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Single lady seeking sex tonight Cleveland

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Single lady seeking sex tonight Cleveland

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Single lady seeking sex tonight Cleveland

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wife looking for sex Cleveland Ohio

But when he dose i know for sure he will kick me out i have try every where to look for help to get into a house. If i could get into a house then it will give me the chance to keep my baby it i could ask for anything more so if there any chance of geting a place i would love the help. I am 17 and my daughter is 10 months I currently live with my parents in Adelanto California. My parents have problems and I really need to move out.

I am unemployed and I really need help. I am a 27 year old mother of three, at the current time I am living with my mother in a one bedroom apartment. Has anyone been able to find grants? So now I have to sneak around and hide so they will not find out that we are living here. I am a single mother of 2 kids a! I have no job no money and really need a housing grant of some sort.

I am in a dyer need of a place to stay and a job. I just need help I have been looking all over for jobs and everything and not getting any help. I can practically do anything. Can someone please help me I applied online for section 8 and they said they have never received my information and I paid my money. So I do not know what to do so I need help please. Hi, I am a single mother in need of immediate financial help, i am currently living with my parents well going to college grants.

I am 19 and have a 7 month old daughter. My current living situation has become very negative and unstable, the verbal abuse is overwhelming.

Although they treat my daughter amazing, i cannot take the hurtful degrading things they say. Another huge fight today, looking for a way out. I am 19 I have a 2 year old son me and the baby daddy still together we are both in school and have no income were we staying with his mom, his stepdad, my dad, me, him, his brother, and the toddler we are in a 3 bedroom house.

Im 19 years old i have 3 boys and im a single mother. Im living at my parents right now and they want me out. I tried section 8 its a 2 yr wait i live in idaho if i can ger any sort of help it would be great. I have two kids and is pregnant with my third life to me right now is a struggle. I need some assistance on finding.

I am living house to house with family and friends and I am a full-time student who works part time on the weekend please consider……. I live in Philadelphia Pa. Hi I am blessed with 2 daughters one is 4 other one is 2. I am a single mother of 5 children.

Homeless and in need of help. These agencys are a joke and it takes 30 days or more to get into a homeless shelter. My life is crumbling from underneathe my feet. I need help bad and like yesterday. Housing authority takes to long and all the gov. Bills piling up and stress is my obstacle. Hi, my name is Kiara and I am 18 years old. I have a 1 year old son and is currently living with my mother.

My mom is having problems of her own and i gets no help from anyone. Hello I am 22years old. I have a 4yr old babygirl. I used to be a victim of domestic violence. I work minimum wage, and my mom is bipolar and schizophrenic. What should I do? I am now looking for a new home, something affordable tho that will fit us all in. Can barely provide for myself. I need something good to happen to me now as I am doing something good for others.

Please please help me! Hi My name is Jacinta, and I just have exhausted all of my options. I have been living with my mom and am now homeless due to the fact that she is not an ideal person. I had to leave. Now me and my son 4 months old, live in the car. I have no job and bad credit. I applied for child care vouchers in my county but not eligilble because I receive cash assistance. Which right now is just barely covering gas, food, and baby diapers.

I am breaking down more and more each day. Wondering to myself he would be better off with another family. But adoption is just not what i need i just need some help. It hurts everyday trying to do the right things but it just not coming together. I dont have any information on what I am suppossed to do.

First time mom needs help on sitution struggle. I am a single mother of one. I have nowhere to go and i worry about where my child and i will go. I do have a part time job but hardly make enough to even buy diapers.

Hello my name is Ann, I am a single mother of 2 and six pregnant with my third. Me and my kids have moved from city to city and now is in a different state. I need somewhere stable to live that would work out for us.

I am going to school here but the transportation and lack of child care has me to where this is my last week. I just need a complete stable home for my children that I can afford where theres good transportation and things educational for them to do.

I get SSI but has worked on and off since But my biggest issues is child care and transportation. Child care would be easier to get if I can find a job I can get to with no problem and stay there longer than a few months.

I have nowhere else to go. I have try to apply for different apartments but nothing. I really need to get out of here. My son needs space here. I applied for public housing about two years ago and nothing. Please if there is any help available. My email is lsosa gmail. I am in desperate need, I have a 8 yr old daughter. I am currently attending school. Recently I found out the money I was giving to my boyfriend to pay rent was being used else where. I am 3 months behind on rent and he left.

I have no family, just my daughter. If someone who would like to help I sure would love it it!. And I would pay it forward once I can and give and donate to someone who is in my place. I have no family and I need help with renting a place as of righte now I live with a friend of my exs.

I tried doing tanf but they refuse to take me and its to far to walk to. Thank you in advance. I am currently 7mths pregnant with my first child. Moved back in with my mom and going to school full time, and i am not happy or comfortable with the living situation.

I really want and need to get on my own again but i have no job to do so. I have heard about HUD and was wondering if i could apply for it now even though the baby isnt here yet? Hello my name is kara and i have a 3 year old daughter. I am currently living with her grandmother on her fathers side. I lost my job in october which meant the repossesion of my vehicle and unable to help pay bills right now although i have looked all over at places within walking distance or on bus routes. This has put a huge burden on the grandmother and she has now taken the phone away from me to where i am not able to reach anybody among many other things on a daily basis.

Now that i can not pay she does not want me here and i feel like im going through a psychological hell everyday and im dragging my daughter through it. I need help to get out on my own and to get a job and take care of my daughter. I know beggers can not be choosers but i really do not want to have to go the the jesus house it would be so scary for me which im sure it is for anybody.

Im praying for a miracle in my life right now and if you could send me any information that may be usefull i would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much. I am a friend of a young lady who is in an abusive relationship. She as a two year old son. She is currently looking for employment but has no transportation and on can get someone to watch her son for a few hours which makes it difficult to job search. She has tried section 8 but there is a waiting list. Most of the shelters are full and not friendly or dirty. She gets some state assistance i think. If anyone can help me lead her in the right direction i would greatly thank you..

I have 4 children. My name is jaime and I am looking to relocate back to cleveland, ohio to be with my family and find work. I have three children who live with me in GA currently. We need to get our own place because we are temporary living with family and we will be needing to get back to ohio. I have a criminal back round back when I was 15 years old.

I am currently 25 and I have a family and I am living right. I have a associates degree in business and I am currently working on my bachelor degree. I want to work but I have no luck with my back round. I need some kind of suggestions on what to do. If someone can guide me in the right direction or help with names of agencies that can help me and my family i would really appreciate it.

I will leave my email address so someone can get in contact with me. Thank you so much for reading thank you. Hi I am a single mother of a 7 year old, he is the love of my life. Recently me and my son were forced to move in a shelter and unfortunately u get only a 14 day stay so i dont know where to go from here except my car. My father died this past year and my mom has ran off and refuses to tell me where she lives due to her new boyfriends race issues.

Im bi-racial my mom is white my dad was black. I live in south Mississippi i have been applying for jobs after jobs and no 1 is hiring and me and my son dont need much just a place to become stable again and eventually become successful. My sons father has never been apart of his life i have done everything alone. I have tried everything to get him to help me raise our child and he refuses and is constantly runing around the u.

I currently live with my parents, but they have their own problems, and I really need to move out. I hate having to give my parents more problems. Im currently going to school, and I lost my job. I really need help please. I live in the state of Texas. Hello my name is Myiesha a mother of 2.

Really need some assistance for me and my kids. Were homeless with no where to go. As of right now where living from pillow to post, no transportation nor job. Just looking for a place so I can get on my feet For my kids. Right now there all i got and im scared i might lose them to. Have been living with my boyfriend. I have a 14 yr old son from prior marriage. I have no job or car.

Hi im homeless mother in the state of Ga. I have no family here for support. I really need help! Can someone please help! I went threw a divorce in august and am now living with my parents. I need my own place. My son is almost two and I can no long have him depending on my parents considering im his mother. Hello, I have an 8 month old baby boy and I am in need of any help I can get. My boyfriend is facing jail time, and the problem is I lost contact with him.

The thing that worries me is that I was dependent of him. Or what if he flees? Thankfully I was able to find a room to rent and I have a job interview on two days from now. The only cash I have on me right now is quickly running out. And also, I am a full time student and once I get a job assistance with child care is a must! I live in the state of New Mexico. What options do I have? I am the mother of a 27 yr old daughter. She has 2 children -5 and 7 yrs old. This man is extremely verbally abusive to her.

He fight with her constantly and puts holes in the doors with his fist. I am afraid for her. He is a bully and very irrational- He has had 9 jobs in 8 years. My daughter works but does not make enough money to go out her own. I unfortunately cannot help her- Is there anything out there that can help her leave this abusive relationship? She lives in Suffolk County, New York-thank you. My name is Vanessa. I am currently 4 months pregnant and single. I have been applying for work and letting them know I am pregnant.

I have one place that is consiering hiring me but working part time and minimum wage. I am living in whittier california with my mother but she is disabled and also needs help. I would like to have a room that me n my baby can share.. Mom is sick and need some help. Im a 22 yr old mother with a 14 month old boy and a lil girl on the way in march. If theres anyone who can help plzz respond back. I am a single mother of a two year old girl and am out of ideas I am currently staying on a friends couch but there are 5 people living in this one bedroom apartment and it has been made quite clear that we need to get out.

I live in Maine and all the shelters in the area are full. My name is kaycee im a sinvle mom of a 5 month old little boy in wichita kansas i have 2 prior evictions so jtz hrd for me to get a place im currently living with friends that are now moving to Texas nd me my son and boyfriend have no place to go. We have came close to living on the streets. I have three young children at home. I need to get away from my ex husband. I have bad credit and evictions due to a past relationship that i finally got out of, but because of that I cant find anyone who will rent to me, I have the deposit but no where to go, can anyone PLEASE help me and my kids????

I live in pa lancaster county and ready to be evicted.. Nothing and my mom threatin to kick me out and call fwb. I am a 22 year old mother of 1, my son just turned 2. My credit is shot now due to all the bills, cc and being past due on the mortgage. I understand your frustrations and I feel for you. I will be creating a resource for this soon. Hi Im a single mom of a two year old girl, currently living with my dad since I had to go to part time at work since I started college, wondering if there is any way I could get assistance with rent.

Which state do you live in? This information will help us research the issue deeper to find an answer for you. I understand not wanting to go to a shelter. However, until you can find something more permanent, I would advise you to seek shelter far away from your abuser. I know the idea of a shelter is not very appealing, but you must do something to get away from the torment you are experiencing.

This is only temporary. I am in need of emergency housing. I am a single mother of a 4 year old. We are homeless due to a controlling abusive relationship.

If anyone has any advice please let me know. I have called multiple shelters but they are all full. My heart is broken and I am beyond stressed to capacity.

It is astonishing to me that this man can own a ten million dollar jewelry store and strip mall, yet myself and my children have lived in poverty for so many years! I have tried so hard to fight but no one will help he owes me so much but has played games and has gone for stretches as long as a year without giving us a penny.

I wanna scream to the judge why is this okay how can you let this happen? I have no money, no resourcesss had to sell everything including my car to feed my kids and am in debt terribly because of his games and threats. I have no place to turn. I live in illinois.

I simply cannot believe that a judge has not made this man pay up! Georgetta, Thanks for your support. I would highly suggest it to anyone dealing with a deadbeat!

S based housing assistance centers. Hello, my name is jen and i am currently living with the father of my two children. We were once married and then he divorced me. But i ended up pregnant afterwards, and we got together again.

Hi my name is Dora. I live in Southern california! I have no job. I am still attending high school going to graduate early. So i want to get out of here because she keeps bashing me. Please please help me im very desperate.

I am contacting help for my sister. She is recently employed and is in a motel in Norman ok. Her son is mentally ill and she cannot afford to live where she is. We are trying to find a boys home for my nephew. He is in need of help. I also have guardianship of my 2 granddaughter. I am very concern for my nephews future. Thanks and have a nice day.

I cannot turn to any of my family for help. If there are any resources that you can provide it would be greatly appreciated. I completely understand your situation and wish there was something more I could do for you at this time.

Take a look at the grants available in your area we have a few on this site and see if there are any that you qualify for. Unfortunately, we are in the process of upgrading the portion on our site that lists al of the available grants. Please get out of there. Even if you have to live in a shelter temporarily, please go. Statistics show that if you do not leave, it only gets worse. Living in a shelter is only temporary until you get back on your feet.

My sister is divorced with 3 boys,and lives in AZ. She has 2 boys that are special needs children that require her care all the time accept when they go to school and development. She is unemployed and there father is not working. She cannot work because of the kids, She does get money from the state to help provide, and the father has to pay child support but refuses to work. Can anyone pleease help! Living in NJ,cannot find a job thou I am trained as a dental assistant.

Its just me and my 6 yr old,living betweeen my parents and my boyfriend. Neither place is good 4 her or me. She wishes 4 our own place every nite. I failed my child and I pay dearly 4 it. Thanks to my own mother. I will do anything,anything to get out. Am Tasha my daughter and i are seeking a two bedrrom apartment or hous something on section 8 I currently stay with my ex but he moving in May and I cant move with him we have no family here. Hello im a single mother of 3 im in real bad need of your assistance i jst got out of a domestic violence relationship and i need help so bad so if you can please give me a call i would gladly appreciate it thank you.

Anyway, a program like this would really help me until I can get on my feet. Im 17 years old in i plan to move out my mother house. But I have a 12 year old autistic daughter, and there is no father involved. I am living in an area that is way above my means against my wishes simply because I have parents that took me in temporarily. My parents are, of course, older and are unable to help anymore. Knowing this was temporary, I have planned where to move-a better cost of living and better availablity for the needs of an autistic child.

I have run out of time and means. Does anyone have any idea of where I can get some kind of help? Hello-I am sending this message for my daughter which is in desperate need of housing for herself and her 14 month old son.

She is in a very bad relationship with her sons father. She has no transportation or job. She is in desperate need of housing, transportation and a job. She lives in Jefferson County AL.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Hi my name is lucy iam 20 years old a single mom to a 11 mth girl part time student and currently unemployed.. He is no where in the picture and i have no help i quit my job 2 mths ago and i have no income and no government help i just need some advice please contact me at lucerovaz yahoo. I am 32 and I have a son who is I am ned of housing ASAP.

I am leaving a guy who is abusing things including me verbally, but he has hit me in the past. I have no money and no where to go. Hi, my name is Nichole, 26, i have a 3yr old little girl and currently in chester county, pa. Basically, i NEED to get out of here. To say my family is dysfunctional is an understatement. More than anything i want to relocate to another state, preferably Tx, or in that general area.

ANY information, ideas or advice would be most welcome and truly appreciated. I have a 2 year college degree. My husband left us and he was the one paying all the bills I stayed at home to raise our child. I have not had a steady job in 4 years only worked in the summers.

I was planning to enroll in a community college to get my grades up and. I have no one to help me. On top of that I still breast feed my baby and I feel so bad that things will change drastically for her. Please give some advise on what to do. Hi, my name is Julie, I am 20 years old and I have a 2 year old daughter. I consider myself to be homeless, i live between my moms house, my dads house, and sometimes in my car, but I dont put my daughter in that situation ofcourse.

But I am a single mom that does not receive child support. I currently have a job, but dont start work til next week. In the mean time, I am trying to obtain any help that can be offered, Ive applied a few places for housing assistance but most want to check your credit by obtaining my CC information, which i do not have, if you can help me at all, please let me know! Can you please provide me with information that will help me with housing and job assistance.

I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old, and have left a mentally abusive marriage. I am looking to move to Conway Arkansas, and am hoping to do so by July. I have had to move 3 times one to the battered wives shelter, then to a friends house in Arkansas which I really wanted to stay but I couldnt afford it and had to rush to move. Then I moved to New Jersey where right now but I need my own home for me and my boys. I am currently in an Online college and living on state assistance.

My name is Asia i am in dyer need of help. I have been abused raped all my life i am struggling mother of a two yr old boy.

I am homeless with no where to go. I am currently in a very, very, depressing, guilty, betrayed, unhealthy, not loved, terrifying predicament alone, which scars me shitless im in total panick mode.

My youngest is just 6months. We only have until the 2nd of May to find help with our rent. We have been abandoned by my youngest sons dad. I have numerous physical problems and am waiting on a disability court date.

With my physical limitations, all I have for income is the lil I make being a nanny for a family of 3 that the oldest 2 live with autism. We have until April 30th to have all of our belongings out.

I have called all over creation trying to get us someplace to stay and keep running into the same problem of income verification for renting an apartment.

I would very much appreciate any help or assistance given. I am a single mom struggling with epilepsy and ptsd. Any information you could give me would be such a blessing. I am a 28yr old single parent fulltime college student with a 10yr old daughter. I moved to a new city and living with my aunt for now, but I do think anyday now she will be telling me that she wants me to leave.

It is hard trying to find a job up here being I am a convicted felon since Listening to my mother telling me to take some charges for my sister who was in the military at the time and had a brand new baby girl. Now I am sitting here suffering with the choice I chose to make thinking I was doing the right thing. Now I am in need of someone helping me and my daughter who are on the verge of being homeless. If there are any agencies or any information anyone would like to share feel free to post..

I am 25 yrs old and I have a 4 yr old son and twin 3month old girls. I am going through a divorce and just moved out of a shelter and back with my mother. I need help finding housing because there is really no room for us here and i have no where to go. I am a single mother and a full time student I will be a senior in college in the fall. My children are 5 and 7. Their father left a few months ago and he was the sole bread winner of the household.

I would love some information to help me get some assistance. Ima single mom i jst turned 20 yrs old i hve a 5 mnth baby.. Im 25 years ols and live in Dixon California. I live with my grandma who is I receive calworks but not enough for me and my son. My mother passed away 3 years ago and im basically on my own: I reallly want to gwt helped with finding an apt and helping me out to ay each months rent. I want to be in my own place juat with my baby boy. Hi me and my wife help girls who need a place to live who are having a baby or have a baby if you are age 9 to 18 we will give you a place to live and food to eat and a nice room for you and your baby with all the baby things you will need just give us a call at or email us at preshawk gmail.

Hi Barbara and Jessie. Thank you for such a wonderful gesture. I usually delete all personal information through comments, however, in this instance I will keep your email live on the site until I receive more information. Just want to make sure this opportunity for single moms is legit. Please send the full information to george usemergencycashassistance.

My oldest is 11yrs old and my youngest is 10mths old. I struggled with my oldest child financially and was afraid to commit to a new relationship when I met the father of my youngest child. Its hard raising one child alone let alone two or more kids.

I thought we would settle down and have a family, he made it seem as if he would help me and play an active role as a parent. I though he would help me get out of the projects where I live and we could have a nicer place to live with both of us working full time.

I waitied 10 years to make sure I was getting involved with a responsible person and that we could help and support one another. I thought I found the right person. We were together for two years when I found out I was pg. Well needless to say, things fell apart. I thought to myself how could I be so stupid falling for it a second time!!

I still live in the projects, struggling financially and working full time, also making sure I take care of my two kids. A nicer neighborhood would require a better paying job so I could afford to pay a higher rent.

I tried looking for a better job but no one will hire me. I am a single Mom of a wonderful 9 year old son. I lost my job in late January and still have not found work. The job market is horrible here in the quad cities. I am currently attending school and will have my degree by the end of November. However, the home that we are living in is going to be put up for sale, so we have been asked to vacate by the end of September. Once I finish with school, getting a job in my field should be pretty easy especially with assistance from the school I am attending.

I, along with many of you do not have much of a family to count on. I have reached out to several family members who have basically turned their back on us and told me that they cannot help us. Not sure what to do. So, like I said, I am going to school and attempting to find work, and have even applied for low income housing and awaiting a response. If anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome.

Old single mother of an one year old little girl. Up untill two months ago I had been financialy cappable of steadily providing for my child and I. For a year I payed all our bills in full and on time, never late. I thought i was making the best descion in my childs interest… I was sooooo wrong…. Last week my room mate was drunk when we came home. He started tripping hard and tryd to kick in our bed room door.

I baracated ourselves inside our room and called the cops…. The police made me and my baby leave and left him at the house with his kids… My lil girl and I have been homeless for almost a week now and honestly….. I just dont know what to do…. I am so lost and scared…. I dont have any family here and her dad has never even seen her by his own choice…. The shelters didnt have enough room and now I am almost completely broke…. Between having to rent a storage unit and uhaul… Dipers ….

Milk and food untill we receive our food stamps…. Amy, I so fully understand your pain. I am a single mother with one child, 1 year old. I am currently living with my parents but am not able to stay for more than a month or so, I am currently a full time student trying to get my bachelors in Business Management and I am having a hard time finding work or the work is further away than I can travel.

My parents are doing everything that they can to help but They can only do so much. We have a 5 month old little girl and i have a 6 year old little boy from a previous relationship. I resided in Gulfport, Ms. If anyone can help get me in contact with someone who can help i would really appreciate it. Help please I am a single mother of three children, ages 10,7, 4. I am a Army veteran living in Jacksonville, Fl and thinking of relocating simply because I can get NO help here finding a place to stay.

I am feeling depressed most days and would like some feedback please! Hi, My name is Ashley, I am also like many other women here a single mother, of a 5 yr old boy. Its been really hard since day one, I have never received not one child support payment from the father.

Right now we are homeless, my son and I sleep on the floor every night. I am 24 yrs old and fear that I can not pick up the pieces to our life by myself. I need help like yesterday! My son made me cry today when he told me.. I just want a better life for us both, im willing to work and do what I must in order to be the best mother I possibly can, I just need a start!

Hello, I am a single mother of two children. We were evicted from the apartment I was renting because I simply could not afford the rent anymore. If you could tell me where I can find shelter or renting assistance I will greatly appreciate it. Hi my name is Tina. I am looking for some direction to try and help someone. She is down on her luck, hitting a road block everywhere she turns. She has a total of 4 kids ranging , 9 being my husbands son. The state has removed her kids but put 1 back.

My husband is taking his son but that leaves her 2 girls still in state custody. She has asked welfare to help her, yep they helped by giving For 2 people with no job is usually For a single is around that , she had all 4 of her kids at the time!

Me and my husband can only help her so much because he has 2 other children that we also support. Please if anyone can point me in the right direction to help her please let me know. My name is erica I live w my momma w my 4 kids in a small one bedroom apartment an its not enough room I dont have no where else to go an im tryin to hurry up an get me an my kids our own place and start over fresh.

My name is Tina I am 19 years old. I have a baby girl, she is one month old. Her father has nothing to do with us, not in the birth certificate, no child support. I am not homeless, my family has helped me, but theirs things that had happened. Our lives are at risk, by other family members. I live in San Antonio, TX. I am going to college they are gonna provide me daycare while I study.

I just need help for the first month then I will be on track and have a job hopefully. I am a mother of three young boys currently living with my sister and her family. It has been so much going on that I was told that I have to the end of this month to find a place either way I am going to have to leave her house regardless if I have a place to go or not.

So I am asking if someone could please give me information I need to put myself and my boys in. I do not have a vehicle and the town I live in does not provide homeless shelters. The only help I get from the government is food stand and medical cards on myself and my son. I get No cash assistance from the government. Half the time he is at my mothers house because I am unble to support him the way he should be.

I am 27 year old and I have 2 kids and I am homeless and I am trying to see if anyone knew of any other programs that could help me out. I am unemployed but I am looking for work.

I am a single mother with a thirteen year old daughter. I lost my job in April and was living off of my savings while I try to find a new one. Meanwhile, I have been going to school and, it took 6 years but, on September 1, I finally got my Associates Degree Health Care Admnistration with a concentration on Long-term Care.

I am so proud of myself and have been submitting my new resume all over and even have two interviews set up. The problem is, I am 3 months behind on rent and my landlord wants the money or says he is evicting us. If I lose this apartment, we will be homeless. I have bad credit and no money to move in a new place. Even if I get a great job tomorrow, I will not be able to pay the back rent.

I have no family and I worry how becoming homeless could affect my daughter and probably alter the coarse of her life…. Single mother of a 4 yr old, live with friend and mom sometimes, stopped working due to chronic pain…getting better but struggling..

Last year I got custody of 5of my grandkids. They were in foster care and domestic violence. I relocated to Florida for out protection and am in hiding.

I need help with a place to live, HUD has a long waiting list. I am also in need of a car to get all of us to the doctors. The kids have a kidney disease among other problems and require a lot of doctors. I live on a small fixed income. Is there anyone that might be able to help my family? My name is Becky. I am a single mom to a pretty good 14 yr old son. I currently live with Mother in a sm town outside Lawerance Ks. I am majorly stuck. I want a car, job and my own apartment.

I dont have a drivers licance. I bought a car back in Feb for Transmission went next day. Still to this day.

But sttill will not run. Only option is is scrap and get if that and eat the rest. I cant get aq job cuz no car. And no buses are out where I live. Cant get another car cuz no job. Well get get an apartment, no job. If lived in town. I could take bus to my job. So did you follow that? Cuz have no car. Cant get apartment to get to work cuz back again to car. I need help tyrying to make it possible to get a car, job and apartment. They have always had Christmas but this year the ideal of putting a tree is heart breaking.

I grew up with money but my dad killed himself when I was 12 and my mom dies before I got pregnant with my little boy. Not able to drive, him not wanting me to, and not having my own car put a stop to me working, so after he hit me more than I could deal, I called his mom to get him, she did but not after cussing me and telling me how bad I was.

So what do I do? My only living relatives are 8 hours away which means ripping up my kids from their family and then how do I get our stuff there. Hi my name is carolyn vaughns. I am a 44 year old single mom of six.

Ive raised three who are now all grown and im struggling to raise my other three, whom are 11, 13,and On august the 25 of this year i lost my job i lost my home and my car, at the current time im living with my very disrespectful 24 year old son who wants us out of his house.

We stay in a two bedroom apt with him his boyfriend ,and his bisexual friend girl. I love my son but its no place to raise my kids, they are still young and likes to party and do all kinds of stuff young people get into. Im not comfartable at all. Right now im not working i have no money very stressed out and depressed, I found out i have dieabeties and ive had two dieabetic attacks due to the stress im under.

Can someone please give me a chance. All i need is some help please. I was recently evicted from my apartment in september. I have a decent job but am unable to get an apartment due to rental history. Please its about to be Christmas. And I have to be out ofmy relatives house by the 19th.

Is there any kind of help for me. And I have two girls a 3 year old and a two year old. Could anyone help me? Information, a place to stay, anything. I currently live with my dad, he pays all the bills. We have been evicted and are to be out on January 5th. I live in Seymour, TN right now. Hi I have spent the last hour reading through all these post and I truly feel for every person here. I wish I could help them all! I however am a 36 year old single father of a 13 year old wonderful daughter.

I lost my wife 6 years ago and then my mother and the only other support in my life 2 years ago I feel all alone and helpless. I have what is called degenerative disc disease in my neck which causes me unbearable pain and makes it almost impossible to work or keep a job.

The lease is up Feb 1st and I will have to find a place for me and my daughter that I can afford on my own and that accepts renters with evictions due to me being evicted a little over a year ago from my last apt because I a as s unable to pay rent.

Please someone help me. Thank you all and god bless you all! My email address is osterhoutd gmail. Me and Isaac are currently going through a bad time, me and his father are currently separated and neither of us have jobs anymore. I carry like three bags with me everywhere I go because I have no place to safetly leave my things without someone getting freaked out that were trying to move in with them.

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