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Satan admires and respects Goku's otherworldly might despite his fear of it, and Goku in turn respects Mr. Satan's humanity and kindness, which was enough to tame Majin Buu, one of the most terrifying monsters in the universe. Satan himself is very wealthy, at Bulma's birthday he was shocked to learn the mild mannered Dr.

Brief whom he mistook for on of the wait staff was Bulma's father the President and founder if the Capsule Corporation the richest man in the world when it was pointed out by Chi-Chi and treated Dr. Brief very respectfully once he realized his mistake showing despite his own wealth he is respectful towards those wealthier than himself.

Satan's greatest strength might just be his extraordinary humanity and kindness. His surprisingly gentle heart is often seen in his interactions with Majin Buu, the dog Bee, and his extended family. This gentleness, however, belies his profound hatred for senseless murder and violence. This was most prominent in his clear disgust of Van Zant, who nearly killed Bee in an effort to provoke Buu. Satan's righteous fury was on full display as he dispatched the mad gunman, his hatred readily apparent.

While self-serving at times, Mr. Satan's personality truly boils down to a well meaning goofball whose overwhelming ego has gradually receded with age and experience, showing the hero he has always wanted to be inside to the world.

He believes in his friends and family, and will even look past his own safety in the face of comically overwhelming odds when pushed past his limits. In many ways, he represents the best that the common human has to offer in the face of the outlandish beings of power he often is in the company of. When Mark was young, he attended a fighting dojo called " Satan Castle. Satan" after the name of his dojo. One day when they were on tour, at a bar in South City , Satan and his martial arts master made the mistake of making fun of Mercenary Tao 's hairstyle.

As a result, Mr. Satan was heavily injured while his master was killed. From then on, Mr. Satan solemnly swore never to fight anyone whose true identity he did not know, or anyone who seemed crazy strong. His daughter Videl was born in Age Videl's mother left Mr. Satan and their daughter Videl at one point, leaving only the two of them in their family. Satan is very protective of his daughter, especially in respect to boys, only allowing her to have a boyfriend if he was stronger than him.

Satan is briefly seen fighting Spopovich when he was human in the tournament's first-round match. It is here that one can easily see Mr.

Satan's capabilities in comparison to that of other "normal" martial artists. He easily defeats Spopovich and goes on to fight and defeat Jewel in that tournament's final-match, winning the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament. None of the Dragon Team fought in this tournament, allowing Mr.

Satan to win it easily and fairly. Satan announces to the world that he will enter the tournament and defeat Cell. A few days before the games begin, Mr. Satan pleases a huge crowd of fans by punching through a bus and ripping a large book in half. Satan was actually rich at this point, so the car he rode in to the Cell Games Arena had a chauffeur. Satan against confronting Cell, but the World Champion believes he is more than equal to the task of taking down the deadly bio-android.

Throughout the Cell Games, Mr. Satan is convinced that Cell is a mere trickster, having never seen ki attacks before and believing them to be mere light shows. Satan and his top students Caroni and Pirozhki as well, in the anime face Perfect Cell and lose quickly in embarrassing fashion. Satan is the only one who stands a chance of triumphing over Cell. After showing off his strength by destroying fourteen out of fifteen tiles, Mr.

Satan attacks Cell with his Dynamite Kick , but Cell launches him from the ring with a single effortless flick of his hand, at which point Goku steps in and the tournament commences.

Claiming that he simply slipped out of the ring, Mr. Satan is repeatedly questioned by Jimmy Firecracker of the television crew about returning to the ring to face Cell again, but each time the World Martial Arts Champion insists he is suffering from agonizing stomach pains that are preventing him from a rematch.

Satan cowers in fear for much of the time, he does play a pivotal role in Gohan's eventual victory over Cell. After Cell destroys Android 16 's body, the severed head of 16 lands near the area where Mr. Satan and the TV crew are hiding. The still functioning head of 16 implores them to carry him over to Gohan.

Putting aside his fear and looking to save face in front of the news crew , Mr. Satan agrees to bring the head of Android 16 to Gohan. This sets into motion the sequence of events ultimately responsible for unleashing Gohan's hidden power. Near the end of the Cell Game, the television equipment is destroyed and the conclusion, in which Gohan with help from Vegeta finally destroys Cell with a Kamehameha Wave, is not broadcast to the global audience.

The television crew, having sought shelter from the devastating ki attacks, does not witness Cell's demise. After the Z Fighters depart, Mr. Satan convinces Jimmy and everyone else that Gohan was beaten and that he defeated Cell single-handedly with a vicious karate chop. Despite some initial skepticism at these claims, the gullible masses are quickly convinced that Mr.

Satan indeed defeated Cell and he becomes the world's new hero and hottest celebrity. Seven years after Cell's defeat, Mr. Satan has become increasingly rich and famous.

Videl bitterly relates to Gohan that he has become a womanizer who uses his fame as a champion to sleep around with woman after woman. She also confides in Gohan that her father, once an accomplished martial artist, is now living solely off his reputation and no longer keeps up with his training.

Satan is shown in several moments, including for a few seconds training his pupils, and cowering away in his home to avoid a gang of thugs, even as they take advantage in a fight against his daughter. Videl initially scoffs at any suggestion that her father is not all that he claims to be though, over time, she comes to see the truth and wishes somebody would beat him at the next World Martial Arts Tournament so that Satan could be taught a lesson in humility and respect.

As reigning World Champion, Mr. Satan is automatically entered into the World Martial Arts Tournament aka: Satan rides out the tournament in fear of being exposed as a fraud, knowing full well that he does not stand a chance against Goku and his friends.

Satan is set to fight an exhibition match with Trunks. Satan asks Trunks to only lightly tap him on his face, however by even a light tap, Trunks knocks him out of the ring. The audience believes it was all for show and that Mr. Satan let the Junior Champ win though he was knocked against a wall and brutally injured his nose and is seen grieving over the pain in private shortly afterward.

Android 18, who does not want the fame of winning, agrees to throw the final if Satan pays her 20,, Zeni double the prize money. At one point in an anime-exclusive filler, he foolishly tries to fly, only to land on and hurt his weak point: Later, when Vegeta now a Majin attacks the crowd in order for Goku to fight him, Mr. Satan taunts Vegeta, but becomes terrified when Vegeta tells him to keep quiet.

After this, Babidi teleports Vegeta, Goku and the others to the desert. Another one point in another anime-exclusive filler , Mr. Satan was in the shower room shortly after his "win" against Android 18, thinking about what had happened in regards to most of the audience being blown away by Vegeta.

However, some Paparazzis burst in and started questioning him about his win against Android 18, and he claims to "not hide anything from the fans", and while laughing, accidentally drops his towel in front of everyone, causing the Paparazzis to take pictures of the exposure. Satan is sent to his house to kill the monster.

Satan tried to do so by giving Buu poisonous chocolates and a bomb disguised as a video game. These attempts prove so ineffectual that Buu does not even register them as murderous in nature. The cunning Satan then tricks Majin Buu into posing for a photo, having him lie on his belly while Satan strikes a pose, and then becomes Majin Buu's servant.

Satan plans to use a super explosive to try and kill Majin Buu, Majin Buu returns early from a killing spree with a hurt puppy, showing signs of good in him.

Satan brings this good to the surface by helping Majin Buu heal the puppy and convincing him kindly that killing is wrong.

Satan and Majin Buu then form a true friendship, and name the puppy Bee. Satan looking at the photo he took, " The Evil of Men ". Their happiness is short lived when Bee is shot by a bullet and Buu along with Mr.

Satan, are attacked by two evil humans, the killer thug Van Zant and his cohort Smitty both unnamed in the original Japanese, in which Smitty refers to Van Zant as "Young Master" , with rocket launchers.

Satan bravely stands against them, hitting Smitty with a rock and confronting the ringleader Van Zant who is reaching for his weapon. Satan fearlessly dares the thug to try it stating " Go ahead, pick it up! The thug then grabs his weapon, but is immediately assaulted by Mr. Satan who shouts, " Now It's Your Turn! He ends the assault with a final kick, sending the punk tumbling off the cliff Van Zant survives, however , defeating him. After this, a triumphant Mr. Satan calls Van Zant a " Heartless Monster!

Satan "completely" dominates his opponent; it also shows that given the right motivation, Mr. Satan is capable of defeating even "armed" opponents when angered.

Majin Buu then heals Bee's wound saving its life and all is well for the moment. Satan is preparing dinner, he is confronted by Van Zant who holds him at gun point and he prepares to kill "The World's Hero". Satan is shot by Van Zant, Majin Buu is torn between the promise he made and the anger he holds. He manages to heal Mr. Satan and the dog, but loses control and tells Mr. Satan to flee before it is too late. He then involuntarily spits out the bulk of his power in the form of an evil, sickly antithesis of himself , which kills Van Zant mercilessly by blasting him, along with a cluster of mountains.

After being pummeled badly by the Evil Buu, the good but weaker form, in an act of desperation, attempts to turn the Evil Buu into an edible form using his Antenna Beam. However, Evil Buu reverses the attack by blowing the beam away, emerging as the victor before devouring the good Majin Buu and transforming into Super Buu.

Super Buu then brutally kills Smitty going into his mouth and causing him to expand until he violently explodes , while Mr. Satan and Bee are forced to watch in horror. Super Buu is almost pure evil, but he still acknowledges Mr.

Satan to a degree strong enough that he refuses to harm him, since he possesses the memories of Majin Buu. Obvious examples are as follows:. During the battle against Super Buu, Mr. Satan is angered to the point that he screams " I hereby terminate our friendship, Majin Buu!

Satan shoots at it and it explodes, when in reality Tien intervened and countered it with his Tri-Beam technique. When Super Buu prepares another one and a much more powerful one, one which Tien had no method of nullifying , Mr.

Satan once again starts shooting at Super Buu, and Super Buu is sliced in half, when in reality Goku returned and fired a Destructo Disk at him. Satan, along with Dende and Bee, then sits out the rest of the battle and sees Vegito pound Super Buu around. When Super Buu absorbs Vegito, Mr. Satan and Dende tail him around the city as he eats countless cakes and sweets. Ultimately, when Super Buu reverts to Kid Buu, Satan decides to attempt to fight him, but Dende advises him otherwise.

Ultimately, when Kid Buu finally succeeds in destroying the Earth, Mr. At first, Satan believes it all to be a dream, but changes his mind when he is unable to fly, and also when Kid Buu shows up and resumes the battle against Goku and Vegeta. During the battle, Mr. Satan becomes angered to the point that he challenges Kid Buu to a futile duel causing a recovering Goku to say, "Please, not him! What did I ever do to deserve this?!

Satan punches and kicks Kid Buu rapidly, but these futile efforts do not even faze the Majin. Just when Kid Buu is about to kill Mr. Satan, he hesitates, and starts to scream loudly, holding his head in agony, and then spits out a blue stone that explodes into an unconscious Majin Buu, who turned out to be what was stopping Kid Buu from harming Mr. Believing Majin Buu to have sacrificed himself to save him one last time, Mr. Satan, with tears dripping from his eyes, challenges Kid Buu with all his might.

Satan cheers him on. Satan also participates in convincing the people of the newly restored Earth to give their energy to Goku's Super Spirit Bomb , since they refused to listen to Vegeta and Goku except for Goku and Vegeta's friends and family, of course.

He becomes genuinely angry that the people of Earth were refusing to believe and help the one chance they had that would save them from Kid Buu once and for all. The people end up believing they were giving their energies to him when instead, it supplies to the Spirit Bomb making it a lot bigger than before, but Kid Buu cunningly stands beside Vegeta's battered body. Satan carries Vegeta's limp body aside. Satan is seen once again after a few days, having been invited to a great party at Capsule Corporation , where he drinks and plays cards with Yamcha and Master Roshi.

After spending time on the sidelines watching with Dende, he also seems to have formed a friendship with him, asking about Dende's job as Guardian of Earth. He also seems to forget his earlier ambitions and attempts to learn how to fly, which means he never masters it. Son Goku and His Friends Return!! Two years after the defeat of Kid Buu, Mr. Satan's new hotel is finishing so he holds a banquet at the opening of the hotel to celebrate their victory over Kid Buu.

God of Destruction Beerus Saga Mr. Satan is seen in a press meeting at Satan House , where he declares to be the universe's savior. Majin Buu enters the meeting proclaiming he was hungry and gets furious with Mr. Satan tells the press that Majin Buu is a space soldier and is his first pupil. With the press believing this, Mr. Satan leaves to give Majin Buu a massage. Satan later goes to see Vegeta to offer him his reward for saving the world from Majin Buu but Vegeta declines the prize money because he already has enough.

He then finds Goku , because of Chi-Chi , and offers to give him million zeni for defeating Majin Buu. In return for Goku taking the money, Mr. Satan doesn't want anyone to know about the offer.

On August 18, Mr. Satan attends Bulma 's birthday party on the cruise ship. He prevents Buu from eating all of the food before the party started. Satan attends Bulma's birthday party. While he's there, he usually keeps Buu fed so he doesn't get angry. Satan is eating pudding with Majin Buu when Beerus arrives. Satan tried to get Buu to give Beerus and Whis pudding but he was blow away by Beerus and Buu for getting in the way. Moments later, Videl and Gohan help Mr. A while later, Oolong faced off against Beerus in a rock-paper-scissors match and lost.

Beerus is ready to destroy the Earth after winning against Oolong. Satan is in fear until Goku arrives and asks for more time. As Goku and Beerus get higher into the sky and into space, most of the antendees of Bulma's birthday party went with Bulma and into her spaceship but Mr. Satan remained on the ship. Satan is contacted by Jimmy Firecracker from ZTV to ask him to help from the rifts Goku and Beerus are causing throughout the universe.

Satan says that he is at a secret birthday party to capture criminals as a cover up. He immediately hangs up and calls Gohan and tells him that he needs to save Videl, but he is falling from the sky in Bulma's spaceship due to Goku and Beerus.

The spaceship is above Mr. Satan as it is falling and Mr. Satan is saved by Whis. Satan starts to watch the battle between Goku and Beerus from Whis's scepter. Satan gets concerned of the fight between Goku and Beerus because of Videl's safety. He asks Whis to stop the battle but Whis stresses that he can't because of the power that was being exerted. Satan tries to bribe him by giving him a free pass of eating food throughout the city but he turns it down.

Because of a shining from the sky due to a blast collision in space , Mr. Satan decides to protect Videl by having himself open in front of her. After their blasts' collision, Mr. Satan thinks his love is what helped saved the Earth. Satan gets a call from Piiza. She tells him that they were overloaded with calls for him.

He tells her to get him a press conference ready in a dome for saving the Earth. Goku is defeated and Beerus is on Earth getting ready to destroy it. Satan gets another call from Piiza. She tells him that the reporters couldn't wait for a press conference and went to his location. Beerus falls asleep in his attempt to destroy the Earth and is taken home by Whis. Satan in "god" form, in his own story retelling of how the battle with Beerus went. After the battle with Beerus, Mr. Satan is believed by many humans to have defeated him.

He appears at a press conference and is interviewed. They ask him who it was that attacked the Earth, and he says it was a God of Destruction.

Satan does not correctly remember Beerus' name, so he tells the reporters that the God of Destruction was named " Beebus ". During the conference, a spaceship lands. Cat-like humanoids emerge from the spacecraft and say that they are ambassadors of the Snackian people. They believe that Mr. Satan has defeated Beerus, and so, they want to thank him. A Snackian warrior called Galbee comes out of the spaceship and tells the ambassadors that they should test Mr.

Satan's power to see if he really was the one who defeated Beerus. The ambassadors decide that they will prepare an arena so that Galbee and Mr. Satan is scared by Galbee's appearance, and knows he cannot win against him, so he fakes a stomach problem and hides in the bathroom. He desperately tries to call Gohan to fight for him in his place, but he ignores his cell phone, and is busy cooking for Videl. He also tries to call Vegeta, but he is also not available, and is training in a wasteland.

Eventually, he goes to the arena, reluctantly, and agrees to fight Galbee. Goku flew into Satan City, and saw the match happening. Satan luck, but he did not fight Galbee, like Mr.

Satan wanted him to because Goku saw Chi-Chi nearby, who noticed him. He soon flew away, dragging a tractor he was carrying along with him. Satan fight, with Mr. Satan running for most of the match and doing nothing but dodging. He is hesitant and decides he must charge Galbee, so he punches him, and his punch does nothing. Just when Galbee is about to punch him, he sees Bee, and is terrified. Galbee runs back into the spaceship, and the other Snackians, who are also afraid of dogs, follow.

The Snackians then leave Earth. Six months later, Pan is born and Mr. Satan can be seen making funny faces as Pan, making her laugh, and then he plays with her and Gohan, dressed as the Great Saiyaman, and tossed Pan around while doing so, until Chi-Chi interrupted and began yelling at them.

Satan along with Gohan, wanted Pan to be a martial artist with tons of successors but she did not want another warrior in the family and she threw him and Gohan out for not trusting them with Pan and Mr. Satan are allowed back in the house again. While Goku and his friends were fighting Frieza , Mr. Satan and Buu were taking a nap in their mansion when they were unaware of the Earth exploding due to Frieza blowing it up. Both of them were killed until Whis undid the event with his Temporal Do-Over technique so that Goku can kill Frieza once more.

Mr Satan later attends the feast thrown by Bulma with his family and friends. Universe 6 Saga Mr. Satan accompanies the Z Fighters and their families to the Nameless Planet for the tournament between Universes 6 and 7, and he sits in the audience to watch the matches proceed. Satan later appears in a starring role in the movie Great Saiyaman vs Mr. Universe Survival Saga In the anime, Mr. Satan can keep him under control. He cheers for Majin Buu during his fight although he disapproves of Majin Buu for playing during the fight.

Satan is injured, Majin Buu is enraged enough to start fighting seriously and wins. Satan cheers for Gohan and Goku's respective matches and learns that Universe 7 will be erased if they lose in the Tournament of Power , worrying him to the point of fainting. They return to Capsule Corp to come up with a strategy, just in time for Bulla to be born.

Satan holds the baby and makes a funny face, but this makes Bulla cry and Vegeta angry enough to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. Later he informed Bulma that Buu is under sleep and won't wake up for 2 months.

In the manga, Mr. Satan appears on a late night talk show, discussing how he defeated Cell over 10 years ago and saved the world. Buu cheating the public by having Mr. T battle Nazis in various locations and guest star Wil Wright. It was planned to be available on the Xbox , PS3 , Wii and PC platforms, however the game was cancelled for undisclosed reasons. T was offered a cameo appearance in the film adaptation of The A-Team , but decided to turn it down, [46] whereas Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict both made cameos in the film.

These scenes were shown after the credits, but were reinserted during the film in the Extended Cut. In the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs , Mr. T provided the voice for Officer Earl Devereaux, the town's athletic cop who loves his son very much. Starting in , Mr. The show featured stories such as botched bank robberies and inept insurance fraudsters alongside fail videos. In , it was announced that Mr.

The show, due sometime in , was to be titled, "I Pity the Tool". On March 1, , Mr. T was revealed as one of the contestants who would compete on season 24 of Dancing with the Stars. He was paired with professional dancer Kym Herjavec. T and Herjavec were the third couple to be eliminated from the competition, finishing in 10th place. T entered the world of professional wrestling in Hulk Hogan wrote in his autobiography that Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff because when he arrived, security would not let his entourage into the building.

T was ready to skip the show until Hogan personally talked him out of leaving. Piper has said that he and other fellow wrestlers disliked Mr. T because he was an actor and had never paid his dues as a professional wrestler. Remaining with the WWF, Mr. This boxing stunt culminated in another boxing match against Roddy Piper at WrestleMania 2.

As part of the build-up for the match, Piper attacked T's friend, midget wrestler the Haiti Kid on his Piper's Pit interview slot, shaving his head into a mohican style like that of T. T won the boxing match in Round 4 by Disqualification after Piper attacked the referee and bodyslammed T. T returned to the World Wrestling Federation as a special guest referee in as well as a special referee enforcer confronting such stars as The Honky Tonk Man.

On July 21, , Mr. Five years later, Mr. Another seven years later Mr. His acceptance speech, largely a tribute to motherhood rather than wrestling, ran long and was eventually interrupted by Kane. T released an album titled Mr. He followed it up the same year with a second album, titled Mr. MCA Records , featuring music from the eponymous film. Diddy and Pharrell Williams. T is a born-again Christian. In , he angered the residents of Lake Forest, Illinois by cutting down more than a hundred oak trees on his estate.

He stopped wearing virtually all his gold , one of his identifying marks, after helping with the cleanup after Hurricane Katrina in He said, "As a Christian, when I saw other people lose their lives and lose their land and property I felt that it would be a sin before God for me to continue wearing my gold. I felt it would be insensitive and disrespectful to the people who lost everything, so I stopped wearing my gold.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Mr. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. Biography portal Professional wrestling portal. T , p. Retrieved March 22, When They Were Retrieved May 11, Retrieved August 16, Retrieved April 16, Tough and Tender in Barbara Walters Interview". T view the Music Artists Biography Online". Archived from the original on June 29, Before the final match, Mr. T explained to the commentator for the event, Bryant Gumbel, that "I just feel sorry for the guy who I have to box.

T and that line in particular. T gives a date, for an article with photos on the Mandinka in Mali. National Geographic Magazine's index has no record of such an article. Archived from the original on May 30, Archived from the original on June 22, The New York Times. Retrieved January 10,

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~Carl Jung. Often when people want a new relationship, they either look for someone to complete. I used to devote a lot of time into searching for someone I can be with, Yes, you can increase your likelihood of finding that special someone. But please, please, please for the love of cream corn, do NOT write, say, or emoji that you are looking for your special someone when you.