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Our second Startup Story is from Irish Ecommerce site, Interview with Paul Moran

How did you develop your business idea? started with an idea of creating a beauty website that is more than a shop.  The website is broken down into three parts.

1).  Selling big beauty brands. 

2).  Get Gorgeous blog  where you can access information from a team of professionals offering everything from beauty tips and reviews on products, style tips and how to shop for your body shape. 

3). Get Gorgeous Guide where you can find a hair or beauty salon or boutique, an exclusive natiowide directory as part of the website.  It gives these businesses a shop window that would otherwise not be reached through this platform we offer. 

How did you fund your business?

The business has been entirely self funded from the start.  

Who are the key members of your team?

Paul Moran and Anita Whyte are the direct members of the team and we have built a network of outside designers, developers and a team of contributors to help make our vision a reality.  

Have partnerships helped your business?

Partnerships have worked where we have engaged with new suppliers and they in turn have introduced us to other suppliers.  We have also benefited from a large suppliers expertise and marketing capabilities where they have marketed ourselves in conjunction with them.  We started this business mindful of the fragile economy and we believe it has played a beneficial role in securing some brands we previously may not have gotten. 

How do you see the role of government agencies in the Start-up Ecosystem in Ireland?

We believe more government funding and involvement would be hugely beneficial as Ireland is  a pretty fertile environment of entrepreneurial talent and while some people have some great ideas they may lack some of the skills/knowledge to bring it to the next level which may lead them to establishing their business elsewhere where their needs are more recognised. 

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