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Online chance encounter with professor turns into

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Online chance encounter with professor turns into

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Online chance encounter with professor turns into

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Don't have an account? The Edvocate article link. In too many K classrooms, students are still being spoon-fed information. Why is this distinction important? It helps them participate in a democratic society, and it ensures that students will continue learning long after they graduate. Fostering independent learning begins by teaching students how to find the answers to questions for themselves.

Students also must learn how to research a topic using multiple sources, and they must understand how to critically evaluate the information they find. Jaskol describes how the students working on independent research projects learn how to use critical thinking skills to uncover any bias or flaws in logic.

Students learn to read with their own critical judgment—which is invaluable to becoming a lifelong learner. To become independent learners, students must learn how to ask thought-provoking, insightful questions that will take their understanding of a topic to a deeper level.

One pathway to developing their own lines of inquiry is through research. Though there is no better or worse experience in learning, these two kinds of effort develop different skills.

Students doing original research through Pioneer Academics learn how to narrow down a topic by asking probing questions that help focus their research, Jaskol says.

For instance, Karalee Corley, a Pioneer student from Florida was enthusiastic about anthropology linguistics. She had an idea she wanted to delve into, but had difficulty pinpointing a topic for her paper. Her professor brainstormed with her on different directions, such as language and day-to-day conversations, language and marketing, and language and the workplace.

He guided her to come up with 50 different questions for each direction. He then asked her to develop deeper lines of inquiry by following the way she raised those questions, observing the environment, and seeking the inspiration for her paper topic. These inquiry skills made a remarkable difference: The organization has developed a framework for helping students learn to develop new lines of inquiry by asking more sophisticated questions about what they are learning.

Becoming an independent learner also requires understanding how to work with—and learn from—each other. Students should learn how to collaborate with others and cultivate a personal learning network of peers and experts whom they can turn to for advice and support.

Jaskol predicts that, with world development turning everyone into a global citizen, peer learning and cross-cultural mindfulness will be key to individual success. The future will definitely favor those who can understand, communicate with, and team up with others in their network. Olivia records a video blog called LivBits in which she shares information about the books she has read and her observations about life. With the help of her mother, who is an educator herself, Liv is using social media to expand her worldview, learn from other experts, and even connect with people she admires.

Fostering independent learners requires a shift in the habits and culture of the classroom. It also requires teachers to give up some degree of control over the flow of information.

Dennis Pierce is a freelance writer who has been covering education for more than 20 years. He can be reached at denniswpierce gmail. Emerging Trends in K, December 11, When Tyler Bennett and Esther Reyes began their freshman year at Achievement First High School in Brooklyn four years ago, Monica Debbeler could tell right away they were destined for success—and that the school was dedicated to bringing the challenging opportunities they needed to them.

She has gone above and beyond in her academics in ways no student has before. Finding opportunities to keep gifted students like Tyler and Esther engaged in high school can be challenging. The program, which is conducted entirely online during the spring and summer months, gives high achievers an outlet in which to channel their passion for learning, while also exposing them to the rigors of college-level research. Since its founding in , more than students from 27 countries have benefitted from the experience.

And, thanks to partnerships with several nonprofit organizations, many students—including Tyler and Esther—have received need-based scholarships to participate. Tyler, who is passionate about literature and writing, studied with a Pomona College professor for her research. This fall, both girls have moved on to Ivy League universities: Tyler to Princeton and Esther to Yale.

They credit their research experience with helping them transcend their personal circumstances and prepare for success in college. As a result, gifted students can end up as an underserved population. Only by challenging them — and not simply assigning them more of the same sort of work—will we discover just how much they can achieve. Dennis Pierce is a freelance writer with 20 years of experience in covering education. Justice and the Arab Spring: Rosen in a discussion of cultural components of the Arab Spring through the eyes of people on the street in the Middle East.

The shopper or the shopkeeper? In this case, the bird! So the shopper and the shopkeeper agree they both are responsible, and parted friends, i. Rosen introduced the students to Hussein from Morocco, who inquires of Dr. Rosen whether there is corruption in America. Rosen, as he cites several examples. Lastly the students met Ibanik, also from Morocco, who tells us about an individual whom he knows not, based on pictures he is shown of that person in social settings.

Each of these examples, Dr. Rosen explains, are manifestations of Arab culture, in which reason and relationships are paramount, and which seem unintelligible to many Westerners. By understanding these men on the street, Dr. Rosen went on, one can better understand the Arab Spring and what it meant to the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. Rosen responded to student questions submitted in advance so he could prepare better answers and to some rising spontaneously during his talk.

He is both a distinguished anthropologist and accomplished attorney at law. Student reactions to the Pioneer Open Dialogue Series were enthusiastic, even though for some it was late night; while for others, early morning.

Pioneer Open Dialogue Series is free to persons of all ages and ethnicities from around the world. All that is required is a computer with a camera and microphone. Learn more at www. Zoller spoke online with 20 students from six regions: He spoke about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how students can develop the skills necessary to become one. Christina is a senior at Harbin No.

Opening the event, Dr. Zoller then told students that entrepreneurship is a process of constructing and designing their own lives. He said that the biggest barrier to becoming an entrepreneur is giving oneself permission to seize opportunities.

Zoller likened entrepreneurship to playing checkers and not chess. One always has to look at the changing context of the market. A new idea is only disruptive until the market adopts and assumes it.

But if they solve a real need, then they will become part of the market landscape. One student in India asked what formal training or things students should do to prepare to be entrepreneurs. He also recommended students consider universities that have programs to teach innovation, problem solving, and business creation. The discussion also touched on the nature of ideas.

Zoller told them that entrepreneurs may have new ideas or not, but that they take ideas and make them available to others to solve real problems. In the session, Dr. Zoller conceived of a model of entrepreneurship in which the entrepreneur understands both the market and an innovation.

This entire process is one of iteration. Zoller also hit on another key component of entrepreneurship—execution. It is essential to deliver a solution in a timely way that does not expend more resources than it creates. The left brain entrepreneur dives deep into the business plan and into how very specific details work. The right brain entrepreneur considers how the overall business model meets market trends.

A good venture will make use of both kinds of people because they complement each other. Pioneer Academics has announced the nominees for publication in the Pioneer Research Journal! The nominated papers were produced by 10 th and 11 th grade high school students from around the world and are the culmination of their participation in the Pioneer Research Program. The Journal is published each year to showcase the outstanding work of select young Pioneer scholars.

For many of the nominees, the paper represents an academic milestone. Despite their prior unfamiliarity with the academic research process, the students quickly learned how research is conducted at the undergraduate level and beyond. Under the guidance of their Pioneer professors, all distinguished educators at top American colleges and universities, the students mastered critical research skills, such as determining a research topic, locating sources, and forming cohesive, structured arguments to defend research results.

Pioneer showed me how to select information which was most important for my research paper. The second set of skills Pioneer taught me was on a more personal level — how to express my opinions and how to clearly communicate with professors.

Each nominated paper will be evaluated by the Pioneer Research Journal Committee, a panel of distinguished professors from leading American undergraduate and graduate institutions, who will determine which papers are to be included in the Journal. Your Body, My Voice: The Silver Lining Behind the Darkness: Political Culture and Perspective in Transition: The Great Leap Forward: An Althusserian Analysis of Leftism as Ideology.

"She Didn’t Teach. We Had to Learn it Ourselves.”

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