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Monday night sex hosting in Hebden Bridge

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Monday night sex hosting in Hebden Bridge

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Monday night sex hosting in Hebden Bridge

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Lil' Wayne 4) All Falls Down by Kanye West (oh how I miss the old Kanye West where he was producing the bestest tracks and making real hip-hop music) 5) Ordinary Miracle by Sarah McLachlan (what an amazing voice.

Hebden Bridge derby matches in League 1 this season was postponed from last week until Monday evening. Last season Golden Lion had been beaten at home by the same opponents. It was the only match they lost as they clinched their fourth successive title. Hebden Bridge finished four points behind them in second place. It would be reasonable to assume then that these two sides should be in the mix for the title race again this season.

This time around the situation was somewhat different. However, the Todmorden-based team still sported a very strong line up with the spine of their quadruple title winning side all present.

They were joined be Andrew Swales and Pete Dickinson. Swales is new to the team this season, but Dickinson played some games on board 5 last year and performed well. If the over the board encounters were as finely matched as it looked in the grading of the players then it was going to be a tight match. And so it proved to be. All the games continued well into the second half of the evening and the results on all four boards were by no means pre-ordained. In the end they won both. After this the game drew to a swift conclusion.

A highly complicated Chigorin System of the Ruy Lopez appeared on the board. This led first of all to White winning a pawn and then, a little later, Andy was compelled to give up the exchange to prevent his queen from getting trapped.

After that Sam was always in control even thought the complications persisted for a while longer. Finally, Sam forced simplifications and Andy resigned when he made a blunder in what was already a lost position. Unlike Andy and Pete though he did have some counter play and a very resilient looking defensive position.

This all meant that the result on board 1 was absolutely critical to the outcome of the match result. This way of approaching the London has a decent reputation and indeed Andrew appeared to be holding his own only for Matthew to slowly out play him and exchange one type of advantage for another until he finally sealed it in a rook and pawn ending.

By this time Pete had lost and Dave was only writhing in agony before Martyn dealt his death-blow but the result was no longer in doubt. Clarkson 0 — 1 M. Swales 0 — 1 S. Dickinson 0 — 1 N. Suttie W 2 — 3. All the games from the match can be found in the game viewer below. A most unlikely state of affairs. This week also saw a second round of fixtures played in League 2. Chris Edwards and Paul Jacobs also won their games while boards 1 and 2 were drawn.

A rare and outstanding achievement. Your editor is fresh back from a short holiday and, as you might expect, there is plenty to catch up on. Before all of that though it would be most remiss not to reflect on the chess event that has been dominating coverage on all the big chess news sites for the last two weeks. Yes, I mean the chess Olympiad. Can you see how the legendary attacker Tiger Hillarp Persson concluded the game with White here.

Sadly, this time around, we both concluded some months ago that neither of us had the time or the energy to run it again. We hope it will make a return for the edition. In some ways, not having the FCO to worry about over the last two weeks has left me with more time to enjoy the event itself.

It has been extremely well covered in all the usual places and, for a change, England have actually performed creditably well. After 9 of the 10 rounds England had managed to manouevre themselves into a three way share of third place and were genuine medal contenders having lost only one match to Azerbaijan at that stage. The firs move is fairly obvious but can you see the whole idea?

Unfortunately, they were then drawn against the Russians in round 10 and, despite the fact that the Russian line up looked marginally less frightening than it might have done no Grischuk or Svidler , they still managed to beat our heroes fairly convincingly with Vladimir Kramnik on board 3!!!

However, after this set back, England picked themselves up and managed to crush Kazakhstan to finish the event in fifth place. This is the best result for England at an Olympiad for over 20 years so congratulations to them.

These are both featured on the right. See if you can find the winning continuations in both situations. The solutions are given along with the games in full in the game viewer at the bottom of this post. This brought the total number of teams up to six and meant that one team would not need to take a bye in each round of fixtures.

Huddersfield brought along a team with some new faces in it alongside some seasoned veterans. It looked like the visitors would be favorites on paper and so it proved over the board as they inflicted a whitewash on the home side. Here is the full match scorecard:.

Kerrane 0 — 1 J. Sandhu 0 — 1 C. Edmondson 0 — 1 P. Czerwinski W 0 — 5. Steve Harrington managed an excellent consolation point against Paul Whitehouse on board 3 and the bottom board was drawn. One would expect these three teams to be duking it out right through the season.

This week the second round of League 1 fixtures took place. Nick has sent us his game which you will also find in the viewer at the end of this post. On boards 2 and 4 Huddersfield managed to hold draws against higher rated opponents. The match was pretty tight by all accounts. John Kerrane summarises proceedings for us below:. The two teams looked evenly matched on paper, and so it turned out on the night.

The other three games were drawn, leaving the final score level. Bamford 1 — 0 L. Sullivan 0 — 1 D. It looks like this season could become very interesting indeed. As is always the case where any club has two or more teams in a division they are drawn to play each other in the first fixture of the year to ensure there can be no hint of collusion later in the season.

This season Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield and Belgrave all have two teams. At the core of the Golden Lion team is the same spine that has helped them to those last four league titles, Martyn Hamer, Andrew Clarkson and Phil Cook. Halifax have had a turbulent few seasons themselves. They used to have a trio of super strong players on the top three boards themselves but Winston Williams and Darwin Ursal were both missing last season and the team felt their loss keenly.

Unfortunately, this caused some distraction to other players on both sides and Andrew Swales lost his game shortly afterwards. They could very well have pulled it off. Martyn managed to beat Winston, Andrew had Bill on the rack for significant chunks of the evening only for his adversary to defend himself stoutly and resourcefully to hold the balance and a draw.

This just left Phil cook and Richard Porter to decide the match. If Phil could win the match would be tied. Nay other result and Halifax would steal the win. Phil was a piece and a pawn up when he made time control and all looked well but it seems he may have drifted back into time trouble for he made a most uncharacteristic blunder on move 41 and this basically cost him the game on the spot as Richard spotted a nice tactic.

See if you can find it in the position on the right. The games from the top three boards can be found in the game viewer at the end of this post. Here is the final match score card:. Swales 0 — 1 C. So, an early season set back for the reigning champions that will give the other teams in the League this year hope of stealing their crown.

There is a long, long way to go though. Later in the game he gave Pete a glimmer of hope before finding the right way to close out the game with some good technical play.

The match was level. See if you can spot it in the diagram on the right. Then Sam saw off Terry in the endgame before Neil did much the same against Luca although he had held a material advantage for a significant chunk of the evening. All five games from this match are in the viewer at the end of this post. Here are the final results:. Parsons 1 — 0 A. Shapland 1 — 0 N. Leonard 0 — 1 J. Suttie 1 — 0 L. Again, on paper this looked like it should have been straight forward for the home team, but, playing Black and with a rating advantage on every board but board 5, they struggled greatly.

Gordon Farrar continued his strong recent form by holding Ian Hunter to a draw on board 1. We will try and bring you that result then. Today readers, we offer you the chess version of an amuse bouche as we prepare for the start of the new season tomorrow night.

Events in Hebden Bridge |

He has published seven books on Haworth and its neighbouring villages of Oxenhope and Stanbury. The most recent is his collaboration with Peter Brears on the history of the Withins farms. Susan Wood medium, with over 45 years experience, will be demonstrating at Stubbing Wharf Public house, Hebden Bridge. Lunchtime Live at Hope Baptist Chapel is launching on Saturday 11th November and is going to be a monthly free event, allowing local folk to showcase their talent on stage.

Friends of the Picture House present. Written by Charlie Kaufman, the film is a comical and poignant look at break-ups, breakdowns - and breakthroughs. Critics praised the film as being 'clever and wonderfully eccentric'.

Phantom Voices are a six-piece band playing a mix of traditional tunes and self-penned songs with a focus on local stories and vocal harmonies. Recently back from a highly successful engagement at the Costa Del Folk festival Phantom Voices are rising stars of the folk world. Please come along to our free social events on a Monday and enjoy telling tales of your life and experiences. Frank Woolrich of Pennine Digital will be on hand to scan and save any photos you bring with you, and you can record your oral history to add it to the rich record of social history for our area.

Ursula Holden Gill is a one-woman towards the force. An award-winning actress and familiar face on screen Emmadale's Alice Dingle and Teachers' Carol Trotter, in recent years she has established herself as one of the most unique and pertinent talents on the British storytelling scene.

All your favorite dealers selling a wide range of antiques and collectables. On site cafe selling an excellent range of home cooked food.

Red Hippo are lead guests at a fundraiser for the socialist daily paper the Morning Star at the Trades Club on the afternoon of Sunday, November 5, 2pm to 6pm. Is the date coincidental? Jenny Lynn from Halifax Friends of Palestine will report back from the previous day's national demo for Palestine.

Chef Rob Owen Brown promises Bonfire: Carved pumpkin competition bring your carved pumpkin to be judged at 6pm. For this album, Gigspanner has again used traditional tunes as a starting point, rearranging and improvising them to create inventive, sometimes hypnotic, new pieces. Peter is joined by Roger Flack on guitar and Sacha Trochet on percussion, both of whom are powerful and intelligent musicians in their own right. The quiz consists of a picture round, questions on events in the news and and the ever popular and themed music round.

They deliver multiple layers of sound with fuzzy echo-drenched guitars and heavy relentless drums. Liberal Violence Alt 4 piece from Todmorden with a style of their own.

We're hoping this will be a huge event so please support if you can. For tickets and further details email Angus , or phone Join us for a beautiful evening where we share our traditions of stories, music, songs and dance. Also featuring a special performance of a rare musical instrment "Shehnai" by guest musician Vijay Venkat. This family event will feature some outstanding dance and music from the Indian sub-continent as well as storytelling.

Thanks to the generous support of the Community Foundation for Calderdale the event is free but a healthy vegetarian feast is available to purchase so that you can really enjoy your evening. Priority tickets for food are available at the Post Office in Hebden Bridge and there will be some food available on the night on a first come first served basis.

Free event, but please reserve your place by email to avoid disappointment. This will give the opportunity to tell to all those who wish to do so, but, let me stress, these nights are not just for performers. We also need an audience! There are those who prefer to listen to the variety of stories and tellers that these nights offer.

I think we have a good night in store with contributions from professional, semi-professional and good amateurs taking part. Do you think everyone's getting more and more shouty and cross? There's certainly plenty to be unhappy about but we need to keep our cool. Craftivist Sarah Corbetts gentle but powerful message has hit the zeitgeist. Come and hear her in conversation with Helen Meller, Hebden Arts Festival director, and find out more about the thoughtful philosophy of her new book "How to be a Craftivist".

Aimed at adults and older children but suitable for families, prams, wheelchairs and dog lovers alike this promises to be a magical evening of murder, mystery and mayhem Throughout the day you can walk around Hebden Bridge on the pumpkin trail. Spotting displays from Sand in Your Eye and fab window displays in shops, cafes, bars, and community groups!

There will be music from Hebden Radio and Oxjam all through the day, face painting, stalls and much more. Small gnome like creatures called Boggarts have been living on the moors around here since before time began. For centuries, they managed to exist peaceably alongside humans, keeping themselves well — hidden in ditches and hedgerows and appearing only to unsuspecting travellers with the promise of a trick if no treat was forthcoming.

But gradually humans over farmed the moors, burnt them, built on them and polluted them with their factories and so the Boggarts got angry and became more goblinesque. They set about stealing down into town and causing a right rumpus. And so they still do, especially at this time of year.

Quick to shape shift, slippery in their speech and fast on their humongous hairy feet so their pranks all look like your fault, the stories you'll hear on this How to Trick a Boggart Trail won't only protect you from the wily ways of these halflings but will also teach you how to identify, outwit and even befriend one! Join master storyteller and Boggart re homer Ursula Holden — Gill on Sunday 29th October at 3pm by the Wavy Steps on Bridgegate as she transforms the town centre into a series of magical hideouts and prankster points you never knew were there!

Suitable for young children this event has been commissioned by The Great Pumpkin Festival. The s was the decade when people seeking an alternative lifestyle - the 'hippies' - began to move to Hebden Bridge in significant numbers.

The town started earning a reputation for having a radical edge, attracting kindred spirits and eventually being declared the 4th funkiest town in the world. Chris and Jenny will cover topics ranging from the Queens Terrace Squat, Aurora wholefoods, new forms of spirituality, the renovation of derelict properties and the wider creative counter culture.

Chris is a former Queens Terrace squatter and now editor of HebWeb. Jenny bought Latham Farm as a ruin in the s and has lived there ever since. Both were involved in gathering material for the recent very popular History Society exhibition with the same title. Two days tree planting at Gorpley reservoir. Pick ups from Todmorden railway staion Mini bus pick ups from Hebden Bridge station Friday night at Cost for the weekend: It's free if you are just coming the day and you will get home made soup with bread and hot drinks with biscuits all vegan on site.

Dance Festival to return for second year: Come along and enjoy dancing a range of traditional dances in lines, sets and circles to their polkas, jigs and reels, with a couple of additional Celtic tunes thrown in for good measure between dances.

They have gathered a large collection of tunes and dances, mostly from the Celtic tradition, including many of the Ceilidh favourites and a few lesser known gems. Jim Ledwidge leads the band on piano accordion and your main caller will be Rosie Benton.

Little Rascals contemporary dance class. The fun and innovative workshop, at the Combined Arts Suite 4, above the Antiques Centre in Valley Road , will allow youngsters to express and tap into their creativity through a series of theatrical dance games. We will play with our imagination to enter a world where anything can exist, from floors made of treacle to morphing into scary and very silly monsters!

The class will be focused on letting go, having fun and really finding our inner or outer clown. Open to all ages, young and old, parents are also encouraged to take part.

The dance for life disco is perfect for anyone who just needs to let their hair down! Bring your friends, anyone who wants to dance free. Nothing is right or wrong. A place to dance like nobody is watching, with beautiful music. Bring nibbles to share! I listen to so many tracks for each dance for life! I take them from survival mode into living mode where they find their wisdom, courage and inner power to create new beliefs to build a beautiful life.

I Skype all over the world. A Little Book of Love. Find out more about Roger here. The Raconteurs' Delight Cabaret returns to the Trades after an immensely successful Green Gathering, bringing back some new friends as well as old favorites.

Joining local diva Terry Logan and Leeds' own Johnny Solstice we'll be showcasing the awesome poet and in-your-face radical Salena Godden and the incredible rhyme-smith and stand-up comedian Elvis McGonagall. Rounding off the evening with top dance tunes in a steampunk cabaret stylie will be Dom Barry, aka DJ Templehead so you're in for a winner-of-a-night whatever your tastes Fiddle 'n' Feet are a mixed Appalachian dance team formed over 15 years ago.

We currently have 10 dancers and 5 musicians and practice in Shipley, West Yorkshire. We choreograph our own dances which are lively and energetic consisting of traditional Appalachian dance steps from the Appalachian mountains of America. Our musicians play old-time and bluegrass fiddle tunes.

We perform at festivals, dance and charity events mainly in Yorkshire and Lancashire and sometimes further afield. Anyone wishing to join our workshop will be required to wear hard soled shoes or tap shoes. Our workshop will consist of a performance of one of our dances. We will teach simple Appalachian steps from this dance which hopefully at the end of the workshop we will all perform.

The musicians play old time and bluegrass fiddle tunes. Northern Rascals teenagers and young adults dance workshop. Anna Holmes from the Northern Rascals dance company hosts this energetic workshop for teenagers and young adults to explore and enjoy contemporary dance. Anna has trained in a combination of different styles such as modern, ballet, jazz and most notably, contemporary, so expect the workshop to be high energy, as we delve in and out of the floor and up in to the sky, all set to the background of great music.

This class, for teenagers and young adults, is suitable for people with all varying levels of experience of the form, including beginners. Previous dance experience is preferable but not necessary! Just bring an openness and trust in the capacity of your body. So be brave and come join us! The Speed Sisters are the first all-woman race car driving team in the Middle East. Against the backdrop of the turbulent West Bank — where tense military occupation and restricted civil liberties are the norm — meet the five extraordinary young women who have determinedly driven their way into the heart of the gritty, male-dominated Palestinian street car-racing scene.

If looking for us ask behind the bar for our group or Greg and they should send you the right way. Enquiries can be sent here. The meeting is an unusual one: Please check them rather than turn up and be disappointed. Bring along your flags to join in with rousing renditions of 'Jerusalem', 'Land of Hope and Glory' and 'Pomp and Circumstance' - as well as traditional marches and more modern music.

Following her successful collaboration and tour with Jackie Oates last year and a fabulous show at the Homegrown Festival in Bury, Megan embarked on a national tour Autumn as special guest of the excellent Show Of Hands. This year Megan has played solo shows, joint tours and festivals; and additionally has recorded her third album "River.

In support we have Yan Tan Tether who play a host of instruments piano, banjo, guitar, fiddle but concentrate mostly on creating beautiful a capella arrangements.

Their voices create spine-tingling harmonies interspersed with some rollicking good chorus songs. Mike Harding describes them as the "Golden Tonsils of Otley! Nominated for numerous Oscars, this stunning film is set in a dying Texas town in the early s and has a soundtrack by Hank Williams, Frankie Laine and others.

The Friends will be on hand to serve free snacks appropriate to the film! Sorry no parking on site. Apples can be dropped off at the gate. Yourselves, your apples if you have them, glass or plastic screw top bottles for your juice, and wellies! Equality United are running a free, interactive, awareness training session at Todmorden Library on Saturday, 14th October, The memories of earlier generations have been captured to save a vital part of our local history.

Born in County Durham , Barbara has lived in Todmorden for over fifty years and has been involved with various community charities. Come and experience over 20 different apples including several locally grown varieties Thursday Oct 12 6.

There will be a free raffle, with prizes including apple juices and an apple tree, and appley treats to sample. Local apple guru, Mark Simmonds will be on hand to answer your apple-related questions too.

If you have any apple varieties you have grown that we could all try, please do bring them along or drop some off to us in the shop beforehand. Methera string quartet has its roots planted firmly in English traditional music. Their national tours and Radio 3 broadcasts have established them as a scintillating live act blazing a trail between folk and chamber music.

Please come along and support your local youth band. As well as musical entertainment there will be tea, coffee, home-made cakes available, as well as a book stall, chocolate tombola and raffle. Especially welcome is anyone aged between 7 and 19 who is interested in joining us, we can supply instruments and lessons for a small fee, and are always on the lookout for new members.

Lee Southall The former Coral guitarist brings a wealth of experience to his solo performances. Folk, pop, blues and country thread their way through songs that take inspiration from the melodic intricacy of Bert Jansch and Davey Graham, through to the raw sparseness of Karen Dalton and Townes Van Zandt. We're asking people who live within the area to come along to be part of the audience and support the Hebden Bridge community projects that are featuring in this brand new show.

Tony Award winning play about love, trust, genius and madness in the world of mathematics! Funny, touching and a great night out at the theatre! Tickets can also be purchased in person at Innovation, Hebden Bridge. The play runs from Monday-Saturday, October, 7. Coming up on 5th October at 9pm is a chance to see six of them plus musician Steve Anderson perform free at the Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe. Thursday 5th October 6: In addition there will be a Police Update and a chance to decide on what should be the priorities for your local area.

There will also be an opportunity to give your views in the Open Forum section of the meeting. A guide to the cosmos. FD - Instrumental subsonic doom laden stoner rock from Todmorden.

If you're a crafter, sewer, knitter, crocheter or a vintage lover, this is the place to be. We have an eclectic mix of fabric, buttons, ribbons, yarn, vintage pieces, books and anything else you could possibly need to inspire your creative mind! At their general meeting this Saturday 7 Oct , the Great Coop are inviting food producers to give short presentations about their work.

There'll also be a chance for a chat, a drink, and something to nibble from 1pm onward. It is accompanied by a limited edition book published by Kettillonia. Also included in the exhibition are new works, some giving hints to future drawing projects. Over 50 beers, ciders and perries from both sides of the Pennines and around the UK. Beers ordered from breweries only, some specially commissioned ales and ales in wooden casks. Food available from the Town Hall Cafe. He ran the award-winning heritage theatre company Past Pleasures for many years, during which time he told tales in and was occasionally slung out of most of the great castles and manor houses of England.

Tristan says he now continues to work for museums and galleries as a storyteller whether they want him to or not! This chap and he is a chap is nothing shy of brilliant! Witty, well-polished and very, very funny. With this explosive retelling of King Lear, Debs Newbold channels her love of Shakespeare's language to whip up a great storm that will snatch you from your seat and send you hurtling into its centre. Deeply felt and often uproariously funny, King Lear Retold makes Shakespeare accessible to everyone.

Created for a sell-out show at The Hay Festival, toured internationally and performed to acclaim at Shakespeare's Globe this compelling solo performance is a storytelling event you will not want to miss. Friday 29th September, 7.

Square Chapel website Trailer clip: Parades and processions, street theatre, market stalls, exhibitions, food. Directed by Andy Fraser. As with previous productions, this Hippodrome Foyer Play is based on an original radio script dramatized by Vince Foxall for BBC Radio 4 and will be performed script-in-hand with live sound effects and a large cast of players old and new.

Featuring strolling minstrels, fools, ghosts, murderers and diverse alarums Dealers from all over the north showing and supplying a full range of antiques and collectables. The Business Breakfast at Hebden Bridge Town Hall is on a recess over summer and returns in September with a Retail Special at which the following guests will be present:.

Please secure the date in your diary and if you'd like to attend, please email the the Town Hall to let them know. The Co-op chemist in Albert Street was an essential part of community life. Having worked there in the s and in other pharmacies in Hebden Bridge in a career spanning forty years Linda has many memories to share.

Being behind the chemist counter was rewarding, sometimes sad and often funny as the assistants dealt with many and varied medical conditions. Linda describes herself as 'very much a local' having been born in Mytholmroyd and after her marriage moving along the valley to Hebden Bridge.

She qualified as an Apothecary Hall Pharmacy technician in and continued this career in Hebden Bridge. Now she is enjoying a happy and busy retirement. Station Friends group celebrating their 10th anniversary plus publication on this day of book: An evening of stunning live psychedelia Golden Lion, Todmorden upstairs Doors 7.

With support from the massively popular and Todmorden's very own Featherteeth playing their beautiful chilled out psych. This popular busy fair returns to the wonderful Hebden Bridge Town Hall on September 23rd and 24th, 10am - 4. Find nearly 20 stalls of bona-fide vintage items from the s to the s including, gents and ladies vintage fashion, vintage furniture, home-wares, jewellery and accessories.

Live vintage music and fabulous pop up cocktail bar to boot! For more information on Fawcett events: Various walking, cycling road and MTB and horse riding events throughout the stunning South Pennines. Pocket guides of events available mid July and listings on Walk and Ride Festival website. Enjoy and be inspired by new work from local artists exploring themes of Autumnal woods, the magic of Winter landscape and the local townscape.

A friendly sound engineer Mark is on hand to plug you in! Saturday 23rd September Time: Creating corridors of colour in urban spaces can really help to engage, excite and inspire the local community to participate in activities which help to protect your garden, back yard, allotment and any green space as well as encouraging them to care for and delight in the nature around them. The project also offers excellent opportunities for education, improving health and well-being and raising awareness of environmental issues in the local areas and beyond.

Introduction and welcome 1. What we have done in Calderdale — what we want to do within the community 1. Seed sowing and harvesting workshops with free seeds from Kew Gardens! The words take on a singing quality that speaks directly to the audience. Man with a Movie Camera. Hebden Bridge Picture House. Doors will open at 4. The film met with bewilderment on its release but is now recognised as a cinematic milestone.

Fawcett networking with led walk at 2. Hope Chapel Open Day Music at the Shoulder of Mutton Family fun from Noisy Toys at the Egg Factory. Evening gig at The Trades Club featuring: Chris Booth presents Anne Lister - the diary revelations and life of the local heiress, mountaineer, business woman and traveller.

A fortnightly Social Group open to all gay, bisexual or curious men. Come and join us for a drink and chat and to make new friends. Please bring a ground sheet, blanket, folding chair or sit on the grass, and why not bring a picnic!

Come and have a good time for free. Everyone welcome, but no alcohol please. Please note the film is rated PG We understand there are a couple of swear words that we will endeavour to mute. For more information visit Royd Regeneration's Facebook page or website and feel free to share with family, friends and colleagues.

Get ready to get your groove on as the Dead Good Disco DJs play a heady selection of disco, soul, afrobeat, late-night party classics and undiscovered dance floor gems. In what has to be one of coolest bars in West Yorkshire. Dance for Life is fun, no dance steps, all ages, creative moving to beautiful music. Just move through rhythms of living yourself and life. It shows how communities have come together in times of adversity and gives us insight into how working together can be the way forward.

It is an independent production by Andy Clark MSc. Come along to Memories of Mytholmroyd an evening of fascinating images, stories from the past and the gentle humour and songs of Stanley Accrington. Stanley Accrington, a renowned local acoustic and folk singer song writer, will be your host for the evening and Frank Woolrych from the Pennine Digital Archive will talk about how you can add your memories and photographs to the wealth of local history.

Gentle Dance Exercise Moving our bodies to lovely music helps heal and keep our mind, bodies and souls fit for loving life. Wadsworth Environment Group will be running their fundraising tea and cake stall. See HebWeb news article. Oggles hedgehog rescue explains how we can protect them. The restored grade-II listed cinema, which was badly flooded on Boxing Day , will be open from 10am to 1pm for tours, a poster sale, a history talk and refreshments. Cinema manager Rebekah Fozard will lead behind-the-scenes tours of the Picture House at Book a place by email.

In addition Kate Higham, secretary of the Friends of the Picture House, will give a talk on the history of the cinema at It is also hoped that restored footage of the Hebden Bridge Carnival Parade and Gala will be ready for screening at the open day.

The historic film has been transferred from celluloid to 'screen ready' digital format after being discovered by the Yorkshire Film Archive and will be shown in the cinema for the first time since the s. Rare, historic film not seen since s which was made at the Hebden Bridge Carnival Parade and Gala in is being restored and will be shown again at the Picture House.

See HebWeb News item. The monthly Friends of the Picture House screening on Saturday, September 9 will be the Alfred Hitchcock thriller 'Frenzy' 18 which will be shown at 4. At the beginning of he undertook his third series of joint headline shows with Grammy Award winner Amy Wadge. A talk by Dr. Wuthering Bytes Festival back for a fifth year over ten days.

The opening keynote will explore developments and people in the history of computing, from Maurice Wilkes and Max Newman to Alan Turing. From 3 Sep till 27 Aug Markus Stitz rode around the world on a customised Surly Ogre with one gear and equipped with bikepacking bags. During his journey he saw the Aurora Borealis in Iceland, braved minus 17 C in New Mexico, pushed up the world's steepest street in Dunedin, crossed the Australian Outback, cycled through 40 C in Thailand, climbed up to m in Iran, cycled the Anatolian Highlands and the Alps and rode the famous cobbles of Flanders.

All to prove that it can be done. One gear is enough to cycle the world. Markus is appearing at the Old Gate in Hebden Bridge on 6th September sharing his stories and showing some video's of his epic journey. Still planning new ventures and adventures Markus will be happy to answer questions on the night. Also on the 6th and free of charge; Markus will be accompanying a social ride from Blazing Saddles, followed by an bag packing workshop. For further info call Blazing on To get a flavour of what Markus has achieved and of previous events visit this web page.

Moving our bodies to lovely music helps heal and keep our mind, bodies and souls fit for loving life. All presented by that lovely Dave Boardman chap who's proud so say he's intensely disliked by local Conservative activists. Dance for Life Dance for life is fun! Todmorden's Geoff Love remembered. Musical Arranger to the Stars remembered with a weekend of celebrations and the publication of a new book this September, years after his birth. This ever-popular exhibition opens Saturday, 26th August and runs until Sunday, 3rd September closed Sunday, 27th August.

The exhibits are all by club members and there is opportunity for the public to vote for their favourites. This year there will be a Tug of War and local Pubs are being invited to enter a team … more information to follow. The process of digitising and putting online the SHED archive.

A chance to see how the task is being approached and to see some items from one of the collections on display. Rachel McCrum and Caroline Bird - the Wainsgate concert series resumes after the summer recess on 2 Sept with an entertaining performance poetry event featuring two award-winning poets.

Come and join Tech for Good Live on tour! Come and get involved. It'll be in the beautiful Hebden Bridge as a part of the tech festival Wuthering Bytes.

Come and relax blissfully to the beautiful sound vibrations of Gongs played by Gongmaster Kath Reade and the Hangdrums played by the brilliant Kim Metcalfe. Mats, cushions, or chairs provided. Free entry, free parking, live demo's, light refreshments and bar. Once again we'll be setting up outside The Shoulder of Mutton for another all day street party with lots of DJs playing throughout the day.

The vibe conductors for the day are as follows We will have Zumba with Nicole and a plant swap. Please come in comfortable clothes. T he countryside team are sharing the secrets of their work with a Ranger Day on Saturday 19 Aug. Meet and chat with the team. Come and join us for our Keralan Tapas Night! We will be offering a variation of Keralan home style cooking in the form of sharing plates!!

A percentage of profits made on the night will go towards Hope Charity! Not for profit charity based in Kerala, India.

Friday 18th August 7pm to late. See recycleradio social media for live updates and to contact us during the broadcast. Happy Valley Pride Festival A celebration of print! Showcasing prints, zines, t-shirts and more from local creatives. Pop in and grab a print for your wall! The next Friends screening is the touching and funny Little Miss Sunshine. Released in , it stars Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell and Abigail Breslin as the girl whose invitation to compete in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant sees her eccentric family setting off to California in a rusty VW bus to support her - with hilarious results.

Food will be served from pm. Donations for hall hire are welcome. Laughter yoga with Manda Stretch in the Artschool at Artsmill. Everyone can do it. Hebden Bridge will, once again, be the place to be on the 5th and 6th August when the Rotary Club of Hebden Bridge hosts the iconic charity fund raising Hebden Bridge Vintage Weekend.

Held in the heart of Hebden Bridge, at Calder Holmes Park, the open plan layout of the site allows members of the public to get up close to the exhibits and chat to their owners.

More info and registration. Sunday August 6th, Poetry, readings, song and reflection to remember those who died when the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and to say "Never Again". Labour Party's next General Election Campaign Theresa and her chums are falling out but none of them appear brave enough to replace her. She's relying on the right wing press and a bunch of unionist who are as untrustworthy as each other. She's unlikely to lose any votes at the moment only because parliament is in recession, but they'll be back soon.

The quiz consists of a picture round, questions on events in the news and and the ever popular and appropriate music round. All presented by the loony lefty pinko commie Dave Boardman.

This will be a walk that will take in some good climbs up and down hill at a moderate pace. Bestselling author's new book set in Mytholmroyd. Linda Green's previous novel sold more than , copies. Join us upstairs in The Stubbing Wharf at 8pm. Face painting, balloon modelling, games and refreshments, as well as a chance to see our home-from-home not for profit nursery. There are also plenty of free activities for the children, with face painting, balloons and crafts!

Why not get involved and enter your pup in to one of our fun classes! Special service commemorating the life and legacy of John Fawcett on the th anniversary of his death.

On 23rd July, Hebden Radio will be officially launching on It'll be clearly signposted Due to warnings of severe weather we are postponing tonight's open air screening of Mamma Mia on the field at Calder High for weeks. We will announce the new date as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Royd Regeneration are proud to present Mamma Mia at their free Outdoor Film Event on Wednesday 19 July on the playing field at Calder High, which will bring the school's carnival day to a close.

Please come along and enjoy this community event - sing, dance, have a picnic or just relax with family and friends. Hebden Radio kick-start the event at 6pm with the film showing at 7pm.

Book your free place by visiting www. The Companion is a beautiful and powerfully-told story of buried secrets, set between the s and the present day, in the valleys and moors of West Yorkshire.

Sarah will be talking about her inspiration, including the real-life history of Gibson Mill and Hardcastle Crags, and reading excerpts from the novel. The Book Case will be selling copies on the night.

See Facebook page for more details and how to get involved. Starting at odds, their relationship blossoms: An online version of the meeting will be available from 7pm. This is an event not to be missed if you are interested in checking out what fresh up and coming bands we have in our musically fruitful locality.

We will be presenting a showcase of live bands and DJs. Todmorden Cricket Club Doors: Hope Baptist Church ,July, paintings, textiles, refreshments, by members and friends, I made a cake open garden on Saturday, book sale every day. Festivals team up for Open Weekend. The Arts Festival has joined forces with the Open Studios and is bringing back Open Gardens for a special open cultural weekend this summer. Meet 90 local artists and visit 30 gardens. Read latest HebWeb news item. Hebden Bridge Open Studios 7th, 8th and 9th July 11am-5pm.

The Open Studios weekend is a great opportunity to visit local artists and craftspeople in Hebden Bridge, Todmorden, Heptonstall, Mytholmroyd and beyond. This year, 90 artists are opening their studios and homes to the public. Look out for the brochure. Live music throughout the day will create a space to relax so quench your thirst with either tea and homemade cakes, or a variety drinks hosted by pop up pub The Pig and Barrel. The Wainsgate Bee group will have a glass-viewing hive and be talking about all things bees and honey between 12pm to 1pm.

Ciara Sturges — original prints, and interior textiles. Susy Nicholson — knitting and African fabric home-wares and jewellery Rob Hopper — ceramics Becky Pytches — watercolours and greeting cards Pauline Sturges — black and white photography of the local area Kempadoo Millar — exclusive handmade flat caps And more….

Summer Indoor Garden Party. Come and support a great charity and have a great time in the process! With various DJs, scrumptious cocktails and some interesting plants. The nostalgic coming-of-age drama, released in but looking back to the lates, is adapted from a Stephen King short story and stars a fantastic young cast including River Phoenix.

Join the Friends for a great afternoon of film and free refreshments. On Saturday 8 July at 7: In , at the age of 58, Cyril Mount painter, arts educator, ex-soldier, peace activist and husband and father set off for the ashram of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Osho in Poona, India, having become a devotee several years earlier.

Since the fifties Cyril had struggled to find inner peace, especially troubled by the recurring trauma of his wartime experiences. This led to a severe mental breakdown in the early sixties.

Click here for details of events during the Exhibition. There are 12 collections on display in the Curious Collections exhibition at The Egg Factory, Hebden Bridge - all carefully hunted out bits of treasure. You will be surprised by what, and why, people collect and it may result in you seeing the world in a different way. Open daily from Wednesday 28th June — 9th July! This free exhibition is at: See them while you can. Heavily influenced by blues, garage rock, the band relocated to Manchester in After the release of the first EP, "Start", the duo participated in a number of music festivals as well as numerous gigs around Sicily plus also being chosen to open for: In the summer of the band returned to the studio to record their first album entitled "The Right Way To Go Wrong" due for release in Streets of Fun on Street Sunday: This event is the traditional end of the Arts Festival.

Some of Britain's best street performers join local acts in 4 venues on Sun 2 July. Arts Festival kicks off this weekend - Some of the UK's best street entertainers are coming to Hebden Bridge for a fun packed day of crazy entertainment on Saturday 24 June. Arts Festival Comedy for all ages:. Read HebWeb News item. On Saturday 1st July Heptonstall Festival returns in with a host of music, activities and street food for all.

Blackshed is a creative platform, instigated by Aj. Wilkinson who helped mentor a group Blackshed3 of photographers who worked individually and together to interpret their own viewpoints of Hebden Bridge.

Calderdale Council has appointed a natural flood management specialist as part of its work to reduce the risk of flooding across the Calder Valley. Rob will be presenting an outline of his role and what he hopes to achieve as Natural Flood Management Project Officer. Rob Twiggs said, "I believe natural flood management alone is not the answer to reducing flood risk, but when delivered as part of an integrated catchment wide approach with engineered flood defences, sustainable drainage systems and flood resilience measures, such as property level protection, NFM can make a positive contribution to reducing flood risk.

The Calderdale Flood Partnership are inviting you to come along and get involved with a series of drop-in events to understand and comment on the work of the Environment Agency and other partners to achieve a reduced risk of flooding in Calderdale. Join us upstairs in the Stubbing Wharf on King St at 8pm on Friday 30th June for a collection of dark, powerful, and thoughtful snake stories shared from Indian myth and folktale.

Bought to you by storytellers Peter and Gorg Chand, who both have a deep connection and love for the stories from their motherland. When their bellies were full, they transformed from snakes back to men again and the festivities continued Or just come along and enjoy the evening. A friendly sound engineer will be on hand to help you out if you choose to perform. To mark these events, and with the benefit of funding from the Big Lottery's Celebrate programme, we are having a 5th Birthday Party on Saturday 24th June which brings together a number of events and projects into one big party atmosphere:.

The 24th June is the first weekend of the wonderful Hebden Bridge Arts Festival so, in collaboration we are hosting some of the same street performers and others in our Courtyard between 12 and 4pm. And then from 4pm everyone is invited for tea, coffee, juice and most importantly lots of cake in our Waterfront Hall until it all runs out. Come along and be amongst the first to see our new mosaic in the Courtyard created through a community arts programme , enjoy an Arts Festival sculpture in the Courtyard and installations in the basement.

It's going to be a wonderful day, we're sure the sun will shine - so please come along and join us! Thousands of people from across Yorkshire and beyond are expected to watch the Parade when it takes to the streets on Sunday.

Handmade Parade's Sea of Dreams: International artists from the Greek Street Theatre Company Motus Terrae are working with local people to create astonishing street theatre work.

See HebWeb News 13 June. Dominic is a young cornet star from Australia who's been awarded the Global Academy Project Student exchange to Norway and England - where he subsequently took on the principal cornet seat at Brighouse and Rastrick whilst still only 19 years old. This year, Dominic has taken on the soprano position further demonstrating his burgeoning talent and versatility, which he will share with his playing in the concert.

The band are delighted that Dominic has agreed to perform with them for a terrifically entertaining evening. She went on to work as a performer, workshop leader, director and writer. In , her theatrical adaptation of Dream State: She established the first year-round Deaf Youth Theatre in the UK and scripted six main-stage and several community productions, winning several awards. A full night's entertainment from 8pm at the Trades Club on Friday 16th June.

It will be a true asset to Calderdale and help students of Ravenscliffe High School thrive to the best of their abilities. The film's stars, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, were nominated for best actress Oscars and the film launched the career of a young Brad Pitt. Controversial on its release, Thelma and Louise is now considered a classic. Our Open Day will be held on Saturday 17th June from 10am until 1pm. In keeping with our democratic principles this is an open-space festival where any delegate can offer to lead a workshop.

Food and music too! For more information click here: The Charlie Carr Quartet -. Singer Charlie Carr and jazz pianist Dave Nelson are joined by an inter-continental rhythm section. St Georges Square, Hebden Bridge. The first band will march off at Each band will be judged on their marching prowess and the best will be awarded the deportment prize.

In the square, each band will play a hymn tune and a contest march. There is a range of prizes and the overall winners will be presented with the Alan Bottomley Memorial Trophy. Nicola Wright of Network Rail's visit to consult re proposed lifts is re-scheduled for 1pm Monday 12 June. Everyone is most welcome. We need to your views too. The lift access proposals can be viewed on Calderdale's planning web. In a recent meeting with Nicola Wright of Network Rail we discussed the need for resurfacing, though no formal agreement was made.

This needs to be brought to her attention when she comes to consult at the station at 1pm on Monday 12 June. We should also discuss wheelchair access to the booking office. I believe there is a second window which could potentially be lowered thus offering two alternatives and not impeding access for those of us who do not use a wheelchair. This issue needs to be raised with Calderdale. Having a fully accessible station has limitations if some disabled people cannot reach the entrance.

Our AGM is a chance for you to meet our Trustees, ask questions and hear about our plans for the future. Piano Festival Fundraising Concert: Following the 5th Hebden Bridge Piano Festival in April comes a spectacular fundraising Gala Piano Recital to raise cash for more exciting Festivals in and beyond. The full walk takes in some of the most spectacular scenery in the South Pennines and, in walking terms, is described as moderately difficult.

It is approximately 21 miles long and includes the beautiful wooded valleys of Hardcastle Crags and the commanding heights of the moors above the Luddenden Valley. Runners are welcome to join in but we do ask them to check in and start their run as early as possible. Free I, Daniel Blake screening at the Trades. On Sunday 4 June. Ken Loach's hard hitting Palme d'Or winner is free, and presents "a searing indictment of a failed and discriminatory benefits system.

Come along to this inaugural show, see the cattle, the sheep and the horses. Watch the Falconry display, the Shetland ponies, farrier demonstrations and much,much more Parade workshops start this weekend! Fancy lazing on the beach, swimming with sharks or creating a ship of hopes and dreams? Then get down to the Handmade Parade, starting Saturday, 3 June.

The concert starts at 7. A delightiul 10K fell race run over trail and open moorland starting in Hebden Bridge, with a climb up to Stoodley Pike and back, suitable ior experienced fell runners and newcomers to the sport. A generous prize list ior all categories. The history, growing, production and science of chemicals in various chocolates. Sunday Sessions is back for a one-off Bank Holiday special.

This time we're bringing the music to you and setting up in the square. DJs bringing the sunshine vibes are Hebden Hikes guided walk - starting Hebden Bridge — uphill for a look around Heptonst all village. During Alex's maternity non leave, she visited the park.

Not very remarkable you may think but wait until you hear what she learned on her visits. Stories from all over the world, short ones, long ones, happy ones, others not so. Telling of tales new or old will be given the standard Ultradish treatment, mixing the traditional with the contemporary. Join her on a journey from your seat to the skies, via the local pond. If you have a babel fish, bring that too. The parade will starts at Sanworth Street at approx There is lots of Entertainment all day long.

You can book a stall by emailing. Paintings and Sculpture at Artsmill. Beginning with Hitchcock's The Lodger on Saturday 13 May with live musical accompaniment from harpist Elizabeth-Jane Baldry whose performance in Hebden Bridge was one of the highlights of the festival. Finishing with the gorgeously romantic drama 7th Heaven on 20 May, with Jonathan Best performing live on piano.

Tickets including a reduced rate double ticket available in advance here. On Saturday 20 May, at 7. Entertainment includes Flame Oz, maypole dance, maypole king and queen parade, and lots lots more. This film is important and inspiring as they come! A unique opportunity to see what fracking does to people — and what people do to frackers when community awakens. With fracking now on its way to our backyard… all the way from Australia, our guests are coming to Hebden Bridge on their national tour to answer questions on what it means for real.

Light refreshments and a chance to buy Palestinian olive oil and dates from the Halifax Friends of Palestine stall. As in previous years, there's plenty going on in the Library and throughout the town. There is a full programme of events in there throughout those days or you can just pop in for a chat, coffee and cake, soup and bread and some free craft activities.

And yet, nearly all of us struggle with thinking about, planning and talking about death. Especially with the people we love the most. Each May, a small group of Tod folk create a festival to make space for those conversations. In lots of different ways. This is about fellow citizens, mucking in to the difficult stuff together, in the hope of making things a little softer. Created and produced by Kaye Martindale and Kay Boardman 'Dreaming of the Daylight Days ' is a collection of poetry and painting by members of our weekly creative dementia sessions and is the perfect embodiment of the group's creative spirit.

As a poet, I know how hard it is to reflect this journey in words. Dreaming of the Daylight Days speaks from the inside of that journey - and is all the more ambitious and powerful for it.

Already confirmed for Kentucky Cow Tippers, Thunderbridge Bluegrass band. An eclectic and robust mix of annuals and hardy perennials, as well as attractive willow plant supports, from an experienced gardener and plantswoman.

Second hand sale of baby and kid's clothes, toys and equipment. Flying Saucers Pottery will be there too! Following its repeated sell out success in , Ursula further developed these deliciously dark authentic collections into an annual Hebden Bridge Ghost Walk which currently runs every weekend throughout the month of October.

Singing workshop for men and fundraising for Watermark Flood Resilience. Phil Kelly or email. Enjoy free entry the Hebden Bridge Vintage Fair, with twenty stalls selling hard to find vintage fashions and homewares. For further information and to book a stall please visit www. Sunday 7th May am to pm. We are raising funds for the local Labour Party's campaign to remove our local Tory - no one else will achieve this here May the fourth be with us.

Porter Nickerson are a duo that embody the best of what live music has to offer: A virtuoso guitarist, Porter has more than ten albums to his catalogue and has shared the stage with rock and pop luminaries such as Jeff Beck, Sting, Paul Simon, Tori Amos and Jethro Tull.

The result has been a rich experience of performing and writing: This is a rare chance to catch them whilst on a brief visit from their native U. In support is Nick Hall, no stranger to Wadsworth. As usual cask ale and a tasty supper will be available. It captures London's docklands on the eve of massive change with Bob Hoskins in his breakthrough role as a Cockney crime boss trying to turn legit.

Co-starring Helen Mirren, it has a terrific screenplay by Barrie Keeffe. More info on the website. They met as part of LABO, a yearly laboratory for research and development for professional European storytellers. The group was formed in Ghent in Belgium in May The boys are currently touring a number of UK story clubs and we're really excited to be one of them! Hope to see you there! Rudsambee is a strong choir based in Edinburgh and directed by Derrick Morgan.

The choir sings a wide range of modern, world and renaissance music. For lovers of distinctive choral singing performed with panache, this is an evening not to be missed. The concert will feature music from Scottish and English composers, both sacred and from the folk tradition.

A place where you'll find a heady and rather eclectic mix of disco, soul, afrobeat and party vibes! Come check it out and kick up some dust off the dance floor! Numbers limited so please book by email or text Hebden Bridge Walkers Action annual open get together. Hebden Bridge Walkers Action invite anyone interested in walking to come to an informal get together to hear about their activities, including the Heart of the Pennines project. At the same time, they would like help in planning what else needs doing.

The get together is at the Stubbing Wharf, 7. At the next Public Meeting, on Tuesday 25 April, 7pm. Everybody living or working in the Calder Valley can make small changes to slow the flow of stormwater — come along to find out more! Amanda McDermott said, "Many small interventions, to slow run-off, could result in a significant amount of water being temporarily stored during storm events in our urban areas. During and after the devastating Boxing Day Flood , thousands of us gave our time and money to help friends, family and neighbours recover.

If we all work together to take action and invest in our own properties whether they flood or not we can help reduce the threat of similar levels of flooding in the future, and the need to help clean up on such a large scale. We don't get so much - oh, right - when we explain that the girls have got two mummies, which - it makes such a difference to us. Houseboats line the Rochdale Canal, which zigzags through the town. The old mills and warehouses are mostly condos now, but the locks are still operated by hand.

On the moors high above, you can walk some of the ancient pathways which crisscross the Tenines ph and the Yorkshire Dales. But more than the beauty, it is the tolerance of the locals that has drawn the lesbians. If there are people here who object to that lifestyle, they're keeping it to themselves. But then the gay women are just following in the footsteps of hippies who settled here after the mills closed down in the s.

Hebden Bridge has had plenty of time to get use to alternative lifestyles. At the Ladies and Gents Hairdressers on Market Street on a weekday afternoon, most of the hair they sweep up is gray. I know we've got quite a few gay women around. Well, it don't bother me because, you know, they keep their selves to their selves, don't they. Nikki Simmons ph , standing among the other mothers as a local primary school gets out, agrees the lesbian influx is no big deal.

Myca knows he's got two mums, and it's just par for the course, really. Holly definitely would say that she's going to marry her friend Romy and she'll add at the end of it, Girls can marry girls, mum. And I'll say, Yes, dear, I know. The present generation of lesbians in Hebden Bridge seem to think that they've invented something new. David Fletcher, a year-old academic, grew up in Hebden Bridge.

He says women in these parts have gone their own way ever since the Industrial Revolution. That's when many men, all handloom weavers, lost their livelihood, and the women became the breadwinners, working in the new textile factories.

The women in this part of the world, from about , onwards, had this independent economic power which gave them independence in many other ways. Even when I went to school here, it wasn't unusual to find a family of, say, five children that have different surnames because they've been fathered by different men. It wasn't a problem. Another long-accepted practice, says David Fletcher: Economically it's a lot cheaper if two people live in the same house and share the same bills. And if they're fond of each other, well, you know, they get their satisfaction in other ways, perhaps.

Some in Hebden Bridge worry that property prices are starting to creep beyond the reach of the town's original inhabitants. But just as many people will tell you the women have bolstered the local economy. And their children, filling the local schools, have given this once dying mill town a future. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc.

See if you can spot the ways to create winning zugzwang positions from the diagrams on the right. The answers are given in the games in the viewer at the end of this post (I’ve also published the zugzwang examples that were used in . Hebden Bridge ‘B’ vs. Hebden Bridge ‘C’ www.siliconirelandnewswire.coms 1 – 0 www.siliconirelandnewswire.comrbarrow (W) www.siliconirelandnewswire.comnd 1 – 0 www.siliconirelandnewswire.comd (W) www.siliconirelandnewswire.comd 0 – 1 www.siliconirelandnewswire.come (W) 1 – 0 www.siliconirelandnewswire.coman (W) 1 – 0 (W) 4 – 1. The third match to take place on Monday night was the one between Belgrave ‘A’ and Belgrave ‘B’. Hebden Bridge Hostel is housed in the Birchcliffe Centre and adjoins an ex-Baptist chapel that hosts weddings. The Birchcliffe Centre contains the hostel and a lso "The Main Hall", an impressive space ideal for conferences, meetings, weddings. There is a + seat auditorium and a beautiful mezzanine room for celebrations.5/5(3).