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Lady need big panis in New orleans

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Lady need big panis in New orleans

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It is an archive of their end of year and best of lists. End Of Year Lists. It had sections on various genres of music such as jazz, soul, rock, reggae, country, etc. They only published Blues 1 Various Artists Alligator Records: Bo Diddley 72 Dinosaur Jr. Feelgood Malpractice 76 Dr. The Definitive Collection 32 Dr. One 96 Staple Singers Respect Yourself: Sound Magic 11 Jesus Alemany Cubanismo! Queen — Bohemian Rhapsody 2. Led Zeppelin — Stairway To Heaven 3. The Doors — The End 6. Kate Bush — Wuthering Heights 7.

Elvis Presley — An American Trilogy 9. Richard Harris — MaCarther Park Don McClean — American Pie Black Sabbath — Black Sabbath David Bowie — Space Oddity John Leyton — Johnny Remember Me Kraftwerk — Autobahn Mike Oldfield — Tubular Bells Radiohead — Paranoid Android Bruce Springsteen — Jungleland Yes — The Gates Of Delirium Prince — Purple Rain Wings — Live And Let Die Lynyrd Skynyrd — Freebird The Velvet Underground — Sister Ray Can — Mother Sky Oasis — Champagne Supernova Joy Division — Decades Rush — Xanadu Genesis — Suppers Ready Eric Carmen — All By Myself Deep Purple — Child In Time Alice Cooper — Halo Of Flies The Verve — Bitter Sweet Symphony Lou Reed — Street Hassle Ultravox — Vienna Pulp — Common People Fairport Convention — Tam Lin Eagles — Journey Of The Sorcerer Rainbow — Stargazer Leonard Cohen — Memories The Monkees — Randy Scouse Git Greatful Dead — Dark Star Klaus Schulze — Friedrich Nietzsche Julian Cope — Safesurfer Buffalo Springfield — Broken Arrow Alex Harvey — Isobel Goodie Flowered Up — Weekender David Gates — Suite: Fleetwood Mac — The Chain The Bevis Frond — Tangerine Infringement Elo — Eldorado Overdrive Patti Smith — Land Kiss — Odyssey Metallica — One John Miles — Music British Sea Power — Lately Bob Dylan - Hurricane Diamond Head — Am I Evil Bob Dylan — Masters Of War 2.

Pete Seger — We Shall Overcome 3. Billy Holiday — Strange Fruit 6. Special Aka — Nelson Mandela Aretha Franklin — Respect Edwin Star — War Johnny Cash — San Quentin The Clash — White Riot Peter Gabriel — Biko The Who — My Generation Brand Nubian — Wake Up The Clash — White Rio Buffy Sainte Marie — Universal Soldier Pulic Enemy — Fight The Power John Prine — Sam Stone Junior Murvin — Police And Thieves The Staple Singers — Respect Yourself Mc5 — American Ruse Eddie Cochran — Summertime Blues The Specials — Ghost Town The Beat — Stand Down Margaret Robert Wyatt — Shipbuilding Credence Clearwater Revival — Fortunate Son The Jam — Mr Clean Archie Shepp — Attica Blues Jimmy Cliff — Vietnam Discharge — Realities Of War The Smiths — Meat Is Murder Ralph Mctell — Streets Of London Sonic Youth — Youth Against Fascism Max Roach — Freedom Day Merle Haggard — Okie From Muskogee Sun Ra Arkestra — Nuclear War Fela Kuti And Africa 70 Tom Lehrer — Pollution Chelsea — Right To Work

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Very seldom did a bassline cause complete bedlam as soon as it came on one of the few rivals in the acid house arena I can remember is Charles B's "Lack of Love" , but this did the business everytime. Early use of sampling and computer technology, DJ skills, sub-bass exploration. Formed in London during the late '80s, Renegade Soundwave applied the punk and industrial ethic to both dub and dancefloor electronica, in good company with fellow sound terrorists throughout the decade, from Cabaret Voltaire to Skinny Puppy and Meat Beat Manifesto.

Though Renegade Soundwave spent two years recording material for an album, the release of Soundclash and In Dub within six months vindicated them somewhat. Bonnie left in , for a solo career. Asquith and Briottet spent several years in isolation before emerging in with the "Renegade Soundwave" single and the album How You Doin? During late , after playing their first live date since their participation in 's "Mute Over America" tour, the duo released Brixton and The Next Chapter of Dub the following year.

The compilation RSW emerged in Nigeria Friday, October 26, Two Nigerian dancefloor bombs, Uwaifo's has become a kind of anthem for us and Okosun's midtempo Afrobeat is a monster of a track too.

Nigeria Thursday, October 25, Never seen in original form and reissued here for the first time, with original artwork. Baritone saxophonist Lekan Animashaun and trumpeter Tunde Williams were the heart and soul of the Afrika 70 horn section in Fela Kuti's legendary Afrobeat band. As long time Fela colleagues, it is only fitting that these high profile players were able to make their own albums as leaders with the Afrika 70 group, reissued here on this import CD. Animashaun's "Low Profile" and Williams' "Mr.

Big Mouth" have all the trademarks of classic Afrobeat -- pulsating march-like grooves, layered percussion, and great, catchy horn riffs. The only thing missing is Fela's booming baritone vocals. With facsimiles of the original cover art and an essay by esteemed Fela biographer Michael Veal, this is a most necessary purchase for Fela devotees.

If you picked up all the Fela MCA reissues as I have if you haven't, hurry up they are starting to go OOP , and you can't get enough Afrika 70, then this disc is for you. Though produced by Fela with perhaps the strongest band of his three-decade-plus career, these tracks let trumpeter Tunde Williams and baritone sax man Lekan Animashaun take the microphone while the maestro assumes the role of sideman.

Tunde Williams' Mr Big Mouth slinks in with the familiar, restless sizzle of hi-hat and feathery funk of strummed electric guitar building to a tuneful blare of horns.

Williams can't match Fela's bluster at the mic, but he's got an edge of his own as he slams the corruption of Lagos contractors. The vocal is memorable, but it's the spot-on music and arranging that makes this grade-A afrobeat. William's B-Side, The Beginning, is a slow and moody instrumental, contrasting lush brass section passages with an eloquent trumpet solo. Williams was truly one of the most talented soloists Fela ever worked with. He left Africa 70 in , and this album fell victim to a dispute between Fela and his label, Decca.

So we're lucky to have it. Lekan 'Baba Ani' Animashaun, Fela's baritone man to the end, is also a better instrumentalist than singer, but it is fascinating to hear his lithe, slightly nasal voice weaving through the punchy replies of the band's trademark female chorus. These two numbers - Low Profile and Severe - have a fractured history. First recorded in during the dark days following the Nigerian army raid on Fela's compound, they were not finished until , and released only in , to little fanfare.

The songs were often played at Fela's Africa Shrine in Lagos, though, and much loved by the city's diehard afrobeat fans. Severe has a big, satisfying sound, and an exquisitely wailing baritone sax solo.

In all, this release is an indispensable addition to the growing catalogue of historic afrobeat. Like Fela, his family was from Abeokuta, but his father was employed by the United Africa Company in the middle belt city of Makurdi, where Tunde was born in By he was playing with the highlife band of Olu McFoy, and he later joined Atomic Eight, a highlife and copyright band from Aba in eastern Nigeria. It was in Atomic Eight that he befriended the bandleader Raymond Baba, a multi-instrumentalist who was proficient on both brass and woodwinds.

He also cites Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis as formative influences on the instrument. The tracks for Mr. Big Mouth had been recorded in , but by the time they were released in , Fela was engaged in a bitter battle with the original label, Decca Records. Big Mouth was unfortunately one of them. Although it is a great album, it was given little promotion and as a result, is known only to the most committed Afrobeat aficionados, even in Nigeria. The music on Mr. The government would give these contractors money to complete a job, and instead they would take the money and surround themselves with women, fancy clothes, and flashy cars, and go around the town bragging like big shots.

The jobs never got done, and many of them ended up going to jail for defrauding the government. He cites jazz baritonists Gerry Mulligan and Pepper Adams as inspirations, and credits bandleader Chris Ajillo as his first saxophone teacher. Animashaun was appointed bandleader of the new band, which was also named Afrika 70 until when Fela rechristened it Egypt The opening of the new Afrika Shrine ended over two years of harassment and performances forcibly aborted by the government and soldiers of the Nigerian Army.

The title of Serere Do Right is self-explanatory; the lyrics ask the listener to act constructively in society, regardless of professional or social status. Black people are supposed to be living like kings and queens. Why should our rulers be telling us to live a low profile, while they themselves are living a high profile in [the upscale areas of] Ikoyi and Victoria Island?

There is still a fair amount of Fela-related Afrobeat music yet-to-be-reissued. Taken together, however, Mr. Big Mouth and Low Profile contribute two of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

Cuba Wednesday, October 24, All tracks were remastered from original tape, sounding much better as on the original issue from By now, many collectors are aware of the heavy, tropical sounds radiating from this unique album recorded in They did an amazing transfer from the original tapes.

Black Pearl not only did an excellent job soundwise, but the sleeve is reminiscient of early Areito releases, printed on heavy-ish cardboard stock with nicely, pasted flaps on the back. I love the cover of the Yoyi album, immediately you know the sound is out there.

The way the boxy, purple Yoyi lettering is sloppily placed in a good way, of course over the design is awesome and fits with the futuristic vibe of the drawing. Unfortunately, like many Cuban releases, the designer or photographer was not always credited on the original issue. What a great album Back in the day even thou it was officially released it never even made it to most record stores, it was only sold in one or two convenience stores in Havana, I still have my original copy So to speak I don't even think that Yoyi Soler who now resides in FLorida was able to take a copy with him when he left I was really excited thou when he got news thru friends that his album had been released in Europe and Japan!

The most sought album, after melting down most of the copies during the worldwide oil-crises in the 70ies. Our limited pieces vinyl reissue of the Los Yoyi — album is sold out. Thanks to all of you which supported us, the cuban funk music and the vinyl market. The album is still digitally available at our shop!!!

Sofrito Wednesday, October 24, Timeless, infectious and one of the most feelgood slabs of vinyl I have had for a while!

No artist credits but four edits or reworks of thriving floor tracks: Estonia Wednesday, October 24, Our tribute to Pepe Kalle and D. Early 80s Russian drum machines running under some respectfully chopped up, scratchy West African winners..

The record was called a tribute to Pepe Kalle and D. Misiani, two of the kings of benga music. Benga is a fast-paced dance music believed to originate from Kenya. It is characterised by its fast-paced beat and finger-picking guitar technique. It can be associated with Congolese rumba and West African highlife in sound.

Click here to read a fascinating and comprehensive article about the history of benga music by the meticulous Ketebul Music. Keeping all the soul and dusty charm of the original, whilst making a few delicate changes to make it playable on the dancefloor is no easy feat.

Because this came out three years ago, its not that easy to find on vinyl. A recent reissue was also snapped up in no time at all. If you want a copy, the best place to look however is the Discogs marketplace, though you will have to pay top dollar. Move quick on this one too. There are still copies around online, but these might not last long. The Estonian label Porridge Bullet have followed up the amazing Benga Benga with this glorious new release.

The tenth instalment of the off-kilter, left of centre dancefloor series Porridge Bullet greets you with a cryptic message printed on the donut Let me live a normal life! First up, "Ahiwo Ahiwo" sees the mystery producer layer shimmering highlife guitars, sunny organ and organic percussion over a sturdy drum machine beat, before letting loose on the brain-boggling synth fx, deep zipping sine waves and FM bassline.

Totally batshit, this funky MF lulls you into a false sense of sanity before freaking you right out. On the flip, "Enye" sees an even sweeter highlife original, stretched, rearranged and reinforced with sturdy drum programming and a dubby EQ, perfect for slipping in and out of in the mix. The set closes with a headfucking drum tool complete with the malfunctional toy police car fx from the A-side. This one's gone straight in my bag and I'd suggest you follow suit.

Sofrito is a collective of DJs, producers and artists that combine a love for Tropical rhythms with a firm basis in modern club culture. The heavy afro disco sounds of Christina Lover have become a bit a Sofrito classic and always goes down well in the club. Guadeloupe Tuesday, October 23, Great Sound From Guadeloupe island! Heavy percussive afro disco from the very rare LP by Tumblack. At least not at the beginning of the record.

With the time more and more elements of the pop music of those days join together with the wild and hypnotic rhythmical patterns of black African origins.

Around the middle of this album the rather melodic chants riding on the polyrhythmic base of congas, bongos, rattles and other sources of sound take a turn into a rather shamanic and ritualistic barking and yelling which conjures a simmering and smouldering atmosphere. This part of the album which switches off your mind with its primitive feel and repetitive structures discharges into the final section where lush disco pop and funk arrangements welcome you back in the western civilization.

Utterly intoxicating melodies and fiery rhythms will make sure you float on a pink cloud through the place you're in while spinning this strange vinyl. The way it develops is surely unique and the fusion of Western pop and African ritual dances generates an over sexualized mood and a tension you can only relief by moving your body to the beat.

We speak of nothing less but a late 70s dance music masterpiece that reaches so far beyond the average disco music. Sweden Monday, October 22, In Swedish label G. For those not familiar, this sample was used by Dilla on his Welcome 2 Detroit album. Tropical Treats remain true to the original but add some modern flair to it. In the back room at the Raw Fusion club in Stockholm is where the Tropical Treats crew hold it down every month with their selection of the undiscovered black vinyl jewels from around the world.

Now they've taken their world funk sound to vinyl for a classic GAMM release. Their re work of Oneness Of JuJus African Rhythms is an absolute blinder while Waarewaah is another afrodelic monster that is sure to turn heads Sofrito Monday, October 22, Super funky killer 70's Afro and Latin 12' from the Sofrito camp!

Massive live edits of Afrobeat, heavy Cumbia, and Caribbean disco from our friends at Sofrito! Four cuts of street carnival tunes. India Monday, October 22, An album that sounded like acid house recorded in Bombay in , 5 years before the first recorded Chicago and Detroit releases, it was remarkably forward thinking. As a veteran of Bollywood soundtracks, Charanjit Singh, alongside his orchestra The Charanjit Singh Orchestra , made his name touring and performing hits of the day at weddings across India.

In , however, Singh did something different. Inspired by the sound of disco imports from the west, he went into the studio with some new kit — namely a Roland Jupiter-8 keyboard, a Roland TR drum machine and a Roland TB Two days later he emerged with a record that fused western dance music with Indian Classical ragas. In however, record collector Edo Bouman came across the record in a shop in New Delhi.

It sounded like acid house, or like an ultra-minimal Kraftwerk. Released in , it predated the first acid house record by 5 years. Bouman tracked down Singh to Mumbai. Edo eventually went on to reissue the record on his label, Bombay Connection in to much critical acclaim.

It was originally made in by a Bollywood soundtrack composer, intending to capitalise on the disco phenomenon with a combination of centuries-old classical Indian Ragas set to a disco backing.

To achieve this Charanjit used a prototypical acid set-up of Roland TB bass melody sequencer and TR drum computer together with a Jupiter-8 keyboard. He basically created a sound which mirrored, and more importantly, pre-dated the first acid house record - Phuture's 'Acid Track' by five years, and even preceded Chip E's 'Jack Trax' in It's no throw-away novelty record either, instead capturing the hypnotic potential of acid music in the most ornate and scarily prescient fashion, making explicit the similarities of infinitely arpeggiated bass sequences and pure electronic pulses that would soundtrack dancefloors for the next 30 odd years.

The more cynical among you will probably be thinking this is Ceephax or Aphex Twin delivering one of the most elaborate in-jokes of their career, but with the gatefold sleeve depicting the original sleeve and some in-depth liner notes from the label and Charanjit, our cynicism is waning in favour of absolute shock and awe.

The first release in the Sofrito Specials series is a double sider of heavy Afro Latin grooves, and a bit of a Tropical Dancefloor classic. Sounding like one of the best Fela tracks never to be recorded, deep bass and tight guitar combine to make a bouncing Afro groove perfect for the club.

The track has received strong support from DJ's like Nicodemus and Quantic. Up-tempo drums and mad percussion collide with a heavy rolling bassline for a future Afro experience. Watch the dancefloor ignite when you drop this one. Nigeria Monday, October 22, Many African disco enthusiasts will already be familiar with the title track of Benis Cletin's debut album, Jungle Magic, thanks to the fine re-edit Sofrito released back in Few, though, will have heard the whole album, which here gets a well-deserved reissue on CD.

Cletin's take on Afro-disco-calypso-funk fusion is undeniably sweet, with cuts such as "Mr Teacher" and "Love Forever" balancing the needs of dancefloors with a cheery looseness that's never less than intoxicating. Highlights include the urgent, synth-laden Afro-funk grunt of "Fireman", and the touching, down-tempo tribute to Africa, "Beautiful Continent".

Considered an acid boogie classic, Jungle Magic is a cosmic transmission from the early days of Nigerian disco. The bass lines are lethal. The synths are fat and squelchy. And the groove is non-stop and primal. The album was composed and produced by Benis Cletin. He also played guitar and synthesizer and sang lead vocals. Benis went on to release three more albums, which will be re-issued by PMG soon. Jungle Magic remains the album where he introduced his irresistible brand of psychedelic disco funk to world.

Originally making an appearance on Nigerian disco label, Afrodesia, this slice of idiosyncratic acid-disco is the work of little known artist, Benis Cletin, who employs the most bonkers, modulating synth into this almost no-wave disco oddity. Beguilling, captivating, unique and utterly unmissable! Bubbling bassline and skittering drums lock down the groove for a serious Tropical dancefloor excursion….

On their exuberant compilation on Strut earlier this year, Frente Cumbiero's dubbed-out new-school cumbia sat neatly alongside the manic African disco of electric guitarist Sir Victor Uwaifo as well as the vintage yet bright soca of Mighty Shadow. The third release on their Sofrito Super Singles is just as fascinating. Besides, this organ-fueled, hi-hat disco cut is stronger than most countries' economies at the moment.

It's the A-side, however, that is truly otherworldly. This Nigerian cut somehow contains dark proto-acid squiggles that would captivate Derrick May, a weirdo chant about "jungle magic" that could hypnotize Lee "Scratch" Perry, and a wonky clavioline? We then have Cletin singing a type of "superstition" that outstrips Stevie Wonder's own black magic funk as man, woman and child all change into beasts within the song.

Haiti Monday, October 22, Funky Haitian compas music album from one of Haiti's funkiest bands. Hot konpa band of the 70's. Who wrote the song New Orleans Lady? What are all the songs lady gaga sang? What was Lady Gaga's first song she sang?

Who Sang Battle of New Orleans? Who sang the song whose that lady? Who sang the battle of New Orleans? Who sang the song New Orleans ladies? Every Grain Of Sand Subterranean Homesick Blues Ballad Of A Thin Man Visions Of Johanna I Shall Be Released Shelter From The Storm All Along The Watchtower I Want You Girl From The North Country Gotta Serve Somebody Not Dark Yet Million Dollar Bash Lay Down Your Weary Tune I Pity The Poor Immigrant She Belongs To Me I Threw It All Away Tears Of Rage One More Cup Of Coffee Romance In Durango Most Of The Time If Not For You Song To Woody Lay Lady Lay Ghost Of Eden Queen Jane Approximately Simple Twist Of Fate Things Have Changed With God On Our Side Standing In The Doorway I Believe In You Tomorrow Is A Long Time The Man In Me Fourth Time Around Lonesome Day Blues Senor Tales Of Yankee Power Spanish Harlem Incident The Ballad Of Hollis Brown Chimes Of Freedom Sign On The Window My Back Pages Like a Rolling Stone 2.

Visions of Johanna 4. Mr Tambourine Man 5. Tangled Up in Blue 6. Positively 4th Street 7. Blind Willie McTell 9. Shelter from the Storm Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands Every Grain of Sand All Along the Watchtower Simple Twist of Fate Just Like a Woman Ballad of a Thin Man Absolutely Sweet Marie Masters of War Boots of Spanish Leather Tomorrow is a Long Time Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll Changing of the Guards With God on Our Side Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat All I Really Want to Do Where Are You Tonight?

John Wesley Harding Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll 2nd entry! Mama, You Been on My Mind Ballad of a Thin Man 2nd entry! I and I I Shall be Released If Not for You Girl from the North Country Ballad in Plain D Ring Them Bells Went to See the Gypsy Baby, Please Stop Crying Death is Not the End Man of Constant Sorrow Gates of Eden Black Diamond Bay Romance in Durango Let Me Die in Your Footsteps Pledging My Time One Too Many Mornings Chimes of Freedom Most of the Time Man in Me Standing in the Doorway Tambourine Man 2nd entry for Mr Tambourine Man?

She Belongs to Me Enjoy 50 atomic blasts from an alienated young America, sea to shining sea. Jeff Buckley — Grace 2. Johnny Cash — American Recordings 3. Radiohead — Ok Computer 4. Oasis — Definitely Maybe 6. Radiohead — Kid A 8. The White Stripes — Elephant 9. Beck — Odelay Nirvana — In Utero Massive Attack — Mezzanine Bob Dylan — Love And Theft Radiohead — The Bends Teenage Fanclub — Grand Prix DJ Shadow — Endtroducing Tom Waits — Mule Variations Wilco — Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Air - Moon Safari Madonna — Ray Of Light Mercury Rev — Deserters Songs Beck — Mutations The Strokes — Is This It Portishead — Dummy Brian Wilson — Smile Pulp — Different Class Kate Bush — Aerial Bruce Springsteen — Devils And Dust Gillian Welch — Time The Reinventor Blur — Blur Franz Ferdinand — Franz Ferdinand

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