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Nude Dordrecht heights

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Hey have to say, your photos are fantastic! I'm fired up by work like yours. Have you had a chance yet to read our pages and member-submitted articles about how to help you avoid scams and to take control over your safety? Click here for our general Member Safety page! Click here to learn how to deal with unprofessional behavior!

Click here to learn how to avoid scams! Click for More Information. About Me Hi to you all! My name is Zaza Wouters, mother of my little boy Thrystan. I'm a natural redheaded model with a pale skin and little freckles everywhere. I like to create beautiful and special pictures. I've worked with many different talented photographers and mua's. Pictures of me have been in several dutch magazines, like Panorama, Viva, ZOOM, Focus and more or are used for commercial posters and stuff like that.

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World Exonumia: Tokens and Medals, Badges, Ribbons, Political, MORE! Historical Americana

About XF, medal scratched. Badges Ribbons S-NY Cyprus - Buffalo, VF, some fading on ribbon. Lot of 2, Capital-type building in center, scimitar pin, gilt-BZ, VF. Grand Council of Royal and Selected Masters, Scimitar Lot of 4, Albany NY Temple Comdy, Official 30th TC Grand Encampment, Super 3-part enameled badge, with neat full-color detailed view of two Revolutionary War soldiers: Lot of 4, OH Early Ribbon Lot of 3. Badges Ribbons S-OH OH Akron Comdy Pinbacks S-OH Celluloid Masonic Temple Dedication Pinback, OH Cincinnati Comdy 3, ca.

Probably an early membership badge. Hanselmann Comdy 16, ca. Zanesville Cyrene 10, Neat lot of 3pcs: State Conclave KT, Badges Ribbons S-PA Great 2-part enameled badge, with layers! Rare composition for a badge! Lewiston ME Comdy, Outline of moose, on log, dark N-S, XF. If you love moose, this is for you! Badges Ribbons S-RI St John's Comdy 1 Ribbon Lot. Early lot of 7 ribbons, includes Reception, 3pcs, 2 dups, one ink-stained ; th Anniv, ; Calvary Comdy 13 Pilgrimage, ; Pilgrimage , ink-stained; New Masonic Temple, Nice lot of 7, 2 dups, XF.

Badges Ribbons S-SD Annual Communication of Grand Bodies, Oriental Consistory 1, Both NICE 5-part badges, top scimitar pin enameled in gold, bars with ribbon one stamped: Saratoga ; the other: Atlantic City , lower badger over bi-metal badge, Egyptian sphinx, etc in brass center, N-S outer.

Shrine Directors Assoc, WI Mixed Lot of 3. Nice early multi-colored enameled pin, white, red, green, red, blue, yellow! Mixed Lot of Masonic Badges, Etc.

Lot of 12, one dup, mostly XF, 2 damaged. Great dealer lot of 16pcs, , some undated, includes some NICE membership badges, one nicer enameled badge, one massive bi-metal piece missing ribbon, one OES ribbon, two enameled stick-pins, two metal membership cards.

Early Masonic Ribbon Lot. Includes some nicer early ribbons: Good dealer lot of all different ribbons, , some undated. Various types, all early styles, 11 different, one with nice large celluloid top pin. Consistory 3-part; two nicer awarded 2-parts, double-layered; one great 5-part Mass. Consignor states one is gold and silver. Nice old enameled badge, with top pin, 12 year badges, bottom rung engraved "G. Masonic Watch-Fob Lot of 4 Different.

Various types, mostly undated, two appear early, 3 dated ca. Masonic Pin-back Button Lot of Includes two large ca. Three heavy Brass K. Royal Masonic Institution for Boys, Choice "Steward" badge, 3-part: Royal Masonic Institution for Girls, Lot of 2 pins: Far East Comdy Manila, Silver or N-S, XF, but ribbon poor. Nude male, female figures, with Pegasus, winged horse; rev rugged peaks. American Indian planting corn; rev nude male, "To Reap".

Three nude females each side. Society of Medalists Family of 3; rev man clearing the land. The Spirit of the Space Age. Star-shaped nude man; rev benign spirit, nude earthlings advancing. Heavens Declare the Glory of God. Two angels; rev Great Frigate Bird, stars. Square medal, high relief head obv, nude male rev with lamp of knowledge.

Underwater sea plant, fish; rev nude male swimmer. By Tom Allen, Jr. Flame, as a symbol of life, in palm of hand; rev Latin legend. Human figures in playful postures; rev Christ-like figure.

A nude Youth, playing guitar, involved in world of his own; rev soldier carrying wounded man. No box, photocopy of paper. Development of the Alphabet. Key stages in development of Roman alphabet; montage of 26 letters. Spring Wind - Autumn Wind. Nude woman in wind; nude male. As above, but in Silver; UNC; original shipping box. Confucius and Lao Tze obv; rev Chinese style landscape.

Society of Medalists Birds except eagles , etc. Opposing conditions of freedom and opression; winged bird in flight. Young couple in passionate embrace; rev woman with baby. By Elizabeth Gordon Chandler. Early renaissance sculptor carves the Greek muse of painting; rev ballet dancer, swan.

BZ; UNC, original shipping box. Choice Collection of 41 Different. Great collection of 41 different BZ Society of Medalists medals, most with boxes and papers, near mint. Rare and previously unknown Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace medal. Undoubtedly made from an original dies copper impression. Nicely toned silver-plated copper, with only a few traces of copper. All the different sizes of the original early Jefferson Peace medals were also struck as shells, joined together.

This middle size medal was struck in copper as a solid piece, for collectors beginning in This unusual specimen is an electro-type galvano shell, with the two sides joined together, as were the original pieces. There is a very fine die crack on the reverse, though the bowl of the peace pipe to the thumb. The medal has some very light wear, and does have some depressed area, as is quite normal on a shell. Choice About Uncirculated, Wonderfully toned silver-grey, 74mm, a couple of high points with some minor rub.

A small reverse section at lower right on the rim shows copper, as do some minor high points which are the only hints it is not a solid silver strike. Unlisted and previously unknown to researchers. For the advanced collector, or for the person seeking any Jefferson Indian Peace Medal, this possibly unique piece should be of interest.

Official Annual Assay Commission Medal, The only modestly priced Assay medal, with Martha Washington obv. Small silver medalette, 18mm. Toned AU, tiny srcrath rev. Bust r of Lincoln; bust l of Garfield. Made after the unexpected death of Garfield. Silver, nicely toned Unc. US Mint Commemorative Mint Medalette Lot of 7. Modern strikes from U. First items struck on the new coin press, from regular cent planchets.

Liberty cap; inscr, Mar. George Washington Commencement of Cabinet, CU, 20mm, choice AU, chocolate brown. Bust r of New York surgeon ; rev scientific implements. CM Pennsylvania Bicentennial, Bust of William Penn; state seal, inscr. Distributed during the parade of Oct. Brass, 25mm, choice XF. Large 3" medal, facing bust of, crossed keys below, name around; Secretary of the Treasury , within partial wreath. Only struck ca. Unsigned, but by George T. Jefferson Memorial Association of US, Bust l, "Tribute to the Author of the Declaration of Independence", ; 11 line inscr.

On original card of issue: St Louis Bicentennial Official Medal set, Arch; fleur de lis. Mint Medal of Wayne, bust half-right; horseback scene rev. Gold plated by The American Treasury Mint, in custom holder, with info card and numbered certificate. S-AK Made-from or Relic Made of native copper. BR, 5c, ch, dug VF. Rare Arizona Territory token! BR, 8-sided, dug VF, corr. Interesting misspelled item, should be "Grotto".

Unlisted, GF 25c IT. Wai Yuen Chinese Social Club - 2. Chinese symbol "Hui", an abbr. Probably the name of a gaming house in S. Same both sides, denominated "2". Wai Yuen - 3. As above, chinese symbols, etc. Wai Yuen - 4. As above, chinese symbols, "4".

Frederick Will established his cutlery business in in Calif. In he became partners with Julius Finck as "cutlers, surgical instrument makers, locksmiths and bell-hangers". The oil lamps were used on the card game faro tables, prior to the advent of electricity. No tokens were known until Brunk purchased this small hoard. Interesting hoard of 42 uniface pieces includes 30 Hazard Oil Lamp brass; 9 oval copper Faro Lamp; 3 brass Cutlers tokens, ca.

Interesting lot of This is the original hoard, as mentioned in Rulau. S-CA Saloon on item Good for 5c Drink. BZ, XF, but discolored. In the miners of Telluride, Colo, walked out, calling for a set daily wage, and for union representation. Mine owners refused and hired non-union men to reopen the mines. Some armed strikers confronted the scab miners and after killing three, forced the rest to leave town. This fair settlement did not bring peace to the mines, for in there was a general strike of the mill and smelter workers and miners.

In Colorado City the Western Federation of Miners called a strike demanding wage increases and the eight-hour day. A strike of miners in Cripple Creek involved miners from 50 mines. The mine owners brought in outside miners and appealed for martial law.

Sherman Bell to proceed to Cripple Creek with the militia to maintain peace and order. On 6 June 10 months later an explosion at the Findley Mine railroad station killed 13 non-union miners. The mine owners were quick to blame the union, precipitating lynching, censorship and destruction of the local newspaper.

Mobs stormed the union hall and the militia arrested union men and sympathizers. By the 10th over men were forcibly deported from the Cripple Creek District. Soon the mines started up again with non-union miners and the militia left 26 July. A three part badge, with top pin: Choice uncirculated, chocolate brown color. In original cardboard box. DEa, R-5 known. S-CO Saloon on item Miner on horseback, Colorado above; Centennial, mountains, '76' center. FL Keysville Lumber Co. The remains of the original hoard of this interesting token.

Includes about 4 mostly 8-scalloped 1 Qt Homogenized; about 10 mostly 4-scalloped 1 Qt Golden Guernsey; about 16 mostly square 1 Qt Pasteurized bags are slightly mixed. Dinsmore Dairy Plastic Cow. I have another example of this cow in my collection marked for a Rockford dairy, so they must have issued them all over.

HI Lot of 4 Lunch Tokens. ID Nice Mixed Lot. As above, GF 25c IT: S-IL Saloon on item BR, 5c, dark VF. GF 25c In Drinks. Lot of 3 uniface BZ tags, stamped "C. Work Horse Parade Ribbons, ca. Interesting lot of 3 elaborate ribbons, each a double ribbon from a center rosette, with fabric pin with horse center. Yellow worn, other 2 wrinkled, but nice. Plus Chicago GAR encampment badge, broken. Michigan Blvd Souvenir Tray, ca. Rectangular tray showing skyscraper outline of lakefront, temple monument foreground, "South from Randolph St.

Tate set of 5. A neat waiter check! No Elks Club. As above, different variety: Rare unlisted IL saloon. AL, 25c IT, Unc. West Frankfort Mercantile Co. The listed piece is rated a R6, the rarest listing. IL Riverview Park Token.

The famous amusement park, near Chicago I recall going there as a kid, and winning a chalk figurine! V-Sig-A, listed as rare R6. AL, 5c, nice VF. Attributed to Stockton and Glenview. V-Sre, listed as R-5 10c IT.

Sales Tax S-IL Dove to left, in shield; Good for 1 Quart Milk. AL, G-F, many dings. IL Mostly Different Lot. Ea; GF 10c IT. State outline, dates, inscr around; state seal center. Lot of 4, all AL, about AU. NEAT Old style reverse. As above, old style. As above, large, old style. Lettering partially doubled from shift in pattern when the sand mold was made.

White House Shoes Advertising Mirror. Colorful cello mirror with George and Martha Washington dancing at a White House ball, with Thomas Jefferson, other notables in background large crowd! The Brown Shoe Co. KS Lot of VF, but some damage. As above, Pioneer Coal, but 10c. As above, Pioneer Coal, but 25c, 22mm. Barrell obv; Kentucky Whiskies rev.

Nice older style, pre? AL, 35mm, proof-like XF, glue on rev. In 4 lines; rev wreath around blank center. No state on token, but city is listed. MN Lot of Mixed Trade. Three part badge, top name-pin, red ribbon, watch-fob diamond-shaped uniface lower with IOOF symbols in circles around center with "Queen City", large mining earth-mover, etc.

BZ, Mint, on original card of issue. Bust l, below; "State of Minnesota", wreath rev. Bust l, below; "State of Mississippi" over confederate flag. Nice old style, Brass, 25c, Toned XF. As above, but 50c: Nice old style, Brass, 50c, Toned XF. Used 's through 's one is dated to pay pickers, just as the metal tokens were.

Issued by the smaller growers or associations, and most are much scarcer than the metal tokens. Includes Duenwig, Sarcoxie 8 diff. AL, nice ; and 5 Copperhill cardboards poor. Plain bust r; rev Axe in log, Lincoln quote, E. Law Briefs Exclusively since Unlisted, as above, 25c. MT Montana Hotel - Anaconda, CU, 37mm, toned XF. Probably made from the copper of the mine. Lot of 8, dups. NE Gurley Mercantile Co.

Double printing plate for "Appreciation Certificate" for 25 cents "Redeemable in Merchandise at Our Store" "By December 31st, ", vignette of store. Obv and rev plates mounted on wood, each 2. Patrons of Husbandry Badge. Three part gilt BZ badge. At the turn of the century Prairie Center in Buffalo County had only 17 residents; by the middle of the century it was a ghost town and no longer exists.

Nice Bi-metal, 5c, about VF. The Yankee Mercantile Co. Nice set of 5, 10, 25, 50, 1. Good For Free Gift. BR, 32mm, tarnished XF. Sanger Medal, in unusual incuse relief around center: Rev "Awarded To", blank. As above, but 50c, AL, Unc. Similar to H, but no mfg name. S-ND Business College money Lot of 6, nice. Oval AL, 1 pint of milk. GF 1 quart of Milk. Lot of 5, about XF. Bust l, below; "State of Oregon" around covered wagon, horses, to left. Communion tokens S-PA From the Associate Reformed Church.

A scarce US communion token! Wagner One Pine Milk. Yellow cb, worn VG. Bust l, date below; "State of Rhode Island" around capitol bldg. The Opera House Store. BR, 8-sided, 5c, toned XF. Includes 17 different towns, brass and AL, 17 dups, all in 2x2's. George Halden's Pharmacy Mirror. Large paperweight mirror, 3. VF, one edge chip. Heart-shaped, partial gilt pot-metal tray, high relief with bldgs shown, 4. S-TX Birds except eagles , etc. Fairly modern BZ medal, flag center in star, flags that flew over TX in outer points of star; state outline, Mockingbird, Bluebonnet pictured.

Ogden High School Centennial Medal, Front view of Art-deco school, inscr around, school in 24K gold; interesting front view of tiger, inscr. The two historic and authentically detailed locomotives and tenders, the Union Pacific's Jupiter and the Central Pacific's meet in the medal and are backgrounded by the Utah and US maps; rev high relief of the gold spike used to join the rails, "A Golden Link for Progress". Choice old Saloon token, unlisted in Campbell: XF, minor spots rev.

Grower; Good For 1 Pack Cranberries. AL, XF, holed as issued. Grower; GF 1 Pack Cranberries. WA Choice Lot of About Nice lot of 30 diff towns, 60pcs trade tokens, only 8 dups, AL and Brass, some older, all fairly nice, in 2x2's.

Bust l, below; capital bldg, "State of Washington". Lot 70 pcs, nice AU. As above, but 25 cents. As above, but 50 cents.

As above, but 1. As above, but 10c. As above, but 25c. Arthur Spoerry Green County House. WI Mixed Lot of Various cities, brass, AL, 2 plastics; only 2 dups, nice lot, all in 2x2's.

WY Lot of AL, 28mm, nice XF. Maverick Tokens no location given Patent Medicine Maverick Tokens no location given Stockbroker BR, 25c, dug VF, corr.

Hickey Brothers All-Different Lot. Nice lot of 9 different, 5 diff cities, all but 1 AL, about XF. Maverick Tokens no location given Merra-Lee Shops Anniversary, Gold AL, 39mm, Unc. Different US Trade Checks. Nicer lot of 28 different all metal trade tokens, all with city and state, mostly midwest.

Choice Lot of Possibly Identifiable Mavericks. Better lot of 23 better, odd names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Only 8 dups, AL, Brass, 3 plastics, etc.

Mixed Lot of Mavericks. Includes some 34 hard to identify mavericks, some junk, mostly metal, plus 27 denomination only pieces. West Coast Modern Medal Lot. Mond Nickel Company Ltd, Unusual nude male elf, rising from flames; rev 3 lilies, Magnetic Nickel, 44mm; Choice Unc.

Includes 3 Chicago Lamp Checks; bakery, dairy, etc. Canada Consignment Remainder Bulk Lot. Mixed lot, includes 5 old Colonial Tokens, ca. All attributed pieces in this section by researcher H. Pick supplied pool parlors, etc. Pool table pictured rev. Rulau Mon-1, , BBC-8 type, brass, XF. The Courtright - Chas. Lauby - Brunswick-Balke-Collender, ca. Dark BR, 24mm, VF. Pool table pictured on rev. Brass, 8-sided, GF 5c IT.

Algeria Notgeld - metal Chambre de Commerce D'Algeria; 10 centimes. Menelik II Railroad Medal, Issued to commemorate the start of construction on the railway between Djibouti and Addis Abata, built by the French.

Struck by Paris Mint, depicting bust of Emperor left, by J. Chaplain, as he appears on coins struck at the same mint; rev steam locomotive, inscr. South Africa Transportation Tokens - World Kimberley International Exhibition Medal, Bearded bust of Count Kimberley, British Colonial Minister, almost facing; rev view of exhibition bldg.

South Africa Spiel Marke Imitation Krueger Pond, Bust of Krueger l; rev shield. For the Pier Restaurant. Peace, End of War Dove of peace, radiant sun, shore, inscr below; rev 5-line legend, shield, wreath.

W-M, 31mm; Bright XF. George V 25th Anniversary of Reign Medal, CU, 32mm, top loop; Toned AU. Taylor Great Exposition Medalist Token, Obv female seated on rock at shore, holding laurel spring in left hand, staph in right. Rev seated kangaroo in landscape, 4-line legend exergue.

As usual for the crudely struck series. Australia Melbourne Australia Melbourne Exposition Souviner, Small silver 16mm, top hole, bldg; rev blank for engraving; toned XF. Paris Exposition Eiffel Tower, George Steuart And Co. Coffee Pickers Token, Two women, one seated, other holding basket of coffee beans. A day's wages token. Pridmore 96; Mitchiner BZ, 31, center hole as made. Ceylon Agricultural Horticulture Agri-Horticultural Show Award of Merit, Legend; rev in wreath.

Ceylon Elephants Agricultural Low Country Products Association, ca. Two Elephants facing, trunks together, "Unity is Strength". Ruthven Cup Award Medal, Large elephant l, "Preserve and Triumph" below; rev hand engraved "Second" prize, , in wreath.

China Enameled item not coin Mixed Lot of 2. Medal in imitation of "cash", cutouts. Laureated bust l of Queen Victoria; rev Rising sun behind ships approaching shore. Victoria was Empress of India, but only Queen of England. Temple Token Lot of 4 Different. Nicer lot of 4, includes one Silver, two silvered, one BZ. All round, mm, with four figures one side, 3 with two other side, one with writing in crossed-lines.

Amazing collection of 70 variously sized and shaped medalettes, most all with top loop, most picturing Gandhi in various poses. Lot of 2 India. Mahatma Gandhi token minted secretly by the Congress Party in Bombay; facing lions, shield.

Celluloid "Christ for India", button, multi-colored. Other Non-US Wars Crowd of people, tank, bldgs in background; rev inscr, A. A possible trial strike. WW I fully hand-engraved buckle: Nice enameled green, white 28mm badge, top loop, ; rev "No 58", number stamped, two solder marks, by Lewis Badges, Birmingham. Northern District Peace Commemoration Medal. Large silver medal in custom case, inscription on inner lid, two busts right obv, ?

Unusual oval uniface medal, with two men in contorted positions, one athlete throwing another, Japanese characters to left. BZ, 33x23mm, top loop; Dark VF. Charles C Barley, KM TN7; Andrews Choice Brown, hints red XF, very slight tiny dings rev.

Brown Fine, minor corr. Basso a; Shafer p. Philippines Leper Colonies Token Collection. Small lot of 10 diff Cullion Leper Colony tokens, Young head r; rev seal of President. Antiqued BZ, 40mm; AU. College of Commerce, High relief bust of Luis F Reyes, First President; rev shield with winged gear, on shield, legend around. Singapore Lot of 3 Cock Tokens. Rooster to right, rev legend. Lot of Two Modern. Marshall Sarit Memorial medal, , C-N. Abdul Mejid Medal, ca.

Facing bust of Abdul Mejid ; rev Toughra between 7 stars and crossed laurel branches. Not in Pere or Sultan, see Pere for portrait. Other US wars Greece Settlement of Greek War, AH , Other US wars New Constitution Medal, AH , Silver oval, 24x27mm, top hole; Toned VF. Siege of Vienna, Commemorative Jeton for the Battle of Leipzig, The battle where Napoleon lost 60, troops.

Spiel Marke Computing Jettons Austria Facing busts of Franz and Alexander, inscr around; city view, eagle above, etc. Leopold I Constitution Lot of 2, Elected King of newly independent Belgium in Two varieties, BZ, 27mm, toned XF. Frederick Shiller th Anniversary, Bust right; Mortuos Plango, Bell the title of one of his poems , legend below. Schiller Centennial of Birth, Lot of 2 on the famous Austrian poet, dramatist and historian: High relief bust l, legend around; rev 5-line legend in wreath.

W-M, 30mm; Bright XF. Bust l; rev 6-lines. Bust right, legend around, 8-lines. Franz Joseph Pavillon, W-M Britannia , 33mm, bright XF. Fine quality, detailed busts right in square, legend around; "Wein C. Fromme" grid of numbers calendar medal; Unecht. Vienna International Electricity Exposition, Radiant Electric light fixture; rev Souvenir legend. W-M, 34mm, top loop, Bright AU. Decorated bust r of Franz Joseph I, on his 40th anniv of reign; rev two genii beside draped female, panel "".

By Anton Scharff, engr. Bearded bust of national hero Andreas Hofer , leader of the Tirol rebellion in ; rev commemorative legend of fig and coffee factory of Salzburg and Freilassing. By Joseph Christian Chritelbauer, engr.

Vienna Exposition Badge, Bust of composer Franz Schubert in oak wreath, legend below, by Joseph Tautenhagn, engr. Thin rectangular BZ pinback; XF. Christmas Donation Nazi Shilling, Illegal token, as Nazi Party was banned in Austria Rebuild The Nation Medal, Standing Man, anvil, sheaf wheat, Silvered BZ, 31mm. Interesting lot of 5 different, includes Joseph 25th Anniv Marriage oval, ; N. Nice lot of 3 diff early enameled pins: Austria Notgeld - metal Nicer lot of 10 different small tokens, not-geld, propaganda-marke, etc.

All identified, various metals, mostly VF-XF, a couple with minor corrosion. Belgium Revolution Jeton of Flanders, King Leopold I, Vanput, Bishop of Antwerp, Satirical medal with unusually exaggerated nose on Bishop's bust, left, legend around; shield, legend. World Non-Pennies Belgium True Friends Union Medal, Fine quality BZ, 31mm, by A.

Brussels School Medal, Henri VanHavermaet Medal, Detailed crest center, legend around; rev 6-lines. BZ, 31mm, Brown XF. Belgium Royal Numismatic Society, Gerard VanLoon, famous numismatist, who wrote volume on Low Country medals ca.

Antwerp Universal Exposition Medal, City view from sea, sailing ship; rev Expo bldg. Liege Universal Exposition Medal, By Alphonse Michaux, engr. Held on 75th anniversary of Belgium independence. American War Relief to Belgians Medal, American Generosity - Belgian Gratitude. Freeman ; Storer Silverplated BZ, 35mm, Antiqued. First Agricultural, Industrial Exposition, By Joseph Christian Christelbauer, engr. Few medals are known from Bulgaria.

Centennial of St Nepomuk Canonization Medal, Blackened Iron, 27mm; Nice XF. Horse Breeding Prize Medal, ca. Obv Military bust r of Franz Joseph I ; rev 6-line legend: Silver, 34mm; toned XF. Commerce and Agriculture Exposition Medal, Obv city view of Eger; rev 7-line legend. W-M, 27mm; Lightly toned XF. Battle of Kjogebugt Jeton, The Swedes suffered a great defeat, losing 11 ships in the battle. Obv sailing ship bursting into flames during naval battle between Denmark and Sweden, 1 July below.

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe 14 Paintings. Arfanotti, Matteo Tarot Argunova, Nadezhda Title Unknown. Arian, Mark Welcome Distraction. Arifin, Henry After the Morning Rush. Arkhipov, Vladimir Title Unknown. Armitage, Alfred Cornish Harbour.

Armand, Nathalie La lectrice. Armstrong, Rolf Thinking of You. Armstrong, Rolf Title Unknown. Armstrong, Rolf Bebe Daniels. Lead Dancer in Purple. Asencio, Henry Amongst Beauty. Ashburner, William The Peacock Dress. Aspevig, Clyde The American West. Aspevig, Clyde Title Unknown. Atkinson, Sarah Graceful Contemplation. Atroshenko, Andrew Unknown Title.

Aublet, Albert Le Jardin du Harem. Avedon, Richard Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent. Avataneo, Miguel Angel Unknown Title. Averin, Alexander Unknown Title. Axentowicz, Teodor Portrait of a Woman. Axentowicz, Teodor Dama w Parku.

Axentowicz, Teodor Nad morzem. Axentowicz, Teodor Rudowlosa 2. Axentowicz, Teodor Portrait of Young Girl. Ayers, Alan Captive of my Desires 1.

Babeux, Serge Le reve de Lucie. Bachelier, Anne Title Unknown. Bacon, Charles Roswell Emmet's Corner. Bacon, Henry First Sight of Land. Baena, Nuria Hainuwele y otros poemas. Baes, Firmin The Girl with a Cabbage. Bagchi, Barnali Radha Krishna. Bail, Franck Antoine Carving the Pumpkin.

Bajramaj, Elio Angelic Love. Bak, Karol The End of the Night. Bakalovich, Vladislav Title Unknown. Baker, Suzanne Early Morning Vignette. Bakker, Hans Jochem Title unknown. Bakst, Leon, Costume Designs 20 Paintings. Balcan, George Venice Flower Market. Balla, Giacomo Grand Fiore Futurista. Balthus La Baronne Alain de Rothschild. Woman in a Purple Dress. Bannuscher, Gerd Without Horizon. Barabas, Miklos Portrait de femme, Hongrie. Baracchi, M Cristina Ferma per un Attimo.

Baragwanath, Janice Blue Awning. Baranceanu, Belle The Johnson Girl. Barber, Charles Burton Blond and Brunette. Barker, Wright Dignity and Impudence. Portrait of a Young Woman. Barney, Alice Pike Laura at Sixteen. Barney, Alice Pike Laura in Black. Barney, Alice Pike Laura Attentive. Barney, Alice Pike The Necklace. Barney, Alice Pike Study in Auburn. Barney, Alice Pike Mrs. Barocci, Federico Portrait of Lavinia della Rovere? Barouch, Gabriella Unknown Title.

Barrau, Laureano After The Swim 2. Bartashevich, Alexander Unknown Title. Bartashevich, Alexander Title Unknown. Bartlett, Bo The Triumph of Romance. Bartlett, Bo Betsy in the Mirror. Bartlett, Dana Spring Morning. Bashbeuk-Melikian, Alexander Seated Woman. Bashkirtseva, Mariya Konstaninovna Self-Portrait. Bashkirtseva, Mariya Konstaninovna Title Unknown. Bashmakov, Evgeny From Scratch. Bashmakov, Evgeny A Premonition of Parting.

Basler, Claire Castle Beauvoir, France. Bastien-Lepage, Jules Potato Gatherers. Bastien-Lepage, Jules Sarah Bernhardt. Bastien-Lepage, Jules Rural Love. Bataev, Vladimir Alekseevich Title Unknown.

Batakova, Irina Title Unknown. Batten, John Dickson Sleeping Beauty. Baugh, Casey Charcoal Drawing, Portrait. Baykalova, Natalia Anna Eating a Peach. Bazanova, Elena Portrait of a Cat. Beal, Gifford Elevated, columbus Ave. Bearden, Romare Black Manhattan. Beardsley, Aubrey Messalina and her Companion. Beaudry, Carolle Les copines d'abord. Beaulieu, Ginette Unknown Title. Beaulieu, Robert Foster Street, Waterloo.

Beckett, Clarice Across the Yarra. Beckmann, Max Woman with Parrot. Beckwith, James Carroll Evelyn Nesbitt. Beckwith, James Carroll Greee. Bedard, Gilles Charrlrvoix, La Malbaie. Bedard, Monique Complicite Musical. Begin, Guy Parfum de St. Behrens, Howard Rooftops Over Lugano. Behrens, Howard Woman and Flowers.

Belanger, Richard Slim's Jacket. Belkovsky, Igor Title Unknown. Belkovsky, Igor Il mondo di Mary Antony. Bellei, Gaetano A Gust of Wind. Bellei, Gaetano Tuscan Flower Girl. Belleroche, Albert de Woman with a Yellow Hat.

Belleroche, Albert de Etude. Bellini, Gianni Title Unknown. Bellows, George Wesley Cliffs at Eddyville. Belostotskii, Artem Walk on the Beach. Beltrame, Achille Portrait of a Lady. Illustration for Life Magazine. Black Haired Woman with a Flowered Dress. Benedicenti, Luigi Sara Solitario. Benkhard, Agost Reclining Nude. Benson, Frank Weston My Daughter. Berberyan, Arbe Title Unknown. Berchmans, Sister Agnes St. Berezovskaya, Anna Title unknown.

Bergelin, Eliane Piano et Orchestre. Bergh, Richard Villerville Bergman, Oskar Wood Anemones and Birches. Bernadsky, Gennady Title Unknown. Bernard, Emile Woman with a Rake.

Bernardo, Dian A lady with a Cigarette. Bernatene, Poly Title Unknown. Bernath, Aurel Walchensee No 2. Berndtson, Gunnar Meeting at the Beach. Bersenev, Andrian Flowers and Apples. Beruete, Aureliano de Hawthorn in Blossom.

Berzinsh, Arthur Unknown Title. Christopher Street, Greenwich Village. Betts, Anna Whelan Unknown Title. Betts, Anna Whelan Easter in Paris. Bevan, Robert Horse Sale at the Barbican. Bezrukov, Peter Moscow Courtyard. Bibikov, Georgy Nikolaevitsh Balloon "Osoaviachim". Biddle, Trish Simple Pleasures. Biddle, Trish Eiffel for You. Biddle, Trish Diva Day at the Derby.

Bieler, Ernest Duc Le Forgeron. Bierman, Sandra The Blue Cat. Bierstadt, Albert Scout, Jim Bridger. Biervliet, Emma van Karachi to the Karakorum. Bilibin, Ivan The Village Egny. Bilibin, Ivan Churchyard Yuroma on Mezen.

Bilinska-Bohdanowiczowa, Anna At the Seashore. Biondo, Giovanni del St. John the Evangelist and Stories from his Life. Bischak, Jacquelyn Self Portrait. Bischak, Jacquelyn Unknown Title. Bischak, Jacquelyn September Morning. Bischak, Jacquelyn The Architect. Bischak, Jacquelyn The Window Seat. Bisson, Edouard The Three Graces. Bisson, Edouard Posing with Posies. Bittinger, Charles Afternoon Tea. Blaas, Karl von Portrait of a Woman. Blaas, Eugene de Catch of the Day.

Blaas, Eugene de A Venetian Beauty. Blaas, Eugene de Young Italian Lady. Blaas, Eugene de Portrait of a Young Lady. Blacklock, William Kay The Toilet. Blacklock, William Kay Summertime. Blacklock, William Kay Boating on the River. Blacklock, William Kay The Letter. Blake, Peter Playing Chess with Tracey. Blakelock, Ralph Albert Moonlight.

Blakely, Hamish The Artist's Chair. Blakely, Hamish As if you were there. Blickle, Alison Perpetual Discontent. Blokhin, Nikolai Saint Petersburg. Blokhin, Nikolai Family from Taos. Blokhin, Nikolai Ballerina in Black. Blokhin, Nikolai The Performance. Bodarevsky, Nicholas Kornilevich Unknown Title. Bodarevsky, Nicholas Kornilevich Nude in the Studio.

Bogdanov-Belsky, Nikolay Reading a Letter. Bogle, Lee Flores de la Elegancia. Bogolyubov, Alexei Petrovich Bosque de Bolonia. Boilly, Louis-Leopold Madame Vincent. Boks, Evert Jan Going into the World. Bolotov, Alexander Quay of Kalmius. Bolyakov, Dmitry Unknown Title. Bonheur, Rosa Italian Greyhound. Bonmati, Gabriel tout ce que femme veut. Bonmati, Gabriel D'ailleurs un regard une attente.

Bonnard, Pierre Model in Backlight. Bonnetier-Jost, Genevieve La Paix. Bonnier, Eva At the Studio Door. Boonyavanishkul, Rearngsak Title Unknown. Boonyavanishkul, Rearngsak Lilac Dreams.

Boothman, Toby Girl with Red Turban. Borch, Gerard Ter Parental Advice. Borelli, Guido Il porto di Bellano. Borg, Carl Oscar Barriers of the Desert. Borg, Carl Oscar California Landscape. Borg, Goxwa Title Unknown. Borisov-Musatov, Victor Lady Embroidering. Borisov-Musatov, Victor Lady in Blue. Bornot, Antonio Perez The Florist. Borodacheva, Ekaterina Title Unknown. Borovikovskii, Vladimir Lukich Portrait of M. Bosboom, Johannes Consistory Room. Boschet, Sandra Summer's Bounty. Botticelli, Sandro Primavera detail.

Botticelli, Sandro Allegory of Abundance. Boughton, George Henry Enshadowed Rapture. Boughton, George Henry Snow in Spring. Boughton, George Henry Bessie. Bouguereau, Adolphe William Bacchante. Bouguereau, Adolphe William Girl with a Pomegranate.

Bouguereau, Adolphe William Aphrodite. Bouguereau, Adolphe William Femme de Cervara et son enfant. Boulanger, Gustave Clarence Rodolphe Phyrne.

Boulanger, Louis Moorish Woman. Bouvard, Antoine A Venetian Canal. Bouvattier, Annick Title Unknown. Bouvattier, Annick Unlnown Title. Bouvier, Augustus Jules Ready for the Dance. Bowen, Christine Templenoe Hare 2. Bowers, David Michael After the Bath.

Boyadjian, Micheline Two Girls. Bozino, Attilio Ritratto di Euride Iacoponi. Braithwaite, Joanna Title Unknown. Braithwaite, Joanna Flight Path.

Brancaccio, Carlo Ladies of Fashion. Brancaccio, Carlo Boulevard Corner, Paris. Brandner, Karl C Ladies of Fashion. Brandriff, George Kennedy Sunday Breakfast.

Brangwyn, Sir Frank Unlnown Title. Braque, Georges The Wash Stand. Brasilier, Andre Chantal with Flowers. Brasseur, Georges The Umbrella. Braun, Maurice Autumn in New England. Bree, Jacques Philippe van Nude on a Blanket. Breitner, George Hendrik The Earring. Breitner, George Hendrik Reclining Nude. Bremmer, Hendricus Petrus Landscape with House. Bremmer, Hendricus Petrus Fir Trees. Brendekilde, Hans Andersen Vardag. Brett, Harold Summer Moonlight.

Brice, Stanley Maxwell Majestic. Bricher, Alfred Thompson Drifting. Bridge, Claire Ravel and Unravel. Bridgman, Frederick Arthur Oriental Interior. Bridgman, Frederick Arthur La Siesta.

Brikov, Alexey Unknown Title. Briks, Miriam Pensive Gaze. Briks, Miriam Sunday in New York. Britell, Richard Portrait of Anne Mcdonald. Briullov, Karl Portrait of Ulyana Smirnova. Brodetsky, Dmitry Looking Back. Brodetsky, Dmitry Unknown Title. Bronzino, Agnolo Ritratto di Lucrezia de' Medici.

Brooks, Romaine Emile d'Erlanger. Brovar, Yakov Landscape with Birch Trees. Brown, Cecily The Fugitive Kind. Brown, Cecily Hard, Fast and Beautiful. Still Life, Olive Oil, Onions. Alone in her Thoughts.

Browne, George Elmer Provincetown. Brownell, Peleg Franklin St. Browning, Robert Barrett Before a Mirror. Bruce, William Blair Landscape with Poppies. Bruce, William Blair Rain in Giverny. Joseph de la rive. Brunet, Daniel Automne est arrive.

Brymner, William The Vaughan Sisters. Brozowska, Renata Title Unknown. Brzozowski, Tytus Title Unknown. Bubnov, Alexander Pavlovich Grain. Buchanan, Haller Title Unknown. Buchhammer, Astrid Cityscape 3. Buchholz, Quint Das Schweigen des Loewen. Buehr, Karl Albert News from Home. Bueno, Jose Gonzalez Unknown Title. Buigas, Cayetano de Arquer Woman at the Mirror.

Buigas, Cayetano de Arquer Title Unknown. Buigas, Cayetano de Arquer Unknown Title. Buigas, Cayetano de Arquer Rose White. Buigas, Cayetano de Arquer Playing Violin. Buiko, Oleg The Little Hunter. Bujnowski, Leszek Song of the Windmill. Buisseret, Louis Young Woman in Profile. Bukovca, Vlahe Baroness Rukavina.

Bukovac, Vlaho Queen Natalija Obrenovic. Bulimar, Henciu Daniel Morning Blue. Bullas, Will The Year of the Dog. Bulleid, George Lawrence Spring. Bulmer, Lionel Footpath in the Snow. Bunge, Elsie Woman with White Magnolias. Bunker, Dennis Miller Roadside Cottage. Bunny, Rupert Returning from the Garden. Bunny, Rupert Sweet Doing Nothing. Bunny, Rupert Portrait of the Artist's Wife.

Burchfield, Charles Ephraim Walk. Burchfield, Charles Ephraim Rainy Night. Burden, Guy Vogue Paris, May Burdick, Scott Tiffany's Hat. Burgoin, Beatris The Sense of Life. Burlet, Richard 45 Paintings. Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Angel. Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Desiderium. Bussiere, Gaston Dance of the Veils. Butera, Anthony Old City, Quebec. Butirskiy, Alexei Passage Home. Butler, George Edmund At the Piano. Butler, Theodore New Road, Giverny. Butler, Theodore Martha at Her Desk.

Buzatu, Sergey The Horsewoman. Bzhezovsky, Vladimir Title Unknown. Cabanel, Alexandre Portia and the Caskets. Cabeza, Alejandro Portrait with Dog.

Cacciapuoti, Giuseppe Woman Reading. Cacciapuoti, Giuseppe Title Unknown. Cahill, William Vincent Grandma's Gown. Caillebotte, Gustave Claude Monet Walking. Caillebotte, Gustave View of Rooftops. Caillebotte, Gustave The Yerres, Rain. Caillebotte, Gustave The Gardeners. Calbet, Antoine Sleeping Nude. Calder, Alexander Sleeping Nude. Calderon, Philip Hermogenes Broken Vows. Calleri, Fred The Telephone. Calleri, Fred Title Unknown. Callmander, Reinhold Interior with Woman Bathing.

Camarasa, Anglada Ceramic Wall. Camarasa, Anglada Women's Night in Paris. Campanile, Dario The Ballerina. Campin, Robert The Annunciation.

Campanelli, Pauline The Lone Star. Campanelli, Pauline Pewter Collection. Campriani, Adelina Portrait of Adelina Campriani. Canaletto Saint Marks, Venice. Canaletto A Regatta on the Grand Canal. Capicotto, Joseph Sounds of Passion.

Capobianchi, Vincenzo The Mandolin Shop. Capobianchi, Vincenzo The Yellow Dress. Caputo, Ulisse Before the Masked Ball. Caravaggio Michelangelo Merisi The Annunciation. Caravaggio Michelangelo Merisi Narcissus. Carbonell, Santiago Title Unknown. Cardiff, Jack Marilyn Monroe.

We expose the story behind the image-maker's most celebrated nude study, a paragon of Modernist photography. The Boijmans collection: discover the stories behind more than works of art. Study of a Standing Female Nude, Seen on the Back Dordrecht - Argenteuil Bekijk het volledige Voorstraatshaven IX, Dordrecht Willem Witsen.