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Sexy Annapolis Maryland or black female wanted

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Sexy Annapolis Maryland or black female wanted

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Sexy Annapolis Maryland or black female wanted

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It is unclear whether Ryanair had planned on doing more about this all along, or if public outcry spurred the airline into action. The president signed an act that will help breastfeeding moms as they travel. The year-old girl's mother says airport staff treated them "like terrorists" because they had medicine for her type 1 diabetes in their carry-on luggage.

Passengers clapped when the flight attendant's boyfriend popped the question during a flight — but her employer wasn't so happy.

The actress Kate Beckinsale doesn't like to travel without her Kerrygold grass-fed butter. But it's not without risks.

None of the toilets on the flight over the Pacific were working. After three flights were quarantined in one week for illnesses onboard, an expert weighs in on what you need to know. A lesson in how to travel, Duchess style. Shop 19 of the most stylish and practical weekender bags to make your travels both seamless and fashionable. Plus, the tip she stole from Leonardo DiCaprio. Learning how to pack practically for every kind of trip -- whether it's a.

The passenger felt "unsafe, vulnerable, belittled" after a gate agent questioned her ID in front of other travelers. Cop these A-lister's "first class" airport looks! A new lawsuit claims the airline was aware the pilot was posting nudes of a flight attendant. A brawl reportedly started when two women began arguing over a prime European tourist spot — Italy's Trevi Fountain — where they both wanted to use for a selfie.

Next time you're heading on a long-haul flight, you might want to remember this tip. A look at what's happening inside your body when you're flying in an airplane.

How to Publicly Repair a Relationship: JetBlue swooped in to the rescue on Friday, July 27, after a customer tweeted about her most unusual—and unfortunate—situation. Astrologer extraordinaire Susan Miller shares her tips on where each astrological sign should visit this summer. In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Candice Romo also talks about her brother Chace's relationship with her and Tony's kids. Although the young man had medical clearance to fly and has made other flights without incident, Emirates staff in Dubai made him leave the plane.

Teigen is traveling with 2-year-old Luna and 2-month-old Miles, and it's pretty stressful. The royal tour continues: Twitter users support elementary school teacher who was caught with a bag of wine in her classroom Yahoo Lifestyle Videos. Kaley Cuoco addresses body shamers who say she looks pregnant Yahoo Lifestyle Videos. Bride-to-be sends 'essay of rules' to her wedding guests Yahoo Lifestyle Videos.

Old School GoGo - Welcome To Old School GoGo!

I remember when Junkyard played at the rec center in Barry Farms in '83, so you know I'm old school. If u got it, put up that old Essence at the Metro club from ' And I got to shout out that old Lincoln Heights Crew. We already have a Metro on the Playlist, we will be adding many more 88's soon! I think that night was Mike's last day before he went into the service. Mike sung the ladies out of their clothing, Little Benny hit Glass house for a good 35min and then he let the pocket ride.

If you have this gogo tape holla back. I remember when Mike rolled out and went into the service. I think it was Benny who played down Discount Mart. We might have it on tape.

If we find it, we will send out an e-mail, so make sure you're on our mailing list. Its the Oxon Hill not the Friendly Annex. Forestville does not have a skating rink it was Crystals Skate. Are you even from the area? You should do some homework! I've been in the DC Metro for 42 years. If anyone out there knows what I'm talking about, send your comments.

For a character who has been in the area for 42 years, I should of known you would check your facts. It's all good Cuz Thanks for hitting us back, and keeping us on our toes about our facts. You knew when Chuck started to play you were going to dance at least 20 minutes none stop. Songs like we the people started your night.

I still love gogo its in your bones when you hear the music you have to get up and dance. That takes us way back! We remember GoGo Nate! Remember Essence would let him get on the Congos. I think we got a tape of one of those shows! What happened to Ronnie T ohwee, Trina Boo. I just came home and the Ibex is a furniture store. Man I got a lot to say. Remember when Scarface played wit Essence or was it Ice Cube I think it was both my man had the tape out in Kansas like in 91 or 92 maybe 93 I forgot.

Thanks for reminding us of those hoods, it's so many quite a few slipped our minds. You just put them all on display, and we added them to our list of hoods!

By the way Scarface played with R. Ice Cube played with R. Been hoping to find that RE at Sidwell Friends. Mickey was killin it!!! Especially "dance to the drummers beat".

Glad you got it available. Now he's on display! Me and my Partner "Black Dre" would try to hit a go-go everynight if we could. I even worked at Atlantic Skating rink sweeping up after the shows so I could see all the bands for free. Sometimes we would try anything to get in, once we got on each others backs at the front of the Masonic temple and my boy dre climbed the latter of bodies to get in that window at least two stories high.

Boy those were the days. Love the site, and much respect. Stan the Man Friendly class of 82 Hey Stan, great story! I remember when our homecoming dances at Anacostia High School were Trouble Funk and Rare Essence and we used to dance in the windows of the gym or when Redds and The Boys would play at Kramer jr high. Those were the days!!! Hey George, thanks for your appreciation! We didn't forget, it's in the places mentioned along with Wilmer's Park.

How can we forget the Moonlight Inn, everyone talked about that spot. I am 42 years old and gogo is still a big part of me because I lived it, love it and can't get enough of it. I will never let go of the gogo flow, so just so you know I love gogo gogo gogo!

Tee from Southern Maryland. Hey man I love this site!! You take me back to Jr. High all the way up!! I have already referred people to this site, because it is the real deal!

Thanks for providing crankin go-go and decent prices!! Luv the web site. Misda ole school GoGos. Hey, thanks GoGo Fatz, we really appreciate that! Remember we cranked so hard in the Friendly Annex that it was water on the floor from the walls sweating, and the crowd kept partying.

I love and miss all you guys I can't forget about that super rolli crew Daryl, Clip, Berton, Norman, Steve This site is kickin' up some old memories. Anyone remember the xmas song that pleasure did? That would be Santa Claus is coming to town. If any youngins get the chance check out the CD it has George Clinton on the front emerging from the Mothership in a white spotted mink coat. The CD is a pre cursor to a lot of heavy pocket beats.

This is Chane from that old school groove Black Nation. I live in Michigan now and this web site sure brings back memories. I can remember all the shows we used to play like the Moonlight Inn, Cheriy's' and the Howard Theater. Bless you for continuing the legacy of Old School GoGo. Hey, What's up Chane! I'm glad you found the site, and I hope everything is well.

I didn't know you were in Michigan now, but I'm glad we can bring a little taste of home to you. We used to catch the P Eastover Metrobus from the top of the hill at Hillcrest Heights shopping center and ride down that long ass hill and up the other hill to go to the go-go at Potomac Back in the day Man they cranked so long, we was straight sizsed!..

You cannot buy memories like that.. I hope these youngins learn their history pertaining to go-go, and what it meant to play a live show that was entertaining.. I appreciate the length you went to for old school to have its way. I have provided many people with this site and they in turn have referred it on.

Thanks again for making my day a good one. It's your boy "Hollywood" the left handed bass player from back in the day, still gettin' busy, that's right!

This really is a shout out for the often forgotten Soldier, Anthony "Redds" Williams, a major player and contributor to the ongoing success of Go Go. Right hand in the air, left hand down in your???? I'll take you back! Redds formerly of Rare Essence, stepped out on faith that he had what it took back in the day to be on top of the game, and made it happen, a true pioneer of the game!

Let's not forget the pioneers, the trend setters and innovators of a legacy of a very powerful music and movement! Keep supporting the music and movement of Go Go! Can't nobody do it like we can! You can catch me at www. Hey Hollywood, Redds was one of my favorite bands, I'll never forget him!

Does anyone remember when Benny played with Ayre Rayde? Prophecy playing the theme to the "Muppets Show"? I get chills just thinking about the hours I waited for Essence to set up. Big Mark of SE! We remember when Benny played with Ayre Rayde, as a matter of fact we have the tape and it has been added to the order list. My husband and I were talking and were saying how you would come out from a Go-Go soak-n-wet from dancing.

Wow, we were in shape those days. Yes, the day I heard your site I got back my girlish figure-keep doing what you are doing. Hey does any one remember the guitar player that was left handed and what group he played in, that dude could play? I came to this area in I was in the Marine Corps stationed in Quantico. I became friends with a guy named Douglas Smith. DC Smitty is what we called him. He took me to my first Go-Go at Cherry Skate. What an experience that was.

Me him and my man Phil R. While we in line two females in line talkin' about what they gonna do if they see "this female" when they get in. Two other brother talkin' about a car they stole just to get up to this joint. We drinkin' 40's of Old E while we waitin'. We finish them up and then we go in. We take two steps in and all of a sudden a dude run past us. Soon after that three other dudes run by one of em got a gun. I start trippin', Doug and Phil keep movin' like it ain't nothin'.

At this point we way in the back. So Doug tells me to hold on to his shoulder and then Phil holds on to mine and we start walkin' towards the front groovin'. Next thing I know we in the front row. Touch of Class, Ayre Rayde, E. As the bands were playin' I could see everybody was hipnotized by this music. It put people in a trance. The females were givin' it up too. When we left that spot it was like 6: We had a female a piece and it was on. I did not realize the affect that Go-Go had on me until I left in I began to fiend for some Go-Go.

Somebody need to do something about that. Thanks for the web site and the oportunity to express. Nice Story, that sounds like Cheriy's! Not to mention Crystal Skate on Saturdays.

Man I remember waiting until like 3: I can't listen to this noise they call go-go nowadays. It's nothing like the true GO-GO we grew up to. Great job on this site. We really need an old school party, with nothing but old school like you have oldies but goodies cabaret's, but the real deal the old school bands like E. G, you already feel me Old School GoGo is the best. Reasonable rates, good quality of music for it's archives that can last a lifetime.

I recommend this site to everyone who loves old school gogo. The quality is clear for it's generation and I am amazed with the fast service when I request for old shows.

I support this website and will always bring reputable business with you guys We specialize in Quality for your boxing entertainment. Order up to 24 rounds for a 2hr Show 5 fight Max is the limit. Rates are reasonable but the Quality is Excellent. No Rights Given or Implied What's good? Shamrick bowling alley in N. All the hits of yesteryear!! It was just out side of Warrenton, VA you had to cross a make shift bridge, one way in and in the winter time they had to cylinders bullets in the middle of the floor to heat the room, and in the back it was Ms.

Morgan frying the best wings you have every tasted. This really brings back a lot of memories. I listen to your music at work online. I would like to be able to listen to it at home and in my car. It's nice to hear what is meaningful music. I remember too man. C got, lets keep gogo alive. I love old school. I will inform everyone of this site it is the baddest of the baddest.

Thanks for all the hard work in putting this old school classics together. I cannot get enough of these songs they really bring back some good old memories. Thank you and all who put this together I have it in my favorites and will listen to it everyday all day and will tell all my friends and relatives about it for sure. God Bless you all. Bout time we got something for D. Go Go is ours and will always be ours.

Keep up the good work! Shout out to the Recon if you do. I would also like to thank you for putting this together as this helps me get through my workday. I really enjoy the slow jams and I thought I was the only one who loved the songs that you have on there. And the GoGo is off the hook too Can I request one thing?

That would be lovely. Anyway, continue entertaining folks and doing your thang!! Keep going, and going, and going Who ever visit this website, must pass it on to keep it going!! I remember back n da late 80s early 90s going up Triples 2c Junk and watching them practice down da farms back in da day. And hearing my older cousins talk about how they used to walk up to da Kalarama Room from cross town back n da day. Yeah that was live, youngings now days don't know what they're missing.

I was the younger Busey Brothers, I started playing go go when I was My uncle George Busey said this is a way to keep us out of trouble. That was about 20 or.. Since then my uncle has gone to be with the rest of the Go Go stars. I believe they are still jamin. Be Bless Go Go Heads. Big Ups to all Busey Brothers and their fans from the big brother longlegs on roto toms and front line vocals.. Hey fella you left out the baddest rap rhymer from back in the day, who played with Ayre Rayde.

His name was Go Go mike, everybody knows he was the lyricsist to everything Ayre Rayde made. He brought go go to Maryland the baddest rapper ever in the state of Maryland. Everybody loved him from D. I felt like I was in gogo heaven. Now back in FL and searching everywhere to get me some more gogo.

The best site on the web. Shayg You left out bigdaddy pump! I love old school GO-GO. There is a group of us that still live and die for GO-GO.

We trade CD's, we talk about all the bands. When we all first started driving, we would find our way to places like the Howard Theater, Coliseum, Cheriy's, Ibex, before you knew, we were traveling all over DC to see bands.

I just want to say Hey to all the other "old-heads" that remember when "our" GoGo was real music. Party and jam all night wit a few "scuffles" Anyway, I was on S. Does anyone have information about what is going to happen to the Howard? I love you all. Old School GoGo Lover signing out. Finally a real "old school website" about go-go. I dont know what these young bucks are playing now but it definitely aint go-go music. Every band sounds the same.

There is no creativity, no originality and no talent. Back in the day, you could tell a band just by the horn section alone. Hell these days bands dont have a horn section and not much of a percussion set. I call this new age go-go music go-hop music which is half go-go and rap. As for the Howard Theatre it is currently being renovated. This should have been done years ago.

This is a national treasure. Every time I drive by the"Howard" I shed a tear remembering the good old days of RE and Blk love playing till 6'in the morning. You have go go's on here that I was at when I was 15,16, 17, 18, etc Im 44 now so to be able to revisit those days is a blessing. You got my support! Big Tree Amazing website!!! I am grateful that it is here. I will be putting the word out! Ok I'm an ole school go-go fan myself.

They was like that, because for real they was the ones that helped NEG get on the map. Yeah, forgot that huh??? As usual quiet as kept, but the band was like dat. Yeah at the firehouse, A. I would name a lot more, but yall understand now. How I know, cause the bama's use to practice at my house everyday, before a show!

Yo Yo, this is Myron now living in the Atl. I use to play with Pure Elegance back in the day. This site really takes me back. Glad to see you keeping Go Go alive. This is Sharon, better known as Tootie. I grew up in Linda Pollin S. It is unclear whether Ryanair had planned on doing more about this all along, or if public outcry spurred the airline into action. The president signed an act that will help breastfeeding moms as they travel.

The year-old girl's mother says airport staff treated them "like terrorists" because they had medicine for her type 1 diabetes in their carry-on luggage. Passengers clapped when the flight attendant's boyfriend popped the question during a flight — but her employer wasn't so happy.

The actress Kate Beckinsale doesn't like to travel without her Kerrygold grass-fed butter. But it's not without risks. None of the toilets on the flight over the Pacific were working. After three flights were quarantined in one week for illnesses onboard, an expert weighs in on what you need to know. A lesson in how to travel, Duchess style. After Scully discovered the girl was part of a set of quadruplets and two more were murdered, Father McCue shared with her the story of the seraphim and the nephilim , which Scully interpreted as a possible explanation for the deformations and deaths of the girls.

Scully continued to have visions of Emily, and when the last girl died, Scully believed she was returning the girl to God. Upon her return to Washington D. This suggests Scully had doubts about her faith. The suspect, a writer named Phillip Padgett, has a particular interest in Scully and is fascinated by her beauty and personality. When she goes to a church to observe a painting, the writer is there and talks to her about the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

During the conversation he says she visits the church because she likes art, but not as place of worship. While in medical school, she carried on an affair with her married instructor, Dr. Daniel Waterston who may have been the "college boyfriend" mentioned in " Trust No 1 ".

It is never indicated in the show whether or not the relationship became sexual. According to Anderson in the episode's audio commentary, Scully came very close to having an affair with the married Waterston but left before she could break up his marriage. The end of her relationship with Waterston came about following her decision to go into the FBI. Towards the end of the series, her previously platonic friendship with partner Fox Mulder developed into a romantic relationship. When Mulder was injured in a boat crash, he awakened in a hospital and told Scully that he loved her.

Due to this he knows intimate details of Scully's personal life, right down to her "natural hair color" Titian , as later confirmed by Chris Carter. In the film, The X-Files: I Want to Believe , which takes place six years later, Mulder and Scully are still in a relationship.

Scully was concerned that Mulder's continuing pursuit of the unknown was taking its toll on their relationship and they could not be together if he couldn't "escape the darkness". However, the film ends with the couple sharing a passionate kiss, and in the "secret ending" after the majority of the credits, a happily smiling Scully is seen in a small rowboat with Mulder, both clad in swimwear, in a tropical sea, having taken him up on his offer to run away together.

Over the course of season eleven, Scully and Mulder search for William. Skinner learns from the Smoking Man, that the Smoking Man, who is Mulder's father, also artificially impregnated Scully, and thus is William's father as well. In the third episode of the eleventh season , " Plus One ", Scully and Mulder are intimate again. In the season 11 finale, " My Struggle IV ", she reveals to Mulder that she is pregnant with his child.

The name Scully was also used in film All the President's Men , an obvious inspiration for the show, in a list of names who work for the Committee for the Re-Election of the President. The casting for Scully caused a conflict between Carter and the Fox network. Carter had chosen year-old Gillian Anderson , who Carter felt was perfect for the role. This led Carter to insist that he did not want the roles of Mulder and Scully to become romantically involved.

Scully appears in every episode of the ten-season series with the exceptions of " 3 ", " Zero Sum ", " Unusual Suspects " and " Travelers ". She has appeared outside The X-Files on numerous occasions, the most notable being in the Millennium also created by Chris Carter episode "Lamentation," in which the main character, Frank Black, visits the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and Mulder and Scully are briefly seen descending a stairway.

In fact, they are Duchovny and Anderson's stand-ins. An animated version of Scully, which featured the voice acting of Anderson, would appear on season 8 of The Simpsons , in the episode " The Springfield Files ", as well as Canadian animated series Eek! The Cat , on the episode " Eek Space 9 ". Anderson provided her voice work for the episode, but co-star Duchovny declined.

In total, Anderson received for the role, four Emmy nominations, [48] four Golden Globe nominations, [49] nine SAG nominations [50] and eight Saturn nominations.

Film critic Scott Mendelson, writing in The Huffington Post , cited Scully as an example of strong female characters on television, calling her "one of the most iconic characters in the science-fiction genre". She wrote, "The very fact that her character was such a hard sell made her repeated brushes with the supernatural all the more powerful. Mulder's desire to believe was so expansive, his credulity so flexible, that it's not as though he was ever going to have either shaken from him.

But Scully's surety was solid, stable, rigid; every time she saw something she thought she'd never see, we saw it crack, sparks fly from it.

She was forced to question herself, grow, change". The character of Scully has become something of a sci-fi heroine due to her intelligence and resilience, frequently appearing on lists of important female science fiction characters, such as Total Sci-Fi Online ' s list of The 25 Women Who Shook Sci-Fi , where she came in fourth. Gillian Anderson's performance and her chemistry with David Duchovny aren't exactly elements that can be replicated. But these characters prove that Scully isn't only the heart of The X-Files , but also the character who had the most profound influence on popular culture".

Intelligent, loyal, flawed and brave, Scully was the show's beating heart and saving grace even in its lowest years. As Chris Carter himself has said:

Hey, what's happening? Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Sherman, and I grew up in Washington D.C. and P.G. County, MD listening to GoGo and going to GoGo's from the time I was a 13 year old teenager. Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends. Dana Katherine Scully is a fictional character in the Fox science fiction-supernatural television series The X-Files, played by Gillian is an FBI agent and a medical doctor (), partnered with fellow Special Agent Fox Mulder for the first seven, and the tenth and eleventh seasons, and with John Doggett in the eighth and ninth seasons. In the television series, they work out of a.