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Looking for a good place eat

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Looking for a good place eat

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Looking for a good place eat

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Best places for cheap food are Exarhia and Kerameikos-Metaxourgio. If you are looking for something more elegant and professional, then Kolonaki has many restaurants that will fulfill your expectations.

In general, eating in Athe Open the full description. In general, eating in Athenian restaurants can be expensive. Most of the times it is! Buying from a super market and cooking at home is a lot cheaper.

In most of the super markets you can find fresh vegetables and fruits which are way cheaper than in most places in Europe, and that is because they grow in Greece.

Log in join as a local. National Garden by Georgia. Wine Bar Hopping in Athens by Marina. Taste Athens Food Walk by Marina. Bars Lounges Pubs Nightclubs. Athens flea market by Manos. Karamanlidika tou Fani by Georgia. Varvakeios market by Manos. Open the full description Best places for cheap food are Exarhia and Kerameikos-Metaxourgio.

A hidden yard Avli. A hidden yard among the buildings Cabezon. Dance and meet up! Do it outdoors Dexameni. Wine Bar Hopping in Athens. Taste Athens Food Walk. A hidden yard Avli This yard is only known to the locals. Even if you pass by it, you won't notice it. Behind a blue door, there is a narrow corridor which leads to a graphical yard. The place is very traditional and takes you back to Greece of the 50's.

Painted white and blue, with a few tables, greek music and wine, it looks like nothing you've seen. Save to list Save to list:. A hidden yard among the buildings Cabezon This place has a great outdoor yard decorated with plants and gravel on the ground. There is also lights on the walls and the scenery is perfect for a summer night out with friends.

Super cozy with relaxing vibes and all you can hear is laughter from the young people hanging out there. An oasis in the heart of Athens Six D. S combines a lot of different happenings in one place. One can enjoy a relaxing coffee or snack in the back garden, a cocktail watching a concert, or cultural event while mingling with people from different backgrounds.

It's one of those bars that are hidden but there're always people chatting outside or dancing inside. It's perfect for ending a Saturday or a Friday night. The locals prefer it cause it's open till late at night and there's always space to dance. Brand new, jewel to our city and its culture! A place with multiple free activities for kids and adults, huge gardens, playground and cafe!

Suitable for any time of the day and for all kinds of travellers. It is totally worth it to drop by even for a walk. Amazing decoration and atmosphere Noel Athenians are in love with Noel! Vintage and baroque decoration inspired by Paris and Cuba, amazing atmosphere and great drinks and plates! Get ready to experience the up-and-coming wine bar scene of Athens and sip some of the finest Greek wines!

Our city boasts some of the loveliest wine bars in the world. Meet the people behind them, hear their stories and share their passion for rare Greek wines. Do it outdoors Dexameni Dexameni in the summer is one the most "it" places. It's an outdoor caffe on the street under the trees. An oasis in the summer. The loclas gather in Dexameni to drink coffee or alcohol and they usually order something to eat.

Traditional Desserts Ta Serbetia tou Psirri The one true answer is the huuuuge portions! It feels like home, like the desserts grandma's make. The owners are very friendly. Acropolis in a Cocktail A for Athens Athenians had seen the Acropolis before A for Athens opened in But never this way. The Acropolis is on eye level, while the view extends to the whole area of Plaka and Monastiraki. On the other side, you have a view of Lycabettus hill and the stunning down-town graffitis, combining the feeling of classic Athens with an urban taste.

Located in the heart of Plaka, the most beautiful neighborhood in Athens. Cosy atmosphere for the winter, a place that you forget you are in the centre of a city for the summer, Giasemi is a great place to enjoy your coffee. Athens overflows with cafes serving the cold, 'greekalised' version of espresso. You will love it like your new coolest friend, especially when having to walk around the high summer temperatures of the city.

For a top quality espresso or cappuccino freddo, locals go to Taf in Exarchia area. Souvlaki at its best Elvis Elvis is a souvlaki shop. If you have tasted souvlaki already it's probably not like Elvis'.

The whole shop is Elvis themed and the staff is super relaxed and friendly. They don't serve souvlaki with pita like most of the restarants, but just souvlaki with fresh fried potatoes, lemon and bread. Greeks do not like having "one course" meals. When going out for dinner, they prefer having lots of small dishes mezes that they all share together, so that they try many different tastes.

Experience an extraordinary culinary experience that will tease your senses! Enjoy the most stunning views, hidden bars and unique places to devour the elite of real Greek cuisine under a starry Athenian Sky. French, English, Spanish, German, Italian. Mezes beyond words Karamanlidika tou Fani Wide variety of special top quality delicacies from the greek countryside, right in the heart of the centre, in an old neoclassic building: You can either buy from the delicassies displayed in the vitrine or sit at one of the surrounding tables and try their amazing soutzouki, pastourma and other mezedes.

An oasis in the city center Anapsiktirio of Numismatic Museum It is hard to believe that there is a cafe in a garden so peaceful, just 5 min. It is located in the Numismatic Museums' atrium the famous Ilion Melathron , with a beautiful garden that is full of reproductions of ancient Greek statues.

Taste the sesame bread that Greeks love! To koulouri tou Psirri Once in Athens don't forget to taste the sesame bread aka koulouri in Greek! Greeks love it especially as a quick breakfast on their way to work! You can buy it from every bakery or koulouri sellers outside metro stations but this bakery is the most famous among locals! A beautiful corner in plaka! Kleyidra is hidden in the streets of busy Plaka. In one of the most touristic places, Plaka, this is the only place where you can find Greeks having their coffee or drinks.

The location is excellent and the prices reasonable. Aster serves authentic cretan food. Locals always order the "Asterpotatoes", a sour cretan cheese called "xinogala" and "apaki". Definitel,y when visit order one of these or all Also order to drink "Rakomelo", which is a very famous cretan drink. Sandwiches from San Francisco San Francisco

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This lively low-rise neighbourhood is packed with Turkish, Lebanese and Syrian restaurants, amongst others. Eating meze whilst listening to the call to prayer at Masjid Sultan mosque is an experience many visitors will be pleasantly surprised to have in Singapore.

Singapore Airlines works with the finest chefs and best staff to ensure wherever you fly on its extensive network is as good as it gets at 30, feet. To discover more about Singapore Airlines visit singaporeair. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Home News Sport Business. Icons of the sky.

Telegraph Travel Icons of the sky. Looking for fine dining on a budget in Singapore? Check out these excellent but affordable places to eat, from Michelin-starred street hawkers to gourmet restaurants. We want you to have the best meal possible when here and that is why we are making this guide. These are all the restaurants we would eat at if we came here knowing all we know about restaurants here.

We have been to over restaurants here not all make it on the site and like to give independent reviews and help others discover the best places to eat, especially for those that appreciate good food. If this guide was helpful or you enjoyed these restaurants or have others you want to mention, let us know in the comments below.

We would love to hear from you. We tried to think about if we had one week where would we eat at. This guide is for all three meals a day and you can apply it for whatever you are looking for.

We will list 7 places in each category so you can have a great selection during your stay here. We would hate to send you to a great restaurant only to find it closed. Lets start with breakfast. It is always good to start the day off right and with these seven different options you will be! Most of the places on this list will run you about pesos for breakfast.

Aldea Corazon is right on 5th Avenue and is easy to get to especialy if you are just starting out your vacation in Playa Del Carmen. This restaurant has a nice Mexican feel complete with the waiters in white, more traditional outfits. Here they serve traditional breakfast plates but also Mexican specialties. You can eat in front over looking 5th Avenue, inside or in the secret garden in the back.

For more about Aldea Corazon see our article here. Want to have breakfast in a nice peaceful garden? We sure do, and that is why we like to go to El Jardin Restaurant. We recommend coming here during the week because they are not open on the weekend. Enter this garden setting and have a healthy breakfast and their fresh squeezed orange juice! You will be accompanied by classical or jazz music on the speakers as you eat here which only adds to the ambienace.

Also ask about the lunch specials because as you will see below in our lunch section, your are coming back here! For more about El Jardin Restaurant see our article here. An enjoyable meal at El Jardin Restaurant. A great place for breakfast in Playa Del Carmen. You will get a healthy breakfast overlooking the ocean.

You no doubt will be impressed with the renovated restaurant and new gourmet menu. La Ceiba Restaurant will give you a more local feel and a chance to get a little sample of Mexican breakfast food and tropical smoothies and juices. This restaurant is attached to a small fruit and vegetable market on 30th Avenue. There is always a nice little buzz of energy here and the good coffee will give you a little pick-me-up as well since it is good quality.

Definitely get a mixed juice here and enjoy your meal. For more about La Ceiba Restaurant see our article here. Today is it time for Chez Celine. We recommend going here during the week because on the weekend there is often a line for waiting because it is so popular. The reason we like going here is because:.

For more about Chez Celine see our article here. This charming open air restaurant has very good quality coffee to start you off with and delicious looking plates like French toast and omelets. The prices are also very reasonable here.

It is a little off 5th Avenue but worth the walk or taxi ride. For more on Papa Charly see our article here. On Sundays it is nice to have brunch so we would go to Plank Restaurant. They have a brunch special where you order your main plate off the menu and then have a small buffet of dried fruits, cereals, fruit and small pastries. The nice open air restaurant opens onto a sunny street and this setting makes for a nice relaxed brunch.

For more on Plank Restaurant see our article here. For more options you can see our Guide to Breakfast Restaurants here. If you do not want a full breakfast, then you might consider just a coffee and a pastry. This is where you can get some excellent value because some restaurants have lunch specials to entice people to come in during the day. You can sometimes find food that is normally twice as expensive on special for lunch!

Most places on this list offer a lunch special around pesos and some are just good to eat at with regular menu prices. We hope you are hungry! Here is the list. Here is a good option right on 5th Avenue!

Los Hijos de la Tostada is one 5th Avenue near 38th Street. Here they have seafood tostadas mainly. The vibe is young and food fresh. The combinations are good and the food is pretty consistent. This restaurant will give you a feel of Playa Del Carmen and also not break your budget. You are in for a treat today! Papa Charly has one of the best deals for lunch and it is not just the price that is good. We recommended coming here during the week because they only have the special Monday-Friday.

Here is the special offer:. Make sure you ask for the special lunch offer because it is not always written. When you are there tell Juan the manager thank you for such a good meal if you enjoyed it. He speaks Spanish and English.

This is a highly overlooked restaurant in Playa Del Carmen with only a few locals coming here regularly to enjoy a nice casual lunch. The three things that make this restaurant special are:. They often have a special here for lunch. For more on Elemento Restaurant see our article here. Time for some homemade Italian? We like this hidden find of a restaurant.

Primer Plato is a small Italian restaurant with only about 15 stools for sitting. Dishes are very affordable! All of the pasta is handmade to order. We recommend going for the upper end priced menu items because they are so worth it! They are only about 20 or 30 pesos more. Just take in the small restaurant and enjoy your food when it comes. This restaurant is a little hard to find so be sure to see the link to the article for more details.

Remember El Jardin Restaurant where we said it was good to go for breakfast? Well here it comes again! There must be something good about this place! Come here for lunch in the garden again. You can order off the menu or get the special of the day for less than pesos. The lunch special inclused the drink of the day, a soup and main plate. Either way you end up with a nice lunch. Remember this place is not open on the weekends. Also here is a tip: Ask about their special Friday night events.

This is the only night they are open and they have a special menu and live performances. Do you like roast chicken? Well here are two options close to each other. One is more local and Mexican and one is more gourmet and French style.

Both are very affordable and similar in price. Either one you choose will be a good option! La Brocherie Restaurant is a French style roast chicken place. The concept is simple, the taste is complex, the owner a true foodie and the deserts are to die for. Even though this restaurant is on a simple street the owner and chef, Fabian, loves to cook up a good meal with good value.

You really should order the chicken here and make sure you see the deserts. If you get a chance, talk to Fabian. He loves food and talking to people. You can eat here for under or close to pesos. You can see a map of there this restaurant is in our Roast Chicken Guide to Playa here. For an authentic Mexican roast chicken place you can go to Asadero de Pollo. This is a very basic place but always roast up good chicken. You can get meal packages here and eat like a local.

For photos and a video of this restaurant you can see more in our Roast Chicken Guide here. Looking where to eat in Playa Del Carmen on a Sunday? Many people head to the beach on Sunday in Playa Del Carmen.

Mamitas Beach is very popular with the year old crowd. So this lunch restaurant option is perfect. On 28th Street going toward Mamitas Beach is Brochetas. This restaurant has different skewers of fish, chicken, beef and more. They come with a side of fries or broccoli. This is a nice place to grab a bit on the way to the beach and you can make it as healthy as you want depending on what your choose.

There homemade dessert is great and you should see if they have it. For more on Brochetas Restaurant see our article here. For more restaurants that have lunch specials see our Guide to Lunch Specials here.

This is the hardest category to pick because there are so many restaurants in Playa Del Carmen.

Dining + Pubs. Looking for rustic, retro or just plain refreshing dining options? Whether you're a vegetarian, carnivore or locavore, you'll find a far-reaching selection to whet your appetite. This Singapore food guide includes 25 dishes that you should eat, and the hawker stalls and restaurants where you can eat them. Get ready to start eating! Nana’s Irish Pub. Want to know where the locals eat, a lot?Nana’s Irish Pub in the heart of Nye Beach. The hearty home-cooked comfort food of Nana’s is what locals crave in the winter, but also in the summer and the spring you get the picture.