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Lonely and in need of Oromocto head bad

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Lonely and in need of Oromocto head bad

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Lonely and in need of Oromocto head bad

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I know this is beginning to get long but I am serious about finding my partner inmy Lonely and in need of Oromocto head bad and my best friend. Seeking for you to submit to me.

Nothing else expected, just talking dirty to each other while we both get ourselves off. Love working in the garden and not a bad cook either.

Did someone loose a wedding band at the Oromocto Dog park? Message us and let us know the unique marking on the inside of the band. Description Sobeys RSC Oromocto - If you enjoy working independently in a fast paced, physically demanding environment, a career in our Retail Support Centre is right for you!

We offer a flexible work schedule to accommodate a balance between work and school. Group benefits and pension programs are available after 6 months. Sobeys appreciates the interest of all applicants, however, only those selected for interviews will be contacted. It will be tough finding an short term replacement, you have big shoes to fill! Sections of this page.

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Jessica Johnson 6 hrs. Theresa Duplessis shared Sobeys Warehouse Oromocto 's post. Sobeys Warehouse Oromocto posted a job. Julia Wright shared a link. A mad scientist's abandoned laboratory. Haunted Stroll on Currie Trail. When Margaret Clark first saw pictures on Facebook of the "straight pride" flag waving in the central New Brunswick village of Chipman, she felt as if she'd been kicked in the stomach.

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Good fishing may be had, at times, in the White Sand Cove; for large trout, while rapidly diminishing in number, still frequent the North Branch Lake. A better place for small trout is at the southwestern end, where a deadwater brook enters, navigable for canoes. But how can this be so, when the north branch of the Oromocto is navigable almost everywhere for canoes, and reaches tide level at the forks, after running but twenty-five miles; while the Magaguadavic, below the supposed brook outlet, is fifty miles long, with two large falls on it?

There is certainly a discrepancy somewhere that local geologists will please explain. In the bed of the stream a flat rock appears, covered with ancient Indian inscriptions, similar in general character to those so commonly found at Fairy Lake in Nova Scotia.

The south branch of the Oromocto issues from a lake five miles in length, an excellent water for large trout, situated in the rough wilderness of northeastern Charlotte County, near the source of the Lepreaux. It flows in part through an ancient lake basin, where the soil is a fertile alluvium, receiving Sand Brook and Shin and Back creeks, all goodly streams.

Canoes may ascend at ordinary water, but with some difficulty, and at least one portage, that around the fall, is necessary. The northern rivers seem to have a much more constant water supply than those near the Bay of Fundy. Such streams as the Meruimpticook and Quisibis may be navigated at times when the South Oromocto and Nerepis, draining equal areas, have actually dwindled down to nothing. There seems to be something a little uncanny about this river.

The water has a peculiar warmth, and, although the current is imperceptible, freezes later than the St. John River, which it so affects that the ice below the mouth of the tributary stream makes an earlier start in spring than the ice above. Instead of the Oromocto rushing along to unite with the St. John, like other tributaries in the flood season, the St. John waters pour up the Oromocto and flood the lowlands until a lake is formed, thirty or forty square miles in area.

When the many-colored autumn leaves are reflected in the water, and the air is laden with the delicious odor of the newly-mown hay, no more enchanting spot can be found than the Oromocto forks. The banks are alluvial, and lined with bushes, beyond which wide fields extend, studded with graceful elm-trees.

The scenery becomes less attractive, however, on descending the stream, and in the wild meadows an air of loneliness and desolation prevails which is positively chilling. Here the Rushagonish, also deep and dead for many miles, enters from the west; the principal tributary of the Oromocto, formed by the junction of two streams that rise in Kingsclear Parish, above Fredericton.

The upper waters, as indeed the sources of almost every stream in any way contributing to the Oromocto, abound in small trout, a rather strange fact, considering the habit of that fish to seek the purest and coolest water. It would more accord with the usual custom if all the trout passed up the St. Three Tree Creek enters the Oromocto four miles below the forks. The origin of its name is obscure. French Lake, two miles long by one broad, is a pretty little water, surrounded by farm land, and connected with the river by a deep, sluggish channel.

Every phenomenon of the St. John, so far considered, has its parallel in some other part of the world. Fresh-water tides are common to the Amazon, La Platte, St. Lawrence, and many other rivers. An alluvial deposit where once there was an inland lake or sea surrounds the lower Mississippi, and the erosive action of the Grand Falls resembles that of Niagara; but between Gagetown and Indiantown fifty miles the St. John possesses certain characteristics not found on any other river known to man.

Most noticeable is the series of great sinuses or lakes that branch off eastward, each one almost parallel with the others. Grand and Washademoak lakes and Belleisle and Kennebecasis bays are their names, and they deepen, with the greatest regularity, on approaching the seacoast. Grand Lake is the shallowest, Kennebecasis Bay the deepest, and the average depth of the Belleisle undoubtedly exceeds that of the Washademoak.

We may not here wade through the depths of geological research to discover the origin of such a strange formation, but will merely observe that these extraordinary fluvial expansions cross the lines of glaciation with what seems to be an utter disregard of scientific principles. From Jemseg on the east and Otnabog on the west the lands begin to rise, until rugged hills, ranging from two to seven hundred feet in height, become the common feature of the landscape.

Above Gagetown one hundred feet is the almost uniform elevation along the southwestern side of the valley, while the river is bounded easterly by great alluvial flats; but below Otnabog the scenery partially loses its quiet rural charm, more resembling the mountainous aspect of the Hudson. The islands remain alluvial as far as the Long Reach, when they too change, becoming islands of erosion instead of islands of deposit.

The mountainous character of the valley continues to the Bay of Fundy. Here and there a very precipitous bluff crops out on the hillside, but usually the slopes are not too steep for forest growth and cultivation. At Washademoak the river is several miles wide, and clustered with alluvial islands, of which Upper and Lower Musquash and Long islands are the largest. Lower Musquash is the most irregularly shaped island in the St. John, doubling to inclose a freshwater lagoon of almost equal area with its land surface; while Long Island contains, in addition to a lagoon, a shallow, swampy lake.

Otnabog River, which enters here, is a fairly good trout stream, flowing fifteen or twenty miles, in one part through a rugged, deep ravine. The Long Reach of the St. John, where the river flows in a straight southwesterly course for fifteen miles, is a mere continuation, both geologically and topographically, of the Belleisle valley.

High hills uprise on both sides, covered with alternating patches of forest and farm land, while the views, whether from highland or water level, are very extensive and picturesque. Oak Point forms the most prominent projection from the usually regular shore line, below which Little River at least the sixth tributary of that name below St. Little River rises in Long Lake, a considerable body of water overlooked by a lofty, rugged peak called Blue Mountain.

The stream has one fall, perhaps twelve feet high. A superstitious person might really suppose, on penetrating the interior of this region, that His Satanic Majesty had lent Dame Nature a helping hand in its formation, for there is no rougher country in New Brunswick than the Nerepis Granite Range. A stream entering South Bay, and flowing from Spruce Lake, an irregular water six miles long, is the last of the St.

This lake-like expansion is undoubtedly the broadest part of the St. John; but as the Kennebecasis branches off to the eastward, one cannot tell just what proportion of the bay should be computed in the drainage area of the latter river. In fact the Bay of Fundy tides often predominate over both. The overflow of the Grand Lake finds an outlet through the Jemseg, a deep, sluggish channel, six miles in length, draining at low water an area of fourteen hundred and seventy square miles, or more land than any other tributary, excepting the Aroostook and Tobique.

John at high water covers the lowlands in many places, Grand Lake and its surrounding waters then find numerous vents, and it is impossible to estimate the percentage of rainfall carried off by the Jesmeg alone.

Grand Lake, already considered in comparison with Temiscouata, is twenty-nine miles long, with an extreme breadth of seven miles at Cumberland Bay. The superficial area is said to be one hundred square miles; the rise and fall of tide, six inches. All portions are shallow, the greatest depths rarely exceeding ten fathoms, and for several miles above the Jemseg a channel has been dredged to facilitate navigation. The shores are low, thereby detracting somewhat from the beauty of the landscape.

Cultivated lands surround the lake on all sides, and the canoeist may find attractive camping grounds at any point or bay, and may purchase farm supplies that would be considered rare luxuries on the more northern tributaries of the St.

Salmon River, being much the largest feeder of Grand Lake, may be considered geographically a continuation of the Jemseg. Rising in a level tract of wilderness land, forty miles eastward in a direct line of the mouth of Coal Creek, the stream makes a sweeping bend, known as the Ox Bow, whence a portage but three miles long leads to the headwaters of the Richibucto River. Below Ox Bow the general course is southwesterly. It is a quiet stream, navigable for canoes except in the extreme droughts of summer.

Yet larger is the Gaspereaux, which, flowing from Gaspereaux Lake and running about thirty miles in a semicircular course, enters Salmon River from the north.

Newcastle Creek, another feeder of Grand Lake, entering six miles below Salmon Bay, has two principal branches, called the Big and Little forks, both of which rise near Gaspereaux Lake. In places the stream has cut through horizontal rock strata so as to form lofty, precipitous cliffs. We now pass to the southwestern end of Grand Lake, where, opposite the Jemseg outlet, a deep channel, two miles in length, connects its waters with Maquapit.

The Portobello rises in several little rivulets, which cross the old Richibucto road a few miles from Fredericton, and unite as they pour down the hillside upon the upper portion of that great alluvial flat before spoken of as bounding the St.

John River on the east from Nashwaak to Jemseg. No more tortuous stream can be found anywhere. The banks are often thickly wooded; and as New Brunswick possibly surpasses all other countries in the beauty of its autumnal foliage, the canoeist should visit the Portobello in October, when the leaves, almost meeting overhead, throw dazzling reflections upon the water.

But beware the Portobello in June; there are mosquitoes there then, in number as the sands upon the seashore, and words may not be found infernal enough to describe their depredations.

John River, at a point opposite the middle of Oromocto Island. Lunan Brook, another branch of the Portobello, offers the angler a rough wade and a full fish-basket. The wild country about the sources of these brooks is little known, although quite near Fredericton, and small lakes exist there, as yet unmapped.

Moose still frequent the region. It would be tedious to enumerate all the streams in the St. Bear Brook, a principal tributary, may be reached by wood-road from the Nashwaak valley, and whoever delights to catch very small trout in unheard-of numbers should thrust that portion of his body which contains the collected perceptive organs of sense into the folds of a mosquito netting, and pay the brook a visit.

Maquapit, somewhat larger than French Lake, is seven miles long by two wide, and continued eastward in a small river of the same name. Loder Creek, a deep and sluggish channel, connects it with the St. John, thereby cutting off from the Sheffield flat what is virtually a great alluvial island, larger than any other in the basin of the St.

John, thirteen miles in length, with an extreme breadth of four miles. The island may soon become mainland, as the creek, once a common and convenient thoroughfare, is said to be badly obstructed by logs deposited during the floods.

The southwestern shores of Maquapit, and of the channel connecting it with Grand Lake, were famous Indian camping grounds in prehistoric times, and the muddy banks contain bits of broken pottery, stone implements curiously marked, and flint arrow-heads, which often lie exposed where the alluvium has been eroded by ice, and the loose material filtered by flood-water.

Duck-shooting over the marsh lands of the Jemseg and Oromocto is a favorite sport, and during a freshet, when French, Maquapit, and Grand Lakes invariably become one great irregular sheet of water, the sportsman may lose his bearings in the excitement of the chase.

The Washademoak is second in the series of fluvial fiords having the phenomenal parallelism already noted; and the Canaan River, its geographical continuation, which is separated by a very low watershed from the sources of the Buctouche and Cocagne rivers, rises within fifteen miles of tidewater in the Straits of Northumberland. Not only these lake-like expansions of the St. John, but the valleys of their principal affluents, are invariably parallel to each other.

Canoes may ascend the Washademoak and Canaan to the extreme headwaters, the former being twenty, the latter seventy-two miles long. The Canaan closely resembles Salmon River of Grand Lake in its smooth, swiftly flowing current and freedom from falls and rapids. The country about the upper portion of the Washademoak Lake was settled one hundred years ago, when many northern branches of the St.

John were quite unknown to the invading white man; but wilderness land, wide caribou plains, and peat-bogs still surround the Upper Canaan, no settlement appearing on the stream for many miles. The moose and caribou hunter may yet enter the forests here with reasonable expectations of success. The Canaan north fork is the principal tributary on the right-hand side, and many large brooks enter from the south, often having picturesque falls where they pour down into the valley.

He's anxious for a new family. He thanks his foster mother who graciously agreed to let him live with her in Bedell during his recovery. On August 30, Django was adopted by a family in Jacksonville. No more chains, Django! He had an injured left hind leg - probably the result of an altercation with a motor vehicle which he lost. He also had tics and was a very scared little boy. He's a beautiful little boy who has the most gorgeous brown eyes you'll ever see.

He loves all his foster brothers and sisters. On August 28, we learned that Jimmy will now have a home in Kingsclear with two other dogs, one of whom is a former DunRoamin' dog. We know you've got it made now, Jimmy. She had been a stray who had been in the area for quite some time but was unowned and was in danger of being euthanized as a result.

She was very matted, scared and insecure. She was born about She is a Brittany Spaniel or Border Collie mix. Bertha is stll easily startled but has already come a very long way in her foster home.

She's a sweetheart who is grateful for the new life she has. She responds well to suggestions and gets along very well with the half-dozen dogs she's fostered with. On August 28, , she was adopted by a couple who sees her true beauty. She'll live with several other dogs and cats in the best family she could ever dream of having.

We know you're smiling now! DunRoamin' supporters noticed a dead puppy on the side of the road. This puppy's mom and sister were roaming around, much too close to the same danger to which the other puppy had succumbed. The owner of the dogs had a baby and did not wish to let them inside the home. Her rescuers brought her to DunRoamin'.

Annie is a healthy puppy at about three months of age, other than having worms and fleas. She now has a chance to continue her life in a safe manner.

She was fostered by her rescuers and was spayed and vaccinated, as are all DunRoamin' strays. She's very friendly and happy, likes other dogs and cats. On August 17, Annie went to her new home in St Stephen. We'd like to thank this family for giving her the life she deserves. Please send us photos and tell us about your new life! He was either lost or abandoned.

He's a Lab mixed breed who appears to have been born about the first of May, Joe Dirt is a very sweet little boy. He'll be an excellent best friend for a child or adult - he loves them all! We had many applications to give this little boy a home. On July 31, Joe went to live with a couple in Moncton who are the absolute perfect match for him. Have a wonderful life! Please send pictures often! Neighbours gave him shelter and water but his owners wanted to find someone to shoot him.

The neighbours rescued him and brought him to us. He's a hound-type boy who weighs about 60 pounds. Munroe is a calm dog who likes cats and other dogs. He didn't know what stairs or thresholds were and he was totally uncomfortable on floors, never having walked on them before.

However, his foster mother enlightened him on all these wonderful new things and he learned very well. His entire world has changed and he's hoping for a family who will love him and give him the kind of life he deserves. We're VERY happy for you and your new family!

A young girl observed some teenagers holding her down, blowing marijuana smoke into her mouth and then throwing her in the river. She went to get help for Filomena and she was rescued from the situation.

They report that she is friendly, playful, loves the outdoors, pees and poops outside and is a delight to interact with.

She thanks her young rescuer and Stephanie at Paw and Order for giving her a chance at a good life. On July 10, , Filomena was adopted by a lady who lives in the Keswick area. Filomena will be a friend for her two pets and will spend her entire day with her new mother at work. A whole new world has just begun. He had been abandoned in a trailer when people moved away and was finally found and taken in by a man who could not keep him but was willing to make sure he was safe and cared for.

Kirby is about seven years old. He was also neutered and vaccinated. He is very tiny, alert and friendly. He's very happy to be in a temporary foster home where he got food, love and care.

He's a very cute little boy whose left ear sometimes sticks straight out! He loves to be held and cuddled. On July 9, we learned that his foster family had grown so attached to him that they couldn't give him up. He now lives in Jacksonville with his new family which includes several dogs and cats with whom he gets along very well. Congratulations, Lisa and Kirby! She's about a year old.

She was spayed, vaccinated and tested for heartworm before making her way to Canada. Understandably, Tatiana was timid and a little unsure of things. She's slowly getting used to Carleton County accents and is soaking up all the love and compassion that surrounds her. She's looking forward to having a new family but in the meantime is happy to have a wonderful foster home in Hartland.

On June 14, we learned that Tatiana is now a permanent family member in Hartland where she'll live happily the rest of her life. Please send us new photos for the website! She was about a year old. She was already spayed. She was quite timid, but made great progress thanks to her foster family.

She is good with dogs and cats, is crate trained, good on a leash, likes the car and knows some tricks already. Lucy was shy, but that's only because she didn't know anyone and was in an entirely new country.

Her foster family helped her quickly overcome that, and she fell in love with the man of the house. He was her every dream! On June 8, , Lucy was adopted by a family from Mirimichi.

She'll be a friend for their other dog and will have the best home ever. We're very grateful for their love for you, Lucy. Please make sure to write often. As Dorothy once said, "I think I'll miss you most of all. She had been running loose on the highway and had almost been struck several times by vehicles. She was brought to DunRoamin' where her earmites and teeth were treated.

She will also be spayed. On June 2, Winnie met a lady and her Daschund who will now be her new brother - they got along famously at the very start, and he's happy to have someone of his own height to hang out with! Winnie will live in Woodstock where she'll enjoy the life of Riley! They left him food and eventually were able to trap him in a shed and bring him for help.

Medical assessment determined him to be emaciated and his right hind leg was dangling. He had been shot and the bullet had hit his hip at a degree angle resulting in a huge hole under his anus that extended down towards his groin. There were bullet fragments all through his hind end and the wound was infected, resulting in him having a very high fever also.

IV fluids, antibiotics and pain medications were immediately started and his right hind leg was amputated. He was also neutered. Orser loves all people and doesn't mind other dogs. He needs a special family that can appreciate his unique medical status, but he's going to be perfectly fine. We're grateful to the people who recognized his plight and took the time and energy to do something about it to give him a new life.

On May 30, Orser's new life began when he was adopted by a very kind gentleman from Juniper. Orser will now live with him and his year-old canine friend. Barack is part Husky and part Shepherd, and part of his left eye is a beautiful shade of blue. Barack learned dog manners while he was fostered by a dog person and her pack of dogs.

He likes other dogs and loves people. He has a great personality, loves to play now that he can actually move without the constriction of a rope and is looking forward to the start of a real life with a family who will love him and treat him the way he deserves to be treated. On May 25, Barack was adopted by a nice lady who came all the way from PEI to meet him after falling in love with him on this website.

They're best of friends already. She's a beautiful five-year old Collie mix who was found near Beaconsfield miles from any houses. She is eating well now and will quickly fill out to her proper weight. Alice is fine with cats and other dogs. She is already spayed and has had her first vaccines. On May 20, Alice was adopted by a young lady from Woodstock. They're already best friends and will spend lots of time in the great out-of-doors with each other.

She had developed parvovirus and needed intensive care, so was surrendered to DunRoamin'. She is about 12 weeks old and is a Shepherd mix. She's been treated and is doing very well. She'll be ready for a home in the next couple of days. On May 20, Egypt got a new home and family. She's now living in Ashland with her new canine and human friends.

Luthor is a very loving little dog. He was shy at first but came around after about a week. He did great in his foster home in PEI and loves to go for walks and chew on bones. He is good in a crate or loose in the house during the day and likes to sleep on the bed with you at night.

He is also excellent in the car and will sleep quietly on the back seat. He also loves to curl up on the couch to watch tv with you - you even get to pick the show! On May 8, Luthor was adopted by his foster family in Charlottetown, PEI where he'll live the rest of his life with his new best friends. He was about a year old was neutered, vaccinated and tested for heartworm before making his way to Canada.

Woody was a little self-conscious and insecure, but that was to be expected, since he moved across the entire United States in only five days of travel. Different sights, smells, accents - all these new thing took a little time to get used to, but he settled in well. He was fostered in a great home in Charlottetown, PEI. On April 25, we learned that he had been adopted by his new family in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Please write often to let us know how you're doing.

Her options were extremely limited. Millie is about five years old and is a Chihuahua. Millie was examined by a veterinarian and found to be in good health. She's a little overweight, but that can be fixed with diet and exercise.

She'll have the pleasure of a family with another dog, some cats and two young children whom she already loves. She's enjoying a ton of exercise and the smile never leaves her face! He was born about January 1, Despite how terrible he felt, Farnell was very nice to the people caring for him. He's a Shepherd mix and is grateful for the love, care and attention he received. He'll spend the rest of his life with her and her family. DJ was only about one year old.

He was neutered, vaccinated and tested for heartworm before making his way to Canada. He has a bit of a heart murmur, but he's just fine. DJ was very timid at first, but quickly showed that he had the capacity for trust and love.

He's had a tough time up until now, but he's well on his way to a whole new life. He's a very sweet boy and it's been a long wait. We hope you'll send us lots of photos and updates, DJ. We'll definitely miss you. He wasn't doing well in their shelter and needed an alternative where he could actually have a chance at a decent new life. He's a one-year old Corgi mix who is healthy and neutered. He loves the car, walks well on a leash, likes to go in his crate for a nap and likes cats. He loves to chase balls and play with toys.

Hulkster begs for food by sitting pretty, can speak on command and shake a paw. He's got lots of potential - just needs someone to recognize it and give him the "opportunity of a lifetime " - literally! On March 30, , Hulkster met the right person. He now lives in Charlottetown, PEI with his new familiy which includes another dog, Davis, and several cats. Thanks to his new family! Please send lots of photos and updates, Hulkster. He's about one year old. He did well acclimatizing to New Brunswick and the compassionate Maritimers who cared for him.

He enjoyed the hospitality of a foster family near Perth-Andover. On March 13, he was adopted by his new family and he'll now live in Fredericton. Please send us lots of photos and updates, Martin, and please come back and visit often! He is the dad of several rescued dogs and had been rescued from a hoarding situation. As he, his pups and numerous other dogs were living in a very crowded situation, help was requested and the Animal Rescue Corps brought them all the way across the continent to find new homes in the Maritimes.

We'd all like to thank everyone who took part in helping these dogs - especially Scotlund, Tim and Lara. He is neutered, vaccinated and tested for heartworm. He's very loving and affectionate and a very kind boy. He particularly loves couches and beds! He's fine with cats and loves other dogs, too. On March 5, , King was adopted by a couple in Grand Manan.

Have a great life! It had been there for awhile, as his skin and fur had grown right through. He was about two years old and is a very nice boy. He's very happy to be safe, pain-free and have his injury and infections treated. Scotlund is named after the gentleman who leads a group of rescuers called ARC Animal Rescue Corps who are to thank rescuing numerous dogs. On February 24, Scotlund was adopted by a family with three young children who already love him as he deserves.

He seemed to know that this was his family and settled in right away. That's the way it should be, Scotlund. We wish you all the best in your new life. She had a very severe urinary tract infection, but she's doing extremely well now. She was born about the middle of June, , and she's a beautiful little girl.

She really deserves the best and she'll wait as long as she needs to. On February 8, , that wait was ended. Sakura met a lady from Moncton where she'll now live permanently. We all thank her for giving this beautiful girl a home.

Please keep in touch and send lots of photos and updates. She was about five years old and is a Terrier mix. She was thin, matted, cold and had tartar on her teeth which had to be removed. Thelma is a shy little girl, but she rapidly learned that each person who picked her up would give her lots of love and comfort.

She's very tiny but has a heart the size of the great outdoors. On February 7, Thelma was rewarded with a permanent home where she will live with her new family which includes one cat and another dog. We're quite sure this is exactly what she's been waiting for her entire life: Who knew life could be this good, Thelma??

He's about 17 years old and had alledgedly been tied outside his entire life. He is an intact Husky. He was thin, cold, matted, has weakness in his hind end and also has cataracts.

He is now safe, warm and loved. He was treated for all his needs and had a soft, warm bed on which to sleep comfortably, although it took him a little while to use it. Once he realized how soft it was, he was right in the middle of it! On February 4, , we're happy to announce that Balto will spend the rest of his life with a very nice lady who has offered him a place in her huge heart. He'll have all he ever dreamed of now. He thanks everyone who had a part in giving him the pleasure and wonder of this new life.

He's a Terrier mix who is about five years old. He had never been neutered. He was thin, cold, hungry and had mild tartar on his teeth. All these things were addressed. He was timid and quiet, but was aware that the people with whom he was staying were caring and affectionate, and we're sure he'll be fine.

On January 30, Luis was adopted by a lady and her young daughter. He'll have the best home ever in Jacksonville. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

Many houses in the area were contacted, but none knew to whom she might belong.

Things to Do in Oromocto, New Brunswick: See TripAdvisor's traveler reviews and photos of Oromocto tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in October. We have reviews of the best places to see in Oromocto. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Oct 19,  · Oromocto is getting lonely Page 1 of 2 (1, 2): Well here I am trying to make a forem or introduce my self. Im not really sure what this new thing does but im willing to give it a go. Oromocto is an inviting destination that has something for everyone. There's a nice selection of restaurants to enjoy during your stay. Visitors can plan a fun excursion to Gage Golf and Curling Club and Kings Arrow Arena while in Oromocto. There's plenty more to see, including sights like Oromocto.