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Please take nakey naughty couples of me asap

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Please take nakey naughty couples of me asap

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I don't smoke, and I don't really drink, but I'm 420 friendly. Everywhere I go I see attractive black women ta,e I find myself fantasizing about an erotic encounter.

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Please take nakey naughty couples of me asap

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I am there to be a slut. I live life to the fullest and want someone to Please take nakey naughty couples of me asap friends with first then go from there.

We are real, kitchen pboobs is on main street.

Don't think she needs any help based on her reviews. BTW, there is no "s" in the Hawaiian alphabet: Even suckers like me know how to make a good first impression. StripedFashion I hardly view you as a "sucker", and respect and appreciate your detailed posts in the escorts section. BTW, football season is here. No disrespect to the two posters, but I have to alert everyone that I think both "Mischevous 1" and "Ckluvchanel" are the same person.

They both use an apostrophe when pluralizing word like guy's and gut's; and they only post about Nani. I even asked Mischevous 1 if he was Nani during a PM exchange, but "she" said no. Nani, you should just come clean. I mean, look at how Tammie Taylor conducts herself on this board.

She comes on as herself and really leaves a favorable impression. You could have done the same. I know business is slow, but there's no need to pretend to be a reviewer. I had my suspicions when you were Mischevous 1, but your post as Ckluvchanel really called yourself out as you 'recommend' a little too much generosity to the provider. No offense, but I can't not say anything. I can't speak for everybody, but if you come clean now, and participate by the rules, we'll give you a second chance.

I think your a fucking sex bomb, and I'd love to see you some day. But, I'd prefer you dealt with us all straight up. I hardly view you as a "sucker", and respect and appreciate your detailed posts in the escorts section. I hope the Nani post is fiction. I know of a few mongerers here and stealth that has been fortunate to spend 5, 10, 24 hours or better yet a weekend.

Yes, it is euphoric lucky me to did the weekend thing , if possible, do it. Really, when that special provider does come to town or on a biz trip. I really don't do the details thing here just ask braddahs SF or sensei Hinode. PM, only if I know you or you a Sr. Some do have professioanl lives, and you have to respect their privacy.

But others, have no pilikia with the reviews. Been mongering Nani'z way, even when she was at VG. IMHO, she is a sweetheart. Aloha gentelmen, fresh encounter from a restless maui native. I've got quite an encounter to share. I personally fly in on occasion to mix business with lot's pleasure. I hope no one falls for this advertisement.

Glad to see lot's of members on the ball, seeing 3 damn posts on the same provider on 3 different threads. Not exactly under the radar huh? Lily of kihei, maui another great provider on the Southside, Kihei aka Sin City. Ive seen her on several occasions. Brunette with long curly hair 5 foot 6 inches of a great looking italian hottie. Go Full service at Or a choice of either CBJ or Dine at the yammy 1 choice per visit Contact number Are you fo real?

At least get the Hawaiian right. One of my pet peeves is saying "mahalos" with the "s". That really irritates me, in addition to the rest of his statement. Pretty soon you'll be saying "shaka brah" and calling people "barney". I watched North Shore too. Thanks for the memories. I haven't heard that term since the 80's! Maybe Dog the short white bounty hunter uses "shaka brah". Hey Nani, no need to try and drum up new business on this board, you were generally well thought of and reviewed.

If that really is you trying to hype yourself up, you did nothing but turn off several potential customers including myself. Oh, and BTW, you really gotta do something about that grammar.

Granted I'm a first timer and shared an strong energy filled review. Call me grasshopper, newbie, rookie, etc. But to have my post bashed. Woulnt have expected it nor shared it. Have some common courtesy. I travel to Oahu-fact. Did I spend on a 10 hour appt?

Absolutely Will I do it again? Yes Will I ever post a review of it? Hell no In the end, enjoy life. Treat others they way youd expect to be treated. The worst are people who do the shaka sign with the palm facing out with the arm out and up at a right-angle--instead of palm towards you over your chest with the wiggle. It's so funny seeing people on film or TV holding up their hand and saying, "Shaka brah! I liked North Shore only for Nia Peeples. Should list her on the "where is she now? She has a great little asian body, with large natural breasts that defy description.

I could literally spend all day simply touching, fondling, kissing, nibbling,. You get the picture. She was very friendly and warm. A very relaxing experience. She had some of the normal rules like no DFK, but I kind of enjoy a girl that is safe.

I would rate her a 9 out of ten. So I met up with Sasha the other day. I found her on the craigslist post and the escort post on here. She is pretty much what she says she is on the post for the most part. Been here for almost a month. Met up with her at a hotel near Walmart.. Took a shower first found a mountain of dirty towels on the floor Nasty. Is this the Sasha Pinay that says no FS in her adds?

Has anyone tried her? Even a pornstar as beautiful as she is not worth that much. Decided to try something nes and gave Jen a email. She responded quickly and we set up for the next day. Met at her house, a little confusing to get to the parking, and she greeted me outside. We went into her house and she offered me refreshments and a snack and we talked a little to get to know each other better and get comfortable.

She is from the mainland here to help out family and is pretty cool to talk to. Description in ad is accurate but her pics are alot more seductive than she looks in person more homely and seems to be early 30's.

After about 15min we proceeded to go upstairs and she offered me a shower by myself. We meet up in the bedroom where there is some soft music playing and a nice tempurpedic sp? She starts with a nice massage wich leeds into a great bbbj with cim. She laid down next to me and we talked somemore. She noticed that I still had a hard on she started to play and hj followed by bbbj. Then on went a cover and some cfs.

The overall experience wsa great and will probably repeat, but the drive to Ewa, I live in town and the price make me hesitate. If you could elaborate on how she looks aside from the buttock and stocking stock shots in her profile.

Sorry for long post I noticed in a different section of the forum that someone wrote a review on the girl who is mexican and korean.

Escort Reports [Archive] - Page 4 - USASexGuide

Right before I finished I told her to rub under my sack, as she knew exactly what spot I was talking about.

My body was twitching all the way till the wet towel. By the way, did I mention that she not only has a twin sister but has also a drummed for a band in Seattle? Was even on a Hempfest bill. Of all the girls I have seen thus far, I think I connected with this one the best.

So good-looking and so fun. Her new CL ad says -She said the price was negotiable but the service did not improve as time went on so I moved on. She did say she was getting a lot of customers, though. Happy mongeringWas very interested in the Keiko chick but after reading your post, I'll guess I'll pass. For the amount of cash she is asking, I would expect alot more. Okay fellas help a brotha out here. Seems like all the providers I run into are either using fake pictures or are extremely rude and not worth the cash.

Called "sasha" aka "candy" aka "precious" off of CL the other night and was looking forward to a relaxing night with this "latin beauty" as she calls herself. Answer the door and the girl standing there was NOT the girl in the pics. She's at least 40 to 50 lbs heavier, not cute at ALL, and was extremely rude. Invited her into mi casa, chatted for a few minutes. She gives an alright cbj give her about a 6 but her cfs wasn't up to par. No excitement, no effort.

Like fucking a sex doll. She reeked of weed and I don't think she showered before coming to mi casa. Didn't even finish, faked it and rushed her out. YMMV but once again I will never repeat. If any of you fellas have had a good experience with a provider, can you recommend one? I'm tired of wasting my hard earned mula on these fake girls. Well guys I just had to try Angelina and man she is a winner.

Sorry for not letting anyone know about her rates and such but I just been pretty busy as of late. Just a little basic info on her messaged her though e-mail and set up time for this weekend.

I really didn't see any reviews or other info on this girl but like always Jr. Did all the talking. It really is her in the picture but just a bit off due to being professional pictures. O and she does give a pretty good massage said she has license in Cali.

Now down to business. Chatted a bit seemed like a really nice girl and found out that she left for maui yesterday or today and forgot if she said she is coming back here sorry guys.

Anyway she gave a nice back rub got me feeling really relaxed, had a hard day at work, and put the cover on and gave a pretty damn good cjb. She hopped up for some cg, doggie, mish, cg again, mish again damn I was just all over her one of the best sessions I ever had! Either she was a good actor but yea didn't seem so. Finished in Standing doggie with her hanging over the bed damn that ass was nice and when I looked to my left damn mirror right there felt like a porno shoot!

Forgot to mention that she has a few "typical" girl tatoo's didn't bother me much loved seeing. Anyway like I said YMMV she was very comfortable with me after it was done she offered me a shower and we talked for a while after.

Also never got dressed really fast in fact stayed complete nude untill we said our goodbyes. I was really tempted to see if I could I could go another round but a few things went a bit awkward during the session I would rather not talk about. If had a few extra bucks man I would defiantly visit again before she leaves. Mahalos Mastah Mongah--thanks much for the informative reports! So last night I was wanting some and decided to try Nevaeh, from the picture she looked good.

When I called her she negotiated price with me and asked how much I wanted to spend. She also asked me what I did for a living, do they do that to make sure you don't work with their family members? Or got the monies to pay? I think LE can lie both ways. When they drove up there was a large driver but they told me not to worry because she was just the driver. The one who claimed was Nevaeh just gave birth and was milking for those who like those things, she has streach marks and was not the one in the picture.

She was the one doing the talking and started with the CBJ, she let me finger her and anything else I wanted but never put inside, don't know if she just thought I wasn't wanting it. Her friend Kitana looked more like the girl in the photo she had soft hand sized tits and also had streach marks from giving birth but no milk.

Kitana let me suck and finger her also taking turns blowing me off then got on to for the bull ride while Nevaeh sucked on my tits and sucked my balls. I was told I had 40 min but they didn't rush me and ended up being a little over an hour. I finished up mish style. They only do car dates and outcalls for now. I think as the local economy gets worse that there will be a lot more posts on CL. However, I'd be cautious because I'm sure the quality posts will be far outnumbered by lesser quality posts.

I'd bet there will be a lot of posts by women who would not cut it in an AMP because of looks, attitude, and service.

I'd stake a little more trust with ad sites where they would have to pay for advertising. Attached a little larger pic for reference. So which one is the one in the pic? But, unfortunately, I would not repeat. Honestly, I don't find her attractive at all, and in the end, would rather blow the extra.

Besides, she has these red zitz on her ass that I just ruined it for me. To each his own! So my cock was throbbing and I got a hold of Saniya a black escort from craigslist. I went up to her room were I was very disappointed as she did not look anything at all in her pic. My hormones wanted to fuck so I went with her anyway. I gave her I should have left at this time but I did not. Very tight pussy though. We ended in mish and we talked and I left. She is quite heavy and not even pretty.

Sagging breast and a big ass scar on her stomach. Why did I stay because she would not give me my money back. She said once I gave her the money I paid and there is no refund. She is staying at the Aloha Surf in room So what was the action like with chell? You got a pic or number for this honey? FYI, there is a thread for Craigslist reviews. Might be easier to place in one place or make sure to place in both.

I notice her ad on eros. But I admire her for that type of "business" persistance. One day I will naomi, just hang on. I usually set an appt with da Queen thats why, anyways speaking about the porn I mean rockstar.

I have to experience it before I can judge it. Also while you on the net, print a copy of her post and picture. It happen to a friend of mine, just so happen he worked at the hotel, and all the hotel guys are connected, five security personal went up to the room and got his money back, then called the le took'them for couse.

Treat the good provides with respect, and above all make sure they get paid. Get the bitches out of Hi. We no need'them here. Good Luck And the rest of you guys no need take one for the team. I've been with Naomi Heaven a couple of times and she is a good provider.

Her pics are pretty accurate and she's nice to talk to. I'm not sure what her rates are now, but she's worth it, IMHO. Doing her doggie is the mutts nuts. If you are a gentleman who appreciates the finer things that life has to offer, then I am the girl you seek. I'm a 22 year old model with a perfect and petite body type.

I weigh lbs,and my measurements are 34b I have a very charming personality and I'm spontaniously fun! I provide outstanding companionship that is second to none. My goal is to make your experience with me both lasting and rewarding. It's difficult to read and it's time consuming to fix. On behalf of myself and your fellow Forum Members: Experienced a great time with this Bay Area-based visiting provider.

Props to Annon88 for being the first to post and for the good intel. For a picture, check out her ad on Eros-Hawaii. Htm Was easy to reach by email and confirmed by phone. She looks like her pictures except her hair is a bit shorter. Her body is really nice, and she does have some ink on the back of her neck and above her ass which is beautiful I might add. Her breasts are probably a B-cup, natural, and very soft. She had a great attitude and was easy to talk to. She started with a short massage straddled me and then laid on top of me allowing her breasts to rub my back.

Turned over and started LFK and she started massaging jr. Pulled down her thong and started fingering her. She applied the cover and gave me an amazing CBJ. We moved to 69 and got to taste some of her sweet nan. Man, watching that ass move in doggie is amazing. I was pretty tired from a late night the evening before and wanted to take a little break but she wasn't ready to quit.

She immediately started on sensual CBJ til I exploded covered in her mouth. Left all my limbs tingling. Wish I could see her again during her visit here, but she said she should be back around the ProBowl so if you guys miss her, she will be back. Although it might be tougher around ProBowl time. Has anyone tried Carmina on CL.

I don't see her advertise much on there. She is a mature provider that works out of Aiea. She says in her add that she is like a sex therapist. I'm just paranoid now with all of the LE stings on CL. The link didn't take me directly to her advertisement, but I found it and attached below are her photos. Action, yes but she did not go down on me. She let me go down on her, but I asked her to shower first.

A bargain with big tits, but your imagination will have to do a lot. My advice is stay away. I connected on ex ex ex blackbook dot com where she had some pictures using a different name that made her look like a mature hottie. Boy, were those old pics.

Plenty "mature" but not even a hint of hottie anymore. Plenty chubby, varicose veins, not at all what was in the pics. Ended up with a BBBJ and got the heck out of there. One of the experiences I would most like to forget in my mongering career. Yeah, I had a session with her a while ago. She wanted to have a half hour talk session before the deed.

She goes through sex ed things most people already know. She's mature with enhanced rack. I never went back. Hey Finger Licking, I tried Carmina a while ago. She's definitely not LE. Pretty basic stuff that I would assume most guys know, female G spot, prolonging ejaculation, etc. After the "talk" I told her that I wanted to practice the G spot stimulation with her. I started DATY, she was very clean and tasted good. I really got into it, licking and sucking her swollen clit while playing with her G spot with my finger.

She came pretty quickly and after a little kissing and sucking on her breasts I gave it another go and had her cumming hard again. After resting for a while, she returned the favor with a pretty good BBBJ then on with the cover and various positions until I popped.

Overall, a very nice experience. She is older, but her bod is pretty damn great for her age. Nice relaxed time, no rushing. Had a nice shower afterward and she told me if I wanted to come again, no charge. I actually did take her up on her offer and saw her a few times after that. If you like older women, you may want to give this one a go.

She's no covergirl, but IMHO, "she go brah"! You could get lucky and have a nsa friends with benefits relationship! Thanks for the input guys! I think I'll pass on Carmina.

So has anyone tried this hot friend of Naomi Heaven yet? Been trying to get in touch, but haven't gotten through yet? I'm going to sugar coat the TER version of this review just cause, if I'm not being kind to her as it is. In person, this "Eye-talian" hunney is quite the eye candy. Her nose isn't as distracting and in fact her bod is not only more full, but smoother.

When the ball started rolling, it was a change of air as much of what I anticipated was finally coming together. Her warm gooey duck of a pussy felt so good when she rode me cowgirl, it almost brought me to pop within the first five minutes. Angelina then assumed the doggie position, taking me in from her front rather than through her bum.

I could feel her mouth adjusting to the width of my rod. She then enticed me with this BJ technique of going mid-pressure, using her lips to slightly glide like a fleshy cock ring up and down.

Again, I had to stop her cause I felt like I was going to lose it. Next to my ATF, Ms. Ashley, Angelina comes really close to giving the perfect blow job. At some point or another, I got her on her back and went in for DFK. Raising my brow and giving her a quizzical look, I asked why she advertised herself as a GFE provider over the phone.

No real answer, except she once caught a cold from someone else in the past because of it. Let's gets down to the French Kissing of downstairs then. Now if it's not the calling shenanigans on her "GFE" or her side-eyeing me as if she were unimpressed by my physique, it was this fucking bullshit! She tried to recover by making noises, but sorry dear, I already caught you. Angelina, in other words, you're trying to tell me you don't do any tongue to tongue action in the "orgy lifestyle" you pursue on the side?

Unreal and sister, I find that hard to believe. Never really reported a grudge fuck before, but I guess this is my first. Like another hobbyist mentioned, I watched us bang porno style in the mirrors of her hotel room. Despite my Pinoy heritage, I remember how pale and cut my thighs looked while pounding her in standing doggie. I also fantasized how glorifying it would've been to blow my Manila Vanilla all over that fake Hollywood tan of hers.

As they say, your miles may vary. I felt she and I tried to force a good chemisty and failed. Now you know why I like to adult swim within familiar territory. I knew I should've called Kendra http: K so the other night I was fiendin for some good nan since the last 2 providers were absolute bs. Called exotic posts on CL and set up an apt for a couple hours later. When she came over, boy was I blown away. This girl is gorgeous guys her pics don't do her justice.

Big ass tits that just bounce around. Cbj was kinda robotic though, she didn't seem much into it but made up for it in the rcg that literally had me blasting through the roof in less than 5. Felt like a total loser for finishing that fast.

Not much of a talker but boy she's hot. Seen her posting on CL couple days after the exotic night and decided to give her a try. Went to her incall in waikiki. Very pretty face but a little on the thick side. I don't like fat girls but she was evenly proportioned and had nice firm tits to go with that beautiful ass and a small waist.

Cbj was awesome she really put in work and had me thinking she wanted my man and no one else. Very friendly but very paranoid. Think she might have been busted before or maybe had bad experiences. Next I wanna try someone who will go to greece. Oh man I'm at a crossroads. Lucky you guys live on Oahu. I won't be able to catch it as I've been booked to get into Honolulu in December.

Still though I do want to finally meet Naomi, but again I'm not prepared to do so while shes here now as her eros ad states till. Any one try May? Japanese provider, she advertises on CL with the following: Any information will be very apreciated. Angelina, in other words, your trying to tell me you don't do any sort of tongue to tongue action in the "orgy lifestyle" you told me about?

Sorry, I find that hard to believe. But talking about Kendra she is defiantly next on my list. Hopefully i will be paying her a visit really soon. As ignorant as this will sound, can someone teach me how to put a copy of the post and picture on my post. Sku, Once they lie, don't believe any thing else they say, the picture's a lie, and you're a old timer, never never pay up front, and get out of there. To copy a post from the internet, you can sweep your cursor over the text of the post while pressing down on the left side of your mouse the text will become highlighted , then right-click your mouse and choose "copy" to copy the highlighted text.

To paste the copied text into your message, you can just right-click your mouse and chose "paste. Then click on "Manage Attachments" a rectangular bar below the box for the text of your message , click the "Browse" button to locate the saved image on your computer, click on the located image, and click the "Upload" button.

The image will then be uploaded to this website and attached to your message. OK, so I have been going back and forth with this provider to make a time to meet.

I even got her a pair of diamond earrings and some nice undies. The first meeting I had unexpected business and canceled with at least 4 hour notice. The second time she is late and does not respond to my text to confirm and she gets upset at me. As I own my business time is money and late is unacceptable. Finally, I tell her I hope she will reciprocate the offer of my lovely and generous gifts, and she responds by using the word bartering which she spelled bardering. So I tell her forget it and I will see someone that will appreciate this.

Am I being too harsh here? I asked now not demanded. For starters my friend any dude willing to drop diamonds even to "barder" for a working girl is not just rollin but also knows how to roll in style. Also with other Jedi Masters in the forum.

As for not being punctual more so if they're flighty , I myself have the same pet peeve. I guess it all depends on how late, as I'm sure you two coul'dve worked something out. Then again I'm still unable to get into a Happy Ending circle not circle jerk, ya jerkys! Yah, your being an ass.

You need a copy machine connected to your computer, when you on the page, press print, and take the picture with you when you go see her, and tell her the girl in the picture is the person you looking for. Now to post the picture on the post, I don't know how too. I'ld to learn too. StripedFashionHhhmmmm, sound like her. You know how roll braddah Sk, if can, why not. If you know ask, you not going get.

Same same, call, confirm, she text she going be late, then no show aft. Past my PO zone. Seh text again if can reschedule for Sat. Okies, we go, we go roll, but this time pushed my demands, visit the G Isles and go at it akone style, ok by her.

Time comes, she no can, not feeling well, ok, she like reschedule, nopes, does not take a rocket scientist to get the this time. Naomi is good, no get me wrong, had some danm good dog pound nani attacks, but sometimes, when you play games, you go home alot less, how should I put it. Like the economy, no money, no honey, go home like Palin.

In the second paragraph of message , I tried to answer that question. If anything in my answer seems unclear, feel free to ask for clarification. For those who have wonder or have seen an ad posted on CL by a provider named Barbie. Just thought I'd share some Here is Barbie link "http: Glad forum member like [Busy Boy] was able to hook me up with some of them V for that night. She really lives up to her name, nice blondie, beautiful blue eyes and succulent lips.

Had a romantic dinner, concluded back to my place. Enjoyed a nice hot tub session. Retreated back to the bedroom for an awesome oil massage session. Boy that finger nail trick felt sexually appealing, sent goose bumps running all over my body. She then led me to one of the couch for over the top lap dance where touching anywhere was not taboo like the strip club scene.

Fellas she encourages you to come as much as you can. Haha that was a mistake and I gladly took on the challenge. ALLRight For the next 4 hours I felt like superman, but it wasn't over and I wasn't calling it quit, so the next morning woody was taken care of. I'll post more detailed info on TER. All the best C. Have to contribute right to get that golden rule to work for ya.

All they do is go around smoking weed or selling them, then they introduce you to their girlfriend. The type, local asian girls you'd see back in the day at Hawaiian Brian's etc. Either the beer or the weed one of the other gave him the liquid courage to hook himself up with this hottie, then again she probably is attracted to the weed rather than my friend. Anyways I was lucky enough to hook it up with Janelli, very cute and hot. Everything protected, session was not rush.

Nice and tight nani, good times. About 5'1" and somewhat dumpy Japanese-Indonesian mix. Her picture is her, but does a good job hiding the weight. CBJ was good with a lot of suction and moaning. She is on her way to a pretty good PSE if she keeps it going. Not really a rush on anything and did what I told her to do. She asked me not to go too deep, but no complaints. Finished me off within the alloted time and hung around afterwards sucking on my nipples and kissing my ears for the rest of the time.

I walked her to her ride since she is also in the business. Pretty hot busty Guamian girl named Marie I think, I was too busy staring at the big knockers to focus on her name. They offer a four hand and Jasmine says she also has a black girl and a filipino on the hook if I wanted an eight hand.

Heading back to Maryland tomorrow and will be back in a couple of months so I may try them again. On another note, I interviewed another named Heidi from CL: Came by the room to meet and we talked for a while.

Nice ass though she smells a bit like an ashtray. Does anyone have any info on this babe? You need a woman who is strong, yet compassionate, and sophisticated. A woman who challenges you physically and intellectually. A woman who embraces you for who you are; who puts you at ease, makes you laugh, touches your heart.

This one is a ROB! She visits the island infrequently. Believe she's from San Fran area. Well CA for sure. The price she lists is just to get yourself in the door. Had the unfortunate experience of hooking up with her a couple of years back. She went by a different name back then and her hair was slightly longer. FYI guys you've been warned. Certainly her in the picture. Has the homegirl act and lingo down pretty good but is from Chuuk I heard her speaking Marshallese on the phone after one of our dates and asked what she was speaking and where she was from.

Kind of turned me on. Nice body but rush, rush, rush. Was hours late for our second date and actually stood me up twice on subsequent attempts to meet. The last time, I should have just left but went up to her very ghetto apartment on Kapahulu across the street from Safeway after thinking with the wrong head too much.

She was rushing me again so I said she got some of the payment before the act and the rest after pending good service. At that point she refused service, leaving me naked with a major case of the blue balls.

Told her that there were lots of fish in the sea and she said that there were lots of fish in her sea, too. FWIW, think twice before becoming one of those fish that allows her to be so unprofessional. Don't thing I'll be going back for more Cola at least that's what my big head is saying right now. I've always had a thing for curvy white chicks and this one looks not bad. If you would like to see her in person and talk with her face-to-face before making a decision, she's an experienced streetwalker who frequently works downtown at night.

Though it's already been the talk of the Volcano Girls forum, the news is that Blue won't be returning to the islands anytime soon, if ever again. Already know this was set in stone as they finally removed her profile from the website.

Not exactly sure the circumstances, but it's just a shame because she was re-noun for being one of Hawaii's premiere providers. Glad that I caught her the night before she left. Though doubt I was the final, I'm pretty sure one of the last. Damn did I luck out! Nothing wrong with that right? Lotta these industry women are stoners anyway.

Well, after she and I get a bit lit, I give her some extra bud for tip. Blue then goes though her own personal stash she has a THC prescription btw and gives me an even bigger red-haired nug for reciprocation. Usually the door shuts the moment I step out the in-call, but I remember feeling those blue eyes at my back, from our parting all the way to the elevator. I guess a GFE gone guardian?

I remember my days as a young newspaper boy during collection time. The older Japanese women used do the same thing by watching me leave, to ensure I had a safe path from their doorway to the front gate. Goes to show how sweet and traditional a girl Blue really was. Got back home and smoked her gift. Shit man, whatever planet lab clinic she got her greenery from, it knocked me flat on my ass.

Thank you Blue, hun, you fucking rock and will be missed. All hail the queen with the puffies! And you gotta catch her downtown cause she will do outcalls to residences only; she won't do outcall to hotels.

Saw Kenzi's ad on Back Page today. I put a link to her photo. Thank You, Clean http: Seen recently on CL: Has anyone partaken of this young Azn thang? I stand tall cm. I speak fluent English, I am intelligent, fun to be with, friendly and open minded. We can go out for drinks, dinner, sight-seeing, or a have a great time in the privacy of your apartment or hotel room. I am looking forward to meet you soon in Hawaii and I hope you are kind and respectful.

I agree, no one has a report and we been seeing this seemingly hot dish for awhile. Another posting with the same number Now she wants your pic, lol http: Come in and really feel pampered in a quiet relaxed environment. Quality products,excellent beautiful staff, shower and massage. The tantric massage incorporates head massage. It is a fantastic way to feel closeness, connected and centered. This incurs a double fee. About me - Just a Asian girl here. All I really ask of anyone is to be honest, self-aware and have a good sense of humor in general.

I'm adorable, funny, considerate, sweet, intelligent, very easy-going, honest to a fault, open-minded, sincere, mature, goal-oriented, and interested in all things. Call me, eight o eight four eight nine fifty four twenty. Please email me with your info: Ideally, I would like our appointments to be friendly, sexy, fun, sensual with the understanding that you'll make a generous donation to me for my Asian Arts. I am interested in meeting someone who's a white collar business professional, good hygienes, discreet, and can host.

I live in Honolulu area, but would'nt mind meeting new regular clients outside my area. I'm not a PRO so I'll be available for lunch or dinner and sightseeing if you'd like some companionship outside of the hotel.

Good to see that after receiving unsatisfactory service the first time, and facing the likelihood of more disappointment the second time, you had the backbone to terminate the second session.

As you correctly recognized, there are other providers available. All hobbyists should be willing to stand up for themselves and refuse to continue spending their hard-earned money on disrespectful providers who give substandard service. She's on CV now. Any on this cuttie? I want to book with her but no one here has seen her and from her pics, she's Hot, so how can that be.!? She has one review on TER, but I can't read it as am not a vip.

C Thank You, Clean http: Ok so now i have officially toftt. Spoke to a male, her 'Manager' she mentioned later, he asked some security questions, little leary as in LE sting , but I went with it. She later tells me they had a customer problem that's why the questions. They Provide easy guest stall parking. Three call system, final call in lobby of her apartment building he gave me code. Met at door by Kenzi, she gave me a big dfk and hug, OK, good start!

She looks pretty much like her pictures in the ad. She is Korean-Japanese, but pulls Japanese imho , like her accent, excellent english. She takes me through her very clean apartment the bedroom where she really tried to make me feel comfortable, then promptly undress' me and then her, off to shower with her, no ts here, she washes me very good, all over, I mean all over, was good. She get's down on her knees to clean JR then takes a mouth full of warm water and sucks JR, likes to clean it.

Ooo stop, no stop She asks me to lay down, dfk, lfk, sucking of both partners nipples, hers were great, she then slips on a cover. Then gets into CG then we go to mish and I finish. She runs to get a hot towel to clean me up. I ask to shower, she goes with me and she washes me again. Back to bedroom take two , she asks me to lay down and starts to DFK and I suck her nipples, she yanks on JR to get his attention, gets up off ther bed asked me to follow her to middle of bed room where she then slips on another cover and goes down on her knees and cbj again and away we go to standing DS, and I am going deep, she looks back at me.

Flip her over and split her in mish to cum again. Back to shower she washes me just as cafefully as the first two times. She drys you off too each time she got a new towel She helped me dress, small talk, and gives me a big hug and kiss goodbye.

No hint of rush. Kenzi is about 5'2", lbs, soft skin, I think she's yo, 34C rack, enhanced, nice petite body, shaven pussy. The rack is nice. All in all I say she's worth it, the location, parking, the GFE, 2nd pop, her looks. The service was top notch, the Manager called me back to ask how everything went Wow quality control and customer service with feedback for the monger.

See my post Same person same number. I did not heare a "click" nor did I give her a good view of my face, but it seemed like she was trying to take my picture for future use. I am sure it would be in a private scrapbook of her favorite clients. How long did you see her for? Thank You Nautboi, I'll ask for the 30 min. I hope the service level for me does not slip if I "downgrade" to 30 min.

Hi Cleanman, Can you descript what kenzi looks like? You mention she is only 5'3 but the pics she posted she looks alot taller unless the girl in the pic is not her.

Also where is she from? Is she from the mainland? And what about the man on the phone? Was he there when you went to her private apartment? Not great, but okay.

Big boobs, DATY okay but would not return the favor. I was the last of quite a few that day, according to her. Nice enough but troubled personal life paints her into the escort corner.

For less, even moreso so ask her she seemed open to the possibility when we spoke this morning. There was no rush, like a ms knocking.

Not told to me by him, no mention of donation until last call. Hey, YMMV, and yes, that pretty much sums up my visit, a cum buffet, 2 trips up was all good. Did you see her Skulzz? No I did not see her. Little pricey for me in these times. From my report, see quotation marks; "She looks pretty much like her pictures in the ad. She is Korean-Japanese, but "pulls Japanese imho , like her accent," excellent english. Kenzi is "about" 5'2", lbs, soft skin, I think she's yo, 34C rack, enhanced, nice petite body, shaven pussy.

Drove dt a couple of times last night and tried to get Jasmine's attention but I guess she wasn't interested. Seen a few black SW's and a group of pimps so I just jetted out of there. Don't need that drama. Jumped on CL to see anything new and came across Calyssa again. Had seen her before reviewed her once and remembered it was pretty good so I called again.

She showed up this time in sexy heels and a dress. Looks like she's lost some weight. Much friendlier this time I guess because she knows I'm not LE.

Chatted then got down to business. Fave pos with her was doggy. Boy does she have a nice ass. YMMV but if you're an ass man you'll def like this one. You know how it goes. Wanna taste some black nan but kinda sketchy. Stay away from this provider. I went to her room and she opened the door with her hiding behind the door. When I got into her room she was in a white towel like she just got out of the shower. The room smelled of Pot real heavily.

I could not take the smell. She is not pretty at all and kind of chubby. After about 10 minutes she said she would not even give me a blow job so I got up and walked out.

As I was walking down the hallway this other wahine opens the door and goes that is rude. She then said be careful, I turned around and told her are you threatening me she said no it is a promise. I've tried and enjoyed Hershey downtown. I've met her relatively early ish for car dates. Smooth skin, really tight pussy, DATY last time and she seems like a sweet girl.

Seen her by the sidewalk on the downtown side of the Zippy's parking lot. I know you know, but make sure you got it covered or packed, if you know what I mean ; bitches around Pagoda area are fucked up and may have some "friends" around. Nights are dangerous; days always have cops around so no one will or should be stupid. LPYea I also had a session with her at the Hilton and it was pretty boring.

Kinda loose all up in it, no pussy control at all. She went down on me but I wouldn't even call it that because it was for about 5 seconds and she only sucked the tip. Let me tell you a little about me. I have long light brown hair, brown eyes, innocent look. My skin is porcelin soft and have a sun kissed tan. I'm very cute and sexy in the face and small in the waist I live healthy, go to gym regularly, and that's why you will see a tight.

I am well cultured and have good manners. I have modern lifestyle and good taste. My personality is very outgoing, fun and friendly. Thanks for the Talked to this girl last week, but passed because she didn't have an incall. Was going to try this week, I guess I will pass again. Her pics on CL look pretty good, but I guess they are fake.

That other girl that yelled at you must be Princess. She post on CL with Barbie and they share the same number. Area around the Pagoda has turned into skuz alley. A friend that use to work with us before, worked there for a few yrs.

In security before he joined the force said it has really became nutz. We stayed there once last yr. Send all these punks to Iraq and see how damn tough they get when one 11yr. Shooting back at them an they calling for their mom. Even had a guy drunk of course trying to open my truck door alarm going off, I saw, he ended up in the bottom parking lot. Be careful in the area, not like back in the 80s, early 90s. Around Pagoda is all crackheads. That is the outside not the inside. I got inside buddies at the Pagoda.

I already know this Barbie's real name address phone etc. I let it go and so should they. I ask for no beef and neither should they. I am just letting you guys out there know what kind of provider this is. Have a wonderful day my friend! I have met this girl in person and she is pretty hot IMHO. Long straight highlighted hair, probably little over A size cups but they look real perky.

She has two big rabbit teeth but might be good for CBJ. Overall cute young petite wahine. I asked her to think about it then I would get a room and see her. I do not wish to get out of hand with this post. I have had my share with these types and pimps back in the early nineties and even had a 38 special snub nose pointed right down my throat by a pimp. He would not take my invite for a ten second brawl with him in the hallway. I have gotten much older and wiser since then.

I still go out and check these providers out but do it trouble free now. I mainly stick to the AMP's now because of this kind of experience. I will be safe and my buddies at the Pagoda are watching everyone's back. Thanks for all the updates as I do not frequent the area as much as I use to back in the day. I do not think that was Princess though. Could have been her eye you know, cause this wahine was curly haired and really browned skin.

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