Startup Stories - Sigo App

Our 5th Startup Story is that of Sigo App

The story of how your company got started?

Sigo was founded in 2013 with the purpose of upgrading the way groups collaborate in the mobile era. Mobile group messaging is becoming the main social interaction media. It's great for "sharing", but often frustrating where bottom-lines are desired. Whenever a group tries to reach a decision or coordinate an activity, hundreds of messages may be sent until a single option is finalized. The process is time consuming, inefficient and often incomplete. Sigo uses game mechanics to stimulate social processes, and transforms the traditional messaging platform into a "game board" of social challenges.

How you funded the startup?

The founder of the company, Asaf Lapidot, is a former Colonel and a pilot at Israeli Air Force (IAF) and served as the head of the staff department of the Israeli Air Force. He used his personal savings to fund the first year of operation. Now that the platform is ready and the app was launched, the company needs to evolve to the next level and thus looking for seed money.

Developing the Team, who are the key members?

Following the vision of Sigo’s founder, three colleagues joined the venture: a graphic designer, a technical person and a strategy/business development person and together they developed the product. Later, towards launch, they were joined by marketing and social media team members.

How Partnerships have worked to help grow your business?
So far we have not created any strategic partnerships.

How the economy has played a role in your business starting?

We knew that messaging is the right platform and that it is the future. With recent acquisitions in this space we are hoping to raise the interest of many investors.

How you see Ireland's Tech scene for home grown startups?

Although we are not native Irish, it was clear to us that Ireland would be the best place for our launch: a technology-focused nation with lots of early adopters and innovation and somewhat similar to the Israeli culture in that sense.

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