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Married women looking in Watertown South Dakota ac

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Married women looking in Watertown South Dakota ac

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Married women looking in Watertown South Dakota ac

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I would like to connect with you:) If you happen to see this, please reply back. If you happen to see this and want to hang out and get a drink, it's on me :) I've been specific but in case you need any extra help, I was the man wearing the hoodie from a Michigan brewery that you really like.

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No Chemical element abbreviation for Nobelium, At. As it turned out, the researchers who claimed to have found element in , on the basis of a ten-minute half life, and who gave it this name, had not found it it soon became clear that no isotope had such a half-life.

The next year it was really discovered at Berkeley by A. When the dust finally settled in , the Berkeley group graciously recommended that the name originally given be kept. Learn less interesting stuff like density, chemistry and all that rot at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool. Switch and relay designation. Here's the Norway page of an X. Somewhat equivalently, it has the effect that casting a word into the genitive case has in inflected languages like German or Latin.

Like Japanese particles generally, it is written using the hiragana syllabary. Those who study Japanese as a foreign language usually encounter mnemonics to help them learn the roughly basic kana hiragana plus katakana symbols. Here's a good one for the hiragana no if you already know Hebrew.

The following paragraph is reproduced as image content below, which may help if your browser does not display the non-Latin characters properly. The modern cursive form of shin is. It means 's, so it follows the possessor and precedes the possession.

However, Japanese is now written left-to-right. If you read it right-to-left, like Hebrew, a phrase with -no will have the possession-of-possessor order. So naturally the cursive Hebrew shin should be flipped over to produce the hiragana no: In Classical Latin the genitive case was used for simple possession and attribution, and the use of de was more restricted.

In Vulgar Latin, the case distinctions broke down or went away, and de came to be used more generally to mark the possessive. Even today, the Anglophone accent in Italian is known as lorelenardi.

The definition was once a tone-setting feminist slogan. Sounds like the level corresponding to the dose labeled MTD. The story is probably apocryphal, though it's not possible to disprove it altogether. Many years ago when this was discussed on the Classics List, an official with the Nobel Committee was consulted and insisted that there was no record of either Edison or Tesla having been recommended for a prize, but this doesn't rule out the possibility that they were considered, and consulted, informally.

Here is a relevant, if loose, parallel: He was told that he was being considered for it. Because he was an Italian national, and because the Italian government had put in place some stringent laws on the movement of currency and given the rules on collecting the prize within a certain period after the award , there was a question whether an award at that time might not be inconvenient to the awardee, hence the consultation.

Fermi said it would be okay, and the following November it was announced that he had won. The Fermis took the opportunity of the trip to Sweden to emigrate to the US. The edition of the Encyclopedia Americana, in its evidently rather poorly edited article on the Nobel Prizes in vol. The only American to receive the Nobel Prize in physics during that period, as the listing correctly indicates, was Albert A. Following the listing, there is this paragraph my comments are in square brackets: From the list it is seen that six Americans were awarded prizes: Elihu Root [] and Theodore Roosevelt [] for their labors in behalf of peace; A.

Carrel in medicine [; listed as French in the preceding list, apparently correctly, though he did work in the US from to , and the work for which he was awarded the Nobel was done at the Rockefeller Institute]; Prof.

Theodore Richard of Harvard University in chemistry []; and A. Michelson [], Thomas A. Edison [nope] and Nikola Tesla [nope] in physics. In the prize for literature was awarded to Verner Heidenstam, Sweden. In the peace prize was awarded the International Red Cross of Geneva. No prize was awarded. In Theodore Roosevelt, with the consent of Congress, distributed his prize among war charities. The known ones, with stable or long-lived isotopes, are He helium Ne neon Ar argon Kr krypton Xe xenon Rn radon They mostly Xe do form a small number of not-very-stable compounds, as well as some plain unstable compounds called excimers.

Another way that noble-gas atoms can be bound chemically is in endohedral fullerenes -- fullerenes with nonbonded chemical species inside. The common notation for a Xe inside the standard carbon fullerene is Xe C 60 and it's a tight fit; He C 60 rattles around.

It undergoes a transition from a normal liquid state to a superfluid phase at 4. The superfluid phase is a sort of macroscopic equivalent of an atomic ground state: Yes, that's oversimplifying things a bit. Resistance to oxidation arises from multiple causes, but these can be broadly classed as thermodynamic and kinematic. Thermodynamics determines whether the oxidation is energetically favorable, kinematics determines how fast a thermodynamically favored oxidation will occur.

Many metals, including gold and such non-noble metals as the pure metal aluminum and the alloys called stainless steels, form a thin but dense layer of oxide that prevents further oxidation. Hence oxidation of the bulk is prevented under conditions where it might be thermodynamically favorable.

Kinematic factors can depend dramatically on the oxidants and nonmonotonically on their densities, so they're a bit tricky to quantify. If you want a simple guide to just how noble an element is, thermodynamics is a better bet. In particular, I recommend the reduction potential, since I have a list of reduction potentials of common metals handy: Positive reduction potentials essentially correspond to oxidizing agents rather than reducing agents.

Metals with positive reduction potentials do not react with ordinary acids to yield hydrogen gas. Sulfuric acid is another story -- it's not just a strong acid but also an oxidizing agent. Generally, more positive reduction potentials mean higher resistance to oxidation. Hence, a reasonable definition of noble metals might be those with reduction potentials above a particular value.

In the s, 85 percent of global reserves were under the control of the big oil companies. Today, 90 percent of the reserves are being exploited by NOCs and the sovereign governments that own them. Is that anything like ecdysiasts? It's not what or where you might think. Our technology and convenient location provide quality medical care to residents of the West Michigan Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. What the world seems to need is a few relatively novel ways of no-commenting.

Someone somewhere ought to try just pursing his lips. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and At the off the record entry which is on the record and published in this glossary , we examine recursive comment-masking mechanisms. If making no comment by not commenting is too difficult for one's spokesman, perhaps the solution is to have no spokesman spokesperson? As of , Senator Hillary Clinton has a number of spokers. One is her Senate spokesman, Philippe Reines.

I'm working from memory here, so some details may be off. Noder Dame You mean Notre Dame? Nawtr' Dahhhm , mebbe? NoE Network Of Excellence. May be pronounced No E. It's anti -retaliation as well. Signed into US law on May 15, Laws already existed to protect government employees, former employees, and job applicants from discrimination and from retaliation for whistle-blowing.

One case brought to light in hearings on the bill involved an EPA scientist who was punished for a memorandum she had written over ten years earlier and which had eventually, without her knowledge, been given to the House Science Committee which of course had a perfect right to it.

I guess that was ND Football Parking. I didn't make this up myself. There used to be an advertising campaign for a cigar: As if their tobacco were addictive or something.

This is a meaty topic. I'll fill in some more stuff later. He explained gleefully that the vendor had sold it to him cheap because it was old. Nobu didn't happen to know Spanish, so he asked me to read some and tell him what the book was about. I found it difficult to understand, like medieval Catalan or As you can guess from the entry in which you're reading this story, it was actually Italian.

We went to Rita a grad student from Sardinia , who confirmed that it was fairly modern Italian. I don't remember what the book was about. A somewhat related story about Enrico Fermi and his sister and a physics book is retold by Laura Fermi in her biography of her husband Enrico, Atoms in the Family.

I'll try to put that in here later. I was reading an Italian mystery last year I picked up a bit of Italian since my time at ASU and having trouble with one longish and idiom-laden sentence. Then, as I walked through the library not far from a small group talking in polite library tones, I distinctly heard one of them say noi -- a word that, afaik, doesn't occur in any western Romance language other than Italian.

I rushed back to where I was sitting and got the book.

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University blockchain experiment aims for top marks. The business of Ramadan: When religion and capital converge in the UAE. Why Dubai is all in on drones. Why Dubai is hungry for food delivery apps. Dubai's appetite for gold.

Dubai's space ambitions take flight. Is blockchain the future for trade? Dubai's plan to revolutionize the transport sector. Dubai's freezones drive innovation. How to future-proof your staff. Why Dubai needs a global workforce. The UAE's innovation-led tourism boom.

Can the 'City of Wonders' become sustainable? The interesting thing about this car is that I had the opportunity - back in - to actually drive it.

The car happened to be at my local Saab dealership one afternoon when I stopped in to pickup some parts. That owner graciously allowed me to "test-drive" the car.

I felt it was serendipitous that 13 years later the same car and I would cross paths again. Seen online being parted. The car is in nice shape overall, runs and drives nicely and passed California smog testing unusually well. The interior is in very good shape with the exception of the cracks in the dashboard and the headliner has started to sag. The exterior is quite nice with a few warts when scrutinized.

The car's "Carfax" report revealed a couple of years on the east coast at some point though otherwise it has had a California life - with the according lack of rust. The engine is not the original though is one of a comparable year with lower mileage - many parts were preemptively replaced when motor installed.

I bought this car in It had , miles on it when I bought it and the guy I bought it from told me it was a Commemorative Edition, which I had never heard of at that time. There is no brass plaque on the dashboard so I don't know how it prove or disprove that it is a CE but it does have the red box, the leather upholstery, the walnut dash, the leather gear shift knob with leather gaiter, the special wheels and hp.

It was not a happy car when I bought it--I don't know what kind of treatment it had had but after thousands of dollars of work on various things and a new transmission in June , it is now running very well and is actually dependable now knock on wood. The first 4 years I had it it had to be towed about 8 times for various reasons. Luckily my boyfriend, a half-Swedish techie, knows how to research and work on things and with his help and the good mechanics that I could find, the car seems to be happy now.

Thanks to the driving skills of John and the car's handling we were able to just pull back onto the highway and go on. Now we feel a kind of bond with the car. The headlight windshield wipers work, the seat heaters work, the automatic door-locking system works, it doesn't leak oil, and the dash isn't even cracked!

John has 'talked' to the car's computer accessing the codes stored by the CPU and has been able to ascertain, check up on, and correct some things.

I hope that Saab will continue on and hope it will be in good hands with the new owner after GM's rough handling. I am the third and last owner of this car, it being the best SAAB ever built and the last of its kind, also the best number seeing as how I've become a believer in the power of the 13!

I'll never sell it because the world simply does not know how great this car is and they value it not at all according to its true value and not just what it's worth on the market. This is my 6th SAAB and the 4th identical turbo, black.

Before this one I owned number but sold it to a friend. This one is way better. It is taken care of by my favorite guys and gals at Scanwest Autosport in Seattle, they are the best! I've been taking my SAABs to them for over 15 years and have no complaints except Rob promised me the really cool new race turbo and I never got it.

I drive it over Snoqualmie Pass all the time and pass everybody going up, I figure the cops won't be looking for someone doing a or more on the way up, so I never speed on the way down.

Recently bought and shipped from Washington state, in great condition. Some issues are currently fixed. Turn a lot of curious heads specially in the south! My mother was the original owner, and my father kept the car in mint condition. It was originally purchased from European Motors in Anchorage, Alaska, and was garaged in Anchorage until I bought it in early I have the original sales stickers, front-end bra, manuals, and even a Saab mug!

My father added a keyless entry system, but everything else is stock. It's in beautiful condition, but I've found two areas of rust since it lived in Alaska for so long. Bought from Tim Rolfe in Denver Sept. Currently refurbishing interior and fixing a few deficits. Will send pics when competed. A few mods made by PO: Still has plaque indicating series number It came from North of New York about 3 years ago to Florida.

It took a lot of time and money but it gave me great pleasure. This car is not as comfortable as modern car--some noise--but it is strong, unique design, reliable, easy to drive and original saabnism. This car was seen for sale again on ebay from a seller in Stirling, NJ.

Bought from original owner on e-bay april with , miles on it. It was bought off the showrrom floor at Golden Rule Dealer target-buick-subaru-saab. I think this is in Idaho. I used it as a daily driver, miles'day and it suffered a wide variety of highway mishaps.

From the saabnet listing: Poor thing had a string of bad luck. Light side swipe down driver's side, difficult to see unless up close except on top of wheel wells. Passenger seat reclines crooked because shaft from motor is broken. Driver's window does not go all the way up, switch had been causing trouble so not sure if it is the motor or the switch.

Rear-ended on passenger side, lights still work lens broken. Bald tire, but includes 4 spare wheels. Clutch will not completely work as it is difficult or impossible to get into second more than a few times, and you have to stop to get into first. Goes into reverse and first, trouble with seconds then 3rd fourth and fifth fine. Runs great, turbo kicks in good. Could be driven away, but without 2nd there can be problems if you stop on a hill. Interior pretty nice, floor carpet a bit soiled.

Drivers seat has some stitching that has come out. The car is currently unmodified and needs a few parts and repairs. I'm very excited to add it to my collection. Needless to say I love my Saabs. I plan on fixing the issues on the car and removing the SPG body kit and adding an Airflow kit and whale tail, doing 3" exhaust, more aggressive springs and shocks, and doing a 2.

I'm the original owner. At 55, miles the car is in excellent condition and hasn't seen snow and very little rain in the last 12 years. Have all parts replaced except 'Red Box'. The car is an absolute delight to drive and draws many comments. It's a true 'Classic'. We are the second owners. We have all of the Ohio service records from November to May All service records are routine service with no major repairs. The last recorded service of the Saab in Ohio was May 06, with 31, miles.

The owner moved to Minnesota sometime between May and January We purchased the Saab on May 15, with 45, miles and drove it until November 6, when we placed the Saab in storage with 61, miles.

We also had Andrew's Saab repair some rust by replacing metal on the of both doors using a recommended Saab kit and sandblasting and painting the lower section of the lift gate on April 9, At 63, miles, the Saab is in excellent condition except for a loose cloth interior lining on ceiling and a broken radio. This car has been parted out. It had been repaired several times in the rear and then the front end was wiped out. I'm the second owner, having purchased it with 40, miles in It has been driven daily ever since and is only for sale because I found another CE with way fewer miles.

I am the second owner. I acquired this car around from Indy Saab. She was showcased at the dealership and upon seeing her I immediately traded my new Saab in for her. Her previous owner had only put on 12, miles. Black Beauty is in beautiful condition inside and out. After all these years the leather still smells wonderful when I open the door in the morning! I have made no modifications. I keep her garaged and do not drive her in the winter months due to the salt on the roads.

I plan on keeping her for a long time. Owned this car almost 3 years. Found locally and snapped it up before others had a chance. Bought to replace my beloved black '84 T 3-door that I sold to a friend and subsequently missed.

Have a pristine Ruby Red T convertible as a sister to this car. No mods except previous owner installed a CD radio.

I purchased the car locally years ago as a replacement for my black '84 T 3-door which I had sold. I realized how great a replacement a Commemorative Edition would be and somehow found one close by. After test driving the car in the rain, I was in the 'thought process' in the owner's kitchen when the phone calls began.

Since then I have had much work completed on the car. I haven't had nearly enough time behind the wheel to presently justify keeping it although I really would rather so the car is up for sale. The body is nearly perfect no accidents, no rust , just a crease in the right rear fender wheel arch. Mechanically the car is in very good shape, as are the electricals and interior. Has not been driven very much in the past few years I've owned it. Glad to see this site celebrating a great car.

Have upgraded the following: Think I am running about hp. Helps the AC drag. Originally sold in Galveston, TX. The car was parted out. The car was purchased in South Carolina by the first owner who drove it about 90, I bought it in in Washington, DC. To my knowledge no modifications have been made. Most parts that have been replaced over the years have been done so with parts from other old SAABs so that everything appears original ex, Clarion CD player, wiper transmition.

The car has been parked on the street most of its life but is now garaged full time. The car runs well, but we bought a new car and can't keep two in Manhattan car is currently located in Princeton, NJ. Well worn, well maintained, well and truly loved. I work at Atomic Auto in Portland, we do Saabs, and this is number 9 for me.

We just bought this wonderful Saab in the end of May Flew to Wyoming to get it. On the way home my wife and I decided to go see Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately our journey took us through a deer infested national forest. So less than eight hours after buying this immaculate CE my wife hit a deer with it. It is probably better that she was driving because if it had been me I would have been driving much faster and we probably would have sustained more damage.

For hitting a deer there is remarkably little damage! Took out the plastic grill broke the passenger side headlight and mounting assembly and bent the front of the hood some. I have already found a new grille and expect to find the headlight assembly for the price I will pay soon. We have an excellent automotive restoration body shop near us— Manns Restoration. They have worked on my other Saabs before and do excellent work. They have assured me that they can fix my hood but do not want to do it until I have the headlight.

My intentions was to add the SPG ground effects to this car along with the 16' saab wider wheels. Now I decided to sell the car. I bought this car in Conneticut and drove it back to Wyoming in It had 30, miles on it.

He then drove it K miles and bought a new I then bought the car in Nov. I'm the third owner. Brass plaque is on the glovebox. Build is 56, plaque is I modified the sunroof to a manual when the splines stripped on the cables. Has aftermarket Blaupunkt CD only. Original, no modifications whatsoever, great conditions. I acquired the car in February, Contrary to the previous owner's post, the car in not in remotely good condition.

The interior, paint, suspension, transmission, etc. Car is currently undergoing a full restoration with a projected completion date of January, I am a car dealer and while at auction I came across this CE. I was completely unaware it was a CE, I just wanted a classic for myself. I am in the process of restoring it fully. I actually drove it off the auction lot and it does not need any major repairs.

I believe I am now the 3rd owner. Receipts dating back to have it in Arizona. I plan on having this SAAB for a very long time! My best buy ever and its exactly what I want! This Amazingly original and unique Saab turbo is offered with a clean Carfax report, original manuals, and extensive service records.

The car carries a clean and recently smogged California title! Photos show matching VIN stickers on the hood, trunk lid, doors, and quarter panels. There are no obvious signs of paintwork, filler, or prior accident repairs, and we have not found any corrosion. A quarter-sized paint blemish on the hood is shown in the gallery.

Looks as if an overaggressive buffing wheel faded it but we decided to leave and not repaint to keep originality. Car is in very good condition throughout. Cars shows with new 16" alloys wheels. I have original "new car sticker" as well as the original CE wheels with mounted tires.

This is a beautiful original CE. This is a California car and is excellent condition with very low and documented miles. It is now in Utah but will continue to be garaged and will not see any snow or salt. Only mods are a rebuild of the factory stereo system to add an IPOD jack. Love my '93 saab hatchback commemorative edition, took me few year to find one. I just bought this wonderful car from David in Colorado. I live in Oregon.

This car is my retirement car. I plan to fix it up even more an take very good care of her. Seen or sale on Saabnet. Aftermarket wood grain steering wheel, factory wood dash, and glove box face. Driver's seat is broken at the top below the headrest and the stitching has come loose on both front seats bottoms.

The headliner was replaced about 7 years ago. Door panels have been redone. Paint is faded below the rear spoiler, there is a small dent to the upper drivers side rear quarter panel, looks like someone took a piece of rebar to it, otherwise, the paint is in great condition. AC worked but the belt was removed because the AC clutch makes noise.

All Speedo lights and gauges work. I have the CE brass plaque that goes with the car, the original operators manual and radio card with codes. I have added , rebuilt engine and tranny from 91T. Still have original engine very good and tranny bad Super Aero wheels silver rounded version Summer tires.

The car was in fairly rough shape, the interior was moldy and the car obviously leaked rain water. It appeared to be stock. The car had a salvage title from what looked to be a fairly hefty hit to the front end, but had been repaired.

Vehicle also had rear end damage with slight sheet metal crushing to the rear quarter panels. Hatch was a replacement from an earlier model —I recall MY, but I could be wrong on that. Looked like it lived a hard life This car with an Illinois registration was seen in a salvage yard being parted out.

Car 58 lived in Tucson Arizona from to driving only 54, miles. From to it was in Vermont and Rhode Island before moving to Massachusetts in It was a pleasure meeting Dennis and his family and talking Saab.

The car was picked up in Boston in a snow storm and trucked across the country in minus 40 below temperatures through North Dakota arriving in Seattle 5 days later! The East Coast salted roads did no favors for The front wheel bearings and ball joints were replaced and a new distributor was installed along with a host of other hoses and small items.

The right front fender was repaired and the fender, hood and wheels were painted. Picked this car up in January It had been sitting for a year due to ignition, clutch and tranny shift rod? Maybe more which I haven't uncovered. Have already removed the entire interior, shampooed all the carpeting while out, had the front seat professionally stitched and treated. Fixed the ignition with a new OEM key cylinder, replaced the shift rod and took out the one that detonated and have replaced the clutch master.

Still no clutch so picked up a new OEM clutch slave. Hopeful to get a clutch working to see how the transmission is. When I took out the interior I couldn't believe the condition of the padding and floor beneath. Like they just came out of the factory. Very solid car with a small amount of front right fender rust caused by what looks like a door ding on the edge of the fender lip allowed to grow.

The body needs a serious detailing. Just picked up a near perfect dash and hope to have that in soon. I bought the car in the summer of '05 in Albany, NY, from it's second owner. Seen for sale on saabnet. Car is a great daily driver has been for the last three and half years. The car does have minor cosmetic issues due to daily use. These include small paint chips, some curb rash on the rims, headliner needs to be replaced, small cracks in dash, some re-stiching of the leather seats.

Despite these issues the car runs great, has tons of power and handles wells. It has great potential to be restored in the hands of the right owner. I'm the third owner of the car. I bought it in in Boston. The car still has a saab emblem from the Boston dealership. After a few years in Michigan the car is now in Seattle going strong as my daily driver. I purchased the '93 T in the fall of from a woman in Chiago. My insurance company noted its status as a CE when a premium renewal notice came.

Neither I not the seller knew that it was CE at the time I bought it, as the plaque was missing. To be sure, I noticed the walnut dash face, the APC red box, etc. The car got a new head gasket and timing chain at k miles. Because of a pending lifestyle change, I placed the car up for sale and it has gone to am experienced Saab tech at a dealership in Ann Arbor.

He apppreciates the car's status and value. I am this CE's former third and present fifth owner. Bought the car from the second owner, a Saab tech, at the dealer that serviced my other Saabs. He purchased it from the original owner after the car came in with a bad transmission which was subsequently replaced with a remanufactured unit. While the car was completely rust free, had all original paint and close to perfect seats, it needed to be freshened up.

I did a minor exterior and interior restoration Even had the original plaque redone. Car is bone stock except for a few factory Saab accessories Ended up selling the car to an enthusiast in late to "thin the herd" but was told If he ever went to sell it, he would want me to have first shot at it.

Fast forward to the Summer of and after a few phone calls, I was on my way to Denver to pick up the car and trailer it back home. Was amazed that he had only put close to 3K miles on the car over the years, most of which came from the drive from DC back to Colorado. Car was in as good a shape if not better then when I sold it all those years back. Happy to say that I am once again the proud owner of this great Saab!

This car is in fantastic condition. It drives like new. It has no modifications at all. I had to replace the doors due to rust on the lower part of the inside. Drove it to Atlanta for SOC I purchased the car in May of I purchased this car in from the 2nd owner with 35, miles on it.

It spent most of its life the garage of the 1st owner's 2nd or 3rd home. The car was repainted by the original dealer to metallic bronze. They completley took it apart so as to mask only those things they couldn't remove, like VIN stickers.

It was an excellent paint job and thus, this is the only non-black CE from the dealer that I'm aware of. It was in immaculate condition when I bought it but is my daily driver so has picked up a few minor scratches and some wear-and-tear.

It does not leak a drop of the synth oil I run in both the engine and trans. I was the final owner of this car, unless someone bought it and restored it. I still have the plaque.

Someone pulled out in front of me and I t-boned them at about 20mph. I was not as much of a car enthusiast as I am now, or in a the financial position to rebuild, so I let the insurance company take it. I have owned since , and believe I am second owner. Purchased at dealer in Mishiwaka, Indiana.

Had 60 miles on it when purchased. Drove 8 hours to get it. Seats look good, headliner was redone 2 years ago. Car has spent majority of its life garaged in North Carolina, before moving to Wisconsin 3 years ago.

Saab is now 3rd car and I need to free up space in garage, so looking to sell. Purchased in with 49, miles from the Chicago area. It is only driven in the summer.

It it the best condition. Best old body style I ever, ever see. After driving 's since about , I have finally decided it is time to move on. SOLD-shipped to the Netherlands. Some rust from living a Midwestern life, and came to me in excellent shape otherwise. Cruise doesn't work, clock doesn't work, and the dash lights are always a surprise. But, it's my baby and I love it. How cool to find a bunch of other special SAABs!

Totalled in an accident. It had 82, miles. Dave also rebuilt the turbo and upgraded the waste gate actuator with a quick release system no more cotter pin! I had other modifications, but have since removed and now like the way it runs Nology Wires, MSD Ignition and Hyper-boost bypass valve.

These mods caused me to have to back off the 'P' pot in the Red Box. Just purchased didn't know about the CE background till I saw this site. Previous owner had already added to registry. Car runs well, Timing chain just replaced. Aero wheels, KONI shocks upgraded brakes. Headliner fixed, front seats are being repaired.

Love this car, I have been looking for a 5 speed 2door non convertible for quite a while. Maintenance is done locally by Andrews of Princeton. Currently starting it with a screwdriver! I can hardly believe this story. We stopped by our local little car lot 'The Auto Ranch' to look around just for fun. They sell mostly dealer trades. In the back is the Bargain Lot. I saw the tail end of a black turbo back there.

My son and I ventured back and checked the car over. It looked solid and rust free with glossy black paint! A little dirty and sad, but nice. My son said 'Dad, get this! She said 'It's a ' I think that one is broken' and I replied 'ya, I'm sure it is.

Thats the way I like them. He said he picked it up in the middle of the winter not sure whats wrong with it but thought it was a bad turbo. I thought this was an incredible deal on a nice turbo and of course said 'I'll take it! Driving it home, my son pulls out from the glove box a brass plate that read Commemorative Edition 82 of Originally titled in Wisconsin, moved to Maine, and rescued from a certain salty death to the South.

Several modifications including complete Aero skirt kit. Has unfortunately been in two accidents to date but still lives on. One of the best cars ever from Trollhatten. Also own two other SAABs. I am the proud fourth owner of CE It drives and looks like a dream as it has been well taken care of by its previous owners and I absolutely will carry on that legacy.

Visually, the car has been modified and fitted with 16" wheels, SPG ground effects and wheel arch flares, vent covers, and smoke side-indicators. The engine was removed and received a stage 1 upgrade and various new components installed. The engine bay was completely stripped and any corrosion found, sorted. It was then resealed and painted. The entire underside of the car was stripped and re-undercoated. The entire interior was removed and any interior corrosion that was beginning to form, sorted.

Interior door cards refurbished. The cars' entire suspension was overhauled including all new control arms, rotors, calipers, discs, rear axle, springs, shocks, etc. This classic CE is better than new and good to go for another 20 years! I am the third owner of this beautiful SAAB.

I bought it from a friend's grandma. She told me that she had a lot of the service records still and they had bought it from a local SAAB dealership at the time. This car was kept with TLC and aside from a few common problems the car is basically mint condition, inside and out. It still even has the leather owners manual binder with all the owners manuals, umbrella, radio removal tools, and even an ad for the Commemorative Edition. Seen for sale on craigslist.

This car is my pride and joy, it has k and some change, 5 speed 2. I love this car with all of my heart. I drive this car 60 miles a day, and to Raleigh every weekend.

It gets mpg depending on your driving habits. The paint is polishable and Waxible paint. It also has a set of really deep BFG tires. My mother bought it new in My wife purchased it from her and we have had it since. Bought the car from its previous owner on eBay. Drove her back from Boston to NY without any issues. Runs a a bit too hot in traffic and turbo lagging a little bit. Some rust over the right wheel well and some minor issues with the electrics.

She just needs a bit of TLC really, but I've finally found my baby and I'm going to do as much as I am able to get her back to her prime. She has a date with destiny with Roland on Atlantic Avenue in August Car was bought on ebay in Nov of off a fellow member on the registry in Central MA. Car is drivable and use it as a weekend car when I get bored of my camry.

Engine and clutch are in great condition. I believe I am the 5th owner as it spent most of its live in Illinois. Car has no mods except for radio since it would not accept the factory code. Paint is in great condition and still shines like new. This car runs great. It starts right up, idles smoothly, and drives with good power, especially when the turbo kicks in. It shifts smoothly as it should. It has excellent tires, all new brake rotors and pads and new Bilstien performance shocks on all four wheels.

I have been driving this car for a while now and I would not hesitate to drive this car across the country in its current condition. New tires in front and new windshield and complete exhaust. The car has been a daily driver and with hp runs great on the highway. Still in Original, Great Condition. Thanks to Holm for taking care of it for the last few years!

Awesome car, there are less and less around. It is my 3rd turbo and I am loving it Great looks, great car, good gas mileage.

New clutch, new cylinder head, gas tank, brakes etc, excellent headliner, side panels, good seats, no dents, no rust, no accidents, everything works. Since purchasing in , I've added the following: The car also recieved a fresh repaint in June Purchased from 2nd owner near Salt Lake City in Well maintained by serious Saab technicians.

It's my daily-use vehicle, and continues to run great. Light rust on the wheel arches, bottoms of the door, and in front of the rear wheels. Needs some attention, but drives very well. Good to be back in a C again! I would like to be contacted by the previous owner to ask him some questions and return his garage door opener. This car was originally ordered in South Dakota. I bought this car from a Registry ad in Oct.

Its about an 8 out of All stock, very little rust. I also own a 01 Viggen. Which is basically gives me the best of both worlds. Bernard fits perfect in the laid out back hatch area. I rescued this car from going to the junkyard. The previous owner kept up the car mechanically but neglected it cosmetically. She gave up on the car when the transmission failed. I had the trans rebuilt,practically hosed down the interior, had the leather seats repaired, and windshield replaced.

Next up is installing an uncracked dash and having the headliner recovered. I now own the first and last model year of the , my other car is a 79 EMS. Purchased August ; I'm the 3rd owner.

Originally sold by a dealer in TN. The 2nd owner bought it in TN in and imported it to Canada. She drove it all over eastern Canada and New England, but it hasn't been used much in the past few years. Ed plate , original window sticker, original manuals package. Overall, it runs and drives ok and is in pretty good shape for the age and mileage. It looks like it hadn't seen much winter use, appears to be the original paint, drive train, etc.

Minimal rust that I've found. Time and weather have taken the expected cosmetic toll plus a few questionable repairs. Further evaluation while driving it will determine the path forward.

It needs a thorough cleaning first and there's a long list of little things that need to be fixed. I'm sure refreshing the suspension and brakes will come soon and no doubt the motor will need a re-gasket at least in the near future.

Good condition, well maintained. Seems to run well but needs a good cleaning. Presently part of an estate sale. This car was originally registered in St.

In it was registered in Sarasota Florida. I just bought this one from the original owner. Accident free and rust free coming from California. Presently all stock except for a replacement radio and tinted windows. The body of this car is so clean that it looks like it is just a few years old with minor blemishes on the paint. The beauty of being stored in a dry climate out of the sun. The challenge will be whether to make tasteful modifications or keep it stock.

First on the list is a pair of E-code headlights. The originals were ok, but I prefer H4 bulbs to the stock s. Over the winter while the car sits I plan to install a T5 ignition system from a Sorry to the purists, but mapping timing accurately and delivering direct ignition spark are improvements that will extend the life of the car.

As of July 11, , I am the 2nd owner with the vehicle having spent it's entire life in the Scottsdale, AZ area. The car needs replacement of the hatchback, the windshield, and the headlight covers rock chips. I have an excellent replacement hatchback and am working on replacement of the windshield and headlights.

The drivers seat leather and upper dash also need replacing. It is otherwise in excellent condition throughout. The engine compartment and undercarriage are immaculate. It will never be driven in our winter climate and will be stored indoors throughout the year. It gave its life to save my wife and 2 babies.

Good luck to all remaining CE owners I just bought the car from Bob Hutcheson. I found the car via this site. Its been well cared for, is in nice condition and everything actually works. Its a real joy to drive. The car is all original except for the stereo. I bought the car for both my son and I to drive. After drving it for a few weeks, I suspect my son may not get to drive it all that much!

An original Georgia automobile. The leather is near perfect. It is so light and fast, I will surely be ticketed in the near future.

This car is in very good shape, Well cared for stored in winter. Engine and Transmission work done in the past 25,KM. Mechanicly in A1 condition. I purchased the Car in August from a guy in Calgary who thinks the car came from Ottawa before that.

The car is stock no mod's. I do not drive it in the winter nor have the previous owners by the looks of it. Trans rebuilt 20,km's ago. It is up for sale because I no longer need a car in the summer and have a Subaru for winter and skiing. Don't really want to see it go but I only drive it sparingly. Bought this car today, it is my 2nd CE. I drove it for two solid years and then put it in the garage. Still runs and gets a regular drive on nice summer weekends.

Bought from the Timonium, MD dealer. This is the only one that made it this long. I am her 3rd owner. Both previous owners were certified SAAB mechanics. It is a dream to drive: I certainly don't need 4 cars, but if I can find a way to keep them all, I will. I don't wish to sell any of them, but I may have to: I'm the original owner of this special car, having first seen it on the turntable at the New York International Auto Show.

It represents the best of the old SAAB, with great ergonomics, practicality, and performance -- the end of a year run for the company, before GM. This car is a daily driver. I've done oil changes religiously every The frame is rust free and in good shape.

The original clutch lasted , miles. The original walnut dash and seat leather are in great shape. I did replace the driver's seat, first with a manual model, and then with a refurbished unit from a '92 Most work has been done due to parts wearing out from normal wear and tear. Recently spent a good bit to refurbish 2nd and 3rd gear by an excellent mechanic in MA. It now runs better than it did originally, with great acceleration.

If anyone has recommendations on mechanics for additional performance upgrades, please send a note. BTW, my friend Bill has the museum version of this car. It is a gem. Car is at the end of its useful life as a driver. All 4 wheelwells have severe cancerous rust, the door bottoms are shot, both quarters behind the doors have holes in the rocker that you can reach up into, beachball-sized dent on drivers rear quarter panel, and the passengers side control arm area is very punky, and will need attention.

I bought this car from someone who purchased it from Meg. Has rust through top edge of one rear wheel fender and small rust hole inside passenger door. Neither prevented it from passing inspection. Paint is still shiny. Has dish shaped dent in drivers side rear quarter panel. Looks like it might just pop out. Engine runs well doesn't use oil. Has started missing under load may need new spark plugs or wires or possible timing??

Rear passenger drivers side seat needs restitching as well as drivers seat. Ceiling upholstery has started sagging near the rear. Has short-shift installed on transmission. Has original rims in good condition. I bought this last spring for my daughter to have for summer transportation. Just bought a new truck though so Was in a front end colision with airbag deployment.

Tan Interior fully loaded. Mechanically very sound, no rust, 4th owner. Is showing normal wear and tear and is still driven on a regular basis. Paint is very good but not all original. Almost ready for collector plates in BC. I will be the 3rd owner of the car and its only done a bit over K miles. It's a CE but does not have the brass plate. Oddly enough it was purchased new in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Pretty neat for a guy like me with multiple mystery history c's.

She thought it was called a "Sport" edition and not a commemorative by the way. It does not have the brass plaque so I am not sure what it is in terms of the "series".

The lady said it never had one and I checked the owners manual packet, not included. The car started in Toronto with owner 1 and then 2, then to Atlanta, then to Nashville with owner 2, and now to me, owner 3. Not sure why they were added and the lady I bought it from said they were on the car from new delivery in Canada per original owner.

I'm going to have to do some work on the arches as a couple were "fixed" with screws and have plastic cracks as a result. I plan on removing them and putting standard narrow wheelarch strips on. Couple other oddities about the car: Everything works on the car except: AC, pass side window is slow, 4th gear synchro is almost toast but trans feels great otherwise. There looks to have been a persistent leak in the trunk, the left floor under spare tire has rotted unfortunately as the drain was clogged above the exhaust not uncommon but the rest of the floorpan is solid.

Pass side door has some rust at bottom. Drivers door is good with only a little rust. Note that there is a repair from showing that a SAAB dealer "repaired corrosion on bottom of drivers door at no charge under warranty" -- in only 4 years!

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