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Rockland MA cheating wives

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Rockland MA cheating wives

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September 4, The Clifton man used his cellphone to record two brief videos of the hot-and-heavy session when he confronted his wife and her lover more than a year ago. Earlier that day, Nancy asked her husband to watch their son, now 5, so she could go to dinner with friends in Elizabeth, NJ, according to Sean.

The software showed the device traveling toward Rockland, Sean said, stirring fears he had been harboring about Nancy, who at the time worked with Lopez in the billing department at an orthopedics office in Clifton. Sean had his mother watch the boy while he got in his car and followed the signal to Pomona. Nancy, 38, subsequently filed for divorce and her six-year marriage to Sean was dissolved in February, court records show.

But Sean got a July 20 letter informing him a Rockland grand jury had indicted him on charges of felony burglary and unlawful surveillance. Violent outbursts overshadow J'Ouvert festival -- again. View author archive Get author RSS feed. And now, the cuckolded hubby is facing up to 15 years in prison for his snooping. He broke down crying when he shared them with The Post. The next video, 35 seconds long, shows Nancy and Lopez covering up as Sean berates his wife. OK, I get it.

The Rockland County home where Sean Donis went inside and filmed his wife with another man. He pleaded not guilty last month and is due back in court on Sept. Defense lawyer Howard Greenberg predicted Sean would be fully exonerated.

Nancy and the Rockland district attorney declined to comment. Read Next Violent outbursts overshadow J'Ouvert festival -- again. Trending Now on NYPost. News Corp HarperCollins Marketwatch realtor. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


The worker bees that show up every day and do the best they can for the residents of the town. The other group are some of the management in the town that use their access to town funds to basically mail in their job, come and go as they please, work if and when they want to, and spend their work day jerking the worker bees around all the time.

This takes a part time position and creates a fourth full time chief without advertising the job. The Duke said he got a grant to bankroll Sandler. April 4, By Editor: FTM asked Chief Sauschuck about a notebook of Somalia gang criminals read the email to the chief below and whether the PPD had to man up to four officers to enter Kennedy Park after dark. You can read his reply after the FTM email.

The PPD needed to hold up the booking photo to the perp to see who he really was. You might say Somalia gangs? Wednesday, March 22, 3: I'm told it is not searchable under FOAA because it has the status of an "investigative tool". Does the PPD have any notebook similar to what I have described? I'm also told that PPD officers have to go into Kennedy Park in groups of four or more, true or false?

For context my site in the 24 months ending had 2. The emails below should be enough to launch a major investigative review of every case Judge Moskowitz has ever touched. This is the judge that FTM testified against at his hearing to be re-nominated to the bench, the judge that had an unprecedented three lawyers write letters to the Judiciary Committee against his re-nomination, and the same judge that the Judiciary Committee took five days to vote to approve his re-nomination.

The usual time to vote for re-nomination is less than fifteen minutes. How is that decision reached by any competent judge in Maine? In Maine, justice in any court goes to the one with the best connections, not the facts of the case, just who is friends with which litigant. On Monday, November 7, , If you do send it cc it back to me so he will know you did not alter the letter and will know I wrote the content not you.

Unbelieveable story about judge and corruption in our courts if interested, Date: I was asked to write you regarding Sharon Blanchard's experience as an abused wife attempting to divorce her very rich husband. I, like you, initially could not make heads or tails of her story and believed that she definitely needed a reality check. And then I began reading all of her documents that began in when she originally began pursuing her divorce.

She reported from the beginning to her lawyers that her husband threatened that she would end up with nothing and be homeless which she will be on November 10, when she goes to her final court hearing for an eviction from the house she has lived in for over 30 years.

She had many lawyers that did not represent her as they continually would get caught in the web of wanting to get paid by her husband as she had very little money to pay them with. Her lawyers even encouraged her to obtain SSI which she did and currently has a small monthly income while her ex-husband continues to have many resources.

The whole process is convoluted and cannot be explained fully in an email. Sharon has reached out to many people for help as she seeks a just divorce settlement from an abusive husband she spent 29 years with.

So this raises a lot of questions about our present day systems with regards to women's rights or disability rights. What recourse do we have if we as women are forced to stay with our husbands because we do not have the financial resources to obtain an adequate settlement?

Do we stay and wait for them to die or do we take the risk with divorce to be forced to be homeless or be encountered with more abuse or death?

This is not my story but Sharon Blanchard's own experiences of what she has gone through to seek a divorce from an abusive husband.

I would be willing to sit with Sharon as she tells her story to your investigative reporting staff so that her truth can be told. Than you for responding to her and allowing her this chance to share her story. On Friday, November 4, , 2: I just cannot make heads or tails of this. Divorces are messy but I can't find any proof that the entire system is conspiring against you. If you want your case worker to write me, I'll read whatever she sends. These things are never black and white.

Wednesday, October 26, at 4: Peters, from Health Affiliates of Maine will verify I have facts to back up my story, she has seen the facts. I have been trying to get help for the last three years.

She has never seen a case as bad as mine and she has seen many. She has been trying to get me help for over a year without success. Our family lawyer and the defendant's book keeper have full control of our multi million estate in defendant's will. The prenuptial had been made invalid numerous times previously with facts from the abusive defendant in his deposition written February 15, The prenup was even invalidated by facts at our trial the judge ignored. I am 66 years old, disabled, abused for 29 years by the defendant, which has been documented by the court, getting a PFA on the defendant from to , which has been kept hushed during our three year drawn out divorce proceedings.

A handwritten order was written May 22, that I didn't sign gave the defendant full control of our estate while I lived below poverty level, and still living below poverty level suffering with mental and physical disabilities caused by the defendant, lawyers and judges making false testimony and bankruptcy ruse. My first lawyer, December , wrote in the divorce complaint days after I retained him that the defendant was the only one interested in our real estate, unknown to me until the summer of My second lawyer refused to take the defendant to court for non support ordered by the court August 29, I am still living below poverty level.

The defendant was up to date on our mortgages when I asked for a divorce July 2, when I had had enough of his abuse. The lawyers all knew my prenuptial was invalid and I presume the judge was aware by our court files.

The judge seemed to be involved during our entire divorce. I have appealed in Supreme court with an oral argument, also with a reconsideration , both denied. My story should be told, it happens to many women trying to divorce their abusive spouse. My first two well known lawyers were working together to get me to forget about the order billing me for their time together and denying he was communicating with my first lawyer.

Second lawyer told me and my therapist he was going to take the defendant to higher court for business fraud He also said he was going to get a receiver to run all our businesses.

He took me to a referee in his office building and the referee gave our entire estate to the defendant, the prenuptial was invalid at that time. The defendant has broken the PFA numerous times stalking and harassing me, coming into my house and garage removing assets The judge has reamed me in court, but no one else for the same thing. The judge refused me to speak in court. My lawyer in court never brought up important fact,when I asked her why she wasn't defending me she said,not to tell her how to lawyer and she wish she had never met me.

She went into the defendant's office to look at his files with the defendant and his girlfriend, which she denied and said would be unethical. In court she admitted going to the defendant's office and Judge Moskowitz said it was okay. My lawyers just wanted to help the defendant remove me from one of our houses, so the defendant could make me homeless like he had threatened me for 29 years if I divorced him and his abuse. The lawyers try to convince me I am crazy when I talk about what is going on.

My second lawyer told me not to report them because they are well known and no one would believe me. I have had a couple of lawyers that could see what was happening, one asked me to fire him and the other went to Supreme court for me. I was refused to get a forensic account by my lawyers or to have my own witnesses at court. My caseworkers number is if you want more details, I have been traumatized and am going to trauma therapy.

I break out in a major skin disorder all over my body because of extreme stress, which will leave scars. There is a lot more to my story, any help you could suggest would be appreciated and greatly needed. I hope you can understand my story because of the trauma I am suffering I don't explain thing to well. I have been made dependent on the abusive defendant for 21 years of our 29 year marriage.

I was in therapy for about 22 years with the same therapist being abused and told to get a divorce and the court would be fair giving me a settlement I could live on. The defendant is a diagnosed narcissist with other mental disorders. I am starting to get sick over the abuse and having anxiety attack, can't sleep etc. Dodwell exactly what was the advice that was given to Reid Emery, 61 of Eastport as he walked out of your hospital wearing a johnny and sandals, got from between and feet into the parking lot during a blizzard, and fell over into a snow bank to die alone.

Bean customers are buying to walk around in a Downeast blizzard should be licensed as a nurse in Maine? This is where it takes the turn that we all appreciate. Sources report that Dr. Rabee Kiwan, doctor on call was taking calls for Dr. Aziz Massad, Chief of Surgery and Dr. Rabee is currently on staff at Mercy and has privileges at Maine Med. Kiwan wanted Reid out of the hospital and Dr. Mark Kaplan, Emergency Room doctor, turned his back when asked by a nurse can you do something?

Is this depraved indifference leading up to manslaughter? Click here to see parts of Gov. Sources are going berserk over the PPH report attached below. Then read the actual police report, all three pages! Beech Ridge owner claims blackmail is behind lawsuit against him - Portland Press Herald. In a response to the lawsuit, which alleges sexual abuse, Andrew Cusack said the plaintiff colluded with a former race driver to try to blackmail him with the accusations.

Voice of the People. Dear People that live south of the United States please send 6, of your school age children to Falmouth, Maine. We support open borders and mass invasion by anyone that wants to come to the U. We will house them in our homes, quadruple our school classrooms and teachers, and of course quadruple our school budget. This is for the rest of the world: We want the first ,, women of childbearing age to move to the U.

Please have at least one child and Falmouth will do its share by building free housing because we have a lot of open space we bought from taxpayers for just this type of situation. After the affair was over with Meeghan Sargent and she had settled into a relationship with a Scarborough police officer Scott Corey, Meeghan was working as secretary at the SPD when they got engaged. Suddenly the wedding is called off and Scott transferred to the Auburn PD.

FTM is told by sources at the police dept. Moulton can wreak havoc long after he discards one of his girlfriends. How many other disasters are out there waiting to be revealed? Why would any law enforcement officer maintain such a close relationship with anyone that now has a second charge of homosexual rape against him?

A few questions, I recently read the latest Cusack rape allegation in the Press Herald. Why did the Caisse beating of Cusack not be dispatched like any other call?

Why was the area patrolman not assigned and not informed? Why was it concealed from the public? Why was all radio traffic concerning this incident run off the Buxton radio system? What police professional would do such a thing? What motive unless protecting a "friend"?. Moulton endangers the public, avoids free press access and hushes up one of the biggest crimes in a year in the town. Any business dealings between them? How any town councilor or manager would expose the town to this liability and unprofessional reputation is besides me.

No wonder the public doesn't trust the police? What other crimes has Cusack committed that his buddy Chief Moulton covered up? Better yet, what other crimes is Moulton covering up for all of his other friends? How many police explorers has Moulton had affairs with over the years, after of before, Meeghan Sargent? Is it okay for Moulton to beat his son when he was in high school? When the police are outlaws who can the average person turn to for protection against the other outlaws?

Are we at the point where some criminals carry badges and some don't? A Furious Resident of Scarborough. Sources report that a credit card fraud has happened in the Mall area. A card number was stolen off an online e-commerce site and moved into the black site where stolen cards are bought and sold. The pictures below are possible suspects.

A reward for their identity leading to their arrest and conviction is available to anyone that comes forward. Below was our favorite ski buggy the Bentley SUV complete with the ski box. All the rest are just one great machine after another.

Anything that gets to 60 mph under 4 seconds is on our want list. We met one of the Kia Hamsters that performs in costume at the show. One of the Lexus reps told us his dealership in Boston sells between and new units per month. November and December were the busiest months for them when all the doctors decide to buy their wives a new Lexus for Christmas.

Conspicuous by their absence was BMW. Click here to see photos Click here to see window stickers. Bean was what got this started. The iconic Maine Company that stays out of politics, gives millions to charity, employs thousands of Mainers, has great products and customer service, and has one shareholder who gave too much money, by accident, to the wrong PAC!

Every Trump supporter needs to think about the following before you spend another dollar. Why should we give our after tax money to companies that in turn donate massive amounts of money to Democratic candidates that none of you would give a dime to directly.

Nearly every movie star gives millions to the likes of Cain, Pingree, and Clinton. If you really need to see one of their movies wait until it comes to DVD and pay a dollar for it.

Or, you could take your 8 or 10 dollars per ticket and send a check for what you would spend at the movie directly to the Democratic National Committee and cut out the middleman, the actor, and help them elect people that HATE YOU! How pervasive is this? Obama gave GM to the Auto Workers union, striped the bondholders of their investment, and owned the shares. What we have now is Union Business that owns a car factory that uses that income to bankroll Democrats.

Your money goes to the Democratic machine to screw you at every turn. FTM has been patiently waiting for this type of result from all the foolishness that town management permits and promotes within the Scarborough Police Dept. One of our sources within town government just confirmed that an ex-employee has finalized their agreement with Maine Municipal Assoc.

MMA , the organization that Scarborough taxpayers fund to lobby against them, bankroll bad management decisions, and defend those bad decisions in court and got their check. Why, you ask did this one person get over a million dollars? Probably during a come to Jesus moment, this is what we believed happened: We already know all that crap from reading FTM, so does everyone else in town. Can we go off the record and is what I tell you now protected by attorney-client-privilege?

We predict based upon just this one case that the Asian female officer might be in line for a payday along with the black male officer recently hired by the SPD. January 10, By Editor: We are also told that Sgt. When FTM asked for this confirmation we were asked if Moulton and Cammy or wife number two were also involved.

In a similar case Det. Webster of SPPD, charged as a member of the sex trafficking task force to protect and rescue victims of the enslaved sex workers, was removed from the task force according to reliable sources, for using that position to have sex with at least one of the victims.

Recently he was interviewed in Augusta for a private sector job, according to yet another source, that when questioned about personal matters, Webster went ballistic and stormed out of the interview. Soon FTM will do an extensive recap of the known sexual misconduct by police departments in the State of Maine and the lack of oversight and consequences for that misconduct. During the research for this article FTM was questioned repeatedly by law enforcement, both retired, and active, why Moulton has such a close personal relationship with Beach Ridge owner, accused homosexual rapist, Andy Cusack?

A relationship so close that a single call to the SPD could get Police radar speed enforcement removed from Holmes Rd. What is the relationship between a known homosexual and accused rapist, Andy Cusack and Robbie Moulton the Chief of Police in Scarborough, which has that much control over the Chief is it blackmail, extortion, or worse? When is Cusack going to jail? Look at the 13th line on the right side of the email below and whose name do you see? This is why FTM fights in court to get emails between Cathy and Robbie sent to the accused homosexual rapist, this is the type of stuff Chief Moulton and Town Manager Tommy Hall are trying to hide from the public.

January 3, By Editor: Next week Uber will launch its first driverless car operation in Boston. In the not too distant future when driverless cars are everywhere and car accidents are reduced to people looking at their phone as they get killed crossing a street, highway deaths will be reduced to a small fraction of what they are today.

Can computers have road rage, cut off people in traffic, over drive the conditions, text while driving, read emails, drive drunk, or speed? Speed yes, because with all the traffic controlled by computers, the traffic speed will be controlled only by the coefficient of friction that keeps the tire firmly in contact with the road surface.

But how you ask, will the Law of Unintended Consequences kill so many people? Very simply, when we stop killing 35, people per year in car accidents the supply of organ donors will disappear down to a handful of unfortunates holding cellphones, falls from a roof or in the bathroom, and a handful of other accidents. So all the people that could live many more years will die sooner, unless stem cell technology for growing replacement organs in the lab makes the same leap forward as driverless cars seem to be making.

First, our reporter was the pedestrian hit in front of the movie theater. You can read the idiotic emails from the FPD below and the emails from the reporter doing the police work that the FPD refused to do.

FTM embarrassed Tolan into at least pretending to patrol Falmouth to earn his paycheck when the chiefs in the other three towns did backup for patrol officers daily or were out on the street doing actual work. They report that Tolan was likely making the transmissions from his house after 3 pm while sipping an adult beverage.

It was such a bogus charge even the bonehead Judge Moskowitz found in favor of the mother and against Ryder. Plus all the Discovery that Ryder had to cough up showed that the entire effort was directed at the reporter and the elderly mother was merely the scape goat that Ryder was forced to use to get even with the reporter.

Fulmer lied to the reporter about a fake press conference and its location while trying to intimidate the reporter. Below read the PPH article where a real police dept. Thursday, December 08, 8: Nathan Poore; Edward J. Kilbride; Matthew Fulmer Subject: Nationwide informed me today that the insurance was cancelled in August, 3 months before she hit me.

This is a falsification of a police report involving personal injury. I want a call from Kilbride or Tolan on when the FPD is going to do a proper investigation of this accident. What are they afraid of to talk to me. This is the second request I made the first in person at the window when I picked up the accident report. Thursday, December 8, 2: I looked into the accident and I have no issues with the investigation by Officer Fulmer. There is no evidence on scene including parking lot video to support a search of the phone or an affidavit for a search warrant.

Most people including myself exit the vehicle with their phone in hand. Officer Fulmer indicated she presented him with valid proof of insurance during the investigation. I have tasked Officer Fulmer to call Nationwide Insurance and validate your claims of the cancelled insurance during the crash. If Officer Fulmer finds the operator presented false information during the time of the investigation, then she will be charged with the following civil violation.

Thursday, December 15, 5: Monday, December 19, Monday, December 12, TC Nathan Poore 2; etolan falmouthme. If my case is an example of how half assed you do your job, you should all be fired. If Fulmer had taken the time to run her license number the way I just did, he would have found the following: Failure to file insurance 2. The best one of all is Texting while driving 3. Maybe she'll kill the next person who isn't quick enough to keep from going under her front wheel.

Great work Johnny, really great work. Click here to see entire document. Rouse is, went to the patrol division learned what a cluster that is, and is going to the Biddeford P. He was upset with the shoddy and lazy detective bureau led by Sgt.

Josh Guay left after knocking up the C. It just never stops. Scarborough Police Department, we are told by our inside source, has a black police officer.

Steve Thibodeau's use of the N word? His saying publicly he isn't racist because he has a color TV? A current female half Asian police officer who has been tormented by Thibodeau to the point she ALSO visited HR director Mandrake's office to stop the abusive, degrading and harassing behaviors of bully Thibodeau. What kind of police chief does the department have where officers SKIP the overpaid administration with complaints and go to human resources? Sounds like a basic distrust of leadership to us.

Harassing two minority officers to the point one leaves the department and the other risks angering Moulton by going over his head. Imagine the lawsuit and the jury hearing the questions asked " Mr. It takes the perfect confluence of false allegations, a wife-abusing member of the State Legislature, and two doctors on the Licensing Board.

Before anyone calls their lawyer, FTM is holding the documents from which we will quote in this article. She being caught by her abusive husband because she took her vibrator to a tryst. Followed by her husband, a member of the Legislature, not only making a threat to the doctor and submitting L. If this proposed law included lawyers a large number of the bar would likely rise up to oppose it and one law firm in Portland comes to mind immediately. We have four children and he never cut down on his drinking even when he said he would.

He made me sit in a particular room and screamed obscenities at me while threatening me. He demanded sex twice a day for at least two months.

He became physically violent between and , kicking me in the head, stomach, and body. He tried to strangle me in front of our 12 y. He lifted me out of bed and threw me on the floor and bruised me on my back and arm. Our daughter saw the bruises and was traumatized by this.

He then screams at our children that are home-schooled by me and were frightened by his behavior. While I was single handed schooling the children and dealing with a chronically ill child, he was consuming large amounts of alcohol daily, and smoking pot and driving his vehicle.

On May 29th after our four children were begging me to take them to Safe Voices and I finally did. Opposed by David Sawicki L. FTM will have more on these characters in the future. November 30, By Editor: Then he filed a sworn affidavit denying that he threatens us. Then we revealed we had a recording of the threat after he had filed FALSE documents with the court twice. Below you can see the large home on 9 Mitchell Woods Rd. For that matter what drives a money making machine like Franco to live in a camp about the size of his previous garage even if he has his last name painted on a rock at the edge of his property?

Well, at least the camp is on the lakeshore down a long dirt road. Now we wonder, does he own a gun? This is the guy that the Scarborough taxpayers are paying to defend them against a First Amendment lawsuit in Federal Court.

November 28, By Editor: Fear of the "other" was a huge theme in , from Brexit to President Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric. Despite being chosen as the Word of the Year, xenophobia is not to be celebrated.

It was a year of real awakening to complicity in various sectors of society, from politics to pop culture. From our Word of the Year announcement:. Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is about what is not. We must not let this continue to be the norm.

If we do, then we are all complicit. Everything After Z by Dictionary. These are the words that defined Change It wasn't trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us. Bluster In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for Here's an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice: Privacy We got serious in Identity Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in However, J's biggest achievement is her 13 year old son, Wesley, who lives in Chicago.

J has relocated to New York to be closer to her girlfriend, Snoop, but can she handle the stress of a new city and the constant attention of Snoop's adoring fans? A native of Washington DC who currently resides in Brooklyn, Sofi Green is the quintessential artist who is outspoken, aggressive, and fashionable in her own way. Currently, Sofi looking for the right person to help her jump-start her career and thinks she might have found an ally in Snoop.

Hennessy is a fiery mix of Dominican and Trinidadian descent who has a passion for fashion and acting. While she's always willing to help advise her sister, Hennessy is ready to let the world know she is also a force to be reckoned with on her own. Hailing from the iconic borough of Brooklyn, Swift Star was raised in the infamous Flatbush neighborhood but it was East New York's surroundings that made him.

Swift recently teamed up with Cardi B to produce hits for her new album and he is accompanying her on tour. Drewski is a multi-talented hip-hop influencer with more than meets the eye. Drewski grew up in New Jersey where his entrepreneurship started at a very young age as he nurtured a sincere passion for music.

With the help of great mentoring from Cipha Sounds and Angie Martinez, Drewski earned his way up the DJ ranks and began producing for Hot 97 almost a decade ago. Sky Landish is a bi-racial half-Jamaican and half-German woman from the Bronx.

With the help of Drewski, the production of an amazing fitness dance party utilizing strip club connections and organic body goals will flourish. Sky plans on taking this endeavor on the road to promote healthy eating and fitness around the world. With her new right hand man Drewski, Sky knows this business will succeed as long as she can keep Drewski focused on her and away from all the artists particularly female artists who want him to spin their songs on the radio.

From owning two high-end shoe stores to developing her own private label shoe line called "Encore," Rah's success began to take flight. Moe is a Harlem born and bred honey. Moving to the suburbs of Pennsylvania as a teen, Moe missed NYC and dreamed of having a career in music.

But the bright lights and big buildings of NYC kept calling her name, so she moved back to pursure her passion for music while still working in the medical field at St. Luke Roosevelt's Hospital in Midtown Manhattan. As a business associate, Moe handled patient registration in the Emergency Room by day and did rhyme writing with Lexxy at night. Ditching the job for her dreams, Moe then started working part time as a car sales person for her father's family owned business, Dking Cars.

This enabled her ability to make more moves with music. Lexxy, was born and raised in Harlem. Prior to pursuing a career in music, she earned her Associates Degree in Communications from Bergen Community College in New Jersey and despite her busy schedule, she currently attends Montclair State University where she is pursuing her BA in Communications as well.

While simultaneously working on her educational career, Lexxy dabbled in modeling and acting as well. It was while getting her feet wet in entertainment where music came knocking at the door. Alongside her band mate, Moe, the two have managed to make a name for themselves over the past six years.

Five years from now, we can expect to see Lexxy on the big screen, acting and performing multi-platinum hits selling out stadiums. She has been dating DJ Self for almost a year now and is ready to take their relationship to the next level. Yorma is looking to expand her empire by opening up a one stop shop beauty bar in the Bronx later this year.

Yorma is a single mother to a beautiful 6 year old girl and is hoping to settle down with the man of her dreams. Feisty Latina model, Erica Mena was born and raised in the Bronx and has enough personality to take over the industry. Growing up, Erica was always in performing arts classes and her ambition and drive is unparalleled. After winning a Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest, it didn't take long for Erica to create her own name in the modeling world.

Erica landed many coveted roles in major music videos for artists including: Erica's body of work doesn't end with video modeling. The Girl Factor and a 2 year calendar for Erica is a devoted mother to her son King, a fashion model, an actress and a force to be reckoned with. She recently sparked a relationship with model Cyn Santana. NYC born and bred, Cyn Santana is truly a young star in the making.

She is a philanthropist, vixen, and aspiring actress, but is best known for her charismatic ways and witty personality. Growing up, Cyn always wanted to be an entertainer.

She found a passion for acting when she took her first acting class during college. While studying, Cyn found time to entertain people by putting her parodies on YouTube, which became an instant hit, garnering over k views. YouTube videos led to music videos and Cyn landed roles in some of the most popular rap videos, working with artists such as, Maino, Fabolous, Nas, 2 Chainz, and Drake. Cyn Santana is now starting her own clothing line, doing charity work, specifically for suicide prevention, and plans to pursue an acting career.

She wishes to use her popularity to promote positivity and human welfare. She managed to stay clear of all the negativity around her and pioneered her own fabulous path. She landed a role on a Baltimore City cable soap opera and also became a regular fixture on Shakedown , a popular dance show. She opened a vintage clothing store and with her fashion forward style and over the top personality, she soon became a well-loved socialite, traveling the world and attending the hottest A-list events.

Chrissy also runs a full spectrum talent agency, Le Jeu Entertainment. Diamond was born into privilege, however she faced challenges that many teenage young ladies face including an unplanned but certainly blessed pregnancy.

MyLisa, her now 7 year old daughter and only child, is the joy of her life who inspired Diamond to co-found A Safe Place Youth Center, a group home for pregnant teens, with her mother Lisa. She is also an aspiring model and is starting an online boutique in her spare time. In , Precious recorded her own demo and was preparing to drop a mixtape when fate stepped in. Literally one mixtape got me my deal with G-Unit", she recalled. Born Andre Parker, the self-taught musician took up the drums at the age of 4, and has expanded his talents to become one of the most prolific producers of the last decade.

After his mother passed away when he was 3, his father brought him and his brothers up in an atmosphere that Santana recalls as being wild and heavily musical. Santana emerged way ahead of the pack when, while still playing drums and sideline hustling, he managed to put out a CD called 'Capers' in on an indie label.

The success of it started bringing in calls from other local groups. He started producing for a group called CCOC and inevitably became a member of it. After being with Murder Inc. Anyone whose had the pleasure of knowing singer, business woman, songwriter pianist, reality television star and Memphis native, K. Michelle since her childhood is aware that she was destined to be the woman she is today. Gymnastic, swimming, and piano courses kept her inquisitive spirit busy until age nine, when the time arrived for her to begin vocal lessons with renowned children's vocal coach Bob Westbrook Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears etc.

For the millions of fans who have watched the no-nonsense cutie fight for what she feels is right on television every week, her debut album title, 'Rebellious Soul' is most appropriate. My music is like that as well. I rebel against anything that society tries to use to keep us boxed in - racism, judgment, anything that makes you feel inferior as a woman. The guest list of vocalists include Elle Varner and K. Kelly, who will also embrace some maestro duties. After years of professional and personal lows but mostly highs, it's time for the once diamond in the rough to be recognized for the true gem that she is.

The stars are aligning for Tennessee's daughter, and she couldn't be more pleased. I just want to create that music that makes you feel so so good. Tahiry is now working on a fitness DVD and focusing on acting lessons. She has landed roles in various films in and She is also a correspondent for XXL Magazine and is now a staple at most red-carpet events.

Tahiry is proof that brains and beauty can successfully mix. In addition to being a solo artist, is a member of the hip-hop super-group Slaughterhouse, alongside Royce da 5'9", Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. His most commercially successful single is the song "Pump It Up" from his self-titled album.

Joe Budden began freestyling in high school and made many appearances on several NYC mixtapes. Joe Budden is also widely known for various high-profile relationships, publicized by the media, in his lyrics, and on Twitter. Joe lives his life very publicly and has hundreds of thousands of fans that follow his every move on social networks.

Joe has been in the studio this year working on his album and a new Slaughterhouse album as well. At a young age, she began taking dance and acting lessons. Through her school years, she continued to develop her craft, performing in many school plays.

Her love and drive for the performing arts lead her to attend Howard University as a Theater Arts major. Erica Jean has done several performances in the tri-state area including: Her love of acting continues, but as a hobby. Erica Jean's main focus these days is raising her very energetic son, Stephen, aka "Lil B", that she has with rapper Saigon. Being a single mom at times can be taxing and tiring but that doesn't keep Erica Jean from being upbeat and positive.

Her love for her son Stephen has motivated her to advance her career. Erica Jean is now pursuing her second passion, working in the medical field. She is currently continuing her education to become a nurse. Since , when Saigon speaks, people listen. The popularity of the up-and-coming rapper exploded as he took over the Streets and the Internet with a collection of classic mixtapes many fans consider mini-albums.

His debut was 'A As Saigon's name began being thrown in the ring with hip-hop veterans like Nas and Jay-Z, it was clear he was ready to explode. Once Saigon's buzz reached a deafening level, the labels could no longer ignore him. In , Saigon landed a reoccurring role as himself on the popular hit T. This gained him worldwide mainstream exposure and introduced him to a fan base outside of hip hop.

He would continue to be on the show for a number of seasons and have a large variety of his music played throughout the show. He has sense been affectionately dubbed 'The guy who ditched Turtle' because of his close relationship with that character played by Jerry Ferrara'. In addition to Entourage , Saigon would go on the prove that he was bit by the acting bug as he landed roles in the Roger Corman produced film, Rage and Discipline , and also doing voiceover work for VH1.

But there is way more to her. She's always held a passion for writing music and rapping and wants to sign talent to her label. In her own words, "I want to become the next Diddy. Nya gained notoriety for an unfortunate event when someone cut her neck and chest at a club after an altercation. As a result, she named her record label OurCutt.

While most girls were playing with dolls, Olivia used her playtime to write music and poetry. She realized very early that she truly had a passion for the arts. At 19, she landed a meeting with an Arista executive who then introduced her to the legendary Clive David. He was so blown away by the 19 year old's vocal ability and raw talent that he decided to sign Olivia immediately as the first solo artist to his newly established label, J Record.

Clive took her under his wing metering her into a super star. Her gold selling song "Bizounce" was the lead single for the release to her self-titled album in , which eventually sold close to ,00 copies. Hits like "Candy Shop" and "Best Friend" brought the versatile artist to the radio around the world. Since leaving GUnit, Olivia has been focused on creating a new persona that has expanded beyond just hip-hop.

Her pursuit and love of music will cement within the industry for years to come. She will continue to prove that she has numerous talents to show the world. Raised in Miami, Raqi moved to NY, where she was a corporate finance agent by day but became a well-known fierce talking radio personality by night. Currently living in NJ, Raqi got her start in radio by unapologetically crashing several morning shows, which led her to an on-air talk show on Sirius-XM's Hip Hop Nation and as a recurring judge of Freestyle Fridays.

It was in , that Dame coined her nickname "Jen The Pen," which has stuck ever since. From there, she moved on to be the gossip girl for the Hot Boyz of Chicago radio show on Power Jen has been dating rapper Consequence for over 5 years and one year ago the couple welcomed their first son, Caiden. Cons was also commissioned to appear on EA's "Fight Night". Being one of the 1st artist to utilize the platform known as "Kyte", Cons revolutionized fan-access by bringing them backstage and documenting many magic moments that included Kanye West, Beyonce, P.

Diddy, Jay-Z, Pharell plus many more to garner over 6 million views online. RapFix" after introducing his newborn son, Caiden to the world, live on the air.

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