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Cloud Compare – Ireland’s First Cloud Services Brokerage for Business

Our first in our Startup Stories Series for 2013 is with Cloud Compare. A Cloud Brokerage business based in Dublin. Interview is with Managing Director – Eamon Moore

Why did you Start Cloud Compare?

The idea for Cloud Compare came about when I was studying for the Diploma in Cloud Strategy with the Irish Management Institute. While taking part in this programme, I realised how little direction there is when it comes to choosing the appropriate cloud services from the vast amount of options available. The idea for a cloud services brokerage was borne out of the lack of education and awareness there is surrounding cloud technologies, even amongst experienced I.T. professionals. I realised that companies who were confused about cloud services had no dedicated industry expert to turn to for advice. During a conference one day, I wrote down the term ‘Cloud Broker’ and began developing my ideas in conjunction with Fergal Carton, Programme Director of the Diploma in Cloud Strategy. As the result of a successful application for an innovation voucher from Enterprise Ireland, I was able to avail of the services of two academic staff from UCC who were also involved in the Diploma in Cloud Strategy course. From there we worked on building the business model of Ireland’s first cloud services brokerage. Essentially, Cloud Compare began as two words on a piece of paper and developed into the business as we know it today.

How was Cloud Compare funded?

Cloud Compare was personally funded by our four Directors – myself, Finian Nally, Kevin Kerrigan and Michael Dowling.

How did you develop the team and its key members?

From the outset I was determined to form a Board of Directors with a diverse range of experience and skillsets. I work very closely with all the directors on the board of Cloud Compare. Finian Nally, who has been the Technical Director of my other business, E-MIT Solutions, for a number of years acts as a technical advisor to Cloud Compare and our clients. He sits on the Board of Directors for Cloud Compare along with myself, Kevin Kerrigan, our Head of Operations, and Michael Dowling, a financial adviser whose experience in brokerage has helped our business model take shape. In recent months, Michelle Carpenter has joined the team as our Sales and Marketing Executive. The result is such that we have a great mix of skillsets and personalities within the office, despite the relatively small team size.

How have partnerships helped Cloud Compare to grow?

In the early stages of business, Cloud Compare developed partnerships with University College Cork and the Irish Management Institute to create our unique Cloud Adoption Framework for SMEs (CAFS). These invaluable partnerships provided Cloud Compare with resources for research and development, enabling us to develop an intricate methodology that provides the basis for tailormade cloud roadmaps for business. The success of Cloud Compare to date has also been largely due to the business and industry contacts of the four Directors who have each been able to bring their own knowledge and experience to the table. Our involvement with media has likewise been crucial to building up the company profile. I have done quite a bit of guest speaking on the benefits of cloud technologies on radio, as well as at various conferences. Recently, Cloud Compare partnered with the Irish Internet Association and Enterprise Ireland in a series of regional roadshows entitled ‘Adopting the Cloud.’ These roadshows offered advice to organisations looking to adopt cloud technology and helped us bring Cloud Compare to a wider Irish audience. The roadshows also allowed us to showcase our panel of cloud providers to potential clients.

How has the economy played a role in the establishment of Cloud Compare?

In this period of economic difficulty, cloud computing can offer businesses efficient and costeffective solutions which suit their operational needs. New cloud technologies can improve
customer service and business processes, as well as cut costs by doing away with energy –consuming servers. One of the principal aims of Cloud Compare is to educate businesses on the benefits that cloud solutions can bring in the current economic situation. I believe that despite the difficulties faced by many organisations at this time, there are opportunities to make savings and improve output through the adoption of new technologies and strategies.

How do you find the tech scene for home grown Startups in Ireland?

I think we have a dynamic and powerful tech scene here in Ireland, with startups providing some
very innovative and progressive solutions. It is well known that Ireland has a highly educated and

digitalised workforce and there are some great programmes and ventures available to entrepreneurs to help them foster and develop their talents. There is huge recognition here for the contributions that tech startups are making within the industry, with social media playing a vital role in company interaction with potential clients and partners. However, one issue that needs to be addressed in Ireland as a whole is the lack of awareness surrounding cloud technologies at grassroots level. If Ireland is to become a cloud leader, than we have to move on from the basic questions that are still being asked about cloud. Education and awareness need to take place. When this happens, the tech scene will be able to appeal to a wider audience and further develop their products and services.

For more Info Contact Cloud Compare at the info below.

Unit 23, Northwood Court

Santry, Dublin 9, Ireland

Phone: +353 1 531 2300



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