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Older ladies Dixon Springs Tennessee

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Older ladies Dixon Springs Tennessee

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Older ladies Dixon Springs Tennessee

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Your guide to Dixon Springs, Tennessee assisted living facilities. With so many senior housing options available, how do you know which one is right for your family?

Our Senior Living Advisors live in the Dixon Springs area and can provide you with an insider's view of local communities including pricing information and distinctive features.

Request information online by filling out the form to the right below or call us at for a no-cost, in-depth assessment of your senior care needs. Our compassionate advisors can help you find the best Dixon Springs assisted living facilities for your unique needs and budget. Dixon Springs is also known as: The zip code is: Once a thriving area between Carthage and Hartsville, the community still has many antebellum homes and significant cemeteries of early settlers in the area, including the grave of Col.

Dixon Springs was settled prior to by its namesake, Tilman Dixon, Revolutionary War soldier, where his historic home, Dixona, site of the first Smith County court meeting, still stands.

You will now be able to see all pricing information we have on AssistedLiving. Talk to Local Advisor for Free Only show communities with in a mile radius. Filtering all Luxury communities. Prioritizing 1 Bedroom options. Please send results to: Sorry there was an error: You also consent that we can reach out to you using an auto-dialing-capable phone system. Southern Manor Living Center.

Nutritious meals are provided to residents, the minimum allowable age of residents is 55, physical therapy is handled by the physical therapist that makes regular visits to this community, an occupational therapist visits and helps residents, the facility has staff that can administer insulin to manage diabetic needs, hospice is an option available at this location, and respite care is offered.

Expertly prepared meals are provided to residents, 55 is the minimum age allowed for residents, the property is secured for the safety of memory care patients that might be exit seeking, this property provides complimentary transportation, hospice is an option available at this location, and respite care is offered.

Expertly prepared meals are provided to residents, 55 is the minimum age allowed for residents, staff can help residents monitor their blood sugar, complimentary transportation is at the disposal of residents, and hospice is an option available at this location. Richland Place Senior Living.

Physical therapy is handled by the physical therapist that makes regular visits to this facility, regular occupational therapy by a visiting therapist helps you stay active and engaged, full-service medication administration is available, the community has a nurse that is able to administer injectable medicine, respite care is offered, residents can arrange for a room at this property that will allow them to live in this location whatever their healthcare needs are and become, and the community is licensed for 55 residents.

Residents can expect animal care, the minimum allowable age of residents is 55, the Elmcroft of Hendersonville is especially designed to handle memory care and behavioral issues, caregivers at Elmcroft of Hendersonville are trained to spot potential disorientation presented by residents, caregiver employees can deal with any wandering issues a member of the community may have, residents who drive will find parking available to them, and hospice is an option available at this location.

Vegetarian food is provided, nurses are on staff, an occupational therapist visits and helps residents, speech therapy is available on-site by a visiting speech therapist, transportation at cost can be arranged, aging in place allows residents to remain in one location as their care needs change, and this community was built in Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Fill out your information below to see prices. Fill out your information below to get prices and availability in. Thank you for your submission!

Maj. Tilman Dixon, Patriot, Soldier, Explorer, and Pioneer

On the other hand, I also feel that marijuana, like alcohol, has physical and psychological risks. If someone abuses marijuana, they are asking for trouble. Visitors to this web site need to know I could care less about Pot. I was attracted to the story of the Tennessee Pot Farm Bust because it showed daring and ingenuity. Furthermore there were no bleeding, injured, suffering victims to ruin the fun.

I feel the same way as Mr. Wednesday, May 09, What I'd give for that place! Not to grow pot, but as I was raised on a farm I have always wondered about ways to improve crop yield under artificial conditions without the use of chemicals or genetically enhanced crops. Of course when I was a kid we just used chemicals. Trust me, if you hav e n't washed the produce well enough, you don't get all the nasties off.

Trust me- apples treated with Diazonon aren't healthy or taste good though I have no problem with insects when in the mountains, so perhaps it's a trade off? Here citizens have no rights and not only are YOU at risk, but so is your wife and family. Anyone can do anything to you and or family and get away with it. And if you so much as raise a finger in defense, you will be arrested. Not my opinion, but fact.

Good writing on your article! Fear of unreasonable law enforcement in a rural setting is a theme that Western movies used to deal with on a regular basis.

I have driven through Chaffee County and know it to be an area blessed with huge mountains, rolling hills, and many streams. I also know this county appeared to be pretty civilized. If you are afraid of the authorities, obviously the most direct route is to protest to your politicians. If they are unresponsive, then organize an effort to vote them out. And if the situation is so corrupt that the politicians and law enforcement are in cahoots, then maybe it is time to get the Denver newspaper involved.

I don't envy you this problem. Tennessee Pot Cave at Auction! Post by Lynn Roebuck on Oct 31, , 7: T Shrum and they can arrange a private viewing for you. The main Fred Strunk House shown in the Photos did burn in Dec but the basement is in structurally sound condition however it did receive smoke damage during the fire. But also in this tract is a small living quarters that was separate from the main house, it has a kitchenette and full bath.

From what I understand you probably could even live in the cave since it was modified from its natural form and has electricity, climate control, a living area, etc. At this time I'm still not sure about the size of the 'modified' cave. The cave and property are now being surveyed so I'm awaiting the results.

I understand some of the rocks used to build the retaining walls came from the cave. The cave does have a concrete floor. A lady I spoke with said the cave is not illegally spliced into utility lines now and an electrician has the cave electricity "legal" now.

Tuesday, October 23, 9: Tennessee Pot Farm Dear Rick: I was searching the interenet yesterday to find a picture of pot plant to use in the back ground of an Auction Sign.

To my surprise, as I was scrolling through the pictures, I noticed a picture that I recognized - the Tennessee Pot Cave.

I read your article and it is very good. The house did burn in November The basement, the cave, and the separate living quarters still remain. I have been to the cave many times preparing for the auction and am amazed each time I go!!! The company I work for, J. The Auction is scheduled to begin at We have scheduled Media Day for November 1st. We have also scheduled to have Public Tours on Thursday, November 8th and 15th. We can also arrange private tours for someone who is interested in the purchase of the cave.

We will have more information regarding the auction on our website soon -- www. If you or someone needs more information, you can contact me at our office or my email address is jtshrum nctc. I never expected my story would become a place for a real estate agent to make a plug!

Authorities seized the home in after finding more than marijuana plants growing under lights in two secured, yard-long underground rooms connected to the home. Fred Strunk, the previous owner of the home, was sentenced to 18 years in prison last year on charges of growing marijuana, money laundering and theft. Row after row of white-bright grow lights were powered by "free" electricity via an illegal splice into utility lines. An indoor irrigation system was nearly an engineering marvel. A ventilation system controlled humidity, while a security system featured a bank-vault-like entrance, with security cameras placed everywhere.

Strategically located were escape hatches should lawmen come knocking. And there was the cave itself, a rock fortress shielding the illegal activity. Strunk's pot harvests, without a doubt, replaced tobacco and vegetables as Trousdale County's biggest cash crop, investigators said.

The operation made him rich, allowing Strunk to lead the high life. He frequently traveled for business and pleasure and had stylish homes in Tennessee and Florida and nice cars, not to mention enough false identification papers to get lost in a crowd should the need arise, investigators said. In December, investigators alleged in a count indictment that his more-than-comfortable lifestyle was financed by profits from his high-tech, subterranean marijuana "farm.

He shuffled into court here Monday morning, his arms and ankles shackled, to face Circuit Judge J. Known over the past decade by at least seven other names - Fred E. West, to name three - Strunk agreed to plead guilty to three of the 17 counts: The man who spent four to five years and untold thousands of dollars turning a dark, musty cave into a brightly lit pot palace that had two growing rooms stretching for yards each will now be incarcerated in a state prison for a maximum of 18 years, the sentence received for manufacturing marijuana.

If so, he would be nearly Strunk also received 12 years each on the money-laundering and theft charges. All of his prison terms will be served together. When arrested in December, Strunk had been on the radar of local and regional law enforcement for about nine years. He answered Judge Bond with "yes" as the judge led him through the process of certifying that he understood he was waiving his right to a trial. In addition to being shackled, the prisoner wore the uniform of a detainee in Macon County, where he has been held since his arrest.

He was taken to Wilson County because that is where Bond is holding court this week. Strunk will be transferred to the Tennessee Department of Correction for assignment to a state prison. Defense attorney Jack Lowery said his client chose to accept the plea. It was an offer that we felt was reasonable.

It was his decision to accept it,'' said Lowery, of Lebanon. Also representing Strunk was Nashville attorney David Raybin. The evidence was overwhelming. I didn't see a lot of wiggle room in this case,'' Durham said. After Strunk's arrest at his home near Gainesville, Fla. An investigator testified about finding driver's licenses issued in four states, including Tennessee. The licenses all had the defendant's photo on them, but different names. Lawmen also found birth certificates from several counties in Ohio, baptismal certificates from several churches, grade transcripts from Castle Heights Military Academy, a defunct prep school in Lebanon, and numerous Social Security cards.

Some of the documents were forged. Others, such as the driver's licenses, were genuine but were probably fraudulently obtained. On Monday, however, Durham said his office was "convinced he's Fred Strunk. According to the prosecution and defense, possession-of-marijuana charges levied against Strunk when he was arrested in Florida will be dropped now that he has pleaded guilty in Tennessee.

Meanwhile, the stylish A-frame house at Dixon Creek Road - sold three times in recent years, each time to one of Strunk's aliases - will now be sold again at public auction, Durham said. Durham noted that the house and 30 acres would probably be a hot item, no doubt because of the size of the basement.

Beneath a stylish A-frame home on Dixon Springs Road in eastern Trousdale County, three men allegedly set up a sophisticated operation to grow as much as pounds of marijuana every eight weeks.

These guys were professionals. Local authorities were in Florida yesterday to return Strunk to Tennessee. According to the district attorney general, the investigation into the operation began about five years ago when a home was built above the cave, but it never appeared anyone lived there.

They cut the side of the hill so you could just drive right into the cave,'' Thompson said. The cave, reached from the house via secret entrances, is said to be about two miles long, but the marijuana operation was located about yards inside.

Thompson said the other end of the cave had been blocked to keep trespassers out. According to the prosecutor, the men told locals they were going to be mining statuary rock. In another suspicious incident, the local electric company was asked to install a larger transformer than usually required by a residence.

But apparently that was not enough electrical power to operate the grow lamps required to raise marijuana plants at a time. Instead of asking the electric company for more power, the men spliced into the Tri-County Electric line and were stealing electricity, Thompson said.

To harvest the illegal crop, Thompson said the men would hire a half-dozen Hispanic workers in Arizona and drive them to Tennessee. It's like something out of a James Bond movie. Tuesday, February 10, 9: I don't know why i wanted to share this with u but this is it!!! Sunday, March 08, The thing that gets me no one thought of getting their own generator?? He ck, I have 2 of them and I'm just a carpenter. I can't get over the irony. A smaller crime led busting the big crime.

I posed the question of generator to some friends. Here is what they said. Good question about the generator. I am guessing with the amount of electricity they used, it would have cost a small fortune to run their operation off a generator.

It is a fun story. It should be made into a movie. Generators in caves would kill you from the fumes. I don't think the generator would have worked out very well. Fuel - Needs gas and it's a lot less efficient than the local electric company at converting the thermal energy into electrical energy. Probably would have cost a lot more to generate the same amount of electricity. Emissions - creates a lot of fumes that would need to be vented or the guys would have been asphyxiated inside the cave.

Plus plants don't really like polluted air. Noise - maybe an issue, maybe not but I would think loud noises might generate unwanted attention. I'm surprised they were able to tap into a high voltage transmission line without killing themselves!

Should've used solar panels or those fiber-optic tubes that can transmit light - sorta like flexible skylights. The same principle that makes learning to dance with 30 people at a large studio cheaper than learning the same material thru private lessons I worked in a power house for 6 years and the turbines that use natural gas or coal that are the size of a locomotive can do it so much cheaper and efficient than a small gasoline engine A lot of people were surprised during Hurricane Ike at just how costly those generators are to run.

Sunday, October 24, 8: Tennessee pot cave i was going to a school named tennessee technology center at hartsville look it up when it happened. I don't know if that's any addition to what you may know about the situation. Sat, 11 Dec Although I sure did enjoy tunes of Jackson Brown when the air was thick. But I have to say I was so captivated by these stories. You my friend need to be a author. You would keep fans from book to book and I for one would be a follower. Thanks for keeping me amused in the middle of the night.

Friday, February 11, My husband took a trip to Alabama in august of We drove up to Lebanon Tennessee while visiting my daughter in Alabama. We were going to visit some friends who lived in lebanon. They lived on about hundred acres with a beautiful gated entrance.

We pushed a button and told them who was at the gate. He came up to the gate to lead us down to the house. We followed him to the house which was just a little 2 bedroom cabin. Out behind this house just a short distanace from the house was a very large pole building. What brought us together with these people were we both collected cookie jars.

We had met the lady a year earlier up in Milton Washington. We had talked occasionally on the phone from lebanon. W e met with them a few times before going to see them in Tennessee. Back to the pole building, inside this building were hundreds and hundreds of cookie jars. It was the largest and most beautiful collection of antique jars that we had ever seen. We stayed there for two days and went to Nashville with them.

Unfortunately over the years we lost contact with them after we moved. But they were two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Needless to say when I saw the incident of the largest drug bust ever on modern marvels I recogenized the front gate and was totally blown away when they said that the mastermind behind all this was Fred Strunk.

I still can't believe Fred was the mastermind. Never in a million years would I ever think Fred could do something like this. What a waste of 18 years in prison. Monday, March 14 , 1 9: Was going to accomplish great and wonderful things this morning and spent the whole morning reading all the data you put out on the Pot Cave Was delighted by the way that you put it all together and I fully agree with your comments I must say, that I disagree with one comment you made.

Crime Does Not Pay. I am surprised that no one bothered to comment on it Just turn on the new and see what is going on in Washington Then tell me that crime does not pay Must admit that it has never been as bad as what it is not Thanks again for all the work that you did. I was in the military from to and never saw a joint in all that time Was in the UK the last three years When I got out of the military, I did find some people using it.. I worked much too hard for my money and could not see wasting it on pot.

Put all my money into cars and motorcycles Here is a more recent story on the Tennessee Pot Cave from The photos are of a seemingly normal house with a huge marijuana grow operation hidden in a cave beneath the house.

While these pictures have made their rounds on the internet for years, details on the story behind the photos are vague at best. Read the full story, click below. There is a hidden passageway from the home to the cave that leads to a corridor with cinder block walls and concrete ceiling and floor. The corridor slopes down 40 feet into the converted cave. The cave was complete with air conditioning, full bathroom, and a kitchen with a fully stocked pantry.

An excape hatch lets out steps from the home and has a hydraulic jack that lifts a trap door which is hidden with a boulder. To power the sophisticated lighting and climate control system that kept the caves temperature at 87 degrees the growers had illegally spliced into county power lines. The growers would hire about a half-dozen Hispanic workers in Arizona, and then drive them to Tennessee. Police were eventually tipped off to the operation after the electric company discovered the missing electricity and sent crews to investigate.

There are unsubstantiated rumors that man with a shot gun threatened an electric company worker in a confrontation at the houses massive front gate. On December 14th , the house was raided by national and local law enforcement agencies and three men were arrested in connection with the growing operation. Brian Gibson and Greg Compton were arrested in Tennessee and are believed to be the day-to-day managers of the operation. Fred Earl Strunk, thought to be the mastermind behind the operation, was arrested at his home in an affluent area of Gainesville Florida.

Investigators estimated that the operation could bring in as much as 6 to 8 million dollars per year and could produce about pounds of processed marijuana per harvest. Strunk was held on a 15 million dollar bond which was reduced to 1 million dollars with the provision he provide a high school or college yearbook with his photo to prove is identity. Fred Strunk pleaded guilty in March to charges of growing marijuana, money laundering and theft.

He received concurrent sentences of 18 years for the drug charge and 12 years for the theft charge. The Fire and Rumors. On December 5th , the house and a neighboring home about a half mile away, caught fire and burned to the ground.

The suspicious fires were intentionally set and sparked a wave of speculation about who, and more importantly, why someone would burn the houses. A popular theory is that the police possibly missed a key piece of evidence during the investigation.

Maybe documents or information leading to more underground grows or other co-conspirators in the operation. With the attention to detail that went into hiding the huge grow operation, it seems logical that the police could have missed something small and well hidden within the home. We will probably never know the true reason, but the fact that a second house was also destroyed, fuels suspicion about how large this operation really was or possibly still is.

There are rumors that a neighbor was found murdered in a house close to the pot cave about 3 or 4 months before the bust. The rumor also says that 2 dead immigrants were found a few days later in the same area.

I was unable to confirm whether or not the bodies were actually ever found. On December 8th, , the famous pot cave was auctioned off on behalf of the state. The auction was held in what had been one of the underground growing rooms in the previous marijuana operation.

About people, mostly spectators, came to watch the court-ordered sale unfold about 90 feet below ground. The auction included 7 acres of land, the high-tech cave, the burned remains of the house, and a smaller house located behind the original which was believed to house the garden workers. Friday, March 11, Friday, April 29, 9: Fred Strunk Thanks for the wonderfully entertaining pics and story about the cave farm.

If someone like me were interested in writing Fred's book or making a screenplay for film, do you know where Fred Strunk is today?

Would he agree to a series of interviews? I live in Texas and have never met the man. I wrote the entire story back in based on news clips and pictures I found on the internet. Since then I have updated as additional news came available. You are right about wanting to expand the story. Rachel's email above shows that there is definitely interest.

Now we have the story on TV. Can a movie be far away? Drug Pirates of Tennessee? Saturday, June 04, 8: Are you on Facebook? I recently created a group called Fred E. She died May 11, She was 90 years old. Fred collected cookie jars as a hobby. Ferrari or whatever, and rebuild them. I know I'm rambling and just spouting off. I was surfing the web at work back in , searching for articles about Uncle Fred, as he was an expert parachuter, is that a word?

He is in the Guinness book of world records. It happened in Thailand. His girlfriend died skydiving at Jump for the Cause. I think they have Fred free-falling at mph. Written by Rick Archer, November Long ago I concluded that marijuana is probably less damaging than alcohol.

As you can see above, the ceiling escape hatch was painted the same color as the ceiling to create a disguised escape route. I suppose the idea was if they needed to leave fast, they could crawl into the ceiling, kick the ladder away, replace the concealed entrance, and sneak away. They could run their operation at half-capacity and settle for a slower return on their enormous investment.

They could ask the electric company to give them more juice and risk revealing their setup. Please try again later. Please enter your email address and we will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Your password must be at least 8 characters. Please check the I'm not a robot checkbox.

Internal Server error occurred. Photo added by Danny Richards. Search Dixon Springs Cemetery: This cemetery currently has no photos. Drag images here or select from your computer Select Photo s. Photos larger than 8. Each contributor can upload a maximum of 5 photos for a cemetery. A cemetery can have a maximum of 20 photos. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Dixon Springs Cemetery I found on Findagrave.

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Golconda Marina State Recreation Area. Fort Massac State Park. Cache River State Natural Area. Sielbeck Forest State Natural Area. Ferne Clyffe State Park. Area Accommodations over 20 miles away. Come back to a simpler time when families played games together in the evenings and sat on the porch talking into the night. Enjoy some southern hospitality while staying in a real Log Cabin or a one-of-a-kind luxurious Tree House.

Tucked away in the picturesque rolling hills of Southern Illinois, our location rests on the highly acclaimed Southern Illinois Wine Trail. Pinnon Lake cabins are ten tranquil minutes from the edge of Shawnee National Forest. Moments from anywhere yet feels like miles from it all. At the stop sign turn left and the park is 13 miles on the left. If you are traveling West on I you take exit 16 to Rt. At the stop sign turn right and the park entrance is 13 miles on the left.

who, after the Shawnee had been driven from Tennessee, had settled near the Dixon Springs was one of their favorite camping grounds and was called His cabin was a landmark for many years as was an old log church on the adjoining knoll. In the spring the Jack-in-the-pulpit, violet, lady's slipper, May apple and. Their pot farm was located on Dixon Springs Road in eastern Trousdale County, Tennessee. Same old Robert - always into risky business. A lady I spoke with said the cave is not illegally spliced into utility lines now and an electrician. Located at 25 Dixon Springs Circle. Location. Dixon Springs, Smith County, Tennessee, USA Show Map. Memorials, 2, added (79% photographed).