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Looking for a Cape coral break buddy

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Come try us out for FREE! Above all else, we're not your standard kennel. We've gone to great lengths to ensure it! We assure you though, the wait will be well worth it! Scroll down to read what some of our customers have to say about us Sign up to get interesting news and updates delivered to your inbox. By submitting this form, you are granting: You may unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of every email.

See our Email Privacy Policy for details. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. South Morris County - Coming Soon! Daycare Boarding Grooming Training. Who We Are Contact Us. Services Daycare Boarding Grooming Training. Location Crystal Commerce Loop. Open for the pooches, Closed to the public.

Follow us on Facebook! How are we doing? Welcome to The Barker Lounge! A Big "Thanks" to everyone who continues to spread the good word about us!

Your recommendations and referals continue to help us grow! Our goal is to provide our guests with a healthy means for socialization, exercise, and stimulation. In doing so, we strive to ensure that we improve the lives of every single dog and owner with whom we come in contact! Our family has taken great pleasure in caring for our own pets, and have been humbled by the numerous foster doggies that have entered our home here in Fort Myers.

We are now fortunate to be loved by our tripod Lily Sharing our lives with our dog brings us great joy! My experiences as a mother, child care provider, and healthcare professional have helped me to understand the importance of finding the right place with people you trust to love and care for your dog.

I am committed to providing your dogs with a happy and safe place to have fun! What Our Customers are Saying Dear Barker Peeps- This must be the best place ever invented. Since day one I have never been able to get Scout to leave without picking him up and carrying him to the car. What do you do in there? Must be the doggie crack?

My dog is depressed. He's sulking right now because he's not there with you. I think he has a pretty great life at our house but clearly we are doing something wrong Whatever you guys do there, keep doing it.

But maybe you can tell him it's ok to go home after a day of play? Clearly, he doesn't believe me! I interviewed other facilities before choosing The Barker Lounge. It's leaps and bounds above all the other facilities. I've always worried and fretted any time I have to leave my dog anywhere. Those days are over.

I can now go away and feel totally at ease knowing my little girl is in great care. I'm going to tell everyone about this place. My dog was very excited to go, which hasn't happened any place else, so I'm very happy with your services.

In comparison to another facility in the area, The Barker Lounge is more low key and authentic. The staff is made up of true "crazy dog people" in the absolutely best sense, rather than corporate people who work in a dog boarding facility.

I love knowing that my dog is in a happy place. I love the Barker Lounge. Convenient, Fairly Priced, Super Friendly staff, accommodating, knowledgable, etc. I really can't say enough good things about the time Nanook has spent there. It makes me happy to know he is in good hands, spends time with other huskies, and gets to play all day. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Tyson yesterday. He was so energetic when he got home and I kept asking him if he liked The Barker Lounge and he just wagged his tail and gave me a bunch of kisses - I'll take that as a YES!!

Although Tyson was a little nervous being around a large group of dogs - your staff assured me that Tyson will get use to it the more he comes to doggie day care. I was very impressed with the tour - and your kennel area was great!

We will definitely see you VERY soon! This is too funny - a friend of mine suggested that, next time, Tyson bring plenty of biscuits to tip the bartender!!! Barker Lounge is operated by very competent, dog loving people, that allow the dogs to play and socialize in a monitored setting. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that you were able to give Lily our basset hound a warm, safe home during the power outages after Superstorm Sandy.

You provided us with peace of mind, and Lily with love and affection, during a very difficult time. I really don't know what we would have done if you hadn't been able to take her, but we are so grateful that you provided us with the best solution. They alerted me to the fact that she was allergic and less playful. It turns out she has food intolerances. Without your staff raising the concern to me, Reilly may have suffered for a much longer time.

Keep up the good work!! I was stranded due to the weather on my vacation, Willow was being boarded and I could not pick her up. I called Barker Lounge and they quickly put me at ease telling me they would take care of her as long as needed and she was very happy playing with all her friends and even had extra treats and food for her if needed. I finally got home and she was such a happy tired out pup!

I truly believe she was more depressed than I that the vacation was over!!! They are attentive to your dogs needs, allowing first timers to slowly get adjusted- both dog and owner. I would highly recommend this place to everyone. You walk away from there knowing your dogs are in good hands. This is the ONLY doggie day care place that my dog barks with excitement to get out of the car and go into. He's been to several and always puts the brakes on everywhere else.

I wish more things in life could go as smoothly and pleasantly as they do at Barker Lounge! Calls get returned, e-mails get answered, and most importantly our shih tsu Buster is always returned to us healthy and happy. Keep up the great work!!!

BEST find for our dog! We love the Barker Lounge! The staff is friendly and truly cares about your dog. We struggled when we had to find a place to board our dog Kade - so many were so expensive or had so many add-ons to make sure he wasn't in a cage all day.

Barker is an amazing price for the value and truly wants to do what is best for your dog. I recommend Barker Lounge to all the pet parents in the neighborhood when they ask us where we board. I am so glad we found them, makes for a worry-free time when we are away. We've had our dogs stay at the Barker Lounge many times now and had nothing but great experiences with them.

We know that they truly care about their dogs unlike most other boarding places. The staff is helpful, energetic and knowledgeable and our dog always has a great time. Wouldn't take my dog anywhere but the Barker Lounge! The Barker Lounge facility and staff are by far the best! I wouldn't think of leaving my 4 year old chocolate lab anywhere else.

He's been boarded there many times and goes to daycare and I can say that we have had great experiences. The staff is very caring and you really feel that they know and love your dog. I know when my dog is there, he is in good hands and that gives me peace of mind when we are away from him. We are so grateful that you saw what was happening and got him to a wonderful vet, Dr. We love him to death but sometimes we can't keep up so we bring him to the Barker Lounge to can play with his doggie buddies.

The staff at the Barker Lounge are phenomenal and absolutely love and attend to every dog that walks through the door. By the end of the day when we come to pick him up he is exhausted and sleeps for the next day or two before he is ready for his next trip back to visit his friends.

The Barker Lounge in Fort Myers, FL

Chili We received some adorable photos of Chili in his comfy bed, surrounded by toys, as you can see here. We thought he looked pretty happy. But his mom said that since these photos were taken, she had gone out and bought him an even bigger, more comfy bed and even more toys!

She says that Chili is already the love of her life. She now lives in the Augusta, Maine area. Lola is so loved in her home where her parents have two grown children and a granddaughter who is now two years old. Lola has fun playing with her older sister's black lab. Her parents hope to travel to Puerto Rico someday to see where Lola came from. Auto Auto has been a true joy in the lives of his new immediate family of 6, which also includes many nieces and nephews whose children visit often.

Auto loves the kids, especially the short ones who's cookies he can reach! He has the best life and all the love his extended family can give him. Coco Coco 's info was shared on facebook after she was abandoned. Our president Edi Vazquez took one look at that face and knew that Coco would be coming home with her. That fateful decision led to Coco being adopted into a wonderful forever home.

She is now reportedly "the sweetest pup ever! Coco plays with her sister, Lily Rose a cocker spaniel a lot and then they sleep a lot. Milo These days Milo is very spoiled He sleeps on the beds and goes just about everywhere with his new family. He especially loves cheering on his new human brother during baseball games.

Sometimes he takes a little break from the action to spread out on a blanket and get a belly rub! Pebbles Pebbles fit right in with her big canine brother Jax. He has been looking out for her and is very patient with her, even when she runs around him in circles and gets her leash all twisted up. That's little Pebbles underneath Jax. Jax will also sit to wait for her to catch up! Pebbles also has a big fenced in yard to run and play in and two cat siblings and two teenage human siblings.

Sadie Sadie was transported to St. She eventually made it to Father John's Animal House, where one of their volunteers saw her sweet face and knew that she had to adopt this sata. Sisi has the run of a 2 acre fenced in property in northwest New Jersey and is so happy.

She is enrolled in obedience school for this fall. She is a special dog and loves everyone. His new family saw him on their website the night before the event and instantly fell in love with him. After meeting him in person they knew he was the one. He joins a family of 4 humans and a 6 month old female Rousey that the family rescued in April.

He has been great and they get along very well. Nap times together on the bed are a favorite activity. That's Connor on the right. Connor will have an amazing home, an amazing life, and be dearly loved.

We couldn't be happier! Carmen joined her family last February. When they first saw her in the Humane Society of Naples, Florida, she was extremely shy. Captivated by her sad and fearful eyes, her parents took her home with them. Patience and love continue to work miracles. Carmen named after the mayor of San Juan , can still be occasionally fearful, but she has blossomed into a great walker who loves to ride in the car, revels in her spa days at the groomer, and greets friends and their dogs without hesitation.

Those once sad brown eyes? Today they sparkle with overflowing love and life. He has spent the summer floating around the pool and taking boat rides with his sister Penny. He is a little bit of a troublemaker, but his family thinks this just adds to his charm! Sage Sage has only spent a week in her new home and her family already can't imagine life without her.

She's picking up tricks very fast--knows "sit"and "down" on verbal and hand commands and is working on "stay. Sage is also enjoying car rides This lucky pup was with her littermates when she caught the eye of her new mom, a first-time dog owner, who is giving this Sato many wonderful opportunities.

For starters, Popcorn quickly aced her training classes. Here she is on graduation day. She is considering a career as a therapy dog, where she might be able to bring joy to people in nursing homes or hospitals. She is so playful and friendly that she helps other dogs build their confidence. Popcorn has also taken up jogging. Her new life includes bacon strip treats and a Kong stick toy. Her mom says that Popcorn is the puppy that she had "always dreamed of growing up! He landed in New Jersey and then traveled to Columbus, Ohio where he was adopted into a great home with a beautiful, big yard all for him.

Esther Esther was part of a litter of adorable scruffy terriers that went to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland recently. This lucky girl found a home very fast. She now has a big human sister named Clara as well as a canine sister named Molly.

Her new family was very excited to welcome her! Esther is a lovely little dog, who likes to power nap after a busy day. Blaze Blaze now has two human little brothers He's a very friendly and happy dog, who is enjoying walks, cuddles, naps, and having someone throw his tennis ball.

He joins a family that had adopted a Sato earlier, so they are very familiar with the joys of these special Puerto Rican pups. Rusty Rusty may have left Puerto Rico for a new life, but he can still enjoy the sun year round.

That's because this lucky pup now divides his time between his homes in Maine and Florida. He is a doll whose parents love him very much. They say he has brought lots of joy into the family--even though he loves to chew everything in sight! Wilo Just two days after Wilo got off the plane in Boston, he was living at his lovely new home on a lake in New Hampshire. There are birds and squirrels all around and oh how he loves to chase them!

He also likes to go for walks on his leash and be outside with his parents. Inside he plays with toys and loves to snuggle on their laps. He is even learning to be comfortable in a boat and doesn't mind wearing his doggie life preserver while he works on his swimming skills. His new parents say that he has made their lives more active, healthy, and fun. They get to laugh at his antics all day! Bristol Bristol loves being part of her new family. She loves to play with other dogs, and is very good with people.

She especially likes being outside and eating sticks. Bristol is healthy and is getting really big. Bristol was part of a big litter of nine puppies that were born right after her pregnant mom was rescued. She found her wonderful new home through the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Hazel Hazel really went through hell before making the journey from Puerto Rico to Maine. She was found stuck in a hole that she was unable to climb out of.

She had several wounds and was really suffering. Hazel is very, very bonded with her new human sister. They share everything together. Hazel loves greeting everyone with a sweet lick to the hand. She is very happy in her new home, which is in South Portland, near all sorts of shops, beaches, and even a light house. Her new dad works from home, so she always has company.

And sometimes, when people's backs are turned, she'll steal someone's sock or mitten and try to eat it! Layla This photo really makes us melt. It's Layla in the arms of her new brother. In her new home, she is loved through and through.

She has made her new family complete. Paolo Paolo cannot get enough of his pretty new mom. His favorite thing to do is pass out on top of her or sit in her lap for car rides. This lucky boy found his human soulmate through the Humane Society in Waterville, Maine.

His mom says he is absolutely the sweetest pup in the world and that he fits right in with a busy family lifestyle that includes plenty of down time too. He gets tucked in under his own covers at naptime! Moncho Moncho was adopted by two humans in late March and has been enjoying his new home ever since.

He settled in so quickly that he even slept in bed with his new humans the very first night. His humans spoil him with toys and treats every single day.

It's a long way from his early days in Puerto Rico when he was found in bad shape, abandoned in a commercial area. Maximus Maximus is such a wonderful dog. When his new family first saw him at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Ma, they knew they had to have him. He knew it too! He got very excited when everyone stopped by to visit.

In his new life, Max gets to do a lot of hiking and camping, which he loves. He gets to hang out with his year-old human sister all the time and that's the best thing ever. His family says that he has been a great addition. He is a sweet and sensitive guy whose new mom feels was destined to come into her life to help fill the terrible void left by the death of her 9-year-old previous pup. Finn has a brother who is a cat named Ollie. Finn goes to doggie day care during the week while his mom is at work to burn his energy off.

The rest of the time, he goes everywhere with mom. Finn has his own Instagram account! Pumpkin Our rescuer Marta saved a very pregnant mother dog late last summer, who gave birth to seven adorable puppies right in the living room!

That lucky family left the island in a charter plane a few weeks after the hurricane hit. We just heard from the father of one of the puppies, now known as Pumpkin. Pumpkin is a happy, healthy, and spoiled dog, who makes her new dad happy every day. She is very energetic and loving--also a little bit of a troublemaker!

She is loved by everyone in the household. Rico Rico was named to honor his island heritage. He found his wonderful home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. His new parents wrote to tell us that they are totally in love with this pup and that he is doing very well. Rico has a beautiful grassy yard to play in and plenty of squeaky toys to chew on.

The Sheehan family was looking for a new friend for their year-old dog Daisy, but quickly realized that two new friends would be even better. These Sato sisters have settled in very well and get along great with Daisy, who loves to watch them wrestle and play. She has even found her inner puppy again! When they aren't in play mode, they take power naps together on the sofa.

In fact, that's really the only time they hold still long enough to have a photo taken. She has been in her new home now for about one month and her family can no longer imagine a life without her. Luna has many distinctive nicknames including "Luna Babycakes. Thyra Thyra moved into a home with three adult kids and a large fenced-in area to roam around in. She has been busy meeting new family members and their pets.

She has made a great addition to her new forever family. Sammy Sammy now lives in Maine where he has a huge fenced in yard, lots of toys, good food, plenty of love, and a boxer big brother named Cowboy. Sammy came to All Sato Rescue through our partner the Humane Society of Puerto Rico who took in him and his siblings from a neglect case. Sammy has an interesting heritage. His dad is a terrier mix and his mom is a rottweiler mix and he is the very handsome result!

Polo Polo 's new mom is also from Puerto Rico and she very kindly reached out to us to let us know that this Sato is bringing lots of joy into his new home. Polo was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. His wonderful new life includes naps on a big bed with lots of pillows, a closet full of stylish clothes, and a great selection of squeaky toys. Pemi Pemi and her four babies were rescued by a lake and nursed to health by an All Sato Rescue volunteer. In her new life, she likes to go for car rides and walks on the beach; play with her new dog BFF and run like the wind along 27 acres of park near the Pemigewasset River, for which she is named.

She has a big family and gets lots of love from everyone. Rico has a special car seat to take in the view on drives around his new home state of New Hampshire. This lucky pup has a wonderful new family, thanks to the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. He has both human AND feline siblings, the latter of whom he has been known to chase!

Just for fun, of course. Rico can find the joy in anything--from going on a hike, to cuddling with his new mom, to splashing the water out of his special drinking fountain. He showers his family with love. Coco Coco now has two feline siblings that are actually bigger than he is! They also have larger-than-life personalities, especially his sister Pickles on the left. This guy is doing super well in his new home, which he found through the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

His new mom says that Coco is perfect and everyone loves him Fivel Fivel was transported to the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick Maine after flying to Worcester on one of our charters after the hurricane.

This lucky boy landed in a wonderful home where he has formed an exceptional bond with his new mom. Fivel's mom says that he is the biggest love and so very playful. They do doggie agility together and go hiking. He is also an excellent cuddler, who loves nothing more than to drift off curled up next to his mom's shoulder with his head firmly planted beside hers.

Marley's new mom says that this little Sata is by far the smartest and sweetest dog she has ever met and that she is very happy to have Marley in the family. He arrived as a small puppy with his 5 brothers, all of whom were quickly adopted.

Maverick has grown to be about 40 pounds of love. He is very well behaved and enjoys meeting people. His new mom says that her family would not be complete without him in it. Navidad had a pretty tough early life, so we were all thrilled when she found a loving home with kind people who understand her past and are committed to helping her flourish in her new life. Navidad is getting along great with her new feline sibling.

She is very sweet and her new family adores her. Stella is now living a peaceful, healthy and happy life in Florida. She is loving, sweet and very smart, although she definitely has a playful and feisty side also! Stella has a good sized fenced-in backyard where she can run around and play ball, but she likes to stick close by her new human siblings. She doesn't like much distance between herself and her new family!

Marley Marley just moved into a home in the Boston area where she has a boxer brother named Baxter with whom she is very close. They go on walks and stand side-by-side to keep an eye on their yard. Sometimes, Marley just stands under Baxter, which makes her feel very safe. Marley has two feline siblings too She is getting bigger every day, so she may soon be hard to ignore! Darrel now has someone to hang with in front of the TV and a lap to sit on during car rides. Darrel's family had been looking to adopt a puppy, but wanted to be sure it was right.

Then they saw Darrel's little face and learned that he was from Puerto Rico--same as his new mom--and destiny seemed to be at work. Casey Casey and her siblings were born at a Puerto Rico Power Authority Site, which wasn't a very safe place to grow up. Fortunately, they had some wonderful foster parents who took care of them until they were ready to fly to Boston. They all found homes through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. Casey will never have to worry about being safe again He now gets to take power naps on the couch and eat treats.

He has many adventures ahead of him with his two cutie pie human siblings. He feels right at home. Dola's new dad says that this sato is a great pup and the thing that was missing from his world! He visited the shelter the week before Dola was up for adoption and they made eye contact and the deal was sealed. But Dola's dad still had to wait and watch the website every day until Dola's photo was posted Now the two have had three wonderful weeks together and are looking forward to many years to come.

Back then, he went immediately to a foster home where he could adjust and wait for his forever home. But as time went by and his massive charisma was revealed, his foster mom realized that she couldn't give him up. She has a year-old blind dog named Buddy who has tried over the years to get every one of his foster siblings to play with him If that wasn't a sign that he was where he was meant to be, we don't know what is!

Jeff Jeff 's new parents wrote to tell us that he has been in his forever home for all of six days and is already completely spoiled and loving every second. He has already learned how to fetch Jeff loves being outside in the run and in the back yard running and watching the birds. He was a little shy the first two nights but he has been opening up ever since.

His parents feel that when they selected Jeff, they hit the lottery!!! Another thing about Jeff, he loves to eat!! Rita Rita is having so much fun in her wonderful new life. She has balls to chase, bones to chew, and comfy quilts to nap on. She found her home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. She is a sweet and beautiful puppy - energetic and eager to learn. He is now surrounded by loving family members including his parents, their two children, and four grandchildren.

That's a lot of people to administer belly rubs and throw balls! He is very happy. They started out as fosters, but you know how that can go They very kindly took in Berry because she had some health issues that made it difficult for her to walk normally. She's been getting physical therapy, and lots of love and attention, and now she is zooming around like a track star! Berry and her litter mates were rescued as newborns and bottle fed by one of our amazing volunteers.

Penelope Penelope 's new mom was at the mall in Naples, Florida when she stopped by the Humane Society outlet there. That's when she spied Penelope. She knew it was fate for her to adopt a Sato, because she too is part Puerto Rican. Her family on the island experienced terrible loss after the hurricane, so she knew how important it is to establish a safe environment and fill it with joy.

And that's what these two--Sato and human mom--have done. They are inextricably bonded and totally in tune with one another's personalities. Jameson Jameson joined a family that already has one Sato He quickly became BFFs with his canine brother and is enjoying an amazing new life full of car rides, chewing on fabulous toys, and getting lots of cuddles from his new parents.

Jameson is super sweet. Oliver Oliver continues to fill his family's lives with laughter and love. They say he is very sweet and about as goofy as a dog can be. He is also very loved. He's outgoing and he loves his older puppy sister, Harley. Roxy Roxy is now living in New Jersey. She is a real sweetheart, according to her new family. Orlando Orlando 's new parents wrote to thank us for saving him from the streets.

They say he is happy, smart, and lovely in all ways Abbey Abbey is an absolute joy in the lives of her new family. She is cute, loving, intelligent, friendly, alert, bright She has adjusted well to her two new canine siblings. She loves to play with them and wears them out with her puppy energy. She is also acing her puppy classes.

She loves taking long walks along Boston's scenic Charles River. She was there with her 3 sisters. She is fun, feisty and very affectionate. We might also add that she is very cute! Cody Cody now lives in New Hampshire. He likes to scoot around the house at high speeds.

He is not a fan of snow, which is unfortunate, because New Hampshire has had some huge blizzards this winter. Fortunately, his mom bought him several new warm sweaters, but she says that he wiggles out of them when she isn't looking! He loves to sleep in one of his many comfy dog beds She says that she intends to spoil him and give him a life full of fun, adventures, and love.

That is so nice because Cody was found near a gas station on a busy road in Bayamon, PR, so he didn't have a lot of joy in his previous life. Charlee Charlee is having lots of fun making new friends, including a lot of other dogs, a horse, and even a cat that is about twice the size that she is. Charlee is super smart and developed a very strong bond with her new dad very quickly. She was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Canela Canela was adopted in late March, when it is supposed to be spring in New England, but was really still kind of like winter.

She has a huge backyard to run around in and her dad spends time with her playing fetch. Her new parents love her very much and are always telling her what a good girl she is! Canela is having so much fun in her new life! Hachy Hachy 's new home is a multi acre farm where she can run around and play all she wants.

She also has a new family of loving people to care for her for her entire life. She was a bit surprised by the snow, but having big sisters to cuddle up with and stay warm sure helps! His new mom says that he is a very important part of her life and will always be treated as a member of the family.

Alligator Alligator was very fearful when she first arrived at the Humane Society in Naples, Florida. That's when one of the people who work there decided to take her home nights in hopes of building her confidence. This person had two older dogs, who helped Allie learn the ropes. Then one day she brought home a little kitten that was under the weather They bonded so quickly, that the kitten pictured here also joined the household.

By this time, Allie too had been officially adopted! Now, the mom brings home the puppies and kittens from the shelter that are fearful and Alligator helps build their confidence so they can be adopted into their own forever homes. We are so grateful for the love and patience that was shown to our Allie to help unleash her special talents! She has a big yard to explore and a park right around the corner where she can go and meet with friends.

She likes walks and baths, and has a lot of toys to keep her busy. She loves to fetch tennis balls! She was 17 lbs when she arrived at the Sterling Animal Shelter, and has grown to 37 lbs!

This winter, she enjoyed playing in the snow. She makes friends everywhere she goes and enjoys all of the attention. Bonita on the right is an amazing girl and is very happy with her home. She has a new fur-brother, Scout, 4 human siblings and a human mom and dad. So, everywhere she goes, she has a playmate, a nap partner, and someone to administer belly rubs!

She and her mom and siblings were rescued by an All Sato Rescue volunteer who is appropriately named Angel. Sassy is sweet, loving, and lots of fun. She is also super smart. She has an adoptive brother named Gizmo, who is a chiweenie. He loves her very much. Bea Bea is a sweet puppy, whose new family loves her very much.

She is very fortunate to now have four spectacular human sisters--so many people to play and cuddle with! She loves them very much. Lily Lily is amazing and has brought so much joy to her new family in the short time that she has been with them. She is an incredibly smart pup and is learning new things every day. But sometimes a whim is more like destiny. One of those puppies, Roo, went to the front of her pen and stuck her paw out.

She might as well have said "Take me home!! Roo is now a much beloved member of the family. She and her siblings were saved from the streets of Puerto Rico by an elderly man who took them to the Humane Society of Puerto Rico, which is our dear partner.

From there, Roo made the long trip to her wonderful new life. Mikey and Molly Mikey and Molly lived with a lot of other dogs at a sanctuary in Puerto Rico and they didn't get a ton of individual attention or special amenities. But that has all changed, thanks to the wonderful couple who adopted them and to our partner the Humane Society for Greater Nashua.

They are little barkers They have a home to protect after all! They love to ride in cars, like kids, and are blending in well to the new rhythms of homelife.

They are very happy. And so are we She has full run of her new apartment and sometimes when it is time for food she will 'Meow' her little heart out until her bowl is on the ground. She loves to be petted and her purring can be heard from across the room. Byron Imagine that you are engaged to be married and have always wanted to adopt a dog. You do some serious hinting to your fiancee, but nothing seems to be happening.

Then imagine the big day arrives and as you walk down the aisle, you see your soon-to-be-husband, your family and friends, and a sato puppy!!! This is what happened to Cristina of Boynton Beach, Florida, whose amazing husband found the best wedding present ever when he scooped up Byron from Big Dog Ranch in Loxahatchee, Florida.

Byron had been evacuated there following Hurricane Maria. Byron wore a lovely pink bow for the service. She ended up in a wonderful home with a border collie big brother, who is showing her the ropes; two cats, who have been remarkably hospitable; and a year-old human brother. JoJo is extremely personable, funny, and just as smart as can be!

JoJo's new mom says that her family has only ever adopted shelter animals and every single one has lived a long and happy life, bringing immense joy into the home. Rocko Rocko was abandoned on the feeding route of one of our rescuers when he was only 4 months old.

He made friends with all the other strays, but always looked really sad. Fortunately for him, our rescuer scooped him up before the hurricane hit to keep him safe in her own home. That's when he started looking much happier This lucky boy ended up in Ohio where he was featured on the local news broadcast. That's where his new parents first saw him and fell in love. Here he and his new BFF Gib also a rescue share a nap after a raucous play session. Many also loves chewing on Benebone's and getting belly rubs.

Dakota We want to wish Dakota a very happy first birthday. She was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter last June. She was a little shy and nervous in the beginning, but now she loves playing in the snow with her canine sibling. Her favorite thing is to chase snowflakes as they fall to the ground. She loves playing with stuffed toys and snuggling under blankets in the evening. For her birthday, her mom baked her some special cookies, got her a cupcake toy, and dressed her in a special birthday outfit!

It marks the very important day that Addy went to her forever home and she clearly dressed up for the occasion. Allison and Addy have already started a training course together. Addy has the run of her new house, plus a large fenced-in yard to patrol. Peaches That's Peaches on the left enjoying a companionable chew stick with her new big brother Banjo.

At the shelter, Peaches was a big hit with her new human sisters, who had been searching for a new puppy for quite some time. She is the perfect addition to the family. Ella It's kind of a lovefest when Ella and her new human siblings get together on the couch.

She adores them and they adore her. Ella is incredibly sweet, in case you couldn't tell. She is a master cuddler and also loves playing outside in the snow.

Pinto Pinto arrived in Maine in the middle of a freezing cold spell in January. That first month was a tough adjustment for this sun bunny He does draw the line at 20 degrees or below, but that's amazing for a Sato! He also loves eating and chasing squirrels. Callie Callie was adopted from the Humane Society, Waterville Area by a family that had only intended to provide her with a temporary foster home.

But they ended up falling head over heels for her on day one. She's absolutely amazing and has the best personality. Callie now has two human sisters and three feline siblings and she gets along great with every one. Callie's family says they plan to spoil her every second of the day for the rest of her life!

Pants Pants is very happy, safe and healthy. She goes to work every day with her dad and he lets her run around in the woods and then take a nap in his bed. Pants has friends to play with and loves the snow. She is living a good life and he says that his life is so much better because he has her in it.

Pants found her home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. Callie Callie is a sweet girl. In fact, her original name was Dulce which means sweet in Spanish. She loves to play with her brother Harvey on the right , go for car rides with her parents, and take naps under the covers. They were only going to foster Chachi, but one thing led to another and now this little Sata has 9 people to give her attention. She also gets to share a couch for naps with a Great Dane and a beagle. Martin was found alone, scared, and in pain after being hit by a car.

His leg was so badly injured that it had to be amputated. His rescuer had just one thought in mind--please find this dog a wonderful home where he will be valued and loved for the amazing soul that he is. And that's just what happened. Martin lives in an awesome apartment with a gorgeous view of the Boston skyline and he loves to explore the city and its parks and treasures with his new mom and dad.

Rosie We just heard from Rosie 's new family to say that she is the perfect fit! It sure looks that way She hasn't quite adjusted to the temperature change, so she makes a point of staying cozy and comfy with her new forever humans! She is the sweetest most calming soul. Otan Otan is a kind soul who refuses to leave the side of his new mom. He just adores her and it sounds like the feeling is mutual.

Here he is fresh from his bath and grooming session Havoc Havoc was given his distinctive name, not because he's a troublemaker, but in honor of a friend of his new parents.

In fact, Havoc is acing obedience training Potty training was a piece of cake and he even gets into his crate to go to sleep with no outside prodding! He is not very fond of his snow booties though Jax Jax is coming up on his first year anniversary in his forever home--and what a year it's been! He started out as a little puppy at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. He is very playful and full of love. He goes on lots of adventures with his new parents including hikes, romps in the snow, and car rides.

The only thing he doesn't like is having to spend time away from them. Lady Lady 's description as "retriever, labrador, chocolate" immediately caught the eye of her new family as they scrolled through candidates at the Humane Society in Naples, Florida.

That description happened to be the exact same one as their previous much beloved dog Chloe, who had recently passed away. They thought it must be a sign from Chloe, that Lady was the "one. That's because Lady arrived in Naples thanks to the amazing support of Joyce and Gary Kreppel, who have single handedly placed nearly of our rescues at this shelter. They drive all the way to Miami to pick up the passengers, covering the associated costs. We couldn't be more grateful.

And they do all this to honor the legacy of their very special Sato Chopin on the left , who passed away many years ago but still leaves a huge impression.

Chopin too was a "retriever, labrador, chocolate! He has done very well adjusting to his new home. Chico now lives in a rural area in Massachusetts with a fenced yard to play in. He also enjoys walks, car rides, and interacting with other people and animals. Chico found his amazing new home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.

Archie Archie was adopted into a new home with a big canine brother named Teddy who has been showing him the ropes. Archie is a smart boy who likes to play just as much as he enjoys cuddling.

He's usually so on the go that it can be hard to get him to sit still for a photo, so we are lucky to have this one.

Archie found his wonderful new home through the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Renny We recently heard from Renny 's new family on the anniversary of his first year of adoption. He found his lovely home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. Renny is a wonderful, friendly, playful addition to the family Primrose After arriving in Waterville, Maine last year, Primrose went into what was supposed to be a temporary foster home where she could get over the shock of leaving the tropics.

But, fortunately for everyone, her parents were "foster failures" and she has been with them ever since. They said it took about a minute to fall totally in love with her. We think the medal she is wearing was awarded for having a great personality and being incredibly intelligent. Calvin Calvin 's mom fell in love with his sweet shyness and big batty ears a Sato trademark!

Her instincts were right. Calvin had a few behavioral quirks in the beginning--who doesn't??!! He most enjoys napping with his head in a lap, learning new tricks he is so very intelligent , chewing and chasing toys, following mom around the house, and licking his new friends. His mom says that Calvin's trust and love is a hard-earned but incredible gift.

Lucy Lucy is THE sweetest puppy and her new mom absolutely adores her! She is spoiled rotten and never wants to leave her mom's side. She adjusted to her wonderful new life quickly and definitely has a way of wrapping everyone she meets around her little paw. She is a quick learner and star of her obedience class. Tess LOVES humans, it seems she wants to be best friends with everyone she meets, even when they're poking or prodding her at the vet or groomer.

She loves playing with dogs of all sizes, and has lots of dog friends at daycare. Tess also enjoys playing fetch, puzzle type activities, and anything that squeaks. Ana Two of our devoted rescuers were driving on the expressway when they saw people abandon Ana in the middle of the road.

She actually tried to run after the car. The rescuers managed to stop traffic and take Ana in their arms. How anyone could dump this special dog is a mystery. She loves dogs and humans, playing ball, and going for long walks.

That's because our wonderful partner the Humane Society for Greater Nashua took in Ana and found her a terrific home. Ana's new parents say that she grabbed their attention and they couldn't leave the shelter without her.

Corn has been a beloved addition to their family for just over two weeks and things are going really well. He loves curling up for a nap on someone's lap and getting cozy on the couch under his special blanket.

Cruz Cruz on the left has a very special bond with big brother Nico. They do everything together whether it be running and roughhousing, keeping an eye on the property, or napping and cuddling. Cruz started out as a foster pup with his new parents, but they quickly realized that they could never give him up. Willa Willa flew up to Massachusetts on a charter plane right after Christmas during a spell of particularly cold weather. Then she was driven hundred of miles to our shelter partner in Waterville, Maine where she has found a wonderful home with the Robichaud family.

She now has a canine brother and a human sister, whom she clearly adores. Willa on the left with her sister is going to be spoiled and loved unconditionally. We couldn't be happier. He was described as a sweet boy who was also very shy and would benefit from having a buddy to show him the ropes.

Hobbes got that buddy--and it's made a huge difference in his life. Now, he and older canine brother Calvin on right are fast friends. Under Calvin's calming presence, Hobbes has blossomed into a sweetheart, who can sniff out anything.

Hobbes adores and looks up to his big brother and the two have shared in all sorts of adventures, including hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, exploring farms, and visiting the seaside. Fish Since going to his forever home Fish has been able to let his own funny and curious personality emerge. He can now open and close doors and blinds, and he can tuck himself into bed. Plus, he never turns down a cuddle session or chance to show off a stick.

He has an older canine sister named Ladybird whom he adores. Morgan Morgan flew to Massachusetts on a charter plane in October after the hurricane hit. He went to our new partner the Animal Rescue League of Boston where he was quickly adopted by a volunteer in the Brewster facility near Cape Cod.

Morgan is having a blast learning new things and having new experiences. For instance, he goes with his new mom to arts and craft shows where he models the lovely bandanas and coats that she makes.

He also loves car rides, bellyrubs, cozy moments in front of the fire, and snacking on premium raw meats and veggies!

This lucky girl is about to experience her first Christmas in a forever home. Bella Lucky Bella is having sweet dreams, curled up to her favorite toy. Bella and her litter mates were rescued from Jayuya, a mountain town that was pretty devastated by the hurricane. All Sato Rescue took in ten pups, 2 great danes, and a husky just a few weeks after the storm.

A woman had tried to get them to safety and the municipality had lent her space to keep them under a semi-covered basketball court. We couldn't be happier to know that these efforts paid off. She went to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland and was so nervous after all she had been through that the shelter very nicely arranged a foster home for her. So, lucky Rosie can stay where she is and enjoy lounging on the deck, one of her favorite activities.

It is a second floor balcony so she has a great vantage point and can watch all the neighborhood happenings, while also getting some precious sun time.

She also has a big backyard to explore, a lap to lie on, and a home to call her own for the rest of her life. Cody Cody 's new dad traveled all over the state of Florida to find the right pup before getting a tip off from a friend about this little Sato at the Naples Humane Society.

After getting acquainted at the shelter, Cody went to his new home and neither his, nor his dad's, lives have been the same since. Schmoops Schmoops was very scared when she arrived from Puerto Rico. We are not sure what she went through that made her so fearful. Since being officially adopted, she has come a long, long way.

Schmoops is adored by her family. They say that every time she overcomes an old fear, it brings them much joy. Charlie Charlie 's mom was left in an abandoned house when she was pregnant with Charlie and her sister. Fortunately, an All Sato Rescue volunteer was soon on the scene and saved the whole family.

Charlie took a charter plane to Massachusetts not long after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and the rest is history.

She went to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. Charlie is super sweet and a complete love! He also likes to keep an eye on his new yard. His new family says that he has been a wonderful addition. He has a new canine brother named Bowser with whom he is getting along very nicely. Now after a year with his family of 3 teenage boys, his adopted mama dog, Thundergirl, and his cats Gracie and Little Kitty, he has been deemed officially the sweetest and most lovable 60 pound lap dog.

His days are busy running through the woods, walking downtown and getting stopped constantly by total strangers asking to say hello, playing in the ocean, cuddling his human and nonhuman housemates, stopping at the local burger joint for a bunless burger, and as you can see sometimes getting out in a canoe. While he is the newest rescue to his busy home, his people companions cannot imagine what they ever did without him!

Mika Mika was rescued as a baby. She had fleas, mange, and parasites and was not doing well, but a close partner group of All Sato Rescue Guardianes de la Poza saved her life.

For about a year, they tried to find her a home in Puerto Rico with no luck. When Hurricane Maria hit, things looked very bleak. But thanks to the Humane Society of the US, we were able to put this lovely girl on a flight to a shelter in Indianapolis where she was quickly adopted.

Now she has her very own huge backyard and is a cherished family member. From this photo, it looks like Queso is in full agreement. It turns out that this Puerto Rican pup is a big fan of string cheese Queso is kind, cuddly, interesting, and a loving companion, who has made his new dad's life better in many ways.

Simon Simon joined his new family in February, which was quite a shocking time to move from Puerto Rico to Maine. Simon went to our partner the Humane Society, Waterville Area and quickly fell in love. He has two young human brothers who are his best friends. They play together all the time and share treats like ice cream cones. In this photo, Simon is taking a little rest on top of his brother Finnegan after a rigorous session on the trampoline.

He also takes naps with his brother Marshall and they all go on bike rides together. In other words, Simon has an amazing life! Teeko Teeko found a wonderful home through Animal Shelter Inc. He now has loving parents and a canine sister named Lola. He is a handsome boy who loves to be held and appreciates having a stylish new coat to keep warm. Teeko, who has one eye, has overcome lots of hardships to get the life he deserves.

We couldn't be happier for him. Baby Girl Baby Girl was named by her new family in honor of her incredible sweetness. Baby Girl went to the Sarasota Humane Society and didn't have to wait long for her forever family to come along.

They tell us that she has been very good eating her dog food and not begging for treats or table food, but when her new mom cooked chicken recently, Baby Girl got very excited! He ended up in the Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale where he was quickly adopted into a loving home.

His new family says that he is settling in really well and loves to snuggle. Rico When Rico 's family was searching for dogs, this little fellow caught their eye. It seemed like destiny was at work because Rico's new mom is also from Puerto Rico. Not only that, but Rico and his siblings were rescued in the town of Ciales, which is where his new human grandfather was raised! Rico has a wonderful new life now, complete with his very own patio, human siblings, a safe place to sleep, a cozy blanket, a bone, and a baseball Celine Celine is the sweetest little angel.

She is calm and comfortable and a beautiful addition to her new family. She will be loved and will join her new mom at work every day as a therapeutic dog in her counseling practice. Remember that a travel visa is required by South Africans which can be obtained at the Nosy Be airport or preferably to be obtained before your trip.

Mauritius has a land area of 2, km2 and is the TH largest nation in the world. In the Republic of Mauritius you have the island of Mauritius and several other outlying islands of which Rodrigues is the largest. Mauritius is ranked 3RD out of 56 worldwide holiday destinations and boasts a year round tropical climate with the greatest white sand beaches and warm water seas.

The island of Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean and is well loved for its beaches, lagoons and coral reefs. The interior of the island is fairly mountainous and includes the Black River Gorges National Park, rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and a variety of wildlife. The capital of the island is Port Louis. Mauritius is a favourite getaway island for many South Africans and has also been labelled as the honeymooners getaway escape.

Due to the climate this island is a great escape even in the winter, and Grand Baie is undoubtedly the most popular beach on the island. This beach is the best for most activities which include: Mauritius has a wide range of accommodation available in order to ensure that all tourists are satisfied and are able to stay within their budget. This accommodation includes small and medium sized hotels, villas and luxury resorts.

All the hotels are surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and lagoons, and cater for all types of tourists including businessmen, groups, families and single travellers. While Air Seychelles offer a one stop flight via Mahe and Emirates offer a one stop flight via Dubai. So all you loyal Style36 fashionistas out there…keep a lookout for an email notification from us ….

To top it off, South Africa has some of the most amazing holiday destinations with spectacular accommodation to make sure you have a holiday of a lifetime.

At Style36 we believe there so much more to life than the usual routines we accept…yes, even more than getting your hands on the latest clothing and fashion. Too many destinations for you to choose from? Here is a list of where you can sleep while you up and about in South Africa:.

Emerald Resort and Casino is a beautiful accommodation and casino situated in Vanderbijlpark near the Vaal Banks. This resorts boosts of hotels and chalets for you to choose from.

While residing at Emerald, you get to tour the Vaal area and enjoy some of the activities Emerald has. These include outdoor activities such as rock climbing, water sports and bowling amongst others. Sun City Resort is a dream. With a range of hotels and cascades, elegance comes with every accommodation preference you get to choose from while visiting Sun City. It has stylish rooms that cater for your every need. Sun City also has restaurants that will nurse your taste buds and lots of water sports for the little and big ones.

It has pools and a beach like pool that the children will absolutely love while residing in Sun City during the holidays. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Daddy can enjoy a day of golf and make a few friends over a golf game while Mommy enjoys being wined and dined over a spa session.

The Mother City never disappoints. Rooms and restaurants are fit for a king with very friendly staff to ensure you are well catered for. The lodge and hotel conference center is also a great place to host occasions such as conferences or birthday parties. The benefit about residing at a place that is in the central business district is that everything is easily accessible.

There is never a dull day at Warmbaths in Bela Bela. The children get to splash in the pools and the adults also have fun activities such as barbecues and spa treatments. There are a lot of sports such as volleyballs and tennis. Accommodation comprises of self-catering units and hotels. There is also an option of just visiting for a day or spending the night which is a great option because there are families that just want to spend a few hours and go back to their respective homes. Be sure to to enter the Stlye36 Fashion clothing competition when you make your purchase and qualify for the lucky draw.

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This is Style36 providing a space where young and up and coming designers get to showcase their work. The goal is to mentor the designers while still giving the customer something new and unique. The label started in I am inspired by so many things , at the time it was vintage styles but it changes and develops all the time. I always wanted to do something creative. I studied interior design and gradually became involved in fashion.

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Some other facilities you can expect at a backpackers lodge: Many include free Wi-Fi and internet access Communal area with a television and maybe some other entertainment options, like a pool table. Private rooms usually have their own satellite televisions. First on the list is your travel backpack. Make sure you get the right size; this will depend on the amount of time you are going to travel. Good quality sleeping bag A travel towel, which is compact and quick drying A bed or sleeping bag liner.

Most accommodation and bedding is great, but some beds may be a bit dodgy so being prepared is always a good idea. Bug repellent A money belt Plug adaptor, many places have their own international plug points Zip lock bags to keep all your important stuff organised and dry Invest in a good travel water purification bottle Some good antiseptic hand gel or wet wipes always comes in handy To save space, try purchasing a multi-purpose soap.

Zanzibar Island Zanzibar is an island separated from Tanzania by a channel 56 kilometres wide, and is 67 kilometres long and 23 kilometres wide and covers an area of 1, km2.

Madagascar Madagascar is 1,km long and as such is the fourth largest island in the world. Mauritius Mauritius has a land area of 2, km2 and is the TH largest nation in the world.

Here is a list of where you can sleep while you up and about in South Africa: Follow us over the next few weeks as we meet these up and comers. Sitting Pretty Tell us about how your label came about? Who inspires you and why? People who give with no expectation.

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer? Who are your favourite designers, internationally and locally? Locally I would have to say Selfi. Internationally I like A. C, Miu Miu and Vivienne Westwood. Tell us more about your design aesthetic? I try to keep my garments simple, chic and versatile with an element of fun thrown in. Sitting Pretty will be taking part in Design Indaba Are you a regular or is this a new experience altogether?

A regular-ish Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I hope to see Sitting Pretty in a space that has grown organically from here.

Voila! Finally, the Point Break script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Keanu Reeves movie. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Point Break. I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and I'll be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. It is very easy to become a Genuine Eminence Dealer! There is a $ minimum requirement for your first order when purchasing products from the Genuine Eminence distribution line. Cover: Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents CRL inch LP Series: CRL - Swingin' at the Sugar Bowl - Bob Crosby [5/50] Swingin' At The Sugar Bowl/Panama/Little Rock Getaway/Wolverine Blues/Washington And Lee Swing/Peruna/High Society/Muskrat Ramble CRL - Favorite American Waltzes - Jan Garber []Let Me Call You Sweetheart/My Buddy/When You're .