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Send us your memories. Here are some memory joggers: Television show with Chuck Conners as a Civil War veteran. He carried a Calvary sword that was broken when he was drummed out of the Army for some fictitious act of cowardice. Also, I don't think I saw anything about F-Troop. Ken Berry as Capt. And what about Hogan's Heroes? Werner Klemperer was never in a camp, Nazi or otherwise. His family moved to Switzerland, then Austria in the early 30s, then fled to Los Angeles in He was never imprisoned.

However, Robert Clary, who played LeBeau the little Frenchman , WAS in a concentration camp as a child, and has borne the tattooed numbers in his forearm his entire life.

Prince Planet I think my sister and I were the only one's ever to watch a cartoon in the late 60's called "Prince Planet". No one can ever seem to remember it but we watched every morning before going to school.

When it was over we knew we had to start walking. He wore a medallion on a necklace with the letter "P" on it. He also had some sidekicks with him, one of whom flew on a flying carpet. I also remember "Gigantor" and "Tobar the Eight Man". This is a great site, so many memories come flooding back.

One of my fondest early memories is of appearing on the The Pick Temple Show in Pick Temple was a local TV host for a Western-theme kids show. I still vividly remember that afternoon in ; sitting in the audience bleachers along with other young kids-- including my older brother Bobby.

There in living color were the well-known characters: Pick's sidekick filling in that day in his absence , the pony, the dog, the puppets, etc. Despite all the distraction, I also remember being very focused on watching the studio monitors so as to not miss out on any of the Popeye or Bugs Bunny cartoons being shown throughout the show. In keeping with the Western theme, I was all decked out in my favorite Wyatt Earp outfit and my brother's best jade-handled six-shooters!

To my amazement, I was soon selected by the host to come down onto the studio floor and try to shoot one of several balloons set up along the top of a puppet stage. Despite the fact that my brother had made me "hip" to the fact that my guns were actually useless-- and that in reality a stagehand would pop the balloon from behind with a pin -- I was so proud of myself and of my display of marksmanship!

In almost Santa style, each of the kids lined up to sit on Bozo's lap and receive a gift. Colonel Bleep I've always been a 'space cadet,' and in addition to all the great memories here, I remember the bubble-helmeted alien Colonel Bleep, with Scratch the Caveman, Squeak the puppet, and the evil Dr. I still have a fan button of him. A guy on a motorcycle traveling different places every week, "Then Came Bronson", played by Michel Parks. And "Corronet Blue" which inspired Dodge to name a car after the first season, this was about a private investigator.

And "The Imortal" it was about a man that wouldn't die, played by Christopher George. I can't jog my thinker to tell me who starred in "Corronet Blue". How about "Its About Time" a silly spoof about space and two men that got stuck up there. Time period for these shows was late 60's early 70's. I need help on this one: A scientist invents a pill that is supposed to make men stronger, but healthy men get weak after they take it, so in comes "Stanley Beemish" played by Wally Cox a 90lbs.

I remember this much, but the title escapes me. I remember when you could watch "scary movies" all day long on saturdays. Also, Milky the Twin Pines Clown was my favorite clown. I remember when I was little I saw those pine trees on the side of his delivery truck, and just knew Milky had to be in that truck or house somewhere! It was on the Bozo the clown show and was called Hardrock, Cocoa, and Joe. They were Santa's elves with a catchy tune.

It was on the same time as Suzy Snowflake would play. How many remember that one. On the Ray Rayner show he would put on this skit of Diver Dan. He and Miss Minerva, a mermaid were real from what I recall, but only the audience could see her tail as she swam away. The remaining characters were puppets. Baron Barracuda with a monocle over his eye and his sidekick Triggerfish, with a cigaretter hanging from his mouth and would move up and down aas he talked, were the bad guys.

I know there were some good ones but I don't recall all of them. Skipper Frank Cartoons wore a captains hat and a blue blazer, white slacks.

Lip Synched just about every hit of the day loved the Beatle wig. KHJ TV 9 had an afternoon movie show with a game that a viewer at home would give instructions to the cameraman who would aim a cross-bow mounted on the camera and try to shoot a bullseye on a target. The Monkees in the evening? Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday nites? Peyton Place also after school,Dark Shadows also after school? The Adams Family in the evening too? Those were some of my all time favorite shows Those were wonderful shows and memories Also dont forget the Mickey Mouse Club?

Cee u real soon Y, because we like u Fury Saturday morning Fury. Right before Sky King every Saturday was my very favorite show of all time was Fury. It was about a beautiful black horse and the boy who loved him. I would love to know more about that show and any information anyone might have.

It was locally produced and in it's later years sponsored by Wendy's.. Like most stations in the 60's and 70's, almost none of the wonderful Lucy Toy Shop shows exist today. Lucy has a few copies however it's unknown if any will be released for us to enjoy. Luci passed away in Weekends, summers anytime I could, because Nanny never yelled at you and sometimes after school.

I remember watching lots of commercials, along with Westerns, Lawrence Welk not my favoritie; but I liked the Lennon Sisters , and lot's of local T. I was a memeber of the club and got neat stuff in the mail.

Phil Sheperdson was the host and there were cloud voices or something like that. I loved the Norelco Shaver commercial at Christmas time. Santa would slide down the hill on the electric razor. I hated Ready Kilowatt, who was the symbal of the electric company I don't know if he was nation wide or not. I do know that his picture was on my Nanny's oil burner or something down cellar. If I had to go down there by myself and see his creepy looking smile with lightning bolts for his body, I would run up the cellar stairs so fast it would make my head spin.

My grandmother would get a kick out of me and started to make a joke of it by saying "Ready Kilowatt will get you if you don't watch out. I remember watching Dark Shadows when it first came out, racing home from school and rushing over to my friend Donna's house to watch Barnabas Collins stalk Victoria - Something or other. That was the greatest show back then.

It was creepy and kept you coming back. Remembering all those shows really makes me miss being a kid again; but look at all the memories we all have. I have just touched the surface. Memorable Jingles There are commercial jingles that I can't get out of my head even after forty or so years: Ad campaigns of more recent mid sixties?

Remember those great ads for Hertz with the people descending down form the sky into a car? The "Show us your Lark" ads for cigarettes. Don't you wish everybody did? I was raised in Concord, California the Bay area , and remember Marshall J I'm lonesome but happy, rich but I'm broke, and the good Lord knows the reason, I'm just a cowpoke.

Our first television was a Hoffman my parents still have the maple cabinet which they use as an end table, you couldn't buy a cabinet as well made as that today from Sears or anywhere. We spent a lot of time adjusting the "horizontal hold" and the "vertical hold". I remember one show where they were buried up to their necks in sand it was a western. Or am I the one who is crazy?

It was wonderful reading all the previous letters. I must admit I had forgotten some of the shows but did not take much to take me back.

Boxer's Fracture - What is it and how can you treat it?

His name was Stan if memory serves me right. This was a minute series. Please help me with this if you have a clue. Marionation This site brings back a lot of memories. However, I was disheartened that no one mentioned the two shows I absolutely pine for: Stingray and Captain Scarlet, which were created in the sixties sometime they were in color.

I believe it was invented by the creator of those two shows, whose name was Gerry Anderson I think. A few years ago, one of the stations Family Channel, maybe showed them early on Saturday or Sunday morning. I enjoyed them as much as when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I was unable to tape them. I would give anything to have those shows on tape. I've searched the internet for years for info on the shows, and have found very little.

I doubt if tapes of the shows even exist. I have seen videos of these - they are probably available in the cheap rack at K-Mart or WalMart if you keep your eyes open. Or, try the public library's video collection. This upcoming year is a big one for us. Stingray, Captain Scarlet, among others will be released on dvd. Type Fanderson into any search engine for the link.

I wouldn't listen to him again until I was an adult, stationed at Berlin, Germany. It was much better than TV and most of the GIs loved them. Anyway, when I was about in the fourth grade, a local radio station in San Bernardino began playing a five minute soap opera, which was really a commercial for Del Monte Pop it wasn't called soda! I don't think the show was very popular. Not too many people remember it. All those things that radio was to my parents in their growing up was mine through that show.

I couldn't listen to it if I had band practice or I was busy with my homework. My dad had the radio fixed up so we could hear it all over the house and it would automatically go off after the midnight news when the station would also go off the air. Box , Peabody, MA I grew up in philly with captain noah and his magical ark, pixanne, chief halftown, and of course gene london--come right on in to the general store. And please proofread your memories Does any one recall a show with Johnny Jupiter as a character, probably a local show in the Detroit area.

I believe that he would show movies on the program. The program that I'm interested had a character by the name of Henry Aldridge. I can remember , " Henry What was the name of the show?? Christmas Shows Reading about the old TV shows and radio programs sure flooded this "old" boomer with loads of memories. We always had a tv from either '47 or ' Ours was the only one in the neighborhood and everyone seemed to pile in to watch it and swear it would never "catch on".

Does anyone remember a puppet type Christmas show sponsored by Ma Bell way before she had to break up. I believe it was shown every Christmas Eve, it was the First Christmas with Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem on this jerky moving donkey and the story of Christ's birth and the other was the Night before Christmas?

I loved it and wish that little kids got the opportunity today to view this, though they'd think it was weird I'm sure. Does anyone remember I think it was a movie about birds and monkeys? The song "AbbaDabba Honeymoon" was in it and it seemed as if it showed on Saturday afternoons that's why I'm not sure if it was a series or a movie.

I remember a train in it that I think the monkey drove and the birds rode in??? Thanks for the memories. I believe his real name is Al Eisenman. There was a song they did that I had on 45rpm record called "Hole in the Bucket". I didn't realize that Seymour hosted horror movies. I would have liked that as I got older.

Astro Boy was my hero. It was a really good Japanese cartoon. The characters had very similar faces to Speed Racer, which was also one of my all time favorites and Pokemon. It would show you a letter or a number for the day, then say it out loud and show a picture of something that started with that letter, or a number of them for that number.

Then it would dissolve and streak away from the tv set. Like you were on drugs, before you knew what drugs were other than aspirin. To me it was better than Sesame Street, which came out a few years later. Fantasmic Features Early 60's, in the Boston area, there was a show on saturday nights called "Fantasmic Features". It was hosted by a little Robot Character named "Feep". They ran all the schlocky Black and white sci-fi movies that were made for the Drive-in's.

For kids, these were great! And they kept me out of Mom and dads hair for the evening. One movie stands out in Memory: It involved an alien who kept a creature in a box. The creature looked like a small umbrella, with a nasty face at the top. It would drop over the heads of it's victims, close up, and eat their brains Or something like that. When he said "Green Light"..

When he said "Red Light" you'd stop drinking your milk. Maybe he came on after school before , but we were living in the San Diego area before that time.

His sponsor was the Ralphs Grocery Company and they were trying to get kids to drink their milk and to get moms to buy it at Ralphs. Sheriff John had a special birthday song, which I still sing to my daughters on their birthday and it's more fun than "Happy Birthday to You!

Put another candle on my birthday cake, My birthday cake, My birthday cake; Put another candle on my birthday cake. I'm another year old today. I'm going to have a party with my birthday cake, My birthday cake, My birthday cake; Put another candle on my birthday cake.

We'll have some pie and sandwiches And chocolate ice cream, too. We'll sing and play the day away; There's one more thing I'm going to do.

I'll blow out the candles on my birthday cake And when I do A wish I'll make; Put another candle on my birthday cake. This program was on until I was in high school, maybe later.

I would come home for lunch even as a high school senior and watch it. John Rovick, the man who played the sheriff, was a lot like my generation's Mr. I was only five at the time and do not remember much about the show, but about five years later all the space props were recycled for Outer Limits! I remember it as "Man Into Space", or possibly "Men Into Space" from the extreme early 60's, when we were still innocent.

It was set some twenty to twenty five years in the future, and attempted realism. There was a small lunar colony and a very small space platform, about the size of MIR. I'm all but certain it was on Wednesday nights, early enough for me to watch I was barely Like anyone in space would smoke.

Men Into Space web site: Crusader Rabbit Here's one: The first cartoon show of any Saturday morning on some channel on Long Island, N. His sidekick was Ragland T. Anyway, it was funny enough to get me to sit through both a minute test pattern and a half hour of farm report filller before the show came on.

Of course it was filler--by about , there were maybe two farms left in the broadcast area of any New York station. A Plethora of Media Memories Wow! What a fun site!

I remember early T. Given the times and our awarenesses read: Mom tells me we actually had a set in '48 but returned it because it's greenish hue [and the noxious smell of frying foods from the various ethic neighbors' meals] made her so sick she miscarried.

By the time I arrived in , along with our new Hoffman which my brother still owns , we Bay Area kids, even in those earliest T. One of the near and dear local shows that I didn't see mentioned in posts was Captain Fortune, who's very cool entrance would have him stepping off a 3 masted ship at Fisherman's Wharf and onto a Cable Car to ride to the studio.

Nationally speaking, Was Brother Buzz national? Wizard, The Today Show's J. Fred Muggs and that nice Mr. It was a great time to be a kid, wasn't it? One might even say, magical. Heck, even Eisenhower kinda looked and sounded like JimineyCricket, didn't he? Mr Jingaling was a Cleveland area show.

If anyone is interested Mr. Jingaling just died the day after Christmas. Wednesday January 03 NewsChannel5 reports that Keyes, who was the keeper of the keys on the seventh floor of the Halle Building during the holidays, was a legend.

People who grew up visiting him and people who didn't know him remembered the man who brought great joy to many northeast Ohioans. Family, friends and fans went to the same church where he married his wife 57 years ago, to remember the man who was called a "master storyteller, whose smile could light up a room.

Keyes was one of the original employees when the station first signed on the air in He died last week of congestive heart failure at the age of I also remember Gertrude and Heathcliff from the Red Skelton show. They sure don't make shows like they used to.

He died at the suburban St. In he took over the role of "Mister Jingeling," hosting a daily TV show from Thanksgiving to Christmas, counting down the days until Santa Claus arrived. The show sponsored by the downtown Halle's department store stayed on the air until Keyes, wearing a balding white wig and green outfit trimmed in red, regaled youngsters with the song: Jingeling, how you tingeling Keeper of the keys On Halle's seventh floor. After starting out in radio in Atlantic City, N.

A memorial service will be held Jan. Captain 11 Sioux Falls, SD " One man in each century is given the power to control time. This man must be carefully selected. He must be kind, he must be fair, he must be brave. We of the outer galaxies designate to you the wisdom of Solomon, and the strength of Atlas.

You are Captain 11! The intro featured a rocketship orbiting the earth Later a large "11" and the narration above. It was called "Captain 11" and it featured the Captain and his crew of youngsters in the studio audience. The show gave kids a chance to be on TV and also to have their birthdays recognized by the Captain. The captain would ask each child's name and the town he or she was from. For those watching at home, one of the main attractions were the cartoons that would be shown.

To activate a cartoon, Captain 11 would go to his time converter A set background with lots of lights, dials, and switches and twist some dials, flip some switches, and then the camera would focus on one of the large rotating spirals at the top of the time converter which would fade into the cartoon.

Captain 11 wore a blue and gold uniform which included boots, a wide black belt, a jacket, and a cap with a large "11" in a circle on it. For a long time, he also wore headphones. The show started in the mid-fifties and lasted into the early 90's. He would also make personal appearances at community celebrations around South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa. For thousands of kids over several decades, the Captain 11 show provided hours of enjoyment.

Trolley", "Merilee" and "Eddie FlubDub" or something like that. I also had one of the first Winky Dink kits among my group of friends.

I also remember sending away for my official Foreign Legion cap with the Heinz 57 emblem on the front. Tree she had on the show? Each day they would sing to him so he would wake up and talk to them. At Christmas time Lucy had a toy making machine that would spit out new toys on a conveyer belt that she would hold up and describe to the kids. Banana Splits Someone help me!!!

Does anyone out there remember them? I swear I'm going to explode if I don't remember soon! The sad thing is that I was at a party and we were talking old time cartoons and kids programs and not one person remembered the Banana Splits! Bingo, Drooper, Fleegle and Snorky. Friday, That Was the Week the Was Rememer some of the most funniest comdey show Can't remember any of the cast. Remember the Nestles Quick Dog, Farfel?

Don't get me started It was fun to lay out the sleeping bag in front of the t. Soupy Sales was the favorite. I remember Soupy also had a late night show in Detroit. The show would feature guest entertainers who were in Detroit performing. The show had a small orchestra and soupy provided the jokes which were probably a little more edgy for the adult audience.

Even though we only had three black and white stations somehow T. Perhaps it was my age! Marie, MI birth year? Today, kids don't get that exposure to great American theater from Broadway. Also, Milky the Twin Pines clown was my favorite clown. And "Coronet Blue" which inspired Dodge to name a car after the first season, this was about a private investigator. When I was older, I remember running home from school and rushing to do my homework in time to watch Dark Shadows and then The 4: Anyone remember a children's music show with a woman who played piano as the kids sat on the floor in front of her????

She would pass out percussion instruments for the kids to accompany her as they sang I remember a time when every kid in America was sliding down poles in play-grounds, and maiming each other while playing Batman, and imitating the movements of Adam West and Burt Ward. OR they were the Robinsons and their trusty robot. Belts on the Side In my school the guys who wore their belts on the left side were the ones who seemed to get in trouble.

But a few of us us who didn't seem to get into trouble wore out belts that way too. I still wear mine that way today. Being pre-school age, I was able to watch nearly every episode at lunch time where Mom and I would set up a card table in front of the old black and white and eat our tuna fish and crackers lunch. I still remember the words to most of the songs on their Christmas record that filled our home for many years. In fact, my Mom, who is 83, still has that very record; I hope to be able to transfer it to a cassette or compact disc so that I may once again, sing along with Ruth and the rest of the gang during this Christmas season, and many more to come.

Yep, it was Smiff, not Smith. Paul Winchell was the ventriloquist. Knucklehead's hair was painted on.

And his father was named Bonehead. There was also a little mouse, named Irving, who wore glasses, had one buck tooth and lived in a hunk of Swiss cheese on the table where Jerry and Knucklehead always sat. And I can't remember for sure if it was Knucklehead or Jerry who always sang a sad song about coming to the end of a lollipop. Jerry had a cousin named Tessie and Knucklehead was in love with her.

I loved any ventriloquist I saw on television. Bertie the Bunyip Yo Philly! Does anyone remember Bertie the Bunyip?

No I haven't been drinking! In the 50's a guy by the name of Dexter had a puppet show on Sunday mornings on a Philadelphia TV station. Bertie was a cross between an Australian plattapus and something else. Corny humor with no profound message in it.

I also remember a Philly TV station had a live daily western drama on about 4pm. Does anyone remember this and what was it titled? Also the Big Top on Saturday afternoon. It was a live circus show that came from the convention center in Camden, NJ.

The convention hall burned down in the early 50's. Pete Boyle and the Fun House, with Popeye cartoons and his drawings. Saturday morning TV with Any Devine and that frog. Sky King with the Song Bird! Gene Autry and Pat Buttrim?

Cisco Kid hey Cisco, wait for me! Riverboat with Darin McGaven! Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford by and 10 foh! Later it was Emergency KMG A morning daily TV show called Mr. A robot with a bucket for his head.

Car 54 where are you? There's a holdup in the Bronx, Brooklyn's broken out in fights, that traffic jam in Harlem that's backed up to Jackson Heights, there's a scout troop short a child, Kruschevs' due at Idlewild, Car 54 where are you? Words to the title song.

As Edith always sang, those were the days! One of my favorites was Commando Cody often mistakenly referred to as "commander" cody. Anyone remember the detective show Boston Blackie? And how about the science show on Saturday morning called Mr.

Wizard where they would do all sorts of cool experiments? My all -time favorite though was Superman with George Reeves. By the way, anyone who has studied the life of George Reeves knows that his "suicide" was probably murder. By mailing in three I think! Ovaltine proof-of-purchase labels to the show's producer, you received a decoder rink in the shape of a rocket ship. The ring had a dial with three points on the swivel pointer. At the end of each Captain Midnight show, a secret coded message appeared on the screen, which you could use the ring to decode.

Every Captain Midnight kid had to have one! I would rush home from school dances to see Robert Taylor and his 3 detectives My favorite was Mark???? No on ever saw him just the delivery person. Keep this going - fun on a boring Saturday night. So many shows, so little time! Puppets and marionettes were big. So many westerns too. When Saturday morning was more than cartoons: Half hour dramas - If memory serves, not all 30 minute shows were sitcoms - Combat Vic Morrow - "Checkmate King 2 This is White Rook Over" ; Rescue 8 precursor to Emergency and Squad 51 ; Steve Canyon air force during the cold war ; Whirlybird helicopter looked like a Korean war leftover ; Lincoln Vale of the Everglades wanted to bulid an airboat - how difficult could it be ; Superman with George Reeves - who later would commit suicide ; Real McCoys farm life in the Sna fernando valley?

I'll tell you a story of make-believe and all your dreams will come true. And when the story's over and when we reach the end, we'll live happily ever after - Where? When I was little my parents only had a black and white television. My next door neighbors always nvited us over on Sunday night to watch "Lassie".

I remember refusing to leave until I saw Lassie get up on that rock and use her paw to wave good buy. Does anyone remember it? The thrill on my life was when I got to be on his show of course, when I was on it he didn't have the real pony yet, just a saw horse with a saddle. My parents bought me the entire "cowgirl" outfit, which I also took great pride in wearing to school.

When my kids look at my treasured souvenir picture of me and Pick, I believe the word they use is "dork. Jot was a Christian based cartoon about a white dot named Jot who often got into trouble. The strange thing about the show was the use of psychedelic animation whenever Jot was feeling bad. Kids which aired on Sunday mornings in the early 70s was not a cartoon but a show about these kids who were pretty poor, had no family, and lived in an abandoned building on Cliffwood Ave. Somehow or other they would have great adventures.

Jingaling would appear around Christmas time in the Cleveland area. He had "magic keys" that would open the toy shop up in the North Pole We used to see him on Halle's 7th floor downtown Cleveland and there's not much I wouldn't do to have one of those cardboard "keys" with the red string today Does anyone know who he was or what happened to him?

Does anyone know how to obtain any of the paraphernalia? Nancy Yes I remember Mr. Noon Lunch with Captain Penny I left Cleveland 20 years ago but still cheer for the old home town teams.

The Undersea Wedding Back in the late fifties there was a animated movie that would come on T. I think it was called "The Undersea Wedding. I guess my fondest memory of this movie was how much my mother loved it, she still talks about it to this day. Does anyone else remember this animated movie? Detroit TV Memories Detroit. Here's a list, typed as it floods through my brain. Someone mentioned Captain Jolly Sagebrush Shorty on Channel 2. She hosted "Prize Movie" too Bill Kennedy Showtime channel 9 showed better movies.

Carol Duvall on Channel George Pierrot and his travel movies on channel 4. A noble experiment on Channel The screen divided into 3 sections Clutch Cargo, with his pals, Spinner and Paddlefoot Since TV was still quite young, radio was an extremely important part of our day.

And, those last of the big radio stars, gave us memories that will last a lifetime. Being from Brooklyn, Cousin' Brucie was; and remains my favorite. He was the 5th Beatle. Then came The Rolling Stones.

Then, a parade of British groups that would try to emulate the originals. They couldn't and didn't. These are some of the memories of our youth. Memories we seem to make much larger than life itself I for one, am glad for that. When radio was king Who remembers Jack LaLane early every morning. Or, when Chubby Checker had his own TV show.

We're the TV generation, so try to remember Romper Room. And, all those great Saturday morning cartoons. The Jetsons, who held our dreams of the future. The Flintstones prime time at first , and our dreams of the past. I see that someone already mentioned The Cousin'.

If it weren't for Bruce Morrow, I wouldn't be a radio broadcaster today. But what about the rest of the on-air staff at 77 WABC. When the guys on the radio truly were big stars.

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. These are all music and memories that are very personal to me All succumbing to the times and the ignorance. A legacy I'm sure we would like to forget. We are a great generation. A generation that has been a part of the greatest expansion of knowledge, technology; and prosperity the world has ever seen.

And, though some are beginning to write us off as being over the hill, the oldest of us still have an average of 25 years to live, work; and be productive. Long live us Baby Boomers!

It was great after school entertainment. Junior Frolics Does anyone remember a live kiddie show from the early 50's called Junior Frolics? It was out of Newark NJ on channel I think I was about 5 or 6 when my mom got tickets for me to sit in the kid's section. The MC was Uncle Fred and he had a glass eye which he showed all the kids before we went on the air. They showed Farmer Grey cartoons. This is all I can remember.

Mayor Art on ch 4; Captain Satellite on ch 2. I remember a kid show in Los Angeles called Engineer Bill. Anyone have memories of that one? I recall an obscure cartoon called QT Hush We would be literally in tears, laughing so hard! For it's time, it was a real standout for me. Wish there was something like it for today's kids. Does anyone remember with fondness all of the late-night horror flicks, hosted by various ghouls, vampires, etc.? Growing up around LA in the 60's, there was one fellow on Friday or Saturday night called "Count" who, with "Frankenstein" and a group of "dead" musicians, were absolutely hilarious.

In one particular show that I remember, part of the action between Cal Worthington's car commercials and the film was when the Count had a flea circus he was planning on making money with.

He called Frankenstein over to look at it, and with one quish of his thumb, he killed them! The look on the Counts face was a riot. Various shows of this type have come and gone. Last one I saw was back in the 70's in the Seattle area. Commander Cody I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Commander or Captain? Cody, Sky Marshall of the Universe!

I used to watch it in the late fifties in New York. Take Buck Rogers and mix with superman He flew with a rocket pack attached to a leather aviator jacket but set it in current times. I believe this was originally a serial shown in the theaters. He of course had a space ship which he used to travel to wherever the bad guys might be.

The space ship had a flashing thingy on the front which allowed the ship to fly in and out of the protective cloud which I think surrounded the earth. Oh yes, his favorite trick was to fly with his rocket back-pack and land on his rocket ship which was of course flying by remote control.

I liked to watch that when it came on. I hear they are trying to bring it back to public television! I think that's great! Peepers' with Wally Cox were two of my favorite shows. Zazu Pitts was in My Favorite Margie. Everyone remembers "Howdy Doody" don't they? There was Buster Brown who lived in a shoe and his nemsis Froggy. Spin and Marty were my favorites on the "Mousketeers" show and Annette was my favorite Mousekateer along with Bobby.

Sky King showed us great adventures. We all thrilled to the adventures of Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans. Superman and Lois Lane and Jimmy Oleson thrilled us with great tales of super powers and kryptonite and the a nose for news.

The broadcast of Peter Pan in led us into Never Never Land and once a year we were treated with an airing of it and the Wizard of Oz. Wizard took us on weird science experiments. You can't go home again Do you remember Flippo the clown? Everone loved to be scared. Who can forget Jimmy Durante we have an autographed Christmas card he sent my husband when he was a kid!

Gee, I don't have time to mention the many years of tv. My Little Margie starring Gale Storm. The antics of Topper with Leo G. The Anne Southern Show. And one from way back: My fascination with the white cowboy boots the girls wore and the dark black? I can still remember the serial episodes of a young boy on his horse names elude me, it's been that long. One million dollars was dispensed each week to some unsuspecting character. The agent to delivered the money and the source a wealthy person with a name like Fertpton[sic].

The show came on in two parts. I believe the early part came on about 6: The second part was shorter and probably followed some news. During the show, there were old serials including Gene Autry and the Phantom Empire--a wild mix of singing cowboy and Flash Gordon.

Seymour the puppet popped out a small flying saucer which did double duty on Friday night's intro to "Wierd" a horror movie series. Other misc TV memories: I was in high school so the must have been re-runs. My wife remembers a show called Coronet Blue, but can't find anyone else who recalls it. It only ran as a substitute in the spring.

He had an engine, and he sure had fun. He used Good "N" Plenty candy to make his train run! It came on after the Mickey Mouse Club reruns.

The Garfield Goose information from the Chicago area in the late 50's and early 60's. Frazier Thomas would lift one of his ears and yell hotdogs, hamburgers, spaghetti and meatballs to wake him up. Nothing else would wake him. Then there was Romberg Rabbit who wore an old wool knit type hat. He would whisper in Fraziers ear and we never heard him speak but would believe what Frazier told us he said. He also could not talk but would smack his beak together wildly if he was mad, and he alsways got mad at least once per show.

His crown would slip off to one side and we would all laugh. I actually had a Garfield Goose puppet, which was my most favorite puppet. As teenagers we would get in the car at night and scare each other with stories from Twilight Zone, Boris Karloff Presents and Outer Limits.

We would have picnics real ones where you cook the chicken, make the potato salad and beans. We would go to the show on Saturdays for Kiddie Matinee for a quarter and see a double feature, two serials, and tons of cartoons.

I think I saw every movie made in the 50's. Ate popcorn for a quarter and a coke for a dime and a candy bar for a nickle.

I loved being raised in the 50's but hated the heat. Thank God for air conditioning! Remember the theme song? Softy" vanilla icecream cone with chocolate sprinkles, and watch what the people were doing in the neighborhood.

Back then every one socialized in the neighborhood whether you liked them of not!!! Does anyone remember a soap that came on in the mid-to-late 60's about a group of young people that lived at the beach? It's been driving me crazy for years now because I can't remember the name of it. I don't remember the name of the show so I'm hoping someone can help me out. It was on Saturday mornings I think, and the opening of the show had an African shield and then 2 spears crossed in front of the shield and the name of the show came across the shield.

It was a jungle adventure show and I hope someone can remember the name. Meet McGraw with Frank Lovejoy? I was perusing the page and frankly, I guess I'm so old, there weren't many shows I don't remember and that's probably because some shows were only aired in certain locations. I was surprised anyone remembered Pinky Lee! My brothers and I used to fight over the one tv in the house. I was in love! And it aired on scout night. My mom was a scout leader and we would always cut the meeting short to get home for that show.

TV was the greatest invention of the century! Look at all the memories we share. We're working on the message exchange service. Will let you know! Quiz Shows Several shows I remember are a quiz show named "Beat the Clock" where people would compete against each other performing various stunts trying to "beat the clock", "GE Theatre" with the host Ronald Regan, "Name that Tune", and "Your hit parade". Does anyone remember a show that I think was titled The Ghost and Mr.

I was living outside LA at the time and was probably between 3 and 5 years old. I only remember a black and white show with an English type gentleman and a friendly ghost. No one I know has ever heard of it.

It was my favorite show. The show was "The Ghost and Mrs. The series had I think Hope Lang, as Mrs. Tauber is referring to Topper. And the ghosts were George and Marion Kirby. Wife's name was Henrietta. I think it started at 5: Sniffles I remember a cartoon mouse named Sniffles. Also, during the 's, there was a tv series called The Roaring 20's starring Dorothy Provine.

Wonder if they will ever air it again. Palm Beach, FL, - Davey and Goliath and Jot I admit it. I have a bad memory. I saw this site and called my sister who confirmed my memories. We grew up in a very small town outside Fort Worth, Texas. I remember 2 kid shows - - Davey and Goliath, and Jot. Davey was a cartoon boy and his dog Goliath could talk to him. Jot was a dot. Both were Christian based but we enjoyed them both.

I don't know if they were local or not. Davey and Goliath was clamation and produced by the American Lutheran Church to the best of my recollection. Who Does anyone remember Dr. He was on in the late 70's or early 80's on our local Houston PBS station. He travelled through space in an English Telephone booth. Yes, I remember Doctor Who. I remember, as a kid, I thought it was soooo dorky and would never watch it.

Later, in my 30's, I rediscovered the show and became an official Whovian. The show is fantastic! I recorded almost every episode but the tapes are so old now, the picture quality is fading. I was extremely disappointed when the program was discontinued some years back. It was pretty good.

Kukla and Ollie were puppets that Fran would talk with. New Canaan, Ct I remember Kukla, Fran, and Ollie - mostly waiting for it to get over there was probably something I enjoyed more immediately following it. I was amazed to learn that one puppeteer did all 12 characters, and fell in love with all of them when I saw them perform live in Chicago. Buelah Witch, Oliver J. Sandy, you're too young to have seen the original show in the 50s and probably remember their appearances on "The CBS Children's Film Festival" in the 60s and 70s - nothing like their original show, which was quite adult and very funny!

I have some great video clips at my website - check it out: Sally Starr I can remember getting ready for school in the morning and watching Sally Starr. She was a beautiful cowgirl.

Sally use to wear these real cool cowgirl outfits. She always wore her cowgirl hat. I can remember she wore her hair in a real long ponytail. Most of all I can remember thinking that she was Popeye's mom. She always ended her show by saying something like May the good lord be blessing you and yours. Love, luck, and lollypops. I recently heard that she has a radio show on Sundays.

If I remember correctly she was on channel six out of Philadelphia. Every now and then she appears on tv. I must say that she still looks pretty good for her age!! I grew up in a small town in NJ and remember many of the shows written about on this site but I particularly remember Sally Starr and have always wondered who she really was and whether she had any other career than being a cowgirl introducing cartoons and The Three Stooges on afternoon t. Your site certainly brought back many pleasant memories of my childhood in the northeast.

Television Memories A lot of the shows referenced, I also watched. Captain Kangaroo and Mister Greenjeans - my favorite memory was the Studebaker that went "beep beep" "beep beep". Sheriff John was a force in my life always watching over me. Or the afternoons with that beautiful lady looking at me in the mirror in Romper Room.

Oh, how about Skipper Frank and Popeye for dinner and finally was it ending an evening with Engineer Bill and his trains. However, I do believe there are others who have had an impact on lots of us. Sunday was exclusively for Ed Sullivan and "Topo". I remember coming home from school and watching Sheriff John. He had a game to get kids to drink milk He also had a thing for carrots. The milk game red light green light was on the Engineer Bill show.

Sammy ate his greens or whatever. I spent my first five or six years in Collingswood spelling? Anyone remember Willy the Worm. The other 48 or so years were spent in Culver City, Ca.

I was so embarrassed when I called her by my den mother's name. A small thing but a memory that stuck with me. I don't think my folks got a color TV until I was grown and out on my own. But it didn't mean there weren't many "colorful" characters and memories! Always one of my favorite shows - what a comedienne! To this day I'm afraid to try wallpapering because of the mess Lucy and Ethel had with their wallpapering decoration disasters! Then there were the Three Stooges in my elementary school days.

Andy Griffith was another favorite. It was such fun "growing up" with Opie. And Barney was such a bumbler, but you couldn't help but love him! Who could forget the Little Rascals and their antics? I remember asking Mom before my first piano recital when I was about 8 years old, if I made a mistake, would the audience throw tomatoes?

That happened in one of the Rascals episodes and made a lasting impression! We also had a few local Cleveland based shows: One of his frequent guests was a character named Mr. Jingaling who always appeared around Christmas time and was a regular at a local department store - Higbees or Halles, in Cleveland.

Every one was always a "purple knif" and he made fun of people who wore white socks. Many happy memories from those old TV shows! Name that Game Show: I have been trying for years to remember the name of a game show that had a platform of three rows of squares the contestant proceeded through.

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