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My girl can t take this can you

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Instead, you boobiesumed the worst.

And you couldn't have said it better. Printing it out for my husband since this proves I'm perfectly normal Why do teachers make great lovers? Because they make you do it over and over again until you get it right! This is why music teachers have trouble finding jobs. Do you see yourself as a lesser teacher because you teach music? I teach music and I'm pretty sure my job is even more stressful than what is described here.

I think music teachers have a little less grading then the other subjects Why it still rings true? Because we generally don't have papers to grade.

Why do we have trouble finding jobs? Because a school might have 25 classroom teachers for every one music teacher. Add to that the fact that administrators often see "well, she has played piano before" as the job requirement for the music teacher gig, and the competition goes up.

After all, who wouldn't want a teaching job where all you do is have the kids sing and don't grade papers anyway? The issue is that many schools and teachers don't treat music teachers as real teachers. I have been in one district where the elementary level called art, music, and PE classes "the specials" and the teachers were obviously "the special teachers" where in fact, they are the specialists.

It's easy to forget that music teachers regardless of grade level: Why would music teachers feel like they are unappreciated? There are some possibilities No worries, my football team is still in playoffs and since the band program exists solely to support the football team I guess focusing on that Christmas concert in three weeks wasn't all that important anyway.

One more round of Land of 1, Dances! The rest of the world works, too, ya know. And without a 3 month break for summer. The rest of the world doesn't bring home the ridiculous amount of paperwork a teacher does.

Get a clue, you rude, unappreciative prick. Further, a 3 month break for summer? Teachers spend summers attending conventions, conferences, workshops, professional developments, training seminars, curriculum planning meetings, teaching summer school, taking college courses, and other time-consuming things. When it is all said and done, most teachers get about two weeks off, just like the rest of the world who works, too.

That's so cute, you think teachers get a 3 month break for summer. Maybe if they are teaching in the 's. In reply to Joel, the funny thing is that teachers dread assemblies and do not look at it as "free time" It is weird to me when certain teachers start belittiing other teachers. I stay after school unpaid to help my students, but I don't complain about doing it. It sounds like your district has different standards than ours for teaching music. Our students go daily, and the classroom teacher assigns the grades, so that DOES stink that you have to do your own grade on the report cards.

Investment bankers work from 7 am to 9 pm, dont talk about your job being stressful when you don't have to deal w people constantly trying to backstab you and steal your deals. I think your idea of stressful is much lower than everyone elses cos your major was so incredibly easy. No, you're doing it wrong. I am the music director at my school. I am also the PE director and Theater director. I get two months in the summer and it is all about ME!

I play and frolic and laugh and travel and smile and forget about clocks and forget about what day it is and enjoy the summer as I have since I was a child. When class is in session, I work. Most teachers are under achieving losers who like to think they know everything in life but really they know nothing!!!

Not all teachers are the same Only applies to some! I was first a research scientist and then an investment banker before I became a teacher in the UK system. Teaching is exactly as described.

Oh yeah - and being stabbed for real by a teenager with issues is nowhere near as much fun as being stabbed in the back on a misbrokered deal. The harder an investment banker works, the more he gets paid and the bigger bonuses he gets. A teacher always gets the same thing. Teachers do love to complain. They deserve to do some complaining, but lets do some analysis: How many hours does a teacher work per year?

The school year is about days. Lets say the typical work day is about 10 hours. Plus 6 hours every Sunday. A week before the students start and a week after they leave.

I know it is tough to be a lawyer, but you wouldn't be a lawyer if you never had a teacher there to support you and encourage you to be successful. Teachers are important because they are supposed to inspire their students to follow their dreams. There would be no lawyers if there were no teachers. Would-be-lawyers are completely capable of inspiring themselves.

I may have had one inspiring teacher in my entire life. I'm not saying being a good teacher is easy, but there are a hell of a lot of useless teachers. If you are complaining about how much better someone else's job is, why not give it a try. Every work environment has it's major stressors: Obviously being under constant scrutiny of your every move has got to be stressful!

So we ALL have certain major stresses in our professions! But on the subject of Teachers, I am very appreciative for every teacher no matter ehat they teach because I know the profound effect they can have on our children and just hope every child gets the opportunity to experience at least one that they connect with; it's an incredibly important relationship! I owe who I am today to a few teachers; onevof whom I still speak to almost every month since I had her in class So to all of the teachers here: All of this teacher bashing is indicative of a culture that despises education.

And we wonder why schools are in trouble I wrote a haiku. Teaching is hard, and so is your job. Let's get some margaritas, y'all. I also wrote a limerick. I also wrote a free verse poem. But there is no prize for most suckage Unless you work for a baby bottle distributing company. Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week. This comment thread definitely took a turn You act like a "group" of individuals is better than another "group".

I Give respect to anyone who works hard. Teachers who work hard and enjoy what their doing can really make an impact on someones life, so they do deserve respect and a lot of it. If someone works at mcdonalds and has a smile on their face everytime you see them and does their job right, they deserve just as much respect because they're making the best of their situation and are putting forth effort.

Be happy you are safe at home with your families or your friends, be happy you have a job, quit bein so fuckin sad over things you take for granted EVERYDAY. I am a teacher and I love my job. While this may sound like an ideal schedule for some, I counted on working for the3 months in summer for the past decade to be able to pay for my medical bills that my crappy school district insurance does not cover.

Every job has it's positive and negatives. If your job is too stressful, then change. Life is too short to not enjoy what you do. This comment has been removed by the author. I love the poetry above and the post in general: I teach children with disabilities and it puts a whole new perspective on the things we take for granted in our daily lives. So many different and equally valid, yet completely biased and conflicting viewpoints have been expressed here.

It's quite simple in how complex it is. Part of it is stress, and everyone deals with different stresses differently. Some of you have talked about the people they work with being more conniving than children, but I can guarantee you that there are those who just shut down around the constant high energy of children.

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I accidentally stripped in front of my whole class. Today, my wife is still not pregnant, but her sister is after the threesome we all had a few months ago. The threesome was my wife's idea, but I suspect I am still a dead man when it comes to whose fault it is. Today, I thought I was taking my leftover gluten-free pizza to work for lunch. It was my daughter's leftover full-of-gluten pasta.

Today, at on-the-job etiquette training, I was asked to leave the room for being disrespectful. The trainer said that women should not dress as if Turns out my entire Today, at work, I received flowers from a Tinder fling gone wrong.

He constantly flipped out on me and then would apologize. I finally got tired of it Today, I borrowed my friend's truck to move. After unloading everything, I worked up a killer appetite and went to a drive thru. I found some Germ X in Today, my "friend" returned my Survival Edition of Fallout 3.

I should be happy, but he scratched it all to hell. Today, my girlfriend sent me a video of herself masturbating so I could watch it on my business trip. As I was watching it, I realised someone was filming While we were having sex for the first time, he slipped out and slammed into the back of Login via Facebook Twitter.

Password Forgot your password? Keep me signed in. Log in Login via Facebook Twitter. FML I agree, your life sucks I agree, your life sucks You deserved it That is one thirsty pig! FML - The follow-up. I was on the lease. I was approved to go off the lease, as someone else was moving into the house. Hey everyone, OP here. Just letting you kmow that I have since left the job and now OSHA and various health departments are having a hayday with the restaraunt.

Thank you everyone for showing concern! Sophey Rae Say more:. My husband hates it when I give him my "teacher look", but really appreciates it when I can stop a group of teenagers from acting like morons in public. After 25 years he knows the end of a grading period or parent conferences means he's in charge of shopping and cooking.

Which means he's cooking tonight, again. Yes, many teachers have PTSD as well as bouts of depression from the extreme stress they experience. Be nice to teachers! Hardest job in the world! Nightmares of being punched in the head 22 times while trying to keep other smaller students away is not uncommon, especially for Special Ed.

Here's a perspective from someone at who is at the other end of the career: Don't know how many times my son has told his friends, "that's her teacher voice, you better do what she said and do it now! Those who bashed your blog didn't read the entire article--especially your ending comments! I'm a teacher, and I totally experience every single 'malady.

My boyfriend and I are both music teachers, and this is spot on. We also talk to our dogs like they're misbehaving students. I am a teacher and this is hilarious and completely true! Thanks for the great laugh! It is like I only have a wife between June 15 and August My husband used to tell everyone he was a kindergarten widower.

Both my husband and I are teachers I'm a special education teacher and when I meet my husband after work for dinner, I have 12 rubber bands on my wrist.

That one was missed! Add having school supplies stocked in the garage. I have been in a position outside of the classroom for the last 8 years. When I went to the garage to look for something, I found a huge container of notebook paper, spirals, flashcards and even a judy clock.

I got so excited and yet laughed at myself realizing that I was so happy purchasing all of these extra items year after year. I have been retired for 7 years, and I grieve a little when I go to Staples and see all the school supplies, knowing I do not need them anymore. I did but some pencils, but they were cheap and we can use them at home. What was I thinking? I once had an adult say to me, "Don't talk to me like I'm a seventh-grader. You forgot the urge to confiscate cell phones in public or demand that someone obnoxiously chewing gum spit it out He cracks up when I'm a teacher outside of school and claims he's dodged the bullet himself.

During many summers my husband has announced, "I can't wait until you can take "the look" back to school! Of course, in a mere fourteen working days, he is going to have to learn to live with "the look" when I retire! Still too much saccharine and I say that as a elementary school teacher. This pretty much goes for men teachers, minus the cardigan and flats, but instead will be pens in pockets and disheveled look!

Sincerely, Disheveled looking man teacher of 3rd grade germ farms! I once corrected some boys who were goofing around and making a lot of noise on the tennis courts when league matches were going on. Their response, "You're not our mom! Pam Desktop Learning Adventures. I teach high school and have heard that statement so many times I've lost count. I have also lost count if the number of times I've been called "Mom". I work in an international school and all of this can be seen from time to time.

During the US government shutdown, I was out to dinner with a group of oil company employees. They all burst out laughing when I said, "Those lawmakers just need to use their words, focus, and get the job done. I bet it could work with lawmakers too.

We just have to teach them how! This all rings true. On the plus side, I'm the go-to for getting everyone's attention at a party or social event. I just use my teacher voice. If you like these teacher tales check a book called "The Tundra Diary". My husband cracked up, as he knows all of these behaviors well. When I taught, I was doing report cards once, PMSing up a storm, and drinking wine, and I suddenly wondered how many of my own grades had been similarly influenced.

But the wine certainly tipped things favorably for the kids, so no harm, no foul. I haven't been in a classroom in over 10 years I'm not a teacher, but I work at an elementary school, and my mom teaches 4th grade.

Aside from the airborne diseases and the telecommunication, everything on this list is totally my mother. All I have is the "teacher voice".

Haha this is great!! I am a teacher and I am def guilty of many of these!!! Trick or treaters became very picky this year and asked what candy I had. My response "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. My husband tells people he has been in perpetual detention since marrying me. He never knew he would spend more time in school as an adult than he did as a student ;.

This is the work my own half grown children do for me-my husband has helped me build puppet theatres,lecterns and bookshelves, decorate for proms, and load and unload boxes at the end and beginning of every year for twenty-five years now. As a teacher I agree with most of these! BUT, guys do get to fulfill a lot of hot fantasies by dating us, so that is a plus It is quite accurate. I also have teacher ears as I hear everything whether I was supposed to or not.

I retired three years ago after teaching English for 30 years. I loved it and I do miss it, especially the interaction with my juniors. Teachers share a special bond. I am still amazed when I am in a group of people and the teachers always find each other. This is true and in my case my school keeps switching up curricula, admins,and procedures! So you have students and grading and adults to deal with!

You left out the hot high school teachers that get asked out by current or previous creepy-ass students that you in turn have to give the "that's inappropriate and against my ethics as a teacher" speech. I'm a teacher and I'm totally awesome and dateable!! My husband is also a teacher so he was nodding as I read parts of this to him, but it applies to both of us!

Although I have to say cardigans are more armor in my case - protection against bad ventilating systems where you never know what temperature it's going to be in your room, let alone the room next door! I even talk to kids when I am out shopping! I tell kids to quit messing with stuff and go find their mom or I'll just give them the same look I give my 5th graders! My husband is a middle school teacher.

He has momentary lapses, but still overall has the patience of a saint. As a male teacher the other issue with dating a teacher, if you want to have kids with that teacher and like certain names you may not have the ability to use them if we've had a student we couldn't stand with that name.

There are certain names that my kids will never have because I had an annoying student with that name. Guys, avoid school teachers like the plague. Here's just a few more reasons: You know not of what you speak, sir. I am a teacher and the only one that applies is 2. I'd rather not have to bring home things for planning and such, but it's part of the job.

Just as you may have stories to tell from the office, we have stories-of our kids students-but always my kids and colleagues.

And then there are always those students you worry about and try to think of ways to help them. But you'd better believe I make time for my life. Well, those are certainly reasons not to date you I've been teaching for 14 years and married equally as long, so my hubby knows there are occupational hazards associated with being a teacher and with being married to one , but now he's got it even worse as I am now the school librarian, so he has to tolerate constantly being "shooshed" and getting scolded for not keeping things in alphabetical order So true all of it!

And yes, I do talk to everyone like they are one of my students-constantly repeating myself, over and over and over again! Nearly that time of time month Why do you women feel such a pull to try to feel superior to men? My teacher boyfriend totally fits this mold except the markers And yeah, he is awesome. I don't think "teacher" means "woman. From the posts I am reading, many are superior to your "anonymous" attitudes which are childish and lack the good sense of a decent upbringing.

Did your parents or teachers forget to teach you morality? Surely you anonymous are not responsible for your own lack there of After reading your post I texted my gf teacher and broke up with her. She still has not responded. Some of us tricked our spouses into dating us in another life aka career and then moved over into teaching. It's not just a job. I"m actually in school to be a teacher and my boyfriend loves to point out how much of a teacher I act like. As a 26 year veteran in the classroom, I hate to admit it I resemble a few of these observations.

You need to add one: If you plan on having children, good luck picking a name as the ones you like are probably a reminder of a horrible experience with a kid of the same name. I kissed "Joshua" off my fav list because of this. Coming from a teacher, there is nothing more annoying than watching fellow teachers try to justify themselves using the typical "my job is so hard" argument.

Again, I am a teacher, so hear me out. I have done other things prior to becoming a teacher, and it is true It is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. The general public has no idea how hard we work. From the outside looking in, it does seem like a pretty sweet gig. I think what annoys me about the endless teacher griping is that we forget that we should LOVE what we do. If you are a teacher who hates the pay, the stress, the constant to-do lists, and the way we are perceived by the public, I highly suggest you find a new job.

As far as the pay goes, I am not rich, but I certainly couldn't find any other job that would satisfy me the way this one does. I also could never find a job that would give me 14 weeks off a year. Please spare me the, "I work 12 weeks out of those 14!

We do spend that time planning for the upcoming year and honing our craft, but I love that part of my job. I also know that we do not work near as hard during that time off as we do when students are around. Moving on to the perception from the public. Unless these people quit their current profession and walk a year in our shoes, they will never get it. Suck it up and move on. No amount of complaining or explaining is going to change that perception.

I think we need to look at our own words and really look at how we are fueling the fires between teachers and non-teachers. I know how difficult it is to be a teacher, but I also know how joyous it truly is. Let us focus on the positive and remember why we do what we do. I taught for several years and had a career before teaching and after. I get so frustrated by the sense of entitlement some teachers have. I loved teaching and hope to go back to it.

The pay, the benefits and the time off are three things I won't find in most jobs. I think it takes a teacher leaving education to see what it's like for everyone else. He will work less and make more, all things considered. Plus he is in a fulfilling career, unlike before. Grass is greener for some I love my job, too. Teaching is extremely difficult and stressful, but it is my calling from God. I can't imagine me in any other vocation. I love my summers off. I still love that summer has never lost its childhood magic for me.

We only get paid for 10 months of work. Yeah, and your shopping basket is full of beer and tampons! Upset about the stupid comments and arguments!

This blog post is awesome! Several friends on Facebook already shared it. If she's old enough to be a teacher --out of college, possibly graduate school-- then she's old enough to be called a woman. Then, like my husband and I, you can both ignore each other all week, grade all weekend together at the dining room table and then crash in front of a mindless movie on saturday night. Teachers I commend you I could never do what you do. As for myself as a business owner with my own construction company I am sure there are those of you who cannot do what I do.

That is all it boils down too. Soooooo many have to take a good hearted joke and twist it into yet another debate of who works harder and who has bigger balls. Whats this world coming too. I enjoyed it and I appreciate all the teachers who continue to teach all the children of the jackasses who don't realize half the time the teacher's are the one's raising your children as well and most care for them like there own. If I had this info 3 years ago, I'm not sure if i would be married right now But what's crazy, is that she sent me this link.

All so she could get a kick out of me reading this post Those of you who teach, you are special people. Thank you for your time, talent, and effort. Those of you who are the spouse of a teacher, you are also special people. Thank you for your understanding, patience, support, and love. They would not be able to do their jobs as well as they do without you. I wish I would've been warned before I married one. TT - Anonymous Also: All so familiar, as a retired 17 years elementary teacher who always worked an extra job on weekends and summers, I can really appreciate all this.

Raised eight children and have eighteen grandchildren. Two daughters, one son, and two daughters-in- law are all teachers, so you can imagine family conversations echo many of the comments here. Teaching is a noble but much maligned, under valued, and misunderstood vocation. Too funny and true! My favorite was the part about random marker and pen marks below your elbows.

How do those GET there?! I'm sure my husband would entirely agree with the part about the end of the grading period. Oh, and geez with the negative commentary! LOVED your poetry, btw. I'm just always impressed when a teacher blogger has so many followers.

Boo to Negative Nancys, but I just have to laugh. Thank you for the blog post! I had a great laugh out of it and as I always do, had a great laugh out of the following comments! At some point or another, everyone in every type of job there is has had to train or teach a coworker in the "grown up" world.

My two cents, so now let the opinions about my opinion begin! Love this and this is exactly what I tell my kids. Even when we become adults, this does not mean we stop learning aand that the children can teach people around them too.

Several years ago, before I was married, I remember hearing an offhanded comment about how obnoxious it can be for a guy if his girl treats him like a student, even inadvertently. I took it to heart, and from time to time ask my husband if I've done a good job of avoiding this.

I'm always relieved when he says I don't slip into teacher mode with him. I want a husband, not another student! I taught middle school, high school and college PE.

The pay sucked at all 3! But hell it was PE and a blast. One of my college friends and I got hired for our first ever teaching jobs at the same middle school. She always complained about all the work she took home. I just laughed and told her she should have been a PE teacher. I had little extra work. Then she visited my class of 43 7th graders playing street hockey. She said she would stop complaining haha!

Every teacher fits a different role. Some of us can command students and that's where our work is done others deal with and have homework. On a side note, I was laid off in I started my own business and make my teaching salary every 10 weeks. Teaching was easy by comparison and way more time off.

It is funny but true. I have also been accused of repeating myself many times to make sure my date understands what I am trying to say. I also change it around each time assuming they do not understand my point. It is what you are trained to do all day long I LOVE the postscript; once you break through all these barriers, we're fly as hell. Loved this and really got a good laugh, which was so needed right now!

I Of course, it's so true too - everything you wrote. My husband knows the times to walk around me lightly and speak in dulcet tones. It's life with an educator, ya know?

Teachers - educators - we have to have a sense of humour to make it through this thing we call a career. And yes to all the grammar police lurking about, I know I misspelled "humour" - I am married to a Canadian.

I'm currently a learning and support teacher and it is easier than having a class of I love my job but find that by Friday afternoon I'm so exhausted that I can barely stay awake. We are seen as the problem solvers so between team teaching, having a caseload of students that we need to write IEP's for, testing, reporting, co-ordinating national testing at our school, organising disability provisions for state exams, monitoring out of home care students and managing students who are having a melt down, need a pen or a tissue we also support class teachers who have students mucking up, assist casuals who don't know the students, fix technology issues and solve class placement and ESL dilemmas just to name a few of the things that we do.

Maybe one day I will change my mind and get surgery, but for now I am doing my best to love and accept my body as is!!!! The reality is nipples come in all shapes and sizes and so do breasts! Hi iam one of those woman who is suffering from pcos syndrome.

I would consult with your doctor. There is no treatment for hypoplastic breasts beyond corrective surgery. I am 39 and had corrective surgery for tuberous breast when i was I have PCOS and also had my right ovary removed in due to a cantalope sized benign tumor. When i found out i had PCOS i did research and was in aw of all the things that i have complained about were part of it.

The only thing iam not is hairy, im the opposite. Not everyone fits it though. I just had my implants removed last month and could not wait. Ive been dealing with breast pain for a few years. Due to the reconstruction internally and crescent lift changing of breast shape and size i had alot of scar tissue. Overtime they were hard and painful. For those girls who are not happy with their tuberous breast i would tell them not to do it. IMPLANTS are not permanent and when you have to get them out your breast look worse then before the surgery and then you will need more surgery.

The shape of my breast seem funny, since they did have to reshape my breast wall when the implants are removed you just get extra skin, the old shape of my breast is visable too, not pretty but you live and learn. For all those girls who are not happy with the breast i would say dont do it its not worth, at first it seems great but the scars the pain and then having to have more surgery arggh. Please love yourself and how God made you! I just wanted to share on here that I have tubular breasts but I still have a quite a bit of breast tissue.

When I had my daughter my lactation consultant informed me about my breasts and that I may not be able to breastfeed. No clogged ducts, no mastitis, no cracked nipples.

And I actually had an over supply when my daughter was a newborn. We always need to hear the positive as there tends to be so much negative!! I too have PCO and tubular breasts very interesting connection. I had them corrected when I was 19 in and honestly — it is the best decision I ever made.

The surgery was a breast lift without implants, and amazingly enough the result is really good even if my case was pretty severe. My nipples are still slightly larger than standard, and I have thin, white scars all around them. But the men I have been with since then never seemed to notice anything and have been really surprised when I told them about it. Just to say that some people can have good results without implants and big procedures. Has anyone found a site pr something about insurance companies all over the world that cover it?

Also, where can I find info about fat transfer for TBD? Like after nipple reduction and breast lift, you got a fat transfer from another instead? Has anyone done it? More ideal than foreign objects in my body. I so appreciate this. I am not as strong as many of the lovely ladies here, and I thank you for your encouragement and courage. My mother and my physicians only told me that my breasts were small but no one believed that they were irregular—little breast tissue on the underside and outside, wide set, conical.

I constantly searched for sexy but not too low cut clothes when shopping because Lord knows I had no cleavage to display. I had to wear uncomfortable sticky bras any time I wanted even some cleavage, and oh my god did it itch when I removed them. Frankly, I hated my chest. I scheduled consultations with surgeon after surgeon but chickened out. I am so excited and I hope you all can send a fellow PCOS sister some love and well wishes because I am so ready to have normal breasts now.

I want to and need to feel confident in my own skin. Whatever it takes to make you feel good about yourself! There are probably many readers here who are encouraged and can relate to your story!!!

I am nearing 40 and am fortunate that my partner is very loving and finds my breasts attractive, but I do not and I have been extremely self-conscious of them for decades. Trying to fix all the issues that come with it are so expensive! Doctors, tests, medications, hair removal, acne treatments, plastic surgery, IVF- it is insane! Just needed to vent to those who can relate. Peace and love, my PCOSisters! I got pregnant naturally and had a failed IVF- go figure.

I am 61 years old. I have tuberous breasts and have had serious self esteem issues related to my body image my entire life. This condition has made me sad and ashamed of my body throughout my time as a teenager up to now as a senior citizen. This condition has impeded. Late start for menstruation. Very light and short periods, infertility and menopause before the age of I would like to have corrective surgery.

Yet, I wonder if I am too old. I wonder if my insurance will cover corrective surgery. As I have disdained my body my entire adult life, I am not in shape. I am in good health but have flaccid muscle tone.

In general, I am ashamed and depressed about my body. At my age is it even worth it to try to have corrective surgery to give my breasts somewhat normal appearance?

The rest of me is a saggy, flaccid mess of a 61 year old woman. Even if insurance would pay for surgery, how odd would it to be to have perky breasts and saggy upper arms and doughy thighs? Mostly, I try to avoid mirrors, swimsuits and lingerie. All in all, my identity as a woman has been adversely affected by this condition. Truly sad and disappointed about my sexual identity my whole adult life.

When I was young, I felt so ugly…. So happy to of found your website. I too have tuberous breasts that I hate. I am now wondering if that may have something to do with my difficulty I had with breast feeding my two children.

As much as I have wanted to go under the knife to correct this, the risks far outweigh the esthetic looks of them. Dont know if you have heard of fascia blasting…but now I am wondering if that would help to correct the shape of them naturally. I am going to look into it now. I really feel like I should stay single because I feel ashamed of my body. And I most definitely have this issue and it destroys me. If you go for corrective surgery just make sure to go to multiple doctors and ask to see their before and after pictures.

But just remember many women have breast issues, it seems more common than not. Chances are your mom, or most likely your paternal grandma might also have them. I would try talking to your mom. Just remember- you are not alone! My whole life, due to scoliosis which is, indeed, related to PCOS: She told me I really needed to go get a couple bras that REALLY fit me, though, for formal wear and a few other things — which feels like being sent for the Holy Grail. She told me, from what I wrote on her 3-page intake form, and seeing me, she knew cup size was going to be the hardest thing.

I have two decent-fitting bras now, and a posture vest, and a LOT of clues on how to find a bra that fits me, now, but my entire life has been further complicated by just another weird genetic anomaly, like my scoliosis, maybe my PCOS. No genetic disorder are been associate to this condition and no hereditary transmission is observed.

The pathogenesis of this breast deformity is linked to an aberration in thorax superficial fascia that blocks the normal expansion of glandular tissue, Fig. Normally the breast glandular tissue originate from the mammary ridge, which develops from ectoderm during the fifth week. The glandular development remain quiescent until puberty. During puberty, the mammary tissue is contained in the thickness of superficial fascia.

Again, these alterations appear to involve nearly all the breast stroma and not only the fascia, making tuberous breast a complex and multilayer malformation. The presence of tuberous breasts in males, in which the stroma is the main component of breast parenchyma and where we demonstrated altered collagen deposition, in addition to the similarity between male and female subjects, further support this theory.

Hope the about is useful, if not consoling. Men get it — the 2nd paper shows images of identical twins males that had surgery themselves to correct it. I assumed that it was linked to some sort of genetic abnormality, because my kidneys are also underdeveloped.

Anyway, I enjoyed the content and the comments. I just wanted to share my positive breastfeeding story — during my first pregnancy my breasts finished their development.

I went from an A cup to a full D and then some when the milk came in. I just wanted to share something positive in case it helps someone else. I had a similar experience breast feeding with tubular breasts. I went from a b to a dd, loads of milk and they looked pretty normal except for my puffy nipples. After breastfeeding my second though I am a AA cup.

I am slightly more rounded at the base of my boobs but they still look similar to how I was post kids:

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