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), Understanding, and so much more.

Preserve your capital while you take some time to reassess your goals and risk tolerance, determine an appropriate perhaps more conservative asset allocation, and explore various investment strategies to find a good fit for your goals and personality. Generally speaking, the goal of an investor is to be compensated for the amount of risk they take.

If you are willing to accept high volatility investment risk for a high potential return , consider investing in a diversified portfolio of:. If you are willing to accept moderate volatility investment risk for a moderate potential return , consider investing in a diversified portfolio of:. If you are willing to accept low volatility investment risk for a low potential return , consider investing in a diversified portfolio of:. If you are willing to accept very low volatility investment risk for a very low potential return , consider investing in a diversified portfolio of:.

Once upon a time, Goldilocks went for a walk. Pretty soon, she came upon her bank. She asked the bank teller for her retirement account balance and when she was shown the number, she wept.

Goldilocks returned home to assess her budget and see where she could come up with some extra money to make regular IRA contributions.

She thought about quitting her latte habit. So she returned to her budget and considered cutting her housing and utility expenses in half by downsizing to a much smaller home.

So she returned to her budget and took aim on her transportation costs. Goldilocks sold her car, walked back to her bank, and made a contribution to her retirement account. For illustration purposes, results were calculated at The actual rate of return is largely dependent on the type of investments you choose. Total savings are calculated in actual dollars not inflation-adjusted. A common measure of inflation in the U. I burned through five brokers before realizing that no one cares as much about my money and my future as I do.

Naturally, they care more about their bottom line than mine. I found that despite paying a decent sum to brokers for their expertise, my portfolio usually under-performed the standard index benchmarks.

In , I decide that it was worth my time and energy to learn how to manage my own investment portfolio. My efforts have paid off very handsomely. Start as early as possible to take advantage of the astounding power of compounding growth. Take a look at the following example, then try this calculator to see how much postponing your savings plan could cost you. Get creative, cut expenses elsewhere, and start paying yourself first.

How taxes are applied to an investment can make a big difference in the long run. There are tax advantages to retirement accounts which is why in most cases you should maximize your contributions to these accounts first, then add to your taxable accounts. Additionally, some employers match your contributions — which equals free money.

This calculator compares a normal taxable investment to two common tax advantaged situations: Even a small difference in the fees you pay on your investments add up over time. Use this calculator to see how different fees can impact your investment returns. Speculative investments are like eggs: Spread your risk into a variety of market caps and styles as well as domestic, foreign and emerging markets. Proper diversification helps your portfolio weather any ups and downs the market can take.

Review and rebalance your portfolio annually to maintain your desired allocation percentages. The Asset Allocator calculator is designed to help you create a balanced portfolio of investments. Your age, ability to tolerate risk, and several other factors are used to calculate a desirable mix of stocks, bonds and cash. Rises and falls in the stock market are normal and frequent. Investing for portfolio growth is your long-term goal.

Protect your growing wealth with adequate insurance. The number one cause of bankruptcy is major medical expenses. Buy policies with the highest deductible you could afford to cover from your emergency fund — and invest what you save from the reduced rates. Stop thinking of your home as a savings account. If you insist on owning real estate as a part of your investment portfolio, buy an investment property that produces a positive monthly cash flow. Invest any remaining home equity, plus your new-found monthly savings, into your long-term-growth portfolio.

It pays to be suspicious. Learn about different investing strategies and styles, assess your own personal risk tolerance, make a plan, then stick to it.

Use your head — not your emotions — to guide your decisions. Practice investing first, using virtual online applications not real money , as you wean off of your high-commission broker. Subscribe to receive free email or RSS notifications whenever I publish a new blog post.

No spam, no risk, and it is easy to unsubscribe should you ever change your mind. Follow me on Twitter MillionMommyND where I share interesting articles, opinions, quotes, tips and other bite-sized tidbits relevant to success, happiness and financial freedom.

Do you have a guest room but few friends? A formal dining room that looks pretty because it rarely sees a crumb? Spare rooms… you dust them, vacuum them, furnish them, paint them, fuss over them… but rarely do you LIVE in them.

I pondered this question during our walk to our neighborhood park today. Our condo is surrounded by large suburban homes. Each home statistically has an average of 2.

I suppose the poor little 0. Probably from all that excess dusting. I look at these gigantic homes and wonder how many of their rooms get LIVED in on a daily basis versus how many sit pretty all day long but never see any true love. So being the environmentally sensitive money gal that I am, I crunched some numbers today to see if I might encourage a few folks to join me in downsizing to a just-the-right-size home.

The real estate and mortgage industries are trying hard to convince us that NOW is a good time to buy a home. We are done with subprime resets but… pay attention… there is a second wave of mortgage resets to endure. What is a mortgage reset? Lenders are cautious and tightening their underwriting guidelines so refinancing may not even be possible for many borrowers.

The first wave of resets was subprime. The subprime wave is over. Most of these mortgages are already underwater: The combination of resets plus the underwater status will likely add fuel to defaults and foreclosures, putting yet more downward pressure on home prices. Even so, we still face the major problem of shadow inventory: Another knife that has the potential of slashing home prices further is the increasing prevalence of walkaways strategic defaults: The borrower is underwater so she decides to free herself from the burden of mortgage debt.

Once free of the mortgage, she is free to use her income for other expenditures. The borrower, after deciding to not make payments any more, can live free of the costs of mortgage payments until the lender forecloses — which may take the lender from several months to years! A study in September from the credit reporting agency Experian and consulting outfit Oliver Wyman estimated that close to a fifth of troubled mortgages in the U. But what do you think will happen to house prices once the tax credit incentive expires?

It is far better to pay a low price with a high interest rate than a high price with a low interest rate, even if the mortgage payment is the same either way. Additionally, if interest rates rise, the number of borrowers who can qualify for a higher mortgage payment will drop.

Less qualified buyers in the market means… you got it… more downward pressure on home prices. In summary, I see no rational or compelling reason to buy a home right now. Some of our frugal choices make a really BIG impact, like how my husband and I have shared one vehicle since getting married 23 years ago.

Carpooling cuts down on carbon emissions and as I calculated for you in a previous post, sharing one car instead of owning two can make anyone a millionaire in 29 years.

The little choices we make count, too. Frugality is the art of resourcefulness. Wear it out, use it up, repurpose it! Take the life of one of my t-shirts for example:. Today is Earth Day. It feels awesome to be missed: But I have missed my blogging friends! So without further ado, I will pull some interesting questions from my inbox and respond to them here.

Identifying details have been changed or removed. I have committed to saving a set amount but also some unexpected money has come my way which I have saved all of it. I think changing your mindset along with action and education has contributed to my money growth. My next step is to pay my mortgage off early.

In my opinion, paying a mortgage off early is one of the very last steps most should take in their financial life. Because there are many other money matters that take a higher priority. Raise quick cash immediately by selling stuff you no longer need, want or use.

How to Become a (k) Millionaire! | Budgets Are Sexy

I am confident I can do the second. With these steps And others I learn from awesome blogs like these , I intend to reach the magic mark in years. Especially when you pair that with good financial management!

I know plenty of people that make that — and then some — but their expenses are through the roof and just destroys their wealth. The biggest influences in my net worth journey have been keeping my rent low, investing in index funds, and maxing out tax deferred accounts. Dude — I spent a good 30 mins on your blog over the weekend, you have some good stuff brewing over there! Now I just need to work on our expenses again as our kids destroyed them: Excited to join and taking the first steps to get there!

Reading the posts here, that might not be the -real- end goal; just someone possibly forgot to update it. I wonder, how many of them are outside of North America? I for one, I am from emerging Eastern Europe. We like Americans here; even though we are in a different situation. Continue living more minimalistically. Sell unwanted stuff on Craiglist: Max out my Roth IRA. I even do not understand half of these. I mean, I heard about some of these terms, but esp.

So, even if I want to invest in Vanguard, I have to go offshore. Dunno if I can get any tax benefits for that, though. Yeah, I agree that first I need a plan; but even for that, given my situation, I might need expert guidance. Freedom from stress, from doing horrible jobs you hate, from relying on anyone or anything, and just freedom to do whatever makes you happy on any given day within reason. You still need money to accomplish this — or at least be good at managing your money — but the real end goal is the freedom that being a millionaire or whatever-aire gives you in your specific situation.

People on the list from outside the US. I want to be J. And a great checklist at that: Whether you hit a million or not! Though over the years I am more found of striving for early retirement than hitting a million as cool as that sounds, haha..

Our five year plan should have us there. I am a budget geek and I have had a written budget for us for the last years. I still have the budgets written in spiral notebooks. For me, I still like to write it all down.

Kash has everything in a spreadsheet. Will will do this to get there…. Continue to max out k 2. Continue to max out IRA accounts for both 3. Continue to manage rental properties 4. Spend less than we make 5. Pay off Primary House by 8. Continue plan for Kash, Jr. No debt other than mortgages 3. Equity in three properties…. Kash is 46 and I am 45, we wish we had gotten out act today so much sooner.

Man, we just blew so much money. We are determined that Kash, Jr. We are opening a Roth IRA for him to contribute some of his earnings 3. Has taken the 52 week challenge and is getting there by selling off old toys, video games, etc. Love your site and love that people are talking more about saving it, instead of just spending it.

I am also amazed that you read every comment and interact with everyone…. And bonus points for budgeting in notebooks! Haha… that is true nerd style right there and absolutely love it. April Net Worth Update: Talk about a reward for saving! I would concentrate on that too if we had it here in the States: Interesting to read about how different countries operate. Governments incenting us with tax breaks is absolutely awesome — how can we not take advantage. I predict the net worth will trudge along for , with modest climbing; however, based on some current investments and our local real estate market, I am expecting some bigger, much bigger, jumps in and should be off the charts!

Max out Roth IRA contributions are good source of emergency fund if needed. Max out my Health Savings Account tax-free triple threat! I invest the remainder in a brokerage account. I have switched the amount I was paying ahead on my mortgage and have it going into my brokerage account as well.

I have had my retirement accounts set up for a few years. And I know ill reach my mark long before CNN has quoted!! Maxing a Roth is huge. I needed to update mine, the last one I made is a little out of date and have since shut that blog down and blogging here instead Working on my todo-list right now. I own right now but against my will, haha… so we rent it out while we rent elsewhere. What an awesome blog! I came across your blog early this year, and you inspired me to max my IRA for !!

You totally rock dude! Taking a few pages out of your blog.. It can only go up with that plan! I have yet to really dive into the HSA stuff but the early retirement crew swear by it.

Money, see the most recent update: Here is my todo list: This pirate is ready to gather some treasure, count me in! My starting point is here: I would love to be added. Best of luck to everyone! Please include me on your list of future millionaires! Jmoney, this is a great idea. I will be writing my new commitment page soon, but I do think a community of savers are very effective.

In Israel, people like to complain about the high cost of living relative to the median wage. It is my intention to prove them that it is not only possible to live on less, but to save more. In shekels, probably will reach 1 million in 2 years ;-. Hey J, We want to join the Par-tay!! Our Millionaire plan looks like this for us… 1. Pay off 3 houses in 5 years…say what??!

Sell primary house this year…all equity from sale rolls into rental property 1 B. Move into Rental Property 2 the Beach house , which now becomes the primary C. Pay off Beach House by end of 4. Retire by the end of 6.

Unload the stuff weighing us down 7. Continue to Live and Enjoy a more simple lifestyle 8. Get our blog rolling.

This is my pledge list in no particular order:. Create and emergency fund. Continue maxing out my b [been doing this for years] 3. Rework budget to find more money to invest.

Get more serious about selling my photography to have more money to invest. Always something to work on I suppose — hah. I finally got around to writing up our millionaire plan. Our plan is completely based on my guaranteed salary, assumes no raises, and assumes no side hustles. Welcome to the club, good sir! Your beard — and money — is well received here: Always said that I would be a millionaire by thirty. Anyways we have been very frugal since married at 19 and 20 and paid off all of our debt as quickly as possible.

Including our house of a mere 12K in the first year. Used the equity from this house to flip another and now have a net worth of almost K with 85K liquid. Dave says live like no-one else and later you can live like no-one else. My wife and I are now 25 and I am pretty sure we will hit a million by thirty, but its really irrelevant if we do. We are on the right path. Have spent less than 11K on vehicles our entire marriage. My broke friends make fun of my nice, reliable, older cars compared to their nicer newer cars and simultaneously complain about money.

Just know the more they make fun of you, the more reinforcement that you are on the right path. Will post my plan soon. My plan to make a million: Max out b 2. Max out Roth IRA 3. Cut spending to bare bones and pile cash into brokerage account. Just posted and joined!

Researching all these numbers really put this goal in perspective. Gotta care enough and prioritize to make it happen! I just linked up to your site a few days ago from my site http: Love what you are doing! Thx for wanting to be a part of it all. Nice to e-meet you: Smart about spreading the k contributions around like that too to grab those benefits.

I had to double check on that myself when I wanted to front load it all back in the day and got HR to change the rule a bit to make my plan work: I surely hope so!

I just started blogging again after a 4 year hiatus and am excited to be a part of the FIRE movement. Although its a little scary to make these numbers public, I decided to take the dive and just finished my post on the subject and linked up. My savings rate is due to having bought my condo in cash which is why my cost of living is so low.

Plus — I forgot how to write and post instead of pour over the perfection of every sentence!! Anywho, thanks again for checking it out. I appreciate the time you take to respond to all of your readers. Money as one of the first personal finance blogs I came across I have to thank you as I recently started my own blog! I detailed my goals and my first net-worth update here http: I just posted my pledge over on my blog http: Love what you do, keep up the good work! Glad you like it.

We have a out 1. Married 25 years 48 years old. Both still working two more semesters of college for oldest son. Youngest son working full time. So kid expenses are almost done. We max both ks, max Roth IRAs. Company pension added to monthly and we each have company match on K. All totaled about 85K in new money invest from all sources annually. Shooting for retirement by my 50th year. Shooting for 2 million or more net worth by then. Without a huge market collapse that should happen.

You, along with other similar minded bloggers have totally inspired me so I am starting my own blog from a working mom perspective that also happens to love to travel NOW. I am in the process of finishing the details of all my financials to post them in there. Can you please add me to your list to keep me motivated? I am documenting my journey here: Hit me when you have your list published somewhere and will get you right up on the list: Or just leave it here in the comments so we can all see it!

Thanks for the reply! I am still happy and human, but figured to keep my username the same for consistency lol. Here is the blog post where I write in painful detail my goal and how I need to achieve it. Plus I have my current progress reports: Here is the current plan. For and beyond, this is how we plan to achieve our yearly goal:. But got to take advantage of it now while it is here right?

We can always adapt like you have to with any plan but for now, here is to my stretch goal. Money, you inspired me to get to this point, I wish to join the million dollar club. Love the little nest egg tracker on your site!

Always great o read these stories especially from the very wise people doing this in their 20s! At least for me, that is the part that scares me the most. Would love to hear from your readers which part they focus on more and which one they personally find easier.

I start to get whiny when I have to cut expenses lol. Ok off to explore more blogs esp on how they have cut expenses and continue my monopoly game where I am about to go broke……womp. Of course, life changes and things never go as planned so always best to be careful there, but def. Between you and some of the other major finance blogs out there, there is endless information and motivation out there.

By achieving financial independence I hope to remove my dependency on my job to feel secure. I have also seen how your views have changed over time with your family.

My hopes are that this will inspire my readers, and it will force me to realize when I slip up on my goal! Welcome to the community man — such a good group we have here for sure, I agree: But if you stay aware throughout, you and your money will be just fine. I have about Can you add me to the list?

Ack — sorry for the delay! Made the post with the hastily photoshopped image, as promised! I wanna join in on the cause! Here is our pledge and goals: So, how can I join? I can send you a screenshot of my Vanguard account. No blog or other craziness, just happy! Was about to ask you how you did it so we can learn, but tracked down your email and saw it was all investments through IRAs and k s — well done: I looked at 2 of your millionaires and both are not liquid one with a lot of real estate with a lot of debt and the other has most of his million in a retirement acct which will be taxed when takes it out.

I have that dilemna of having half of my 2MM tied up in retirement accts and real estate. As we saw in , real estate does not necessarily go up and up and when I take money out of retirement, due to taxes, will be worth.

Congrats on hitting 2 Million yourself! I love the net worth tracker, started tracking mine the last 7 years I was in the Air Force even before I knew your site existed.

I am sharing your site to help other younger members in the Air Force especially since they are starting a new investment program starting in Jan Keep up the good work!! The military has soooooooo many perks I grew up in a Marine Corps household — oorah! You might be interested in a bunch of blogs who cater mainly to the military folks too — some pretty good ones in the mix:. And congrats on your own journey, my man! Thanks for starting something so cool!

Our ETA to a million is Now I got something: I hit a million back in my forties 15 years ago and added a few since. I got here by maxing out the k, well over one million in that alone, plus maxing a Roth, plus substantial taxable accounts. Lord knows we need as much help as we can in this country! Money, thank you so much for starting this awesome list! I just wrote our pledge to join the Million Dollar Club.

I would love to be included on the list. Thank you so much! Half way there ;. This page inspired me, and I finally wrote out my millionaire pledge! Hope to start blogging soon. I try to talk to my kids about finance. I keeping a journal. Hopefully, they will read one day. Continue education stocks, technical analysis, options 4. Continue with the money saving plans which I initiated in December Welcome to the club, good sir. But I have two years, and it is going well, even as a just a regular nine-to-fiver, married to a mostly SAHP, and 2 kids in tow, now ages 6 and 8.

History back to August in there, I was 28 at the time, but had already been saving for about 4 years. Good luck to all. Wishing you the best. Please add us to the list. You can find our pledge here: I am 28 and my goal is to hit millionaire status by the time I am 41 hopefully sooner. I am really excited to be on this journey. I hope everyone is doing well and pushing along, even with the ups and downs what is important is that the general direction is towards our horizon.

How do I add myself to the list? Share your millionaire to-do list here in the comments or on your blog, and then we will add you up! I just made my pledge: Welcome to the party! Be sure to submit your blog over to our PF Directory as well so others can find you: Congrats, quarter of a millionaire! You are officially now a member of our club! And I love of course your pans to max out your retirement accounts every year.

Happy to announce we crossed the finish line in Nov. Max out K and IRA 2. Seek passive income 3. Buy one rental property 4. Save 1 Mil in cash Happy New Year! Happy New Year fellow trackers! Hope you all made great progress in and that we continue pushing forward in ….

By all accounts an excellent year, and bracing for stronger winds coming ahead. I am number on your list and just inched across the finish line this morning. Hopefully the market does not close down today and kick us out of the club, ha ha. Save a seat for me!! How can I join your list JMoney? Hope I can be on your list: Add me to the list of Millionaires! I pledge Not to over spend! French fries and big booties forever! Helllll yeah girl — you are on your way!! I am 35 years old, married with two kids.

Our net worth is currently K and we are working very hard to cross the finish line! I wish to join the million dollar club. Congrats on the new blog, almost-millionaire! Two rants and two helpful hints. Gas at 33 cents — Can your conscience handle it?

USAA - For insurance: USAA - For investing: Vanguard - For investing automatically: Acorns - For saving money automatically: Paribus - For cheap cell plans: Republic Wireless - For budgeting: Personal Capital - My favorite books on personal finance! Money, only claim the thoughts from my head. I am not a banker, CPA, money manager or anything else of that sort. Please seek a professional for any "real" advice. Your Privacy is protected.

How To Become A Millionaire! My Millionaire To-Do List… was last modified: October 24th, by J. Keep making the millions everybody! Money, count me in too!!! I am jumping in with a buddy my buddy Don MoneyReasons. You guys have now been added — welcome aboard: My millionaire to-do list is here: Welcome aboard my new friends: Thanks for the question.

At elimination, Megan reveals that each man who will stay will receive a special credit card as her token of love. In order for the men to win her heart, they must "keep their account in good standing". Ryan is the first to receive his credit card.

Corey is the second to receive his card. When Joe is brought down to receive his credit card, Megan asks about his missing piggy bank. Joe reveals that Garth broke it, and Megan scolds Garth for being a "bad boy". Garth then receives his credit card. Megan eliminates Audi and James. Next, Megan eliminates Donald because she is not attracted to him, but asks if he could still put her in a movie.

Al receives the last credit card, but Megan jokingly warns him to never bark at her again. Megan explains that Valentine's Day is her favorite holiday, and they have to make or buy presents for the first challenge.

Megan explains that the gifts need to be thoughtful too, because anyone can buy her expensive gifts. The three men that impress her the most will be going on a group date the next day. Cisco decides he will cook a meal for Megan. Al, knowing he needs to redeem himself after the night before, writes a check. Mike decides to use his contacts to buy Megan a dress from Lloyd Klein, a fashion designer.

The show hints that he is in the Italian Mafia because he is Italian and said in the first episode that he does "private deals". Meanwhile, Shaun knows that Megan likes sushi and wants Megan to eat sushi off of him naked. Garth works on a song entitled "Sex Mode" that he's been making for the last two years.

Megan's best friends, Brandi and Cecille, join Megan once again. Megan calls up Cisco first, who is wearing the apron Megan gave him and red boxer-briefs.

Cisco feeds Megan his dish, and Megan says it's delicious. The check is made out for Javay Salon. Alex bought Megan red lingerie, but Megan doesn't like the bottoms because they're oversized. Ryan decides to appeal to Megan's "senses" which are actually her brain and mouth.

Joe gives Megan a bikini and on the bottoms he wrote "Trophy Wife" with crayon, which doesn't impress Megan. Matt gives her cupcakes, and Corey gave her a list of things "on his heart"; neither one impresses her. Punisher wears his stripper outfit and dances. Shaun then lets Megan eat sushi off him, and she enjoys that she gets to embarrass him. Mike then presents Megan with the designer dress he got her.

Garth sings "Sex Mode" to Megan and she doesn't enjoy that Garth is "touching himself" during the song. Megan announces that the winners—Shaun, Big Mike, and Al will be going on a skiing date.

Garth is surprised that he didn't win the date and goes to talk to Megan in her room. Megan tells Garth that she wanted something more romantic than a sex song. Niles brings Al, Mike, and Shaun in his office to discuss the "Date Menu", which is a menu of presents that they can buy for Megan on their date Date Menu shown below.

Big Mike decides to buy something of his own for Megan, while Al and Shaun decide to split the cost of all three gifts on the menu and give them to Megan together.

Shaun's credit card is repeatedly declined, and Al covers for him. Later that night, Garth decides to call his best friend and tells him to pick him up at the airport. Garth states that Megan is rude and he doesn't like her anymore because she didn't enjoy his song.

Then he gives Megan his credit card and says that her credit is denied. She says Garth is no match for her, and that he calmed down and obeyed just like she knew he would. The next morning, Al gives Megan roses and says they're only from him. They get to the mountain, and Al gives Megan a red Juicy Couture snow jacket, while Mike gives Megan white skiing gloves to go with her jacket. Big Mike and Megan kiss, and then Al spends alone time with her and gives her the Tiffany's snow bracelet and necklace to remember the skiing trip.

He then explains the situation with Shaun's credit card and why he gave all the presents to her by himself. They return to the mansion, and Megan talks to Joe alone. At elimination, Megan's wearing the Lloyd Klein dress that Big Mike bought for her, and she thanks him for it again. Al gets to keep his credit card first and Megan saying he has gone from showering her with drinks to showering her with gifts. Next is Big Mike and she says that he likes that he is big and strong and that he can protect her, yet he is gentle and thoughtful as well.

Megan pulls out a giant pair of scissors that she will cut the eliminated persons' credit cards with. She then calls down Alex, and makes him promise to never to buy her "grandma panties" again before giving him back his card.

Megan tells Garth his luck has run out and cuts his credit card in half. Megan said that she made up her mind to get rid of Garth the night before, but that contestants only leave on her terms. She calls down Joe next, and tells him that she has more of a friendship connection with him. Joe asks for a second chance, and kisses her with his mouth wide open—a horrible, awkward kiss.

Megan gives Joe his card. Megan calls down Shaun and says the way he handled the credit card issue troubled her because he didn't stick up for himself and then cuts his credit card in half. After elimination, the remaining men relax and socialize with each other and Megan.

Joe knows he has to step his game up or he will be eliminated soon, and David criticizes him for only being on a friendship level with Megan. The idea of creating wealth here is nothing new or revolutionary.

Unfortunately many folks do not place wealth creation as a priority. There is also a lack of financial education in our school systems today. If people knew more about finance, they might be able to make more intelligent decisions. I love the Automatic Millionaire Book.

I refer to it every now and again and have even bought for a few people even though I am frugal. And making it automatic is the key. Keep up the great work! This time make it permanent, please. It offers more than 1 blog post can do! While we are sorry to see you leave our mailing list, be sure you hit unsubscribe from the bottom of the email otherwise you will remain on the list.

Good luck to you and your financial future! Thanks David for teaching the power of compounding, and the power of consistency. Do you have any resources for young adults just coming out of high school or college? Yes, the best resource I have is the updated edition of The Automatic Millionaire.

Which you can get right now here at this link for free with shipping and handling. This is the book all young people need to read. I own ALL of Mr. Please go to this link for all the ordering information. I am enjoying the blogs as well. I think I needed the wake-up call. I am a saver but I needed a new perspective. Lots of great content and happy to hear about your new perspective Marcelle!

I have no savings and no pension of any consequence — am I beyond help David! I have alway enjoyed your books. We have a hard time controlling our spending. Bryan thank you for saying hi today. Really excited to hear from you. I enjoyed watching the video with you and Marie. It made me think about your challenges. Congrats Kim, great job on adding to your K!

And, glad you enjoyed the Marie video, we love her too! Everyone loves it when people get together and share opinions. Great website, continue the good work!

Known as “The Millionaire Mommy Next Door," Jen Smith went from earning minimum wage as a graveyard shift donut and coffee waitress to financial freedom as a self-made millionaire by age Welcome to J’s Million Dollar Club! Ya gotta start somewhere wanna figure out how to become a millionaire? If you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a millionaire – and you actually want to DO SOMETHING about it – you’re in the right place! Megan Wants a Millionaire is an American reality television show on VH1 in which former Rock of Love contestant Megan Hauserman has seventeen wealthy single men compete for her love. The show originated from a comment made by Hauserman during an episode of Rock of Love: Charm School, in which she stated that she ideally would .