'5, Jackie to 5'9 and Jermaine to 5' Eddie looks more 5,9. He was not a height conscious guy. Extremely well proportioned, long legs, wide shoulders like his father and smallish head made him appear taller in videos.

I can agree with Michael at probably around 5'9" since his footwear and posture could vary and I can agree with your range of as I said, but I couldn't give Murphy 5'10".

He was more like 3" shorter than 6'0" Nick Nolte rather than 2": Click Here Click Here Nolte wore cowboy boots a lot, which he admitted could make him look taller than his 6'0", but you can see Eddie had heels himself in the 2nd photo. If you watch the film the difference seems consistently around 3". I trust Brigitte Nielsen's judgement with the 5'9"-5'9. Think about it, Eddie claims 5'10", but upgrades Brigitte to 6'2" as opposed to her real height of 6'0" or a bit over. This is very similar to Mel Gibson claiming 5'10" and insisting Sigourney Weaver was 6'1" while Sigourney gives their real heights of 5'11" for herself and 5'9" for Mel.

Upgrading others is a good sign the person is overcompensating and is stretching the truth with their own claim. Brigitte also seems a good judge of height since she said Stallone was cm and that seems spot on to me. As for Brando, well he was apparently 5'8. I think we can now agree that Eddie is taller than Michael but how much? The wuzupwithu music video shows their heights more accurately because Michael their footwear is the same height and Michael isn't slouching.

In the wuzupwithu vid Michael looks around half an inch shorter than Eddie. Also, I think Eddie is 5,10 because Nichole Murphy is 5,10 and I know Nichole usually looks taller than Eddie but that's because she wears heals alot. Here they are when she isn't wearing heals Click Here.

This would make Michael 5'9. He likely wasn't taller than that and there's a pretty good chance he was a bit shorter and as I said before, he couldn't have been under 5,8 as the only evidence that suggests he was under 5,8 was the YRMW photo shootout w Marlon Brando and Marlon Brando had to have been wearing lifts there because everywhere else, Michael appears slightly taller.

The first pic was even from the 80s when Michael wore his loafers. So most evidence suggests and because of Michael's slouch, I'm going to say 5'9. I don't think he was under the above listing, but at times I have to admit he can look below it. He tended to slouch a lot anyhow. He towered over Oprah. She's listed at 5'6 on here, and thus he looked at least 5'10 in comparison.

I agree anything under 5'8" for Michael is ridiculous. I wouldn't go over 5'9" either as I said, but I think your range of is about right for minimum to max. And yeah, the picture does favor Eddie Murphy, but Eddie looks just a bit taller in the video. I believe Murphy is nothing over or under 5'9"-5'9. I don't see anything unusual about Eddie's shoes with Michael, but if we even assume he passes for a solid 5'10" on stage with Michael just as he did with Mike Tyson the same year then Michael in cowboy boots could pass for at least 5'9.

It depends on how tall Murphy was standing that night. The picture did favor him, but he still looks a hair taller in the video, imo. However, I think he's at least 5,8. Anything under 5,8 just starts getting ridiculous because his brother Marlon 5,8 never appears taller than him and Nelson Mandela 6,1 doesn't appear more than 5 inches taller than him Click Here Click Here.

About the Eddie Murphy picture, 1. Eddie Murphy is like 5, In that picture, Eddie's posture is slightly better than Michael's so with the cowboy boots on, they are aprox. I think he was keeping in mind the fact that he wasn't the only celeb to wear heals.

Especially for his time but to be nice, I'll give him Michael had cowboy boots with Eddie Murphy and still looked shorter: Click Here The difference looked smaller than that on the video: Click Here but Eddie still looked slightly taller and looks to have less footwear making it unlikely they're the same height.

And Brooke Shields is listed here at 5' You can't really tell much about how they're standing in that photo, but if we assume you're right about the inch difference then Michael would be about 5'8" with her. Maybe he was closer to 5'9" than 5'8", but I'd be surprised if he was taller than 5'9" flat.

Murphy could be anywhere from 5'9"-5'9. Oddly, he could look tallish to me proportionately in the 's and shortish in the early 80's. I met him with my postman.

Click Here In half the pictures of Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy 5,9 , they look the same height which would put Michael at 5,9 Click Here However Michael looks a little more than an inch taller than his brother Marlon so I'm going to say 5'9. Click Here However, even with taking his slouch into account, he didn't look anything over a flat 5'9" in probable penny loafers beside him: This was still Thriller era so the loafers were still his choice of footwear then.

He only ever looked to have an inch or so over Diana in heels. The picture with Spielberg was obviously before the bad era, the era when he was still wearing the loafer type shoes every day.

Once the Bad era hit, the only time he wore those shoes was when he was on stage. I would say that just because he started wearing boots during the Bad era, doesn't mean they had lifts in them. I'm sure at the time, the extra inch the boots gave over the loafers seemed like enough to him. However, much like with his earlier surgeries, it wasn't ultimately enough.

The video with Oprah was around the Dangerous era, which by then, he was looking much taller in his videos than ever before. I'd say throughout the 90's he wore on average a shoe that gave around 3 inches, which is where I assume the 5''11 claims came from.

As you said in your earlier post, Michael claimed 5' If you go by the classic Hollywood 2 inch rule, that would have made him 5'8. I know that holds very little bearing, but I find it interesting and actually true in plenty of cases, especially before the internet. You are right that 5'7 is too low, but because of what MJFAN said the other day, 5'9 and change would have been the absolute max and even that seems to be a stretch.

Anything below cm starts getting into the unrealistic realm. What's interesting is he only appeared slightly taller than a 5'7. The reason I wouldn't quite say 5'8. If you watch the video where Michael goes to the grocery store, there is a scene where he plays with a Frisbee and is barely able to move in those high heeled shoes he had on. I think what he had there were 1. Under is where height begins to become an issue for men. For the people guessing anything over 5'9 flat, his autopsy said he was 5'9.

However, autopsies are notorious for over-measuring for 3 reasons. When you lay flat, your toes stick out past your heels by about an inch like tip-toe standing. By the time the measurement happens, the spine has had enough time to decompress fully.

It is the least important part on their agenda and is often done hastily or they just take the drivers license height which we all know a lot of round up happens on those. Also, look at him in pictures where he wears a trucker hat, his head looks small for those hats, yet his head looks proportional to his body, suggesting that his body is smaller than appears on camera. Being so thin helps to appear taller on camera too.

The guy who designed those boots Jackson wore with Sr. Bush claimed he measured Jackson at 5'10" - which is certainly over the top, but he worked as his costume designer for nearly 25 years.

Furthermore, he took a lot of extensive measurements of Jackson's body, which makes me wonder why he'd be so off on something as simple as his height. Jackson also described himself as 5'10" in his autobiography around the time "Bad" came out, so that could have perpetuated some confusion.

I don't dismiss the possibility that he may have been wearing lifts in those boots, but I seriously doubt it. Jackson appeared to be at least 2" shorter than Landis, who was supposedly 5' Their height does drastically vary in the video depending on angle, but he really doesn't look over cm to me there. For Jackson to be 5'9", wouldn't Landis have to have been at least 5'11"? This book's pages decrease in size toward the middle of the book and then increase from the middle to the end, each making their own little "book" for one of the story's animals.

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Height variations within a population are largely genetic, but height variations between . (Records for women are much more scarce, but they tend to follow the same trends.) Looking . Mexicans ought to be tall and slender. If this is a tall woman writing, I have great news for you: Some men might, but the glamour world defines the ideal women as somebody who is tall and slender. I don't think guys generally have preferences when it comes to height, we do. But it's particularly hard to ignore one asset — a woman's height. Height is The fashion world sets up tall, slender women as the "ideal" type.