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Single lady seeking casual sex Owensboro

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It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us. Book banning as been around, just about as long as have books. For one reason or another nearly every book can be found to have something that is objectionable to someone. The primary object to any book banning, as I see it, is to preserve a status quo of ideas that the book may challange. If the book can be banned, the status quo is protected.

If the book cannot be banned, then the status quo is in danger of being questioned - and there are many vested interests in maintaining any particular status quo. A BANNED book would imply that there is some organization that can declare a book banned, and have some kind of enforcement power to keep the book out of the hands of all American people.

There is no such organization. Challenges to books are objections that are raised to organizations that DO have the power to remove books from various collections, but not the power to eliminate the book entirely. Typically, books are challenged in schools or churches. Schools have to deal with parental objections to books frequently, and should have policies in place to handle such objections, and a means to decide the merit. It does not seem unreasonable to say that a book is inappropriate to the age of child.

Saying a book should never be available to any child, no matter what the age seems a little extreme. Most of the books that are called "banned" have simply been "challenged" here and there, and are freely available to anyone who wants to read them.

I said that since there was no organization to do the banning, then it could not be banned. He pointed out that, it was banned, because the copyright holder Disney does not allow the sale, distribution, or showing of this film in the United States, and that anyone attempting to do so can be taken to court and fined.

I conceeded that he was correct since it meets the 2 criteria for banning - 1 There is an enforcement organization Disney and there are legal consequences to challenging the ban penalties of copyright law. There are other reasons on the chart What is interesting is that in the 's Homosexuality was 6th on the list. The following contains notes on books from my list that have been banned for one reason or another. After I read a book I look it up to see if it was ever censored. Generally most references say that a book was banned, but not by who and why.

In every case I have tried to come up with the name of the banner, and the reason, if possible. Challenged in the Jackson County, FL because Orwell's novel is "pro-communist and contained explicit sexual matter.

Challenged in Florida for pro-communist and sexual themes. A Clockwork Orange by Burgess, Anthony. If you would expect ANY book to be banned, you would expect it of this one. Violent sex, senseless acts of violence, rape, a socio-pathic view of society - and of society hitting back, and a lack of respect for religion. All these themes would get this book to the top of the banned books list.

And so it appears to be in many references on the internet. One interesting note is that the book has 21 chapters, but was originally printed in the United States with only Very strange, considering that the 21st chapter is the ONE chapter that is NOT violent, but instead, comtemplative and filled with a final moral. Why would they print it without this chapter - god knows.

In a book seller in Orem, Utah, was arrested to selling the novel. Charges were later dropped, but the book seller as forced to close the store and relocate to another city. Removed from Aurora, Colo. Removed from two Anniston, Ala. High school libraries , but later reinstated on a restricted basis.

A Separate Peace by John Knowles. Challenged as appropriate for high school reading lists in the Shelby County, Tenn. Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom, May , p. Animal Farm by Orwell, George.

Animal Farm is regarded as a successful blend of political satire and animal fable. Completed in , the book remained unpublished for more than a year because British publishing firms declined to offend the country's Soviet allies. It has been translated into many languages but was banned by Soviet authorities throughout the Soviet-controlled regions of the world because of its political content. In , Graves County, Kentucky, the school board banned this book about a poor white family in the midst of crisis, from its high school English reading list because of 7 passages which made reference to God or abortion and used curse words such as "bastard," "goddam," and "son of a bitch.

Banned in the Graves County School District in Mayfield, KY because it contained "offensive and obscene passages referring to abortion and used God's name in vain. Challenged as a required reading assignment in an advanced English class of Pulaski County High School in Somerset, KY because the book contains "profanity and a segment about masturbation. Two school board members were concerned about the book's coarse language and dialect. Brave New World by Huxley, Aldous.

Banned in Ireland Removed from classroom in Miller, MO , because it made promiscuous sex "look like fun" and challenged frequently throughout the U. Challenged as required reading at the Yukon, Oklahoma High School because of "the book's language and moral content. The book was retained, and teachers selected alternatives if students object to Huxley's novel.

Brave New World was again challenged in Foley, Alabama because of the depictions of "orgies, self-flogging, suicide" and characters who show "contempt for religion, marriage, and the family. Book banners have cited "negative activities" undoubtedly referring to the sex and drugs in the book as reason enough to prevent students from reading the book.

The Call of the Wild by London, Jack. Jack London's writing was censored in several European dictatorships in the s and s.

In , Italy banned all cheap editions of his Call of the Wild, and that same year Yugoslavia banned all his works as being "too radical".

The Nazis also burned some of his socialist-friendly books like The Iron Heel along with the works of many other authors. Published in , Voltaire's critically hailed satire, Candide, U. Customers seized Harvard-bound copies in the 's claiming obscenity. Two Harvard professors defended the work, and it was later admitted in a different edition.

Bishop Etienne Antoine - wrote: And no wonder - Candide pokes merciless fun and criticism of all characters involved with the church. Catch by Heller, Joseph. Banned in Strongsville, Ohio , but the school board's action was overturned in by a U. District Court in Minarcini v. Strongsville City School District. Challenged at the Dallas, Tex. Independent School District high school libraries ; in Snoqualmie, Wash.

It was banned in Srongsville, Ohio in and that decision was overturned in It was also challenged in Dallas, Texas and again in Snoqualmie, Washington Fahrenheit by Bradbury, Ray. This book, like no other, is about censorship. People apparently think that this book itself has been challenged many times since it's publication. That is simply not true. I can find only 2 instances where this took place, and they are below.

Ray Bradbury himself speaks to the issue of how people have tried to change his book over the years, and how they have suceeded with others. It is an interesting read, and so I quote it here in it's entirety. That this book would be challanged should be the definition of irony!!! Here is what I found The book, Fahenreit , was on the reading list for several of the English classes.

However, after a parent complained to the superintendent about the use of the word "God damn" in the book, the book was removed from the required reading list. Interestingly, the complaint did not surface until the book report was due -- more than a month after the reading assignment was given. I also found the following article when I googled this book Alton Verm, of Conroe, objects to the language and content in the book.

If they can't find a book that uses clean words, they shouldn't have a book at all. He wants the district to remove the book from the curriculum. I want to get the book taken out of the class. He looked through the book and found the following things wrong with the book: He said the book's material goes against their religions beliefs. Alton Verm said he doesn't understand how the district can punish students for using bad language, yet require them to read a book with bad language as part of a class.

Diana Verm and another classmate decided to read an alternative book. They leave the classroom when the class reads or discusses "Fahrenheit ," she said. Other themes include conformity vs.

We respect people's rights to express their concerns and we have a policy in place to handle that. The materials must meet various standards, be appropriate for the subject, age and social and emotional development of the students and motivate students to examine their own attitudes and behavior, according to district policy.

While the district does not know of any other challenges to "Fahrenheit ," there may have been students who have decided to read a different book.


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