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Ride or die woman

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Ride or die woman

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Ride or die woman

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Maximum Ride is a series of young adult fantasy novels by the author James Patterson , with a manga adaptation published by Yen Press. The series is centered on the adventures of Maximum "Max" Ride and her family, called the Flock, who are human-avian hybrids born with wings after being experimented on at a lab called The School. The look book in the series by James Patterson gives an overview of the Flock: These children, ages 6 through 14, are far from normal.

This book covers some of the back story of the Flock, explaining how they ended up on their own in their remote mountain home. It also covered the antagonistic half-wolf, half-human creatures known as Erasers. The youngest Flock member, Angel, is abducted by the Erasers and taken back to "The School", the lab where they were genetically altered and raised in cages.

Max, Fang and Nudge leave their home in an attempt to rescue Angel, while Iggy and the Gasman were forced to stay behind. While Max, Fang and Nudge left their home, Iggy and the Gasman made bombs in order to protect themselves from the Erasers. Max then saves a girl later known as Ella. This resulted in Fang and Nudge heading towards Lake Mead, their planned stop. Max was then shot in the shoulder and sought help from Ella's mother, Dr. Martinez performed an X-ray scan on Max, they discovered that a microchip described by Dr.

Martinez as tracking chips used for important animals such as show dogs was implanted in Max. Meanwhile, Iggy and the Gasman made traps for the Erasers and were successful in which they set a Hummer overturned, but the Erasers still survived. Both of them were then surrounded by Erasers in an abandoned cabin and used their bomb known as Big Boy and flew to Lake Mead. While looping back on their course to find Max, Nudge noticed that they were near to Tipisco, where Nudge's parents lived.

Upon visiting the location, Fang and Nudge realized that they were in a trap which resulted in Fang being injured by Ari, a seven-year-old boy who was turned into an Eraser and had an appearance as a middle aged man, some time after they had escaped to the mountain home in the beginning. Soon, Fang healed and flew to Lake Mead. Max meets Fang and Nudge and later meets Iggy and the Gasman. The remaining Flock eventually were captured by the Erasers and were sent to The School.

While captured, Angel learns about an Institute, later known as "The Institute of Higher Living", from reading minds one of her powers , a place in New York City that may hold some secrets to their past. The Flock escapes The School and with a happy reconnection of the whole Flock together Max has a massive headache described as a brain explosion which later theorized as her brain making space for a Voice other than her own which pops up in her head.

With the Flock unsure of whether the voice is a friend or foe, Max decides to follow its cryptic instruction. The voice leads Max and the Flock to The Institute, where they find a lab similar to The School and information on their unknown parents. At the Institute, the Flock also found several mutants and set them free. Angel then brings a pet dog named Total with her and escapes with the Flock.

As they escape, Max has to fight with Ari and wins by snapping his neck bone by accident. The book ends with the Flock beginning their journey to Washington D. The Flock is headed towards Washington, D. However, after Fang is gravely injured by Ari, a seven-year-old Eraser who once had a relation with the Flock, and taken to a hospital, the Flock is housed by an FBI agent named Anne Walker on the agreement that she is allowed to examine them "at a distance.

Life is good to them then, as Max sees it, but they happen to be seeing Erasers often, and the relationships between Max and Sam, and Fang and Lissa whom Max refers to as "The Red Haired Wonder" , begin to cause tensions within the Flock.

After Iggy and the Gasman set off stink bombs in the school, the Flock was 'grounded'. After Max overheard the television, she found Iggy's parents and met up with his long lost parents, where he decided to stay there. He later returns to the flock after he finds out his parents wanted to make money off of him.

An ordeal at their school, during which Max is attacked by teachers with Tasers, results in the Flock fleeing the school. Angel then suggests that they go to Florida, and for lack of a better plan, Max agrees. Later on, the Flock learns that a multi-national corporation named Itex is plotting to destroy the world, based on what Angel overheard when she was kidnapped back at the School, and is also tracking the Flock's movements.

Earlier, Anne had revealed herself as Jeb's boss, therefore also a member of the lab that created the Flock, and seeks to capture them again. Max was captured in a hotel called Twilight Inn shortly after and is replaced by a clone of herself, Max II. Max was then captured and placed in an isolation tank in which she lost her senses. Max was temporarily brought out by Jeb, Ari's father, as he briefly explained the situation to Max before he was caught and had to leave the room, while Max was sent back into the isolation tank.

Soon after, she escapes by playing dead. However, she proves she is stronger by not killing the clone, saying to the scientists, "I'm stronger, because I'm not going to kill this girl for you. I won't sink to your pathetic level. The Flock must save the world from the Itexicon Corporation the company behind the School, also connected to the Institute for Higher Living and its Director, who plans to terminate and destroy all recombinant species and cut the Earth's population by half otherwise known as the By-Half Plan.

The Erasers have been replaced with flying, robotic Erasers which the Flock dub "Flyboys". Meanwhile, Fang tries to persuade Max with a very long kiss to find a permanent home where they can live in peace and forget about the world, only caring about themselves and the Flock. Although, soon, the Flock is trapped again and Jeb and Anne says that the last five months were a dream.

Ari frees the Flock and allows them to escape. Max invites Ari to join the group after escaping from the School once more, causing Fang to leave the Flock in protest, who is joined by Iggy and the Gasman. However, Ari dies at his expiration date. The Flock flies out of a government meeting set up to decide what the government officials think is best for them.

Later, they go to Antarctica at Jeb Batchelder and Dr. Valencia Martinez's request, where a team of scientists needs their assistance in studying ocean pollution levels. When Angel, Total, and Akila go after a baby penguin in the midst of a blizzard, they become trapped inside a chasm.

After Max and Fang save them, the group is forced to take refuge inside a hole-cave to keep safe because of a monstrous blizzard. In the midst of this, the Uber Director's team finds them and captures them along with Nudge, Gazzy, and Iggy. En route to Miami, the Flock defeats the Uber Director in the midst of a hurricane and makes their escape. Meanwhile, Total grows wings of his own and falls in love with Akila, an Alaskan Malamute.

Max and Fang kiss each other a few times, leading Max to acknowledge her feelings for him even more than before. Later, the government enlists their help in finding out what is destroying hundreds of ships and killing millions of fish off the coast of Hawaii. Max is also looking for her mother who mysteriously disappears from the safe house.

A mysterious creature mutant appears near the sub so Angel unexpectedly dives out to have a chat with it. It ends up helping the gang. During this mission, Max, Fang, and the others discover many other abilities, like breathing under water. The Flock travels to Africa where they meet Dr.

Hans Gunther-Hagen, a former Itex worker, and Dylan, another human-avian hybrid designed to be Max's "perfect other half".

After a prophetic statement from Angel stating that Fang will be the first to die, Max is traumatized and starts spending more time with him. Dylan joins the Flock, and they return to their newly rebuilt home in the mountains. Max and Fang leave the Flock because they are driven out by Angel, who thinks that they are more focused on their personal relationship than the surrounding dangers. Angel becomes the new leader of the Flock and gets rid of the rules Max set up for them.

Eventually the group reunites, but Fang is captured by Dr. Hans and, while being experimented on, his heart stops. Max admits she loves him in order to try to wake him up before stabbing his heart with an adrenaline shot and revives him.

Dylan injects himself in a suicide attempt, but fails. In the epilogue, Total gets married and Fang writes Max and the flock a letter saying he has decided it would be better for them all if he left. He then leaves to go form a flock of his own after pouring out his heart to Max.

He tells Max that if everything works out, he would meet her on the top of the cliffs where they first met the hawks in twenty years. Max and the others are devastated.

Max, unable to get over the fact that Fang has left her forever, goes to live with Dr. During that time, they figure out that an organization known as the Doomsday Group is brainwashing people. Max is slowly starting to warm up to Dylan despite her mixed feelings in the sixth book.

Meanwhile, Fang starts his own gang which includes Max's clone, now called Maya. The two teams join forces in Paris, although they don't exactly get along perfectly, to stop the Doomsday Group from killing themselves and the brainwashed people in order to save the planet. Max is hurt even more after Fang asks her to come and help them, causing great tension between them.

Everything goes awry when Gazzy fails to disarm all the bombs under the gathering spot, and the bombs explode while Fang, Gazzy, and Angel are still in the blast radius. Fang and Gazzy make it out safely, but Angel is missing, leaving everyone heartbroken. Angel's epilogue reveals that she is still alive, though her whereabouts remain a mystery. The story begins when Max and the remaining members of the flock have to go to an ordinary school.

Though Max is unhappy about it, she just cannot say no to Dylan. Meanwhile, Fang's gang is caught up when they're attacked by two convoy trucks. Within those convoy trucks is something interesting: Max's half brother, Ari, who has yet again risen from the dead.

But not only that; there are also more Erasers along with Ari. They have been found by them because Kate and Star have betrayed them. He doesn't want to hurt anyone else in his gang so he tells them to go home and forget everything that had happened with him. He is then told by the Voice that he has to go back to Max.

While he is traveling on foot one of the bones in Fang's wing was broken in the fight with Ari , Fang meets some people who ask him if he needs a ride.

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Do not give your loyalty to a man who wants to fornicate with you, make you his personal sex toy, impregnate you with out of wedlock children and move onto the next unsuspecting woman. Do not give your loyalty to an animalistic man who is undisciplined and has no self-control over his sexual urges. Do not give your loyalty to a man who is abusive, threatening, violent, overly aggressive and dangerous, and condones violence against women and children.

Do not give your loyalty to a broke gold-digging financially unstable man who would use you for a place to stay, save money, eat for free, drive your car, borrow money, or financially use you in any manner. Do not give a man the benefits of marriage if he has not married you and given you his last name. And sadly, some of you ladies are actually giving it to them! Please STOP, cease and desist this sort of behavior immediately.

You can progress and move forward in life. You can be valued, loved, appreciated and cherished. View all posts by Evelyn. This is an insightful peace. However, the two terms do have their differences. For example, according to Philips, the gangster bitch and her partner recognize they are in a short-term relationship whereas the ride-or-die chick and her partner are often portrayed as being in lifelong relationships. The "ride or die chick" trope is invoked by both men and women in hip hop with men stating their desire or love of ride or die chicks and women identifying themselves as willing to ride or die.

Many of these songs are duets between male and female artists and contain both of these perspectives within the same song. Examples of this include:. This term is sometimes used to describe the lives and decisions of women in the hip hop community. In their interview with Tashera Simmon's following the announcement she was divorcing DMX rapper , Essence magazine referred to her as "having a reputation for being the ultimate ride or die chick," citing her support of DMX despite his jail time, drug use, and infidelity.

The term is frequently used negatively outside of celebrity culture. Blogs targeting young Black members of the "hip hop generation" as their demographic, such as Hello Beautiful, Hall of the Black Dragon, and Urbanbellemag.

These articles argue women need specific boundaries in their romantic relationships and dismiss the idea of limitless loyalty as either unrealistic myth or facilitating abuse and disrespect.

Black feminist scholar Treva Lindsey claims the ride or die chick is a challenge to a dominant narrative in hip hop that privileges homosocial male relationships and undermines heterosexual romantic bonds between men and women. Her recognition that committing to this relationship will require her to ride or die is a statement about the difficulty her partner will likely face as a Black man living in a racist society.

Another favorable understanding of the trope argues its meaning is flexible and can positively evolve. Both versions are loyal and have your back but They are building together. Despite these positive readings and the fact that ride or die chicks are often the subject of male praise or female self-identification in hip hop, they have also been critiqued as a negative and damaging ideal imposed on Black women.

Critics have argued that ride or die chicks are a heterosexual male fantasy that privileges male pleasure and ignores the costs women must pay to fulfill this fantasy. Pough claims the rising number of Black women in prison, currently the fastest-growing prison population, is evidence of the high cost ride or die chicks must pay. The ride or die chick can also be understood as a hip hop reiteration of the Madonna—whore paradigm.

The ride or die chick is not seen as sexually deviant because her partner is the only man with access to her body. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Journal of African American History.

Retrieved 4 March The New York Times Company.

Maximum Ride is a series of young adult fantasy novels by the author James Patterson, with a manga adaptation published by Yen series is centered on the adventures of Maximum "Max" Ride and her family, called the Flock, who are human-avian hybrids born with wings after being experimented on at a lab called The School. One of the best Scorpio love matches, this is the Zodiac version of Bonnie and Clyde. These are two adventurous spirits who love trouble, a good fight, and doing what others would never dare. And yes, they will challenge society in defense of one another if necessary. Thanks to the ASPCA they’ve calculated the yearly cost of owning a figure it’s $1, for a small dog, $1, for a medium-sized dog and $1, for a large you factor in the expected lifespans of the dogs, it pretty much averages out to a lifetime total of $15k!