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Looking for a hj friend

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Both our birthdays are this month. I am seeking to start today.

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Looking for a hj friend

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With some kinky fun, fantasy fun you name it. If you have a couple hours and you'd like to spend some time with a really nice and incredibley sexy lady, shoot me a line or your number.

I ask that u be real so to prove u r real put farm in the subject line with a face an lets get to talking. But just because I feel those things and like those qualities it doesn't mean I am falling in love or want a relationship with you.

I'm only touching the dick that belongs to the guy I'm seeing romantically. Well for others it's odd but honestly my best friend and I do this casually Lol at all the guys wishing they were you: P I wouldn't say this was common behavior, but hey if she wants to and if your up for it If I could, I would grab all these dudes and go drink our miserable sorrows away and play pool I mean that's fun.

This post actually is inspiration for my next question I haven't seen you on here in ages! Haha awww com'on guys it's not that bad! And what's your next question? One time I was really packing it, and her face got a little too close, and the spooge shot right up her nose. Hahaha I know zorro I now realise that many a guy would be up for some even if they were just friends haha. You've turned as well!

P I need a man who knows how to be a cat: You're looking for a submissive pussy that's a no no: Hahahahahhaha omg zorro Hahahaha well I feel like you know what you're talking about so I'll see: Hahaha so that finally had an impact on you lol I had to make you realize that you want a dominant guy haha now I see the real you xD.

I need a submissive pussy sometimes: You just can't make up your mind haha Fine get a manly dominant dog and rent a submissive pussy on the weekend lol.

I want a wolf and a cat - my minds set on that! P And what will you get me? According to the laws of height I am 6'2 so chill little one: P I'll get you a wolf and a dog: So now you want a guy shorter than you haha you love height as much as you love a dominant wolf XD fine one kitten. Haha woah woah woah I never said I wanted a guy shorter than me! I meant I hate stupid guys using their height to make me feel small -.

Haha you're just taking what you think I want!! I want a tall dominant man who has no problem being dominated from time to time. And a pet cat: D And definitely no being picked up! Fine a tall dominant man 80 percent of the time then you get your fun on top 20 percent of the time. And how could I forget simba and nala D: Honestly, I wouldn't be totally not open to doing it. I might if I felt comfortable with the guy, but I'd be afraid that HE would feel weird about it. Its's not something typical girls do, but hey I'm not your typical girl, haha, and I guess neither is she ;.

This is just weird I ain't touching my friends no-nos thats weird as fuck. I don't think it's that common haha. I would never practice on just a friend, unless I was secretly in love. But if he asked me I would admit it. The best advice I have seen on here is to see if she wants to practice her oral skills on you. What have you got to loose, go for gold.

I decided to go for platinum. I texted her and asked her if she was cool with using her tits next time. Good for you sir weknowmemes. If I would have been single that moment I would have enjoyed her practicing a lot I guess She does not need to keep practicing. For some reason she enjoys giving you hand jobs, but just as a friend, no feelings.

If this was a friends with benefits or Fuck Buddy thing, I could understand it, but she does not seem to be getting anything from it. Logic sways she must be getting something to keep doing it, but we can't see what it is. Anyway, this has been going on for a while and you are both still good friends, so I see no downside to this. By best female friend said "I wish more guys were like you" and then fucked some other guy.

So no I didn't follow her advice in the end and changed to more like the guys she was banging. Ask her if she wants to practice her oral skills. Choke that golden goose for everything you can. Does she have Asperger's? Kinda sounds like it. We have a tendency to have zero boundaries. You're like the luckiest man ever, can I just switch lives with you?

The poster said 'she's willing to use her tits next time' how about you get her to use her MOUTH while you're at it you dope. My female best friend gave me a handjob? Okay, so my best friend and I were just sitting around last summer, bored as hell, and the heat was killing us.

Anyway, we were sitting around at my house nobody was home , and I let out a sigh of utter boredom. Then she asked me "Hey, you want a handjob? I didn't think she was serious, so I said okay. Well, next thing I know, she pulls my pants off, spits in her hand, and goes to town on my penis.

I busted a nut all over her arm, and she started laughing. Anyway, she told me that she wanted a bit of practice she said she'd done it once before for her ex-boyfriend , and asked me how I liked it. It was a tad awkward, you know, critiquing a handjob. But anyway, she made it very clear that it was a strictly paternal thing, but she'd be happy to practice on me. She's weird like that. But anyway, now, every time she comes over and we're alone, she wants to practice on me. I asked her if she had some sort of feelings for me, and she laughed at me, and told me no.

I could tell it was sincere. Do girls typically do this stuff? I mean, it's great and all, but it's kinda odd. Sorry, I meant platonic. Why are Male Exotic Dancers not more Popular?

Pick one and explain why do you like it. Have you ever exchanged your naked picture for money? What is your body count and age? Girls if I send a pick of my dick what would u anwser? What Girls Said 8. Bet she won't be getting that close again lol. Oh man count me in as one of those guys haha provided I'm attracted to her of course haha.

Nahh you don't know what you want little one I'll get you a: Well it's not far from using her tits to just helping a bit with her mouth too. What Guys Said No but I wish they did. You're one lucky motherfucker. I would have fucked her brains out already. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion?

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If you think we might connect please say hi. Lets start talking. Friends for Fun seeking a femme woman for a friends with benefits relationship, about me aa slender woman.

~~~~ ~~~New girl in town ~~~~~~~~~ I am a lesbian long brown hair green eyes black.

Find Women Seeking Men listings looking for Friends on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find great personal ads. . When what you're looking for is found, reply "Solved!" to the earliest comment with the answer. DO NOT DELETE YOUR POST after it has been solved, or if you intend to repost to get visibility. This will result in at least a temporary ban. Okay reddit, my friend's parents are being stalked. Like, actively stalked with various threats. I need. Free CFNM Pictures and Videos. Slut chap is sent to therapy by his girlfriend for behavior modification and acquires used and rammed in the butt instead!