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Sale Creek Tennessee life lookin for love

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Sale Creek Tennessee life lookin for love

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Sale Creek Tennessee life lookin for love

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Any size donation is appreciated. She had her surgery and is in the healing process. She is doing we Vet thinks it may have been a lot of little stones that formed into a large one. When you click on Grace's picture, it should take you to another post which shows what Grace looked like when she was rescued by North Georgia Animal Alliance. They took her for her initial vet visit and had her groomed.

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Authorities have not located Marsha's body but were able to charge her husband with premeditated first-degree murder based on evidence. Lee Davis Defense attorney: There's no blood, no fingerprints, no DNA … no body. I felt compelled to find out what happened to her. If he did do something to her… and if I just let this go, he'll get away with it!

Justice may finally be at hand for Marsha Brantley, a year-old writer and animal lover who disappeared in In February, Marsha's husband, Donnie Brantley, has come to court ready to stand trial for allegedly murdering her.

Peter Van Sant [outside courthouse]: This is a very important day for Donnie Brantley. He's had a cloud of suspicion hanging over his head for nine years.

Back in , when "48 Hours" first began investigating this case, Marsha's aunt, Medra Justis, and cousin Jana Wills met with Steve Crump, who was about to take over as district attorney general. Ultimately, I believe we will be able to do justice in this case. We're just lookin' forward to bringing this thing to a close. We're gonna create within this district a cold case working group.

Crump raised the family's hopes that he could win a conviction in a case guaranteed to be an uphill battle for the prosecution, because Marsha Brantley had simply vanished. Prosecutor Steve Crump [to Justis and Wills]: We don't have a crime scene. We don't have … a dead body. We don't have what you normally think of in terms of a homicide case. As the years passed, Jana and her husband Mark became frustrated that there would never be justice.

It's somethin' that no one should have to experience, or no one should have to go through. It's a good question -- especially since the man they believe knows what happened to Marsha has, in their opinion, never offered to help. In — three years after Marsha went missing — Jana Wills and Medra Justis went into the house where Marsha and Donnie lived for nine years.

They were upset by the chaos they found. This is the home where Marsha and Donnie lived for nine years. And Donnie Brantley is going to pay for what he's done to her. There were pictures of Donnie and his daughter, but none of Marsha. She would come and pick me up from high school sometimes and we would go get ice cream. She was 5'10" … Even though she seemed to kind of command the room … she was probably one of the more shy people to be that commanding with her physical presence.

Especially to her parents. She grew up in an affluent family, an only child with no children of her own. She took care of her mother a lot, because her mother was ill for a very long time. In , Marsha met Donnie Brantley on a dating website. He was a divorced father of a teenage daughter. She called me and she said, "Well I've met someone," and it was getting really serious. And she said, "I want you to meet him.

Marsha and Donnie shared a love for the outdoors. She was an avid hiker, while Donnie was a competitive bicycle rider. At 41, this was Marsha's first serious relationship. He was what I always wanted for her … somebody that she could be in to and love and share her life with and live on happily ever after. Marsha even wrote poetry for Donnie: When we would sit and watch movies on weekends and that kind of thing, they would hold hands. They were married in , and moved into the house Marsha's parents had built for her.

But shortly after the newlyweds settled down, tragedy struck. Her mother passed away in November of And her father passed away in December. It was a lot of sadness, I mean, it was just heartbreaking. I saw a different side of her when she lost her parents. There wasn't a lot of … happiness after that. But Marsha did her best to carry on. A large inheritance enabled her to help Donnie set up a handyman business franchise.

She also quit her job as housing director at nearby Lee University to pursue her passion. She was very talented and definitely had what it took to be successful. But in June , a dark chapter began in Marsha Brantley's life -- with a plot twist right out of a novel -- she seemed to fall off the face of the earth. In her 30 years as a hairdresser in Cleveland, Tennessee, Kelly DeLude says cuts, perms and parts are only part of the job.

As a hairstylist, are you also a therapist? We're in their personal space, so people certainly-- share with us, probably a lot more than they would the clerk at the grocery store, you know [laughs].

But of the hundreds of clients DeLude has cut and consoled over the years, there has been only one whose face haunts her dreams. Kelly DeLude [in salon]: When I would go to sleep at night, I would think of Marsha. And when I would wake up in the morning, I would think of Marsha. Marsha Brantley first came in for a cut in the year , and the two came together like scissors and hair. Peter Van Sant [in salon]: What was it about Marsha that made the two of you click?

We just got along … we would just talk the whole time. Her dogs were like her children. DeLude says Marsha couldn't say enough nice things about her marriage and her husband. As the years went by, the two women grew closer. But during what turned out to be Marsha's final hair appointment in April , Kelly saw a side of Marsha that left her concerned.

She was asking me if the economy had affected the business here, and I said, certainly, it had, you know? And she said, "Well, you know, it's really affecting our business. Marsha told her Donnie's handyman business was failing and money was tight. Still, DeLude expected Marsha to call about six weeks later to set up her next appointment.

Kelly DeLude Oh, yeah. Yeah, she -- she colored her hair -- so most women are, sure. But DeLude never got that call. She was too busy to notice. But as spring turned to summer, Marsha's neighbor stopped into the salon. She said, "Kelly, when was the last time you did Marsha's hair? That is so unusual. They are barkin' their heads off. And when she mentioned that, it struck me, "Oh, my goodness.

She's … she's not been in. The call went to voicemail. She left a message, but didn't hear back. For days, she called again and again -- and no Marsha. So that really concerned me. Marsha's neighbor was concerned too -- so much so that she decided to confront Donnie in person at his house. She literally went up, knocked on the door, and when he answered, she said, "Donnie, where's Marsha?

She went out West. For DeLude, it seemed inconceivable that Marsha would suddenly leave the house her parents had built for her, leave behind her beloved dogs, and most of all, leave the husband she adored.

I'm thinking at that point, he has done something to her. I knew that something was very, very wrong. You've become a detective at this point. You're calling various people, right. Well I was, but I wasn't tryin' to be a detective.

I was tryin' to be a concerned friend. One of the strangest things about this case is that for months, nobody reported Marsha Brantley missing. Her relatives, they live on the other side of the state; her best friend, Kim Shank, she's in Ohio, and the members of her writer's group, well they just didn't hang out socially.

In the end, it would be her hairdresser who tipped authorities to a potential murder. I came into work the next day and … I called the … Cleveland Police Department.

He said, "Well, ma'am, if he says she's gone, and that she left him, she left him. And you can cut and talk at the same time. You're good at that. DeLude chose a person who was long on brains under all that short hair -- local attorney Jerry Hoffer. He couldn't get away. And when I get finished I want you to tell me what you think. I'm listening to the story … And I'm just sitting there thinking, "Man, this guy is -- he might've killed his wife!

Right after I got my haircut … I walked in the D. You all need to be looking for her. Prosecutors agreed, and sent their investigator, Walt Hunt, now retired, to Marsha's house to look for her. Walt Hunt Former investigator: When I approached him … he told me that they were having some marital issues.

They would launch what would become a nine-year coordinated effort between state and local agencies, all dedicated to finding Marsha Brantley. It was around October … And I jumped at the opportunity … to be able to assist … with the investigation. He had always denied any role in his wife's disappearance, but he'd lied when he claimed that Marsha had taken her phone.

I think her cellphone in his possession is easily, in my mind, the most damning fact. The cellphone never left pinging from a tower that's two miles or less from the home. In June , right around the time authorities think Marsha disappeared, they say Donnie used her phone to make a highly suspicious call.

While Donnie was apparently seeking a new love interest, investigators say he couldn't seem to keep his story straight about his old love, Marsha. She took a camper and moved to Townsend, Tennessee. Gone to Florida … gone out west to … work as a missionary.

All of her clothes. Documents important to her. The baby book that … her mother compiled for her … brushes, toothbrushes, all that's still in the house. If Donnie Brantley did kill his wife, they say a look at the family finances may provide a motive. I plead the Fifth. What was the state of their marriage in those last months prior to Marsha's disappearance?

There was a little bit of tension. And investigators soon unearthed phone records that revealed Donnie Brantley had begun calling an ex-girlfriend within days after Marsha disappeared. There was no affair with Donnie while Donnie was married to Marsha. And there was other suspicious behavior. Authorities discovered that just hours after Investigator Hunt had interviewed him, Donnie went to a pawn shop and sold a number of Marsha's possessions, including ….

And there was something else Marsha left behind that friends and family say she valued more than all the material possessions in the world. In March , authorities ask Donnie Brantley to take a polygraph test. Then, during that videotaped deposition, Donnie refused to answer --"I plead the Fifth" -- or said he "couldn't recall" more than times. Are there other items of hers which you sold when she disappeared? That performance, combined with circumstantial evidence, helped convince police in August to arrest Donnie Brantley and charge him with the murder of his wife.

Donnie Brantley is now an inmate at the Bradley County Jail being held on a half million dollar bond for the first-degree murder of his wife, Marsha. But after seven months behind bars, Donnie is freed when then-Prosecutor Steve Bebb decides he doesn't have enough evidence yet and drops the charges. But it would take another two years to arrest and recharge him. Prosecutor Steve Crump to reporters: I was interested in it from the very beginning.

Four cars pulled up and told him to get on the ground. It was pretty traumatizing. Finally, in February of , nearly nine years after Marsha Brantley disappeared, her husband's murder trial is scheduled to begin. The things that he did, things he said-- all point toward a guilty man. I think it's pretty big, for the simple fact that this doesn't happen here everyday. People don't just disappear and not be seen for nine years.

Detective Zack Pike and Lt. Been many nights I haven't slept, wonderin' where Marsha is. There's no proof that Donnie Brantley murdered his wife, Marsha. Donnie Brantley's lawyers, Lee Davis and Janie Parks Varnell, say their client should never have been charged with murder once, let alone twice.

Janie Parks Varnell Defense attorney: Law enforcement had tunnel vision … and they had tunnel vision that led directly to Donnie Brantley. And the rest of it they just ignored. No proof of a crime scene. No proof of a body, an autopsy. There's no … trace evidence, there's no blood, no fingerprints, no DNA, no fiber analysis. He'll argue at trial that this case is actually about a nine-year-old marriage that, because of financial problems, may have reached a breaking point in June And she -- she told Donnie that she needed some time to herself and time to think.

Which is why, Davis says, it's ridiculous to argue Donnie's failure to report Marsha missing is suspicious. When your wife tells you she's leaving the marriage, you don't call the police or She would never have left her family, she would never have left her home, she would never have left her friends and just disappeared and contacted no one.

He's using her phone after he's told law enforcement that she took it. He lied about her cellphone. And that is something that has complicated the case. Nor should it hurt the defense that Marsha left many of her belongings behind — even if Donnie pawned some of them. Davis says he needed cash, but left most of her things alone because he figured she'd one day come back to get them, including her beloved dogs.

If you believe that Marsha was murdered, you would say she would never … leave the dogs behind … if you look at it from the lens of Marsha was troubled and depressed or not sure what she was gonna do, the one thing she wouldn't do is take the dogs with her.

She'd make sure she left the dogs with somebody who was gonna take care of them, no matter what, and that's Donnie. They got those dogs together. They were … their dogs. They weren't just hers. And Davis says there was one thing Marsha definitely didn't leave behind: Davis says all that money could have been Marsha's gateway to a new life away from her husband and Cleveland, Tennessee.

Donnie's lawyers also claim that all those stories he told about where his wife may have gone, were actually suggestions once he realized she truly was missing. In the State of Tennessee, there are missing persons cases open right now. Though a civil court ruled that Marsha is deceased, her name can still be found on the National Missing Persons website.

There is one for Marsha Brantley. Right now that's open. Listing her as a missing person. Not a murdered person. Not a person who they suspect has been murdered by her husband. She's … a smart woman … she left for reasons of her own.

Was a missing Tennessee woman murdered or did she willingly disappear? A 50 -year-old woman . Medra Justis: We're just lookin' forward to bringing this thing to a close. Prosecutor Steve DEPOSITION ATTORNEY: She was the love of your life, right? DONNIE Mystery at Eagle Creek. September 8. It's never a dull moment at Pamela Vandergriff's Sale Creek home as the she cares for senior rescue dogs at her registered nonprofit For the Love of Dogs. mix she named RCA, Vandergriff knew it was her life's calling. to For the Love of Dogs and mailed to P.O. Box , Soddy Daisy, Tenn., Georgia's state senate thinks it can just take Tennessee's water. but really to show us the horrors of life beyond the green mountains and the favorite film of every freedom-loving boy in Tennessee, and my best friend Henry . my family farm in Sale Creek, there is no telling how much water those greedy.