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Looking for a friend to enjoy the Hawaii

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Looking for a friend to enjoy the Hawaii

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Looking for a friend to enjoy the Hawaii

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That was before I had experienced the benefits of solo traveling firsthand, and after years of doing it, I started to envy him for going to such an amazing destination on his own. When the opportunity came up for me to work on a photography project in Hawaii, I jumped at the chance to check it out solo, confident that more than a honeymoon destination, Hawaii can be a great solo female travel destination, too. Turns out that it totally is! I did this one alone, and was glad to have all of the time and space that I needed to really do it justice in the way that I wanted to.

Without a navigator, that help was invaluable. I have a bunch of tips here for how to do the road right, to get away from other tourists, and to have a more pleasant drive! Maui Surfer Girls made me feel so comfortable with the whole experience.

To my surprise, I was already standing by my second wave, and rode two all the way in during my two-hour lesson. Having the female-friendly, non-competitive environment that these lessons provided just made me feel good, and the surf camps they offer make it easy to meet other female travelers too!

This was actually my first activity on the island and I was surprised by how easy it was to make friends on the boat. Even though people were there with their significant others, they were friendly and I ended up chatting with and making friends with people right from day one.

I also found the crew to be particularly friendly and easy to talk to, which made the whole experience great as a solo traveler. The Molokini Crater is a crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater that is pretty famous for snorkeling and even diving.

For me, the boat ride was the best part as being on the ocean is one of my favorite things in life. Jumping into the warm water, spotting an octopus, and swimming around just added to the fun. The food was excellent, the wine and beer were free-flowing, and it included a pickup and drop off at my hotel. Some of these links are affiliate links. Your trust always comes first. Great list of things to do on this island. The surfing school you suggested looks awesome.

I lived in Australia for a bit and had planned to try surfing, but for some reason I never did it. I think due to being nervous. The company you went with sounds great! I was nervous too and then once I tried I was like, okay that was way more fun and less scary than I thought. What was I actually worried about? So New Zealand again next year and Hawaii for i think. I was surprised at how easy it was to meet people. Love every bit of it. Sounds like an awesome trip! I would definitely love to go there, Hawaii is a great destination for honeymoons but boasts just as much for single people.

Yeah definitely give the islands their time! What a great guide! Maui is so much fun…. HumaHuma is one of my fave spots!!! I heard the spa is amazing! Fantastic things to do on the island. The snorkeling bit is appealing to the adventurer in me tremendously!

And trekking to that incredible jungle would be perfect as well! My first trip to Hawaii I spent six weeks there solo and loved every minute. There are some great hostels on Maui in particular including Banana Bungalow and Aloha Surf Hostel which include free tours every day. Thanks for the hostel ideas! Lovely post and beautiful photos.

We just returned from visiting in October and we fell in love. It was totally worth it. I love snorkeling but would be afraid to go it alone. Any recommendations on groups? This post is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much for the tips. Even more excited for it now. How long did you stay there? I have days to plan for. I was in Hawaii for the same amount of time and also visited Molokai https: I actually picked up a couple of hitchhikers myself!

I am planning to do solo trip to maui but not sure on which side of the island to stay. The cheapest is hostels in Kahului or paia but then I have to go around from there! I rented it on my own. Just get the cheap car! I came across you blog and I have read everything you posted about Hawaii, and found it to be interesting. Is there an island that you would recommend over the others? I was thinking of going to Maui. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I love them all for different reasons. Maui will have lots of other people as would Kauai. The big island is super adventurous and fun as well but, well, bigger.

I also spent a really good time there during my last summer holidays and came back with a lot of pleasant memories. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Give yourself plenty of time I have a bunch of tips here for how to do the road right, to get away from other tourists, and to have a more pleasant drive! Snorkeling the Molokini Crater Met awesome folks on this boat This was actually my first activity on the island and I was surprised by how easy it was to make friends on the boat. A few solo female travel tips: Thankfully Maui is pretty safe and most crime is limited to petty theft.

Just make sure that you lock your rental car book here! By the way, despite what the guy at the rental place tries to upsell you, a compact car on Maui will do you just fine. It might be easier than you think. Consider using social media: If you have an active social media account like Instagram or Snapchat, you might be able to find people that way. If not, use sites like Couchsurfing.

Where to stay and eat: The Grand Wailea — wow If you fancy: The rooms and grounds are out of this world, and the staff will customer-service you all day. Their restaurant, Humuhumu had delicious eats. Talk about a great sunset spot! This hotel is intimate without being tiny and is a great mid-range option. If not, check out AirBnB for options. Definitely eat at Ono Tacos, a taco truck in Lahaina, for some cheap and seriously delicious fish, al pastor, pollo, and asado tacos.

Comments Great list of things to do on this island. They look very clear. Thanks for sharing your solo travel experience with us. Breath-taking beauty of nature and great photographs. Tons of great snorkeling in Maui and Hawaii in general! Maybe some day you can make it up there and I can take some surfing lessons!

Something to go back for! How long did you go to Hawaii for? I am looking at going during Easter break. It was 10 full days between Maui, Lanai, and Molokai. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website.

Ewa Beach casual daters - Online friends from Ewa Beach (Oahu), Hawaii, United States

Paid to have fun. Finally, if you have a personality disorder or are generally unlikeable, you get to pretend to be someone else for a day. Acting range is a must, as you may be asked to play a tourist, cop, diner, bus passenger or a dead body. Go Party with the Neighbors If you decided to move here permanently, attending the neighborhood block party is an inexpensive way to socialize and get to know your neighbors.

You can have fun for one day or night and then never speak to these people again for years. There are many bonuses to this, too. You may find out whose dog has been eating your tomatoes and pooping on your lawn. You may get to meet the dude who has been checking out your wife when she waters the lawn. These get-togethers are usually potluck, so no eye-popping restaurant bills to worry about, too. Most people think they only dance the Hula in Hawaii.

Dancing is another fine way to meet people and have fun with total strangers. Belly Dancing is primarily practiced by women, and many feel in the dance community that it can build self-esteem and even decrease the effects of PMS — in women. So, ladies, time to go belly up. But, please note that men can belly dance too. Ever considered being intimate with total strangers? For men and women, dancing the Salsa allows you to meet and have fun up real close, sharing smooth moves and a special bond with your dance partner.

Old or young, gay or straight, bald or hairy, shy or extraverted, Salsa connects strangers on more personal level, forcing them to collaborate through movement. Check out the list of clubs and reviews. You will fit in easily.

Clubs on Oahu feature a diverse crowd of dancers — who have different skill levels — at each dance party. Most venues offer an introductory session to get your motor running, your feet moving and instill some confidence. But, before you get gussied up and start thinking this is a vehicle for a guaranteed sexual encounter, remember this is not hookup central.

Show some respect, keep your expectations in check, and leave the birth control at home. Oh and another thing: Please use deodorant and brush your teeth. There is nothing more unsettling than dancing up close with someone who reeks of heaven-knows-what and blasts you with dragon breath throughout the night, — you know, the kind of breath that will wilt a Lei, shut down your respiratory system and bring tears to your eyes.

Volunteering Some people might associate volunteering with mandatory community service for recently released criminals. But, some folks like to volunteer because they want to. Nonprofits and even local businesses are always looking for volunteers. You can volunteer for one day or several times a month.

There is literally a buffet of causes to support and new people to meet. Now, you have choices. Looking forward to trying a few of these suggestions in my spare time.

Thanks for reading Hannah! If you are visiting Hawaii, it just seems like a place where you would naturally like people. But I suppose some people do end up watching TV in their rooms. But these are really fun suggestions for someone like me who is really shy ….. I like the dancing idea!! It really does depend on the person but it would be such a waste to be cooped up in your room when in Hawaii! What kinds of contacts can I make from here for that purpose?

I would also welcome suggestions for participating in meetups or groups which I could join before my trip, so I can meet these wonderful people as soon as I get there!! Thanks in advance for all the information!! Mahalo for your questions! There are many ways to do meet ups online. Then once you are settled in after a few months you can find something that better meets your needs.

This same theory applies to finding a job. You may not be able to find a job prior to arriving or your dream job when you first arrive but there are plenty of jobs available that will help you pay your bills while you continue your search for your ideal job and make contacts. Keep in mind you will be starting a whole new life in Hawaii and your life will not be the same as it was, but if you are willing to do what it takes and have a bit of faith in yourself you can make your dream of moving to Hawaii a reality.

We found all the sacrifices we made and the temporary set back in the standard of living we endured was well worth it. We have seen and experience so many amazing life changing things while living in the Hawaiian Islands and do not ever plan on living anywhere else but these beautiful islands.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. Once you arrive in Hawaii if you would like to meet new people we recommend getting involved in some of the following: Mahi Mahi at Waikiki Aquarium. White Spotted Jelly at Waikiki Aquarium. Costs to Consider When Moving To Hawaii Calculate the cost of living difference from where you live now to what you would need to make living in Hawaii to maintain the same lifestyle. View specific item costs in Hawaii for food, clothing, housing, transportation, personal care, entertainment.

Akona Pets are Household pet relocation specialists that makes travel arrangements and prepares the necessary documents to import your pet to Hawaii. Matson Navigation Company offers vehicle and household items container shipping services to Hawaii. PODS offers household items container shipping services to Hawaii. Movers with a bad reputation that should be avoided: Mongoose on the Big Island.

Wild Goat on Kauai. Brazilian Red Capped Cardinal. Call for more information. Resources to Find Housing In Hawaii Buying a home, townhome, condo, or apartment can be an overwhelming process.

You may know what you want but may not be sure what area to look in, or if schools are important to you where the best school districts are. We personally recommend Team Lally if you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Hawaii on any island.

Team Lally takes excellent care of their clients and puts a high priority on customer service. They take the time to get to know their clients in depth so they can find you homes to consider which meet your needs and you get the most for your money. They go above and beyond expectations for clients which extends far after your home closing.

You will want the experts at Team Lally on your side! Call Team Lally at or visit www. We do not receive any compensation for posting this, we just experienced and continue to experience exceptional service from Team Lally and believe they are the best in real estate in Hawaii and they are the only company listed we personally recommend!

Tell them you heard about them on alohafriends. This database lists any property with a MLS regardless of who it is listed with. It is the largest resource for finding property we have found for the state of Hawaii. Craigslist has housing for sale, housing for rent, autos for sale, items for free and items for sale for all islands.

Hawaii Tribune Herold has section with Hilo Area Big Island housing for sale, housing for rent, autos for sale, and items for sale Kauai housing for sale, housing for rent, autos for sale, and items for sale. Pineapples Growing on North Shore of Oahu. Taro Growing on Maui. We were lied to by the sales person who sold us a car, treated horribly by the management, and received terrible service from their service department. We will personally never purchase another vehicle from them again.

We also had a bad experience at Windward Dodge on Oahu where the salesperson started yelling at us and said that we "wasted his time" when we decided not to buy the car after the "price negotiation" process did not go to the price we were willing to pay. We have actually had very good luck buying used cars from Craigslist. You tend to get more for your money, just have a mechanic check it out before you buy. Links to Information On Schools In Hawaii If you are moving to Hawaii with school aged children you will need to do your homework as to what school to send them to.

Many public schools have a bad reputation of not providing a top notch education and your children may find the schools here are behind the schools they came from and get bored. If you have special education children that require special attention some schools may not be up to the task while others excel at it. You really need to investigate the schools before enrolling your children or deciding what area to live in. Many parents choose to send their kids to private school or home school to ensure a quality education.

Beach Toys on Oahu. Horseback Riding at Kualoa Ranch. No experience is required to volunteer at any of services below and each offer many different ways to volunteer! We are always looking for additional Hawaii organizations looking for volunteers, let us know if you know of other.

Pumice from the active Volcano. We are looking to post as many listings for children and adult sports teams, let us know if you know of others.

Hawaii Saber Academy - Combat and choreographed lightsaber training for children and adults. Precision Parkour - Parkour training for children and adults. The team is on Oahu. Adult volunteers are also need. Lanakila Hockey Club - Youth roller hockey team on Oahu.

They also offer their rink open to public skate and have inline skate rentals. In addition to seeing youth players they are always seeking adults to umpire, coach and help organize events.

They have a riding club, mens racing team and womens racing team. The Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club - An Oahu based hiking club which hikes over 80 different trails around the island as well as voluntarily maintains many of the trails.

Hikes are open to members and non members. They have adult and youth running clubs. Waikiki Surf Club - Promotes amateur canoe paddling and surfing to men, women, and children.

This sweetie is Rosco and he was available for adoption at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Consider adopting a loving pet from an animal agency once you arrive in Hawaii. When we visited the Hawaiian Humane Society on Oahu there were a great variety of adorable dogs, cute kittens and cats, as well as rabbits, hamsters and birds available to take home that day.

Dogs and cats brought into Hawaii will either spend days in confinement in the Hawaii state quarantine or can have a electronic microchip implanted days prior to arrival in Hawaii and spend 5 days or less in quarantine. Click here for the answers to FAQ on bringing a cat or dog into the state of Hawaii and quarantine regulations. Some birds are prohibited from entering Hawaii, some require quarantine, and some can obtain a health certificate and be quarantined in the home.

All snakes, some lizards, some frogs and some other exotic animals that are kept as pets are prohibited from entering Hawaii due to the damage they can inflict on the fragile Hawaiian ecosystem if they escape. Visit the official State of Hawaii web site for the latest updates on bringing animals into Hawaii, a list of prohibited animals, and forms for bringing animals into Hawaii. Hawaiian Humane Society on Oahu is a no kill shelter and offers a variety of adorable dogs, cute kittens and cats, as well as rabbits, hamsters, and birds available to take home that day.

Their website has photos of animals available for adoption! Maui Humane Society offers dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and other animals. Hugs for Homeless Animals on Oahu takes in injured or neglected dogs, cats, and birds then nurses them back to health and finds them a loving home. They have photos of animals available for adoption on their website! Rainbow Friends Sanctuary in Hilo takes in injured or neglected animals then nurses them back to health and finds them a loving home.

hawaii activity partners - craigslist. favorite this post Oct 25 ***Seeking Poly / Tantric Goddess friend/mentor** (Kona side) map hide this posting restore restore. If you don't feel like you fit in, you won't enjoy it, and people won't enjoy you I myself have a difficult time finding friends I like to hang out with. Hawaii is an amazing place to live if you enjoy experiencing different world Many of these workers rely on tips and work several jobs to make ends meet.