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Seeking a crafty 420 friend

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Seeking a crafty 420 friend

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I'm could lose a few pounds but am generally happy and carry myself with confidence. NO STUDS. Let's feel each other up :) Let's meet up someplace public and get coffee or something to drink. I saw it. Just take a chance i wont disappoint u promise.

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Seeking a crafty 420 friend

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Please let me pamper you, it would be my pleasure. If you would like to know more send me an back. Seeking Craftty, OLDER woman I'm an Indian man, who is very down-to-earth and caring.

I can host or come over. I'm definitely not looking for anything past that and if you are then please reply to another post.

My daughters' class has a special on Fridays now it is called Fresh Fruit Fridays. All the parents that volunteered to bring in fresh fruit were to bring in a different fruit every friday. My turn I brought in a nice display of cut oranges, cut apples, cut strawberries and grapes.

Well, I got a new paper sent home that my turn comes again in June. I don't want to bring in something plain. I want to bring in something that looks great. Does anyone have any crafty ideas on what I can bring in It can be any fresh fruit It will be close to summer so I can use summer fruits.

Thank you for any ideas you can give me. I saw an absolutely lovely "flower" arrangement given as a gift the other day. The maker used long wooden skewers to make "stems". As another kind of "flower" she had skewered strawberries whole with the stem side looking like roses with that little green at the base of the flower.

This clever lady took the rind of the fruit used and cut wedge shaped pieces and cut a few notches in them to create "leaves" as filler at the base where the wooden skewers went into the vase. I wish I could show you a photo.

I tried it and it came out beautiful. You might wnat to try FRuits with soem health foods treats, mix them with yogurt or make a Jello and add the fruits.

UNless it has to be fresh frutis. Kids liek yogurt or jello so adding fruits to them you can prepare it ahead of time. Or you can get a watermelon and carve out balls of water melon and place them in a cute tray with soem toothpicks. Kids like cute containers so you might wnat to buy soem small bowls and plastic forks or spoons and make a fruit capote.

Theres a lot of ideas here for fruit cups capotes without the Liquor for kids. I ended up taking my son's lunch and snacks everyday. When it came to parties though, I always got compliments on my fruit baskets.

Use a small ice cream scoop or better yet a mellon baller and 'clean out' the fruit from inside the rind. Do the same 'balling' with the other mellons. You can also take the cantalope or honeydue and cut it into thin slices and then use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.

I had fruit bats, pumpkins, etc in the bowl. Mix everything in a large bowel. Slice up the bananas, starfruit, etc and you can either put them in the mix with everything or use as a garnish. I don't have a picture online of the ones I've bad, but I found this link in case you want a visual.

Pretty simple but you can always do a google search for "watermellon basket" in the images section and it give you MANY ideas. You could do fruit kabobs but don't have points on the sticks How about a watermelon 'bowl' full of fruit? How about cutting some 'flowers' from pineapple,canteloupe, other big fruits with simple scalloped cookie cutters Or fruit lollipops all made up and sticking out of a fruit rind like a watermelon, canteloupe.

If you are allowed you could make a dip to go with the fruit made of cool whip mixed with fruit yogurt. I hope you get lots of great ideas. Watermelon triangles, pineapple squares, grapes, cantaloupe rectangles Melon balls arranged a circle.

Apples cut into Strips like french fries, but smaller. Or if you have one of those apple pealers that cut the apple into a slinky type thing.

You could get a platter and start the apple slinkies around the outside and in the spaces made by the spring looking apples, you could place a slice of color. Red, Green, yellow apples If you want all kinds of apples to show them. Or fill the spaces with any type of colorful fruit. Strawberries, Grapes, oranges, Kiwi will look pretty and cool.

Then just sit back and watch their little faces when they go to pick one up and taste it. LOL Just go wild. Shapes and color all the way. You could throw a mix of melen balls in a small bowl in the center. Make a smily face or a girl with curly apple hair. You can do alot with veggies too. How about a watermelon bowl? Cut out the center of the melon you can even make a basket handle with the rind if you cut it on both sides instead of the entire middle fill the opening with the cut out watermelon pieces.

Use a melon baller available at most grocery stores and Walmart, of course to make cantaloup and honeydew balls. Add grapes, diced apples, mandrin oranges, etc. Make it the night before, being sure to drain everything well, because it will make more juice while sitting overnight. Use fancy toothpicks as utensils or even pickle forks or colored plastic utensils with matching plates from a party store are fun, too.

I saw a cute picture in a magazine recently where they used a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut hearts out of watermelon. Then they put a toothpick diagonally through it and cut orange pieces to make it look like an arrow. I don't know if this idea has been shared yet but what about doing melon balls watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew , that would be prepared ahead of time and stored in individual containers.

You could set up a station for the children to make melon fruit kabobs. Of course you will need supervision and kabobs without points. I have done this before in my preschool classroom and the children enjoyed being able to decide on their own which melon to select.

And making a kabob extends the experience. You can even provide a "dip" in individual serving cups like vanilla yogurt. Try making fruit kabobs or make a fruit dip w. You could buy strawberries and slice them and arrange them like a flower and use the dip in the center.

Although I am not a crafty Mom,, I have a very close friend who is!!!! So she gives me good ideas from time to time. Take either a plastic beach pail or a little metal one,, Easy to find at a craft store. Cut up all kinds of fresh fruit and make fruit kabobs! If your artistic at all you can sometimes make them appear like flowers. A good way to stand the skewers up in the pail is to place marbles or such in the bottom of the pail.. The kids love this! It makes fruit fun! What about fruit kabobs.

You can find fancy long tooth picks at cooking shops or Target or take a bamboo skewer, cut in half and add fruit. You could get creative and roll some of the fruit in coconut or nutty ice cream topping. Have your child make a pretty "end cap" flower or race car or safari animals ect.

Your child will beam with pride! Our family just received several baskets from Edible Arrangements--go on the website for ideas--they make fruit on skewers that look like flower boquets.

I know that may be a tad extreme!! Pineapple also cuts well--then use a melonballer to scoop a canteloupe or honeydew as the middle to make a cute flower.

Now, Edible Arrangements uses plastic skewers but that may be a little too sharp for 4 year olds Are you allowed to bring yogurt or even applesauce to have them dip the fruit? Hopefully, this will help! Have fun with it! I make a monkey out of fruit for my daughter every year on her birthday- if you to google and type in fruit monkey and look under images tab there will be lots of pictures of fruit monkey sculptures- I used honeydew for a head on a pinapple body attached with bamboo skewers and and orange for a mouth- blueberry eyes- etc.

It is a lot of fun and then I would put berries and cut up fruit along the bottom. Look at the arrangements on http: Since they are overpriced about 4 times over, copy it and make your own. I would suggest using small styrafoam spelling way off, I know! They are so easy to make on your own and so much cheaper than ordering.

Not sure which child you are talking about, but if it's the older one, what about doing shish kabobs - threading pieces of fruit on a stick? Could perhaps do that for the younger one if the stick is not sharp - not sure about that.

How about a watermelon fruit basket? All you have to do is cut it in half , lengthwise. Scoop out all watermelon a melon baller works good or a small ice cream scoop Completely scrape the watermelon out Then you can add the watermelon balls into it.

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