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Sex Dating in Arcadia CA Adult parties

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Sex Dating in Arcadia CA Adult parties

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She also talked about Chinese men are fememine, WTF. ShangHi is an old emperial city long been fed up all the western propaganda. Men there tend to think that they are inferior. And girls offtehn take adavantages of it and make their BF do things like carry their hand bags, and even tie their shoes.

But this do not apply to Northern and West Chinese men. I for one will never do those things. Again, it shows how shallow Jonna is. The current Frence president Nicolas Sarkozy is only 5. And Napoliean is only 5. Yet no one makes fun of them, oh yeah. The Frence are European, and European men are might tall and strong Sorry to say this, I mean no offence. Anyway, the apperance of a man is important but his personiality and his intellengence are also important.

I hope people dont just judge us based on apperance. However, like Chinese people. Nothing is perfect, everything has its downside like every coin has two sides. Chinese men like me are very hard working, smart, faimily orenated, have high values, taught to be loyal, and learned how to be a good father and take good care of our parants when they get old. The down side of us, at least for Chinese men in China is that they do not have a lot of proper manner like spitting, chocking, hocking, and nose picking.

Because my mother always telling me how BAD White girls are like they are not loyal, have no ethics, blah blah blah. However, it has its good sides such as clean enviorment, safe street, and great Universities. Its bad sides are: People always make sterotypes such as Black guys are stupid, white guys have smaller penis compare to black guys, Asian guys are nerds, Mexcian guys are all gangsters…… These things divide American people and greatly hurt the national unity.

I just hope one day Coungress would pass laws to ban all sterotypes and Punish people who create them regardless of what race they are. Its good sides are: It has great infurstructure such as high way, air port, hospitals, and Universities which make living standard high and safe. I wish people especially girls also see the good sterotypes about Chinese men instead of just the negative ones.

Perhaps interracial, international dating and marriage should be expected to be rare in the first place. Here is an article that may answer the latter of the two questions. Biologically speaking, isolated populations do better at evolving traits that are adaptive to the local environment.

Reproductive barrier is a necessary condition for genetic diversity, and ultimately speciation. We would all be ethnic mud. Just like inbreeding is usually a bad thing, widespread interracial breeding, which is exactly the other extreme on the spectrum, is probably not good as well. I am in a committed relationship with a Chinese man, and I am an American white woman. We make similar amounts of money and after much argument he agreed to let me pay a few times.

We discuss politics, flaws in Chinese society, flaws in American society, love, sex, you name it we can talk about it. Our biggest problem is that I will not stay in China, and he is reluctant to come to America. He suspects, I think rightly, that as soon as he is a Chinese immigrant in America it will be difficult for him to get a decent job. So, in the long term I am a little worried on how we will deal with this problem when I leave.

And, perhaps this is a tad inappropriate but since the topic has been broached, his penis size is above average. Our sex life has no problems. I think white women intimidate many Asian men. If you look in the above comments, the Chinese-American man who had confidence had no problem getting women. I knew a few Asian-American men in high school who cleaned up, one was even a total player landing a string of white women.

So, while there may be racism in both cultures involved I think the biggest problem is confidence on the part of the Asian men. Prior to my current wife, I have a Canadian Girl friend, who I am her first Chinese Boy Friend, I guess she was in love with me, while we are together, she has done some research and show me how the media protrait the Chinese man, basically in negative way, and how she think the misconcept should be corrected. When I broke up with her because of my current wife We married two years later , her asked if I have found a Chinese girl to replace me now, when I told her is a Swiss, she was shock, her first reaction was — How can a Western Women fall in love with a Chinese However, she then immediately correct the statement as herself doing exactly the same.

So what if the white women reject you — is that the only race you can date? There are other colors besides white. You might be surprised. Well, how often, if ever, do you see a black woman in China? I personally lived there for more than 18 years, six years in Beijing. I can count on two hands all the black women that I had ever ever seen in Beijing in all those years, all of whom were strongers to me, and most of whom were athletes that I spotted during the Olympic games.

And I am yet to encounter a black woman outside the capital. But I used to meet white women in Beijing almost every other day, and was personally familiar with perhaps half a dozen of them. If we are to limit our discussion to the US, it should not be surprising to see five or six times more Asian-White couples than Asian-Black couples, just because of the demographic make-up: There are simply more whites than blacks in the US.

If you take socio-economic factors into account, it becomes even less likely for Asian men to meet black women, bacause the gap between Asians and blacks is greater than that between Asians and whites. The cold reality is that all people everywhere, of all races, throughout history, just tend to marry within their own socio-economic classes.

Maybe that is wrong. But would you marry an illiterate child-prostitute with AIDS? I really wants to be your friend, i have a chinese boyfriend for 2 years already, but he went crazy. I wish you guys all the happiness in the world. I never said that I did not find Black women not attractive.

I do find Hispanic and Black women attractive. But I had a lot more success with White girls. In high school I had many success.

SO Marie you do not need to feel bad, Asian born in American will have few problems accepting black women. Marcia, just tell your boyfriend you love him and get married then all problem will be solved.

Trust me this works. Marcia, your boyfriend is shy because he got all fed up by Hollywook BullCrap. He lacks confident to love his white girlfriend. But he will have no problem to hold hand with a Chinese girl. However, you do not need to worry.

Why not marry him and move him to United States then you will not have these problems. Despite me living in the U. Despite this, we have overcome much and love each other. And yes, we do get alot of looks while in China, and there are alot more foreign men with Chinese women than the reverse. Also China is not as wealthy as the United States and other western countries. However this is not the main reason. So you now know the main reason. The main thing we need to focous on is sports, if we can do well in sports then we will become much stronger and much more confident then our image will change.

But Yi it is changing now. You know the recession hit western world hard and many Chinese women lost their interets in western men. So look on the bright side. Angie, good for you that he likes you. You know that there are many guys in China like western women just like Chinese women. However Chinese men are afraid to date you because they heard all the bad sterotypes about them and the western media and movie made it even worst.

But dont worry changes are on the way, stay positive. I have a Chinese boyfriend that moved to America 4 years ago. We have been dateing for a few months now and every day we go out to do something diffrent.

Everytime my boyfriend and I go out we get stared at and pointed to. My boyfriend Xun never said anything about it so I think he just didnt care. At first it bothered me but, I figured that if it didnt bother him then it shouldnt bother me.

My family at first didnt like him because he was from another country but, after a wile of talking about how great our relationship it they came to like him. We havent met each others family yeat.

Xun and I had a long talk about it. He dosnt find it in his familys favor that it would end. He tells me just because hes from China that it dosnt make a diffrence.

Hes here living in America now. I think it has been commonly said that a lot of guys may be afraid that their parents will not approve. Did their parents ever consider that there is a huge gender disparity? Or would they prefer their son die alone?

Besides, what ever happened to living your life how you want it? Only an asian woman can be so hateful. It makes me feel good that you have the fire in you to make a change, to not let others break you down. Stay strong and never give up. If you falter, it means more work for the rest of us asian guys. This post is getting quite the buzz over the whole internet! My mom is a seflhating sell out Chinese women just like the typical Asian women.

I am distant to marry White girls. I have a fantasy that is to marry a Nordic girl or American girl with Nordic desenct. But I can not help it. This is why all of a sudden I changed myself. I care about my fashion now, I wear much better clothing to make myself look even better Since I am already a good looking guy.

I try hard to get rid of my accent, and now I speak English almost perfectly with very little accent. I work out at the gym try to get toned musle and look even better. Not only do they sell out themselves but they also make up Bullsh! Please my fellow Chinese men: I think it will. As China gets rich, it certainally will. So Chinese media will heavly promote Chinese men to date western women and more and more young, tall, good looking, rich Chinese men will be open minded to date western women.

So I think it will change too. BTW, there are already sings of Chiese media promoting such things. You will see it. Chinese men are NOT as weak and scared as western men think. Also, I am one of those tall, goodlooking, young well educated Chinese men who finds western women much more attractive than Chiense girls and at least half of my Chinese male friends think the same way.

I am a forty-one year old American lady, Read: The one time I broke free and chose my own mate, my parents stole my son and paid his father to leave with our son to another country. I have not seen my son for over fifteen years now, and I doubt he even knows who I am. I stopped dating at first because I really needed to get my head and heart together, and, just as importantly, create a new life and sense of worth for myself. In time I enrolled in college, something my parents would never let me do, and I started my own small business.

I was in my mid-thirties before I felt emotionally ready to date again, and the expected initial disasters of being too long out of the dating scene happened, though thankfully, these mostly proved to be funny in hindsight. I thought that because he was an older Chinese man, and a government official too, that I would be a pariah to him, not the other way around. His response to me took me utterly by surprise… I was honest to him from the beginning, though the details were spread over a few months, and I even went so far as to admit that I was on good terms with only one of my blood relatives, and I told him about my past in more detail than I related here.

He is everything I need to feel both secure and independent, a gentle and yet firmly reliable presence in my life and spirit, and we never run out of things to talk about to each other. For over a year now he has never failed to make me laugh, smile, feel optimistic, and he is loving and supportive in everything I do.

He and my good relative get along extremely well, and I am beginning a great relationship with his son from a long-extinct previous marriage. Yes, he is an extraordinary cook, and he tried to make me use chopsticks so I would eat slower than him, but the cooking is so good, I aced using the chopsticks!

Above all, he is gifted with the ability to be an extraordinary companion. The perfect man for me is located literally on the other side of the planet, and I never would have found him if not for the internet and for the efforts of people who were determined to break down the barriers of ignorance, fear, and the resulting prejudices. I have so many reasons to be grateful… We must wait two more years until he retires before we can officially tie the knot.

If we married right now he would be severely investigated by his government and he would lose his retirement benefits, for which he has worked hard for over 30 years to acquire. I call, and I visit him in China, every chance I can, and it is our hope that he can move here to America with me when he retires.

Well, that is my two cents anyways… Smile! I would welcome any constructive comments regarding how to make his American citizenship any easier, and tips on how he can adjust and get a job when he arrives here. Thank you so much for your patience and regard! Wow, what a story — I am so delighted to hear from you, and to hear that you found a new life, family and home with a wonderful Chinese man.

Congratulations, and thank you so much for sharing! Thank you you for being so kind, encouraging, and helpful. Thank you for sharing your story. You are right that Chinese men are like that. In fact I am like that too, even though I am young. I am a western girl in Shanghai and I do like the Chinese men, not too much experince but I am learning as I go along.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories. Hopefully I will have my own story to post in the future. We have been married for 4 years and have lived both in Australia and in Thailand. I am moving back to Thailand next month so that my husband can work for their quite successful family business. I have found that marrying a Chinese man comes with a lot of concerns. I love my husband very much but find that his family have too much influence over our life and marriage.

For example, they want us to live in their house, they want to pay for everything, they get involved in issues which are really only our own. I love them dearly and am very grateful for their help, but by accepting their help I loose my own independance. Can anyone please give me advise on how to manage this situation whilst still remaining respectful of their culture and them? You should definitely tell your husband your concerns.

Let him know what you value, and how you want to live. Over the years, my husband has come to understand and appreciate my independent, feminist side — and he has been able to allow me to be me without wrecking family dynamics. It helps that he praises me in front of them in ways that they understand i. They have a better impression of me, and are more likely to be understanding of my more independent, feminist side.

This builds good will and a relationship. All of this creates more goodwill, and more understanding. Really, though, the best thing to do is…start with your husband. Keeping things in perspective can help diffuse the tension, and hopefully lead to more understanding. That said, I am operating on what kept my twenty-plus years of friendships strong even after the worst of acid tests, including being housemates with a few of the more interesting ones for a long stretch of years apiece.

What works for me is to take a deep breath and do the following reality check… I remember with as much objectivity as I can muster, what my life was like before my Wanju Xiong came into it, and then, I look at my life as it is right now. I literally weigh the good and the bad. The criteria is simple… Is my life just a little bit happier, safer, more stable, and more productive, just a little more often, than it was before I brought him in?

When we argue, do I automatically think of ways to leave or worse? Or, do I automatically think of ways to create a compromise that will work for both of us. Never, never, make your husband chose between you or his family because that will ensure that you lose.

Keep being yourself, if husband complains, tell him you are still the lady he married, and kindly ask him who changed the script just because the parents want to crawl into the matrimonial bed?

The tough of this is, you must first convince your husband, and then ,only he can convince his family. Diplomacy, tact, enduring patience, and a very carefully considered bottom line are needed here. I wish you a ton of good luck and good results. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your comments and advice. What you are saying is true, my husband is the love of my life and I would hate for that to change.

At the end of the day, these really are small issues in what can be a wonderful life together. Thank you again, I really appreciate it. I will write again once I have moved to keep you up to date. I was just trying to use google to find a way to meet foreign girls here in China and consequently found this blog. I thought that this would be the perfect way to meet someone with whom I could have much in common.

How painfully right I was. She got a new job and I quit university to follow her. I have had Chinese dude friends who were totally cool and I tried to set them up with random foreign girls but most foreign girls have already made up their minds about love be it not to live in China long enough to care about anybody — or that Chinese guys are just lame.

Both of these suppositions are sucky and self-centered at best however for single girls you do need a thick skin to live here and being an asshole is just a necessary side-effect. Jocelyn, in utter seriousness, if you ever offer classes in tact and finesse I want the first invite. All that said, I am familiar with the circumstances you speak of… My Wanju Xiong Toy Bear or Teddy Bear- Mandarin Pinyin Chinese is a very handsome fellow with a truly wonderful personality, his son is gorgeous by any racial standards, and I am a head-turner even at my age.

Still, no matter which racial company we keep, I am invariably asked why a woman of my caliber would chose a Chinese man, and, my fiance is just as frequently asked how he managed to get and keep me. I am past taking offense anymore, and after awhile, I began to wonder what caused these comments in the first place. Sometimes the hardest part of choosing to be a product of your own shaping rather than to be a perpetual victim of circumstances is to find the power to consistently walk away from the things that hurt you every time the challenge arises.

My gift to him was to prove that I could love him with equally unconditional love. We are facing so many battles, and we would not have made it this far without that commitment. You have to know why you are worth that kind of investment before you can ask someone else to make that investment in you. Make yourself the person you want and need to be, set realistic, practical, honest, and achievable goals, and then stick to your guns.

Wait until the people who can love you in truth, in whole, and as you are, prove that they really do love you for you. It takes twenty-one consistent and dedicated efforts to form a new habit, get started…. A lot of people are just foolish, jelouos, and full of hate some times. So when they see the other way around, they get upset and MAD. Try to break you down, when they all should just let you be. I work and learn at my local university, and on a few occasions at the end of the semester, I goof around with the kids.

And right around this time is when the kids gang up on me, carry me out to the collection of life-sized statues at the center of the campus, and deposit me in a ridiculous pose next to the bronzes. Thereupon I am dryly told that the statues are far wittier than myself, that they give far less boring lectures, and even they will refuse to be held as my captive audience, preferring instead to slowly inch away and summons the pigeons while I drone another lullaby.

Guess how this one ends? Well, everyone busts a gut laughing and we walk across the street for pizza and beer. I am sleepless tonight because in a few days, I must do something that breaks my heart. They say fear and hate are father and son, and my experiences have proven that maxim is true. My dearest friend was very badly abused as a child, and nobody feels more compassion for her than I do.

The lady grew up to raise two children without abusing them, but she never sought professional council for her past. The fear became sorrow, but sorrow immobilizes and she needed motivation. She found it in anger. Initially, the anger helped to fight against her plight, and for a short time, she was on top again.

But anger is an all-consuming sickness, no less deadly and twisted than her cancers were, and the inevitable happened. In a nutshell, she utterly destroyed her life, ensured she would always be alone, and she finally drove away the family and friends who abide her increasingly criminal acts of venom for over twenty years.

She blames us, and she is right. How do you think this one ends? We had to acknowledge that our unconditional love had actually enabled a very sick woman to make us sick too. No matter how strange, cruel, or wonderful, people will remain true to the habits that fulfill the real needs of their real natures.

If a vampire must bite innocent victims to change them into vampires, then they will do as their nature dictates, regardless of your love, actions, wishes, or words.

How can we save someone from the behavior that makes them feel better, even when that behavior is doing them and others so much harm? I am reminded of a time when my great grandparents made me stand and observe a line of trees that had been used by a fella to create a natural fence. My brothers and I gathered seeds from the few remaining trees and what you see here is our investment. These trees are brothers and sisters; all are the same age, and all have endured the same blessings and hardships.

A man wrapped barbed wire around all of them, but while some trees lived, others died. Can you see the reason why? We can think of the barbed wire as the hate, greed, jealousy, and apathy that slowly saw their ways into our core being. The ones who respond to harm by inflicting harm, even if to only themselves, are consumed within by a force that is even more destructive than the original source of their pain.

They are dead, attractive only to things that consume the dead. The trees that lived show us that choosing to heal is a choice to live too. These trees chose to be survivors rather than victims, and their continued lives benefit all. To my horror, she began to hack at the scars of the living trees. I tried to stop her, but her husband detained me with a sad smile. Thanks pigeons, I can do with a much less graphic illustration of it!

Thankyou so much Slipknot for reading my blog! Which part did you read? Are you in China too? The reason why I think foreign girls rarely date Chinese guys is because of politics and national policy in China.

You know how open and free the west is. However, China is exactly opposite because it is a communist state. The civilians are pressured by the Chinese government. For example, internet censorship is a major issue in China. The chinese government blocks a lot of websites such as youtube, facebook, twitter, any politically sensitive sites and porn sites. Because of those kind of policy, Chinese people are pretty conservative.

Therefore, why would a foriegn girl wanna marry a Chinese guy and live in a country with this kind of policy? This is what I think! I am a nice ,cute chinese guy …want a western woman , lol …. Tony, what you said is BullSh! The reason why foreign women rarely date Chines emen are: China is still not as wealth as the west yet, but she is getting there.

So imagine a low income Chinese man date a high income western woman, you can clearly feel the insecurity complex that Chinese man will face. The western media put Harsh and horrific sterotypes against Chinese men, and since most western women are brain washed by their media, they look down on Chinese men at the first place therefore, will not even consider dating one. Chinese men are traditional and thinks that marrying a western woman will ruin their culture. Neagative sterotypes against western women also play a huge roll, many Chinese men believe that western women are not as loyal and lack family values as Chinese women.

However, this is changing very fast. Many young and mid-age Chinese men began to realize that Chinese women are getting more and more bitchy, westernlized, and brain washed too. Chinese women begin to sell themslves out and bash Chinese men also make up lies to make Chinese men look bad. As a reslut, many young and mid-aged Chiense men are more open minded to marry non-Chinese women. And many powerful Chinese men are sick of the status quote they will do what ever it takes to change it!!

Long story short, his ex-wife wanted a richer and more challenging man, so she ran off with his American pal. My fiancee misses his pal, but not so much the ex. When we met online, I was past fed up with the fact that I was a bug light for bad boys, and I had a lot of karma to burn off. He is a government official in a supervisory position, and even daydreaming about cavorting with an American nymphet is grounds for an on-the-job malcontent to cause all kinds of mischief for him.

Want to know what makes it work for us? He has more cause than any Anglo man to cherish my unconventional personality and lifestyle, and, I finally found a man who is more dependable, attentive, and appreciative than his Anglo counterparts. At the end of even the worst of days, we unfailingly find a reason to laugh, forgive, and move on. In essence, we are best friends. You are such a smart and versatile young man, and the only thing that stands in the way of love for you, is..

Focus all that energy into something you can change, your own perspective. When you are sitting at dinner with your lady, what do you want her to talk about? Would you like to hear her talk about what makes you special to her, or, do you want to hear what she thinks about men and society? That would be a good start for you too! I have asked my wanju xiong, who currently lives in Mainland China, about your statement. Here is what he said….

In a nutshell, when marriage is a form of slavery, being bound even to a nice and faithful man who is a drunk and gambler is a life of abject misery for his wife.

Traditionally and historically, who metes any real punishment to a man who mistreats his wife? Conversely, who protects a wife from being punished if her family is unable or unwilling to protect her? In the bottom line, enabling punishment and stigmata -free divorces may allow more divorces to happen, but men, as well as women, are freed from a life of suffering alongside a dismal mate choice, and BOTH genders are compelled to behave like better human beings when the penalty for being a lousy spouse is that your spouse can leave you and shop elsewhere.

Divorce lets two people wreck hell on each other upon departure, but it does end. If they fought so evilly in the divorce, can you imagine what the everyday life in that marriage was like? Having grown up in an abusive home, I can speak in the same voice as my many counterparts around the world… I am a better person who makes better choices because I am allowed to make those choices on my own behalf… Including walking away forever from a life of misery and choosing to be a product of my own choices rather than being a victim of my circumstances.

Traditions are formulas of generalization, so it actually works for less people, and not for most people. Hardly… I respect tradition far more than most would imagine, but what I respect most is quality of life. No matter what culture or country you are from, or which gender you are, being a friend, companion, confidante, and loyal cheerleader is the foundation of any good marriage.

My relationship with my beloved thrives because we abandoned the stereotypes and discovered that underneath his conservative demeanor, he is longing for a chance to embrace a less repressed side to himself, and in him, I find that stability and duty can be the means to being free in truth, because I have a consistent rock to climb onto when the seas of life get rough.

We are a rare pairing because we discovered a genuine friendship along the way. No formula, no tradition, no hedonism, or heroism. At the end of the day, we simply feel good together. Why do I keep going back to talking about my relationship?

Glad you asked… What you need to talk about are your relationships as an individual with other individuals. We cannot know all in even one person other than ourselves, so please, offer me the solution that works for you… Personally.

From this collection of individual experiences, we may or may not be able to find a concensus, but we should be able to find the clues that help us start on our own roads to personal truths. My love and I did not pair up for any of the reasons mentioned by anyone here other than me.

I prove and rest my case on this point. I sincerely wish all of you great luck, and even greater love. I really want to change the status quote. I can not changed the status quote alone, and I need help. However, many Asians living in the United States are nothing but Sheeps, Sheeps are get pushed around, and let other people sit on their head and Sh! For so many years, they been kept down yet they dont really realize it. People are people everywhere. So black and Asian women cannot make valuable contributions?

What if a black girl marries a Chinese guy? It focues on a panel of foreign women from all over the world who married men in Taiwan, some have been there for well over a decade.

They talk about several topics such as some listed in the comments, cultural differences, children, marriage customs, romance, companionship, etc. Kind of down to earth in several aspects, and a bit more mature since half of the women there are older. Thanks for putting us back on topic. I will look into these shows as I may be one of the target audience!

On that note, when I was in Seattle, WA, I used to wander for weeks at a time in the warrens of Asian shanty towns there, and I learned a lot of things… Unfortunately, my ignorance then did not allow me to separate what I learned or experienced into their respective and proper cultural origins. There are very few white female and Asian male marriages as well. Should they not have the right to an opinion?

Oh, wait, this post is all about the infrequency of these marriages. Which means that your point goes against the post, and therefore should not be taken into account.

Are you contributing anything useful, constructive, or thoughtful to this site by using it to wreak the same kind of behavior on Slipknot that you are accusing him of displaying? As you so adroitly pointed out yourself, this is a site about the rarity of marriages between Asian men and foreign women… Not a site to call technical fouls and perform character assassinations on other contributors.

If you have more useless nastiness to contribute, then please take it to a private exchange, because another reason for this site is to find a common link of understanding and affection with others in a very scarce community. You are obviously a very smart person, so grow some mature wisdom, dial it down, and show us someone we can respect, then others can follow your example. Slipknot… My all-American mom would make yours look like a devoted patron saint. I figured out that anger is a sickness, and complaining never helped, so I turned the page.

Back when my fiancee proposed, my fiancee told Richard that he wanted Richard to visit him in China before I would actually meet the man who proposed to me. Richard and I were so shocked, that we flooded my wanju xiong with a thousand questions, whereupon my darling had a panic attack and almost called off the engagement. We now understand that this was a cultural thing, but I would really like to get a better and more complete understanding of this custom.

Can you explain a bit about that too? Well, back to grading final exams… Zicter and Slipknot, I suggest you two go out and drink a few beers together… And let me have primary filming rights over anything that happens between you two after the first pitcher has been consumed. You have clearly not read all the comments in this post true, there is over of them. Then I said that when two people find a connection in this crazy world we live in, stereotypes mean nothing quite applicable to your case, actually.

Honestly, I believe all the reasons presented in the post and the comments play a role in all cases. The main thing is that each issue plays a stronger or weaker role in each particular case. Now, talking about wisdom, please allow me to give you some advice: Played straight with Haley.

In "Derailed," Garcia uses this, plus her standard Omniscient Database , to successfully identify every single passenger on a train using grainy security camera footage. Kirsten Vangsness, before her Promotion to Opening Titles in the second season. Haley's death scene was set up as this in the show's th episode. And then it was terribly, horribly averted SSA David Rossi, who's made a boatload of money from his books , is one of the founders of the BAU, and apparently has a big following "when Manilow's not in town".

The Family That Slays Together: Gets very creepy when it turns out that this is how the family continues; they've been doing this for generations. And then at the very end of the episode, it turns out that the family has other branches, and the last shot of the episode is another similar set mother, father and young son preparing to kill some other people. Two borderline examples are "Mosley Lane" the first kid abducted by the couple was kept alive, because he developed severe Stockholm Syndrome ; the couple treats him sort of like a son, and he even helps them abduct other kids and "A Thousand Words" a near example because the father committed suicide, and the mother dies giving birth to their son.

The UnSub had started as a serial killer years before, and only as he'd started to lose his memory due to Alzheimer's Disease did he grudgingly take on his son as a partner. Billy Flynn is so messed up in the head that, because he left her father alive, he believes himself to be responsible for Ellie Spicer's being born.

In fact, he's come to see himself as a grandfather figure to her of sorts, and actively tries to invoke this trope. Needless to say, it doesn't work. We have Garcia's spectacular cleavage and Elle's double gun holsters criss-crossing over very tight t-shirts. Not to mention the time she wore a bikini. Prentiss also gets a chance to flaunt her considerable assets in "JJ. Doyle opening Prentiss' shirt and showing her bra when branding her Garcia and Prentiss' dresses in "Run" at JJ's wedding seem specifically designed to show off their healthy chests.

On the male side we have Reid. Hoo boy, yes, Morgan. A moment that caused many a remote control to wear out and smoke as it was constantly brought back up to the screen Even Rossi, despite being an older man , is pretty handsome. The "Blood Relations" episode involves two West Virginian families that have been in a feud that dates back to when they were working as rival Hillbilly Moonshiners in the times of prohibition.

In "Lockdown," a series of murders take place in a private prison run by Citadel Corrections Company, a fictional version of Corrections Corporation of America. David Rossi is the author of several books on criminal psychology; an UnSub quotes from them in an interrogation scene in "Masterpiecem" and he reads from one in the opening to "Zoe's Reprise. Rossi was surprised at the direct quote.

No one else shared this surprise. Killer Profile has another book written by the former profiler featured in the episode - Serial Killers and Mass Murderers: Profiling Why They Kill. Near the end, it's discovered the UnSub is using it as a guide to his copycat murders.

A reporter who wrote a book on the Boston Reaper is a character in "Omnivore. The season 1 finale features a variation on this trope; SSA Jason Gideon receives, at his cottage, a baseball card and a head in a box via courier, which sets the BAU's targets on this new case.

Hotch hesitates for several episodes to sign the papers that divorce him from Haley. The backstory to "Lockdown", taking place inside a prison. If the UnSub is particularly sadistic. Though a couple go further and force them to participate. The three thrill killers from "Hopeless" and the unrelated rioters in the same episode.

You know what gets me? All this time we figured you guys were down and out. But here who are working? What the hell is so so God-awful about your lives that you have to take it out on everyone else? It was fun boss. You obviously altered it in Photoshop or something. That - that's all you. Garfield High, Class of ' I hacked it, as is. You're seriously trying to tell me you don't remember rocking that look?

Perhaps your lack of recognition stems from a dissociative fugue suffered in adolescence. Say, at a Siouxsie and the Banshees concert? When did you know you were going to have to trick him?

In "Reckoner," the last name on Judge Schuller's hit list is his own. A college student in "Doubt" kills a dorm-mate in a copycat murder so the UnSub would be released. She then dyes and cuts her hair so she'll look more like his preferred victims, seeks him out, and tries to entice him to kill her.

She even admits that she can't do it herself. The UnSub in "Coda" asks his captive to shoot him, because his sons won't be able to collect his life insurance if he commits suicide I Have Your Wife: From "A Real Rain": Is that why you stabbed him in the groin?

It's what he deserved. In Exit Wounds, the victim in the opening scene, upon hearing rustling chains on the "deserted" pier, calls out "Who's there?

The BAU is an embodiment of this trope against serial killers. Ellie Spicer in "The Longest Night", who stands up to a serial killer who's just murdered her father in front of her, left her aunt to die, and has been killing in every single state for twenty-six years. Deconstructed in "Remembrance of Things Past," where we find out that the poor thing has developed PTSD and can't sleep without talking to Morgan first. And played straight again in "Safe Haven" when she hijacks her foster mom's credit card, flies cross-country, lies her way past airport security, and talks her way into the BAU to see Morgan and because her foster brother is perving on her in the shower and no one's taking her seriously.

Impressive, for a nine-year-old. The obligatory reporters who appear, occasionally real-life ones. Lost in the Maize: Lying to the Perp: Rossi is slick like an oil spill. There's a reason why he teaches interrogation at Quantico. Particularly impressive in "Reckoner" when he has not only the UnSub believing he'd slept with the UnSub's wife multiple times, but the entire team believing it, too.

The team tries to trip up the title UnSubs of "Soul Mates" by convincing them they're betraying each other while one is incarcerated. The one who's loose doesn't act on it but seems to fall for it, while the captive one isn't fully convinced but eventually does just as the team wants after his partner kidnaps his daughter.

Played straight in "Magnum Opus". Ted Bryar in "Derailed. Used on the little girl in "Seven Seconds". Obviously, it doesn't work, and resort to using CPR again. Zig-zagged in "Poison," where a defibrillator is correctly used on a patient who goes into V-fib who was poisoned with botulism toxin. However, we still hear the sound effect of a Flat Line because the audience still associates it with defibrillators.

The Main Characters Do Everything: Local law enforcement seems to stop investigating at all when the BAU arrives. More glaringly, the BAU will also go to arrest the most dangerous crooks themselves, despite how devastating the loss of one profiler would be, compared to the average cop.

Make It Look Like an Accident: JJ's truly vicious fight to defend Henry from Izzy in "Run". Married to the Job: Led to Hotch's divorce, possibly Gideon's, and also led to Rossi's three divorces. Legendary Onondaga chief Legendary opera star Legendary outlaw Legendary outlaw's compan Legendary password user Legendary reptile with a Legendary reward Legendary Romanian pianist and composer, George, d.

Legislative act that impo Legislative aides Legislative assemblies Legislative assembly Legislative body Legislative body partly chosen at election Legislative excess Legislative group Legislative grp. Legislative houses Legislative largess Legislative ordinance Legislator Legislator - treason Legislator appointed by a party to enforce discipline Legislator spilt no tears Legislator to look narrowly after long sentence Legislator turns up, not tense but a little nervous Legislator's cry Legislators: Leicester City footballer starts to make all his runs exceptionally zigzaggy Leicester City v Celtic perhaps - or something more serious?

Lemon on a baseball field Lemon or lime drink Lemon or orange Lemon peel Lemon producer? Length of cord rolled into the porch Length of fabric Length of life Length of life that is left for King Charles, maybe Length of many a TV drama Length of many stands? Length of printed piece Length of sawn timber Length of some shorts Length of string Length of time around it varied Length of yarn Length times width Length unit in Lyon Length x width, for a rec Lengthen Lengthen lease, depressed Lengthen or shorten Lengthen publicity by circular letter on short London opening Lengthen, with Lengthens leases foremost of dukes hold Lengthens, old-style Lengths of service Lengthwise Lengthy Lengthy conflicts Lengthy discourses Lengthy fight Lengthy footrace Lengthy lurkers of the de Lengthy military sign-up?

Lenny makes buys while.. Leno appears on it Leno line Leno's got a big one Leno's necklace? Leno, notably Lenore's creator Lenox products Lens Lens cover? Lepidopterist's accessory Lepidopterist's equipment Lepidopterist's need Lepidopterist's study Lepidopterist's tool Lepidopterists' gear Lepidopterous floater, apian stinger, d.

Ita Les Mis character backed ladies wearing denim? Less likely to be hit by Less likely to be winded Less likely to break Less likely to collapse Less likely to fly?

Less likely to lose it Less likely to make mista Less likely to offend Less likely to reconcile Less lively Less lofty Less loony Less loopy Less mellow Less messy Less moist Less muddled Less natural Less nice Less numerous Less of an illusion Less original Less ornate Less overcast Less plausible, as an exc Less pleasing to the ear Less plentiful Less polite Less popular time to be on shore, presumably, with boy Less popular, as a restau Less powerful, the river surrounds pub Less predictable Less prepared to find one immersed in a French textbook Less prepared, less strong, lacking power, having skirted study Less receptive Less refined Less relaxed Less reliable fellow?

Less than solid Less than spectacular Less than stellar Less than the required amount Less than upstanding Less than wholesale Less than wonderful Less than zero: Lesson; social division Lessons Lessons at Hogwarts Lessons?

Disapproving remark before one enters tests! Lest Lester bats while Let Let — eat cake Let property Let up Let a judge hear the case Let a slip pass Let apple Danish pastries be distributed in great number for today Let borrow Let down Let down burglars' leader in bank plot Let down by actor regularly: That's basic Let everyone down at the centre Let everyone down, ignoring outsiders Let everyone outstanding be audibly spoken Let fall Let fall and let tear Let fall, in poetry Let fly Let for money Let free Let go Let go by Bottom after pressure to get out of bed Let go from work Let go of Let go tactfully Let go, in a way Let hang Let have Let have it Let have the final word Let in Let in a second time Let in advance Let in again Let in; confessed Let it all out Let it all out?

Let it be Let it be, editorially Let it stand Let know Let live Let loose Let loose, as pigs Let loose, initially, on facility Let loose, stick around the marshes Let man creep off to get substitute Let me go out, grab club and prepare for fight Let me see about drying out dog Let me think? Drug addict to keep loan-shark Let off Let off steam Let off steam, maybe Let off the hook Let off the hook? Let one horribly round queen articulate Let one's anger show Let one's god down?

Let out Let out of the can? Let out the waist of, e. Let out, in a way Let out, perhaps Let pass Let ponies loose? Make a decision tomorrow Let ride, at the track Let rip Let rip on corrupt cross-border force Let sit Let slip Let slip about following secretary everywhere Let sound be heard Let spread Let stand, in editorial p Let team in for householder Let the air out, say Let the air out?

They're most unlike Fatboy Slim in the extreme Let's see those teeth beginning to decay - I weep on failing to contain it Let's stand back to front Let's take most of Harrison Ford's fantastic film Let's try method, coming out on top of a fight Let-down Let-down after excitement Let-up Letch Letdown after awaiting a Lethal Lethal compound Lethal cousin of the cobr Lethal snake Lethal stingers Lethal tablet swallowed by father only half dissolved Lethally poisoned ruler, Lethargic Lethargic feeling Lethargic feelings Lethargic guard dropping over time Lethargic, and not ready to go shopping?

Letter about shelter leads to easing of tension between nations Letter accompanier: Letter addenda Letter addenda, for short Letter addenda: Letter addendum, for shor Letter adornment Letter after beta Letter after Beta in a so Letter after chi Letter after epsilon Letter after eta Letter after gamma Letter after Juliet in a Letter after pee Letter after phi, chi, ps Letter after pi Letter after sierra, in r Letter after sigma Letter after teth Letter after theta Letter after Z Letter after zeta Letter almost mailed to a liberal magazine Letter amount Letter attachments: Letter before "cue" Letter before ar Letter before ba Letter before Beta in a s Letter before beth Letter before delta Letter before epsilon Letter before gee Letter before gimel Letter before iota Letter before kappa Letter before lambda Letter before lima in the Letter before omega Letter before Peter in an Letter before psi Letter before qoph Letter before shin Letter before sigma Letter before tee Letter between eta and io Letter between pi and sig Letter box deposits Letter by German poet accepting doctor's asthma treatment Letter by good American conservative is inconsequential Letter card Letter carrier's assignme Letter carrier's uniform?

Letter collector Letter container Letter container: Letter distribution on ba Letter drop, e. Letter drop-offs Letter encl. Letter from holy man found in English mansion? Letter greeting Letter greeting never rea Letter holder Letter holder: Abbr Letter of indictment? Letter of the law? Letter often accompanying Letter on some college ja Letter on Superman's ches Letter opener Letter opener chopped up dead seers Letter opener, at times Letter opener?

Letter or number Letter paper? Letter penned by Charles, so ridiculous Letter pile set to be rearranged Letter preceding bravo Letter producer Letter pronounced while breathing out Letter read out — gosh! Letter resembling an inve Letter resembling an ox's Letter routing abbr. Letter run Letter said nothing more to resolve - one's 9 Letter sent to many people Letter sequence Letter series Letter sign-off Letter signed by many on all sides seen by 4's partner Letter signoff Letter start Letter starter Letter string Letter switched to ess in Letter taker Letter tiles thrown out after Scrabble championship finally?

Letter trio Letter upset ageing King invading country Letter wearer: Letter will upset learned Muslims Letter writer's afterthou Letter writing, some say Letter's end? Letter's need Letter's sign Letter, of sorts Letter-ending abbr. Letter-perfect postman Letter-routing abbr. Letter-shaped beam Letter-shaped bridge supp Letter-shaped building be Letter-shaped building su Letter-shaped constructio Letter-shaped cross Letter-shaped fastener Letter-shaped girder Letter-shaped hardware Letter-shaped opening Letter-shaped opening for Letter-shaped part of a g Letter-shaped skyscraper Letter-shaped structural Letter-shaped support Letter-shaped woodworking Letter-shaped, threaded f Letter-to-Santa enclosure Letter-writing aid Letter-writing friend Letter-writing prisoner, Letter?

Lettered top Letterhead abbr. Letterhead design Letterhead feature Letterhead graphic Letterhead?: Lettering liquid Letterless phone button Letterman airer Letterman dental feature Letterman letters Letterman list, e. Letterman lists Letterman of late-night Letterman rival Letterman's last guest on Letterman's network Letterman's nightly list Letterman's rival Letterman, Leno, etc.

Letters and packages Letters associated with a Letters at a launch Letters at a Nascar race Letters at Buckingham Pal Letters at Camp Lejeune Letters at sea Letters at the beach Letters at the end of a p Letters before a colon, o Letters before a name Letters before a pseudony Letters before a street n Letters before an alias Letters before gimels Letters before Liberty or Letters before many a sta Letters before many state Letters before omegas Letters before tees Letters before xis Letters between a name an Letters between two names Letters ending a PC code Letters exchanged by empl Letters for a duke Letters for a King?

Letters for a prince Letters for a prince or p Letters for a psychic Letters for a religious s Letters for Alpha-Bits? Letters in an old date Letters in cyberspace Letters in Icelandic Letters in love letters Letters in many black chu Letters in some church na Letters in some ratings Letters introducing some Letters man read aloud Letters of commerce Letters of compassion Letters of concern Letters of credit Letters of credit?

Letters of debt Letters of discharge? Letters of distress Letters of faux modesty Letters of invitation Letters of patent? Letters of rejoicing Letters of royalty Letters of sizes Letters of stone seen in European houses Letters of success Letters of surprise, in t Letters of urgency Letters of Zeno Letters often followed by Letters on a B-2 Letters on a B Letters on a brandy bottl Letters on a bucket Letters on a car sticker Letters on a Cardinal's c Letters on a Cardinals ca Letters on a cognac bottl Letters on a Coppertone b Letters on a cross Letters on a crucifix Letters on a farm?

Letters on a food stamp Letters on a Kodak box Letters on a new car stic Letters on a package Letters on a police repor Letters on a poster Letters on a pump, maybe Letters on a R Letters on a scoreboard Letters on a shingle Letters on a Soyuz rocket Letters on a stamp Letters on a telephone bi Letters on a toothpaste t Letters on a wanted poste Letters on an ambulance Letters on an F.

Level of karate expertise Level of modesty Level of nationwide greed Level of quality Level of River Bann's first to drop Level off Level on a building plot, we hear? Level on the evolutionary Level the playing field? Level with another in top spot perhaps Level, e. Levels, briefly Leven, for one Lever Lever Bros. Kildare fame Lew Wallace's "Ben-Hur: Lexicographer's concert Lexicographer's conclusio Lexicographer's interest Lexicographer, sure to get excited by word for new teeth Lexicographers' researche Lexicographic concern Lexicographic enlightener Lexicographical abbr.

Liberal academic finds employment Liberal accepted by association, up to a point Liberal American writer upset former European monarch Liberal and Unionist revoke prime minister's block Liberal arts field: Liberal avoiding topless place where one can stay the night Liberal — a politician first in local elections Liberal bod upset by this sexist toy?

Liberal dons feel sorry for king … and queen? Liberal encased in concrete? Liberal follower Liberal hit back: Liberal listened to criminal and thief Liberal lots will accept as courageous perhaps Liberal ones Liberal party at first beats a depressing situation Liberal party?

Librarians' loads Libraries do it Library abbr. Library material Library microfilm Library no-no Library patron Library patrons read them Library receipt info Library ref. Library regular Library science innovator Library section Library section, for shor Library section: Library sign Library sound Library sound: Lice high on combination of acid and alcohol in cheese Lice-to-be Licence form falsified and filled out with unsourced requirement License License bureau procedures License giver: License holder License issuer, for short License plate License plates License to drill?: Lid annoyance Lid around a loch Lid attachment Lid decoration?

Lid irritation Lid on trunk initially stuck out - cutter supplied Lid or lip application Lid problem Lid problems Lid swelling Lid trouble Lid; hat Lidded box Lids Lids around lochs Lie Lie slang Lie a lot Lie about Irish town and county Lie about issue over current omission Lie about money being short Lie about providing effervescent tonic Lie about Republican wrangling Lie about side causing bad feeling Lie about taking cocaine, creating an ostentatious display Lie alongside of Lie around Malta getting wild Lie around the whole time?

Lie given in order to entice Lie idle too long Lie in bed, say Lie in pleasing surroundi Lie in store for Lie in the sun Lie in the sun with sunta Lie in wait Lie low Lie low when king's in a bad mood Lie next to Lie on the beach Lie on the beach, perhaps Lie on the beach, say Lie on top of; covering Lie peacefully Lie scattered on top - were nearly knocked over Lie shown up by relative Lie to someone Lie to, in nautical lingo Lie unobserved Lie with maid in grass, catching wild animal on return Lie with vertebra broken —one may get back something like this?

Lie with young lady on top Lie, slangily Lie-abed Liechtenstein's language Liechtenstein's locale Liechtenstein's western b Lied about being unemployed Lied, perhaps, about cracking case of shoplifting Lied, say, with boy about drug, causing a fuss Lieder, chansons etc Liepaja resident Lies Lies about opposition leader suppressed by attacking moves Lies against Lies along the waterfront Lies buried with an item of clothing in a Detroit lay-by Lies comfortably Lies down Lies in the summer sun Lies in the sun Lies in wait Lies limply Lies low Lies next to Lies on the beach Lies together?

Life jacket; film star Life jackets Life line Life lines? One's right to start off sceptical Life overseas Life partner Life partner? Life saver Life Saver flavor Life saver, for short Life saver? Life savers Life sci. Life stories Life stories on film Life stories, for short Life story Life story, for short Life story, in brief Life support? Life supporter Life time? Life vest worn on a Korea Life work? Lifer's comment at the po Lifer's dream Lifers, e.

Lifesaver Lifesaver shapes Lifesaver, at times Lifesaver, briefly Lifesaver, e. Lift pal collapsing — into this? Lift passages Lift prince by the ears? Light construction materi Light controller Light cotton fabric Light creamy dessert Light custard Light dessert Light detectors Light dish at a Halloween Light dispersers Light displayed in fort or chapel Light dressing gown Light drink taken outside at end of evening, enjoying posh tent holiday?

Light earth tone Light eater at the henhou Light eater primarily tucking into cured meat Light entertainment Light evening meal Light exercises Light exercises designed for general fitness Light exercises taken in by sailor Light exercises to promote general fitness Light fabric with a crinkled surface Light fabric; pancake Light fall of snow Light figure Light figures? Light fire, as an alternative to central heating, to raise temperature Light flux units Light food outlet Light for high winds Light form of lava Light French red wine Light from a halo Light from a headlight Light from a lantern, say Light from a lightning bu Light from above Light gas Light gases Light gold carriage Light golden lager Light green Light green plums Light greenish blue Light greenish-blue Light hair color Light hammer part Light hand stroke Light hauler Light haulers Light head?

Light into Light is moving away from flower Light Italian bread made with olive oil Light kiss Light lager Light left on before service Light limiter Light line Light lunch Light lunches Light machine gun Light material? Light meal Light meal Penny had cooked Light measures Light melody Light metal cooking pot used for camping Light mixer Light modifiers Light motor cycle Light motorcycle Light muffin Light musical seen back in latter epoch Light musical work Light narrow boat Light note introduced to night-time service Light of one's life Light of the moon Light on Broadway Light on one's feet Light on the set: Light on the stove Light open lorry with low sides and a tailboard Light open-toed shoe Light opening?

Light palm product Light particle is still radiation in the end Light pastry Light pastry; advert Light perfume Light planes Light pop Light provider Light purple Light purplish red Light pushchair Light ratio in astronomy Light reading?

Light reddish-brown Light reddish-yellow Light reflection ratio Light reflector Light refractor Light refrain Light rhythms Light ring Light rock songs Light rope-soled shoe Light rowing boat Light sailboat at a hotel Light sailing ship Light savoury dish Light seat for two or more Light seeker's question Light seen in Kent orchard Light service after track blocked by Ford-model car Light shade Light shade finally captured by artist Light shade of red Light shades Light shoes Light show Light sky, maybe Light sleep Light sleeper Light smoke Light snack Light source Light stuff Light suit's outside garment Light switch settings Light switch surrounder Light switcher?

Light up in a bar Light up with Scottish smoker during one row Light vehicle that is full of listening devices? Light warning bank's not opened Light weaponry? Light weight Light white wine Light wind Light wind? Light wood Light work? Light years away Light yellow Light yellowish green Light yellowish-pink Light, happy tune Light, in Lima Light, maybe Light, one-seated carriag Light, porous volcanic rock Light, rich sponge cakes Light, say Light, white wine Light, with "to" Light-bending glass Light-blocking Light-brown Light-colored Light-colored beer or the Light-colored stogie Light-feather filler?

Light-footed Light-headed Light-headed person? Light-refracting crystal Light-sensitive tissue fellow removed from fine art display Light-show light Light-skinned Light: Prefix Lighted sign Lighted sign above a door Lighted sign in a theater Lighted sign over a door Lighted stacks Lighten Lighten up Lighten a line with float not first time Lighten up?

Lighten, as a burden Lightened Lightened up Lightened one's billfold Lightener Lightens Lightens up Lighter Lighter alternative Lighter and pen maker Lighter brand Lighter cargo Lighter carpet in fact, yes terribly, and hard Lighter charge Lighter company Lighter feature Lighter fill Lighter fuel Lighter fuels Lighter grip, one's loose Lighter handle?

Lighter maker Lighter of the Olympic fl Lighter offense? Lightest of all elements Lightest-colored Lightheaded Lightheaded people? Lighthearted Lighthouse light Lighthouse locale Lighthouse locales Lighthouse site, maybe Lighthouse sites Lighting director's choic Lighting director?

Lights, say, not working? Almost completely Lights-out activity Lightsaber wielder Lightsaber-wielding hillb Lightweight anorak Lightweight antitank gun Lightweight bullets Lightweight cotton fabric Lightweight directors from company set it back Lightweight garment Lightweight hat Lightweight hat — best on island Lightweight helmet, in In Lightweight road vehicles Lightweight thermoplastic Lightweight wood Lightweight worker in goods packing?

Like Like 's martinis Like 1, 3 or 7 Like 1, 3, 5, Like 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. Like a B'way hit Like a baby in a highchai Like a baby with dimples, Like a baby's bottom, oft Like a bad apple Like a bad dirt road Like a bad spray-on tan Like a bagel Like a baguette Like a bairn Like a ball retrieved by Like a ballerina Like a ballerina's body Like a band of Amazons Like a bare floor Like a baseball pitch Like a basset Like a basset hound Like a beach Like a beanpole Like a beat cop Like a beautiful night sk Like a beauty queen Like a beaver Like a beer?

Nothing left for adult, mildly drunk Like a bell Like a Bentley that's rea Like a beret, usually Like a best friend Like a bialy Like a big brother Like a big grin Like a bike chain, usuall Like a billiard table cus Like a billionaire's pock Like a birdie Like a bishop's authority Like a black hole Like a blackboard eraser Like a blind spot?

Like a celebrity Like a centenarian Like a cereal plant, perhaps, from south-west England Like a certain attraction Like a certain avis Like a certain band Like a certain baroness, attacks witches hanging around with baron Like a certain birthstone Like a certain complex Like a certain computer n Like a certain court Like a certain evil Like a certain football k Like a certain govt.

Like a certain key: Like a certain musical sc Like a certain number Like a certain number sys Like a certain one in lin Like a certain order Like a certain power Like a certain route Like a certain sax Like a certain side Like a certain unpopular Like a certain vein Like a champion bodybuild Like a child's drawing of Like a chimney sweep Like a Chippendales dance Like a chunky person's be Like a churl Like a cigar bar Like a classical Greek th Like a clear night sky Like a clear sky Like a clear-cut area Like a clock that has han Like a clock with hands Like a close neighbor Like a close shave, or in need of one Like a cloudless night Like a clover leaf Like a club, maybe Like a cob Like a coincidence that r Like a cold fish Like a cold seat on the gravy train?

Like a cold shower? Like a combination lock Like a compliant cat Like a computer icon Like a con artist's busin Like a cool cat Like a corkscrew Like a cotton farm, e. Some sent back Like a D- Like a D. Griffith fil Like a Dagwood sandwich Like a Dali watch Like a damp cellar Like a day-old baguette Like a Dean Koontz novel Like a decal Like a defendant Like a defense contractor Like a delta Like a depth finder Like a desert Like a designated driver Like a despot, typically Like a difficult order Like a dime Like a dire situation Like a disappointing golf Like a doctor's patients Like a dog Like a door after a raid Like a double-decker chec Like a dove Like a dragon Like a drain after a drai Like a dream Like a drop of paint beginning to brighten foyer Like a dropout Like a dryer trap Like a duck it rises, cutting a duck's cry short Like a dust bowl Like a ewer Like a failure Like a fair ball as oppos Like a family man Like a farm Like a fashionista Like a fast driver Like a FedEx package Like a fedora crown Like a fianc Like a fiddle Like a fiddle?

Like a fig Like a fireplace Like a first draft Like a first-place ribbon Like a first-time tournam Like a flan Like a flea-market Gucci, Like a fleabag Like a flu sufferer, ofte Like a fly reel Like a foil Like a folk tale Like a fop Like a foreboding sky Like a form of journalism exposing malpractice Like a former pound we Like a foundling Like a four-leaf clover Like a fox Like a fox - liven up Like a foxglove Like a free agent Like a friar's food Like a Friday crossword Like a fridge decoration Like a fry-up — grand, right and simple Like a fuzzy computer ima Like a G.

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