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Log in or Sign up. American Civil War Forums. Become a member today for full access to all of our resources, it's fast, simple, and absolutely free! Support this site with a monthly or yearly subscription! Active Patrons get to browse the site Ad free! Nov 5, Messages: Feb 9, Messages: Soloreenactor, I look forward to your future postings here and in many of the forums here. I must warn you though; there will be times the software will net a naughty word or more.

Until the word is added to the ok list, for example; if you see a word you know is innocent, like fu-rt-her or, General C-um-mings and or ship's s-cr-ew; as exampled, just go back to your original post, hit the edit button and insert a few well placed hyphens if you will, and private message CivilWarTalk or Ami--the CWT List Owners.

That way they can find the troublemaker word real fast. Another thing we're finding; is that some names are shared by other states, same with roads. So, if you will - when you are talking about Arlington, please denote which one-- Arlington, Virginia, Arlington, Texas, etc. Columbia Pike, is another common road term; so it would help to know where this road is--Virginia or elsewhere. Please know there are no quotas but, certainly want to hear from you.

Post when you feel comfortable in doing so and at your own speed. References are wonderful if you have them. It is great to go to the same book, page and read as another poster has; to read all of what that page has to offer.

I like official records myself. So, I post all the information I can as to share. Personal opinions and comments are welcomed also. So, don't feel this forum requires only references as to post comments about. However, I must mention that it does help when it is expressed when a post is a personal opinion or a statement of facts.

Look forward to your postings here. The "Pay-Master" was the 'banker' of the military. M E Wolf , Nov 5, Medical directors of departments will establish a general hospital at some convenient point within their respective departments for the reception and treatment of sick and wounded officers, but no expenditures for the construction of new hospitals for this purpose will be incurred without special authority.

Hospital stewards assigned to officers' general hospitals will be paid on the regular muster and pay rolls. On the recommendation of the medical director of the department, a commissioned medical officer will be detailed to act permanently as treasurer for each officers' general hospital, who shall not be removed without sufficient cause.

The treasurer shall have the custody of the funds of the hospital, and shall perform such duties in relation to collecting, disbursing, and accounting for the same, and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Surgeon-General. When an officer has employed a special attendant, he shall pay 30 cents a day additional for each day such attendant was subsisted in the hospital.

Company officers of volunteers, while in such officers' general hospital, shall be considered as "on detached service without troops," for the purpose of drawing their pay and settling their indebtedness to the hospital, and may be paid on separate pay accounts instead of on the muster and pay rolls.

When an officer is not provided with money, and is unable to obtain it, he will give a certificate of indebtedness, in triplicate, to the treasurer of the hospital, in such form as shall be prescribed by the Surgeon-General, for the amount due from him to the hospital. The treasurer shall immediately forward, for stoppage, two copies of the certificate to the chief paymaster of the pay district in which the hospital may be located, retaining the remaining copy for his own reference and security.

When an officer is discharged from the hospital to return to a regiment serving beyond the limits of the pay district in which such hospital is located, the treasurer shall forward the certificates of indebtedness which the officer may have given to the proper chief paymaster, if known to him, otherwise, to the Pay-master-General, for such reference. The chief paymaster of the pay district will immediately cause the certificates of indebtedness to be placed in the hands of the paymaster of the hospital or of the regiment, should the officer have left the hospital , with instructions to stop the amounts on the first payment of the officers by whom the certificates were given.

The paymaster will take the receipt of each officer for the full amount of his pay account, and transmit the deducted sums to the treasurer of the hospital to which they are due, who will indorse receipt therefor upon the duplicate certificates in the paymaster's hands, or furnish duplicate abstracts of receipts signed by him, and embracing in one receipt the names of all the officers on whose accounts the sums have been remitted.

The paymaster will also forward monthly an abstract of certificates thus paid to the Surgeon-General. Officers of the Subsistence Department will make separate abstracts of the sales to each officers' general hospital during each calendar month, and will report the same to the Commissary-General of Subsistence in the manner provided by regulations in relation to sales to officers. Payment for stores thus purchased of the Subsistence Department shall be made by the treasurer monthly, and in cash when practicable; but when the treasurer has not money on hand sufficient to liquidate the entire indebtedness of the hospital to the Subsistence Department, he shall give to the commissary accountable for the stores sold a certificate of indebtedness, in duplicate, for the amount remaining unpaid, which certificate shall be a valid claim against the hospital, and be paid from the first moneys received thereafter by the treasurer, and until paid shall be considered as a sufficient cash voucher to the commissary for the amount stated therein.

No officer whose certificate of indebtedness to a hospital remains unpaid by him shall receive pay without deducting therefrom the amount of this indebtedness and leaving it in the hands of the paymaster, who shall give him duplicate receipts therefor, one of which the officer shall immediately forward to the treasurer of the hospital for which the stoppage is made.

A violation of this paragraph will subject the officer so offending to court-martial for disobedience of orders. When an officer dies in hospital the treasurer shall immediately ascertain the amount of his indebtedness to the hospitals and prepare an account thereof in triplicate, which shall be certified to be correct by both the treasurer and the surgeon in charge.

One copy of this account shall be retained by the treasurer and the remaining two copies be forwarded to the Second Auditor of the Treasury, in order that upon the final settlement of the officer's accounts the amount of his indebtedness may be deducted from any pay due him and remitted to the treasurer of the hospital. By order of the Secretary of War: The Pay Department of the Army is hereby charged with all payments final dues under original enlistments and bounties of the troops discharged and remustered, as directed in this order.

The final payments under the original enlistments will be made on the muster-out rolls. The amount of the total payment on remuster will be made in accordance with the general principles set forth in General Orders, No.

Consolidated receipt rolls, referred to in said order, will be certified to by the commissary or assistant commissary of musters charged with the remuster of the volunteers into service. The payments on discharge and those due on remuster will be made at the same time, and in full, immediately after the men are remustered into the service. Southern Historical Society Papers Vol. Headquarters Cavalry Division, Benton, Miss.

Major; -- In compliance with orders from the Major General commanding I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of my command, consisting of three brigades, commanded respectively by Brigadier Generals Wirt, Adams, L.

Ross, and Colonel P. Starke, during the late advance of Sherman's army from Big Black to Meridian and its return to Vicksburg. Simmons, Pay master , for gallantry and efficiency on the field. My aid de camp, Lieutenant James R. Crump, was killed while gallantly leading my escort company in a successful charge against a party of marauding Yankees near Sharon, Mississippi, February 26th, He was a brave and noble officer.

Jackson, Brigadier General Commanding. The governor of this State assumes the authority to interfere with my official duties. Pressley, the assistant treasurer, informed me a few days since that he had orders from the governor not to pay my checks to any one stationed at Fort Sumter, and asked me if I would give any more hereafter; to which I replied I would not refuse to pay accounts presented to me from there or any other place as long as I had funds.

I heard nothing more of the matter until this morning, when I called at the sub-treasury office. The clerk told me Mr. Pressley not being there that he had orders not to pay checks. I then expressed a wish to withdraw my funds, and was refused for the present--however, asked to call again on Monday, when the assistant treasurer would be there himself.

My Situation here as an officer of the Army is very unpleasant, and has been for some weeks past. I do hope a change will soon be made. The Paymaster-General respectfully submits, for the information of the Commanding General of the Army, the within copy of a letter from Major Hutter, reporting interference on the part of the governor of South Carolina with his official duties. The South Carolinians are at work in large force on Cummings Point, apparently framing heavy timbers, for what purpose I am unable yet to state.

They succeeded this morning, favored by a very high tide, in getting the Columbia off. I send herewith two slips cut from yesterday's Mercury, which show unmistakably the animus of these people.

They are determined to bring on a collision with the General Government. Everything around us shows this to be their determination and their aim. I had a contract made yesterday for the transportation of the women attached to this command. The number is much greater than the legal allowance, but under the present excited state of feeling toward our command it would not do to send to the city or to Sullivan's Island any of the relatives of our soldiers' wives who have been living with them.

The number who will be sent twenty embraces those attached to the companies and the wives of the members of the band, and also the wives of the non-commissioned staff.

Inclosed you will also receive the muster and pay rolls of this command, which have been signed by the husbands of the women. I will thank you to have them sent by the Pay Department to the paymaster in New York, with instructions to hand the pay to the women.

Army, of the seizure of his office at New Orleans. My clerk also goes with his State. The small amount of funds to my credit with the assistant treasurer is fully respected, but what will be done by the Southern Congress it is impossible to say. My duties are little or nothing, and could be as well attended to in Washington.

Shall I return to that place? I am at my hotel waiting your instructions. Please inform me if the office messenger shall be discharged, or shall I bring him on to Washington with me? He would be serviceable at my next station. Infantry, of events from February 19 to April 23, I have the honor to report, for the information of the colonel commanding, that on the 26th ultimo, while in the regular discharge of my duties, I was ejected from my office, which was taken possession of in the name of the State of Texas, in the manner following: About 10 o'clock a.

I continued discharging my duties afterward for probably thirty minutes, when one of the commissioners, Mr. Luckett, of the State of Texas, entered, and ordered me to close my safe and office, and cease to transact any further business, saying that he took possession in the name of the State of Texas. I closed the door of my safe and office, and have since been prohibited from entering the latter by the sentinel stationed there.

The following assignment was informally made before the arrival of any volunteer regiments from the North. The officers passed the night at their posts during the time of greatest danger. Since a sufficient force has been each night stationed in the public buildings, it is believed the officers generally hold themselves ready, in case of an alarm, to repair at once to their posts to give such advice and aid as they can.

Since the assignment was made other officers have arrived, and some have left the city, which should perhaps cause a new arrangement to be made: Thomas to command in Georgetown. Major McDowell, assisted by Capt.

paymaster's | American Civil War Forums

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