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Both Brand and Maggette were allowed to depart, while ten players were acquired. Brand's stated his desire to stay, but contract faltered, allowing him to move to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Mike Taylor , the 55th overall pick, was acquired from the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for a future second-round pick. The team would also sign Jason Williams to a one-year deal. It remains one of the longest tenures in professional sports history. The Clippers indicated that Baylor had retired from his post, [33] and as a result, head coach Mike Dunleavy, Sr. The —09 season ended with the team 14th in the Western Conference, with a record of 19— With the first overall pick, the team selected Blake Griffin.

Griffin immediately impressed in training camp and preseason. On October 23, he broke his kneecap during the Clippers' final exhibition game against the New Orleans Hornets , following a dunk.

Initially, the Clippers' stated that he only had a sore left knee, which would make him questionable for the season opener the following night, before they revealed the break. The injury sidelined Griffin for the entire season. Dunleavy received the news of his dismissal from the internet, as well as friends and reporters calling his cell phone. Griffin and DeAndre Jordan , who saw significant improvement in his two years with the team, modeled the new uniforms, which were re-designed for the first time since the —01 season.

With an improved Gordon, stalwart Kaman, rookie Aminu, starting center Jordan, a re-energized Baron Davis, and the debut of Griffin, the Clippers had high hopes for the season.

However, they started slowly, losing ten of the first 11 games, with Davis and Kaman out with injuries. However, the Clippers showed strength when three of their first four wins came from the top teams in the Western Conference. Griffin got off to a strong start, drawing increased media attention in Clippers games and boosting ratings of local broadcasts of Clippers games.

As the trade deadline approached, the Clippers sent Baron Davis along with their first round draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. The pick eventually became the number one overall pick, which the Cavaliers used to select Kyrie Irving. The team gained the nickname "Lob City" due to a comment made by Griffin during the Clippers Media Day when the announcement of Chris Paul's trade reached the team.

Griffin, after being told the news by Jordan, declared, "Yeah! It's going to be lob city! In February , the Clippers signed Kenyon Martin.

On February 6, , during a game against the Orlando Magic , Billups tore his Achilles tendon and missed the remainder of the season. He became the eighth player to debut in the — season. After a stretch that saw the Clippers lose 12 of 19 games after Billups's season-ending injury, with rumors of Vinny Del Negro 's career as head coach of the Clippers possibly coming to an abrupt end, Los Angeles went on a tear.

It was their third win in four regular season games against the Thunder. Chris Paul's push for the NBA Most Valuable Player Award was at its peak, and the —12 season was the first time the Clippers were in the playoffs since —06 season. In their first playoff game, the Clippers rallied from a point deficit against the Grizzlies to win 99—98 in one of the biggest rallies in playoff history. They led the series 3—1, then lost two straight, before coming back to win Game 7 in Memphis 82—72, becoming the 6th NBA road team to win Game 7 after leading series 3—1, and prevail to the second round.

The Clippers relied on their bench during that game, and they came through, scoring all but two of their points in the fourth quarter. In the second round of the playoffs, the team was swept by the San Antonio Spurs. On draft night , the team re-acquired Lamar Odom from the Dallas Mavericks as part of a four-team deal that also sent Mo Williams and Furkan Aldemir , their draftee, to the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets , respectively.

The franchise then rounded out its roster for the upcoming season with Grant Hill , Ryan Hollins , and Ronny Turiaf , while signing Matt Barnes to a one-year deal early in the season. On December 15, with a —85 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks , the Clippers recorded their record ninth consecutive win, breaking their previous franchise record in Los Angeles of eight wins set in the —92 season. The win also made the Clippers the third team in NBA history to record an undefeated month ending the month of December 16—0.

The streak ended when they lost to the Denver Nuggets on January 2, On January 9, , with a 99—93 victory over the Dallas Mavericks , the Clippers recorded another franchise record with their 13th straight home victory. The Clippers would go up 2—0 early in the series after a buzzer beater by Chris Paul in game 2.

After being up 2—0 in the series, the Clippers would lose 4 games in a row to be eliminated the first round. The Clippers and Suns also sent a second round pick each to the Bucks.

The team also signed Darren Collison to fill the back-up point guard role, replacing Bledsoe and free agent Chauncey Billups , who signed with the Detroit Pistons. On August 28, the Clippers signed free agent power forward Antawn Jamison to a one-year deal worth the veteran minimum. Jamison only appeared in 22 games, and was eventually traded to the Atlanta Hawks on February 20, in exchange for the draft rights to Cenk Akyol.

On December 19, , the Clippers signed free agent small forward Stephen Jackson. Jackson also appeared sporadically, and was eventually waived on January 7, On March 6, the Clippers defeated their crosstown rivals by 48 points —94, the most lopsided victory ever for the Clippers' franchise, and the most one-sided losses in Lakers history. On April 15, the Clippers broke the franchise record of wins with In the playoffs, they defeated the Warriors in seven games before falling again, this time to the Thunder, in six games in the second round.

On April 25, , entertainment news website TMZ released a taped conversation in which team owner Donald Sterling — who had a history of accusations of racist behavior against African Americans and Latinos dating back to the s — reprimanded V. Stiviano of African American and Mexican heritage, who had reportedly been dating Sterling while he was estranged from wife for posting an Instagram photo featuring her, former Los Angeles Lakers point guard Magic Johnson , and another woman.

Sterling stated that it bothered him that she had "broadcast that [she is] associating with black people", and that he did not want Stiviano to bring them to the team's games.

They opted to conduct a silent protest instead, by wearing their shirts inside-out, obscuring team logos. On April 29, the NBA issued Sterling a lifetime ban from the organization after a league investigation into the recording confirmed that he was the one conversing with Stiviano.

He had previously been a part of an ownership group that had unsuccessfully attempted to move the Sacramento Kings to that city, but later stated no intention to relocate the team. On August 12, , Ballmer officially took control of the team following an order by a California court that confirmed the sale from Shelly Sterling to Ballmer. As part of the deal, Shelly received the titles of "Owner Emeritus" and "Clippers' Number 1 Fan", as well as ten tickets in sections or for all Clippers games, two courtside tickets for all games in Los Angeles, six parking spots in Lot C for each game, 12 VIP passes that include access to the Lexus Club, Arena Club, or Chairman's Lounge and Media room or equivalent, for each Staples games, three championship rings following any Clippers title, and will run a charitable foundation.

The Clippers first regular season under Ballmer's ownership ended with a 56—26 record and the 3 seed in the Western Conference going into the NBA Playoffs. The series went a full 7 games, and with 1 second left, Chris Paul hit the clutch game-winning shot to advance Los Angeles into the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

The Clippers would build a 3—1 series lead that included 25 and point wins in games 3 and 4, respectively. However, Houston would rally and win the final 3 games to prevent Los Angeles from making their first ever appearance in the Conference Finals, including a 40—15 run in the 4th quarter in game 6 to force a game 7 after being down by 13 points in the 3rd quarter. This defeat prompted several moves from the front office in the off-season, as it indicated the team was close to competing.

This game also marked the last game of Pierce's career. After another instance of playoff disappointment, Paul decided to leave, with rumors circulating of his desire to join the Houston Rockets. Paul, who had a player-option for the upcoming season, opted into the contract in order to be dealt in a sign-and-trade with Houston. In preparation for a rebuild, the Clippers brought in two-time Executive Of The Year winner Jerry West to serve as their special consultant; West was the architect behind the dynasties of the Los Angeles Lakers and mid Golden State Warriors, and helped to establish the Memphis Grizzlies as a relevant playoff contender.

Despite beginning the season strongly, the team eventually faltered by the trade deadline, due to injuries to Griffin and Gallinari, combined with no serious depth. This allowed the team to finish the season strongly, with strong performances from Williams, Harris, and Jordan again allowing the team post a winning record of In the NBA draft , the team were awarded the 12th and 13th overall picks, and selected Miles Bridges and Jerome Robinson , respectively.

They would later trade Bridges, and two future second round picks, on draft night to Charlotte, for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. After the season, long-time Clipper center DeAndre Jordan , who had been with the team since , opted out of his contract and became a free agent. On June 15, , the Clippers and the city of Inglewood, California entered into an exclusive negotiating agreement in which the team plans to build a new privately funded 18,—20,seat arena, planning to open by , when the Clippers' current lease with Staples Center expires.

The arena is also expected to house a practice facility and team headquarters for the Clippers, as the team's current practice facility in Los Angeles' Playa Vista neighborhood is still owned by the Sterling Family Trust , and is leased back to the team. The planned arena, however, was met with immediate opposition from the nearby Forum and its operator, the Madison Square Garden Company parent company of the New York Knicks , as they accused both the Clippers and the Inglewood city government of "backroom dealing" and the fear that a new Clippers' arena will siphon events from the recently renovated sports arena-turned-concert venue.

On June 18, , the Los Angeles Clippers unveiled its new brand identity. The club's primary logo features a basketball in the shape of a compass, with the club's "LAC" monogram situated in the middle. Below that is the club's wordmark logo in black, with the two curved lines below the wordmark symbolizing the horizon of the ocean, which the club says it alludes to its nautical roots. The team also unveiled its new home and away uniforms, which kept the design template from the previous uniforms.

The home white uniform features the club's wordmark logo in black across the front. The away red uniform features the club's "LAC" monogram across the right breast, with the player's jersey number across the left breast. The Clippers introduced an alternate black uniform intended to celebrate downtown Los Angeles on November 6, The uniform keeps the design template from the previous uniform, and features the club's primary logo without the wordmark.

The Clippers hold the draft rights to the following unsigned draft picks who have been playing outside the NBA. A drafted player, either an international draftee or a college draftee who is not signed by the team that drafted him, is allowed to sign with any non-NBA teams. In this case, the team retains the player's draft rights in the NBA until one year after the player's contract with the non-NBA team ends.

Bold denotes still active with team. Italic denotes still active but not with team. Regular season as of the end of the —18 season []. NBA Rookie of the Year. NBA Teammate of the Year.

NBA Executive of the Year. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Clipper disambiguation. List of Los Angeles Clippers seasons.

Los Angeles Clippers all-time roster. Los Angeles Clippers roster v t e. List of Los Angeles Clippers head coaches. List of Los Angeles Clippers broadcasters. Los Angeles portal National Basketball Association portal. Team by Team" PDF. Official National Basketball Association Guide — Retrieved April 5, Retrieved June 10, Don't shake the eggs in the box. The child sat on his mother's lap. Take the child on your lap.

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