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Lonely guy seeks lonley girl

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The Nam Khan ran its gentle course past my table on the river bank. Looking down through its clear, softly creasing surface, I could spot strings of feathery riverweed, drifting downstream before being collected, pounded into sesame-sprinkled sheets, deep fried and served to tourists like me. Although Laos attracts thousands of backpackers every year, Luang Prabang does not have enough bars to keep young party-seekers entertained.

After 11pm, there was one well-known loophole: After trekking in the hills east of Luang Prabang with three French women, Iain and I met them for a drink at Blue Ice Bar on the evening of our return. The five of us sat beside the river, chatting about the previous two days, their lives in France, and our lives on the road. A stubbly-faced Australian approached our riverside table and asked if he could join us, sunburnt arms hanging from a vest. Almost immediately, I regretted it.

Where did you go? He changed the subject. One of the French women planned to visit it the next day. I asked which waterfall — a faux pas of sorts. Tad Sae, which was seasonal, and Kuang Si, which was thirty or so kilometres away. The music was becoming unpleasantly loud, but when he caught me alone later on, Vest-Wearer suddenly wanted to talk about my trek. It had been organised by a company that promotes eco-tourism and sustainable development, which had made me think about these concepts, these buzzwords.

I told him as much. How, for example, was drinking bottled water — from tiny bottles, which use far more packaging than large ones — considered eco-friendly?

Doing your bit by buying beer in Laos instead of at home is a surprisingly common delusion. It stems partly from ignorance, but the hollow notions of ethical travel adopted by guidebook companies like Lonely Planet are also to blame.

However they travel and wherever they go, Lonely Planet travellers are aware of the world around them. They are curious, receptive and independent, thinking for themselves and travelling responsibly. They follow both classic routes and roads less travelled, seeking their own unique and authentic travel experience.

They are global citizens and, more than anything else, they just love to travel. Four years after her initial request, in , she addressed guidebooks directly: Profit is clearly their agenda. Lonely Planet responded by publishing an updated version of their Burma guidebook, including two pages on the pros and cons of going to the country.

Using figures from international labour departments, the NGOs disproved one of the claims made by the guidebook: The following year, after democracy supporters were killed by pro-government militia, the British government asked all remaining businesses and travel organisations to end their involvement with Burma.

We were too apologetic about it. The company has also been blamed for creating one of the most overrun backpacker trails in the world: With the first book published, the sheer demand for information about independent, budget travel — and their own passion for the open road — inspired them to embark on a second journey: It cannot be precisely defined because it is ever-evolving: As far as it is a physical route, the Banana Pancake Trail predominantly snakes through mainland Southeast Asia — Thailand , Cambodia, Vietnam and, increasingly, Laos — but the Indian hippie haunts of Goa , Gokarna , Hampi, Pushkar and Rishikesh are often considered part of the trail.

Some call its Indian incarnation the Hummus Trail because of the abundance of young Israelis travelling after a period of compulsory military service. A handful of scenic spots in Southwestern China such as Guilin, Dali and the towns within reach of the famed Tiger Leaping Gorge — all close enough to northern Laos or Vietnam to reach by bus or train — are sometimes classified Banana Pancake Trail territory too, as are parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

From there, virtually all the mandatory stops on the Trail can be reached — whether by bus, train, plane or motorbike. Each has its own backpacker ghetto, near-identical dens of generic hilarity , characterised by cheap travel, multi-cuisine restaurants, budget accommodation and backpacker-choked bars. And all along this well-beaten track are travel agencies advertising buses and flights between the same few cities — geography nearly always second or third to cost and convenience.

I doubt that Tony and Maureen Wheeler would recognise the overland route they took in Geography has been redrawn by the travel industry.

People go to places they can be comfortably or cheaply transported to: While this may all be wonderfully convenient, I find the number of people who travel around mainland Southeast Asia as if it were a single country disconcerting — and sometimes disorienting. In every tourist hub in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, the very same transport routes are advertised: Some of these routes involve 40 hour bus rides — for those who choose not to fly.

Vest-Wearer was well-practiced at box-ticking. While he continued his evening at the Blue Ice Bar, I went next door to my guesthouse and tried to sleep. Did you hear that? After two long afternoons of writing in the Delhi coffee shop — the only place with WiFi near our guesthouse in Majnukatilla — we came to the dismal realisation that they only had one CD.

During the days of work to come, Iain wielded earplugs. A few weeks later, I discovered that the music was a collection of current hits, all of it catchy noise pollution. Suddenly, three years of hearing nothing but Chinese ballads on the radio in Shanghai seemed quite merciful. If this was the form that American pop culture had taken, ignorance was bliss. Wherever there was a city or a town with some kind of tourist centre and a bar, the same songs were played.

We were staying longer in most places than the average traveller — juggling writing jobs and our website with travelling — and that only heightened the feeling: And it was all set to the same soundtrack that — try as we might — we could not escape. Not while our work necessitated staying in locations with WiFi — and certainly not while we remained on the Banana Pancake Trail.

Soon it dawned on me: Travelling in the Middle East , India, China — and even in laughably crowded Western Europe during summer — had all made me accustomed to little feats that I have come to associate with independent travel. Locating a bus station in Pontevedra with just a smattering of Spanish, hunting down a cup of coffee in the small, south Indian town of Madikeri, or spending half a day in Aleppo amidst all-Arabic signage looking for an international calling centre from where I could phone home: Southeast Asia has experienced a tourism explosion that is by some counts unprecedented.

The number of international tourists arriving in Siem Reap, home to the historic Angkor ruins, has risen from 7, in to upwards of two million today. But there is another, darker side to the growth. The poverty of post-conflict Cambodia has created a market for sex tourism that is spinning out of control. Despite relative prosperity in the city itself, a reported 37 percent of the population in Siem Reap province continues to live below the poverty line, which Cambodia defines as less than 45 US cents per person per day.

I weaved my way through crowds, dodging touts and salesmen, snatching glances at passing scenes. Red-faced men, bellies protruding, sat at street side tables drinking beer with lithe beauties who blotted their made-up faces in the evening heat.

Groups of vest-wearing lookalikes perched on stools outside a bar called Angkor What? A few steps away, a football match played on a big screen in the street as people in plastic chairs groaned, cheered and slurped.

I passed bar after bar after restaurant after bar: Around a corner, stalls sold the stuff of holidays: Fish Massage, No Piranhas. Further down the street, signs for massages became more frequent: The ghetto followed a simple formula: Craving the familiarity of a Branston sandwich or a Heineken or a burger is of course understandable, but it is also contradictory because somehow, when on the Banana Pancake Trail, people forget the familiar constraints of home.

The rules are different in Cambodia, it seems. In an interview ,Tony Wheeler responded to a question about Lonely Planet being partly responsible for the creation of the Banana Pancake Trail: Tourism, backpacker-ism and banana pancake trails are all on the rise, and all three will bring both good and bad — hopefully in something close to equal measure. Author Email Claire vd Heever Apr 12, I am in the last few weeks of what has been my first really long overland trip through some of the countries of South-East Asia.

One of the things I have remarked upon in my encounters with other travelers is that there is a latent but otherwise unacknowledged 'hierarchy of the road'. Whilst I have up to now been impressed by the quality of the observations on this site I am dismayed that the present post has slipped into what I can only characterize as a type of effete 'travel snobbery'.

I can say this because I myself am not innocent of taking such a high-handed position. Nor in my status of a somewhat older backpacker have I, by the same token, not felt somehow inferior that I readily shrink from taking the risks of recklessly venturing where so many younger travellers readily go. And these might well be the very same people I might criticise, and have criticised, for contributing to the increasingly tragic inhospitability of tourist destinations such as Vang Vieng.

I guess, what I am trying to say is that the whole ethical dilemma surrounding tourism — especially in third-world countries — is not so easily discussed and delineated by a rather superficial attack on Lonely Planet as the harbinger of doom nor on the easily identified perpetually dumb and inebriated Aussie backpacker.

I really think you have let yourselves down with this post. I have come to expect better. Thank you for your honest response, Michael. I am glad to hear that you were previously impressed by the quality of the observations on our site, though it's a pity we didn't hear from you in your earlier frame of mind.

Your mention of 'travel snobbery' is certainly relevant and I, too, have encountered plenty of what I would call travel snobbery, though it is usually along the lines of travelling to the most far-flung corners of the earth, or intentionally going to the world's least-visited countries. If being selective about which places I travel to — or, for example, knowing that Koh Phangan is simply not for me — makes me a travel snob, then so be it.

What I am more concerned with is the fact that this article reads as some kind of highly simplified answer to the "ethical dilemma surrounding tourism". This was something that was only touched on in the context of examining the so-called Banana Pancake Trail: It is the second in our site's series on famous overland routes , after the Hippy Trail.

As for Lonely Planet, though much of what I have read about this Trail does "blame" Lonely Planet for the explosion of tourism in the region, this is obviously only one side of the argument, and I believe I touched on the positive side too. What interests me most about Lonely Planet is that the company maintains there is a connection between its own ethical stance and 'Lonely Planet travellers', a link which I find problematic and extremely tenuous.

It was the paper on ethical communication within the guidebook series which I linked to in the article that first drew my attention to this. If travellers like the "easily identified perpetually dumb and inebriated Aussie backpacker" really do have the sense that their presence in Southeast Asia, or anywhere they travel deserves to be commended, this threatens to have far more of a negative impact on host countries than numbers alone could — in my opinion, of course.

Claire, thanks for sharing you thoughts.

Southeast Asia's Banana Pancake Trail » A Travelogue

But the artists left in his wake don't stay down for long, opening a shop of their own called Loyal Ink. Hip Hop Squares is a lively new take on the classic Hollywood game show where celebrity contestants play tic-tac-toe for dough.

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But it's tough to get a train back on the tracks when life is one long train wreck, which is why he's determined to avoid repeating the mistakes of his past -- like mixing business with pleasure and getting involved with messy females. It's easier said than done. I have lots of experience in playing in covers and original music bands and am keen to learn sets to the best of my ability in order to play the best possible show for myself, for the band I'm a driving component of and for the audience whose night I'm there to help make memorable.

I hope this message finds you well. If you're looking for a drummer to fill a position or find yourself in need in the future, then please feel free to send more details to my email address as well as a set list.

If you have any immediate or interim fill in requirements you'd potentially be interested in my filling, then please contact me as soon as possible via text or phone on and return email. Hi there, I am 29 years old vocalist located in Edinburgh, Leith Walk. I study music, play piano. I am strong and confident and enjoy perfoming on stage. Currently looking for a band that I can really commit to.

I have a good knowledge of music theory. I am able to write songs, I know how to work out chords, enjoy a lot singing with others and building up a vocal harmony. My voice is an alto, but I am comfortable singing rather low, so I usually either take the main melody or lower parts. I like a wide range of music genres, ranging from rock, alternative, indie, electronic to jazz, blues and funky particularly. I fancy working on my own tunes as well. I have a few of them already.

I can do some midi sequencing - Logic Pro and Cubase. I have recorded in a studio a few times before. If I am someone you are looking for, please give me a shout Best, Alex I am looking for a female guitar player to help me out on guitar. I'm keen to learn to play. My boyfriend would teach me but can't for the time being.

I have a guitar and would like to play for my own pleasure or maybe eventually as part of something bigger. I work shifts in a supermarket, so time is a slight problem, although I sometimes am available on Sundays. I've enquired with some other folk, but the cost was too much. So girls, if you fancy helping me out, I'd be grateful and a happy bunny! Please reply to my boyfriends' e-mail as I'm having problems with my address.

This will be a new project with two members of an already accomplished act based in Glasgow. Musical influences will be modern country rock. Glasgow based rough and ready Blues power-trio cover band looking for a singer. Don't care about age, gender, hair colour, teeth, who you wake up with and all other bits of nonsense but you MUST be able to sing and not be an arse. We are all seasoned musicians who have years of live experience behind us. We're really, really good, we just need a singer to make us excellent.

The idea is to rehearse a little and gig a lot. If this interests you, get in touch. I want to find musicians who are interested in putting together a tribute band based business. There are bands who have a following and there are tribute bands making pretty decent cash from those followers. The plan is to target popular bands who we can reproduce their songs fairly quickly but to a high standard. I'm not interested in playing the obscure songs of these bands but the well known songs which were their chart hits.

To pad out our playing time the concept is to partner up bands that we cover by genre and or era therefore The Sweet and Slade are a good partnership as they are both from the 70s and are both glam rock bands, so if we only have a set of each bands material then we can either perform 2 separate sets where each set is dedicated to one band per set or we could offer a mix N match program. Favourites I'm thinking about at the moment are: If your interested, reply to ruddysloss gmail.

We urgently need a drummer to join our accomplished cover band. Drummer requires musicians for For Glasgow covers band. If interested drop us an email telling us a bit about yourself along with a contact number. Contact Craig on Email: I am keen to do some gigs while I am here to get some exposure and experience of performing live.

If you are interested, you can email me at dowdm93 gmail. I look forward to hearing from you, Michelle. We usually gig at least twice a month, mainly pubs but parties weddings etc also. We are not a wedding band though. We travel to Anstruther a couple of times a year. Guitarist available for ceilidhs. Comes complete with acoustic guitar, lead, DI box and smart dress. And a good sense of rhythm and humour. Long Earth have now completed the running order of our debut album "The Source" and recording due for release early in the new year.

Now working on art work and album design. We are looking for an outstanding lead guitarist to initially record on the 11 track album, as soon as possible - auditions over the next few weeks. All backing tracks are now complete with the exception of the lead work, which is open to suggestions. We have live gigs in the New Year. Please check out our website www.

We are all highly experienced musicians playing in high profile bands since the early 80s. Contact Mike at michael.

Searching for a reliable and competent guitarist willing to commit to an existing line up of three. Rehearse at our own space in the east end of Glasgow and ideally looking for someone over the age of In other words someone who is mature enough to know exactly what it takes to be part of a band. Our ideal candidate would be someone who can play excellent rhythm and have the ability to put in a melodic solo if an when required, creative input would be very welcome also.

Thanks for your time. Dexys Bootleg Runners are seeking a Trombone Dep for two good gigs. The dep we had in place has some personal issues and has asked us to look elsewhere. Need a trombone player who can read tricky parts, play written solos and also improvise a little. Give me a shout if interested and we'll take it from there.

Feel free to tag anyone you might know. Full details available on request. We are a Glasgow based 6 piece band fronted by male and female lead vocals. Our present female singer is moving abroad the end of the year and we are looking for someone to fill the spot, we are looking for someone, with a good vocal range who can harmonize and cover all different types of music from the 60s to present day, someone who is committed, energetic and can rehearse week ly and basically give up most of their weekends and can drive is an advantage, being part of a wedding function band is hard work and takes allot of commitment and personal time.

We will be holding auditions very soon. Please contact me on hq softplantgroup. Must have own kit, willing to learn 30 plus cover songs of many genres, live in the Glasgow area and be between the age of Previous experience in gigging is preferred but not essential. Please note that this is a one off gig however the chance of more is a possibility.

We play on wedding reception, private and business parties. Our style isn't simple to classify. Fusion of bossanova, latin and traditional jazz, gipsy swing and world music based on potential of the individuality, experience and our creative intuition.

The selection of the repertoire is individual for every concert in order to keep the uniqueness of each performance. We present well known themes like The Girl from Ipanema, Softly as in a morning sunrise, Fragile by Sting and our own compositions.

In we have recorded an album in Royal Conservatiore of Scotland with guest Tomasz Mucha on violin. Both of us are self employed so we are able to send invoices. We cooperate with professional photographer and we have at our disposal own transport. We are a Fife based Wedding, Function band urgently requiring a replacement singer. Band rehearses once a week and gigging at weekend. Commitment is a prerequisite.

I'm 31 and into blues, country, rock and soul. Please email me at gnrman yahoo. Have played in many bands for many years, fully committed, good gear, used to driving all over the country.

Willing to work every weekend. Dates available for pub in Ayrshire We're looking for bands local to the area to play cover sets of around 2. Would prefer to avoid anything heavier than rock.

Contact text or email bvpmusic gmail. Highly experienced drummer with vocals, Ayrshire based, seeking rocks covers band, classic rock or melodic rock preferred. Good gear and good to go, only looking to gig a couple of days per month. Musician wanted - keyboard player We urgently require a keyboard player to complete our Bon jovi tribute band. We have a gig booked in September and will have more following after and probably some small gigs before then.

We are an easy going band and we someone who is reliable and can commit once a week to rehearse. For more info please get in touch. Email - aberdeenguitarist hotmail. Our vocalist is leaving and we are now looking for a replacement. We have a full diary for gigs for this year and into and are looking for someone who has gigging experience, transport and can practice once a week in Edinburgh.

If interested drop us an email to derekcadogan btconnect. Rhythm section wanted for new alternative group, must like Radiohead and odd time signatures. Local Perthshire band wanted for party in the garden!

Hi, we've decided to have a party in our garden this year and thought we'd get some decent music! About 50 people coming to our mini- fest in Auchterarder on Sat 13 August from 1pm onwards. I'm Looking for one or two local bands who want to play for a 1 hour set about pm even stay for a drink and some food. Please, have a listen to some of our music the following link: Don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email, urbancreek yahoo.

Looking forward to hearing from you. I'm looking for a female vocalist with their own equipment for a wednesday evening dance club mainly 50s 60s 70s music the bookings will be for next year and will be approx 4 per year if your interested Email your details to jimmymacjimmyuk yahoo.

Contact or email jenneotkd btinternet. Has an excellent range and repetoire in all genres. Please e-mail fifsings hotmail. We will travel and are willing to play some specified set lists if need be Please contact Rosco by email on nobleross aol. I cover a range of material specifically 50s, 60s and 70s with other types of music thrown in. I have an extensive set which can last from one hour - three hours. Feel free to give me a call - Timed Out are a Fife based, 5 peice cover band.

Consisting of 2 x guitar, 1 x Bass, 1 x Drums and a vocalist. Covering a mix of Rock, Pop and Indie music from the last 50 years. The band completes it's lineup with a full PA, backline and lighting. Available for bookings now. Please contact Graham on or email: Must be over the age of 18 Contact Jamie on: Hi, we are looking for more members to join a folk rock group If your into traditional Irish folk music, fairport convention, steely span, as well as elements of outlaw country music and old american music please get in touch.

At the moment we have a singer, bassist and guitarist. As it says on the tin, we are looking for a keyboard player for our newly formed Bon Jovi tribute band. Contact me at j1mcgovern aol. Lipstone, an Ayrshire based rock band need a lead guitarist to complete our 7 piece line up; currently comprising rhythm guitar, bass, drums, keys and 2 female vocals. Looking to get out gigging in the next few months; If you're interested call Jimmy on to discuss and to arrange an audition at Studio 5 Saltcoats.

Early days yet but if interested please get in touch. If replying by e-mail please add in your previous experience and musical influences. I have good equipment and transport. I am in the Glasgow area. I play with a band at the moment but for various reasons the gap between gigs can be lengthy and I wish to find something to augment My "Live" playing.

Ideally a Country band wishing to add a bit authenticity to their sound would be perfect. I am not averse to some charity work and My love of the music is greater than My need,or greed for money. Please contact Me with any suggestions and I will answer promptly.

Mail Me at playe9 gmail. Creativity and level of enthusiasm are. If interested drop me a line at g You will also need your own transport. We practice in Livingston so this would suit someone based in the central belt. If interested and you think you've got what it takes, AND you have all of the above, please email: Looking for musicians or singer or band to jam and play with, and work on a set for gigs.

Please email janeseptember hotmail. Lipstone , an Ayrshire based rock band need a competent bass player to complete our 7 piece line up; currently comprising 2 guitars, drums, keys and 2 female vocals.

Vocals would be good too as we place a lot of importance on our harmonies. More for listening to rather than dancing. Age group , can you help? If interested, pop an email to lucycampbell gmail. Inverclyde based folk-pop-country-rock band Remembering Joone are looking for a bassist and possibly a keyboard player.

Currently jamming once a week on a Monday night in Greenock. Check us out in the links below and send a message if interested. Looking for a bassist and a drummer to form a band.

Original music project, availability for gigs is required. Bon Jovi cover band Edinburgh area Looking for a keyboardist to complete the lineup for our Bon jovi tribute band.

Please get in touch if you're interested, we will start jamming on 6th March at 7th Harmonics pm Gorgie Road and the starting songs are Who says you can't go home Want to make a memory One wild night Wanted dead or alive Have a nice day Contact me on Thanks. Hi, solo acoustic set, covering wide range of material from past to present.

Perfect for small bars, years of gigging experience, playing weddings, outdoor events and smaller venues. If this sounds like the thing you want for you venue give me a call ask for David.

We also incorporate percussion and clarinet into some of our songs to give us a unique and powerful sound. We do have a Facebook page- https: If you would like to listen to our music, we currently have 2 demos and are working on recording our album in the next couple of weeks. We have received a lot of positive fee dback from our performances. Because of our wide variety of musical influences, we have been compared to bands like Jethro Tull and Down. If you wish to contact us for anything, please email us at theresafool hotmail.

Pro Folk Band forming; seeking multi-instrumentalist and accordion player. I have recorded a self-played 'solo' CD and am now seeking musicians to tour the album. I have agency and production support on board. The material is a re-imagining of some well known Celtic folk songs much the way that Springsteen re-imagined the Seeger Songbook, albeit on a much smaller budget!

Backing vox are a must. Ideally you would be able to double on something else as well mandolin preferably. Or be prepared to get one. Backing vocals would be nice but not essential.

Likewise an ability to double on something else. Good gear, reliable transport and internet access are pretty much prerequisite too.

I'm hoping that this project reaches the stage where we will be on the road. If you are a full-time pro, so much the better. I'll still take applications if you meet all the other criteria though. I'd prefer this gig to go to someone that I haven't worked with before. For no other reason than I'd prefer a whole new dynamic to this band rather than carrying over from previous bands.

But if this ad doesn't get any results I may be coming to tap some auld pals on the shoulder. Fiddler wanted for gigging cover band based in Glasgow. Pubs, functions and weddings. For more details please contact Coll on Morgan Lee Band seeks drummer who can also play bodhran. We play at folk clubs, pubs and festivals.

Vast majority of our folk club set doesn't need percussion - just occasional bodhran. Around half of our pub set only would benefit from drums. Check us out online and, if interested, email us at music morganleeband.

We perform an eclectic mix of material - mainly Celtic - and some self-penned numbers. Age unimportant but we're all aged 30s - 60s. We are looking for someone to sing in our band and who enjoys what they do. Maybe you've not done it for a while and thinking of getting back in to it or just fancy giving it a go.

We play for enjoyment and fun and we enjoy recording our stuff and doing occasional gigs. So if you fancy giving it a go or you know someone who may be interested then get in touch. Vast experience in performing and recording, and playing as a soloist, accompanied by guitarist or with full band. Often compared to Amy Winehouse. Cornish acoustic song bird, originals and covers looking for paid gigs.

Pop music with a soulful toned voice, confident and likeable. We are, ' the Journeymen' , and we play a mixture of classic rock, pop, soul, country, folk and swing, and Ceilidh!

We will travel further afield for the right gig. We use a small PA that is suitable for most venues, without being too loud. Sometimes we augment the duo with a drummer, especially for Ceilidh sets. We are eager to play bigger and better gigs, having gigged for some time now! Check us out on facebook: Singer wanted male only for busy function band. Performing at corporate functions, weddings, clubs an pubs etc. Current vocalist due to depart in first half of after new guy settles in.

Professional standard required as well as own transport. All applications will be in strictest confidence. Send demo or brief cv to myburn4 googlemail.

I play all saxes, clarinet and flute. Experienced in live performance, recording, tv, tours. Looking for opportunity to work with dedicated jazz, funk, soul ensemble, cruise, jazz residency etc. Entertainment Agency would very much like to hear from experienced, versatile and professional acts to register which is free of charge who speciality is performing as a Tribute Act, e. Please Phone your details a. We have all the infrastructure in place pa, van, lights etc must have good knowledge of the 60's.

Based in central Scotland area, Flower Trio is a dynamic and vibrant ensemble of young musicians professionally trained in classical music. We specialise in performing diverse music for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, dinner parties, funerals, corporate events, concerts and private parties. We provide high quality music and an elegant presentation as well as a professional and friendly approach to ensure the wonderful music for your special event.

We are looking for an experienced drummer who is versatile and can play a fast two beat.. If you think that's you drop us a message.. Looking for musicians for gigs in our bar - The Grapes Bar, Rothesay, Isle Of Bute usually Saturday evenings,we provide accommodation at local guest house and pick you up from pier, Call and ask for neil for more details thanks.

Early 30's click friendly get in touch if you want a permanent or dep drummer Thanks,Ian ianfsaunders yahoo. You can hear some of our music at aceelementary. Drum player wanted Hi there, we are a band called Balabushka, based in Paisley, trying to start over after 2 years off. We are looking for an experienced drum player to join a project with originals and covers in mind. The idea is to be ready for different kind of gigs. Guitarist wanted for Edinburgh based Rock and Soul band Edinburgh based rock and soul covers band looking for rhythm guitarist.

If you dabble in keys too, all the better. We're your classic 5 piece rock set up, missing the 5th member. We're in it for the fun, our mission that we always succeed in is getting people on the dance floor. We practice weekly and gig monthly.

We're thankful to be on the roster for some great venues, and we're proud that we keep getting asked back. We're a friendly bunch, and looking for someone who'll fit right in. If you think you're who we're looking for, get in touch! We have our own equipment and can travel. Old git guitar player. Looking for old git type classic rock.

Maybe someone looking for a new guitar or a wee band looking to add a new guitar. And still able to bend a sting or two. Give me a shout. Venue available in Glasgow city for hire available most weekends for local or bands outwith to play the venue has two floors which can hold more than people.

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