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Short petite girl needed for nsa sex

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Short petite girl needed for nsa sex

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Short petite girl needed for nsa sex

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Your allowance will be significant, good enough to not only meet your Short petite girl needed for nsa sex bills but I will also take you shopping which I know most girls love to do. I like women who are anywhere from say, 5' to maybe 5'6-5'8, and are height weight proportionate, just not excessively overweight.

I'm in search of a laid back and compassionate man who enjoys conversations about everything and nothing. My confidence, my skill and my raw pboobsion has always opened girls hearts up.

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I just love being able to toss a girl around in bed and if you have tattoos and piercings, that's a big plus as I have them too. Please put "green red purple" in the headline so I know you're real. Anyone care to add to this list? Sure I will think of more later Blk woman looking for her one and only lonely women Eynon Pennsylvania Sexy women wants casual sex Odessa NSA fun I am a 24 year old latino looking for a woman to have some nsa fun today. I am clean, sane, and mobile.

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I hope one day you'll realize what you mean to me and what I'm willing to do to get you back. You are the love of my life and I'll do whatever it takes to show you. I'm so sorry for all that I did and the way I treated you when we were together. I can never apologize enough. You were so good to me and I took you for granted. And I will be forever. I love you Southern Gentleman looking for my grannies looking for sex yankee woman 2fuck sex iowa Zaveltsy Dirty Flirty w4m All you filthy hipster boys drive me wild with your taste in expensive beer and lack of shampooing Women seeking casual sex Bloomsdale Missouri Looking for a woman to lickStrap-on a plus! | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

If a girl is not "full time", she will most certainly be as much or more concerned about indiscretion than you will be. Why do you think she's not full time? A full time professional girl is just that - a professional. She is interested in being paid for services rendered and being treated nicely. Take care of the latter, and you'll rarely have to worry about indiscretion.

Ironically, the most potentially troublesome girl is the full time TS that is not a professional. Sex with her is on equal footing from the start.

If you are sincere, you couldn't ask for a better situation. However, if you are only playing a game, well - beware or her wrath - if ya break her heart! However, I've seen more than one who professed no such desire - end up doing it once or twice. Sometimes, they got a wild hair - or just met an admirer that did it for them at the right moment.

Let's face it, everybody gets extra horny - now and then. You catch the right girl, on the right night, at the right moment - and she'll do damn near anything. Timing has a lot to do with sexual desires. Ever seen a woman that wasn't the case? LOL Straight Talk Some admirer's get a little pissed at the cynicism they receive from t-girls when out, or on-line. Where do you think this attitude came from, sweetie? Here's a little reality check from a girl that's been doing the fem thing for a very long time: They often talk about what they've fantasized about - in the same manner as what they actually desire.

They'll talk about what they'll do - with no conscious concern on the difference in this statement - and reality. What does that feel like for a t-girl? The best way I can relate it: If you had a job - where you are asked to do a ton of work - but received no compensation or recognition.

Ever had one of those? Not fun, was it? Some of you I've corresponded with, continue your triage about not using a professional t-girl. Instead, you simply hone your skills - to shit on a girl who is totally sincere. Most of you just run around breaking hearts, without the first thought of how she might have felt. You will find some girls who are just out for the sex, but the lion's share require something else - to make intimacy special.

Most admirer's t-urges are spawned from having lusted over girls from on-line pornography, transsexual magazines, and XXX t-video's. It is one thing to look at such graphic representations and masturbate to mental images of you in the arms of this creature. It is quite another to realize this is a living, breathing, human being - with feelings and emotions just like any other girl. Sort of takes the edge off it for a second, doesn't it? Intimacy has very little to do with how much - or how little - you are wearing.

It has to do with how much of yourself is shared with someone else. The platform for a high level of intimacy is already in place: Both share a desire or fetish, in real world terms for a different brand of sexuality. Both can rarely share their unique desires with members of their daily clan. However, many male admirers forget there is a person beneath all that hair and make up. Bonding with this individual can make for much more pleasure than you could ever imagine! The reason so many t-girls are attracted to one another versus male admirers runs much deeper than the lace and garters.

It is a shared sense of camaraderie that is rarely enjoyed with a masculine man. It is a knowledge you are appreciated and understood on all levels - for who you are, where you've been, what you've learned in the process, and where you're going. One of my favorite summations of this matter was written by the Lebanese poet, philosopher and artist - Kahlil Gibran. As ironic as it may sound, sensitivity is the key - to the best sex of your life!

Renee is financially secure. I don't know how my sisters on more limited budgets afford all their stuff they must buy. Never mind what that other guy in her life requires to look "presentable" - I just keep mine to pay the bills anyway!

LOL I'm going to put this as straight as I can, hon. You don't have to pay for the pleasure. However, you damn well better exhibit a little appreciation for all she goes through to look lovely and feminine. She has endured more humiliation from a tg-rude employee at Wal-Mart - than you'll likely taste all year. Why do you want to do this in the first place? We all tend to do a lot of things in life without first considering our motivations.

If you don't know what you're doing sexually - you can be in for a big mess. Any girl - GG" or T - senses awkwardness just like "babies". Ever seen a person who doesn't know how hold an infant? The child gets irritated in a hurry. They start screaming and crying, and they move on to a person who knows how to make them feel all comfy. Let me let you in on a little secret for you newcomers.

Sexual satisfaction with a t-girl"- is different from GG's. It takes a little experience to be good at it. If you are not, it isn't going to be any fun for her - and likely won't be for you. I know in a matter of seconds if I'm in the arms of an experienced lover - or a neophyte. Quite frankly, it isn't comforting to offer yourself to someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Why would I be motivated to want to teach someone I just met about sex?

We're not 15 years old, hon. For many of you the best option is to simply keep this whole thing a fantasy. It's easy, cheap, and not nearly as messy. LOL This is particularly true if you would term yourself a cross dresser at heart. Because if you're like most hidden girls - deep down inside - you are going to want to be the passive partner - and it's unlikely your new t-friend has much interest in relinquishing that role. If any of the above scenario's apply to you - I'd still like to insist - as I did in my how to meet a t-girl section - you focus your initial sites on professional t-girls.

The Road to Heaven Okay guys, I've been a little hard on you here. I'll bet you couldn't wait to read this section LOL I had my motivations for being so straight forward. Did I just say straight? First, as unbelievable as it may seem, I think sex is pretty special. As I'm sure you've guessed, I feel t-girls are extra special. Therefore, I don't want to see such a super special occasion wasted on someone who doesn't deserve it.

If you're still reading, then my guess is you're more sincere than most. Now let's talk about the fun stuff. In case you're not aware, I started my t-life in this role - and recall the good and bad all too well. Most guys are under the impression that since they have a male sex organ - they will automatically know what feels good to another individual with the same equipment. Problem is, they might know the feeling - but they often know zilch about how to deliver the goods.

During their first time with a t-girl, most guys are fixated with touching and tasting her penis. The unique combination of smooth skin, hairless scrotum, silky garments and the sex of a male is sometimes enough to make the whole event pleasurable for the guy.

It's nice that you can have so much fun doing so, but it often does little for her, after the first minute or so. Everyone likes to know they're desired, but when your focus is more of an obsession, it reduces the pleasure. Also, if you've never had sex with a t-girl, do both of us a favor and don't be afraid to "ask questions" during the process. I know most of you can't stand the thought of stopping and asking directions. However, this is one piece of real estate where you can get lost in a hurry - regardless of how familiar the terrain appears at first glance.

Having been in the role of both a guy and a gal in the sack over the course of my life, I've had the unique experience of living and enjoying both sides of the spectrum. There are a million things I could tell you that might help, but none so important as this: What do I mean by focus? It doesn't matter if you are focusing on a romantic dinner, a hot kiss, or the best oral sex of your life - don't get distracted from the person or object in front of you..

As men, we are notorious for maintaining completely separate agendas to the one at hand. We take women to nice places in order "to get some". We buy them a gift - to get some. We smooze for hours - to get some. For once in your life - try a gift because she deserves it, a dinner because it would be nice, and smoozing - in order to really get to know her thoughts and feelings.

Sex for women is typically a much deeper emotional experience than men. Getting her excited in her heart - will keep everything at a fever pitch in her panties. Pleasure doesn't always include an orgasm from your buddy between your thighs.

Other parts of your body can enjoy similar heightened pleasure. I'm not saying you should stop and offer a flower in the midst of heated sex. Most girls would agree men can actually get too gentle and astray at that moment.

Try to imagine a world where there was only one option - in everything you do. Picture a world where there is no "number two" on your list. Try living in that unique world when you are with her. It will result in better sex - I promise!

Wow, you seem so different, I thought you were this big-time bi-sexual. This person had not even talked with me once - and that was her impression. I suppose in fairness - I'd say I'm less promiscuous now. Still, I felt I needed to include this information somewhere on my home page. Because I believe sexual pleasure - is not a dirty act.

Rather, I consider it a special gift - for all mankind. My objective is to provide you with a few tools and fresh ideas that might add pleasure to any union. Some of the data will seem overly unsophisticated to many of you.

You whoremongers - will likely laugh at its simplicity. Since I don't know what experience each gal has had to date - I felt compelled to go overboard in explanations - rather than leave anybody hanging. I never realized I would stir up such a fuss when I first added sex to my home page. Most comments were positive. I expected -and received - a few holier than thou letters. Those of you who know me personally are aware I don't shy away from controversy.

I don't enjoy disagreeing with others - but I also don't enjoy keeping my thoughts hidden. In other words - I can't keep my mouth shut. As I suspected, a lot of new girls were very curious about exploring this aspect of their femininity. However, it was obvious from letters that people desired more information on the details of making t-sex pleasurable.

In the other parts of this section, I've discussed the warnings, emotional issues, dangers, pro's and con's, ideal partner selection - the works. Here, I'm going to assume your mind is made up - and there's no turning back - you are going to try it.

Since I'm partial to providing advice to my sisters - my comments will be slanted towards their role in the matter. However, it doesn't take an overly bright "male admirer" to understand how to reverse positions - and get ideas on how to make his t-lover a bit more blissful as well. It's difficult to provide any meaningful information on actual sex - without getting a tad bit crude. I'm not crude by nature - except when I reach that fever pitch - when just about anything will come out of my mouth.

I'll try to cover this subject as exacting - as professionally - and as lady like - as Renee can. Now ditch the cotton underwear GF - let's get down to business! Absolute pleasure from sex is a function of many things - not the least of which is that you feel sexy. I know of no easier means to achieving this goal than wearing something that makes you feel hot.

Try not to worry with what your lover prefers. If you want to hide that belly - then wear that corset for the duration. Hate those hairy legs - then leave on the pantyhose - and cut away access to your friend. In other words, its key that you like what YOU see in the mirror. Feeling sexy - is the ultimate aphrodisiac! One thing you might want to consider is which wig you'll don for such fun. Rolling around in the sheets, sleeping on pillows, etc - is very hard on a wig.

Such activity causes them to lose a great deal of their shape and body. I'd suggest you choose one exclusively for your wild woman activities - and let her - endure the heap of abuse from sexual explorations. I keep separate wigs for performing, clubbing - and of course - my fun. I call mine Miss Thang - and I'm really glad she can't talk. LOL The best ones for such commotion are usually short and straight with no frills.

Such wigs require little subsequent restyling - and don't get in the way of anything. I love my lips looking feminine - makes me feel most sexy. However, between kissing and whatever - they tend to get trashed during sexual fun. In my new makeover section, you'll find my method for painting lips that will endure all but the most aggressive kissing. If this is important to you - you might try it.

Buried in the confines of our clothing, our midsections often have little chance to air out prior to sexual activity. If you don't have a chance to shower prior to your fun, try visiting the ladies room and giving yourself a little sponge bath while adding a touch of your favorite fragrance down there. I'd also suggest you ask your lover to follow a similar regimen - for both of your pleasure. Okay, we 'gotta carry this a bit further Most t-girls I know would classify themselves as bottoms" when it comes to sexual activity.

Basically, they prefer to be on the receiving end of the stick. Doing so puts them into the more exacting role of a female - and all which that implies. As a guy, most t-girls have never had to deal with the potential horrors from sexual activity inside their bodies. As a t-girl on the bottom- this changes in a hurry. Since us gals don't have a vagina, we tend to utilize the next best thing - our anus. I'll discuss in greater detail how to derive pleasure from this "organ" in the sections that follow.

Here, we are discussing cleanliness. If you have plans for sexual fun in this department, I'd suggest the following regimen. First, before going out - give yourself an enema of soapy water to help cleanse this area. It's a healthy habit - and will make you feel more confident during the big moment.

Second, try to stick to a liquid diet of juices and water for the balance of your day. Your insides are made up of fragile tissues - which can be easily torn and subsequently infected by a host of diseases.

No matter how womanly you think it might feel to have some special person let loose in your innards - take it from real women - it ain't fun!! If you are serious about being on the receiving end of anal sex, then hop on over to my dirty deed section upon wrapping up here for the details of how to make your first - and every time - more pleasurable.

Many such people enjoy playing some sort of role playing games to heighten the intensity of the situation - including games of domination and submission. T-girls, as a group, are probably more into role playing games than most. Many have already spent a lot of years - "imagining" themselves as women - so they tend to be fairly adept at being able to fantasize all sorts of situations. I would like to apply on your company in any position that will best fit my knowledge and skills.

I am a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and i am willing to work as soon as possible. I am Michael Angelo Demecillo a graduate of Bachelor of Science and Marine Transportation i would like to apply at any position available even mess man, janitor or ordinary seaman i have a complete documents of a rating and i also have skills and experience on board. I drive always for excellence in every work so i can assured you the best of what i have.

I have the privilege to apply in your company in any position that will best fit my knowledge and skills. This is my contact number My current job is an Oiler and i would like to apply to your new cruise ship Costa Classica, i have complete document with valid U. I have 14 years experience on that position. My name is Angel grace cabug-os 21 years old. May i have the honor to apply in your good company as a waitress or any position.

I am presently a fresh graduate one of the best university in the philippines. I took up hotel and restaurant management. I am hardworking and determined worker and as a fresh graduate I am still very much willing to learn and be trained in my field of work.

I would like to apply in your famous company as Food and Beverage attendant,or any position where i am qualified. I hope your company can help me find a job for this is the desire of my heart,to work onboard and serve other people. I am 32 years of age. I hope my application will receive favourable consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you. A Computer Science graduate. I have a 9years experience working as a Manager in one of the Top Food chain in the Philippines. I have this deepest desire to work in your company for any position that would fit my qualification. I am an experienced service crew and kitchen helper at fastfoods and restaurants. I have undergone training in baking and cooking to further enhance my skills.

I also had my on the job training on board. You can email me at sugalajr. God Bless and more power. I hope to hear from you so soon. More power and God bless. Though I am just only a fresh graduate, I believe that this is not a hindrance to accept my application and be hired on any job position you will recommend.

I had a full understanding of the full life development. I also have experienced working in an office during my practicum and gained knowledge about management in the seminars I have attended. I had attached my resume and I am willing to submit all necessary requirements that will be needed. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity. I am 28 years of age. My contact or contact me at my email add. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jake Collantes.

Im 24 years old. I am a professional Computer Technician. I have good residential customers references. If you are in need of a reliable, competent and experience Computer Technician for your company, please dont hesitate to contact me. I am Gerry Balabat 26 years of age. I am 18 years old and an HRM student I have able to finish my vocational course as a bar tender I want to apply in your office I will work in any job position that fits me I hope you can contact me in this number bec anytime I will come at your most convinient time,,,.

I am Gerry Balabat 26 years old. My name is Randy O. It is my greatest desire to seek any job from your good office. I will be glad to have even a single chance to prove you my fervent eagerness to work in your institution as a mess man or any job you may find me suited. Please help me have the ways and means to help my family, You are my hope to work as a seaman, please help me see a spark of hope from your good office. I would like to apply to your company in any position that i am qualified.

To obtain my skills and experience in hospitality Industries for handling good customer services. Box , Slayil St. Clean all rooms assigned according to the standard set by the hotel. Organizes and maintains trolleys and guest supplies as per standard. To maintain and inspect guest rooms, providing a clean and secure environment for guest and the facility. To maintain the guest rooms by cleaning all areas by sanitizing, dusting and vacuuming. Inspecting for property damage and other prohibited activities ensure overall satisfaction of all guests in addition to the property.

Prohibited activities and damages are reported to a supervisor. Hand over immediately all lost and found items to senior housekeeper or directly to the housekeeping office. Keeps linen rooms clean tidy organizes and presentable at all times.

Employee of the month- Housekeeping Department Dec. April 03, Status: November 23, Date Expire: November 23, Place Issued: O Box Slayil St. Box Slayil St. I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am one of your thousand aspiring who would like to work in your good company. I have a lot of experiences when it comes to preparing foods,pastry and cake making as well. I would like to apply as a Cook or any positions that may fit to my work experienced.

Can you please give your email ad? I hope that you can give me a chance to work in your company. More power and Good health to everyone. Hope to see you in personal. Tipay I am 19 years old from camarines,sur. Any position where I am qualified would do. My name is John Rey Morales Vicente, 21 years old, single. Track Specialization in Culinary arts. I am hoping for your response and for your kind consideration….. I hope you will give me a chance to work in your company and as a part of your team..

I would like to apply in your company for any position that I am qualified. I been working in the middle east as a senior waitress for 6 years in the frech restaurant company. I would like to apply in your company any position that qualified on me. Jeiza Arancillo jeizaarancillo yahoo. I am currently working as Training Manager in a 5 star resort and wondering if you can please provide me information on how to proceed with my application.

Im a quick learner base on my skill and experience. Any position where I am qualify would do. My name is Marilyn Dimayuga, 27 years old, single.

I am currently working as a sales clerk at SM department store for 3 years. By the way, I am Ruffa Marie T. Mina, 21 years old.. I am a BS tourism, hotel and Restaurant Management graduate. Here is my contact number: A certified workforce with a hands-on experience in management accounting. Develop goal setting strategy, communication skills. Marasigan Dean of Dept.

Assisted customer in choosing appropriate products. Possessing willingness needed to get the job done. Computer literate, worked a basic skills of system. Experienced adventure travel specialist, team building and adventure travel planning.

To be able help and growth of the company and to be able to meet what is expected from me. Attentive and determine to focus on tasks given to me. Motivated with good English communication skills Hardworking and result oriented Respect co-workers. I have good adaptability Good attitude, honest and punctual. Manager Name of Company: Divaishnavi Travel and Tours Address: Ramos, Cebu City Cell no: Capitol, Cebu City Cell no: I heard from a reliable source that you are currently in need of employees.

I wish to apply in your good company in any position that will fit to my qualifications. I am responsible and hardworking. Thank you for your time reading my message, it is really highly appreciated.

Can you please give me details on how to apply for cruiseship nurse. Im willing to take trainings and such. Please kindly give me details on the requirements on cruiseship nurse. My name is Andrea Manalo, 18 years old,graduate of Associate in Tourism. Or if there is no vacant im ready for any kind of position. Very Truly Yours, Andrea O.

I would like to apply in your company for any vacant position suited to my qualification. May i have the honor to apply in your good office as housekeeping attendant. Thank you and more power. I am interested to apply at your company to the position that related to my degree course. I also undergo the On-the-Job Training at the recent Resorts: I am dedicated and hardworking to the duties that was given to me.

I am hoping that you will assure my application. I think with that experience, i can be an asset to your Cruise ship. I would like to apply to any vacant position that would suit my qualification.

I can be contact any time through my mobile number or you may e-mail me at acyweill gmail. During our oathtaking, Mr. Marasigan, our guest speaker and Vice Chairman of Marine Engineer Officers, told us that there are lots of job opportunities for us Electronics Engineers in the field of marine engineering. As of now I am working as Software Development Engineer and gaining for working experience.

If ever there is a job opening requiring a Licensed Electronics Engineers in ships feel free to contact me at or you may email me at kennethjarapa yahoo.

I am interested in any positions available in your Food and Beverage dept. I have experienced working in Marriott St. Pierre in United Kingdom.

I am currently looking for a great opportunity like this. Which I beleive that this company will enhance my knowledge and skills in the hospitality industy, and ofcourse I am willing to share my knowledge and skills with the team. I had a 6 years experience in electronics here in the Philippine and abroad.

I promise you to do my job very well. I am Joselito Valencia, 30 years old. I want to be part of your good company. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy but i am very much willing to work with your company to any position that will suit my qualifications and work experiences. Hoping for your kind and good consideration. Thank you very much and More Power! Lacson College Foundation Maritime University. I am 28 years old and have an experience in restaurant. I finish my contract there for 2 years from November 18, — November 18, I also was a trainee of Iloilo Business Hotel as a kitchen helper from May 1, — November 3, I am willing to undergo the trainings required in your company.

You can contact me at my cell number June 5, Birthplace: Iloilo City Civil Status: Molo, Iloilo City — Jaro, Iloilo City — Tigbauan, Iloilo — Cebu City April 4, Though my work experience focused on computer software and hardware, I am willing to learn work if given chance to be accommodated with the corresponding company orientation and training.

My study includes trainings with hands on Technical Aspects on Computer and related Communication facilities. Iv undergone military trainings. My name is Ann Charisse N. Calica, 22 years old, single. I lived in San Luis, Baguio City. I am well motivated, hard working and I am a team player and have a lot of patience i dealing with any problems. I would like to apply as a waiter in your company. I really need a job. My teaching experienced when i was a student teacher made me knowledgeable that i can be in service in your company.

Even not in the school but i can apply my talent,s skills and abilities as a teacher in your company especially in maritime field.

I wish to attend any seminars, conferences and acquire in new strategies, techniques to my co-workers if ever i am hired. I am a computer literate and experienced 8 years in office works and 1 year in teaching.

I am Jake A. I am Mark Bryan C. Its a great opportunity for me if you hired me as an engine cadet. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I want to work with your company. I am willing to be a cadet engineer to practice my proffession. I am willing to be assign in any position that your company is needed. I am flexible , any job can be learn.

I can work with different kind of people courteously and proffessionally. I am 36 years old single i do also airbrush make up proprietor of salon spa located at tandang sora ave.

I am interested to be included in your shipping company to be employed as cook. My line of specialty is cooking Cantonese and Chinese foods.

I am very much willing to exit from this place if I am given the opportunity to join your company. I am a hard-working person and I am willing to work to the best I can. Thank you and I looking forward to working with you. This is my e-mail. Im marjory forrosuelo, 25yrs old, single and currently working in Dubai,UAE as nail technician for 3yrs now.

I would like to apply a job in your shipping company, as beautician. Im looking forward for you response. Good day, I am 47 years old im graduate Assossiate in Marine Engineering at Iloilo Maritime Academy year im 16 years working here in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a ligth and heavy equipments Mechanics and also I maintain 5 Genrators Detroit Engine series three units 12V kva and two units 16V kva presently.

Through with your execelent company I would like to apply according to my field and experience. Very Truly, Joselito G.

I believe that the company should maintain its integrity and should have cabin crews that follows the rules and regulations of the ship and of course your policy as well. This is not a gossip but real things happening in the cabin of crew members. They use their own cabin as motels…and to think this is a cruise ship and so cabin members can only access the room or the cabin of their crew members. Do you allow this incident to happen.

The cabin members involved in this issue are still in this cruise ship. For the details maybe u can check it in the cabin You can make your own investigation if you are concern on the welfare of the people they left in their home and of course the standards of your company. Your Company is so good. Cavite, Philippines and its a big pleasure for me to be here.

Service is so good, here inside is free Training. Hope to be with you for so long time. Thank you Magsaysay Shipping Company.. I am hoping to hear from you soon! I wish to apply for the position, as a Waiter base on the qualification that you posted in your establishment.

I am Walter A. I wish I would be able to impart my skills and to gain additional knowledge for professional growth in your establishment. I am hardworking, efficient, and highly driven, and I am willing to undergo training to further improve my capabilities.

And I also achieve the following: To pursue a challenging career in the Food Service industry and become an exceptional Pastry Chef by working with a prestigious company where skills are developed and experiences are gained for increased efficiency and productivity. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta Rizal Present Learned the operation of the business, rotating in the different areas in the kitchen to include the cashier position. For further information about me you can add me on facebook to see more of my pictures on my pastry arts skills..

My name is Beverly P. Tasane, 23 years old, single. I finished a 2-year course Office Information System. I lived in T. My name is Lou Jamiel Rosario 25 years old married and i have a 2 years old daughter. Seeking employment in your shipping company. Thank you for your kind attention. Holds US Visa No. Holds Australian Visa No.

With ability to thrive in a fast-paced and highly dynamic environment? Willing to commence work ASAP. March 5, Valid: March 6, Valid: University of Cebu Course: February 9, Place of Birth: English, Tagalong, Bisaya Citizenship: Roman Catholic Name of Spouse: Can you please give me details on how to apply for welders,im graduating in don bosco training center, instructor of welding, arc and mig welding.

Please kindly give me details on the requirements on cruiseship. Aljames Lawan, 22 yrs. I currently working as a Jr. Mechanical Engineer in Forssman Pacific Corp. I want to ask if there is such a program of your good company to trained Mechanical Engineers employee to become Marine Engineers? Is there a photography job available in your company?

If there is, I am willing to apply for the said position. Currently, I am working here in China. During my free time especially during Saturdays and Sundays, I am engaging to some photography exercises that could enhance my skills to the fullest. Also, I am a member of an informal organization in photography here in Tianjin, China. Part of our activities are to take some portraits pictures of some local models here in Tianjin, and take some trips to nearby towns to take some pictures.

I love photography very much. It seems, it is a life for me. If you want to check some of photography works, you can search my flickr account jam I would like to apply in your good company as kitchen staff i have 2 years experience as line cook , or any position where I am qualified. My name is Virgil S. Araque, 29 years old, single. I lived in Marfa Bakilid II, Mandaue City Cebu, its a great opportunity for me to work in your good company and Hoping for your response and kind consideration.

To be part of a dynamic, value enhancing, and growth oriented company that will provide a continuing challenge and permit the utilization of experiences, abilities and skills. April 27, Age: Roman Catholic Language Spoken: Word, Excel, and Power Point Can work with a minimum of supervision Flexible Can work either individual or in a group. College Librarian Cell No. I wish to signify my intent to be one with your good office. Please consider me as an applicant for any vacant position that will commensurate my educational attainment and working experiences.

I am please to come for a personal interview at a time convenient to you. Attached herewith are my resume and other necessary document for your references and information. Provincial Address 4 J. January , Delivery Room: September , September , Castillo Agdao, Davao City January , Castillo Agdao, Davao City. I would like to apply in your campony as a stewardess,Room attendant or any position where I am qualified.

My name is Irish P. Domingo, 21 years old, I graduated a 4 years course Bachelor of Science in Nursing last july I am hardworking, competent , honest and willing to learn more, yuo can contact me on this no.

Thank you very much,hoping for your kind consideration. Felix,19 years of age,presently residing in Pinamalayan Or. If you dont mind I would like to apply in your company in any position. I Fridays in Malate and 1 month O. Please contact me on this and You can contact me through my cellular phone number Thank you and hoping for your favorable action.

I can start for work as soon as possible. Sep 21, Gender: Christianity — Catholic Permanent Address: Jail Officer 1 Duration: Government Location Andres Abellena St. Operations Division Job Description: Operations Division Clerk 2. Jan 16, — Jul 15, 0. Supervising the cleaners of the Port from berth 1- 30 Maintaining the cleanliness of the entire Port Maintaining the safety of the entire Port Taking pictures on areas that are not safe to Port users to be submitted to Engineering Dept.

Baggage X-ray Machine Operator Duration: Jul 1, — Jan 15, 0. Placing all luggage properly into the x-ray machines conveyor belt Manning the walk-through metal detector and frisking the passenger if the detector beeps.

Insures that passengers would pass through one at a time. If needed, calls the attention of the inspector for possible confiscation of unauthorized items Operating the controls of the x-ray machine. Informs the inspector if there are luggage to be opened for further checking Inspecting and verifying luggage referred to by the operator. Issues receipts for confiscated items. Calls the attention of the Port Police in case of passengers suspected to be carrying unauthorized firearms or explosives.

Insuring and maintaining the safety and security of the passengers 4. Jan 1, — Jun 30, 1. Human Resource Job Description: Baggage x-ray machine operator Duration: Dec 11, — Dec 31, 0. Metro Cebu Resources Inc.

Insuring and maintaining the safety and security of the passengers 6. May 1, — Nov 7, 0. Femeldas Trading Company Industry: Aug 1, — Oct 31, 0. Jan 1, — Dec 31, 2 yrs Company: Welcoming and greeting the guest Sitting the guest Serving the guest 9. Nov 11, — Apr 30, 1. Mar 26, — Jun 30, 0. Commission On Elections Company Industry: Precinct Mapping Enumerator Duration: Apr 1, — Jun 30, 0. Cebu Institute Of Technology Location: Cebu City Philippines Date: Jun — Oct Playing Basketball,Table Tennis 15 Needs practice.

I have the honor to apply for any position that will suite my educational attainment and working experiences in your company. For your persual attached herewith is my resume and below are pertinent data about myself.

I am Dandy C. I just hope and pray that my application would merit your consideration and be included in the rank list of applicants.

To obtain a position wherein I can utilize, share and develop my skills and knowledge acquired for the development of my personality; and to contribute for the growth of the company. Mariposa Hotel Carcorp Agency Sta.

January 20, Place of Birth: Anabo, Lemery, Iloilo Provincial Address: Anabo, Lemery, Iloilo Age: As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my certification, my resume and four references. The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.

The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include: With a degree of Tourism and Hotel Restaurant Technology, I have a full understanding of accommodating guests of any kind.

I also have experience in learning and excelling at new innovations in customer care as needed. Seeking for a job and be an asset to the company. I am working for and to work with professionalism to the best of my abilities, while granting satisfaction to the assigned task. Kinalangay Nuevo Malinao Aklan Religion: Reta Elementary School March km. January 22, April 8, Position: Pearl Farm Beach Resort. I wish to have a career in the Cruise Ship Industry.

S in Hospitality Management from the University of St. La Salle — Bacolod City. For additional information, kindly e-mail me at inigoraphael yahoo. Godd day to the management of magsaysay-shipping philippines. I would like to apply for any vacant position available. I am a Graduate of BS computer science course.. It doenst matter to me what kind of job i will be qualify as long as i can get any position in your Good company. I am a hardworking and easy to cope up to any job tasks ypu will assigned to me..

I have 3 kids and im a single mother. I need to get a job in order to have source of living to support my 3 siblings. If you have heart for a single mother like me pls give me a chance to work in your good company. I will give my best to give u the best performance in any job task you will assign to me. Thank you for giving time to reasd my message.. God bless the company,,. If you grant me a few minutes of your time, I should tell you why my qualification suits the aforementioned position.

Attached is a copy of my resume and other pertinent documents for your perusal. Should my application and credential merit your consideration, I would be very much willing to come to your office for an interview at your convenience. You may contact me through the numbers and email address outlined in my resume. With my earnest desired and interest, I would like to apply as a Cruise Nurse in your company. I am Caren A. Lamorin , 22 years old,registered nurse.

I am currently rendering my Nurse Volunteer Duty in one of Hospital in our place. For more information, Pls. I am respectfully applying for any vacant position available to my field. I would like to have a chance of rendering service to your office. I humbly assure you of my working skills that can be flexible as needed. I am Rommel Dagalea Castillo, 20 years old. I am hardworking, industrious, determined, creative and persistent type of person.

I am open to improvements and experience. Attached herewith are my Resume and photocopy of my Certifications for your further reference. I would very much like to be considered a candidate for the position you have available, and I am available for an interview at your convenient time. Thank you for your indulgence in reading this letter. I am respectfully applying for any vacant position available to my field or related fields. I would like to render my service and abilities to your company.

I am hardworking, indrustrious, determiine and persistent person. My two years in schooling, Apprentiship and trainings in SOLAS gave me adequate knowledge and skills ,thus, make me feel reasonably confident that I can best perform the task that will be assigned to me. I would very much like to be considered a candidate for the position you have available, and I am available for an interview at most any time. Zamboanga Maritime Training Center, Inc. I would like to apply in any vacant position in your company.

I am eager to join your group of staffs in your cruise ship. I am honest, dedicated, hardworking and flexible person. In any case, you can contact me in my e-mail address: My twelve years of working experience in both local and international coffe reastaurant equip me to apply for a position of Barista in your company as i learned through the internet.

I am writing to apply in any position that will fit my knowledge and skill. You may contact me at my mobile no. Im more pleased to be entervied at ur most convinient time through this email rollyborja27 yahoo. I am Flamin R. I am a college graduate with a degree of bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and electrical technology since Hope for your kind attention for this matter.

John Crane Middle East, a notable manufacturer of mechanical seals. Should you like to know more about my qualifications, it would be a pleasure to interview with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Attach herewith, my bio-data sheet for further Establishment that suit to my qualification ,I am Arson R. If you are given me a oppurtunity to work in your Good Company.

Im very much willing to come for an interview anytime at your most convenient time. Sincerely Yours Arson R. Attach herewith,my bio-data sheet for further information. Sircerely Yours, Arson R. N Tolentino St. Barangay Pinagkaisahan Makati Contact Number: Please consider me as an applicant for any vacant position that will commensurate my educational attainment and experiences.

I am 27 years old, single, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing batch , I took and passed the board exam at the same year. My experience in the ER would be of an added advantage to that office if ever given a chance to serve.

I am a hardworking person and willing to be trained. Attached herewith is my resume. September 01, Birth Place: Cruz Manila Bachelor of Science in Nursing — I was working as a service crew at Jollibee fastfood restaurant for almost 4 years. My name is Jimi Hendrix S. I finished my Bachelor of Science in Marine Transfortation. Please help me find a job in your company and i will be very proud and thankful, so I can help my family, and give my daughter a better future.

I am a graduate of Electronics and Communications Engineering. I would like to apply for a suitable position that will fit my capability and qualifications. Should you wish to discuss further details regarding my application, you can reach me at rodeliza18 yahoo.

I would like to apply in your good company as utility helper, or any position where I am qualified. My name is Brix Allan L. I hope that you will send me back. Thank you and more power to your company! July 16, Birthplace: Tiniguiban, Main campus June-Oct. I would like to apply as a Graphic Artist or any related position in your company. I am Analiza Alejandrino , 35 years old, Well experience in any designing field.

I am applying for a vacant position at your company , which was I read to your website. The position seems to fit very well with my education and career interest. According to my source, this position requires excellent communication, good character, computer literacy and any four year degree course. I work well under pressure and I am able to deal with people.

I am also a very oriented person. These are the skills I developed in my college internship. I am willing to assign anywhere. I am confident that I can perform the job effectively. I am ready for new challenges and feel that my career interest is perfect for your company.

If you would like to schedule an interview or otherwise discuss my interest in this position please call me at or email me at http: To enhance the knowledge and experience through my years of study and training in a position in which my qualification suits best. June 1, Place of birth: High level of interpersonal skills Excellent communication skills in written and oral communication Computer Literate.

Fiscal Armando Adlawan Ms. The hotel will pay for his flight ticket and assist him to process his visa in his country, if you are interested contact us via E-mail: From the Hotel manager. CLIFFORD BAHAN, 22 years old, currently working here in abudhabi as a room attendant for a year, and has a 5 years hotel experience in the philippines, 2 years as room attendant, 1 year as a housekeeping coordinator, and 2 years as a housekeeping supervisor.

I started working when i was 15 years old in that company. I would like to apply in any housekeeping position available. Hoping for your response. You can contact me thru my email,and cellphone nos. I am writing to apply for the position of assistant cook that was advertised in Magsaysay Shipping Lines Cruise.

I am Francisco V. I already finish BST at University of Cebu and ready to get sea mans book if there is any cruise line jobs available to me.

You me contact me at my mobile no. I am Leopoldo Nemenzo 31 yrs. I would like to apply to ur company as any position to have experience. I am expressing my utmost desire to be one of the working staff in your good institution. May I have the honor to apply for any vacant position which best merit my qualifications.

I am Edgar Chuck M. Superada II, 25 years of age, single, with sound mind and healthy body. To help you evaluate more about myself, I am attaching herewith my resume, certifications and other documents for your perusal. My mobile number are and And I would like to be part of your company. Thank you for your kind consideration. I am willing to take any responsibilities that commensurate my qualification and abilities.

My skills and experience will prove to be assets in your hotel if given a chance. I am twenty one years of age. I would be very grateful to be interview at your convenient time and place. My skills and experience will prove to be assets in your company if given a chance. I just want to have a experience so i would like to know if you have a shipping training experience for inter island especially for cargo or oil tankers.

Thank you for your consideration. Baraquiel, i want to apply in your company as a security personnel, cruise and hospitality. I would like to apply a job on your company. Please give me any kind of job that will fit on my course. I already have an experience, one year apprenticeship.

I already have experience. I hope that you will accept me in your agency, giving a chance and opportunity thank you and more power. I would like to apply in your agency as a machinist,i am 2 half years in Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineer BSME I have experience in machining,espicially turning and resharpining,.

Thank you so much.. I would like to apply in your agency as a electrician maintenance. SAM Electronics with spicific and Generic training certificates. Im 32 years old, married with 3 childrens, presently employed at TSM Shipping company.

I finished Training the BST, and i have a seamansbook. I am applying for the position that will fit to my skills or to where can i qualify in kitchen staff. Im Single 21years of age. Hope that you will merit my application. Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I have gone through a 1, hours of on-the-job training and I have performed well during the training which had helped me to expose to a various skills and practical knowledge.

I am hard-working, responsible and I have a capacity to be a leader who is able to work in a team environment. I believe these interpersonal skills are what you need from your employees for your company. I have enclosed a copy of my resume, which detail my qualifications and suggest how I might be a service at your establishment. I would like to meet you to discuss your open position for a management trainee if you wish. I am really interested to help in your company.

To obtain an entry-level position in your company regarding excellent management skills. Helping in set-up, food preparation, and serving? Bed making and Room Service? Filing of documents and attending for signatures? With sales representative when on sales call. Assisting on auditing of stocks. I heard your good reputations. And as I heard Good things about your company I am very enthusiastic to apply to be one of your employee.

Cruz 24, and with good communication skills and well- trained waiter. I am interested to be one of your Waiters in your Cruise Ships. And i believe that i would be an asset to your company. I do hope that you will consider me. Are you allowing an advance scheduling? What are the things and requirements should I prepare? Pilongo, 22years old, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at St. I lived in Maigo, Lanao Del Norte. I have the ability of good communication skills, compassionate to provide outstanding service, well motivated and hard working person.

I believe that I could make a significant and valuable contribution in your company. God bless and more power. I have already Maritime Training Cert. I have undergone training in cooking to further enhance my skills. I am a graduate in Computer Science, flexible, can work individually or with a group, exceptional versatility and adaptability, dedication and drive as a hard working individual.

I seek a more challenging position and it appears that the job you offer might just be what I am looking for. I am available for interview whenever it suits you.

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