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Seriously Davenport ladies

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Seriously Davenport ladies

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Department of Iowa Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Iowa Department of the G. A. R.

My only "complaint" is the bag is stiff. Was hoping it would be a softer patent. But I love it and it's large enough to get in and out of without a problem. Beautiful black patent handbag. Arrived early and in perfect condition. Just the style and size I was looking for. Would buy more of these products. I have ordered many handbags from Amazon and have never been disappointed with any of them. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

I like this purse a lot it is the perfect size to carry your lipstick and cell phone the patent leather makes it stylish and easy to wear with everything.

I'll start by saying I never liked taking the time to write a product review but, I realized I depend very heavily on product reviews. It's definitely an eye catcher. The inside is spacious, enough room to fit all of your items and even your iPad. There are a couple zippered compartments and a couple side pockets without zippers. The gold hardware on the purse gives it an appearance that it costs way more than it really does.

Wore it out today and the ladies all had their eyes on it and gave it their seal of approval. So glad I made this purchase. I love this purse! Still on desk duty, Belker makes a food run and ends up capturing a robber. Davenport defends a frantic West Indian cabbie who shot a man he thought was a robber. Hill's gambling habit gets worse and his attitude alienates many of his friends.

Goldblume and Fay grow closer as her due date nears. Fisk's return to the housing project ends in disaster - much to Daniels morbid delight. Kiki finds the knife and tries to persuade Eldridge to change his story with tragic results. Put on desk duty, Belker lectures merchants recently victimized by crime and loses his temper when the attendees voice their complaints about the police. Hill's behavior gets worse and Renko tries to stop his partner's downward spiral.

Furillo and Goldblume talk things out. Shooter of 9-year-old kid becomes victim of gang violence. Coffey sulks after Bates scores higher on the sergeant's exam. Daniels has Mahoney drop the charges against Furillo and his officers.

Fay has her baby. The shooting of a little boy by officer Perez becomes political fodder when Mahoney tries to make capital for Chief Daniels out of the tragedy by forcing Furillo to arrest the boy's mother on child-endangerment charges. Frank and Joyce and Bernstein seem the only ones aware that two lives are being destroyed for political gain. Ozzie Cleveland enters the mayoral race - much to Daniels displeasure. Bates scuffles with a junkie and ends up in the hospital where she meets a nice doctor.

Preston Ozzie Cleveland story: Hill and Renko nab the "Emily Post bandit" - with the help of his junkie girlfriend - and the dye packs leave Renko a little green. The bandit escapees and takes a hostage and Goldblume must negotiate a peaceful surrender. Fay's timely arrival at the station house puts the shaft to Chief Daniels in front of press corps.

Judge dismisses charges against Mrs. Robson and Davenport advises her to file a civil suit. Wachtel shows up - in drag - at Murray's Wonderland just before the owner, his client, is killed in a shootout. Election day proves trying for everyone: Frank and Joyce are among those who attend the Robson boy's funeral; Mahoney turns on Daniels and tries to burn Furillo in the process; Hunter meets a nice lady who steals his wallet; Goldblume tries to keep a last-minute candidate clear of the polling places and later must foil the man's attempt to injure the mayoral-race victor, Ozzie Cleveland.

Funeral plots up for bid arouse morbid thoughts for Coffey, but Bates and Hunter seize the opportunity to invest in their futures, so to speak. Wachtel returns to the Hill - his attire proves a major source of amusement for Frank and Joyce - to report gangsters threatening to torch Murray's Wonderland. Hill and Renko deliver money collected from Hill Street officers to Mrs. Furillo tries to help Perez' family and Joyce tags along when Frank goes to visit his troubled officer.

The vice squad ignores Furillo's report on a bookie joint operating out of a candy story and the captain decides to take it down with his men. The busted bookie, Seltzer, turns over several tapes incriminating cops on the take, including a rookie Hunter, and the EATer leader later attempts suicide. Bates and Coffey clean up "Buck Naked" for a court appearance at the trial of cab company owner and driver - the judge vacates the guilty verdict and Joyce confesses suspicions to Frank.

Belker pursues a paraplegic who spray painted his car, which was parked in a handicapped zone. Hill boxes for the precinct against Al Simmons. Fay and Goldblume take their relationship in a more intimate direction.

The frightened bookie Ben Seltzer gives up a payoff drop point which nets a corrupt judge. Furillo tells chief of corruption at Midtown vice and ADA Bernstein unites with precinct captain to launch a covert investigation.

Belker gets some unexpected help when he goes undercover in a wheelchair - but tragedy is just around the corner. Fay and Goldblume plan a weekend getaway. Bates and Coffey apprehend Honky the Goose and is literally choked up by his reunion with his owner.

Furillo pulls favor from Daniels to spare Hunter, who refuses to admit he attempted suicide or needs any help, an IAD hearing. Hill gets his bell rung in his last fight for the precinct.

Frank expresses his fears about the possiblity of corruption in the ranks to Joyce. Three visiting Russians bring their personal problems to the Hill. Marty Nichols returns to the Hill.

Joyce's mother is coming for a holiday visit, putting the Furillos in a lodging quandary. Belker finds a glut of action while working undercover as an ambulance attendant to stop a recent rash of pharmaceutical robberies. After his brother-in-law is busted for soliciting a police officer, LaRue uses situation to help his transportation woes.

Joyce seeks comfort from Frank after her efforts to keep a mentally troubled young man out of jail result in tragedy. Fay and Goldblume worry about how to tell Furillo about their relationship, but the observant police captain figures it out for himself. The cop killer raises his tally to four by gunning down two officers on patrol. Daniels tries to short circuit Cleveland's corruption task force by exposing a network within the special vice detail - Furillo and Bernstein's six-week-old investigation leads them to three men.

Belker goes undercover as a bag lady to catch a slasher. Daryl Ann buys the wrong motorcycle for Renko at a police auction. Leo employs an odd exterminator after rats invade the station house. Henry and Fay separately confront Furillo about his behavior toward them. Hunter helps keep suicidal woman from jumping off building with her son. Joyce behaves oddly about buying a house and later reveals the source of her demeanor to Frank - she's unable to have children.

While on the way home, Frank encounters an armed robbery and is forced to shoot the perpetrator while Joyce watches from the car. Rutledge , Don Blakely Mr. Furillo struggles through what he is believes it the worst 24 hours ever on the Hill: A cop killer roams the precinct; the corruption investigation into the vice squad strikes close to home when officer Marty Nichols is gunned down; and the emotional fallout from the knowledge Joyce can't have children and the fact he killed a man weigh heavily on the precinct captain.

Joyce rebuffs Fay's attempt to reach out to her. The rats return to the station house and the exterminator tries bagpipes this time. Esterhaus is hospitalized for tests. Goldblume and Davenport try to protect a woman and her children from her abusive husband, but tragedy strikes. Double-parking pimp gets just desserts in an encounter with Fay.

Joyce and Frank have a heart-to-heart after a trying couple of days. Mann Judge Lee Oberman story: Furillo and Bernstein take down corrupt vice cops and reveals that Marty Nichols was corrupt. And Furillo loses his old friend Jerry Fuchs as the corruption investigation winds down. A romantic triangle transfers to the Hill and comes to a boil. Belker goes undercover as a rabbi to catch guys robbing synagogue.

Coffey meets a nice paralegal and later is shot by the cop killer. Fay and Davenport mend fences. The cop killer turns himself in, but not before he has Hunter in his sights. Still upset over not being able to have children, Davenport refuses to represent Jose the pimp. Frank promises Joyce they won't let the marriage kill their love affair.

With his own emotions barely under wrap, Furillo makes an unusual appearance during roll call to inform his officers of Sgt. Esterhaus' death and cautions the devastated lot "to be careful out there.

Furillo learns he is executor of Esterhaus' estate, comforts Grace and asks Bates to take over as roll-call sergeant. Perez returns to duty. Coffey's girlfriend is raped. Overcrowding at the Michigan Avenue Complex prompts a judge to release a large number of criminals. Bates and Pilsky take part in "Operation: Pussycat" designed to catch early-morning johns. Jesus tries to help police catch guys robbing meat delivery trucks. Leo finds out his wife is having an affair.

An unaware rookie officer busts Fay for solicitation - much to her amusement. With emotion filling his voice, Furillo reads a letter from Esterhaus at roll call turning out the day shift one last time. Furillo tries to find way around the legal restrictions on scattering Esterhaus' remains on the Hill. Officers still struggle with grief over sergeant's death. Goldblume is fascinated by a high-end call girl held on murder charges whose elite clientele has newspapers bidding for her story and her fearful clients threatening her life; his fascination puts Fay off and they are robbed as the leave a restaurant.

Downtown bean-counter looks for office supply thief on the Hill. Coffey and his girlfriend continue to have problems. Bates impending assignment as roll call sergeant upsets Coffey. Belker has run-in with a religious nut while trying to catch pickpockets. Rodriguez brothers arrested again - this time for murder. Fuchs returns to Hill trying to drum up business for his private security firm. Clara Pilsky , Larry D. A judge intent on elevating jail conditions threatens to release more of the court's overflow back into the streets, and Furillo and Bernstein team up in an effort to stop him.

Bates gets off to a rough start as roll call sergeant. Renko pulls a hernia when he and Hill help an obese woman stuck in a bathtub. New khaki officer, Natalie DeRoy, arrives on the Hill. LaRue and Washington investigate the death of a street kid. Hill Street officers, Frank and Joyce attend Esterhaus' memorial service. Coffey and Sandy agree to make another go at it.

Buck Naked is arrested again. After Whitney Barnes' pimp turns himself, a professional hitman guns him down in the station house. Fay and Goldblume split. Furillo honors Esterhaus' last wishes and scatters his ashes on the Hill, despite the fact it's illegal.

Stop 'N' Cop" begins, Furillo gets himself into hot water by criticizing the project, which was began at the mayor's urging. Davenport finds herself looking down a gun barrel when the brother of the man she's defending silences the prosecution witness, and she ultimately is torn between her fears and her duty.

Belker has a final run in with his bald-headed pickpocket with many names. Bates' new promotion leaves her feeling a little left out. Fay and Goldblume agree to remain friends. As the pressure mounts on her to identify Timothy Mullins as Talbot's shooter, Joyce swallows her fear and comes forward. William Mullins promises Frank that Joyce will die if she testifies and Frank makes Mullins a promise of his own. While attempting to limit the damage from his criticism of the mayor and "Operation: Stop 'N' Cop," an angry Furillo makes matters worse with the press and Chief Daniels later relieves him of command.

Hunter takes Fay to lunch. A census taker disappears while working on the Hill. A pregnant Daryl Ann asks Renko to marry her. LaRue is out sick and Det. Harry Garibaldi joins Washington and Belker on stakeout. Officer Pilsky guns down a suspect while working backup on "Stop 'N' Cop. Division and the mayor's office order all Hill Street cops to back up "Operation: Stop 'n' Cop" with both tragic Pilsky freezes and is shot and killed and impressive a raid nets a heroin factory results.

Goldblume and Calletano struggle to run the station command. Furillo tries to resist taking a drink and gets moral support from Fay. Davenport and Fay counsel Jesus Martinez' pregnant girlfriend. Armed with a videotape of the chief with prostitute Whitney Barnes, Calletano goes to bat for Furillo. Renko pops the question to Daryl Ann.

And Frank and Joyce make a trade: Expiring treaties result in gang violence on the Hill. The mayor's gang appointee to the Youth Corps Summer Job Program comes, a former Blood, under fire for favoritism and a Diablos member threatens to kill him. Garibaldi tries to save himself some money by doing some unofficial police work for a guy whose car he rearended. Hunter and Fay battle over city money for his equestrian unit and her unwed mother counseling program.

Belker, with Hill and Renko as backup, goes undercover in "Operation: Straight Flush" to nab video poker vendors and is nearly exposed by agents from another agency. Joyce stuns Frank when she disappears for a day and then reluctantly asks for a few weeks to herself to sort out her feelings. Gang violence rips through the Hill and Furillo puts pressure on the Bloods and Diablos for a truce after he learns Jesus Martinez is no longer running Diablos. An angry Peabody rejoins the Bloods and goes to the loan sharks - sharks being the operative word - Belker has infiltrated to trade drugs from money to finance a gang war with the Diablos.

Coffey and Davis arrest a man eating his car. Fay makes a pass at Furillo. Hunter's horse takes ill. Davenport represents a gigolo who wants to rush his case to court to avoid out-of-state warrants. Calletano prepares for a game show appearance on "Lucky Ducks. Frank and Joyce have dinner and discuss their future. Furillo taps Jesus Martinez to negotiate a cease fire and treaties between the gangs.

Coffey bets money for Renko's wedding present on a horse that will mean instant cash or crash. Renko and Hill test drive patrol car with new computer and it is stolen. Belker's loan sharks commandeer a prison bus and demand him in exchange for their hostages.

Fay apologizes to Furillo for making a pass at him. Garabaldi talks Goldblume into trying an unusual video dating service - he hooks a dominatrix. Hunter's horse takes a turn for the worse. Renko has second thoughts as his wedding approaches. LaRue returns for the nuptials Frank and Joyce spend the night together before she leaves on her Paris vacation. Back to top Episode Number and Title.

The fifth season gets off to a tense start as the impending execution of Celestine Gray for the rape and murder of a Roman Catholic nun upsets many on the Hill. Goldblume takes some flack for his views on capital punishment. Frank is infuriated by a news article on the execution which infers his separation from Joyce, now in the fourth month, was a result of the case. Davenport works down to the wire for her client. And Jerry Fuchs, now a private investigator, conducts a last-minute investigation in hopes of staying the execution.

The new roll call sergeant, Stanislaus Jablonski, is called out by a woman. Belker, LaRue and Washington launch "Operation: Flea Bag" at a flop house in an attempt to catch junkies, hookers, fences, etc. Bates, who returns to patrol, and Coffey catch a man stealing ice from a small store and later chase him down in a stolen ice cream truck with the body of his mother in the back. While working for the Victims' Aid pilot program, Fay tries to help an out of town couple who've lost everything to thieves.

Laura Ann Renko is born. Mayo and Furillo have dinner and he must politely refuse her advances. Goldblume takes the law into his own hands when his ex-wife Rachel is raped and she refuses to press charges. Renko's new role as a father has him considering a career change. Goldblume's position on capital punishment continues to cause friction.

The Fimples are robbed again, this time at the telegraph office. Belker's undercover at the Stratford Hotel ends with Calletano and the Fimples taken hostage. A domestic situation turns into a hostage crisis and Hunter tries to defend an EATer's callous remarks after the gunman is killed.

Davenport tries in vain to get the man who fingered Celestine in nun's slaying, Gerald Champan, to change his dubious story. Joyce and Frank attend the execution. LaRue picks up woman in bar after telling her he's Goldblume and against capital punishment.

Furillo reprimands Goldblume for brutalizing Rachel's rapist and later takes the him off a murder case when the victim turns out to be the rapist's common-law wife. Two new rookies arrive on the Hill - Lawrence Swann, a nervous kid with a stammer, and the obnoxious Randall Buttman. A prostitute killer continues to terrorize the city. LaRue gets a slap in the face when his conquest visits the station to return his wallet.

Belker is plagued by a mime when he dons a chicken suit to catch robbers hitting fast food places. LaRue puts moves on woman who's car radio was stolen, but she's moves faster than he does. Hunter insults a female khaki officer, who barricades herself in the men's room. Buttman earns a lecture from Furillo after he ruffles feathers of veteran officers.

Airwave," Mayo and Garibaldi bust a bogus cable TV installer whose client list contains some interesting names, including Davenport. Frank utilizes Joyce's predicament to negotiate his return home. At a party for rookies, Buttman turns loose a hooker on the timid Swann while the others watch. Patrolman Swann kills himself after an initiation party at the Kubiak Lodge and leaves behind two letters. The hooker from the rookie party turns up dead and the investigators are unsure who killed her - Buttman in a copycat murder or the prostitute killer who's still on the loose.

Washington pressures Garfield to tell the truth about party. Calletano, Goldblume and Hunter quarrel over a government study grant.

LaRue tells Furillo about his night with a murder victim's wife, but Mayo is suspicious of woman. Renko eats his way across the precinct unaware he's being followed by an investigative TV reporter.

Hill tries to stop the embarrassing footage from airing with a plea to the reporter, Lynn Williams. Drumstick" goes into second day: Belker stumbles into a heroin-dealing operation and nabs a junkie with box of drugs. Thinking about a down payment on a house, Joyce talks Frank into taking the study grant.

Against his captain's counsel, LaRue returns to Caroline Reynold's house and kills a "robber. Randall Buttman , Mykel T. He suspects she set him up and sets out to prove it. In the wake of Buttman's arrest, all the rookies who attended the Kubiak party are canned - including Garfield. Washington fumes and Furillo talks to Chief Daniels in an effort to keep his detective from quitting.

Goldblume pushes to tie Buttman to the hooker killing. Jablonski deals with a woman who reports her cat stolen. Everyone tries a new Bengali restaurant, whose cuisine is of questionable origin. Renko loses his apetite after a TV newswoman exposes his fondness for doughnuts and when he later witnesses an obese man taking the "all you can eat" salad bar to the extreme. The prostitute killer strikes again and takes shots at Hill and Renko. DeRoy asks Schnitz over for a home-cooked meal. LaRue licks his wounds with Washington.

Joyce and Frank agree not to bring their work home. Furillo and his officers are under pressure to catch the killer of the Rev. Booker Simons, who was shot while trying to dissuade a thief from stealing his car. The investigation endangers Belker, who's undercover in a chop shop. And Fay damages their investigation by revealing information to Booker's wife within earshot of Davenport.

Narcotics Inspector Joe Keenan ruffles feathers on the Hill as he investigates 18 heroin-overdose deaths brought on by the Columbian wars. The pressure mounts on Furillo when an impound lot officer is shot, linking the Simons killing to the heroin epidemic. Hill and Renko find a dead animal lover in his bed and a sheep in the bathroom. A hooker busted in a sweep shows Hunter her assets.

Jesus rises again - this time he's a law student with questionable academic credentials. Davenport tries to help a very young hooker straighten out and receives a brief scare when she's urgently summoned to the station house. Joyce reminds Frank that she doesn't like her clients to be questioned without counsel present.

Crandall , Janet MacLachlan Mrs. The imminent release of an year-old convicted murderer, Floyd Green, who's made threats against witnesses, creates tension and counter-threats from some angry citizens.

After he is busted for possession, Judge Wachtel orders the cops to stay yards away from the young killer - a decision he later regrets.

Green kills a bus driver, shoots it out with an angry citizen and later threatens Davenport when her legal counsel is not to his liking, but justice is ultimately served. Khaki officer DeRoy's assets are revealed when her shirt is ripped in a squad room brawl. A court-appointed attorney brings his cynical attitude to the Hill.

LaRue and Washington launch "Operation: Bummer" to catch robbers preying on bums and stumble across some stolen airline tickets. Belker is assigned to escort a prisoner from Las Vegas back to the Hill - he gets a little company when several officers catch the "blue flu" after acquiring some discount airline tickets. Hill faces an IRS audit.

Bates and Coffey bust a young black boy for shoplifting. Moved by the youngster's family situation, Bates later offers to take him in. An assassination attempt is made on Mayor Cleveland following a ceremony rededicating the restored Monarch Theater. The Hill's finest nab the gunman who fears for his life and tells Davenport about a conspiracy involving a high-ranking police official Joe Keenan , an ex-cop Jerry Fuchs and two construction magnates Barletta brothers.

When the would-be assassin is killed, Joyce reveals the details to Frank and Goldblume. Jablonski gets some revealing mail from his old nemesis, Vera Horvath, who's on psychiatric leave. Fabian ditches classes after Bates enrolls him in school. Lady luck smiles on Belker but not on the "blue flue" sufferers who run into Myrna Schnitz. Coffey's gambling problem surfaces at a Vegas craps table. Hill and Renko's attempts to settle a dispute involving a stolen lottery ticket end tragically, and they get a scolding from Jablonski.

Saul Rubinek Armand Bittar , J. Thanksgiving cheer is in short supply on the Hill. After helping the police, Lowe tries to kill himself by eating his shirt. Joyce and Frank breathe a sigh of relief as the Barlettas are put away and her informant status remains a secret.

LaRue's bounced check briefly leaves the "blue flu" sufferers stranded in Vegas until Coffey's luck turns. A seething Furillo rebukes the bunch upon their return.

Schnitz welcomes home his wife, Myrna, even though she's pregnant with another man's child. Jablonski's female nemesis comes to the station for a final bloody showdown.

Out on a day pass, the Cisco Kid again terrorizes the Hill, this time as an Indian. He is arrested for shooting arrows at a school bus and, after he is released, takes Fay hostage - she promptly belts him.

Fabian's addict mother, Vivian DeWitt, is arrested and requests a detox program. Tattaglia and Belker split up. Mayo and Garibaldi investigate when Councilman Detweiler's mother shoots a young man. Furillo must deal with the boy's grieving father as Daniels and others pressure him not to pursue charges. The captain is further outraged when it appears she'll only get a slap on the wrist despite evidence pointing to premeditation on her part.

He has a heart attack in a garden-level holding cell and the various attempts to maneuver the large man upstairs ends in defeat with breaking gurneys, Renko's hernia and a final, ghoulish rise of "The Wall.

Davenport tries in vain to get a mental evaluation for a distraught man who threatened to set his wife and child on fire. An angry, hurt child gives Fay a shiner. While undercover, Belker is kidnapped and abused by a group of bums. Flowers , Larry D. Furillo finds himself dealing with renewed conflict between the Bloods and Shamrocks. Davenport is harassed by her clients, three Bloods who are arrested after a grocery store owner is beaten and a Shamrock killed.

After Chief Daniels refuses to authorize overtime to thwart an impending strike on the Shamrocks' headquarters, Furillo appeals to his officers' sense of duty to stop the attack. Hunters bad luck with equipment arises when new handdryers are installed in the men's room.

While undercover at a beauty parlor, Belker takes out his anger about Tattaglia's decision to stop seeing him on his frightened informant. Garibaldi busts the young hooker Carla Walicki again and tries to help her get off drugs. Furillo and Fay clash at lunch over dental expenditures for Frank Jr.

Furillo and Judge Oberman admonish Belker over a weak bust. Garibaldi considers cutting corners in his night law school class. Ted Rose , Larry D. The investigation into the rape of an elderly woman takes on a linguistic note: The police arrest a suspect who claims he can't speak English and didn't understand his Miranda rights - but not before he names his partner in the crime.

Fay desperately tries to help the victim identify her assailants. The language issue allows the duo to be released on bail, but Mayo gets proof the man can speak English and effects a little poetic justice in the process. A born-again grand jury witness preaches to the Blues while he is stashed in a garden-level holding cell. He is kidnapped later after being moved to another location. Hill stumbles into a bust when his financial counselor makes him an interesting proposition.

Wretched Refuse" to investigate a trash kingpin for extortion. Fay tells Furillo she's getting braces, too. Officer Perez rescues a family from a burning building and Chief Daniels quickly announces that the officer will receive the department's highest honor. Perez' moment in the sun is cut short after an investigation into the fire reveals a disheartening truth. A frantic Fay brings into question the chairside technique of her dentist, Dr. Ted Rose, prompting Furillo to launch an investigation after she shows him the evidence.

Davenport agrees to join the District Attorney's office. Hunter leads a junkie sweep on Jefferson and Dekker avenues. The kidnapped grand jury witness turns up dead and Belker, LaRue and Washington tie his untimely demise to the Intestinali brothers. Mayo takes some ribbing over her marksmanship. Renko wins the PBA representative runoff with Hunter. Furillo later laments not seeing Perez' problem sooner. Hoof and Mouth ". Mayo's trip to the dentist's office uncovers Dr.

Rose's chairside techniques - he gives his gassed victims breast examinations and has a bizzare shoe-biting fetish. LaRue gloats over the revealing evidence, causing friction with Mayo and Garibaldi. Chief Daniels views the evidence then asks Mayo out on a date. A man loses his entire family in a hit-and-run accident and the blues must arrest him on outstanding warrants.

The survivor ID's the owner of the "stolen" vehicle but later reneges, infuriating Hill. Furillo wants to prosecute the owner, who has a history of drunk driving, but finds his hands tied without the survivor's testimony. Belker works undercover on a string of arson fires. Hunter buys an RV. Davenport introduces a new public defender to the Hill before leaving for the District Attorney's office.

A heartbroken Bates must cope with the fact Fabian's mother wants him back. Davenport's first day as an ADA takes its toll. She faces some resistance when she decides to prosecute three white teens for the brutal assault of a young black athlete despite a weak case. Furillo accidentally rear-ends a gun smuggler and arrests him, prompting an investigation into illegal gun sales by Al DiPiano.

Garibaldi recruits Gina Srignoli as an informant against DiPiano after she blows his cover. Mayo has a date with Chief Daniels. The melon felon - a perpetrator cutting off the heads of prostitutes - roams the city. Belker looks for a place to live and Hunter offers him lodging in his new RV.

Haunted by the image of the victim being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, Joyce seeks comfort from Frank. LaRue, Washington and Belker team up with an obnoxious detective, Lt. Mel Tabor, to catch corrupt city inspectors. Tabor's mouth gets him into hot water with Furillo. LaRue, who's been moonlighting on a low-budget horror flick, decides to get even and "borrows" a prop to play a joke on Tabor - with hilarious and near tragic results. LaRue later targets Coffey but finds the tables turned, courtesy of his partner.

Another head is found, courtesy of the melon felon, and the blues launch "Operation: Hill and Renko's bad luck with patrol cars returns. Chief Daniels uses his position to punish Mayo for refusing his advances the night before. Furillo scrambles to keep her on the force and is caught off guard when Daniels makes a tearful confession about his behavior. Tattaglia helps Belker celebrate his birthday. When the bust goes down, Goldblume saves Gina's life and she later expresses her gratitude by taking him to dinner, then bed.

Belker keeps crossing paths with a bitter one-man band. Hunter tries to sell his RV only to have it stolen by the first interested party.

Fay is devasted after her attempts to help a welfare mother, who was assaulted and robbed by her abusive boyfriend, result in tragedy. Calletano takes over station command while Furillo attends an retreat for precinct captains and their superiors. Frank maintains control in the face of taunting from his fellow captains St. Francis Furillo and his alter boy manners; Mr Perfect, etc. Goldblume is bemused by his new relationship with Gina Srignoli.

Sock your soul to 'em, Fat Daddy, sock your soul to 'em. We welcome your support. And no, I can't understand everything he says, but it's so much fun to listen! I considered this to be a type of "Free Form" Hit Music radio. Despite all the format and structure, Fat Daddy just talked over the vocals as he pleased. Damn, what a glorious time it was! I asked contributor Peter Kanze for a comment on this one, and he offered this: I'll add that we didn't need one corporation to own eight stations in a market to have this kind of "diversity" on the air in Got to go with the lovely, delightful, exquisite cookies - crazy pants dance!

And with this introduction, Hot Rod Hulbert presents himself, and welcomes us to this all-too-short half-hour of his afternoon drive program on Baltimore's WWIN. It's a full four minutes into this aircheck before Hot Rod plays a record - and that four minutes is all introduction!

You gotta love this studio capture of genuine Baltimore in the Summer of Dusty Springfield, better known to her close friends as 'dirty rifle'. We didn't know the identity of this polished up-tempo jock for certain until January 4, We are required to pay a fee for each listener for all musical performances on this recording. Plus, we must also pay the cost of Internet bandwidth to deliver it to you. We are a user-supported organization, and if you enjoy this exhibit, please say thanks with your support.

Like most of the studio recordings of this era, the reality of 's audio technologies are clearly demonstrated. But the studio mic sounds great! There are some tape problems, too, at a few points, but it can't diminish joy of that familiar Gwinsound jingle into the cue-burned Dusty Springfield. And then the tape drops out!

This station was making money. And they were playing Hey, Joe and 7 And 7 Is! All the formatics and foolery, and the DJ never said his name. At least he identified himself nearly 40 years later! August 3, Musically, the British have landed, and they own nearly all the music in this half-hour.

Yes, there was at least more than one Johnny Mitchell in the History of Top 40 Radio, so who knows if THIS one went on to bigger and better things, or if he was just a Denver guy who adopted the name?

Gotta love those PAMS. KBTR had Chickenman , too. There's a promo for the corporate owner who explains they are programming to young people - anyone catch the name?

George Michael is selling a Daisy Sonic Boom Rifle that uses no ammunition but knocks down targets 15 feet away Contributor Peter Kanze was excited about the Danny Clayton exhibit, which was the first to debut in this Collection. But I think this one is just as exciting! Listen to the wonderful production at the top of the hour, newsout into second record in the promos, the abundance of jingles!

August 4, It must be great, everybody is copying it. One of great things about aircheck collecting is the "discovery" factor. Here's an aircheck from a totally forgotten radio station it was only a rocker for a short time. The jock is not especially well known either. DJ compatability with the format, production, music selection, news featuring a headline " Lenny Bruce found dead " , and contests I've had this tape in my car for months and never get tired of hearing it either.

This is The Sixties Channel , long before there was a need for a need for nostaligia. Constantly More Music, comin' along. Thanks to Greg Jump.

This does not appear to be Jerry King , the late Seattle and Chicago personality, though Kaye was not yet on WLS when this aircheck was made on the morning of August 9, So, perhaps this fellow's real name was Jerry Kaye, maybe he was from the Northwest, or maybe he just thought it was a good air name. We do wonder what WING's competitor was doing, because Kaye remarks a couple of times that the music is "complete and uncut", even pointing out that he has played the entire 2 minutes and 40 seconds of Dirty Water!

On this Wednesday afternoon, there's a big electrical storm brewing, and because this recording was taken from the station's air monitor, there's quite a bit of weather in the signal. Great spots include attempted humor for a Ford dealer that would be considered politically-incorrect today, a forgotten Jerry Lewis movie, and Ray Charles for Coca-Cola. There is a one-minute news update, and six reportable music performances in this half-hour. The Tall Tan Texan. This almost-half of the 5PM hour is impressive.

The production and presentation are flawless. If only the reproduction were better But how fortunate we are to hear this, Pepper jingles and all! Maybe there was "promotional support" involved? And how about those pipes on newsman Joe Stamper! Are you ready to seek the sign of the whirling satellite? Perhaps only after due respect for the Star-Spangled Salute to a local marine. They just called it "Variety". This particular tape lost a few inches over the years, demonstrated by missing split-seconds here and there.

And then there are the dropouts. Here's Top 40 from the heartland! Somehow, he faces the technical problems in the 8AM hour of his KFJZ morning show and still comes across like a genuine "good old boy".