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Only looking for a texting buddy

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Only looking for a texting buddy

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SBPF new to the area seeks new friends w4w I am a alone Black Professional girl who is aa, well-educated, well-sleeped, articulate, and cultured. And I'm really good in bed.

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Only looking for a texting buddy

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From mild to memorable.

I am waiting for someone who wants to find their other half. I posted on here before and ended up not finding what I was looking for. Maybe you will read this, are sitting home alone, and will want to venture over too.

Login or Sign Up. Text buddies August 5th, , I must first say I am 42, was married for 17 years. I have been separated for almost 3 years. I have been dating and already tired of it. I feel like all men my age are going through a mid life crisis and just want text buddies!

They seem so insecure about themselves, were I never felt more secure about myself in life. I meet a great guy on pof who I really wanted to get to know. I never meet anyone who I had so many of the same interest. He was defiantly my type. I was ready for a great fun summer getting out and going places with him.

But then the weather ruined plans, he went back home to KY, his dog got sick. I just started feeling like he doesn't want to see me. I called him out in it stating I don't think you are interested in me.

He said not true, I was so looking forward to seeing you. A few weeks later same thing. I do have way more going on them him, but I was willing to even meet for a walk. He would send me links to songs that seemed for someone you are into. And say this songs reminds of you. I finally just pulled away after he didn't want to go to a concert with me cause he said it is a couples concert.

I told him this.. I am trying to figure you out. Did you just text me today cause you knew it was Blake concert? Your obviously not interested in me and I don't understand why you send me songs that seem appropriate for someone you like! His reply was this I don't have many people here.. And I think its good to have good people in your life.. If you don't want me to, I can leave you be..

I then told him that I don't want a text buddy. I want to see someone. I just thought you were a friend if nothing else.. I won't bother you then.. I am really disappointed cause I really liked everything about him. I found a guy who had his heart broken like me, but he is hung up on his Ex.

I don't know if he doesn't feel secure about himself or what. He told me that same day how hot I am and he was sure guys were hitting on me. August 5th, , Text buddies He said he just wanted to be a friend and that's the truth. His behavior might have seemed otherwise sometimes , but it was also just friendly other times. When a man tells you straight up that he just wants to be friends - believe him.

This is the one thing men never lie about. I think it's possible that he was interested in you at first , but maybe since you wanted something more definitive, he opted out. You're behavior and his behavior are both appropriate for what you want in life - but the two of you want different things.

Text buddies I know but he never straight up told me. I had question him before and he said I was wrong and we needed to communicate better. I feel like he didn't think he was good enough for me or has anxiety issues about dating.

He has been cheated on so he says by every woman You can't get to know someone and trust them through texting. Text buddies Even so, it sounds like you did the right thing and called it off. You don't have to understand his reasons for why he acted the way he did Do you have plans to continue contact with him? I recommend that you end contact unless he tells you he's interested in pursuing a relationship after all. Otherwise, just move on and forget about him. August 7th, , Text buddies No, I don't plan on contacting him anymore.

Two dates, and then just texting. He was very condensing. Saying the first time I? That he felt I didn't wanted to see him again. But just two weeks before I indicated pretty well I wanted to go somewhere he mentioned. Text buddies Here is a hint.

If they don't ask you out within a two week period of back and forth emails then don't give them your telephone number and stop responding to them. Next anybody quickly that is not jonesing to meet up with you. You are wasting valuable dating years otherwise. Good luck and beware of the players and married people on POF They haven't nick-named it "PlentyofFuckBuddies" for nothing.

If you want a more serious group I think you'd do better on a paid site TBH. Originally posted by phasesofthemoon View Post. Here is a hint. August 8th, , Text buddies 2 scenarios. He's is married and is playing you, that's why he won't or can't get serious. He actually has been cheated on several times and had his self confidence shattered and is only capable of having friends right now.

I have been in this situation and know how devastating it can be and how long it takes to mend Sounds to me like he is trying get back into the game but at some critical point gets scared and retreats back to a safe zone.

His being friends with enough of the right people may eventually bring him back around. You on the other hand are looking for more than this guy can offer at this time which I am not saying is a bad thing, just a fact. You could continue to be his friend, but definitely continue searching for "The right guy" Best Wishes. Originally posted by pandamonium View Post. August 9th, , Text buddies I had a text buddy and I could never work out exactly what his situation was.

The time he used to text most was evening and late at night. He said he was separated and I guess his text times could confirm that. We chatted on the phone a few times and met up twice and this was over 3 years yes, I'm mad!! He lived hours away. I became slightly obsessed with him as he was just lovely and said all the right things lol He then didn't answer texts or, if he did, it was days or even a week later. I kept texting for a bit as I liked him, but then thought I deserve better, so gave up.

August 10th, , Originally posted by Jelly Tot View Post. I had a text buddy and I could never work out exactly what his situation was.

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Now it would be worth it! Message me if you're interested! Sorry ladies, i'm taking my cell off Where are you from?

I am from Lebanon, Ill. Marchioness Talk My Arm Off. I have eevryone in my contacts. Hey all I'm taking my number off the post, but if anyone would like to text just send me sparkmail and we can exchange. I haven't had any problems, but I don't want to start. Any happiness you get, you've got to make yourself" Al. I have gotten two spark mails from "members" with no profile asking if I want to be texting buddies I dont really believe that I try to buy all healthy so the temptation is not there.

I also have my own mini fridge at work. Let me know what to do next! It is a cool idea! I live in Southwest Florida. Join Tagged Join with Facebook. Please enter a message to admins then Send Request.

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Money sur le net m Aug 17, 5: Would be happy to text you but sorry: For the best answers, search on this site https: Related Questions Need a texting buddy? Have you ever had a texting buddy? Teenage girl looking for a texting buddy..? Need a new texting buddy please: I need a texting buddy? Answer Questions How to shut down a party? Friend wants to wash her cooter at my place? I found out where my friend lives and he lives nearby. How can I find a way to ask him to hang out with out making it look creepy?

Shyness is making me want to end my life? My best friend keeps making pay for everything? I wanna send her a text but I'm nervous?

Aug 01,  · i love texting and would love to do this. posting my number on the board is a little YIKES though. i have unlimited verizon and if you wanna be my text buddy, send me a msg.:) Pounds lost: 0. Mar 22,  · Is he just looking for a texting buddy? So I've gotten some really great advice on here so I want to inquire about something and see how to handle this situation the right way. Okay so I started to talking to this guy recently, it's been exactly two weeks today actually since we started speaking. Click to join our chat! This is a place to find new texting friends. Text app/pic share app users are also welcome. Kinds of information you are strongly encouraged to include in your post. intentions/expectations for communicationSubscribers: K.