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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. First were the English, who came to this country in the seventeenth century to escape religious persecution; from their initial settlements in Massachusetts, these early colonists quickly spread into what are now Rhode Island and Connecticut.

The eighteenth century saw a great influx of Scotch- Irish from the north of Ireland who were forced to migrate following a series of repressive economic measures imposed on them by the Crown. In the mid-nineteenth century, fleeing starvation and the cholera epidemic that followed the potato famine of , thousands of Irish immigrants arrived in America. Each of these groups, together with a smaller number of Scots, brought with it the traditional music of its native land, and much of that music thrives to this day.

The songs the Irish brought here are still very much in circulation and are more easily gathered than those of the earlier migrations, although it is not always possible to identify a specific geographical source for the classic ballads we find in the Northeast.

The Scotch-Irish were but a century removed from their native Scotland; thus many of our Scottish ballads may well have arrived by way of Ulster.

Together with this imported music we find a large number of native American songs and ballads in this region. Lumbermen created many songs directly related to their occupation. Songs of the sea were composed on both sides of the Atlantic and freely exchanged, for many American sailors shipped out of English ports--not always of their own free will.

Printers in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia added native American broadsides to those from British sources, and these enjoyed a wide circulation throughout the Northeast. Stylistically the traditional music of the Northeast remains closer to its British roots than does that of most other parts of the nation.

It has been less influenced by Afro-American music than has that of Appalachia and the Deep South and, to judge by the remarkably complete texts of many broadside ballads, considerably more influenced by print.

Most of our singers continue to present their songs without accompaniment, instruments being used almost exclusively for dance tunes, and in the rubato parlando manner associated with the British tradition. A word about the vigor of the broadside ballad in oral tradition. While the number of Child ballads Francis James Child, , authority on the ballad recovered in the Northeastern states compares very favorably with those found elsewhere in the country approximately one-third of Child's "popular" ballads have been collected in these states , an appreciably larger number of broadsides have been found north of the Mason-Dixon line than south of it.

But obviously an isolated South could not benefit greatly from the influx of balladry which came with the immigrants to Northern ports long after the population of the South had been stabilized. The extremely popular songsters of that century contained many ballads of broadside origin, and these served to reinforce their currency in the oral tradition.

Print is, in fact, but an accident in the history of a folk-song. It may enter into the tradition at any time. But the stabilized text may not be expected to remain static--once passing into tradition, it will undergo the same sort of change as the original text of a ballad.

No greater mistake was ever made than to suppose that ballads survive best among the most illiterate and ignorant. A ballad may have sufficient vitality to survive in spite of illiteracy, but it does not thrive on it. Indeed, many of our Northeastern singers kept chapbooks in which they pasted clippings from the very popular song columns published in many newspapers and magazines during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Interspersed among these clippings one often finds handwritten texts of songs learned from oral sources. Thus did the widespread literacy of the citizens of the Northeastern states contribute to the preservation of many fine examples of traditional ballads that otherwise might have disappeared. Similarly, many of our traditional instrumentalists were quite capable of learning a melody from a printed source, although the larger number of their tunes seem to have been learned by ear from other musicians.

This aural element in the transmission process, quite like that of the oral transmission of songs, produces the numerous variations that make the study of folk music endlessly fascinating. To quote Barry again: I have selected representative examples of classic ballads, broadsides, songs, and instrumentals, some imported and some native, some ancient and some relatively new, all collected within the past fifteen or twenty years in various parts of New England and New York State.

Together, they constitute a sampling of the rich musical heritage of our people. A General Caveat All the music on this album has been drawn from field recordings; none of the artists were recorded in the acoustically controlled environment of the studio. The quality of the original tapes varies remarkably from good to simply adequate.

What could be done to enhance the poorest recordings has been done, but the listener must allow for the technical limitations of field recording. Boisterous conversations that were occurring in the kitchen while the singer was being recorded in the living room will occasionally intrude, as will the sounds of passing traffic.

I realize that it is impossible to capture "pure" folk music on a recording. Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty that the instrument used to measure the event alters, by its presence, the nature of the event applies to folk-song collecting as much as it does to physics. The conscientious collector attempts to minimize the effect his presence has on the material he collects and on the style in which it is presented, but some influence is unavoidable.

Who could possibly sing a lullaby to a microphone precisely the same way they would sing it to an infant? Cecil Sharp wrote admiringly in English Folk Song; Some Conclusions of the "unconscious" art of the true folk singer and of the resultant honesty of his expression. Gail Stoddard Storm, Norwell, Massachusetts.

Recorded by Sandy Paton, February Our first song is also one of our oldest. Wells points out that it is first mentioned in The Complaynt of Scotland Preachers inveighed against it, a pamphleteer who wrote about it had his right hand struck off in punishment, and Spenser's satire on the subject, Mother Hubberd's Tale, probably caused his exile to Ireland. After interest in this episode subsided, the song, newly familiar, returned to the nursery and gradually lost all connection with the special incident.

Indeed, it was as a nursery song that our present version was handed down in Mrs. Storm's family, which has lived near the eastern shore of Massachusetts since the first English settlers arrived at Plymouth.

Her grandmother sang it to her as a child's entertainment, and she has now taught it to her own daughters, who, I am confident, will continue the family tradition by teaching it to their own children when that time comes. A frog he would a-wooing go, Uh-hmmm, uh-hmmm. A frog he would a-wooing go, Whether his mother would let him or no, Uh-hmmm, uh-hmmm.

Where shall the wedding breakfast be? Down in the stump of a hollow tree. The first to come was Captain Flea; He strung his fiddle across his knee. The next to come was chickadee; He danced a jig with a bumble-dee-bee. The last to come was a crawly bug; He broke the bottles and smashed the jugs.

The frog and the mouse they went to France, And that is the end of my romance. A humorous ballad of this sort might often have been sung, together with regional ballads of lumbering tragedies, sea songs, music-hall ditties, and popular parlor songs, from the "deacon's seat" in the lumbermen's shanty.

Horace Beck tells us: By far the most important aspect of camp life, as far as folklore was concerned, was the singing. After work in the evenings the card games, storytelling, and making of axe handles was liberally interspersed with singing.

A Michigan singer placed this story in context by explaining: His cows and horses are taken, until he has only hogs left to plow with" E. In most versions of this "very old ballad, steeped in demonology," that have been recovered from tradition, such a pact is only implied. Generally, the farmer appears to be relieved that the devil is after his wife rather than himself or his oldest son, but the D text in British Ballads from Maine, edited by Barry, Eckstorm, and Smyth, which closely resembles Lewis Lund's, suggests that the farmer "cares for his wife, but considers her capable of holding her own even against the Devil, who in the end has to acknowledge himself beaten and brings her back in order to get rid of her.

The one text from oral tradition published by Francis J. Child notes that "a curst wife who was a terror to demons is a feature in a widely spread and highly humorous tale, Oriental and European. Ives would be interested in recording "that old thing!

There was an old man, he had a large farm, Fee-fol-diddle-fee-dum, There was an old man, he had a large farm, He had no oxen to carry it on, Scratch-a-fol-dee fiddle-fi-dee-fi-dum. He yoked up his pigs in order to plow, And down come the devil, sayin', "How are you now?

She saw the young devil preparin' their chains; She up with the foot and kicked out all his brains. The young devils began to boost her up higher; She swung round her leg and knocked nine in the fire.

He lugged her right back to the man with the plow, Sayin', "Here is your wife, you can live with her now. You've killed all the devils and reigned over hell. Recorded by Sandy Paton, June Ordinarily, one searches for remnants of our ballad tradition in the more remote byways of the countryside, but in fact the classic ballads are apt to survive anywhere.

That a tragic tale of fratricide should become a children's street song after several centuries of a more dignified existence may seem strange, but it is not at all unusual: Two of Child's texts of "The Twa Brothers" were from children. His G a version was "taken down from the singing of little girls in South Boston," and G b was communicated to him by W.

Newell as "from a child in New York, Johnny and Willie were a-comin' from school On a Friday afternoon, And Johnny said to Willie, "Do you wanna have a fight Or watch the boys throw stones?

Or watch the boys throw stones? Johnny took off his Holland shirt, And he ripped it gore from gore, And he wrapped it round poor Willie's heart, But it just bled the more. My own heart's blood is pouring out, I'm in the schoolyard lying. This is the Stoddard family version of the well-known "Keys of Canterbury" or "Keys of Heaven," most frequently found in America in its "Paper of Pins" variant.

At first hearing it appears to be a fanciful, if somewhat mercenary, dialogue of courtship, but the song comes to us with a dark and mysterious history. Eloise Hubbard Linscott reports a version from her family in Taunton, Massachusetts, complete with instructions on how it was played as a children's singing game, and observes that it dates back to "an old mummer's dance, and as such was highly dramatic, for it depicted the offers of the Devil seeking to win an adherent" Folk Songs of Old New England, New York, In one of the earliest published collections of American folk songs, W.

Newell states that it was known around "throughout the Middle States. This mercenary character being repugnant to modern taste, the Scotch rhyme represents the suitor as the Evil One in person, while in the United States the hero is, in his turn, made to cast off the avaricious fair, or else the lady [as in our present version] to demand only love for love. She tell us that the title, remained a puzzle until amongst the "fireside nursery stories" in Chambers' Popular Rhymes of Scotland, I came upon a version, partly told in prose as a story, under the title "The Tempted Lady," and discovered that in this Scotch version of the old dialogue- song the suitor is in reality "Auld Nick himsel' disguised as a gentleman, who began to make love to the young leddy"--offering her first "a pennyworth of preens" to walk with him.

After refusing a number of tempting offers, the young lady is finally invited to accept "the hale of Bristol town, with coaches rolling up and down. The formal--one could almost say courtly--language of Mrs. Comparing these with the song recorded here, we must conclude that the Stoddard family preserved the song in a form very close to its direct English ancestors throughout the generations of its American existence.

Whether in the nursery or as a children's street rhyme, this song remains very popular in both Britain and America. It is included in almost every major American collection. My man John, what can the matter be?

Tolman flute , Nelson, New Hampshire, and Mrs.

Heritage – Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador

In one of the earliest published collections of American folk songs, W. Newell states that it was known around "throughout the Middle States. This mercenary character being repugnant to modern taste, the Scotch rhyme represents the suitor as the Evil One in person, while in the United States the hero is, in his turn, made to cast off the avaricious fair, or else the lady [as in our present version] to demand only love for love.

She tell us that the title, remained a puzzle until amongst the "fireside nursery stories" in Chambers' Popular Rhymes of Scotland, I came upon a version, partly told in prose as a story, under the title "The Tempted Lady," and discovered that in this Scotch version of the old dialogue- song the suitor is in reality "Auld Nick himsel' disguised as a gentleman, who began to make love to the young leddy"--offering her first "a pennyworth of preens" to walk with him.

After refusing a number of tempting offers, the young lady is finally invited to accept "the hale of Bristol town, with coaches rolling up and down. The formal--one could almost say courtly--language of Mrs. Comparing these with the song recorded here, we must conclude that the Stoddard family preserved the song in a form very close to its direct English ancestors throughout the generations of its American existence.

Whether in the nursery or as a children's street rhyme, this song remains very popular in both Britain and America. It is included in almost every major American collection. My man John, what can the matter be? Tolman flute , Nelson, New Hampshire, and Mrs. Kay Gilbert piano , Peterborough, New Hampshire. The flute is not often found as a folk instrument in the United States, although it is still quite popular in Ireland. In the early New England country dance orchestras it was not at all uncommon.

Newt Tolman lived on the large tract of land his Grandpa Ebeneezer acquired on his return, in , from soldiering in the American Revolution. During Newt's childhood the family housed summer boarders in the farmhouse and in the cottages at Tolman Pond, and these guests were frequently entertained by the Tolman family orchestra.

Back in my prehistoric boyhood, suburbia was still a long way off. Most of the old social customs still prevailed. Every township had at least one so-called family orchestra, and I played sometimes with others besides our own. They ranged from professional calibre, like the New England Conservatory-trained Peaveys down in Milford, to the most illiterate of backwoods performers.

Newt had dreams of becoming a classical flutist, but he gave them up when he was forced to leave school at seventeen.

During the popular square-dance revival of the Thirties he managed to earn extra money playing with various groups, but his heart wasn't in it. In fact, during the whole time from to , I almost never got to play any of the fine old melodies I had learned in younger days.

Nor was anyone else playing them. We could never find any musicians who knew them, or any callers who would use them. But the "fine old melodies" did come back into use, partly through the enthusiastic efforts of Dudley Laufman, a young poet, dance prompter as they were called in New England , and entrepreneur who was the catalyst in a new revival of genuine New England country dancing.

Once again the Nelson town hall became a mecca for regional dancers, this time with the stately contradances being performed to their authentic Scottish, English, and Irish tunes. In , when this was recorded, Newt Tolman was spending most of his time supervising the cutting of timber in his carefully managed forests, but one day a week was set aside for music, and he let nothing interfere with it. He would drive to Kay Gilbert's studio in Peterborough, and the two spent many hours playing the music they love: Like a rapid passage in a difficult violin concerto, a good jig can merit no end of polishing--diminuendo and crescendo, smooth slurring here and staccato there, emphasis of certain key notes and phrases.

When not busy with the forest or music, Newt found time to write several books and a number of articles. Most important for lovers of this music would be The Nelson Music Collection, which he put together in collaboration with Kay Gilbert. Whaling, which was to become a major industry in the Northeastern United States, began inauspiciously with coastal farmers and fishermen taking advantage of the occasional beached whale. Soon they were setting out in small boats after those that could be sighted from shore, much as the Indians had done before them.

Gale Huntington tells us that the only difference was that the Indian ate the whale, while the colonist merely "tried him out" for the oil. As whale sightings became less common along our coast and the demand for oil and bone made such a venture profitable, men and boys began to put to sea in search of them. By the end of the eighteenth century, whaling voyages would often last a year or even longer as the ships would round Cape Horn to seek their valuable prey in the Pacific.

Toward the end of the whaling era, voyages of two, three, and even four years were not unusual. As Gale puts it, "That's a long time for a man to be away from his home and family. Martha's Vineyard, while it never had a whaling fleet to compare in size with those of its two great rivals [Nantucket and New Bedford], always furnished far more than its share of men and masters, mates and boatsteerers for the ships of both of them.

Huntington grew up on Martha's Vineyard, married a Vineyard girl, and eventually became a history teacher on the island, but he continued farming and lobstering as a sideline through all his working life.

His wife's family, the Tiltons, were all men of the sea, and Gale first began learning his ballads and songs from them. Gale spent much of his time poring over old logbooks in libraries and museums.

This research, together with the songs of the singing Tiltons, produced the wonderful collection Songs the Whalemen Sang. Gale's singing style reflects that of his sources "Now here's the way Welcome Tilton used to sing that one. Occasionally he will add a simple guitar accompaniment, but only when appropriate. I have decided to include this one because its melody is less common and it appears to be the older of the two.

Colcord points out that "it arose in the British, not the American whaling trade, probably in the latter part of the eighteenth century, and in the earlier British versions, the ship's name, the Lion [is] preserved" Roll and Go, Indianapolis, It was eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, on the fourteenth day of May, When we weighed our anchor and set our sail And for Greenland bore away, brave boys, And for Greenland bore away.

And the captain he stood in the top crosstree, And a fine-lookin' man was he, A-searchin' the horizon with a spyglass in his hand. And the mate he stood on the quarterdeck, An' a fine-lookin' man was he.

Down went the boat and those six jolly tars, And they never come up anymore, brave boys, No, they never come up no more. When the captain he heard of the loss of his men, It grieved his heart full sore, But when he heard of the loss of that whale, Why, it grieved him ten times more, brave boys, Yes, it grieved him ten times more. But the summer months are past and gone, Cold winter's a-comin' on, So we'll steer our course back to New Bedford, And the pretty gals standin' on the shore, brave boys, And the pretty gals a-standin' on the shore.

The broadside ballad forms a large and very important part of the repertories of our Northeastern singers. Malcolm Laws in American Balladry from British Broadsides, eighty percent of the broadsides found in oral tradition in the United States have been recovered in the North but only fifty percent in the South. According to Claude M. Simpson, the word broadside designates a single sheet, usually of folio size, printed on one side. Broadsides thus include proclamations, news letters, and other prose pieces.

Leslie Shepard in The History of Street Literature describes them as "a kind of musical journalism, the forerunner of the popular prose newspapers, and a continuation of the folk tradition of minstrelsy. Many of the ballads were of relatively poor quality, but others were, in the judgment of the folk, worthy of preservation.

Quite a few were verbatim borrowings from traditional ballads that had been in circulation for centuries. James Catnach, a Northumbrian printer who set up shop in London in , actually paid men to collect ballads from singers in country taverns. Laws describes the impact of this practice on our own folk heritage: The Child ballads which have been received only in fragmentary form from singers in America are usually those which do not have a record of printed texts behind them.

On the other hand, ballads which have been found widely dispersed and in good condition are the very ones which appeared frequently in print during the nineteenth century. It is sung here by Mrs. Sara Cleveland, surely one of our country's most important ballad singers. Her superb repertory includes many Child ballads, broadsides, and lyric songs, plus a number of homiletic and topical pieces.

Sara's father was born in Ireland and lived in County Cork before coming to this country in Her maternal grandparents emigrated to America from the north of Ireland in Her mother, the source of many of Sara's finest ballads, was born in New York State in Sara was born in Aside from the songs inherited from both sides of her family, she also gathered songs from friends and neighbors.

A favorite uncle, her mother's brother Robert, contributed songs he learned while working in the sawmills and lumber camps of the Adirondacks. Since I first recorded her in , she has been invited to sing at a number of folk festivals and concerts, has been the subject of an unpublished study by Dr.

Goldstein at the University of Pennsylvania, and has made two important records albums see Discography. There's a cot in yonder valley, it's deserted and alone, It has lately been neglected and is green overgrown. As you enter at the door, see the bloodstains on the floor. Oh, that is the blood of the fair Fannie Moore. To Fannie, all a-blooming, to her two lovers came. One offered young Fannie his wealth and his fame; But with all of his riches he could not allure The true loving heart of the fair Fannie Moore.

Then quick to the altar he there did secure The hand and the heart of the fair Fannie Moore. As Fannie was a-sittin' in her cottage one day, When duty had called her young husband away, Young Randall the haughty came in at the door And clasped in his arms the fair Fannie Moore. Young Randall the haughty was taken and tried, For Fannie, so blooming, in her bright beauty died. Young Randall was hung on a tree by the door For shedding the blood of the fair Fannie Moore. Young Henry the shepherd went distracted and wild, And he wandered away from his own native isle.

But at last, when death claimed him, he was brought to the shore And laid by the side of his fair Fannie Moore. Recorded by Sandy Paton, January The tall, straight trees from the abundant forests of the New World were in great demand for masts and spars for the sailing vessels of Europe in the seventeenth century.

Thus began an industry that flourishes in the Northeast to this day. Sawn timbers, stowed below or lashed on the open decks, formed an important part of the cargo of nearly every ship returning to England from her American colonies. Beck divides the history of lumbering in Maine into four, distinct, but overlapping phases. First came the masting industry. Next came the heyday of lumbering--cutting pine--which ended about when the third phase of lumbering took over--cutting spruce.

The fourth, last, and most mundane of the lumbering operations is the one still carried on today. This was begun in the present century and is the cutting of pulpwood to fill the insatiable and stinking maws of the paper mills. Gradually the number grew until a dozen or more men and a cook were employed. The camps, by , had grown to such proportions that some of them contained as many as a hundred and twenty men.

The "deacon's seat" was a roughhewn bench on which the men would sit during the long, cold northern evenings, sharpening saws and axes, making ax handles, playing cards, sometimes picking lice out of their blankets, vying with one another for the tallest tale or biggest lie, or singing their favorite songs.

A good singer could well become the most popular man in the camp, for, as it was on the sailing ships, entertainment consisted only of what the men themselves could provide. Many men signed on as sailors during the summer, returning to swing an ax in the lumber woods in the winter, a practice that led to the survival of many ballads of the sea among landbound lumbermen. Great favorites, of course, were the ballads that spoke of their own dangerous occupation. During the cutting, a man could easily be crushed by a falling tree or limb.

Sleds, drawn by oxen or horses, piled high with logs being hauled to the banks of the frozen rivers, might tip or break loose, sending huge timbers crashing in all directions as the teamster scrambled for his life. But the greatest danger came after the streams were clear of ice and the river drive was under way.

Logs were sent tumbling through the rapids of streams swollen with the spring meltoff, guided by men who scampered from log to log in their calked boots, keeping them moving with pike poles and peaveys. The tensest hours in the dangerous life of the riverman came when things went wrong and logs caught on a rock, bridge pier, or other obstacle, causing the whole mass to pile up behind them in a groaning, treacherous jam.

Then the key logs had to be peaveyed or dynamited loose. Sure-footed white-water boys clambered onto the perilous tangle and went to work. Often the jam would suddenly "break and go," transformed in an instant into a thundering, foaming sluice of logs and water.

The boys went with it. Comrades buried some of them on the river shore, cut their name in the bark of a tree, hung their calked boots from a limb overhead, and hurried on with the drive. It is sung here by Lawrence Older, who worked all his life in the Adirondack timber country.

An album of his ballads, songs, and fiddle tunes was produced in see Discography. Come all you bold young shantyboys and list while I relate Concerning a young shantyboy and his untimely fate, Concerning a young riverman so manly, true, and brave; 'Twas on a jam at Gerry's Rock he met a watery grave.

Our foreman said, "Come on, brave boys, with hearts devoid of fear, We'll break the jam on Gerry's Rock, and for Agginstown we'll steer. But six of our brave shantyboys had volunteered to go And break the jam on Gerry's Rock with their foreman, young Monroe.

They had not rolled off many logs when they heard his clear voice say, "I'd have you boys be on your guard, for the jam will soon give way. Now when these other shantyboys this sad news came to hear, In search of their dead comrades to the river they did steer.

Six of those mangled bodies a-floatin' down did go, While crushed and bleeding near the bank lay the foreman, young Monroe. They took him from his watery grave, brushed back his raven hair. There was a fair form among them whose cries did rend the air. There was a fair form among them, a girl from Saginaw town, Whose moans and cries rose to the skies, for her lover who'd gone down. Fair Clara was a noble girl, the riverman's true friend. She and her widowed mother lived at the river's bend.

And the wages of her own true love the boss to her did pay, But the shantyboys for her made up a generous purse next day.

They buried him quite decently; 'twas on the first of May. Come all you brave young shantyboys and for your comrades pray. Engraved upon the hemlock tree that by the grave does grow Is the age, a date, and the sad fate of the foreman, young Monroe. Fair Clara did not long survive; her heart broke with her grief. And less than three months afterwards death came to her relief. And when the time had come and she was called to go, Her last request was granted to be laid by young Monroe.

Come all you brave young shantyboys, I'd have you call and see Two green graves by the riverside where grows a hemlock tree. The shantyboys cut off the wood where lay those lovers low; 'Tis the handsome Clara Vernon and her true love, young Monroe.

Traditional Sung by Mrs. Morris Austin, Clinton, Connecticut. Recorded by Sandy Paton, March Austin learned these two Shaker Spirituals at the Hancock, Massachusetts, Shaker community where she was taken as an orphan in at the age of seven. She became a covenanted member of the Shaker Society when she was twenty-one.

She was eighty-two when these recordings were made. The village is now preserved as a Shaker museum. Nine members of the sect came to America in and established a settlement in the swampy wilderness of Niskeyuna now Watervliet , New York. Under the guidance of Mother Ann Lee, the order began to gain converts, and eventually communities were formed in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine, as well as several shorter- lived settlements in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

The Shakers were a millennial order, living in celibacy, holding all goods and property in common. The Society reached it maximum growth during the second quarter of the nineteenth century, when there were approximately six thousand members in the various communities.

Edward Deming Andrews describes Shaker ritualism as a true folk art. Though the tunes, songs, marches, ring dances and other forms of devotional "exercises" were composed by individuals, they were intended for common use. Austin explained that the first of these two spirituals is "a militant one" and the second "a humility song. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. And now, old serpent, how do you feel, Expiring in your torture? I'll roast you well, you're doomed for hell, With me you'll get no quarter.

Repeat You've injured me sufficiently, And now I'll strongly bind you. No more shall ye impose on me; Oh, how I love to grind you. Who will turn and twist and reel In the gale of sinful freedom, From the bower of union flowing?

Who will drink the wine of power Dropping down like a shower, Pride and bondage all forgetting? Mother's wine is freely working. Oh, oh, I will have it; I will bow and bend to get it. I'll be reeling, turning, twisting, Shake out all the starch and stiff'ning. Recorded by Jay Iselin, December During the s and s, Harvey Tolman, an electrician and a second cousin to Newt Tolman see note for Track 5 , had been inspired by a number of fine fiddlers from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, now living in the Boston area.

Many of the Scottish melodies in his repertory were learned from them, continuing a time-honored tradition of new immigrants adding more music to the local store. Nelson may have only about five hundred residents, but I know no community of comparable size that can boast so many fine local musicians. Imagine what it was like in the early nineteen-hundreds, when there were the town fife-and-drum band, the regular town band or orchestra, and at least three well-known family bands.

The Pages were known for their stringed instruments. And, of course, there was the Tolman family band, which included cornet, piccolo, flute, piano, and drums, among other instruments, depending on who was at home at any time. Recorded by William Gulvin, July Essentially the hammered dulcimer is a flat, usually trapezoidal box strung laterally with nine to twenty-one courses of strings.

Often a second bridge is added on the right to support a series of bass strings. The instrument is generally tuned in a scale. The strings are struck with small wooden mallets or hammers, one held in each hand. A sustained note is obtained by allowing the hammers to bounce rapidly on the strings. Most of the hammered dulcimers I have seen were clearly homemade, but a number of factories were producing them in the nineteenth century.

Martin, who was born in Kiantone, New York, in Martin taught himself to play the instrument at the age of nine, ignoring the strong disapproval of his Yankee parents. By the time he was fourteen he was playing regularly for local dances. Many of the tunes he eventually passed on to his grandsons were learned from fiddlers with whom he played. Our list of subscribers and advertisers is confidential and is not sold. We are not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts or artwork.

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Why deliver when you get praised for doing nothing? There are approximately 1, dedicated and hardworking men and women in the military whose lives are about to be destroyed, who will lose their jobs and lose their health care, simply because they are HIV positive. Their lives are expendable to this president, and the gay apologists who defend him. People with AIDS matter. Promises made to people with AIDS matter.

This is an election year. I met Pat Norman in the L. As an African- American lesbian, she has been a true credit to her race, sex, and the human race. Since I have to be sick. I know from my own experience producing the Mr. There is, however, an unpleasant thing I must write about, Marcus.

He was very rude to me on the phone. Not only did Marcus misspell his name, but he got his title wrong. Marcus also put the wrong date for the Contest in his column. It all has worth. Because of you, I have been able to help others, and I could not have done it alone. I know I do. John Caldera International Mr. Conkin and Feldman - what chicken shits - had to wait for John to die in order to feel superior.

John Watters was a giant. Yes, Watters served six months for doing what most year-olds did in Despite your doom and gloom assessments of what Watters did, and what you have the audacity to think he intended to do on the night of his death, none of the idiocy printed in the B. San Francisco A wealth of Watters resources Re: Here are some of the many issues: To rely on Dr.

Conkin knew both Drs. Watters and Feldman, as well as many of their co-workers and friends. He knew their tenuous relationship, which ended formally and informally EIGHT years ago, and had plenty of access to other sources of information. Watters did more for the communities in the Bay Area than can be enumerated in a newspaper article.

Talk to the people on the streets and ask them about HIV, drugs and sex. They all have a wealth of resources and information as a result of Dr. Watters eight years ago. To speak badly about a dead person is insensitive enough. The article will do no service to those who did not know John Watters, and only serves to anger those who did know him.

I am disappointed that we are left with the Conkins and Feldmans on this earth, while the Watters bow out early. The intent, believe it or not, was never to defame John Watters. This controversy, including Dr. Box West Sunset Blvd. Mar 3 at 6: Watters and Feldman were, in short, enemies. The early leadership for the development of the program clearly rested with the YES Project, which closed its offices in when financing for national demonstration projects from the National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA in some 26 cities ended.

During that time, I worked closely with Drs. Patrick Biemacki and John Newmeyer and Watters in both developing the street strategy and the evaluation of it, and in politically defending the project at a time when the program was considered both creative and controversial. From to ,1 worked closely with Watters during this developmental period in helping him gain access to out-of-treatment injection drug users so that he might interview them and acquire blood samples.

New York, Milan, Seville, Edinburgh, and other locales where the epidemic among injection drug users doubled every six months. I offer this lengthy project history as background for my comments which were quoted by Mr. Anyone who worked closely with Watters recognized, as I did, how his troubled and mercurial nature complicated work situations.

I am unaware of any mess at YES she may have cleaned up. Had I known of her custodial skills, I would gladly have assigned her those tasks. She errs significantly on at least one other point. As I remember, when Ms. I am moderately disturbed to read that Ms. Perhaps this makes up for the fact that I failed to make the one Richard Nixon compiled. The public has a right to expect that persons trained in the scientific method will fulfill their responsibilities with a respect for truth and honesty.

They become suspect when they attempt to alter documented facts to match their bias. But any attempt to suppress truth is especially reprehensible when it occurs among people who claim to work on a project of scientific importance. Such a breach of trust casts doubt on all other aspects of their activities. Come November I n the world of politics, ten months can be a lifetime just ask George Bush but in this, the first week of February, Bill Clinton and the Democrats are smiling broadly.

Yes, it is a long time from February until December, but having the senate majority leader as his Republican opponent with Ross Perot thrown in to really screw things up appears to be nothing but good news for the man from Hope. Politics and poker And just who is Steve Forbes? What a person does behind closed doors has nothing to do with skating.

Rudy Galindo is not only a great skater, but a smart man as well. From Wallace to Barkley: Her recent appointment by Police Chief Fred Lau to the position of commander has received nothing but plaudits. I represent many different aspects of the community, but my responsibility is to all the people of San Francisco. I did and look at me.

Michael Echavez can help. Let us help you find out Give all the red and white corpuscles you can spare. Yo Blood by Beth Elliott I believe in giving blood.

Commentary Eventually, I fell out of the habit of giving blood quarterly. By the time I got inspired to donate again, I found myself ineligible to do so. Designer sofas, slipcovered furniture, leather, accent chairs, sofabeds, sectionals, modulars, motion furniture, and Lane recliners. Plus tables, lamps, and accessories for that special touch. Mon-Thurs Fri-Sat Sunday ble category. I made an appointment and prepared to make a case for being eligible to donate - or at least to give and have the blood stored until the blood bank could do its own HIV test.

Unexpected hurdle As fate would have it, the only difficulty with the sexual history component was the intake tech having to look through a binder for assurance that I was indeed out of the proverbial woods. My hemoglobin was a little shaky, but within the acceptable range. The only unpleasant part of the process with the exception of the first needle not getting a draw was having to suppress my propensity for flip remarks.

And I have a secret to share: It occurred to me that the former would be Christian proselytizing and the latter overuse of Playboy bunny logos and finding innuendo everywhere nudge nudge, wink wink. Knock yourselves out if you like. Fares are one-way, non-refundable, and subject to change without notice. For complete details, contact Air 21 reservations. Wed nights 8 - 9: The first of those, which will depart from San Francisco March 15, will be led by Kay Pfaltz, a respected tour leader, and by Judy Nelson, the woman best known for taking her ex-lover Martina Navratilova for a ride of sorts.

A second, more extensive, tour is planned for April. Unlike the March vacation, which is entirely Paris-based, later travelers will also visit the Loire Valley. Both tours originate in London and feature one-way Eurostar train service to Paris, accommodations in a first class hotel, continental breakfasts, museum admissions, transit passes, and a Paris-London return flight. Nelson and Pfaltz have also agreed to host welcome cocktail parties, wine tastings, and some food to wash down all that alcohol, in the form of farewell dinners at the Latin Quarter.

Heaven was briefly owned by Virgin Atlantic, and front-door passes were included in the tour packages last year, but the word in London is that the company sold the club; even a call to the U. Other dance clubs of interest include Trade - where even the logo is a drug capsule! T For further information, call Virgin Vacations at and ask about "Out in London" tours. The reprinted text is actually much less sensational than the Globe's juvenile headlines.

Then they were all over each other, and Ellen was giving Stephanie long, deep kisses and running her hands over her arms and shoulders. With this puff piece, the Globe falls back on some homophobic hyperbole, particularly in the headline: To assuage his insulted manhood and entertain his fans , Ramon proceeded to savagely beat Goldust. Although staged to excite and entertain, this attack possessed none of the comic book overtones typical of professional wrestling bouts.

Copy your correspondence or send additional comments to: Box , Stamford, CT , tel. Twenty-six years after Stonewall, she observed, African-American gays and lesbians and their white counterparts still remain oceans a community forum Age and Community Younger men and older men talk. Have a yen to make your life more interesting?

At Berlitz you can learn to speak a new language quickly and enjoyably with the proven Berlitz Method. Start with a four- week beginning or intermediate group course. Call us today for more information or to arrange for a free consultation. Package rates are per person double.

Rates subject to change. New Voyager Travel 18th St. Kaiser found itself with some of the highest costs in the industry for the same reason that it once had some of the lowest: Their Oakland facility may be on the chopping block. They could send their patients to us.

Patients would be sent to a non-Kaiser hospital where they would still continue to receive care from their Kaiser doctor. V Kaiser Video Focus: Michael Clement and Dr. Box , Carlsbad CA And opinion about that service lack in the Bay Area, even among gay doctors, is divided. They have no mechanism to allow those people to identify themselves as gay or lesbian, or gay or lesbian-friendly.

Meltzer defended Kaiser staff as a very enlightened group of people overall, especially in San Francisco.

Also, Kaiser has just started a new follow-up quality survey of all new patients. If you have cancer you go see an oncologist.

Holiday and seasonal supplements will apply. Prices are subject to change. See store for details. Price without activation will be higher. The retired bishop of Iowa is the target of traditionalists' wrath. When you are interviewing prospective Realtors to help you sell your home, ask how they find buyers. If the house did not sell right away, the agent might recommend a price reduction.

They rely on computers, direct mail, telemarketing, and just plain clever ideas that no one else has tried. Sound real estate decisions require the help and advice of experienced professionals.

Let us share our successful team approach with you. Invest In your business! Use BAR Classifieds and watch your business grow!

Faggots - but of a different kind. Reverend Barry Stopfel is the object they would like to smite down. He is pastor of St. His parish adores him.

So they aimed their wrath at Walter C. Righter, the retired Bishop of Iowa. It was Righter who ordained Stopfel as a deacon, the preliminary step to priesthood. Ten traditionalist bishops moved in January Wantland, Bishop of Au Claire, Wisconsin in his letter for the ten.

They convinced a quarter of their nearly fellow bishops to sign on. Stanton is Bishop of Dallas and spokesman for those bringing the charges. Kim By ham, spokesman for the Righter faction, disagrees.

Race came first, then ordination of women, and over the last 20 years issues surrounding sexuality. Conservatives say that is not possible. Both sides scream that the other is attempting to impose their will upon the majority.

We know firsthand the financial challenge of living with HIV. We respond to that challenge 24 hours a day. Hie Access Program provides the money you need for living today by arranging the sale of your life insurance policy.

Quickly and Easily, with no medical exams. Our commitment is to get the best possible prices from reputable funders-and providing a caring, confidential service continues to make us The Company of Choice. We offer a solution! Family helping family, call: Let Me Help You! Results of the study will begin to make up for the limited clinical data currently available showing the effects, if any, of the hepatitis vaccine on immune suppressed systems, according to Carol Kemper, M.

The study is open to men and women who are age 19 and older and meet other medical criteria. For six weeks, donations were solicited from the audience at Phantom shows, with each dollar matched by Absolut Vodka.

We looked at patients of all three ethnic groups who reported new or worse symptoms after they began taking AZT. The theme of the evening will be a Mardi Gras celebration complete with blackjack tables and a wheel of fortune. For more information call Face to Face at It will be held at the Project Inform office located at Market St. The hotline operates Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.

February 6th at 6 p. The focus of the meeting will be on how patients without drug insurance coverage can access AIDS drugs through existing Drug Assistance Payment Programs. Volunteers sought for a 3 month clinical trial to study the efficacy of albendazole, a new investigational drug, in the symptomatic treatment of severe diarrhea caused by intestinal microspordiosis.

Volunteers who participate in the study will be compensated for trial-related expenses. If you have more than 3 liquid bowel movements a day for at least 2 weeks you may be eligible for this study. For further information, please call: This clinic is the first in the region to offer primary care for women and children in addition to traditional reproductive health care. Friend told the B. A nurse will be on hand to answer any questions. Call for more information.

If you are interested in leading groups or just want to get on the mailing list for upcoming events, call , ext. V On the stress reduction front. We are conducting a research study evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of a new Hepatitis A vaccine. Participants will receive study related medical care and vaccine at no cost For more information please call Carol Kane, R.

We can turn your life insurance policy into very real, very spendable cash. And we make the process easier, with a full-time regional representative in your area. To learn more, call Chuck Cole.

He can send you information including a free video. If a positive response's seen, participation can continue indefinitely. This is a 16 week study. Tucaresol, lab work and medical exams will be provided free of charge.

Steve Morin, a legislative aide to Congresswoman Nanci Pelosi. The state Medical Board said the stipulation from Dr. Melvyn Rosenstein of Culver City was signed by an administrative law judge, who scheduled a February 8 hearing to determine if further action is warranted. My lover Gary and I lost most of our close friends. At first, I had some skepticism about the viatical settlement industry, but once I saw some of my own friends sell their life insurance policies, stop worrying about money and get greater control over their lives, it became clear that viatical settlements are all about living and getting on with life.

Cashing in on their life insurance made it possible for them to afford quality health care, pay their bills and live a more relaxed and less stressful lifestyle. You have my assurance that if you deal with American Life Resources, we will always put your interests first. Indeed, we encourage everyone who calls us to consult an independent financial counselor or attorney so they understand all their options.

Visit with us and meet our congregation. Please follow normal rules of capitalization - and no poetry. We reserve the right to edit for style, clarity, grammar and taste. If you're submitting a photo of the deceased, write their name on the back. If you include a SASE for the photo's return, write the person's name on the inside of the envelope flap.

All obituaries must include a contact name and phone number. Deadline for all obituaries is Monday at 5 p. Roger Black July 12, - Jan. Roger grew up in Drexel Hills, Pa. In he was ripe for a new life and ventured to San Francisco. Roger sensed he would not live a long life, but he lived a fine and full life. His passion was traveling. He was honest, forthright and funny. As a friend, Roger was dependable and loyal.

His legacy will be the friendships he forged that will survive to remember his goodness. He also leaves his sister, Pamela Hein of San Diego. Mike was bom in Palo Alto and lived in Foresthill for 14 years. Mike will be remembered for his generosity, love of people and his wild sense of humor.

His ashes will be scattered in Half Moon Bay, along the American River, and in Foresthill beneath the cherry tree with those of his lover, Mike Newman. Mike, thanks for many years of friendship.

We love you and miss you. Hibbs January 9, Gordon L. He was a former employee of American Express in Phoenix and most recently associated with Project Inform in San Francisco for several years.

Contributions may be made to Project Inform, Market St. He is missed but never forgotten. Army over its homophobia, and burned his uniforms at the base gate when they kicked him out. He loved bears, men with gray hair, fast cars and a good time.

A memorial party will celebrate his life on February He died quietly and quickly, and was with friends when he left us. He will be greatly missed by many in Honolulu as well as California and many other places. We are going to miss your humor and those lengthy phone calls. You proved a true friend in times of need. Regret that when you visited at Thanksgiving, no one knew your departure was so near. Michael was bom in Kew Gardens, N. A graduate of Syracuse University in literature, Michael proudly served in the U.

Air Force in Crete and Thailand. Brooks July 7, - Jan. Jim was bom in Arkansas and grew up in West Monroe, La. A special thanks to Dr. His final day of work warranted a proclamation from then Mayor Frank Jordan. A memorial service is planned for 3 p. He was a true artisan, and we are sorry to see his eye for quality and knowledge of materials leave with his passing. Lewis exuded a unique style, never wanting anyone to suspect him of bad taste or being unfashionable.

His showy, sometimes brusque facade was a barrier to his highly sensitive and lovely heart. We will miss his magical charm and smiling eyes.

The bDNA test is also known as a viral burden or viral load test, because it measures the amount of the virus in the blood. Both tests are used extensively in research. Return the container to any of these locations for free and safe disposal.

For more information, call Our Winter training is Saturday and Sunday, February 10th and 11th. For information and an application, call Marilyn at Schindler Fund "Besides selling, are there other options? Jay, our local representative, is a trained specialist who can help you understand all your options. Or speak to the author directly by calling toll free, Monday through Friday, between 9: That three-day event will take place in Alexandria, Virginia.

The group was co-found- ed by the grieving mother of U. Navy sailor Allen Schindler, who was beaten to death by his own shipmates in Japan. Podrasky said that she knows the ads are effective, since most of the phone calls and letters into their Washington, D.

This offer good for new clients only. Not valid with any other offer. Immune Eniirncenent Project 16th St. A trial date has not yet been set, added George.

He also faces murder charges for the shooting death of year-old Scott George in Visalia, California. Officials have stated they will work together on these cases. V Mark Denzin, lag. HIV positive males weight loss interested in building lean muscle Beginning February 1, For information call now: This study will compare the safety, tolerability and preliminary effectiveness of the three treatment groups. This is an "unblinded" study there is no placebo. DuPont, who roamed through his manse unmolested for 48 hours, talking to the police on a cell phone.

The fact that their perpetrator was a DuPont no doubt helped. Of course, it could have been simple caution. He even has an armored personnel carrier, which is certainly a cut above the illicit assault rifles most murderous gun nuts harbor. Fortunately for them, Mr. DuPont appears pretty loopy. They turned off the heat in his mansion which certainly means they had access to it and could have, if they wished, put much tighter controls on DuPont.

Come to the next Town Meeting: For more information please call: His lavishness with his private team had caused some talk beforehand; his tendency to fly them to meets in his helicopter or to fly them hither and yon first class seemed a little overgenerous.

In any case, over the last few weeks as he slipped further and further into insanity, his position as patron served to insulate him from possible intervention - or help. If Big Daddy is taken away by the men in white coats, who will pay the stipend, who will fly us all everywhere? So when DuPont started talking about ghosts coming out of the wall or of possible attempts on his life by the Symbionese Liberation Army, his lickspittles simply cringed and ignored it.

It was also too salient to be left out of the story. But it is far from conclusive. He could have been a closet case, unaware of his own attraction to his kept athletes. He was 36 and trying to make it to the next Olympics. This would make him the oldest wrestler on the team by a long shot. If DuPont had a wife, it would mean more. It was reported that Schultz was shot three times, and that this was seen by three witnesses.

But the fact that the papers tell us so little certainly tends to support it. Homosexuality seems a dark enough secret that the DuPonts would want it squelched. And, at least so far, it has been possible to keep it squelched. Or at least to keep something squelched. Probably DuPont was having some sort of general breakdown that sparked the actual shooting, but it was most likely played out on the backdrop of homosexual longing, either explicit or implicit.

The closet is a luxury that only the richest and most powerful can afford, but DuPont is one of the richest men in the nation. But my best guest is: Dated this 28th day of December, Jan 11,18, 25,, Feb 1, Registrant s commenced business under the above fictitious business name on the date of Jan 1, Jan 25,, Feb 01, 08,15, San Francisco, CA This business is conducted by an individual.

Jan 25,, Feb 01, 08,15, Registrant s commenced business under the above fictitious business name on the date of Jan 04, Jan 18, 25,, Feb 01, 08, Registrant s commenced business under the above fictitious business name on the date of Jan. Jan 11,18, 25,, Feb 01, The fictitious name referred to above was filled in the County of San Francisco on: Name and address of registrant: This business was conducted by a individual.

Jan 11,18, 25,, Feb 1, Jan 18, 25,, Feb 01, 04, Jan 18, 25,, Feb 01, 08, Registrant s commenced business under the above fictitious business name on the date of April 1, This business is conducted by a corporation. Now, therefore, it is herby ordered and directed, that all persons interested in said matter do appear before the Court in Department, X- 4 on the 26 day of February, at 9: Wherever possible disappearance from reflectors Shot roulette replacement glasses of irritants have supposed his post.

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