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Mmm come ladies

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British citizens can continue to enjoy freedom of movement across the EU on their British passports and take advantage of EU rights and regulations until the UK officially leaves. The resealable bag for liquid products carried in hand luggage If you are checking luggage in at the airport to go separately into the airplane hold then you can pack your liquids into this luggage in whatever volume sized bottle or container you choose.

Below is what you need to know and a few tips and law-abiding tricks to get around some of them to make your trip less stressful. PS — these regulations only apply to any liquids you wish to bring with you from home to the airport in your hand luggage and therefore will need to go through airport security before boarding.

This does not include any liquids e. The small ones are usually the right size for the 20 cm x 20 cm bag required to carry liquid based products through airport security. The liquid based products. Yet, there is little anyone can do but adhere to whatever additional rules an airport decides to come up with.

If an airport suddenly demands all passengers must wear pink tutus before being allowed through security then I guess we would have to if we want to catch our flight. So, I advise to not go by my list below alone, or even the Gov. Bristol, Manchester and Stansted are the main UK culprits, but more are joining in, nothing is consistent and they keep changing their rules.

So, even if you travel through these airports often, do check with them everytime you travel to avoid having something in your freezer bag that internationally is acceptable, or was accepted the last time you passed through that airport being confiscated by them now.

If in any doubt, put it in the freezer bag or leave it at home. However, with such powders in hand luggage, be prepared for security staff to want to test them to see if they are what they are supposed to be.

Honesty is the best policy at airport security, so if you are taking a powdery product, it is best to take it out of your hand luggage at security and place it separately in the tray that goes through the X-ray machines. Otherwise, your bag maybe stopped and thoroughly searched. Tramadol is a widely prescribed and legal painkiller in the UK but is illegal in Egypt.

Being found in possession of such drugs in countries they are banned in can result in arrest and imprisonment for drug trafficking. A quick online search of your medication should reveal all. How to carry your liquid based products in the freezer bag. Only pack what legally has to go into that freezer bag. Leave facial wipes, tissues, sanitary products, tweezers, blades less than 6 cm long anything longer is not allowed and cotton buds out of the freezer bag and keep them in your hand luggage.

Make every centimetre of that freezer bag count! Even if you only need to travel with one bottle of liquid in your hand luggage, it still has to be ml or less in volume. This bottle with a volume of ml will not be accepted. Even though there is only ml of liquid in this bottle, the bottle itself is ml in volume and will not be accepted.

The bottle must be no more than ml in volume regardless of how much liquid is inside it. More on all these restrictions and requirements can be found on the Gov. It may save you a lot of time waiting for your bag to be searched after it has gone through the X-ray machines. They are usually very helpful and will give you the best and most accurate advice. My freezer bag typically looks like this. If I am only travelling for one or two nights I will bring a small tube of toothpaste with me. For longer trips from a UK airport I will always buy a large tube of toothpaste and a large bottle of suntan lotion from Boots in the departures lounge.

Handy travel tips to get around all of this legally There are no restrictions on the volume of liquid you can take in your hand luggage and into the cabin when bought in the airport departures lounge. This is good news if travelling from UK airports as almost all, and certainly all the major ones, have handy branches of Boots in them.

Although small, these Boots often sell high street liquid toiletry brands and sun tan lotion! Buy them in the departures lounge instead. They maybe slightly more expensive than if bought from the high street, but you will often find them in larger volumes — so smother yourself in sun tan lotion on arrival at your destination! It maybe a tad more expensive, but certainly cheaper than on the flight itself. Please, please, please do not be tempted to try and smuggle through a large bottle of sun tan lotion or a bottle of water in your hand luggage in the hope it will not be noticed, even if it is less than ml in volume.

If it is not presented in the resealable 20cm x 20cm bag and the X-ray machines spot it in your hand luggage — and they will spot it — airport security will confiscate it and make further checks through your luggage, delaying you and everyone else behind you. On a recent trip to Rome I almost missed my flight when my bag was randomly selected and set aside by airport security for a routine search, yet I still had to wait in line for over forty minutes as I watched suitcase after suitcase before me being ransacked by security staff after large bottles of sun tan lotion were found in every single one of those cases by the X-ray machines.

You can bring food onto a flight from the departures lounge and even from home through airport security in any volume… as long as it is not runny i. Razors larger than 6cm are not permitted in hand luggage but the Boots branches found in UK airport lounges often sell disposable razors.

Of course, make sure you pay for checked-in luggage if applicable, before you reach the airport otherwise it may cost you a small fortune. Finally, they may look scary but airport security are usually very approachable and will help you as much as they can with your hand luggage and liquid products. It can be frustrating, but getting upset or cross with them will only make things worse.

Keep calm, be polite and co-operative however stressed you may feel , and remember that honesty is always the best policy. Follow all this and you should breeze through security. Drinks however, are more problematic. Bringing liquids onto the Eurostar There are no restrictions on the volume of liquid you can bring in your hand luggage when boarding the Eurostar. You do not have to restrict yourself to ml bottles or less and do not have to present your liquid-based products in a 20 cm x 20 cm clear bag at any Eurostar port security.

The toy required four lithium metal batteries and a further two for the remote control, and I was worried whether I would be allowed on board with so many batteries, on top of my two camera batteries and my mobile phone and ipad which both contained lithium ion batteries also.

The rules on batteries in hand luggage appear as convoluted as carrying liquids on board because of the different types of batteries there are and their wattage. You can leave the batteries and related equipment inside your hand luggage at airport security, unless asked to take them out and present them separately. Regardless of how dogmatic some of his methods may be, he has sparked other world Governments into bringing in further and tighter security measures affecting travel to and from specific Middle Eastern countries.

The UK and other European countries have March introduced further security measures with regards to the carrying of larger electrical devices like laptops and tablets onto inbound flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia. If the device is larger than 16 cm in length, 9 cm in width and 1.

It will have to be placed in luggage checked in and put in the hold. Most mobile phones fall under these dimensions so should be ok to bring in hand luggage, but most laptops and tablets are affected. If you have any concerns and will be flying back to the UK or other European country from the Middle East soon, then do contact your airline beforehand who will be able to advise.

If in any doubt, put the item s in your checked in luggage, or if you are only carrying hand luggage then give the item s to staff at the gate before boarding and they will put the item s into the hold for you. More details on this additional measure can be found on the Gov. So, pack your chargers and invest in an adaptor plug see below.

More information on this measure can be found on the Gov. But did you know that Switzerland uses a separate three-round-pin plug very different to the other two? European top left , Swiss top right and UK bottom plug adaptors. Very useful to have and fairly cheap to buy. The Swiss adaptor however, is a little more difficult to find outside Switzerland. If however you forget to pick one up whilst passing through the arrivals lounge or do not have the chance to go Swiss shopping, then hopefully your hotel should be able to supply you with one.

It will make a huge plug, but one that will charge up your devices successfully. Almost all Swiss plug adaptors convert European plugs only, so slot your UK plug into your UK-to-European plug adaptor then slot that into your European-to-Swiss adaptor.

Applying for an EHIC is straightforward online and is absolutely free so ignore websites that offer the application service for a small fee. The card is valid for a number of years from the day of application and usually take weeks to process.

Do not be tempted to treat this card as an alternative to travel insurance. It is only an accompaniment. If you are unlucky enough to need serious healthcare whilst abroad e. Applications are free regardless of your country of origin. A few other handy tips Wrap your pile of packed clothes in tissue paper.

Even just one sheet over the top of the pile and tucked in at the sides will significantly reduce creasing. Bring resealable freezer bags of other sizes with you for all kinds of uses e. They are cheap and incredibly versatile, so pack as many as you can in whatever size you can in your luggage.

But, remember the freezer bag used to carry liquid products in your hand luggage and into the airplane cabin with you must be no more than 20 cm x 20 cm. Catholic strongholds like Italy and Spain will not allow women into their churches with bare shoulders on show shorts can sometimes be a no-no as well.

I was once visiting a flower garden half way up a mountain along the shores of stunning Lake Maggiore in Italy when the call of nature whispered in my ear. In some countries it is a requirement to carry a form of ID with you at all times.

A driving licence is also much cheaper and easier to replace than a passport. The person who invented these should be canonised. The relief they give is sheer bliss ter. Most stores in Europe will charge a few pence for a plastic bag, but some shops may not offer carrier bags at all. I was once told off in a supermarket in Ireland for not having brought my own bag with me and a lot of fuss was made to locate a bag for me to carry my groceries in. Use a large freezer bag to carry it in wet or dry.

Tripadvisor is superb for this, and is my pre-travel bible they have no idea I have said this and they have no idea who I am, so rest assured dear reader I am not gaining anything at your expense for sending you to their website. As well as choosing the best hotel, again these may seem obvious tips but my advice especially to ladies travelling alone is to choose a hotel that:.

You may be miles from a restaurant, or find yourself in the perfect spot for a nice picnic. Nowadays most hotels do offer wi-fi, but surprisingly some still charge customers for the privilege. During my last night in Madrid back in and unbeknownst to me until that last night, a country-wide general strike had been called the following day affecting all public transport and flights into and out of Spain see Madrid and how to survive a Spanish General Strike.

I was extremely grateful for the free and unlimited internet access my hotel offered me to find out how on earth I was going to get to the airport, and whether the airport would even be open. Languages were not my strongest nor fondest subjects at school, but having travelled a fair bit across Europe over the past decade I have developed a real desire and determination to try again and learn some basic Italian, French, German and Spanish.

Petticoats & Pistols - Romancing The West

This blog, and its many proverbial self-directed face punches has been clutch to keeping on track. Steve July 3, , 3: Very few human beings have it all. Wright, Einstein, Shakespeare, Lincoln, for examples, each had it all in their careers. MMM can write with love, sentimentality, rigor, humor, toughness and offbeatness about the most boring subject around, frugal living. The idea that you can be happier and build wealth by frugal living is not new or original.

It has been written and published many times during the entire 20th century The Richest Man in Babylon book comes to my mind, showing the identical ideas that MMM writes about. The evidence is in the number of followers each and every second, hour, day, week and month, month after month, year after year that come and stay.

Many people have tried writing about personal finance. Just go to any bookstore or Amazon and look for personal finance books. He could write for scientific peer-reviewed research or for the popular press.

He is for all practical purposes a 21 century poet, the likes of Mark Trane or Will Rogers. He is pure genius, and humble too boot! The bottom line is that his readers cannot help but read his articles because his writing is captivating, charming, alluring and also fulfill a fantasy the MMM readers want—to be able to quit working at a young age.

Gringo in Rio January 26, , 5: Starting from the bottom up here in , and when I got to post I had the same exact thought. Knince March 7, , 6: Thank you, MMM, for calling it what it is. Frugality is no longer an isolated occurrence… it is now a movement! Jeh March 7, , 6: Money Mustache March 7, , 6: October MacBain March 7, , 8: And when you do, please show some love for us vegans and vegetarians. Jimbo March 7, , 8: Geek March 7, , 9: For Vegan, try post punk kitchen http: Their book the Veganomicon is great too Ultra recommend from the website: October MacBain March 7, , 2: We cook almost exclusively from the recipes in Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance.

They are delicious, but in our area some ingredients are hard to find. When our leftovers are gone, the shopping bill goes up. Lennier December 5, , 5: Also try Vegan Black Metal Chef: Clint March 7, , 3: Rachel March 9, , 8: Heidi March 7, , 9: In our house we joke about eating eggs and dairy being a superpower. Even the high-quality products are so cheap there is no challenge for the super-thrifty. The real challenge for cost, nutrition, and fullness is having to eat vegan every day.

This sounds complainy-pants but I get really sick of people saying how easy it is and doing it for like 5 days—anyone can do anything for 5 days. The challenge is figuring out how to feed a family affordably year-round. Shanna March 7, , 9: We have 2 treats at order-from-the-counter restaurants a weekend. Most produce happens to be local where I live and still is 3 dollars for one bunch of swiss chard this is where Costco saves us, as we will actually eat 2 lbs of bok choy in a week I am looking into growing some of the easier, hardier things in the yard if the cost is comparable.

Costco… the nearest Costco to me is over 50 miles away and takes over an hour to get to one way. We visited, checked the grocery prices, did the math, and figured out we would not save anything by making that drive even once a month and paying their membership fee.

Shanna March 7, , 4: I was interrupted so I saw your post after mine. I guess I could get the used copies but I love to support an author I like with my pocketbook. I often wonder how people in the middle of the country or in the south fair with vegan diets. Even Fred Meyer has all sorts of wierd ingredients if I need them.

My neighbor has just clued me in to a CSA type thing that will actually deliver the organic produce from a local farm to my door in the middle of the night to save gas I guess?

Much better than having to pick up the box at a designated drop point at a certain time. Kenneth March 7, , MMM, loved the post, classic as others have called it. Regarding nutrition, you need to watch the movie Forks over Knives available on Netflix, movie. They give a lot of hard data about why we might want to move to a plant based diet, and eschew meat and dairy entirely. DW and I are about 95 percent there. One factor is that the feed we use to raise farm animals such as cows and pigs would be enough to feed 14 billion people, thus it is very ineffficient to use our farming resources to make beef and pork, similar to the crying shame of growing corn to pour in our gas tanks as ethanol.

The most important factor that you will learn is that animal based products translate to a high incidence of cancer in a population — plant based diet populations have low to no incidence of cancer. Money Mustache March 7, , I have been meaning to watch Forks over Knives for a while.. Kevin Meyers March 7, , 1: Kenneth March 8, , 8: Kevin, what a terrific blog post regarding Forks over Knives.

The author disagrees with a lot of the glossy science, but overall not with the implications of improving your health with a plant based diet. Look at what Bill Clinton had done in the past year or two, and look at Alicia Silverstone.

Hard to argue with results. Like I say, we are 95 percent there. But mostly, we eat fruits, vegetables, brown rice, potatoes, whole grain bread. Again, hard to argue with results.. CNM March 8, , 1: I have found that diets are extremely personal. I have never felt well on a vegetarian or vegan diet. I felt the best- and was the most muscular, energetic and ripped!

There really seems to be little conclusive science on any type of diet because there are so many variables. Oh Yonghao August 18, , Working out 5 days a week while keeping calories down will have you lose weight.

Total calories are around , then subtract metabolism and commute to work on bike. Kimmie March 7, , 3: We make what meat consumption we do eat stretch I will just add in 1 chicken breast instead of chicken breasts and LOTS of veggies when I make up stir fry, chow mein, soup, etc.. I stock up on staple items unbleached flour, sugar, dried beans, etc… when they have case lot sales in our local area.

We also purchase a 25 lb. Not only is it heart healthy, it is pennies compared to what most people spend for breakfast. Part of my passion of being frugal, is I love to figure up how frugal our meals are, AND my favorite of all…. TLV March 7, , 4: A cup of oats to make breakfast for a family of 4? I eat that much by myself most days. Maybe I need to try adding raisins. TLV March 7, , 5: MyCF March 8, , Kristi March 7, , 7: I would love to hear about how your dollar-a-meal stuff is going.

This is an area I am always looking for new inspiration on. Thanks for a great post! Marcia Frugal Healthy Simple March 7, , 7: Emmers March 7, , 9: Lots of it is just basic Mustachianism brew your own coffee instead of Starbucks, etc but still — a good starting place. Mike Key March 7, , 6: Physics March 7, , 6: Our burgeoning community here is a great start, and gives us a fantastic forum to continue to develop our frugal techniques.

Brandan March 7, , 6: Any chance we can get more info on the construction radio? Oh, thanks for asking! But I took off the stock backs and screwed them into the new wood box. They also came with also tough waterproof front grilles that click over those speakers which I took off for the picture. The music source is an older Sansa Fuze MP3 player with 12 gigs of storage onboard, good for about CDs worth of music.

So you can plug in ipods and iphones too. I also have an adapter so I can plug in an electric guitar or bass or even the output of a mixer — for road shows! The main reason I felt compelled to make this construction radio is that the ones already on the market had much crappier sound. I wanted something that was closer to home stereo quality.

Plus I just thought it would be funny to start showing up everywhere with this big wooden radio. Matt July 31, , 6: That thing is freaking awesome. Jimbo March 7, , 6: But I cannot imagine somebody reading this and not agreeing. Dragline March 7, , 6: For it is money they have and peace they lack. People will come MMM. The one constant through all the years, MMM, has been frugality and self-reliance.

America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But the old ideas of frugality and self-reliance have marked the time.

The values are part of our past, MMM. They remind of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh… people will keep coming MMM. People will most definitely keep coming. I had to look it up to figure out that you were basing the speech on the one from Field of Dreams, but I of course think yours is better.

March 7, , 7: JagsFan March 7, , 8: And of course, it has to be read using the voice of James Earl Jones. Dragline March 7, , 9: AA June 19, , Growing up in Buffalo, my friends and I went there several times, and always had a good time, even though we were a couple years under the legal drinking age even in Canada. Way better than most of the American beaches in Western NY. The depression experiences seemed to have strengthened their frugality muscles in many ways:.

He built a enclosed porch, additional bathroom, did his own car maintenance, and took vacation to paint the house. In fact, I remember being jealous of the other kids in the neighborhood that had parents that spent more money on fancy vacations, clothes, etcs. Both my parents are gone now and everyday I wish I could go back in time and thank them for the way they raised me. I try to celebrate my parents teachings by living my life in a frugal way and passing on the same lessons to my sons.

KO March 7, , 8: Frugalness IS the new fanciness! Frank July 4, , 6: Jill March 7, , 8: Marcia Frugal Healthy Simple March 7, , 8: You brought back good memories.

I grew up not too far from Canada NW Pennsylvania. Close enough that I decided to take French in HS oh, how much more useful Spanish would be right now. And my upbringing was like yours. My school had about students per grade, and drew kids from a 15 mile radius. I am still amazed. I live in So Cal, and everywhere I drive and park…luxury cars. I go home and the parking lots are full of…cars. Mostly domestic, but the Toyotas and Hondas are becoming more prominent. And they are old cars too.

We are the ones who most often are sitting in the tiny lunchroom at work with our packed sandwiches, pasta, or rice. So, I have some people to model myself after. I have coworkers who lament on never being able to afford a house, yet they drive big pickups and eat out every day. I actually had some interaction with rich kids in college. One little snot a C student whose dad was a doctor — he had a car made this comment to me before graduation: I agreed to go into the Navy to get my college partially paid for.

Stephen March 7, , 8: It used to be that having enough food to become overweight was hard, and it was prestigious to be fat. There will always be financially wasteful people, but as time goes by, frugality will gain more and more respect. Guitarist March 7, , 8: I honestly feel like the boomer generation, in general, is a big part of our current predicament. The greatest generation grew up during the depression, they had to learn to save, to fix, to get by with less.

From the depression they fight in WWII. They sacrificed but did not complain. They were doing their duty for their nation and the world. They then come home and are finally able to live the American dream.

They took the wealth their parents created and lived the high life on it. Soon, the country started adding debt to keep this high life going, raiding SS funds so that nobody would have to feel the strain of war at home or worry about paying it back until those in charge were well out of office cowards. There were still jobs available out of high school and college.

Gen Y seemed to be yet another generation poised to achieve more then ever before. Then it all changed about 10 years ago and the world was thrown upside down. War Failing economy Rampant debt Rising education costs Jobs drying up. I read this is the first generation, ever, where people believe they will be worse off then their parents. In my opinion, we are being forced to deal with less, to embrace and relearn the frugal ways of our grand and great grand parents. Frugal Toque March 7, , 9: We have access to so much cheap clothing that we let it pile up in our closets in a way that our parents would have found gluttonous.

Emmers March 7, , Dragline March 7, , And if you are not, go read it. Matt March 7, , As you said, a generation or two of relative easy followed, and things started to go south. People have everything they need and want, so have no incentive to learn or better themselves. We still need the carrot and the stick.

Hopefully the stick has a light and forgiving touch, and the carrots are plainly visible and obtainable—but never given away freely. March 7, , 5: Y — the Millennials — be any different? MM said about the middle class: It is about prosperity. Throw everyone in a Colosseum and watch men tear each other to pieces, everyone was entertained, right? What does it do for their own retirement savings? What does that do to tax revenues? Margaret June 2, , 4: About 24 years ago I was sitting in a Social Studies I think class when our teacher was talking about the economy and had mentioned back then that he thought we would probably be the first generation that was worse off than our parents.

How true those words were. Amanda March 7, , 8: Jessica aka The Frugal Townie March 7, , 8: DaveRB40 March 7, , 9: I mean think for a minute if the North American masses were to all adopt the mustachian lifestyle tomorrow… It would send the economy into a downward spiral that would make the crisis look like lost change in the economic couch.

Just keep it to yourself, work hard, eliminate your debt, save your money, be happy and thrive off the futile labor and stupidity of the masses. Inhale this post deeply, unwary visitors. And while the vapours soak into your lungs, Discard your cashmere sweaters, Shed your fancy pants, Denounce the dancing bird boy.

McGonigle April 28, , Gerard March 7, , 9: This is really good stuff, MMM. Every now and then I apply my linguist brain to pulling apart one of your posts, and you do some pretty sophisticated stuff.

One way you can tell that Frugal is the new Fancy is that there are now so many pretend Frugal people, just like there are pretend Fancy people. Dollar D March 7, , 9: JaneMD March 7, , 9: I think everyone remembers the study that happiness tops off around K. In MM world, you probably live on 30K and save at least the other 40K and still feel pretty darn happy.

If you really want to choke, read this article http: I swear they posted that one just to get people to write how much they hated the subjects.

KzooMatt March 7, , 9: Was that an intentional juxtaposition of thoughts or am I the only one that found it amusing? I must change my ways. And there-in lies what I find to be the beauty of MMM — agree or disagree, it makes me think. Keep up the good work sir! Money Mustache March 7, , 9: MMM is not a perfectly frugal man, and my family still lives a pretty decadent lifestyle.

My main point in this blog is that we still spend less than half of what most families in the middle class income bracket spend.

And while CFLs are the lowest cost choice available today, LEDs are still a better choice than burning incandescents in high-use fixtures. LED bulbs will surely be a part of that in the future, as will solar electric panels. So I like to try to teach people about these technologies.

Russell March 7, , Come visit me sometime and I can teach you all you want to know about solar electricity! Emmers March 7, , 5: Thinking long-term is one of the best ways to frugality. For an excellent explanation of why some people are unable to take advantage of these types of cost savings, please read the following: Val March 7, , 9: I have read ALL your posts, and yet have only commented on a few. I believe commenters are only the tip of the Mustachian Nation iceberg.

I think I may have inherited something of a Great Depression bug from my grandmother, who grew up during it, but I do think that lots of the spending in modern society is completely unnecessary. Netbook, Linux, huge thumb drive, carrying case. March 7, , Dark Sector March 7, , The entire American public has become enslaved by consumerism.

Four generations of free market commerce have convinced us to believe that happiness is consumption. Moustachianism is all about recognizing the deception of the parasitic consumer mogul charlatans and then expunging all of its effects from your life. It is a false and ignominious happiness, because it stymies, by many means and in many aspects, self actualization. If everyone practiced MMM-style frugality, it would hurt these big, well-oiled machines. Not to mention, constant research looking for more effective and numerous ways of delivering this propaganda to you.

I mean, I think of Apple as the ultimate symbol of what the USA and probably first world in general has become. The stock market loves AAPL. And who am I to tell them how to live their life anyway? Lennier December 5, , 6: True, but all those advertising execs? At least not yet. Dan March 7, , Mostly agree, but with one cautionary statement: Sure, we should all be more frugal now. But we should not require everyone to consume under a certain resource burn level whether that is through things like Kyoto accords or what have you , because the true work to support future humanity is indeed left to those future generations who will be able to far more readily afford the costs of those restrictions.

I say we might as well start living below the renewal rate right now. Just because MOST of our consumption is totally wasted as it is.

But I do see a problem with drastically increased C02 concentrations in the atmosphere that comes as a side effect of continuing to burn oil so quickly. Dan March 7, , 5: Disagree, we absolutely will suffer as a humanity if we cut down our resource consumption to say nothing of the devastation to growth if we forced it below renewable levels. Only the richest billion spend lavishly; we have so far to go in schools built, clean water pumped, and processing power burned to help out the global poor.

However, better those endangered frogs than dooming the sick kids in Africa to having to continue to carry their water and scratch out math on blackboards.

The poorest humanity needs rapid industrialization via proliferation of fossil-fuel power plants. Arguably, only by getting our species through the industrialization hump the most quickly, can we really make a long-term difference to stewardship of planetary resources. We cannot forget that what brings the poorest nations up to speed the quickest is the richest countries buying Happy Meal toys.

Often, saving a tree or whale means you just left a few humans sicker — an unfortunate but true notion I think most crusaders miss. Let me answer to this: It does not equate to that. Not in the slightest. Another word occurred to me as I read your stories: So many of you looked back on difficult or painful times and could now see clearly how those things were necessary or even made beautiful with the passing time.

What's clear to me, as I gain more gray hair by the minute, is that all change in our lives challenges us to grow. Looking back over the ten year span I think we can all of us see how change has made us stronger, and the new strength is an inseparable part of who we are.

Thanks for helping me to reflect more deeply on the time that has passed and how to redeem whatever time my Creator may grant me in the future. I pray God blesses you all, and that the next ten years bring you peace and joy! Posted by Larissa Holland at 3: Tuesday, August 7, mmmcrafts is 10 years old! Me and my girlies a few months before blogging ever occurred to me. Ah, my brown hair.

No more brown hair. This picture was taken on our recent trip to see my BFF, Robyn. If you've been around for a while, you'll know my friendship with her is also a long-running theme of this blog. Posted by Larissa Holland at 2: Wednesday, June 20, Hey, Larissa, what do you mean by "4 strands of floss"? Wednesday, April 25, out with my Flickr account and in with the Share Photos page. It's been many moons since I've uploaded or checked in with my photo groups. Years ago, they were a great way for us folks to show each other what we were making with mmmcrafts patterns and tutorials.

I guess it's breakfast for me and the girls now. “Mmm. Dylan put his heart and soul into this breakfast,” Lola mumbles. “The steam is still coming off the scrambled. Oh, yes, it's Ladies' Night Oh, what a night. Romantic lady. Single baby. Mmm sophisticated mama. Come on you disco lady, yeah. Play with me tonight mama, . she'd come faceto face withMaryonly minutes afterbeing depositedina seat, she thought she'd begunto make In fact,that woman was currently ranting atthe thug who'dabducted her in the entranceway, and fromwhat “Mmm, mmm, mmm .