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The Council is expected to soon pass an ordinance that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. Once it passes, the AFA, which led the push to constitutionally ban gay marriage in Michigan two years ago, plans to initiate a petition drive to put the issue on the ballot. A similar effort to overturn a Lansing gay rights ordinance was successful 10 years ago, and anti-LGBT-rights activists think they can do it again. That's because while Lansing residents may be now supportive of gay rights they rejected the gay-marriage ban , protecting transgender persons is another thing altogether.

At least that's what the AFA hopes. The AFA and its supporters will need to gather 4, valid signatures from registered Lansing voters within 30 days after the ordinance is passed to get the issue on the ballot. If the petition drive is successful, it will reach voters on the Aug. The AFA's appeal to social conservatives, moderates and, yes, even some liberals, will likely be along these lines: In drafting the ordinance, Councilwoman Kathie Dunbar included the stipulation that a person's legal gender would be determined by what is listed on his or her driver's license or state ID.

Michigan law requires a transgender person to have a letter from a surgeon before his or her legal sex can be changed. Naturally, that transitional phase includes using the restroom of your future sex. Moreover, some transgender people never undergo surgery, although they may have hormone therapy.

They still identify themselves as a member of the opposite sex. The task force also pointed out that none of the Michigan cities with similar transgender-inclusive ordinances — Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Ypsilanti and Huntington Woods — use official identification to determine gender.

Neither do the eight states with statewide protections, the task force said. The Council's General Services Committee, which is presiding over the drafting of the ordinance, has gone back and forth over two sentences in the proposed ordinance: For purposes of this exception, a person's sex shall be determined by what is reflected on official identification recognized by the state of Michigan, including a driver's license or state issued identification card.

The latest draft includes both sentences, but Dunbar said she favors removing them. On the other hand, Councilwoman Sandy Allen, who chairs the committee that is preparing the ordinance, said at the committee's last meeting that she favors keeping the language that would permit discrimination on the basis of sex. That issue could also come up when the full Council examines the ordinance.

Leaving the clauses in, the board said, would still allow for discrimination against transgender people. But is it a non-issue? Cindy Redman, a lesbian who sits on the LAHR board, said she doesn't want to share a public shower with anyone with a penis. So what's the alternative to a transgender woman in the women's restroom? For nearly a decade, Rachel Crandall, executive director of TransGender Michigan, has always used the women's restroom.

Crandall, a former Lansing resident who now works in Royal Oak as a counselor for transgender people, said it's not only a matter of safety, it's also one of practicality.

To get a sex-change operation approved, transsexual women must live a full year as a woman, including using women's public facilities, said Crandall, who has lived as a woman for nine years.

Sometimes you don't even have to be transgendered to risk injury or death in the men's room. On July 29, , Nashville, Tenn. Another man hurled anti-gay insults at Houston, and the situation escalated until Houston was shot once in the chest. As the law stands, it's technically illegal for people who are legally men to use the women's room. City Attorney Brigham Smith that ordinance will have to be taken into consideration when the final version of the human rights ordinance is voted on.

Policymakers like Dunbar, as well as LGBT advocates, can make a very strong case that allowing transgender persons to use the restroom of their choice would be safer for them. But on the flipside, what's to stop a straight male — say a frat boy engaged in a hazing ritual — from throwing on some lipstick and a wig so he can ogle naked women at the YMCA? So under the human rights ordinance, if that person is approached and told to leave, couldn't he just say he is pre-op transgendered?

They don't just dress up to go the Y. What if that frat boy told whomever was trying to kick him out that he was indeed in the first stage of living as a woman? Who would know for the better? Those will also be good questions for the LGBT community. Should they keep in the transgender protections and risk having the ordinance overturned by scare tactics men in dresses in your daughter's locker room via a referendum?

Glenn and the AFA played up the transgender issue in , when they battled Huntington Woods' transgender-friendly ordinance. But even so, the AFA lost in a November referendum by a margin. Then again, Huntington Woods, a small Detroit suburb, is extremely liberal — much more so than Lansing. For example, voters there rejected 's Proposal 2, a gay marriage ban, by a margin.

Lansing also voted against the ban, but only by a spread. Does that mean there is a nine-point difference between the public's acceptance of gays and lesbians versus transgender persons? If that's indeed the case, could including full rights for transgender people endanger the entire ordinance? The whole ID issue could have been avoided if Dunbar had looked more closely at her computer monitor.

While putting the ordinance together, Dunbar lifted many portions from other ordinances. I should have looked more carefully at what I cut and pasted. I will take full responsibility for that. I did not anticipate the consequences of that one.

There aren't a lot of transgender people in Lansing who are out of the closet, Crandall said. And if the AFA is successful with its petition drive, those groups won't have much time.

Crandall said LGBT groups will be on the side of logic, but it will still take a wide-ranging informational campaign to dispel any myths the public might have. These are just people that want to get into the bathroom and get out fast. Most people just don't understand that. Reading the fine print on the bathroom door.

Do they give you a card saying you are?

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Nov 14, Please stand with us by contacting the Lansing City Council today to urge that to individuals who engage in homosexual behavior or cross-dressing. and sex have no legal effect, since federal and state civil rights law. Sex Therapy in East Lansing, MI . "I strongly believe in fitting my therapeutic style to meet each person's individual needs so I am very flexible and eclectic in. May 17, The 6 News investigation of "Michigan's Hidden Secret" takes an in-depth look into the sex trafficking that's happening right here in Lansing.